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    Manaka Kurumi 

Manaka Kurumi
Base rarity: 2*
Type: Heal
School: Mizuna Girls' School
Weapon: Frying pan
Magia: Complete Spices
Illustrated by: Kuraha
Voiced by: Aya Suzaki
A Magical Girl who is a great chef just like her father. Manaka's family run a cozy, old-school restaurant. Her cooking is second to none, and her irritating overconfidence is her only flaw. That said, she is just proud of her hard work and has no ill intentions.

One of the initial playable characters. A girl who loves her father, and will do anything to promote his restaurant. Thinking that going to a prestigious school could give the restaurant a good advertisement, she applied to St. Liliana Academy but failed and instead was accepted in Mizumei Girls' School, where she gains a reputation as a high-class chef. Growing boastful, she met Sana who didn't get her share of lunch because she was late. After seeing Sana who nevertheless overjoyed from her simple soup, Manaka realized that she had lost sight of her original purpose. Manaka is now opening a cooking class. Her wish was to have a chance to serve food to anyone.

  • Chef of Iron: She is an awesome cook and a magical girl, and her costume is an apron and a chef's jacket.
  • Elemental Hair: A Flame-elemental magical girl with bright orange hair.
  • Food as Bribe: She tries to bribe Kyouko with free home-cooked meals to get her to stop eating junk food.
  • Frills of Justice: Manaka's magical girl outfit is the girliest chef's uniform in existence.
  • Frying Pan of Doom: Complete with Instant Runes in her four-star card. It grows to enormous proportions for Manaka's Magia, Complete Spices.
  • Nice Hat: A chef's hat, with her Soul Gem pinned to the brim.
  • Supreme Chef: Her cooking skills are top-notch, as Kyouko can attest. Manaka aspires to share her cooking with the whole world.
  • Tastes Like Friendship: She befriends Kyouko by cooking her omelette rice for free.
  • Third-Person Person: Manaka talks like this.

    Rika Ayano 

Rika Ayano
Base rarity: 3*
Type: Magia
School: Chuo Academy
Weapon: Compact mirror
Magia: Brilliant Beam
Illustrated by: Mashimasaki
Voiced by: Kanae Ito

A Magical Girl who is into the latest fashion and make-up. Rika appears to be a typical girly girl, but she is actually very seriously in love. She has been secretly admiring the same person for years. A genuine person, she gets along with everyone.

One of the initial playable characters, she appears as a major character in the "My Diary With You" event, and a free copy of her was available during its rerun. Rika wished for her female childhood friend to forget about her boyfriend and to fall in love with Rika instead. Realizing that her wish was tantamount to brainwashing, Rika atoned for her selfishness by breaking up with her friend and getting her back together with her old boyfriend. Rika later stops another magical girl, Ren, from committing suicide and helps her to find a reason to live.

