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Current sandboxes are a work in progress. Here is drafts I'm working on. Do not edit the sandbox without my permission. nightelf37 and SuperWIKI1 have been given permission to edit how they wish. The second sandbox is for adoptables. You are permitted to adopt anything not under Main focus, but you must private-message me and ask permission for it. My reworks are here.

If you want to see the adoptables I am doing, look here


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Grand list of drafts

    Ulysses S. Grant 
Ulysses S. Grant, God of Being Downplayed In The History Books (6th Commanding General of yhe U.S Army, 18th President of the United States of America, "Unconditional Surrender" Grant, Hero of Appomattox, Lyss, Mr Grant, Sam, The Butcher, Ulyss, Uncle Sam, "My Ulysses" (only by his dad Jesse), General of the Armyformerly . Birth name: Hiram Ulysses Grant)

    Emperor Augustus 
Gaius Octavius Thurinus, God Of Rulers With Simple Titles (Gaius Octavian, Octavian Caesar, Augustus, Augustus Caesar, Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus)
An elderly Augustus as portrayed in I, Claudius.
The young Octavian, as portrayed in Rome.
  • Adopted from: Roku Alhazared
  • Houses: Manners of Authority (House of Leadership), Titles (House of Naming)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: his famous statue
  • Theme Song: Octavian's Triumph from Rome
  • Alignment: Either Neutral Evil or True Neutral as Octavian, before maturing to Lawful Neutral as Augustus
  • Portfolio: Cult of Personality, Great-Nephew And Adopted Son To Julius Caesar, From A Minor Member Of The House Of Julii To First Emperor Of The Julio-Claudian Dynasty, Just the First Citizen, I Did What I Had to Do, Meaningful Rename, Non-Action Guy, The Social Expert, Often Seen As More Ruthless Than He Was, Thought To Have Become A Better Person As Princeps, Sickly Prodigy, Happily Married, Wanted To Enforce Family Values But His Daughter Was Often Adulterous, Succession Crisis
  • Domains: Ancient Rome, Emperors, Conquerors, Ambition, Family Names, Legacies
  • Heralds: Livia (his third and most beloved wife), Marcus Agrippa and Gaius Maecenas (his best friends), Drusus the Elder (his adoptive/step-sonnote ), Tiberius (his adoptive/step-son and successor as emperor)
  • Special relationship with: Julius Caesar (his great-uncle/adoptive father), Emperor Caligula (his great-grandson and the third Roman emperor), Emperor and Empress Nero (his great-great grandchildren and the last Julio-Claudian emperor)
  • Allies: Julius Caesar, Niccolo Machiavelli, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Arthur and Artoria Pendragon, Aegon I, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen
  • On good terms with: Takumi Aldini
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Bucciarati's gang
  • Rivals: Cersei Lannister and Joffrey Baratheon, Charles Zi Britannia, Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies: Queen Cleopatra, Marcus Junius Brutus, enemies of Rome in general, Prime Minister Honest, Diavolo, Cioccolata, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Respects: Most Happily Married deities, Ned Stark
  • Pities: Robb Stark
  • Opposes: Adulterers like Spirit Albarn, Jafar
  • Opposed by: Boudica
  • Gaius Octavius Thurinus. The grandson of the famous Julius Caesar's sister, and shortly before his assassination made his heir. He grew to be one of the most powerful men in the civil war that followed. With Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus they defeated Brutus and his Liberators, but like the First Triumvirate it would fall apart. Octavian and Antony would fight for control of Rome, and ultimately the ambitious Octavian would rise to become Rome's first emperor. However he chose to be known as princeps, or "first citizen" as a show of humility and avoiding accusations of becoming a king. Barring the Eastern Roman Empire he had the longest reign of any Roman Emperor, and is usually only challenged by Trajan in rankings of "the best emperor".
  • While Caesar was a bit upset over how Augustus treated both Cleopatra and Mark Antony, he is at least grateful that Augustus avenged his death. Augustus can only imagine how awkward it'll be if his arch-rival ever ascends to the pantheon. His and the original Caesar's relationship has been strained upon learning he would have Caesarion, Julius' illegitimate child with Cleopatra, executed in his feud with Cleopatra. While Julius Caesar understands the necessity of the act given the dynamics of power, Caesarion was still his son. He'll stand by him in the pantheon, but won't like him as much as he did before. Augustus is on further edge with the possibility that Mark Antony could one day join the pantheon.
  • Ruthlessly ambitious in his youth, as he grew old the princeps mellowed out. He would be succeeded by his step-son/adoptive son Tiberius, a somber Dirty Old Man who didn't want the job in the first place. While fairly ruthless, a lot of the more negative aspects of his reign comes from his prefect and "friend" Sejanus. Augustus wasn't happy to see this fate befall his heir, and has gained a disliking for Prime Minister Honest and Jafar for representing the Evil Chancellor trope. Primarily Honest, who's vice-fuelled life is in complete opposition to his "family values".
  • On his own ascended family, he is upset at Caligula and Nero's descent to madness, however pities their condition as even in his own lifetime the seeds of the Big, Screwed-Up Family were being planted. The Servant Nero was someone he could be more proud of, however. Augustus believes their madness could've been avoided had Drusus the Elder or his son Germanicus not died at an early age. To help enforce family values and safer households he is an ally of the Heroic Protectors of Family and foe of the Child Abuse Supporters. That said, the former does think he could be a bit nicer, and feel his exiling of his daughter may have been a case of Disproportionate Retribution.
    • He often finds himself relating to the founders of the Targaryen dynasty, as the four of them are conquerors who's legacy has produced great men, terrible leaders and mixed bags.
  • Found a translated copy of The Prince and became interested in its author, one Niccolo Machiavelli. So he invited Machiavelli to his temple, where they had a spirited discussion on politics and life in general. Suffice to say, Augustus and Machiavelli hit it off pretty well.
  • Would like to remind people that he is not a king, however snider deities think the princeps role is fake humility and he's a king in all but name. He does associate himself with the House of Royalty, which doesn't help these accusations. There he talked to Arthur and Artoria Pendragon over their leadership of England, possibly out of hopes of annexing their territory. However he decided it's best for Rome to have a strong ally in the British Isles. Also, he respects the two and their rise to kingship.
