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Other Characters

    Mitama Yakumo 

Mitama Yakumo
Base rarity: 4*
Element: Void/Null
Type: Support
School: Daito Academy (formerly Mizuna Girls' School)
Weapon: Silk cloth
Magia: Structure Destruction
Doppel: Totentanz
Illustrated by: Punyan
Voiced by: Yui Horie

The shopkeeper of Magia Record, as well as the girl you see when you do a gacha roll. In the game's plot, Mitama runs a magical girl business in Kamihama City. In exchange for Grief Seeds, she strengthens a magical girl's magic, allowing them to fight the stronger witches of Kamihama. Because of this, the magical girls of Kamihama refer to her as the Adjuster (Coordinator in the official translation). Her existence is just one more mystery of Kamihama. Her wish was to be the force that destroys the city.

Origially an NPC, Mitama was later added as a playable character along with the Void element (Null).

Her innate magic is to decay anything.

  • The Atoner: She made her wish to be someone who will destroy Kamihama City at a moment of weakness after being Madden Into Misanthropy, but after she cooled her head and she found people she can genuinely call friends, she seriously nerfs herself into mere support both to help others preventing her wish from coming true and to protect her friends from the effect of her personal magic.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: After her contract, she no longer maintains the perfect student face she had previously and becomes a truant. Her test scores nevertheless are still topnotch.
  • The Gadfly: Downplayed, but she's known to tease her customers.
  • Improbable Weapon User: She fights by throwing a tablecloth on enemies.
  • Intimate Healing: A variation. It's Super Empowering, not healing, and the intimacy comes from Mitama touching a Soul Gem... which is touching a magical girl's soul. It's reinforced by Mitama being able to see the past of the magical girl she's touching.
  • Lethal Chef: Not only is her food so bad that only Kyouko can finish it, but the way she holds utensils is dangerous. Knives have a tendency to go flying when she's in the kitchen.
  • Madden Into Misanthropy: She was transferred from Daito Academy to Mizuna Girl's School because she has a very good student record. But because the caste conflict that prevalent in the school environment, Mitama had a hard time in the school until she was blamed for harming the daughter of an important family when defending herself from being pushed off a stair. When returned to her old school, her schoolmates were blaming her for tarnishing the community's name because her transfer was highlighted by media. Expelled from the high class Mizuna Ward, rejected by the low class Daito Ward with no one to turn to, Mitama swore revenge on Kamihama City and made her wish. She regrets it nowadays, though.
  • Malicious Slander: The details of her expulsion from Mizuna Girl's Highschool were so twisted by local media that even the current freshmen and sophomores of Mizuna don't know anything about the incident except for mouth-to-mouth rumors.
  • Mystical White Hair: She has white hair and is an extremely unusual and mysterious magical girl.
  • Necessary Drawback: Mitama's Connect, "It might cost you, you know♪", substantially heals a character and provides them a hefty bonus to damage against enemies with status effects. However, it inflicts a debuff to the character's defense. Similarly, Mitama's Magia inflicts several guaranteed status effects on enemies and boosts the attack of the entire party, which synergizes with her Connect. However, Mitama is inflicted with Curse status. (The Memoria "My Bible" can prevent this however).
  • Non-Action Guy: Unlike every other magical girl, she can't fight witches. What she can do is strengthen the other girls' powers in exchange for Grief Seeds. Played with now that she's becoming playable - while she can be used in battle she specializes as a Support character. Even her Magia deals no damage.
  • Non-Elemental: Mitama is the first character to have the Void element (called Null in the official localization), which doesn't interact with any of the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors match-ups; it is neither weak nor strong against any other element.
  • Non-Player Character: Originally unplayable. Justified due to her claim that she can't actually fight. Subverted when she was Promoted to Playable.
  • Older Than She Looks: She makes allusions to things that no millennial make, like of a TV show that long since ended or using Showa-period jargon. When anyone gets suspicious because of it and asks just how old she is, she immediately answers that she's seventeen years old. Telling her that she's older than that is a recipe for disaster, as Ayame finds out.
  • Only Friend: After her fall from grace, Kanagi was the only one who supported her through rough times, so she's the only one Mitama values. And then Momoko came, and Yachiyo, and everyone else - as the number of her bonds grow, Mitama's heart thaws.
  • Promoted to Playable: Originally the NPC shopkeeper, she was made into a playable character.
  • Psychometry: A side-effect of her power is to see the past of the magical girl whose Soul Gem she's touching.
  • Rage Breaking Point: The extent of verbal abuse from Daito's students got so bad that she almost attacked a boy with a fire extinguisher. Kanagi stopped her before she did something that she might regret, while also protecting Mitama when the boys started to retaliate.
  • Red Herring: Despite some hints to the contrary, she's just as much in the dark about the mysteries of Kamihama.
  • Shopkeeper: She's the in-game shopkeeper and runs the Fate Weave gacha pulls.
  • The Social Expert: Thanks to her powers, she can see into the pasts of her clients, so she knows their motivations and mental states basically immediately. She's also pretty perceptive in general... unless you're reacting to her cooking.
  • Super Empowering: Her magic lets her strengthen the power of other magical girls. She sells this service in exchange for Grief Seeds.
  • True Neutral: Invoked; her incapability to fight for herself forces her to be neutral for sake of survival, though she's already thinking about taking a side for a long time. While Mitama insists that she impartially sells her services, in practice she can get a little more involved. At one point Mitama claims that she lends her power to bonds, and indeed we see her nudge Masara and Kokoro into becoming friends. She even offers her services to Iroha and Yachiyo for free when they attempt to rescue their brainwashed friends.
  • Walking Wasteland: Her personal magic is not strengthening other magical girls' power, it's decaying and weakening their power at incredible speed. Looking at the way her power works, it seems Mitama herself isn't immune to the effect as her Soul Gem is also tainted fast every time she uses her power. Her "strengthening" service is actually her deliberately using her power the wrong way as taught by her mentor, so it instead gives the opposite result.