  • Badass Gay: Rika has a crush on her female friend, and she can hold her own as a magical girl.
  • Blinded by Rage: Her stress and anger involving her wish causes her to fight very aggressivly and recklessly, to the point that she would've probably gotten herself killed had Hinano not calmed her down.
  • Charm Person: At 4*, her Magia has a chance to charm the surviving enemies.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Rika wished that her crush would love her back, but after realizing that she'd broken up a great relationship between the crush and her boyfriend, and that her wish was tantamount to brainwashing, broke up with her crush and got them back together.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Her Magia, Brilliant Beam, has her compact grow to enormous proportions and fire a giant beam of light at whatever got in her way. One of her normal attacks is a scaled-down version of that.
  • Gayngst: A mild example. When Rika tells Hinano that the person she had a crush on was another girl, she asks Hinano if she's weird, suggesting that she's still a bit insecure about her sexuality.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Rika is a very kind and compassionate girl, always willing to stick up for other people and listen to their problems.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: She constantly beats herself up over her wish. When Rika tells Ren about her wish, she describes herself as a "disgusting human being" and tells Ren that she should hate her, although thankfully Ren disagrees.
  • Hidden Depths: On the surface she seems like a fashion-obsessed gyaru-girl, but Hinano is surprised to learn that Rika isn't afraid to stand up for people, even if she only just met them. Ren also knows that while Rika is more playfully rude and flippant with her other friends, with Ren she shows a much more gentle and understanding side.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: In the end, she wants her crush to be happy, even if it means Rika isn't with her.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Rika fights with a compact that turns into a giant mecha compact and shoots lasers.
  • Incompatible Orientation: This is one of the reasons she had to resort to magic to get her crush to love her.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Rika loves fashion and makeup, to the point where her weapon as a magical girl is a compact mirror. She also has an unrequited crush on her female childhood friend.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: She's been this to Ren ever since she saved Ren from committing suicide.
  • Mind Control: Her personal magic is a form of this; specifically, she can compel someone to change their mind. In the final battle, she uses this to convince Walpurgisnacht to head out to sea instead of into the city center.
  • Moment of Weakness: Rika considers her wish to be one, since she was especially vulnerable now that her crush had just gotten into her first relationship, and she regrets it almost immediately afterward.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When she realized that she functionally brainwashed her crush with her wish, she broke up with her crush despite her own feelings. Everytime she talks about it, she puts herself down so much for her rash decision.
  • Tranquil Fury: When a group of guys are making fun of Hinano for not acting "normally" during a group date, Rika quietly asks them what's so funny about not being normal, and the mood turns tense enough for Emiri to instantly feel it when she gets back. Rika is obviously pissed, and the reason why becomes apparent when Rika tells Hinano that she's a lesbian.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: To her crush, despite her best efforts.
  • You're Not My Type: When Hinano gets flustered after Rika tells her that she loves her (after confiding in her that she's gay), Rika reassures Hinano that she meant as a friend and that Hinano isn't her type.

    Ayame Mikuri 

Ayame Mikuri
Base rarity: 2* (event reward)
Type: Attack
School: Sankyoin Educational Academy
Weapon: Bow-like axe
Magia: Unidentified Flying Fire
Illustrated by: Yuugen
Voiced by: Ibuki Kido

A magical girl from Kamihama City's facility 'Azalea House'. She grew up in Azalea House since she was abandoned at the age of one. She has a pure and straight heart, yet very wild. Always active, this has caused her to often be in trouble and she'll push towards anything recklessly.

Debuted in October 10th, 2017 along with Konoha and Hazuki as one of the main characters in "And So, The Azaleas Bloom" event. Abandoned as a baby, Ayame has lived at the Azalea House for as long as she can remember and considers Konoha and Hazuki to be her surrogate parents. When the three of them learned that their beloved orphanage would be torn down, they made their wishes together to save it. Ayame's wish was for the Azalea House to continue existing indefinitely. Her friendship with Kako and Felicia bridges the three-way conflict of Kamihama's mysterious fainting incidents.

  • An Axe to Grind: Her weapon of choice, with a hooked curved blade as long as the handle.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: She's younger than Konoha and Hazuki, and the two had been a surrogate family for her since she was abandoned by her parents as a baby, so she thinks of Konoha and Hazuki as her parents.
  • Bare Your Midriff: In her magical girl form.
  • Bunnies for Cuteness: Her right stocking has a bunny on it, and she makes magic illusory bunnies in her transformation sequence.
  • Collector of the Strange: She has a habit of collecting things she thinks are cute, as seen on this Memoria card. When she shows Konoha and Hazuki things like a broken bicycle bell, their only reaction is saying that at least she's not collecting dead bugs anymore.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: One of the things on Hazuki's exclusive to-do list Memoria is to fix some furniture that Ayame destroyed by accident.
    • When Ayame and Felicia have an arm-wrestling contest, the table they use to prop their elbows on breaks.
  • Eyepatch of Power: In her magical girl form.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: She wears two different stockings in her magical girl form.
  • Flower in Her Hair: A hot pink azalea in her magical girl form.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Her default hairstyle.
  • Orphanage of Love: Grew up in one.
  • Saving the Orphanage: Why she and her friends became magical girls.
  • Showgirl Skirt: In her magical girl form, on top of another skirt.
  • Temporary Online Content: Magia Record's first event-exclusive magical girl.
  • True Companions: With Konoha Shizumi and Hazuki Yusa. They grew up in an orphanage together and made their wishes together.
  • The World's Expert on Getting Killed: If a route goes to a bad end in the 'And So the Azalea Blooms' story arc, expect Ayame to suffer.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A in her magical girl form and her school uniform.