  • He isn't all too fond of the Lust sub-houses as his straight-edge personality has him look down on the Roman stereotype of hedonism. They find him somewhat hypocritical given the historical rumors that he had lovers, though even in those rumors they were picked out by Livia so it's not like he ever went behind her back. They're more likely to point out that he and Livia abandoned their first spouses to be together, and she was pregnant with Drusus the Elder at the time. This has led to some historical speculation Augustus was the biological father, though nothing conclusive(though Drusus' son Emperor Claudius encouraged that speculation to have a stronger link to Augustus' bloodline).
  • He's more bothered with adulterers, having labeled it as a crime during his rule. Notably has disdain for Spirit Albarn for not setting a good example for his daughter. He shoots back at Augustus that ignoring her mother and putting her in a loveless marriage with Tiberius didn't set a good example either. Granted Spirit is a cheater, but with the first point he's not off the mark. Augustus would be more annoyed at Joseph Joestar for his adultery as well, but he did stop the Pillar Men who had troubled the Ripple users of 1st century Imperial Rome.
  • While he doesn't like adulterers, Augustus has no hard feelings towards guys like Josuke Higashikata for being the result of adultery. Also while he doesn't care for the Lust sub-houses, he is perfectly fine with Robb Stark for trying to make up for his lustful acts by making an honest woman out of the one he deflowered. He feels bad for how breaking a prior(though not consummated) engagement ended horribly for Robb. Augustus holds some respect for Robb's dad not just for being the ever-honorable and responsible figure, but sullying his own good name with the claim of cheating on his new wife in order to protect his sister's son. However he has given some warning to the Lord of Winterfell
    Augustus: "Honor is a good thing, but pragmatism is the greater virtue".
    • While Augustus respects Ned, Ned criticizes his killing of Caesarion to consolidate power. He gets it has the same reasoning as his buddy Robert Baratheon, but he didn't like it then and doesn't like it now.
  • His Moral Guardians sensibilities lead him to respect those who are Happily Married, and/or have managed to avoid the temptation of an affair. While he feels their marriage needs some work, he congratulates Homer and Marge for having numerous plots where they've been tempted into an affair, but always manage to remain loyalty to each other.
  • The desire for a more virtuous Rome has led to him being frustrated with Diavolo. Him trying to kill his daughter is abhorrent to even the ruthless princeps, as while he's not the most understanding father to his daughter Julia he does try to be a good dad. However Diavolo's Passione spreads narcotic-based societal rot. Worse is Cioccolata, their pet monster, tried to kill everyone in his beloved city For the Evulz. He is aiding Bucciarati's gang to help clean up Rome and get rid of Diavolo's forces, but as they're still a unit of organized crime the emperor doesn't care for them on a personal level and tolerates them only for cleaning things up.
  • Under the suggestion of Dream the elderly Augustus will sometimes disguise himself in the role of the vagrant and explore the Couples sub-houses of Love, to appreciate true love that he and his wife Livia have appreciated. To complete the illusion he sometimes has Chester A. Bum follow him.
  • His position as a moral authority and father of his nation has him often discuss matters of fatherhood with Charles Zi Britannia. Augustus can understand his desire for a world without lies and concern with his offspring, however he believes his goals are too radical. A "world without lies" may seem appealing, but changing the human mindset and removing identity? No thank you. However Augustus does seem to be sympathetic to him growing up in a toxic family, even if he heavily crticizes the man for repeating that toxicity.
  • Does not think highly of Cersei Baratheon and her inbred son, Joffrey due in part to his own experiences with his own daughter. While he admires Tywin Lannister for his leadership abilities, Augustus believes that Tywin's obsession with his family legacy overrode common sense, leading to a senseless war that was orchestrated by Petyr Baelish. Tywin does point out that his own brood can be rather troublesome, as he exiled his daughter for continued adultery and would have problems getting a concrete heir.
  • Augustus respects the Iceni queen Boudica to a degree, but that respect ends when he discovered her war against the Romans. Granted that the Roman governor was a total dick in screwing Boudica over and ordering her and her daughters to be raped, the interests of the Empire exceeds anything and everything else.
  • One of his more light-hearted moments was pointing out that, as emperor of Rome he was in charge of all Italian deities in the pantheon and used that as an excuse to order Takumi Aldini to be his chef. He enjoyed the meal and Takumi being a Nice Guy, admitting this was a set up and sent him on his way. However given he died about 2000 years before Takumi was born, he's still trying to get used to the new palates his Ancient Roman body wasn't aware of.
  • Never bring up the torrid claims he and his sister Octavia had engaged in incest, or that his wife was behind some of his relatives' demise to make Tiberius the heir. Spread word of both and expect to be crucified. Augustus hates the rumor that his wife poisoned him too, and pointed out that he was plagued with health issues throughout his life and finally died at age 75. It's actually somewhat of a miracle that he lived as long as he did.
  • One might think Augustus would be a little miffed at how, among other figures Palpatine takes influence from him and Julius Caesar. Though Palpatine is too tyrannical for his liking, Augustus does see a lot of his ambition in the Galactic Emperor, and has some respect for how he consolidated power and his intellect. However he criticizes Sidious for letting himself get high on his own power, and that his indulgent cruetly was a large factor in his downfall; he should've practiced more self-restraint and not been as apathetic. To his credit, Palpatine acknowledges Octavian/Augustus as cunning however merely muses that "self-control is not the way of the dark side" and insists "more firepower" is more effective than the Boring, but Practical approach.
  • "I found Rome a city of clay but left it a city of marble".

