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This character page is for Cookie Run Kingdom’s original characters. For characters first seen in the main series or the spinoff Cookie Wars, see here and here.

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Rare Cookies

    Custard Cookie III
"I'll be the best king ever!"

Class: Healer
Voiced by: Lee Jamyeong

Even before the custard on his head started to take shape, this little Cookie dreamed of becoming a glorious king, worthy of the title borne by the greatest rulers of the past. Custard Cookie III, as he prefers to call himself, may not rule anything yet, but looking at how active he is at waving his scepter and giving orders, it is only a matter of time before he sits on a real throne.

  • Authority in Name Only: While his name gives an impression that he’s of royal bloodline, he’s not. In World 3, he claims that he's actually a descendant from the Vanilla Kingdom only because of his hair.
  • Barrier Warrior: He casts a short-living Barrier on 2 Cookies with lowest HP in the team as he heals them using King's Favor.
  • Cool Crown: Wears one befitting his "authority". However it's apparently made out of paper and looks similar to the real thing that even Chili Pepper Cookie was fooled.
  • A Day in the Limelight: He has his own quest line that has him learn what it's like to truly be a king.
  • I Can Live With That: His quest line allows him to finally be acknowledged as "king" by most characters (save for Chili Pepper Cookie). Once he learns about all the responsibility that comes with the title, he decides and accepts the fact that he is not ready yet. He is somehow especially grateful that Chili Pepper Cookie still mocks him.
  • Missing Dad: One of his idle lines mentions that he missed his dad.
  • Royal Brat: Downplayed. He's by no means evil, but he's definitely entitled, regularly gets into trouble, and expects everyone to recognize his (somewhat dubious) claim to the throne.
  • Starter Mon: Custard Cookie III is a Rare unit players automatically get for free after completing Stage 1-2. He also introduces the Healing Role.
  • The Cameo: He appears as a building in Devsisters' upcoming game, Brixity.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Chili Pepper Cookie. He flaunts his authority, she snarks at him. Yet The Best Gift Ever! story has him hug Chili Pepper as thanks for her gift (a piece of wood that actually was part of an ancient mural).

    Clover Cookie
"This very moment deserves a ballad!"

Class: Support
Voiced by: Kim Myungjun

A brightly sunlit summer glade covered with soft clovers. A forest brook murmuring gently not afar. A delicate breeze whispering secrets to your ear. A joyful bustle of a Cookie crowd. Clover Cookie wanders the land in search of inspiration for his poetry of the everyday. Two crunchy feet and a long road ahead, the old grass-woven lute behind his back, and someone to sing a song to - what else is needed to be happy? Sing along, and Clover Cookie's ballad will flow far away, over the forests and ridges of the Cookie World.

  • Anti De Buff: Besides providing healing for the team, Clover's main shtick as a Support Party Member is that he also purifies status debuffs.
  • The Bard
  • Expy: Possibly one to Venti, being a mainly-green-clad traveling bard with a lyre who specializes in supporting his teammates. It also goes into the fact that they are both able to retell historical events accurately from a very distant time despite seeming so young, though on Clover’s side there’s yet no explanation other than him being qualified to be the Mister Exposition on a meta sense.
  • Friend to All Living Things: If his unique Decoration, Clover Cookie’s Forest Music Festival, is to believe, he and his music is quite enjoyed by the animals around.
  • Magic Music: Uses music to heal over time and cure Status.
  • Mister Exposition: He's the one narrating the backstory in the YouTube videos.
  • Mystical White Hair: Has white hair, referencing the white clover flowers.
  • Nice Hat: He wears a green pointy hat that slowly changes into purple at the tip (referencing purple clovers). Its brim resembles a four-leaf clover, and it is decorated with a white clover flower.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: The bangs cover the left side of his face.
  • Starter Mon: For players who have pre-registered, Clover Cookie becomes a free-Rare Unit that also introduces Support role.
  • Wandering Minstrel: He's a bard who travels the land.
  • Vocal Dissonance: In the English Dub of the backstory, he is given a deep, brash voice that is very unfit for his Bishounen appearance, and shares virtually no resemblance to his poetically high and soft Korean voice.

Epic Cookies

    Rye Cookie
"This is the way of Rye."

Class: Ranged
Voiced by: Kim Nayul

On the sunset of a hard day's work, the saloon door bangs open. "As usual, boss!" she yells. Yup, it's Rye Cookie again, so better get her order straight. She's a bounty hunter in these here parts, sporting a shiny badge and all that. The Wild Gun, they call'er. Maybe she's here on a job, or maybe she's just moseying through town. Last time, there been rumors of a brazen grain heist: someone wiped the wheat silo clean as a whistle, not a single grain left. Wonder who coulda done that? Anyway, better to be careful 'round that one. It's safer to be nice and quiet 'round her, lest ya wanna feel the full barrel from her wholegrain-caliber.