    Aimi Eri 

Aimi Eri
Base rarity: 3*
Type: Balance
School: Chuo Academy
Weapon: Revolvers
Magia: Lock On for Love
Illustrated by: Hiro Kanzaki
Voiced by: Reina Ueda

A Magical Girl who lives for love and romance. Even though she's had the same crush for so long, she still gets too embarrassed to talk when she sees him. Her greatest secret? A notebook of fantasies where she tells him her feelings and date night plans.

Debuted on October 23rd, 2017. A girl who has a crush on her classmate named Hayato. She was trapped inside a Witch's barrier and attempted to fight despite having no power before she was saved by Natsuki. Finding out about the magical girl's wish, Aimi impulsively wished to know about Hayato's feeling for her. Laconically answered that he knows Aimi's crush, Aimi nevertheless still felt too embarrassed to spit it out.

  • Camera Abuse: She shatters the screen by shooting it in her transformation sequence.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: She's been crushing on the same guy since junior high, but gets embarrassed when she tries to talk to him, even though she knows he likes her back. She's written and discarded about 50 love letters by now.
  • Cowboy: Her magical girl costume has an Old West theme.
  • Dual Wielding: Two six-shooter pistols in her transformation sequence.
  • The Gunslinger: She's pretty good with those revolvers.
  • Nice Hat: A frilly cowboy hat.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Her Valentine 2018 story starts because she's still can confess to her crush and gives him the honmei chocolate (again). Kokoro gives her an advice that she gives her giri and honmei chocolate at the same time so she won't be nervous. Aimi then happily does so, only to realize that she gave her honmei chocolate to a female classmate. So not only her crush thinks that he has been friendzoned, her classmate also thinks that she's gay. And she still can't explain that mistake at the end.
  • Smitten Teenage Girl: Hopelessly in love with one of her classmates. We know nothing about him, so we don't know what she sees in him.
  • Smoking Barrel Blowout: In her transformation sequence and her Magia.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Her weapons are an infinite amount of revolvers, fitting the cowgirl theme.
  • Throw-Away Guns: In her Magia. Apparently she only conjures one bullet per six-shooter.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A in her magical girl form.

    Karin Misono 

Karin Misono
Base rarity: 4*
Type: Support
School: Sakae General School
Doppel: McDougal
Weapon: Scythe
Magia: Candy Death Squall
Illustrated by: Ume Aoki (4*), Koushi Sasagi (5*)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto

A self-styled master thief, Karin is a magical girl born on Halloween who tries to interpret it conveniently. She has a hobby of reading and drawing manga, including a dramatized version of her magical girl exploits. She was influenced by her favorite "Phantom Thief Girl Magical Kirin".

Debuted on October 30th, 2017 as the main character of Halloween 2017 event. Self-styled phantom thief and Robin Hood wannabe who steals Grief Seeds from the strong magical girls and gives it to the weak. An imaginative girl who is also Alina's junior in the art club. Karin's grandmother was a chronic kleptomaniac, a habit that Karin's mother despised her in-law for, so Karin made her wish to cure her grandmother of her impulse. Her and her Doppel McDougal's ability is to steal anything and instantly transport it to their hands as long as the heist target is a physical object.