    Donna Troy 
Donna Hinckley Stacy Troy, Goddess of Convoluted Continuity (The first Wonder Girl, Troia, Wonder Woman IV)
Donna as Troia

Equinox, God of The Inability To Understand Moral Absolutes (Equinox Prime, Equinox's Hatred)
Base Equinox
Click here  for Equinox Prime
  • House: Values and Ethics (House of Philosophy)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in his hatred aspect, Overdeity as Equinox Prime)
  • Symbol: A yin-yang symbol with a yellow and black dot
  • Alignment: Stupid Neutral, before devolving into Omnicidal Neutral (Chaotic Evil for his Hatred)
  • Portfolio: Unique To The Show But Is Similar To Libra, Illogical Enforcement Of the Balance Of Good and Evil (Well, Order And Chaos As He Sees It), Knight of Cerebus, Grey-and-Gray Insanity, Kung-Fu Wizard, Wields Order And Chaos Magic And Is Driven Mad By It, becomes an Omnicidal Maniac, Shatters Realizing He Isn't Balanced, Fragmented Into 12 Aspects
  • Domains: Order And Chaos, Balance and Imbalance, Madness, Good And Evil
  • High Priest: Horseshoe Centrist
  • Interests: Chakravartin, Darkseid
  • Interested in: The House of Ambiguity, Aesir, Loki and Loptr
  • Allies: The Divine Powers, Mithra
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Anti-Spiral
  • Rivals: Fused Zamasu, The Father of the Ones, Izanami, The Auditors of Reality, Kreia
  • On good terms with: Kyurem
  • Enemies: BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN, Nabu, YHVH and Lucifer, Nerose Satanel, Eliphas and Don Thousand, Ahura Mazda
  • Enemy Mine with: Angra Mainyu and The Ebon Dragon
  • Opposes: Those who threaten the balance of good and evil, or order and chaos (in his own insane view), Shinn Asuka
  • Opposed by: The Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil, order, good, evil and chaos divinities (though Cosmos does feel a bit sorry for him)
  • Pities: The Avenger version of Angra Mainyu
  • Good, evil. Order, chaos. The Lords of Order and Chaos adopted an orphan to serve as a balancer. However the pressure of the job resulted in a skewed and irrational take; trying to execute a villain as his plans to rule the world would have disrupted the balance, whilst also executing the hero who tried to stop him. Trying to ensure another villain succeeds in causing a nuclear meltdown in a Russian city, because the villain's own village was destroyed many years earlier. The obsession with balance and inability to deal with moral absolutes led him to go mad, and tried to Restart the World until it was pointed out by Batman he was not in perfect balance, eventually leading to his defeat.
  • Thought dead, Equinox was in fact fractured into 12 aspects of his personality. His hatred aspect pulled a SKYNET, becoming an evil supercomputer who tried to use time travel to remove his foes and Batman from the timeline. This aspect remains fragmented from the other eleven, due to being deemed "the source of imbalance" by the full Equinox. He's too busy being a thorn in John Connor's side and helping SKYNET to be a help for the rest.
  • Equinox's Hatred chooses not to re-unite with the other 11/12ths of his being, and has found his own differing view of balance; the world of beauty that Lysandre desires. Most see this as a positive sign for Equinox; his Omnicidal Maniac tendencies may be mostly purged and part of his hatred know. The regular Equinox in turn considers a potential alliance with the Anti-Spiral to keep balance and avoid the Spiral Nemesis. However he believes some Spiral energy is necessary, which is a hindrance for the Anti-Spiral's views on Spiral life-forms. But at least it's a start.
  • In the pantheon Equinox is more or less in his base state, but missing the 1/12th that is his hatred. Many wonder just who put him back together, and eyes were on Darkseid. Equinox was puzzled why the platonic ideal of tyranny was having fingers pointed at his resurrection, and the Lord of Apokolips explains it's because he is very similar to his disciple and harbinger for his true form's arrival, Libra. And though more dedicated to balance, Equinox's delusions may have use for the New God.
  • Equinox was in search of answers as to why he was almost complete, so he sought the forces of order and chaos. What imbalanced him was an anger towards the Lords of Order and Chaos, and a different anger was directed to the pantheon's representations of it; YHVH and Lucifer. He justifies his contempt with the belief that, for true balance, someone like himself must take charge of the GUAL and GUAC. They laugh at the idea of them of all alliances aligning and find him to be a supremely deranged pest. Rather than being enraged, Equinox believes that he must focus himself on becoming more internally balanced.
  • The search for who resurrected him led him to the true culprit; Mithra. Mithra's Law defines beings into "good" or "evil", which led to a Forever War until one of the "good" defected and destroyed both sides, beginning the cosmos again as the Second Hadou God Muzan. She wants Equinox to serve as her knight to preserve her system. Equinox believes that the eternal, consistent state of "good vs evil" might actually work to balance things.
  • In order to remove one of her rivals, Mithra has convinced Equinox that Nerose Satanel is a threat to the balance of order and chaos. As the 3rd Hadou God is perceived as an enemy to Equinox, though not a serious one on Nerose's end. As he enforces a cosmos of good and order, preventing evil and chaos from physically existing, Mithra is pretty much spot on despite her manipulating Equinox.
