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Current sandboxes are a work in progress. Here is drafts I'm working on. Do not edit the sandbox without my permission. nightelf37 and SuperWIKI1 have been given permission to edit how they wish. The second sandbox is for adoptables. You are permitted to adopt anything not under Main focus, but you must private-message me and ask permission for it. My reworks are here. Stuff on hold is here

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    • Dominions and treasures: 2 votes=a week 3 votes=3 days, 4+ votes=immediate
    • Trope change: Needs 2 votes
    • Sub-houses need 3 votes
    • General max of three suggestions per day
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Grand list of drafts

    President Whitmore 
Thomas J. Whitmore, God of the Rousing Speech (The 42nd President of the United States Of America)
Top: Whitmore in 1996, bottom; Whitmore in 2016.

    Russell Casse 
Russell Casse, God of Washed Up Heroes Getting Back In The Game

Magsarion, God of Utter Relentlessness (Muzan, Second Heaven, Wicked Warrior, The Remorseless, God of Daten-Naraku, The Tyranical King, The God of all Evils, The Faceless Monster)
Magsarion as Muzan, the second Hadou God.
Click here  for his appearance pre-ascension

    SCP- 001 (Dr Clef's Proposal) 
SCP-001 (Dr Clef's Proposal), Divine Guardian Of The Garden of Eden (The Gate Guardian, Jophiel, (not?) Archangel Uriel, maybe Dr Alto Clef)
SCP-001 photographed from the vantage point at Site 0. Note the four flaming "wing" appendages located above and to either side of the figure.
  • Hall: Otherworldly And Unorthodox Locations (House of Locations)
  • Greater Deity (Object Class: Euclid/Keter)
  • Symbol: The symbol of a flaming sword guarding a gate. Behind it are two trees, one with apples and one with [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: One of The SCP-001 Proposals, A Mighty Flaming Angel That Incinerates Anything Within The "Instant Death" Radius, Playing with Fire, Heavily Implied To Guard the Garden of Eden, Seems To Be A Benevolent Force Despite Even 076-2 Fearing It, Flaming Sword, Compelling Voice, One Explanation For The Founding Of The SCP Foundation, May Help Protect The Masquerade, Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever
  • Domains: Angels, Guardians, Protectors, Power, Fire, Destruction, Holiness
  • Interests: Believers of the Abrahamic faith
  • Complicated relationship with: The SCP Foundation, Dr Clef
  • Allies: Aztar/the Spectre, version of God who aren't a jerk (for example The Alpha and Omega, the God known by Bob and the Love That Moves The Stars), Eru Illuvatar, Whis, The Truth, The Valar, Ezalor, Ra
  • On good terms with: The Grand United Alliance of Good, Al Simmons/Spawn
  • On speaking terms with: Agent K and Agent J, The Saint of Killers, most of the Hall of Angels
  • Enemies: Most, if not all iterations of the Devil (the one who lost Paradise and the Castlevania version especially), Crowley, SCP-682, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Keel Lorenz, Ramiel, Arael, Melkor, Hexxus, Surtr, Apophis, Solaris, Ungoliant, Father (FMA), Thief, the Light of Destruction, anyone stupid enough to try and bypass them and their commands
  • On poor terms with: Zebediah Kilgrave, YHVH and Lucifer
  • Respected by: Cheems
  • Feared by: SCP-073 and 076-2, the OG Cain and Abel, Rene Belloq, Zs'sakyr, Necrozma, Cronus, Maxwell Lord
  • Annoyed by: Leeroy Jenkins
  • The SCP-001 article is perhaps the SCP Foundation's highest-guarded secret; scrolling down the 001 page without proper clearance will result in a memetic kill agent being used. Dozens of possible 001 articles are proposed, supposedly to hide the real article. Maybe none of them are true, maybe multiple are true, maybe they all are. One of the most well-known of these is Dr Clef's proposal: the Gate Guardian. A 700 cubit-tall flaming angel with between 2 and 108 wings that is ever-vigilant and guarding the gate for a garden located in the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates river. Context cluesnote  strongly imply that the Gate Guardian the fiery cherub guarding the Garden of Eden. Their(her?) name is almost certainly Jophiel.
  • The O5 Council were utterly outraged that any 001 proposal has gone public in the Trope Pantheon, however they've been unable to undo the Gate Guardian's ascension. Fortunately for them the Court of the Gods is unable to determine if the fiery cherub is actually the real SCP-001, and were smart enough to build the temple for the Gate Guardian around where it already is while only letting those in the Trope Pantheon know of their existence. The Gate Guardian remains affixed to their spot, but was able to be more talkative to the pantheon in order to acquire support. There are some notes on Dr Clef that his "casting humanity out of Eden" means they are one in the same. However it's important to remember there is no canon and Dr Clef is a notorious liar. Even that interpretation could suggest Dr Clef is Adam or the Serpent. They haven't been observed in one place though, but that might just be Clef trying to keep up the lie.