    Espresso Cookie
”Coffee is a magical substance! Counterarguments?”

Class: Magic
Voiced by: Park Yo-han

Precise temperature, precise quantity of coffee beans, precise roasting time! Everything must be in an impeccably precise order for the plan to work. Always busy, always on the go - such is the lifestyle of the founder of the Coffee Magic school, Espresso Cookie. Despite being frequently mistaken for a black mage (yes, sometimes things burn and smoke), Espresso Cookie can't afford to waste a precious second on meaningless explanations. Night after night, this pioneer of magic works on perfecting his grind and brew. "Isn't that too much coffee?" one might wonder. Well, at least there's always the delightful coffee fragrance in the air!

  • The Ace: The founder of Coffee Magic school, highly proficient of his own Coffee Magic he first pioneers and known as the master in the field, well-beloved by citizens of the Republic and chosen as their representative for the quest to find the legendary Soul Jam, is there much more to say?
  • Alchemy Is Magic: It's suggested that alchemy is effectively the source of Espresso Cookie's magic, with his brewing experiments being inseparable from his spellcasting.
  • Badass Cape: Wears a large cape with Mystical High Collar and is a proficient magician capable of creating in-all-but-name black holes out of thin air.
  • The Dandy: Not quite shown in game, but a loading scene text mentions that once one gets to know him better, they will see he’s very particular about his outfit. One of his idle animations has him make small adjustments to his attire such as flattening the wrinkles on his cape.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Even though he’s black from head to toe - being made from coffee will do that to you - and often mistaken for a practitioner of black magic, other than being insufferable and painfully blunt, he’s capable of nice deeds.
  • Deadpan Snarker/Gentleman Snarker: He insults Madeleine Cookie in a very roundabout way that is not unlike a sarcastic praise, with facial expression not changing one bit.
  • Defrosting Ice King: In the Parfaedia Institute event, he intentionally drove students away from his class so that he could spend more time on his research, and was not so happy when there’s someone registered in - so he ended up making a rather harsh impression. He still agrees to teach that student and, over time, comes to trust them enough to let them receive the magic reagents in his stead and welcomes their suggestion regarding his recently failed experiment. At the end of the semester, he praises them for their efforts and encourages them to never stop learning, in his own way of expressing gratitude.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Not many characters in this series have pupils, and his are even slit. They are the result of high caffeine content in his body and also a trait of Coffee Tribe’s members. It seems to be an intentional design choice so that when he opens his eyes fully, they will resemble coffee beans.
  • Foil: Espresso is a serious, black-from-head-to-toe genius magician who believes in nothing more than realism and Coffee Magic. Madeleine is a mostly-white knight with Large Ham tendency who devoted himself to the Divine almost blindly.
    • To Licorice Cookie also. While both of them are masters of their respective field of magic (and in-meta sense, Glass Cannon), Espresso Cookie is a noble Jerk with a Heart of Gold who has his own school and earned great respect from the republic’s citizens, whereas Licorice Cookie is looked down upon and went to the dark side to gain recognition, becoming that Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain we all know.
  • Glass Cannon: While a very powerful Magic Class unit that can easily grind enough damage against enemies, Espresso is just as easily be taken out once front-line fighters are defeated (as with other mid-lane units).
  • Gravity Master: His signature ability, Grinding, is effectively a black hole combined with a whirlwind to draw enemies in while slicing them to shreds. In the main screen and some official artworks, he’s also seen floating above the ground, implying that he can extend the effect of this power to himself.
  • Insufferable Genius: Very clear in his opinion that his chosen field is the best school of magic, and that his expertise should not be questioned.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He’s kinda insufferable, blunt and not the most socially pleasant guy to be around, but the fact that he willingly goes along with Madeleine (to whom he has Rant-Inducing Slight) to help Snow Sugar build a theater and carries Madeleine back to their kingdom after both are injured during said quest shows his true color as someone honorable and good at heart.
  • Must Have Caffeine: He consumes a lot of coffee for the sake of experiment, and has come to be addicted to the substance. In fact, he drinks so much that his body seems to develop tolerance to caffeine.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Has black hair and dark brown clothing, in comparison to Latte's light browns and white.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His right eye is covered by the bangs.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The calmer, intellectual Blue to Madeleine’s Red.
  • The Sleepless: As he puts it, "sleep is not in my schedule". One short comic on Gingerbrave’s Twitter account confirms that he can and will neglect sleep for days if someone doesn’t forcefully yank him to the bed, though being made from a substance packed with caffeine means that he can last without rest for that much a time.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: His magic relies on knowledge and he’s the founder of an entire magic school. As such, he’s the only Cookie of Kingdom origin who wears glasses.
  • Spock Speak: The way he talks is very analytical and without any trace of informality even when he’s insulting someone. Even Madeleine, whose speech has a high-class reminiscence due to his Blue Blood, sometimes can’t keep up with Espresso.
  • Stoic Spectacles: He wears round glasses whose frames resemble a cup looked from the above, and is usually very composed and professional.
  • Workaholic: He’s dedicated to perfecting Coffee Magic to the point of self-neglecting, rarely takes a rest and refuses to spend time on what he deems ‘unnecessary’, such as justifying the nature of his Magic or making acquaintance with Madeleine Cookie. Justified, since he is made mostly of coffee which is likely keeping him occupied with so much energy that he simply can not rest despite his mental or emotional exhaustion. He does confirm in the Parfaedia Institute event story that fatigue has become a part of his routine.

