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An illustration of my favorite Jujutsu Kaisen character made by myself.


I'm here to fix up some small errors like red links, formatting errors, and typos, and maybe add/edit/move/crosswick examples. When it comes to crosswicking, it mainly involves voice actors. I spend most of my time on this site lurking and reading the many pages on this site.

I sometimes pop up in Ask the Tropers to answer questions, redirect users to better places, or ask my own questions if I'm unsure about something. I also pop up in some cleanup threads if I find something relevant to their topics. Sometimes I participate in some Forum Games threads for fun. I also write for Trope Report.

I'm also active in the Trope Pantheons. Here's my sandbox.

I designed and illustrated Sugar-tan.

Fun Fact: My username is a slight variation of the name generated by the Wu-Tang Name Generator when I inputted my real name in it.


If you're wondering what pronouns to use for me, I go by he/him, she/her, and they/them, though I default to they/them when referring to myself.

Obligatory Troper Wall!

Pages I Created:

Videos I Added:

Images I Added:

Threads I Started:

Trope Report Issues I Wrote for:

Stuff About Me:

  • Birthday: July 7 (Tanabata happens on this day)
  • Media I Like: Video games (especially Nintendo games, JRPGs, Gacha Games, and indie games), anime, manga, light novels, cartoons, film, literature, fanfics, music (especially video game soundtracks, anime openings/endings, Vocaloid, and classic rock), art, web videos
  • Stuff I Like To Do: Draw, read, write, look at fanart, listen to music, play video games, sleep, edit on this wiki
  • Characters I'm Obsessed With: Kirby (the goodest boy), Mahito (he stole my heart and transfigured it)

Video Game Soundtracks I Really Like:

And that's all I wrote.