    Kanae Yukino 

Kanae Yukino
Base rarity: 4*
Element: Dark
Type: Balance
School: Sakae General School
Weapon: Metallic pipe that resembles a Japanese smoking pipe
Magia: Limiter Cut
Doppel: Gibdaughter
Illustrated by: NOCO
Voiced by: Nanako Mori

A former teammate of Yachiyo and Mifuyu. She died fighting a witch some time before the story begins. Her death caused Yachiyo and Mifuyu to learn that Soul Gems were actually souls. Her wish was to stop delinquents from bothering her.

  • Because You Were Nice to Me: She bonded with Yachiyo and Mifuyu because they saved her from a particularly cruel thug that seemed to focus-target her. She's especially fond of Yachiyo's grandmother because she was accepted in Yachiyo's home on the grandmother's hospitality.
  • Big Sister Mentor: She's this to Mel in the "Voice from Beyond" story event, mostly at 'being a ghost' thing.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: She often gets in trouble because of her very stubborn insistence to save just about anyone terrorized by local gangs. She made her wish just so she could destroy one.
  • Face of a Thug: She really looks like a delinquent, with her sharp eyes and pierced ears, but she's not a bad person. If anything, she looks like a delinquent because she wants to discourage the real delinquents from picking fights with her, with minimal results.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Died protecting Yachiyo.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: The name of her witch/doppel is a pun on guitar maker Gibson. It's not Gibson, it's Gibdaughter.
  • Irony: She was made playable at the same time as Mel. Despite having her Soul Gem crushed, Kanae gets a Doppel while Mel, who actually became a witch, doesn't.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: While there are times where it looks like her paranoia would make her snap at anyone, she's always thoughtful, kind, heroic, and loyal without erring.
  • Lad-ette: Kanae stands out among other characters in Magia Record for being exceedingly manly in physique, manners, and voice timber-wise even compared to the likes of Kyouko or Felicia, which is weird because she uses a girlish atashi as her first person.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: During her event, she watches the events of the main story play out from the afterlife. Though it might have been All Just a Dream of Yachiyo's.
  • Pipe Pain: Her weapon is a rusty metal pipe.
  • Posthumous Character: She died before Iroha meets Yachiyo.
  • Promoted to Playable: Appeared in flashbacks before being made playable.
  • Smoking Is Cool: She doesn't smoke, but her pipe weapon resembles a traditional Japanese smoking pipe that gives off black smoke.

    Mel Anna 

Mel Anna
Base rarity: 3*
Element: Forest
Weapon: Deck of Tarot cards
Type: Support
School: Daito Academy
Magia: Dark Arcana
Illustrated by: katsutake
Voiced by: Kanon Takao

A former teammate of Yachiyo, Mifuyu, Momoko, and Tsuruno. Before the story begins, she became a witch after her team fought a battle while Tsuruno was absent. Her wish was for her predictions to always be 100% accurate.

