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Current sandboxes are a work in progress. Here is drafts I'm working on. Do not edit the sandbox without my permission. nightelf37 has been given permission to edit how he wishes. The second sandbox is for adoptables. You are permitted to adopt anything not under Main focus, but you must private-message me and ask permission for it

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Main focus

    Samwell Tarly 
Samwell Tarly, God of Not Wanting To Fight Like His Father Wants (Samwell, Sam, Sam the Slayer, Black Sam, Ser Piggy)
  • Votes: 2(Crimson Shark, The Wikia Editor)
  • House: Family Dynamics (House of Family)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A black crow in maester chains
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Father, I Don't Want to Fight, Gets Treated Like Shit By His Father Because Of It, Threatened By His Father He'd Die By Hunting "Accident", Nice Guy, Lovable Coward (considered self a Dirty Coward), Nerds Are Virgins (initially), Band of Brothers, Fat Best Friend, Doesn't Like To Fight But Will Do So To Save His Friends, Nothing Like His Prick Of A Dad, The Smart Guy
  • Domains: Cowardice And Courage, Companionship, Compassion, Family Issues, Brotherhoods
  • Allies: Jon Snow (and his friends, mainly in the show), Aemon Targaryen, Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins, Shoto Todoroki, J.R.R Tolkein, The Cowardly Lion, Neville Longbottom, Shinji Ikari, Piglet, James Henry Trotter
  • Enemies: The Night King, The Child Abuse Supporters (Ozai most of all), Sauron, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Lord Djibril, Shinji Matou, Kaldr
  • Shadow Archetype: Guts (at least, that's how he sees it)
  • House Tarly is a house that believes A Real Man Is a Killer, and as such it was a massive disappointment to his father Randyll that his eldest son Samwell wasn't one. A soft and kind-hearted boy, Sam joined the Night's Watch after a threat by his dad that something fatal might happen if he doesn't leave or man up. Though he sees himself as a Dirty Coward and doesn't want to fight, he will do so when his friends are threatened. And he's a smart boy, an accomplished reader and one of the smartest rangers of the Night's Watch
  • Grew up with a buttload of physical and emotional abuse from Randyll. While his soft personality puts him at odds with Westeros's medieval values, the Trope Pantheon is much more understanding. They're also contemptuous of his father, who even outside his parenting skills is a massive Jerkass.
  • To nobody's surprise, Samwell hates the Child Abuse Supporters for promoting abusive parenting, terrible family relationships and other toxic dynamics. He hates Ozai most of all given how her forced his own agenda on his son Zuko and tried to kill him for speaking back, something Samwell has trouble finding the courage to do to his own father. Other abusive parents he loathes in Ragyo Kiryuin to taking it to a new level and being sexually abusive, much like Craster, and Relius Clover for being the horrid father. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he has earned the sympathy of the good fathers in the pantheon, due to how Randyll gave him the choice to either take the black or have an accident.
  • Because of his background, he can relate to Shinji Ikari a lot. They're both quite reluctant in fighting despite their father's assistance, but prove to have more courage in them than the Dirty Coward persona they put on themselves. That said, bad as Gendo Ikari is he is still less abusive than Randyll Tarly, and both are borderline saints to Craster. Sam is currently raising Craster's with his partner and the mother/Craster's daughter Gilly, proving to be a good parent and avoiding a cycle of abuse. Given their fathers, he can also relate to Shoto Todoroki.
  • Thought to be inspired by Samwise Gamgee, as they're the highly affable friends of the tougher protagonist(well, one of them in the case of ASIOAF). The lighthearted Samwise and Frodo were good company for Sam. Tolkein himself is fond of Sam, because of the comparisons, Sam's a Nice Guy, and Tolkein and Sam are studious lovers of the written word.
  • Sauron wasn't thrilled to hear that Samwell Tarly had ascended. While Samwell not liking such a force of evil is expected, Sauron's antipathy of Sam comes from the fact he reminds him a lot of the hobbits who bested him, and that's very much a sore spot for him. Samwell doesn't like Kaldr either, since being a powerful ice-spreading villain he's similar to the Night's King and the White Walkers Sam dealt with.
  • Earned the term "Sam the Slayer" when he was the first person in centuries to kill a White Walker, albeit out of desperation. Still, while terrified this and other occasions have shown his label as a coward isn't exactly true. His ability to overcome courage is something that the Cowardly Lion and Piglet respect, and the fact that he proves himself and grows as a character is something he and Neville Longbottom have in common.
  • By contrast he is disgusted with the malignant cowardice of Lord Djibril and Shinji Matou. Especially Matou, who's the dismissed and disrespected family member like Sam but never grew out of it. Sam was quick to chew Matou out for using his Butt-Monkey status as an excuse to abuse and be unpleasant towards the people around him, while never trying to rise above it or become a nicer person out of what happened to him.
  • As odd as it seems, Samwell believes that Guts is what he may have been like with the path not taken. When asked why, he stated that both him and Guts grew up with abusive hardened men who raised them to be hardened men. Both have trauma to deal with. But while Guts became a grizzled mercenary, Sam always stayed the sweet little boy he was. Sam's sympathies are with Guts even if he scares him, given as bad as Samwell's childhood was Guts' backstory and the Eclipse are worse.
  • Has worked his way up to Grand Maester. He's spending more time in the House of Knowledge with his new occupation. The House of Physicians were impressed by how he was able to perform an operation to remove Jorah Mormont's greyscale infection, and would like to teach him more medical knowledge.