    Madeleine Cookie
"I will protect the Light! I swear to my sword."

Class: Defense
Voiced by: Nam Doh-hyeong

An offspring of a noble Cookie family from a peaceful republic across the ocean, Madeleine Cookie, armed with his family's influence and shiny new armor, is already the Commander of a knight order. On the day of his Commander's Oathtaking, Madeleine Cookie dedicated himself to the Divine and was granted the Sword and Shield of Radiant Light, which he prizes the most among his numerous possessions. The glorious Knight Commander's usual duties included trotting around the city on his snow-white sugar horse or letting his heavy cape flutter dramatically on the wind during his sparring sessions. Not too long ago, the heroic Madeleine Cookie set on a quest in search of the legendary Soul Jam capable of granting Cookies eternal life! Will the noble paladin's first campaign bear fruit?

  • Attention Whore: From his portrayal in promotional videos, he seems to very enjoy being the center of attention.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Madeleine proves that being a knight commander requires not only charm, but also a proficient amount of skill and strength.
  • Badass Cape: One in blue color, which often flutters dramatically.
  • Blue Blood: He’s the son of a noble family.
  • Foil: Espresso is a serious, black-from-head-to-toe genius magician who believes in nothing more than realism and Coffee Magic. Madeleine is a mostly-white knight with Large Ham tendency who devoted himself to the Divine almost blindly.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: His character in a nutshell. He wears white shining armor, rides on a white horse, wields sword and shields into battle, and is quite helpful and heroic if not for his himbo tendency. This is even played with in his and Angel Cookie's story where he tasks Angel to shine a holy beacon of light to make him look like his armor is truly shining!
  • Gold and White Are Divine: His palette consists of white and gold, and he’s a knight claiming to be graced by the Divine.
  • Large Ham: Often acts and talks in a very dramatic way to attract attention, much to Espresso’s chagrin.
  • Light 'em Up: He’s a user of Light Magic. His signature ability, Commander’s Honor, has him call upon the Celestial Light that restores some HP and allows performing ranged area attacks instead of Regular Attacks.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Is one of the more attractive Cookies with long flowing white hair.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Male character with the feminine name of "Madeleine".
  • No-Sell: While under the Celestial Light/using his signature ability, Madeleine Cookie is immune to debuffs.
  • The Paladin: A holy knight in Defense position whose signature ability can heal, that’s literally Madeleine. He’s also straight up called a paladin in his story.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The boisterous and attention-seeking Red to Espresso’s Blue.
  • Weapon Twirling: Not in actual combat, but in his winning animation he twirls his sword around multiple times. Knowing him, it’s definitely a show off.

    Licorice Cookie
"Who should be my next target..."

Class: Magic
Voiced by: Um Sang-hyun

With a great portion of the blackest licorice extract in his dough and a grim-looking scythe, this Cookie is up to no good. From a young age, Licorice Cookie dreamed of becoming a wizard but never received the recognition he so rightfully deserved. Eventually, he turned to the forbidden arts of Black Magic. With time, Licorice Cookie assembled a small army of Chewy Licorice Servants raised to do his bidding. On his dark path, he met Dark Enchantress Cookie. The might of the sorceress astonished Licorice Cookie, and it didn't take long before he swore his allegiance. Now, the Cookie is working flat out to earn his new mistress's favor. And it seems like Dark Enchantress Cookie is not easily pleased, as Licorice Cookie's diary filled with everyday rants and complaints could now fill up a library.