  • Death Dealer: Uses Tarot Cards as weapons.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Used the last of her magic protecting Yachiyo, becoming a witch afterward.
  • Irony: She was made playable at the same time as Kanae. Despite becoming a witch, Mel has no Doppel while Kanae, who had her Soul Gem crushed, gets one.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: During her event she watches the events of the main story happen from the afterlife. Though it turns out the real Mel couldn't become a ghost because she became a witch. The Mel seen in the event is a sort of replica Kanae made from Mel's thoughts and feelings. Then again, it might have been All Just a Dream of Yachiyo's.
  • Posthumous Character: Like Kanae, she died before Iroha meets Yachiyo.
  • Promoted to Playable: Appeared in flashbacks before being made playable.
  • Tarot Motifs: She seems to assign specific Major Arcana on things; the Tower or the Moon for her enemies and the Star for her friends. It's because of her personal magic that she can weaponizes the Major Arcana into making the result that she wants.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: It never goes that far, but her insistence that people should listen to her fortune-telling is somewhat overbearing. Her accurate prediction starts to make her a potential fatalist because it validates the You Can't Fight Fate nature of her magic, until her talk with Yachiyo causes her to realize that her magic, thus herself, is at fault when Tsuruno got a severe stomachache from her bad fortune result. Her desire to help other people with her fortune-telling becomes the thing that causes them misfortune, and that is something that Mel will not do.
  • The Watson: In "Voice from Beyond" story event, she serves as this to Kanae regarding the mechanism of the magical girl's afterlife.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: Her magic is not that she always accurately predicts the future; it's that she skews fate into making her general prediction true. While this is pretty convenient, she can't really control the results of her fortune telling thus potentially falls victim to You Can't Fight Fate even worse than any other people. After a talk with Yachiyo, she agrees to never again tell fortunes but secretly made her last prediction that Yachiyo found in her and Iroha's training event, one year later.

    Kanagi Izumi 

Kanagi Izumi
Base rarity: 4*
Element: Light
Type: Attack
School: Daito Academy
Weapon: Riding crop
Magia: Light of Conviction
Doppel: Catacombe
Illustrated by: Koushi Sasagi
Voiced by: Sayaka Senbongi
The top magical girl of the eastern half of Kamihama. In the past she and Yachiyo used to compete for territory, but they abandoned hostilities before Kamihama's witch population increased (which would have made their conflict pointless). Kanagi is also an old friend and schoolmate of Mitama's. Before the story begins, Kanagi used to have several magical girls under her, but they all defected to the Wings of Magius. During the main story Yachiyo asks Kanagi if they can investigate a Rumor and the Wings of Magius in her territory; Kanagi offers to help Yachiyo without hesitation. Her wish was to know why everyone hates Daitou Ward.

Kanagi's personal magic allows her to read minds when close.

  • Anti-Hero: Her side-story reveals that while she's still very heroic otherwise and her actions are aligned to do good, she has no love for Kamihama as a city and doesn't really mind if the place itself is destroyed.
  • The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People: Her side story shows that she has a view that Kamihama City is irredeemable of its class prejudice because the class conflict has been there since the foundation of the city. While she understands that not everyone is like that, the fact stands that most of the city would still propagate the hatred even when the reason of said hatred is forgotten. Thus the only solution of this problem is for Kamihama's segregated wards to be destroyed and the Kamihama people have no choice but to set aside their prejudice to rebuild the city tegether. She's simply against the Wings of Magius because they don't care about Kamihama's people as a whole, which is against even her standard.
  • Big Good: She's the boss of the eastern side of Kamihama, just like Yachiyo is the boss of the western side.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: She appears in Tsukasa's and Mitama's sidestories before appearing in the main plot. It's later revealed Tsukasa was part of Kanagi's team.
  • Cosplay Café: She works at a maid cafe, of all places. She's pretty bad at it mostly because her personality is closer to the maids in Tsundere Cafe, but she still holds her job and is quite popular, implied because her costumers are a bunch of masochists.
  • Excuse Me While I Multitask: Her introduction in the main story has her beating the crap out of some Black Feathers while talking on a cell phone.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Her cape is cut diagonally, so one side is longer than the other. Same with her boots.
  • High-Class Glass: Her soul gem is a monocle over her right eye.
  • Lady of War: Not only she's this in battle, she carries this persona even in her workplace; she's maid whose personality is straight-laced, militaristic badass who likes to make dramatic and heroic poses (the last one is Karin's fault).
  • Mind Reading: She can read minds when close.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Her concern regarding the Wings of Magius is that the Magius took a lot of her juniors, especially those from Daito ward, to be their expendable minions. Against her former junior Tsukasa, she simply punishes her no worse than some whip cracks before sending her off with Tsukuyo despite how severe her slight potentially is because Kanagi knows that Tsukasa and Tsukuyo are no more than Magius' chumps in the grand scheme of things. In Mel's sidestory, it is revealed that Mel was originally Kanagi's subordinate and Kanagi was originally forbidding Mel from venturing to the west Kamihama out of fear of class discrimination, but conceded when she knew that Yachiyo was going to take care of Mel.
  • Secret Test of Character: In Chapter 7 she tries to test Iroha's itentions by not intervening when she fights the Wings of Magius. When Iroha thinks about how she has to save her friend, Kanagi immediately comes to her aid. Kanagi then apologizes, saying that Tsukasa had told her Iroha's group was trying to take her territory and she had to make sure of the truth.
  • Sixth Ranger: Teams up with both Iroha's and Momoko's groups during Chapter 7, and continues to be their ally in Chapter 8.
  • Shout-Out: Her doppel description is a reference to "The Cat Office", a short story by famous Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She wished to know the reason why the western Kamihama is so marginalized and she found out why; no reason at all. The ward was simply marginalized since forever that no one remember the reason in the first place, and the current citizens simply hate the place because it's the tradition. Denouncing the city as corrupt, Kanagi is bidding her time to see opportunity to destroy the city so the citizens have no choice but to work together.
  • Whip It Good: Her weapon is a riding crop.