  • If its SCP article is to be believed, the Gate Guardian inspired the creation of the SCP Foundation by ordering its founder to "PREPARE". This hasn't stopped them from testing weapons and durability on the Gate Guardian though since while benevolent, its still a flaming angel that can incinerate anyone within a 1 kilometer radius. The Men in Black have been aiding in keeping what's probably Angel Jophiel under the wraps, which the fiery cherub is more tolerant of because they don't shoot at it. Usually they'll just order "FORGET" to anyone who gets close to the death radius so they're ordered to leave and forget what happened. The Purple Man once made the boneheaded move to command it with his Compelling Voice. This did absolutely nothing and he widely heeded the command to "LEAVE", but is still super bitter about the whole experience. Maxwell Lord tried to do one better and command the Gate Guardian. Predictably his head exploded and he respawned curled up in the fetal position, crying.
  • Instead of going to other temples, the Gate Guardian has people come in a close but safe enough distance to their temple. If the Gate Guardian ever leaves the entrance to the Garden Of Eden it's brown trousers time as a message from [DATA EXPUNGED] years into the future shows it will happen just before an XK-Class end of the world scenario. It is theorized that if this happens in the Trope Pantheon the GUAD are about to have a major victory. As a heavenly figure presumably sent down by God the Gate Guardian holds contempt for the organization since they'd end the world too soon and permanently. Surtr and Apophis have come to believe they can "force" the issue by slaying or at least removing the possible SCP-001 from its spot. The angel responded with THERE IS NO MERCY FOR YOU, ONLY THE LAKE OF FIRE.
  • It's unknown if the Gate Guardian lets other angelic beings into the Garden of Eden, but they've been recorded as a lot more chatty around them. While the Castlevania version of Satan isn't welcome, most in the Hall of Angels have a cordial relationship with the fiery cherub. Among those they consider friends is Whis, as they have a mutual respect of their strong work ethic. While even the Gate Guardian admits the Universe 7 angel could probably No-Sell them, Whis chooses not to as it'd be very unbecoming of him. Assuming they aren't the dickish kind versions of the Judeo-Christian God are permitted full access to the Garden of Eden even if they aren't the same God the Gate Guardian takes orders under. The Alpha and Omega has been recorded giving them a pep talk to help with their work environment.
  • Given the Biblical connotations with the Gate Guardian followers of any of the Abrahamic faiths are fascinated by it and much to the SCP Foundation's chagrin the Dr Clef's proposal for SCP-001 hasn't been ordering them away so long as they keep a good distance away from it. Fortunately they're able to prevent the information from leaking out to non-pantheonic beings through either amnestics or claiming the pictures are photoshopped/some big hoax. Rene Belloq has helped the Foundation with the cover story since he's still traumatized over his last experience with holy phenomena and wants there to be as little press coverage for "Jophiel" as possible. Opposing his effort was Cheems of all people, since he respects the Gate Guardian for having the power of the godly "bonk". Doge doesn't understand where he's coming from and has bemoaned Cheems attempted to convince the SCP to use their sword against any horny being within their eyesight.
  • The Gate Guardian isn't just friendly with those from Abrahamic religion. Despite the rivalry between the Ancient Egyptians and Israelites, they like to chat with the sun god Ra as they see one another as luminous protectors of humanity, even if the angel isn't as pro-active. Ra still isn't allowed in the Garden, but he understands as the angel has a job to do. Sometimes Jophiel(or is it Uriel?) is invited for small-talk. The Gate Guardian's time observing the Hall of Light and Brightness has led them to curse out the Light of Destruction as "BALEFUL RADIATION!" and warn Necrozma to never eye their luminance greedily. The latter wisely heeded the angel's words. The Hall of Darkness and Shadow has taken notes not to incur the possible SCP-001's wrath as well, however Chernabog continues to resent their holiness and light. Plus he's salty at being stuck in a mountain against his will, while the Gate Guardian stays where they are willingly.