    Eddie Valiant 
Eddie Valiant, God of Pretend Prejudice
  • Adopted from: Ferot Dreadnaught
  • Potential House: Categorism (House of Hatred)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Valiant & Valiant Private Investigators Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Knowing how toons think and work, Anti-Hero (pragmatic type), Private Detective, Doesn't Like Toons Because One Killed His Brother (Though He Does Ultimately Like Them), Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Defrosting Ice King, Detective Patsy, Becoming Less Cynical, Jaded Washout
  • Domains: Cynicism (initially), Detectives, (Not) Hating Toons, Straight Men, Ex-Cops
  • Allies: Toons in general (especially Roger and Jessica Rabbit), Yu Narukami, Drinky Crow, Captain Haddock, John Hartigan, Bruce Wayne, the House of Detectives (especially Ryotaro Dojima), Jim Gordon, Dr Emmet Brown, Ronald McDonald, Krusty the Clown
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Toon Patrol, Red Skull, Gihren Zabi, evil clowns like The Joker and Adam McIntrye
  • Wary of: The House of Crime
  • Edward "Eddie" Valiant is a private detective and former policeman, who ended up being involved with the plot framing Roger Rabbit for the murder of Marvin Acme. A gruff and cynical man after his brother Teddy Valiant was killed, he ends up working with Roger and becomes less cynical over time. Eventually they discover the true villain, and stop Judge Doom from trying to destroy Toon Town.
  • Considered a hero by most toons, even some of the evil ones, for stopping Judge Doom's plan to destroy Toon Town and its toons with the Dip. Given the Dip literally erases toons, it's easy to see why. Eddie was interested to learn how just how many toons were introduced since 1947, and is wondering how anime fits into it. And he was horrified to learn that despite having every reason to think Judge Doom no longer exists, the Trope Pantheon brought him back.
  • Though an ally of toons, he had an issue with them because one toon killed his brother by dropping a piano on him. Of course even then he got along with Roger Rabbit and had toon friends. SCP-1171-1 of all deities found this strange, not getting that he has human friends despite being racist towards them. Then again, he's also in denial about his own prejudices, so he may just not want to see the comparison.
  • Prejudice might be something expected from the House of Hatred, particularly Categorism, but it is not a house Eddie enjoys being in(despite being the house he belongs in). He's not a really hateful figure, just jaded, and doesn't want to be near his most hated enemy of Judge Doom. It's safe to say he doesn't like the Red Skull given he's a die-hard Nazi and WWII ended just a couple years before the events of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Gihren Zabi too, since he's A Nazi by Any Other Name.
  • Was somewhat of an alcoholic before he became less of a sourpuss, but has stopped drinking. Instead he picks non-alcoholic beverages in bars and makes conversation. He gets why Drinky Cow and Captain Haddock down what they do, and wants to encourage them to not let the bottle consume them. Eddie also gets along with Yu Narukami due to how protective he is about his brother, reminding Eddie of the love he had for his own brother.
  • Employed by the House of Justice due to his job as a detective, even if he isn't an official member of the house. He gets along with the non-evil detectives, particularly Royotaro Dojima since he can sympathize with missing that one case. Also gets along with Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne and John Hartigan, the last one for dealing with a rather cynical world while keeping his morality intact.
  • Initially spooked out by Doc Brown since he looks like Judge Doom and was somewhat wacky, but he soon realized they were different people. For starters Judge Doom's human disguise has an Uncanny Valley effect that he was able to pick on. Doc Brown hates Judge Doom too, and Doc was a generally friendly individual who got along with Eddie.
  • His father was a Barnum and Bailey circus clown, which surprised a lot of the people in the pantheon. Eddie pointed out that he still has some humor in him, who do you think taught him? Because of the love he has for his father he feels evil clowns bring shame on the industry, especially ones who actually did perform as clowns like the Jokernote  and Adam McIntrye.
  • While he doesn't much care for fast food, Eddie has some fondness for Ronald McDonald as he's an honest clown like his father, and trying to improve their image. Eddie also gets along with Krusty, even if he's much more bitter and cynical. Then again, he's a cynical fellow himself. Though they're more seen together in a tavern than anywhere else, though he picks the non-alcoholic drinks.

Abu, God of Mischievous Simians

    Poppy Puff 
Poppy Puff, Goddess of Species Surnames (Mrs Puff)

    Chip Skylark 

    Jimmy Olsen 
James Bartholomew Olsen, God of Constantly Gaining And Losing Superpowers (Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Best Friend, Mr Action, Elastic Lad, Flamebird, Accountable, Turtle-Man and many other super-names)
Jimmy in what passes for normal.
A group shot of various weird transformations 

Ivern Bramblefoot, God of Beards Not Made Out Of Hair (The Green Father, Friend of the Forest, Tree Guy, formerly "Ivern the Cruel")

    Sarah Jane Smith 

    Hayley Fischer 
Hayley Fischer nee Smith, Goddess of Bratty Teenage Daughters


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Saruman, God of Industrialized Evil (Saruman the White/Wise/Of Many Colours, Sharkey, The White Wizard, Curunir, Curumo)

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