  • Beleaguered Assistant: Even though he chose to follow her himself, it seems Licorice has a hard time being a Professional Butt-Kisser for Dark Enchantress and secretly laments his hardship behind her back.
  • Berserk Button: Just don't call him "Old Rags Cookie", okay?
    Licorice Cookie: ""Old Rags Cookie?" You dare to call me "OLD RAGS COOKIE?!""
    • He also doesn't like it when his minions are called "rag toys".
  • Breakout Character: He's (so far) the only Kingdom character to have an appearance in OvenBreak, initially as an NPC in the Hidden Truth of the City story event. He will also be coming to OvenBreak in mid-April 2021 as a playable Cookie.
  • Dark Is Evil: Wears a dark cloak, wields a scythe and he's on the side of Dark Enchantress Cookie.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: For a willing follower of Dark Enchantress and the one who doubts Dark Choco's loyalty the most, even he is appalled with Pomegranate forcibly reminding Dark Choco of his Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Foil: To Espresso Cookie. While both of them are masters of their respective field of magic (and in-meta sense, Glass Cannon), Espresso Cookie is a noble Jerk with a Heart of Gold who has his own school and earned great respect from the republic’s citizens, whereas Licorice Cookie is looked down upon and went to the dark side to gain recognition, becoming that Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain we all know.
  • Glass Cannon: Like Espresso Cookie, Licorice Cookie can also dish out more damage in a form of summoning his minions that brings additional manpower to the team (in addition to striking down enemies with his Black Lightning). However, also like Espresso Cookie and other mid-lane fighters, Licorice Cookie is just as liable to easily be taken out by enemy units once front-line fighters are knocked out and while still in his cool-down. Not bad for our residential Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: When he was young, he just wished to become a great wizard, but the lack of recognition pushed him to the path of Black Magic.
  • In the Hood: In his first appearance, the hood covers his face.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Not a complete pushover (being a capable wizard and one of the most powerful Cookies meta-wise), but he and his minions have a tendency of messing up and running away at the first sign of real trouble. Even his Soulstone description cracks joke about how no one in the story takes him seriously, friends and foes alike.
    Soulstone description: This stone holds a piece of Licorice Cookie's soul. You'd better take it seriously...
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He works alongside Pomegranate but they don't seem to get along.
  • The Minion Master: His signature ability, Licorice Servants, summons several little licorice creatures to fight alongside him.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: The third one of Kingdom origin to have his hair covering one of his eyes, the same side with fellow magician Espresso.
  • Shock and Awe: His Black Lightning that strikes down enemies before summoning his minions at his disposal.
  • Sinister Scythe: His weapon of choice.
  • Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness
  • You Fool!: Often says this to his minions.
    Licorice Cookie (Hood-covered): "You fools! What's taking so long? Have you found the crown?"

    Poison Mushroom Cookie
"Just a bite...! Just one!"

Class: Bomber
Voiced by: Kim Yul

Some mushrooms are good for you, and some are not. Take the Purple Cap Mushroom, for example. Looks so chunky and yummy! That is why that hungry Cookie ate it. Why yes, that was Poison Mushroom Cookie. Always peaceful, always daydreaming. Poison Mushroom Cookie would be mistaken for an actual mushroom in the past, but they were never angry, never at all! Poison Mushroom Cookie greeted and hugged these mistaken Cookies like dear old friends, that's right! They offered every one of them a mushroom of their own—so sweet, so colorful. Just one bite, just one... After all, such big friendly eyes mean no harm. No harm at all...

  • Ambiguous Gender: There hasn’t been any pronouns for them in the story proper, and their appearance is far too androgynous to tell.
  • Catchphrase: "Huuuh...?"
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Their action just isn’t...not quite there, they don’t seem to be aware of their poisonous status nor the surrounding and often talk in very weird manner. That’s why you don’t bite strange mushrooms, kids.
  • Insult Backfire: When Licorice complained that Dark Choco Cookie was even slower than Poison Mushroom, they thought he was complimenting them for being fast.
    Poison Mushroom Cookie: "Huuuh...? I’m fast!"
    Licorice Cookie: "NO! It means you’re slow too!"
  • Obliviously Evil: Claims they don't intend to poison people, and mostly seems to fight the party out of fondness for Pomegranate Cookie rather than any real malice.
  • Poisonous Person

    Latte Cookie
"Something on your mind? I can lend you an ear."

Class: Magic
Voiced by: Sihyeong Kang

Coffee or milk... that is the question. Why not both? Latte Cookie's dough was formed with coffee most bitter and acrid, balanced with the creamiest and smoothest blend of milk. With her etched staff in hand, she gracefully draws beautifully patterned Latte Glyphs in the air while daydreaming. But watch out! By chance, one of these Glyphs could be a powerful sigil for a grand spell! During her years as a student, she spearheaded research on the development of Coffee Magic with a rather eccentric aficionado of coffee. Thanks to her efforts, Latte Cookie was granted a professorship at the Parfaedia Magic Institute. You'd think that a professor would be more punctual, especially with their own lectures. But not Latte Cookie! She's more invested in savoring a warm latte before class. Though far from achieving the Professor of the Year Reward, she knows a thing or two about inspiring her students. With her genuine compliments and encouraging smile, Latte Cookie is the favorite professor of many.