  • Comparable to the even more deranged Zamasu, who is dedicated to his own mission even more zealously than Equinox. However while Equinox can't understand moral absolutes, Zamasu fails to comprehend moral relativism. They both wish to Restart the World, but have very different means of accomplishing it. However while Equinox is a mortal, a small part of Zamasu can't help but see a bit of himself in Equinox and that's close enough he can manage for empathy.
  • The Auditors of Reality believe that true balance is a silent world without any complicated organisms, however Equinox doesn't believe simplicity is a force of balance. It can help, he'll at least admit. Kreia argues that balance would require the removal of the cosmic forces, and that they cannot find unity. The Father of the Ones disagrees with this, and Equinox agrees with him. However, he believes he'd be a superior balancer between his children. Then there is Izanami, who like Equinox has a skewed view on what needs to happen for humanity's betterment. Though she is of a different moral code, while Equinox is more Stupid Neutral than anything.
  • Cyrus, by comparison, is a rival with far more fondness for Equinox. He wants to make a balanced universe, however he believes to achieve it you must remove spirit. Equinox disagrees as the chaos of spirit is necessary to balance order, while Cyrus counter-argues by saying order is balance. Clu is another friendly rival, as both him and Equinox are motivated by an idealism that is impossible to reach.
  • The Divine Powers are one of the few allies that Equinox has. He wanted Stephen to help him first, given he represents the Neutral Path, however he regards him as too incompetent to aid his quest. They promised him a new world of order, free of the current forces of law and chaos. They've convinced him that such concepts will exist, but manageable and he can do his job properly. As far as he's concerned, the Divine Powers have his best interests in mind.
  • Chakravartin believes that Equinox might be a useful tool for his larger ambitions, potentially even a replacement heir for what he hoped Asura would achieve. For what it's worth, Equinox has an interest in the House of Ambiguity, regarding it as the perfect centerpiece for a world of balance between good/evil and order/chaos. He was pleasantly surprised to learn of Aesir; he is a God of Chaos, yet while one side is a spirit of positive chaos the other is an evil tyrant. In other words, Aesir is balanced in Equinox's skewed worldview. He wants to see him replace Lucifer as the head of the GUAC if he himself cannot take it over.
  • A regular pest for both the GUAG and GUAE as his ideas of balance are irrational. As far as he's concerned the two should be on equal footing, and cannot comprehend why one should be supreme over the other. They laugh off any argument of an Enemy Mine. In his madness Equinox has gone so far as to aid Angra Mainyu and the Ebon Dragon. It's very clear he doesn't like them, so why is he helping them?
    Equinox: "By their own nature they are doomed to fail, leading to good having an unfair advantage. By boosting them up evil can become equal to good. However the moment evil is superior to good, I will aid Ahura Mazda and the Unconquered Sun. A better form of balance for the pantheon".
  • Ahura Mazda was appalled by this sheer idiocy, having choice words of his own to deflate Equinox.
    Ahura Mazda: "I admit, I am not well-versed in moral grayness, but that doesn't mean you're ideology is coherent. You obsess over balance, but some things should not be balanced. Good should be superior to evil. Evil is by its own nature an imbalance, a perversion of the natural order. They do not seem equal forces because they should be, but because I and Angra Mainyu are equal in power. Evil is wrong, pure and simple, and your failure to see it like that will be your ultimate undoing. Please, know what is balanced before enforcing it."
  • Cosmos and Melkor regard Equinox as a thorn in their side, however given her own long and tired history with Chaos she at least pities his position and delusions. Generally, if Equinox doesn't consider order/chaos or good/evil divinities a threat to his perceived balance and in need of some control, they consider him a delusional idiot who gets in the way of their goals. However the Unconquered Sun, who teeters on the edge of madness and burnout to fulfill all virtues, pities his situation. And Equinox feels bad for the Sister of the Ones for her eternal struggle, even if he believes she's not doing her job optimally.
  • Beerus and Shin laugh off Equniox's insane views of balance, however he believes they have zero room to talk. Gowasu is more pitiable, as he was with Zamasu, but still will call out what he's doing as madness. Interestingly despite being in opposition to his goals, the Living Tribunal and The Alpha and Omega are somewhat sympathetic towards him. The latter knows the stresses of running reality. The former has to keep the balance on a multiversal scale and can't act unless all three heads are in agreement. He regards Equinox as a misguided soul.
  • Equinox has a lot of pity for the Avenger version of Angra Mainyu. Worse than Equinox being taken as an orphan for the sake of balance and breaking under the strain, he was tortured into being the scapegoat incarnation of evil. He's also rather chill with Kyurem, given the dragon is a form of neutrality resulting from division between two warring ideologies tearing the original dragon of Unova into three.

    The Shadow 
The Shadow, Deity of Slumbering Villains (The Empty, Your Friendly Neighborhood Cosmic Entity)
The Shadow in its human form.