    Ui Tamaki (Spoiler Warning) 

Ui Tamaki
Base rarity: 4*
Element: Dark
Type: Balance
Weapon: Kite
Magia: Luce Speranza
Doppel: Shitori Egumo
Illustrated by: Ume Aoki
Voiced by: Iwami Manaka

A Magical Girl who's always lost in her own head about what she can do to be happy. She grew up without learning of the outside world, and is a newbie Magical Girl- thus, she does her best in order to not lose to those around her. She's good at finding the good points in everyone and doesn't have any bad personality traits. She's the childhood friend of Touka and Nemu, as well as Iroha's younger sister.

Iroha's long-lost sister, who turns out to be one of the founders of the Wings of Magius before she was sealed away. Her wish was to steal Kyubey's power of "collection".

  • Broken Record: The false Ui Iroha encounters in Chapter 3. It just repeats the same line about coming to Kamihama City to save magical girls.
  • Eldritch Abomination: She's Embryo Eve; the giant bipedal moth with eyelids partially sewn shut. She is so large, that Iroha is only about as tall as one of her talons when she is in her first and smallest form. So strong is she, that the Magius are confident that she can win against the Walpurgisnacht.
  • Freudian Trio: She was part of one with her two friends at the hospital. Her scientifically-inclined friend Touka was the superego, while her creative writer friend Nemu was the id. Ui, as the mediator between the two, is the ego.
  • Gratuitous Italian: Like her sister, her Limit Break has an Italian name. "Luce Speranza" means "Light of Hope."
  • The Heart: Serves as this to the constantly-bickering Nemu and Touka. She also served as this to the Wings of Magius before the other two were forced to seal her away, and once Touka and Nemu lose their memories of Ui they become more willing to take much darker paths to acheive their goals.
  • Ill Girl: She was sick with an unspecified illness. Iroha's wish was to heal her.
  • Improbable Weapon User: She uses a kite for combat.
  • Mundane MacGuffin Person: Iroha's role in the plot is driven by her desire to find her sister Ui.
  • Ornamental Weapon: While her Doppel's carrying a sword and shield, they only serve as decorations.
  • Mysterious Waif: We really don't know much about her, and she's the reason Iroha came to Kamihama City.
  • Present Absence: She's completely vanished, but Iroha still remembers and searches for her.
  • Ret Gone: Ui hasn't just disappeared; it's like she never existed in the first place. For example, her side of the room she shared with Iroha is now completely empty. Only Iroha remembers Ui exists, and even she forgot Ui at first.
  • The Unintelligible: Eve speaks like she's halfway talking in witch runes. Her familiars, those large-headed swallows that are seen through the story, are repeating her words and searching for her older sister. It is until she comes directly face to face with Eve that Iroha realizes that those swallows are saying the delirious slurring of her witch-turned sister.
    (The text): Hobe-myan! Nyannyomyaemyame!
    (Translation): Onee-chan! Yatto aeta ne! (Big Sis! We can finally meet!)

    Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura 

Sakurako Hiiragi
Base rarity: 4* (event limited)
Element: Light
Type: Balance
School: Minagi Freedom School
Weapon: Light energy sword that emits from a bracelet
Magia: Engraved Sakura Memories/The Story of the Sakura Engulfs Everything
Illustrated by: Fuzichoco
Voiced by: Suzuki Minori

One of the Rumors in Kamihama City.


Event Variants

    Mitama Yakumo (Haregi ver.) 

Mitama Yakumo (Haregi ver.)
Base rarity: 4* (event limited)
Element: Void/Null
Type: Balance
Weapon: Memoria cards
Magia: New Year Carta Festival
Doppel: Totentanz
Illustrated by: Punyan
Voiced by: Yui Horie

An alternate version of Mitama introduced during the 2019 New Year's Event.


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