  • Cape Swish: All the time.
  • Cute Witch: Fitting for the Halloween event magical girl.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Her default hairstyle.
  • Halloween Episode: Karin was created to promote the Halloween event.
  • Horrible Judge of Character:
    • While her reasons to cross both Masara and Nanaka from her hitlist are sound, that decision somehow makes her choose to target Yachiyo instead. Not only the reason why Karin can steal Yachiyo's Grief Seed in the first place is because Yachiyo lets her, Yachiyo proceeds to track her down anyway and give her a tongue-lashing. It's only the start of her Humble Pie, because as it turns out, Karin also overestimates her own character.
    • The biggest case of her obliviousness is that she has absolutely no suspicion that her Alina-senpai is a magical girl, despite already asking outright whether she is one and Alina's answer is obviously a lie.
  • Just Like Robin Hood: She often steals grief seeds from more powerful magical girls and gives them to weaker ones.
  • Her Code Name Was "Mary Sue": Her manga is a doujinshi loosely based on her favorite manga, but with Karin as the main character. One of the reasons Alina can read her like a (literal) open book is because she notices that Karin is self-inserting too much.
  • Phantom Thief: Calls herself "Phantom Thief Karin", and her powers revolve around stealing.
  • Power Copying: She can turn her scythe into her opponent's weapon. It freaks her out for a while.
  • Sinister Scythe: Her weapon of choice.
  • Sticky Fingers: Her doppel, McDougal, is the doppel of cat burglary. It steals its own runes in its summoning sequence, for Pete's sake. Also, Karin's grandmother had kleptomania, so she made a contract to cure her of the disease.
  • Terrible Artist: Just look at how she drew the other girls in her Memoria. Karin's going to need to learn how to draw faces if she wants to become a famous manga artist.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Alina turned out the way she is was one part Karin's fault. One terrible case of artistic slump and a harsh Dare to Be Badass critic from a contest judge, Alina had an existential crisis over her prospective future as an artist. After going to a travel to search for inspiration turned out to be in vain, Alina confided in Karin about her motivation of drawing her manga in hope to better understand herself. Karin innocently answered that she draws because she wants to share her happiness through her drawing. Unfortunately, Alina's happiness is on "eccentric" side, so Karin's words only made Alina realized that she might be a terrible person after all and had a dark case of Be Yourself.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A as a magical girl.

    Reira Ibuki 

Reira Ibuki
Base rarity: 3*
Type: Balance
School: Kamihama City University Affiliated School
Weapon: Sai that can be transformed into a flaming sword
Magia: Circle of Fire
Illustrated by: Hanokage
Voiced by: Marika Kouno

A magical girl living in an apartment complex in Kamihama's Shinsei Ward. Cheerful and very gentle-hearted, she touches everyone she comes in contact with. Drawn to her personality, lots of people and things in nature gather around her. On the other hand, sometimes she sacrifices herself for the sake of harmony around her. Her wish was to reconcile with Seika.

Debuted on March 12th, 2018 as one of the main characters in "Bye Bye, See You Tomorrow" event.

  • Death by Origin Story: Reira died committing suicide because of a witch kiss before the story event. Seika wished for her revival and she ended up restored without the memory of her own death.
  • Disappeared Dad: Her father has since passed away, and Reira lives only with her mother.
  • Flaming Sword: Her weapon of choice.
  • Giant Waist Ribbon: In her magical girl form.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Two enormous pink pigtails that are at least hip-length.
  • Stocking Filler: Garters holding up her pant legs in her magical girl form.
  • Stripperiffic: Reira's magical girl outfit, what with the completely exposed underwear and all.
  • Sweet Tooth: Her favorite food is milk chocolate. She doesn't like bitter things, up to and including semi-sweet chocolate.
  • Sword Plant: Does this in her Magia to unleash a wall of flames.

    Himika Mao 

Himika Mao
Base rarity: 4*
Type: Defense
School: Daito Academy
Weapon: Hammer with a fist as the head
Magia: Meteor Fist
Doppel: Bond Bomb
Illustrated by: PAPA
Voiced by: Naomi Ozora

A strong-willed merchant and magical girl. The first-born daughter in a family of eight, since the passing of their mother, she supports the family alongside her father. She feels that living with family gives an irreplaceable happiness. Her family's finances are always in a dire strait, therefore whenever there's a chance she'll try anything to earn even small change. Her wish was to cure her father's illness, though the exact wording is unknown.

She made her playable debut in April 2nd, 2018 in "FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station" event.

  • Early-Bird Cameo: Real early. Himika debuted in a Magia Report comic in the end of June, 2017, over a month before the game even came out. She wasn't a playable character until April of 2018 - though she did make a few appearences before then.
  • Frills of Justice: All over her magical girl outfit.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Himika's the eldest of seven children.
  • Rapunzel Hair: An ankle-length braid, much like Uno.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Not Himika, but her Doppel. Bond Bomb's eyes are normally blue, but they turn red right before it attacks.
  • Stripperiffic: Her magical girl outfit is a crop top, panties, and chaps.

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