    Hayley Fischer 
Hayleen Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer, Goddess of Bratty Teenage Daughters (Hayley for short)

    Carter Pewterschmidt 
Carter Pewterschmidt, God of Obnoxious In-Laws

    The Once-ler 
The Once-ler, God of Falling From Greatness ("Beanpole")
The Once-ler as an old man, from the movie.
Click here  for the Once-ler in his prime
  • House: Architecture (House of Craft)
  • Quasideity (former Lesser God)
  • Symbol: A discarded Thneed
  • Theme Song: How Bad Can I Be
  • Alignment: True Neutral (formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!, Affably Evil, Went From Poverty To Wealth Back To Poverty, a Villain Protagonist Who Wins, Only To Ruin Himself Via Deforestation, Heel Realization, "Ray of Hope" Ending
  • Domains: Greatness (lost), Corporatism, Big Business, Humbling, Aesops
  • Allies: Ebeneezer Scrooge, Earl Hickey, Robert E.O Speedwagon
  • On good terms with: The Lorax
  • On speaking terms with: Eugene Krabs, Smokey Bear (former foe)
  • Enemies: Hexxus, The Child Abuse Supporters, Exdeath
  • Fears: The Lich
  • Once, the Once-ler was the head of a successful company, with him and his relatives harvesting the Truffula Trees for their highly lucrative production of Thneed, a highly versatile project. A nature spirit known as the Lorax tried to convince him to stop his greed and production before it was too late, but the Once-ler wouldn't listen. However the destructive and consumptive nature of his enterprise would lead to too much deforestration, and no resources for his company. He was left destitute, his great achievements left in the dust. However one Truffula seed remains, so despite the destruction of the forest there was hope.
  • The Once-ler stands as a warning on over-consumerism and greed being a threat to the environment. During his time as a corporate businessmen, he was the kind of villain that would've been a Captain Planet villain. However he has sent repented and is no longer a foe of the environment. The Lorax vouched for his ascension in the first place, hoping despite their past animosity he can work to truly redeem himself. Captain Planet was happy to see that he'd learn the error of his ways.
  • Back in the day, he would've been an ally of Mr. Burns and enabler of Hexxus due to his deforestation and unscrupulous business practices. That said, even back in that he was considerably more Affably Evil than Mr. Burns. He does wish that Mr. Burns would realize the error of his ways, and occasionally Mr Burns is nice, but he always goes back to being a miser. That said, he does pity one of the reasons for this is that hatred and bile is the only thing still keeping him alive.
  • It's possible the Once-ler has some sympathy for Mr. Burns because he can relate to his childhood. As Burns was raised by his heartless rich grandfather, the Once-ler (at least according to one source) had an emotionally neglectful family and he was driven to prove himself in their eyes by being successful. Naturally, he is no friend of the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Mr. Krabs is another former ally, and while how villainous he is varies he remains unrepentant on his avarice. However he has experienced the consequence of his own consumerism threatening the environment and he likes to talk about "letting your greed become too great" with the Once-ler. However, some suspect that Mr Krabs is just using the Once-ler as part of some scheme to sell Krabby Patties. His mood tends to vary, after all.
  • Given the Once-ler's past actions, he was not on good terms with tree, flower or nature-protecting deities. This has changed come his desire to be The Atoner, and is working to make amends for them. However he still remains at odds with Exdeath, since he is a Botanical Abomination that seeks to return everything to the void. He is also a foe with his old supporter Hexxus, who is trying to convince him what he did wasn't wrong and bring him back into his fold.
  • The Once-ler's quest for redemption in the pantheon led him to meet the former miser Ebeenezer Scrooge, who was an even more iconic example of a rich jerk that found the error of their ways. He's been aiding the Once-ler into rebuilding his fortunes, with the Lorax making sure he does so honestly. Speedwagon, who went from a hoodlum to a successful businessman thanks to the compassion of one Jonathan Joestar, is aiding him in his quest.
  • Though he used to be on the bad side of Smokey Bear because of his deforestation, the two have buried the hatchet as the Once-ler wants to make up to the forest and helping him would be a good start. He and Earl Hickey also ended up working together, given the Once-ler has learned a thing or two about karma and is interested in Earl's spin on it.
  • Utterly horrified by the Lich, which is to be expected. However his fear was intensified by the fact that the Lich's current existence is a product the Great Mushroom War. Basically, a byproduct of mankind's foolishness and apathy to the environment writ large. Of course, it's not like the Once-ler could do a thing to even inconvenience the Lich, which is even more reason to fear him.
  • (In defense of the Once-Ler), his only glaring mistake is that he doesn't replace the trees he cut down. True, it takes 10 years for them to grow back to full, but many logging and paper companies do the same for the trees they cut down for their products; that's just good business. Had the Once-ler stuck to his guns, used scarcity to raise the price, and maintained the forest, there would've been less (though never zero) justification for the Lorax's opposition.