  • Berserk Button: While she's always happy and nice, seeing enemies harrasing the bear jellies, however, can make her happy charm break and gets angry.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: She’s not exactly the sharpest-seeming teacher and often arrives late in class - even in the wrong classroom, but when it comes to teaching and magic, she cannot be joked with.
  • Cool Teacher: Latte works as a professor at Parfaedia Institute, and a cool one of that. Not only she’s a Hot Witch, she’s incredibly enthusiastic in class and supportive to her students, guiding them to learn through mistakes and willing to listen whenever they have something in their mind. No wonder her class becomes popular this semester.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Before the game mode for Guild Battle was officially released, one of the silhouettes was shown to be Latte Cookie.
  • Foil: To Espresso Cookie, fellow Coffee Magic user and professor at Parfaedia Institute, in their way of treating a class. She is very enthusiastic to personally guide a student to their goal, and has a relaxing aura around her that calms her students down when they accidentally screw up something. Espresso meanwhile puts his research over taking a student, up to deliberately turns them away from registering for his class with nonsensically difficult lesson plans; and when there is a student who enrolled in, he has no qualms about leaving them be unless they prove their capability.
  • Geometric Magic: The Latte Glyphs. She also teaches about Magic Circles in Parfaedia Institute event, implying it to be her specialty.
  • High-Class Gloves: To go with her elegant dress, she wears a pair of white opera gloves.
  • Hot Witch: This is definitely her aesthetic, with the pointy, delicately-decorated witch hat accompanied by elegant attire and silver flying teaspoon that doubles as her Magic Staff.
  • Meaningful Name: A latte is an espresso with milk, hence why she has magic similar to Espresso but is colored with white.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Has a light brown/white color aesthetic compared to Espresso's black and dark brown.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Down to her feet!
  • She's Got Legs: Her dress is slit fairly high, revealing her legs which are adorned by thigh-high boots.

    Almond Cookie
"Let's start from the beginning."

Class: Support
Voiced by: Sung Wan-Kyung

Pristine coat. Perfect shirt. Combed hair. He always starts his day fresh, prim, and proper. But it never lasts long... After being dispatched to spells gone awry from alley to alley, it looks as if Almond Cookie has been on the job for days on end without a single break. If it isn't an enchanted grimoire moving on its own, it's some magical cauldron spewing Jellies without pause. Despite the chaos on every scene, the veteran detective solves each case by the book with pinpoint precision. The almonds in his dough give him a hardy, rough and tough crisp that can withstand just about anything thrown at him, but he's overworked to the point that his dough no longer contains the rich scent of almonds. "Can't even get a coffee break," he sighs as another magical mishap needs his attention. With his coat fluttering in the wind, Almond Cookie looks upon his city and vows to keep going at it until he can finally relax with a decent coffee.

  • Coat Cape: Always wears his iconic gigantic trenchcoat on his shoulders.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Before the game mode for Guild Battle was officially released, one of the silhouettes was shown to be Almond Cookie.
  • Hardboiled Detective: Downplayed compared to other examples, but he has the aesthetic.
  • Must Have Caffeine: While downplayed compared to Espresso Cookie, Almond Cookie frequently has a coffee cup in his hands. Justified, as his job is very demanding in terms of time and energy.
  • Promoted to Playable: He first appeared as an NPC in the Light the Beacon and Parfaedia Institute event before becoming a playable character.
  • Properly Paranoid: He believes that magic usually leads to problems, even by accident. Since he deals with mishaps and incidents every day, he's absolutely right. He at least hopes that teaching about safety protocols can help lighten the burden.
  • Stern Teacher: Out of all the teachers in the Parfaedia Institute event, he is the strictest and most by-the-book one.
  • Synchronization: Almond Handcuffs has him use magical handcuffs to apprehend the enemy with the lowest max HP and apply the Damage Link Debuff, which disperses a portion of damage the apprehended enemy receives between up to five linked enemies.
  • Workaholic: Due to constantly being dispatched to resolve magical accidents, he hardly ever gets a break for long.

    Black Raisin Cookie
"INTRUDER, stop right there!"

Class: Ambush
Voiced by: Kim Bona

Harsh wind, crooked trees, streets ravaged by the war... Who is it there, hiding among the shadows? Black Raisin Cookie, the sole protector of the unfortunate remnants of a once-great Kingdom. Made of shriveled, wrinkly raisins, this Cookie has learned the value of survival no matter what. Even having lost one arm to the dangers of this rough barren, this Cookie keeps hunting for scarce food to feed those who put their trust in her. Despite all the hardships, Black Raisin Cookie doesn't lose the warmth of a Cookie heart: everyone deserves help, even a sorry one-legged crow. A new day is breaking, and another challenge is here. But Black Raisin Cookie will be there for the villagers, watching over them from the dark.