  • Keel Lorenz has expressed interest in entering the Garden of Eden as part of his Instrumentality project, and belief that the Trees of Knowledge and Life will suit his purposes. The Angels have shown interest in what's there, and they don't take no for an answer. The hot as the sun blade of the Gate Guardian cut through their AT Field like butter, and they gave the head of SEELE the order "LEAVE. NOW" They weren't the only deities who lusted after the potential for power the Garden of Eden offers; Father desired ascension to godhood there. Whether or not the garden would benefit him, just like SEELE and the Angels, has remained unanswered with the order of "BEGONE, SERPENT IN THE FLASK", but it's not like the homunculus won't try again. Truth has been supporting Jophiel(or is it Uriel) in keeping forbidden fruit from greedy idiots since then.
  • It is theorized that the Saint of Killers could shoot the Gate Guardian dead, though its far more likely the angel would strike at the bullets and disintegrate them before they could reach it. Despite his history with holy figures the Saint doesn't have any intention of testing that theory since its not like the Gate Guardian is a dick who messes with people. Spawn, who's dealt with jackasses both holy and unholy, has to respect how the fiery cherub is a responsible being who seems to value humanity. How Clef's SCP-001 proposal feels about them has yet to be seen, but they do hold a positive opinion on the Spectre. The Spectre has asked if he could help out the entity, but they've only asked for YHVH to stop bothering them with a job application. They felt the same for Lucifer's job application.
  • The SCP Foundation tried to hire Lobo to bypass the 1 kilometer death range because of his Healing Factor and the fact that being Barred from the Afterlife means he cannot possibly be destroyed. His response was "FRAG NO!" because dealing with the Gate Guardian would hurt like a bastitch. This isn't all too surprising since even SCP-076-2 refuses to approach the angel. No other version of Cain or Abel wants to be anywhere near the angel that cast their parents out of Eden, and the future message suggests 076-2 and 073 are only getting in when the apocalypse is on the horizon. Later on, almost certainly as a joke, they sent Leeroy Jenkins who's stubborn stupidity had him eager to raid the Garden of Eden...and he immediately was incinerated after being Chaotic Stupid enough to ignore the Gate Guardian's warning. Because Death Is Cheap he respawned and tried again, to the angel's immense frustration.
  • Dr Clef's proposal for SCP-001 was inevitably used as a means of terminating SCP-682. Unlike almost everything 682 lived, albeit incredibly wounded. The Hard-To-Kill Reptile claimed that the Gate Guardian was not Uriel and insinuated they were an imposter, and "Uriel" told them to REMOVE 682. Dialogue from the two imply that SCP-682 was the Serpent who tempted Adam and Eve into eating the fruit. As this is 682 we're talking about, he's probably lying. The Gate Guardian has been shown as possessing next to no mercy for gods who identify as Satan, especially the one from Paradise Lost who was the Serpent. For similar reasons they'll deal swiftly with Crowley if he comes close. Melkor can also expect being immediately struck down given his seemingly endless list of sins, with the "destroying the Two Lamps that were replaced by the Sun and the Moon" being the first sin the they bring up.
  • Thief actually managed to steal from the Garden of Eden without bursting into flames...for all of ten seconds. The Gate Guardian immediately sprinted to incinerate him with [REDACTED] degrees Kelvin that would've ended him had he not prepared blackmail on multiple Deaths. Since he hasn't tried it again it's safe to say he learned his lesson. Ungoliant and Hexxus certainly didn't learn from this and tried to work together; the latter wanted to ruin the Garden of Eden to make a supreme parking lot and the former wanted to feed off the glorious luminance. The SCP Foundation immediately interfered and with the help of the Valar the attempt failed; there's a small chance the spider might be able to leech off the Gate Guardian and they do not want to take any chances.
  • Though it is generally believed that Overdeities and some literal gods could take out the Gate Guardian, the SCP Foundation is extremely hesitant in letting that happen. Their weapon-based experiments on the anomaly were used to test its effective kill range; they do not want to take it out as while they aren't co-operative per-say, the Gate Guardian is still an important figure they're better off keeping alive. They've advised any and all vampires and those in the Hall of Vampires to stay the hell away for their own safety, given how intensely luminous what may be SCP-001 is. The Gate Guardian has been a strong deterrent against the likes of Zs'skayr who reacted with mortal terror at its name. Cronus has also shown fear given in the timeline of SCP-1730 it tasseled with SCP-2845, a deer god who's attributesnote  make it similar in nature to the Titan.