    Captain Phasma 
Captain Phasma, Goddess of Mook Lieutenants

    Aayla Secura 
Aayla Secura, Goddess of Alien Hair
  • Adopted from: Shawn Ri
  • House: Extraterrestrial Apperance and Biology (House of Extraterrestrials)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her lekku personally, the Jedi Order Isignia in general
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Has Lekku Head-Tails, Blue-Skinned Space Babe, Canon Immigrant, Master Saberwoman, Ms. Fanservice, No Kill Like Over Kill
  • Domains: The Force, Combat, War, Aliens
  • Superior: George Lucas (out of universe), Grand Master Yoda (Jedi ranking)
  • Allies: The ascended Jedi, Liara T'soni, Abraham Lincoln, Android 21, Dory, Alex Mason, Jack Ryan
  • Odd Friendship with: Koriand'r
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Frank Castle
  • Enemies: The ascended Sith, Separatists and Galactic Empire (Sheev Palpatine and Wat Tambor are number 1 and 2 on the list), Jabba the Hutt, slavers and rapists (especially the Slavers), The Grineer
  • Wary of: The Sontarans and clones as a whole, especially the 501st Legion, The Silent Priests
  • Born on the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth, Aayla was discovered to be force-sensitive and taken in by the Jedi order. She was apprenticed by Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, and would participate in the attempt to rescue Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme from Geonosis. This marked the beginning of the Clone Wars, where she would command the 327th Star Corps on the planet of Felucia. Sadly like most Jedi she wasn't prepared for Order 66, and was gunned down while fighting off her attackers.
  • After her ascension, she was briefed by Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, then Luke and finally Rey on what has happened in the 50 years following her death. And there was a lot to take in.
    • Was shocked to learn that Anakin had become Darth Vader, due to the fact that the last time she'd seen him he was a loyal member of the Jedi Order. He was also The Chosen One, and was expected by most Jedi to bring balance to the force by destroying the Sith. This has been further complicated when Anakin turned back to the Light Side and helped defeat the Emperor. However, given that she herself was briefly turned to the Dark Side, she is willing to forgive him.
    • Was also surprised to learn that Sheev Palpatine was a Sith Lord. While the Jedi Order had been skeptical of his motivations, most Jedi had assumed he just wanted to increase his personal power. Few realized the extent of his ambition, and even fewer knew of his allegiance to the Dark Side. Given everything he did, starting with Order 66, she's labeled him as enemy number one.
    • Count Dooku's ascension eventually led to him having a Hazy Feel Turn and is reluctantly siding with the Jedi, helped by his anger at Sidious using him and the influence of Qui-Gon Jinn. Aayla hates having to work with him to any degree given he was the head of the Separatists, but does hope he might finally see the light in the pantheon. Dooku completely understands her issues with him and tends to be courteous to Aayla in order to diffuse tension.
    • Despite her complicated feelings towards his father, she was happy to learn that Luke Skywalker had become a Jedi like his father and had started to rebuild the Jedi Order after the fall of the Empire. Was even happier to learn that he had ascended.
    • Having known her during the Clone Wars, Aayla was glad to learn that Ashoka Tano had not only survived Order 66, but had also ascended to the Pantheon. She was impressed that after Order 66, Ashoka had worked to help resist the Empire.
    • Never liking Tarkin to being with, these feelings got worse after he joined the Empire. Not to mention, he was involved in the construction of Death Star, which resulted in the enslavement of many non-humans. The feeling is mutual, as Tarkin has a low opinion of non-humans and the Jedi.
    • Because she killed Jabba the Hutt, Aayla greatly admires Princess Leia. She was also glad to learn about Rey, who not only kept the Jedi alive but finished off the resurrected Sidious once and for all...she hopes.
  • Like most Jedi, is deeply opposed to the Sith and all Dark side Force-Users. However she isn't immune to the dark side, having briefly turned to it whilst she was still a padawan after suffering from amnesia. The Dark Jedi Volfe Karkko manipulated her to assist him in escaping from prison, and she fought then was defeated by her master who returned her to the light side. She's mused about this experience in the Memories sub-house with Android 21, who she soon became friends with the good side of Android 21. Aayla was saddened by her much more severe amnesia and struggles with her own dark side, motivating her to help 21 completely repel her Hunger.
  • Because of this bout of amnesia Aayla doesn't trust the Silent Priests, at least when she can see them and remember they exist. They have tried to comfort her that most evil deeds done by their race were by a Renegade Splinter Faction, but understand why she still doesn't trust them. Aayla herself considers a confessional where you forget your confession afterwards kind of pointless. She was a lot less worried about Dory the fish, who struggles with memory issues and because of that she is protective of her since she knows how troublesome amnesia can be.
  • Aayla's time in the House of Mentalism led her to meet Alex Mason, who like the clones proved to be was a Manchurian Agent. She's been informed in the pantheon the clones only pulled out Order 66 because of a chip that could enforce brainwashing, which both saddened and horrified her, along with further cementing how depraved Sidious really is. She has been working on curing Alex Mason, along with getting rid of Jack Ryan's Trigger Phrase
  • While she has animosity towards the Separatist Alliance as a whole, Aayla has an intense dislike of Wat Tambor, in no small part due to his brutal occupation of Ryloth and his experimentation on sentient beings. She also holds contempt for Nute Gunray due to his slimy personality. It's worth noting she's one of the few Jedi to survive General Grievous, albiet severely wounded. After the duel, she has been wary about facing him again.
  • Briefly commanded the 501st Legion while they were stationed on Felucia. They dealt with carnivorous animals, flesh-eating diseases, and other horrors. It was said that without her leadership, they wouldn't have survived the fighting. Naturally she's deeply distrustful of clones following Order 66, especially those belonging to clone armies. For what it's worth, many clones felt sorry for betraying her. The Grineer being an obvious exception, and even without Order 66 she has enough reason to be disgusted at them.
    • While she has no reason to antagonize the Sontarans outside their Proud Warrior Race Guy schtick, and is glad they at least have an honor code, being an independent clone army prevents her from trusting them.
  • As many Twi'leks are forced to become Sex Slaves, and having been Made a Slave when she was a child, she dislikes slavery and those who participate in it. She has a special place of hatred for the Slavers for their involvement in sex trafficking. This has led to her having conflicted feelings of Frank Castle; yes, he took down the Slavers however him acting outside the law through vigilante killings and the sheer cruelty he gave back to the Slavers goes against the Jedi Code. For his part, the Punisher due
  • Hates Jabba the Hutt for the same reason, especially after learning how he treats his slaves. She was forced to work with him during the Clone Wars, but after the war he allied himself with the Empire. As such, there's nothing holding her back now. She is very sympathetic to those who have been enslaved and admires those who have worked to free slaves. Being the Great Emancipator who ended the cancer of slavery in America, she agrees with a lot of people that Abraham Lincoln is arguably the greatest president.
  • For a time she was an ally of Daenerys due to her helping stop slavery, but it has become more strained given some of her more ruthless moments. This all culminated with Dany's TV incarnation losing it, who Aayla has cut off all ties to. However her main incarnation has yet to fall, and Aayla has had experience with the Dark Side, so she is keeping an eye on her.
  • Is friends with Liara T'soni due to their similar appearances, and her being a kind and capable leader. She's also friends with Starfire due to both being heroic aliens with a preference for skimpy clothes. However, while Starfire has no problem with romantic relations, Aayla is forbidden from having emotional attachments by the Jedi.