  • An Arm and a Leg: According to her story, she lost an arm during the struggle for survival and hides the loss with cloak and a piece of shoulder armor. This makes her canonically the first Cookie to be disabled.
  • Bandage Babe: Her arms and legs are covered in bandages.
  • Creepy Crows: Subverted. She does have a crow motif and use them as a mean of attack, but she is by no means evil at all. Her crows themselves are more of Clever Crows.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Black hair, dark-colored attire, spiky shoulder armor, has crows surrounding her every time, Black Raisin Cookie would fit amongst Dark Enchantress’ minions very well. Yet she is an incredibly noble protector of Vanilla Kingdom’s remnants and only acted hostile towards Gingerbrave and his friends because she mistook them for intruders wanting to harm the defenseless villagers.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Has four-star pupil in one of her eyes.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: First appeared in Story Mode with half of her face covered in shadow, likely to signify her mysterious and dangerous presence.
  • Handicapped Badass: She may have lost an arm, but she is still a force to be reckoned with.

Ancient Cookies

    Pure Vanilla Cookie
"The truth always prevails!"

Class: Healer
Voiced by: Kim Yea Rim

There are not many Cookies on Earthbread who could inspire hope as Pure Vanilla Cookie did. Born from nature-blessed cream and a fragrant vanilla bean, he was the epitome of Cookie kindness and faithfulness. Pure Vanilla Cookie strived to forgive the wrongdoer and heal the wounds of Cookies and animals alike. Though a powerful wielder of magic, he would use his spells not for his own good, but for the good of everyone. The Cookie took an arduous pilgrimage down the Sugar-Free Road. What Pure Vanilla Cookie learned through the Trials is unknown, but crowned with a bright halo of light he returned to found the Vanilla Kingdom, a land of freedom and learning, and a beacon for those seeking love and peace. Pure Vanilla Cookie stood by his friends until the very end, warding off the Darkness with a heartfelt smile.

  • And I Must Scream: His intended fate, as Dark Enchantress Cookie trapped him inside endless void and wanted to make him watch her using his Soul Jam power to mold the world he sacrificed himself protecting into the land of Darkness. However, if the ending cutscene of Map 8 is to believe, he is somehow rescued.
  • Barrier Warrior: As he activates his Skill, he covering all Cookies in the team with shields absorbing an amount of damage proportional to their HP while also healing them.
  • Benevolent Mage Ruler: He’s the most magically focused amongst the heroes, and also the greatly beloved and saintly king of Vanilla Kingdom.
  • Blue Is Heroic: His Soul Jam color is blue.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Due to his appearance, it's easy to mistake him as a female Cookie. The fact that he sounds very feminine doesn’t help.
  • Eyes Always Shut: He often keeps his eyes close, but still capable of opening them not out of shock or fright.
  • Founder of the Kingdom: According to legend, he created the Vanilla Kingdom and served as its first ruler. He was likely to also be the only king since the kingdom was destroyed when he was still ruling.
  • Gold and White Are Divine
  • Heroic Sacrifice: After realizing the situation was hopeless for the Cookies, Vanilla’s determination solidified as he rushed in front of Dark Enchantress, setting up a barrier to protect the others and striking her mid-spell with his own, which would result in both of them crumbling to death. However, Dark Enchantress seemed to harbor another plan...
  • The Leader: Judging on the way he’s portrayed (is the ruler of the greatest kingdom, the four other members returned to look at him, he stands in the Middle position and always the center in artworks and cutscenes), he is the leader of The Five.
  • Light Is Good: He’s definitely the Champion of Light and also the Big Good of Kingdom, as far as everyone in the available cast is concerned.
  • Magic Staff: His Vanilla Orchid Staff.
  • Mark of the Supernatural: He has mismatched eyes - one gold and one blue; and so far is the only Cookie in the entire franchise with this feature. There’s also a sparkle-shaped mark on his forehead, though it’s unknown if it has something to do with his power.
  • Messianic Archetype
  • Nice Guy: "The epitome of Cookie kindness", they say. When White Lily told him that he was too kind and warned him not to let that betray him, he just waved it off saying "everyone likes to be treated with kindness".
  • Oh, Crap!: Whatever Dark Enchantress did with The Five’s Soul Jams, his reaction shows that: first, he didn’t expect it at all; second, it was not a good thing.
  • Promoted to Playable: His first appearance is as a backstory character. He becomes an Ancient-class summonable Cookie following Map 9 & 10 release.
  • Ship Tease: With White Lily Cookie. They seem to have deeper connection than with other members of the Five, being former schoolmates and all of that. Pure Vanilla always spent time with her even though he was liked by everyone, they skipped class together, had their own secret garden, and were even seen holding hands. One of the first thing White Lily remembers is him protecting her and she completely freaks out upon the reminder of his Heroic Sacrifice, claiming she "won’t let him suffer again".


    The Five 

The heroes who fought in the Dark Flour War against Dark Enchantress Cookie for the Cookies' destiny and mysteriously disappeared after the Final Battle. Graced with Soul Jam of the purest kind, wise and powerful, they were also the rulers of five ancient Cookie Kingdoms in their golden age.