    SCP-076- 2 
SCP-076-2, God of Respawn Points (Able, Habil, Ab-Leshal, Hevel Ben Adam, The Great Betrayer, The Soldier, Breaker of the Bronze God, First Sword of Daevon, Butcher of the West)
Fan depiction of SCP-076-2 by artist ScarletDesires.

Eggs Trubshaw, God of Oblivious Adoption (Eggs, The Trubshaw Baby, Boxtroll Sewer-Rat, Box Boy, Boy-Troll, Eggsbert, Proper Boy. Possibly born Herbert Trubshaw Jr)

    The Visitors and Joozians 
The Visitors and Joozians, Celestials Aliens Of Anal Probing (The Grays)
The Visitors (top) and Joozians (bottom)

    Satan (South Park
Satan, God of Loser Devils (Lucifer, The Prince Of Darkness, The Prince of Temptation, Beelzebub, Devil, The King of All Evil, The Dark Ruler, The Dark Lord)

    Firo Prochainezo and Ennis 
Firo Prochainezo and Ennis, Divine Chastity Couple
  • Adopted from: JRads47
  • Hall: Couples Orientation (Love)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Firo) and Neutral Good (Ennis)
  • Symbol: A bottle of the Elixir, with Ennis' silhouette imprinted on it
  • Portfolio: Immortal lovers, Chastity Couples, molecular regeneration, sexless marriages, Romantic Asexual
  • Domains: Love, Immortality (both), Crime, Brashness (Firo), Homunculi, Guilt (Ennis)
  • Allies: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, Czeslaw Meyer, Van Hohenheim and his sons, Hob Gadling, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, Mister Miracle and Big Barda
  • On good terms with: Todd Chavez (both) Greed (FMA), Rachel Roth/Raven (Ennis), Al Capone, Jack Harkness, Ringo Roadigan (Firo)
  • On speaking terms with: Astolfo, Matt Murdock (Firo)
  • Enemies: Father (FMA), Tenebrae, Voldemort, Vandal Savage
  • Opposes: Zeus, Eos
  • Pities: Anakin Skywalker (Ennis)
  • Respected by: Hera
  • Disinterested in: The Lust sub-houses
  • Firo was a brash and cocky brawler who ended up becoming part of the Martillo family, and his life became even more interesting after a chance run-in with a mysterious suit-clad woman lead him spiraling unwittingly into a scramble for two wine-bottles that happen to contain the Elixir of Life. Eventually he would become immortal, and fall for the homunculus Ennis. The two have remained a couple for seventy happy years.
  • Applies to both
    • Firo and Ennis are not the only immortal couple in the pantheon(and no, we don't mean respawn immortal); Mr Miracle and Big Barda are a notable couple. Then there's Kraft and Holo, though only Holo is immortal. The group helps support romance in the House of Life and Death. The New God couple themselves can relate somewhat to Ennis' desire for freedom, given their rebellion against Darkseid.
    • Van Hohenheim sadly did not have an immortal love, and for a long time regretted his eternal life. Ironically when he was about to die, he wished he could still live on. Firo managed to convince a reluctant immortal to regain his passion, and that's something he respects. He's helping protect them from whatever villainous schemes Father might find with an immortal and homunculus. Hera also respects them for how they're dedicated by contrast Neither of them are fond of her husband given what a dick he is, or Eos for the fact she kidnaps men to be her boy-toys. Also, the time she tried to make a lover immortal ended going horribly.
    • While in love with each other, the two are asexuals and still haven't gotten as far as second base. As such, their views on the lust sub-houses is a distinct "meh". Jack, though particularly lusty immortal from a Free-Love Future, doesn't hold it against them and has wished them well on their marriage. He's glad they've enjoyed their over seventy years as immortals together. The two have sometimes found themselves meeting up with Todd Chazev at Romantic Asexual meet ups. They like that he developed an app for it.