    Schwarz Sonne 
Schwarz Sonne, Deified Successor To Nazi Germany (German for "Black Sun")
The Fuhrerbunker

    Akira Toriyama 
Akira Toriyama, God of Writing by the Seat of Your Pants (The Tori-Bot)
Toriyama IRL
  • House: Writing Techniques (House of Narrative)
  • Quasideity (Overdeity as the Tori-Bot)
  • Symbol: A Doctor Slump or Dragon Ball manga with his autograph
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Writing On The Fly, Popularized Modern Shonen, Reclusive Artist, Author Appeal for Cool Cars, Cool Planes, Machine Guns And Poop Jokes, Only Six Faces, Edible Theme Naming
  • Domains: Writing, Jokes, Shonen, Not Planning Things Out, Creativity, References
  • Creations: Look here. He's also a character designer for the Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest deities
  • Interests: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Madara Uchiha
  • Fan of: Terminator, Alien, Sun Wukong, Clark Kent/Superman
  • Allies: Osamu Tezuka, Stan Lee, Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi, The Phantom Thieves, Rohan Kishibe, Subaru Mikazuki
  • On good terms with: The Felines sub-house, the Author
  • On speaking terms with: George (Bob and George)
  • Enemies: Fused Zamasu (predictably), the Nothing, Dhuum, Nekron, Annie Wilkes
  • Opposes: Loan sharks and real estate speculators, Moneybags
  • Respected by: Most heroic shonen deities and fans of the genre (and manga as a whole)
  • Weirded out by: The House of Time and Space
  • The Shōnen (Demographic) has Dragon Ball as it's quintessential series, and Akira Toriyama is its creator. A Reclusive Artist who found his passion in gag manga, he first found major success through Dr. Slump. However it was Dragon Ball, meant to be a short parody on Journey to the West, that exploded in the public eye. It's all the more impressive given he never plans ahead, being truly skilled at writing on the fly.
  • Akira Toriyama is a very private person and rarely makes public appearances, so he is hardly seen outside of his temple and communicates mainly through emails. He is more comfortable interacting with his Author Avatar, the Tori-Bot. In this form he is the most powerful being in the Dragon Ball series, even more so than than the Zeno. However he rarely uses this power and prefers to use it for gags, and it's assumed that because said power is because he's the creator of Dragon Ball the Tori-bot would be a Demigod in a reality that he didn't make.
  • His ascension drew the attention of the Dragon Ball gods, most of whom were perfectly fine with his ascension and meeting up with him. However a few weren't so happy.
    • Cell wasn't exactly pleased with Akira putting him Out of Focus compared to Frieza and to some extent Buu. Toriyama explained that part of it was because he hated drawing him, to which Cell said "well maybe if you didn't give me spots we wouldn't have this problem!". Frieza merely scoffed and said "it's funny, Toriyama wrote me to be hated and yet I'm an iconic and Love to Hate villain.
    • Beerus was initially scared at the idea of a being more powerful than the Omni-King, but soon found his fears assuaged because Toriyama was rather pleasant to him. He explained that he is based off his Cornish Rex Debo, who miraculously survived a serious illness. Toriyama seems fond of cats as a whole, and gets along with fellow cat-owning introvert Subaru Mikazuki.
    • Zamasu was the one Dragon Ball character to oppose Toriyama. His skewed view of the cosmos and narcissism means he absolutely refuses to accept the idea of a mortal being behind his existence, and he wishes to make Death of the Author a very literal prospect. Of course he knows he doesn't stand a chance against the Tori-bot, so instead he plans to ambush Toriyama outside of his own creations. This just further solidifies him as a figure of contempt.
  • Because of his immense power as the Tori-bot, the GUAM really wants him on their side somehow. Either by convincing him, or somehow using the Maverick Virus to convert the avatar to their cause. So far, no luck and Toriyama doesn't care about the GUAM. Madara Uchiha is more interested in him as a writer due to being a consummate utilizer of Serial Escalation. Just to get an idea; one of the more impressive feats of the original Dragon Ball was King Piccolo destroying a city. Now? We have characters on multiversal-level power levels.
  • Besides the Tori-bot, he also has an Author Avatar in the form of Tori(a bird with a pen nib for a beak) and a human with a surgical mask and "unfashionable" outfits. He even took the form of a Xenomorph once. He's a huge fan of the Alien series, which is why Frieza's third form resembles one and probably why Cell shares some qualities with one in his Imperfect stage. The former is all the more interesting when you consider Frieza's design was modeled in part by things he was scared of as a child. It might be the real reason why Frieza doesn't care for someone like the Tori-bot being far stronger than he is.
  • He's also a big fan of the Terminator series, along with Superman. Also a fan of Sun Wukong, which is pretty obvious when you look at Goku. In turn he has gained respect from many gods originating from manga, primarily shonen. Just don't ask for interviews, what with him being a Reclusive Artist and all. He did give interviews to the Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest deities, mainly because he's a character designer.
  • To make Frieza a Hate Sink, he modeled him after real estate spectators and loan sharks. To him, they're the worst kind of people. So he really doesn't like Moneybags. He approves of the Phantom Thieves for them trying to clean up Japanese society. Akira Toriyama is OK with the House of Time and Space, but he kind of weird him out. This is because while he initially made a cohesive Alternate Timeline with him Terminator homage of the Android arc, the introduction of Cell created a Timey-Wimey Ball and he regrets all the timelines he created.
  • George can understand how Akira Toriyama must feel about the whole confusion with time travel, given his own experiences with it. The Author, already a fan, was interested in conversing with him. Toriyama is also friendly with the other mangaka in the pantheon. As a writer he is naturally opposed to the Nothing, and the obsessiveness of Annie Wilkes.
  • A likely factor in why Death Is Cheap in the pantheon; the world he created is known for death being cheap, up to and including whole universes. This has earned him the eternal ire of both Dhuum and Nekron, though it's one-sided as he doesn't care what they think outside, obviously, of the latter being an Omnicidal Maniac.