  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Hollyberry and Dark Cacao destroyed hordes of Cake Hounds in one shot using their skill. Not so much against the Cake Witch, though...
  • The Good King/The High Queen: They’re said the be benevolent rulers and lead the Cookies to an age of peace and prosperity.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Inverted. Dark Cacao Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie are the only male Cookies in the group.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

See his section in Ancient Cookies.

Hollyberry Cookie

Voiced by: Jessa

What else could result in such an overwhelming passion if not the reddest hollyberries, ripened under the hottest summer sunlight? Hollyberry Cookie believes that every friendship, like victory, should be triumphant. After all, there is nothing in the world as hard as trust!

Golden Cheese Cookie

Voiced by: Yeonwoo Kim

With an enormous amount of golden cheese in the dough, this Cookie gleams as if fashioned of pure gold. Golden Cheese Cookie dwells in a gilded palace atop the highest mountain of the Golden Cheese Valley. Everything that surrounds her shines with opulence - so bright, it is hard to look up.

  • Ancient Egypt: The aesthetic of her design and the Golden Cheese Kingdom.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Her orangish blonde hair and golden eyes complement each other.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: The artbook shows her without her headdress, which reveals that she has cheddar blonde hair and darker skin compared to others.
  • Flight: So far, she’s the only Cookie whose battle sprite fully floats above the ground, which seems to be the result of those wings behind her back.
  • God-Emperor: She’s described as a "godlike queen" with absolute authority over her subject, dictating everything from hairstyle to diet.
  • Gold Makes Everything Shiny
  • Javelin Thrower: From the Final Battle against the Cake Witch, she seems to be throwing spears as a mean of attack.

Dark Cacao Cookie

Voiced by: Joeng Seungwook

The last bean, devoid of any sweetness, fell down from a withered branch of a lonely cacao tree growing above the edge of a cliff. Lying there in frozen soil, enduring snow and wind, this bean wasn't aware of its destiny to become the main ingredient for the cold and reclusive Dark Cacao Cookie.

  • BFS: The Grapejam Chocoblade he wields takes 3 Cookies to lift it.
  • Connected All Along: He is Dark Choco Cookie’s father.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Looks like a Black Knight and shares resemblance to Dark Choco Cookie (because he's the latter's father), but is actually one of the heroes who fought the Darkness off their lands.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: In his youth, he looked remarkably similar to his son’s 'Young Prince' costume, even moreso than now since they both have long hair. It’s not like he is any less attractive growing up, however.
  • Not So Stoic: In the Final Battle animation, he’s visibly surprised and saddened when Pure Vanilla Cookie decided to commit a Heroic Sacrifice. He still quickly regains his composure in split second, however.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His attire has purple accents, and his Soul Jam’s color is purple.
  • Skunk Stripe: Has a single streak of white hair, just like his son Dark Choco.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: The reason he looks pretty much like an older Dark Choco Cookie with longer hair is because Dark Choco is his son.

White Lily Cookie

Voiced by: Song Ha Rim

A solitary beam of moonlight shines in twilight. Like a pale lily, touched by the softest drops of rain, a Cookie silently entered the world. Her serene eyes reveal a curious and eager nature for seeking truth.