    • Enjoying their immortality, Hob Gadling respects their love and passion for life. On the other end of things Firo and Ennis are disgusted by Voldemort, Tenebrae and Vandal Savage. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has no understanding of love and rages at "mere filthy muggles" gaining a superior form of immortality to horcruxes. And with Vandal, they hate how he harvests his descendants. Plus him and the Sith Emperor are generally utterly vile, depraved figures.
  • Applies to Firo
    • An uprising Camorrista, Firo Prochainezo grew up on the streets of Hell's Kitchen before a run in with the Camorra's primo voto. Having been a part of Hell's Kitchen, Matt Murdock was interested in Firo and he considers him a good kid, but besides being good-aligned they don't find they have much in common. Firo does feel pretty bad about Matt's Cartwright Curse, and because of his past he shares the additional hatred Dardevil has for the Purple Man. Killgrave actually liked hearing about this since if he succeeds at using his Compelling Voice to control an immortal, he'd have a very useful pawn.
    • He has ties to organized crime, namely the friendly kind. He's been seen associating with Giorno Giovanna and his gang who want to make sure the kid does well. Given they come from a similar timeframe, Al Capone wishes him well, though not much besides that; it might just be PR. The Kingpin has noticed Daredevil and Firo talking with one another, but prefers not to get involved with the immortal.
    • As the one who absorbed Szilard, he is worried that his Ghost Memory is going to negatively change him. Horrifyingly, one of the memories Szilard has was Fermet . As such, he sometimes is seen meditating in the House of Mentalism. He has come to sympathize with Android 21, who struggles with her Hunger. Her Hunger would rather just absorb him. While Szilard's malevolence has yet to take hold, he's still afraid of situations where an Enemy Mine takes over. This plays into why he never wants to meet Dark Danny. The latter was asked by the GUAE if he'd be interested in "overshadowing" him, but he declined by stating "I doubt that'd end well for me either".
    • He also hates rapists because when he was young he was kidnapped by a pervert who tried to rape him as he mistook him for a girl. This is why leading Firo to resent his Dude Looks Like a Lady appearance. Being a child rapist and Serial Killer, the Yellow Bastard, Champ and Rorge are high on his shitlist.
  • Applies to Ennis
    • Ennis is a homunculus created by Szilard Quates. Given he could kill her immediately if she disobeyed her orders, she stayed loyal to him. She was meant to be a mindless servant until absorbing an immortal going after her master. Being an Emergent Human, she likes to discuss with Data about their developing emotions. She also gets along with Origami Tobiichi and Rei, given their stoicness and growing emotions.
    • While Firo isn't a fan of Father, Ennis has a particular distaste as his goals remind her of her own sociopathic creator's quest for a sort of total power(knowledge, for Szilard), and she looks at his apathetic parenting of his homunculi with contempt. Father disregards her as being "a disobedient child". While the loyal homunculi to Father couldn't care about Ennis, Greed has a bit of a soft spot and sympathy for her prior position.
    • Asides from Father, Ennis wants to stay the hell away from Professor Hojo, who proves even worse a father than Szilard. Interestingly she seems to pity Anakin somewhat. He didn't get it, but she explained that it's because she understands he wants to atone for his misdeeds(though more severe than her own). Also, Anakin himself may be a homunculus as it's heavily implied the Force was manipulated to immaculately conceive him by Sith alchemy...and thusly, their own downfall.

Buddy Pine, God of Glory-Seeking Villains (Syndrome Incrediboy, (Baby)Sitter)

    Bowler Hat Guy and DOR- 15 
Bowler Hat Guy and DOR-15, Co-Deities Of Sinister Derby Hats (Bowler Hat Guy: Mike Yagoobian, Goob, DOR-15: Doris, Helping Hat)
Bowler Hat Guy.
Click here  for Bowler Hat Guy's younger self.