    David Tennant 
David John McDonald, God of Promoted Fanboys (David Tennant)

    King Claudius 
King Claudius, God of Comforting the Widow

    Cobra Bubbles 
Cobra Bubbles, God of Embarrassing Last Names

    Jake Long 
Jacob Luke "Jake" Long, God of Were-Dragons (The American Dragon)
Click here for his dragon form 

    The Spore Galaxy 
The Spore Galaxy, Divine One-Galaxy Sci-Fi Setting (The Milky Way Galaxy)

Ivern Bramblefoot, God of Beards Not Made Out Of Hair (The Green Father, Friend of the Forest, Tree Guy, formerly "Ivern the Cruel")


    God Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

    Pokemon Template 
  • House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Ability:
  • Gender:
  • Moveset:
    • Z-Move:
  • Portfolio:
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  • Multiple profiles
    • Radd, Sheena and Bogey, Triumvirate Deities Of The Pixel Art Comic (House of Forms of Media): though similar, Kid Radd's distinct from a Sprite Comic. It plays on the idea of in-universe sprites of a video game being liberated from their game
    • Lou and Mr Tinkle, Warring Gods of Animal Jingoism (House of Animal Behavior, Neutral Good and Neutral Evil)-I think nightelf thought of this before Zangoose and Seviper. With their trope changed, the entire plot of the movie is literally cats vs dogs. Heroic spy dogs vs a Blofeld-esque cat
    • The Sprixies, Goddesses of Bottled Fairies (House of Fairies)-the Sprixies are a fairy-like race who can create glasses and bottles, and Bowser captures them in bottles
    • The Residents Of Old Town, Co-Goddesses of Prostitution Organizations: Old Town's residents are important prostitutes of Basin City that has made a deal with the police to keep their own part of the city and avoid harm themselves, being in essence a self-governing little city
    • Walt, Larry and Igner, Triumvirate Gods Of Three Stooges Parodies (House of Critique and Parody, Lawful Neutral)-Mom's Terrible Trio and Comic Trio of her sons, they parody the 3 stooges. Walt's Moe (bullies cohorts via slapstick violence and isn't as clever as he thinks he is), Igner is Curly(lovable idiot who makes dumb plans even dumber) and Larry is Larry (weak-willed middleman between the two). When Mom slaps them, it's dubbed with either the original Stooges multi-person slap sound or a very close match.

  • Uncertainty
    • Kei Sakurai, Goddess of The Hihi'irokane: While her profile doesn't show her with a link to this, I still think she fits this trope. She wields the Hihi'irokane sword, a "flame-colored metal" who's brightness resembles fire which is literal in her case due to being a Flaming Sword. It also relates to Playing with Fire as her Creation Figment
    • I adopted Jumba Jookiba some time ago. I'm wondering if Maker of Monsters fits, as he's an alien Mad Scientist who has genetically engineered over 600 mons to cause trouble to varying degrees
    • I'm not sure if Badass Bystander is taken or not, but I am thinking of working on Nana for this trope as she's just an elderly tourist yet manages to kick the crap out of Alex (you know, a lion) for being problematic and "a bad kitty". She proves to be a tough cookie in the sequel. If the trope is taken, or maybe if it's a bettewr alternative, I'd like to give her Black Comedy Animal Abuse instead. Because her beating up of a grown lion despite being an elderly woman is done comedically because of the absurdity of it
    • What historical figures would you say are usual suspects of Historical Person Punchline?

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