  • Ambiguous Situation: Her true identity is still quite a mess. Is she a real Cookie with her own life who is conveniently impersonated by Dark Enchantress Cookie? Is she a fragment of Dark Enchantress’ soul from before the Dark Flour War who gained its own sentience and became a separate existence? Or is she the Big Bad herself prior to her fall from grace? However... 
  • Ambiguously Cookie: Custard III mentions how she sometimes goes slightly transparent, and Chili then jokes that she 'doesn’t exist'. Given what happened in the Dark Flour War, the White Lily we know can be a ghost or an illusion of the real heroine who perished in the Final Battle. Our White Lily is a fragment created by Dark Enchantress Cookie when she was sealed, whose duty is to lure the heroes into freeing her from the magical confinement.
  • Amnesiacs are Innocent: She has an Identity Amnesia at first, and is commented on to be "like an unknowing child". Flashback of her time in the academy shows her to be a more mature and somewhat realistic person.
  • Big Bad Friend: Not the real White Lily, but the one Gingerbrave meets and befriends - who is actually Dark Enchantress Cookie in disguise.
  • Broken Ace: Once the best student the Blueberry Yogurt Academy had to offer, she however committed a horrible mistake that destroyed her school as she tried to create the perfect Cookie and became a runaway sinner.
  • Flower Motif: It’s pretty obvious from her name: White Lily.
  • Flowers of Nature: Wears a white lily on her hair and seems to be the ruler of the uninhabited land our kingdom is built upon.
  • Green Thumb: Mentions that she knows how to handle plants when faced with the Cookievorous Plant.
  • Identity Amnesia: When she first met Gingerbrave and co., she asked him if he knew who she was. Moments later, she recalled her name, but didn’t have any other clues. As the story moves on, her memory seems to return since she does recognize Pure Vanilla when the gang stand in front of his statue and remember her time with the other members of the Five as well.
  • Magic Staff: The mysterious Lily Staff she wields, on which encrusted her Soul Jam.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: She is sent into a depressive state when she realizes it was her who opened the dimensional portal and let restless souls of the fallen flood into the Blueberry Yogurt Academy, resulting in all the professors being turned into otherworldly spirits themselves during their attempt to close the portal.
  • Mystical Waif
  • Redemption Equals Death: When Gingerbrave and friends find her being trapped in a moonstone, she contemplates that to remember is to embrace greater pain, and demands them to smash her along with the moonstone so that she could pay for the demise she had caused to the academy. It is a lie of Dark Enchantress Cookie in order for them to release her.
  • Sensory Overload: Her lily scent is said to be uncomfortably overwhelming. Although so far, no one has paid much attention to it. Possibly justified for Gingerbrave and co., since their White Lily is just an illusion and may not be able to replicate the real one’s aroma throughly.
  • Ship Tease: With Pure Vanilla Cookie. They seem to have deeper connection than with other members of the Five, being former schoolmates and all of that. Pure Vanilla always spent time with her even though he was liked by everyone, they skipped class together, had their own secret garden, and were even seen holding hands. One of the first thing White Lily remembers is him protecting her and she completely freaks out upon the reminder of his Heroic Sacrifice, claiming she "won’t let him suffer again".
  • Stronger Than They Look: While she seems serene and frail, as one of the heroes, she’s not one to joke around with. After all, she was the best in her class during her time in the magic academy with enough capability to skip a grade, even better than Pure Vanilla Cookie who is now known as The Archmage.
    Though a white lily's frailty invokes sympathy, do not forget that there is intoxicating aroma hidden behind her pure, serene beauty.
  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia: What she believes is the cause of her memory loss: she was heavily devastated over being the Sole Survivor amongst her friends.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In order to grant Cookies eternal life and ease the suffering of weaker Cookies, she sought to the forbidden field of Dark Moon Magic. It Gone Horribly Wrong: not only did she not achieve her goal, she indirectly destroyed the academy and turned all the professors into spirits in process.

    World Exploration NPCs 

General Tropes

  • Assist Character: Variant; each of the NPCs actually have Treasures that associates them. Such as the treasure Priestess Cookie's Paper Charm representing one of the Pomegranate Priestess Cookies the playable Cookies met at World 5.
  • Flat Character: Since they only appear in one World and usually for a very short time, if there’s any characterization, it’s very difficult to see.

World 5

Priestess Cookies

The two priestesses of Pomegranate Village, they’re the last survivors of Pomegranate Cookie’s curse which destroyed their home. Planting several traps to protect the newly-recreated village from danger, they gradually warm up to Gingerbrave’s band after they prove their trustworthiness.

  • Barrier Warrior: One of their Treasures Sacred Pomegranate Branch gives shield to all Cookies in the team.
  • Curse: One of their Treasures Priestess Cookie's Paper Charm curses nearby enemy units and removes buffs.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Priestess Cookie A treats our main characters with disdain and suspicion, but gradually grows more friendly as she sees no threat from them. While also initially distrustful, Priestess B is more easily willing to accept the band than her superior.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Priestess Cookie B wears her hair this style.
  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves: Similar to Pomegranate Cookie, their attire obscured their hands.
  • High Priest: Being the only survivors and with the original title holder Pomegranate Cookie betrayed her homeland, Priestess Cookie A becomes the new High Priestess that serves the Sacred Tree’s will.
  • No Name Given: They’re only called Priestess Cookie A and B.
  • Sole Survivor: Of the curse that wiped out their homeland, the original Pomegranate Village.

World 6

Sugar Swan
Remorseful Sugar Swan (Boss)
Purified Sugar Swan

An entity that watches over the world, it was consumed by the curse that plagues the land and went berserk.

  • Ascended Extra: Sugar Swan first appeared in the last stage of Cookie Run LINE’s fifth episode - Dessert Paradise - five years ago (2016) as a literal background character. Here in Kingdom, it becomes a boss and potential plot-relevant factor, with canon appearance to boost!
  • Auto-Revive: Sugar Swan's Shining Feather Treasure automatically revives the first fallen Cookie in the team.
  • The Berserker: Remorseful Sugar Swan is commended on by White Lily Cookie to be unaware of what’s going on because of the curse, and it is only capable of growling wildly and attacking anything in its path.

World 9

Healer Cookie
"My patients need quiet. Please, do not disturb them."

A healer who resides in the village Black Raisin Cookie is guarding.

For tropes about him as Pure Vanilla Cookie, see Ancient Cookies.

  • Blindfolded Vision: Has bandages all over his upper face, including his eyes, yet seems to function just fine. They help hide his trademark heterochromia.

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