     Bob Ewell 
Robert E. Lee Ewell, God of Lower Class Louts (Bob Ewell)


    God Template 
  • Hall:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:

    Treasure Template 
  • Appearance:
  • Class Level:
  • Museum Check:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Source of interest:
  • Similar artifacts:

    Dominion Template 
  • Description:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Sacred to:
  • Unholy to:

Draft page

  • In progress(12/10)
  • In waiting(5/10): PM if you want anything

  • Alliance ideas

  • Ideas in waiting(9/10)
    • Herbert George Wells, God of Swiftly Summarized Premises (House of Specialized Narratives, True Neutral) H.G Wells' work tends to have titles that immediately tell you what the plot is. "The Time Machine" is about time travel, for example. Another example is "The Invisible Man", which is about an Invisible Jerkass. Along with Jules Verne he's one of the trope codifiers for sci-fi
    • Stephen William Hawking, God of Only Being Able To Move His Eyes (House of Disabilities, True Neutral)-adopted from Phantom Fire. One of the most famous physicists of the late 20th century, and probably the most famous example of ALS. As a result of this muscle atrophy he could eventually only move his eyes. Ever the Genius Cripple, his wheelchair's computer lets him communicate through eye movements to defy the And I Must Scream trope
    • Tiamat, Divine Mother Goddess: this is a retool of FGO and SMT Tiamat by making them part of a Composite Character representing the actual deity, like most profiles based on divine beings. Tiamat is a primordial sea serpent/dragon who embodies salt water and is one of the ancestors to the pantheon and many life. She is a Mother of a Thousand Young as she spawned monsters to avenge her spouse Abzu, who represents fresh water
    • Alakazam, God of Spoon Bending (House of Spiritual and Mental Powers, True Neutral)-a restoration. Among the very first Psychic type Pokemon and is based off a magician/spoon bender. As a Kadabra it gains a spoon which it can bend with its mind. Its signature move, Kinesis, has the animation of spoon bending. When becoming Alakazam the Pokemon has spoons in both hands, and Mega Evolution has five spoons now floating psychically. Being this trope led to some controversy as spoon-bending magician Uri Geller accused Nintendo of plagiarism. Finally, the line's held item is a Twistedspoon. Link here.
    • Banette, God of Vengeful Abandoned Toys (Hall of Living Objects and Motivations for Revenge)-a restoration. Banette is a Ghost type doll who used to be someone's toy, but was abandoned. It is characterized as being consumed by resentment and given life by its grudge, planning to find whoever discarded it and get its revenge. This characterization is reflected by its moveset; Curse (a starting move), Spite and Grudge. Link here
    • Hank, God of Stealthy Cephalopods (House of Aquatic Life)-Hank is a grouchy octopus determined to bust out of the institute. Like an actual octopus he can alter his shape and coloration to blend in with the environment. He helps Dory find her parents by using this and being able to move on land, disguising himself from people by blending into the environment or shaping himself as things like a palm tree
    • The Infinity Gauntlet: a restoration of an old idea. The titular gauntlet is perhaps the most powerful macguffin of Marvel Comics (at least excluding one-offs like the Heart Of The Universe). It's a gauntlet that can take in one of the Infinity Gems/Stones, which makes you at least a Reality Warper of the gem/stone's aspect. Having all six makes you The Omnipotent of whatever universe they're a part of, though like a TV remote doing so in another gets an out of range
    • The One Below All: I have a couple of tropes I believe that The Anti-God of Marvel fits. The first is Sickly Green Glow; it is the source of gamma radiation's mutagenic component and accessed through the Green Door. Something close to its true form contains this green, which is eerie and radioactive like the Hulk. And it is certainly Menacing. The other is Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, as TOBA is a very literal example; its weapon is hate and its a destructive and malevolent Almighty Idiot who can only conceive of evil and destruction, to the point it needs hosts to express any semblance of consciousness. Both of these tropes fit it due to being God's own Hulk.
    • Valiant, God of Messenger Pigeons (House of Birds, Lawful Good)-the plot of the movie is the protagonists are pigeons during WW2, who serve as carriers of important information for the British. Valiant is the name of the main protagonist. This is loosely based off the actual history of using pigeons as messengers, and a German bird of prey is sent to try and thwart him and his friends in their efforts.