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Characters / Honkai Impact 3rd - Kiana Kaslana

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Kiana Kaslana


Voiced by: Dian Tao (Chinese), Rie Kugimiya (Japanese)
White Comet
Valkyrie Ranger 
Void Drifter 
Divine Prayer 
Knight Moonbeam 

"It sure isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but there are people who taught me to never give up. They've been guiding me and showing me all the beautiful things in this world."

The Protagonist of the story. She is the 69th successor of the Kaslana family and daughter to Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Schariac. Her mother died when she was young and her father later abandoned her. She attended various schools before ending up in the same school as Mei and Bronya. She (along with her two friends) later joins Schicksal, enrolls in St. Freya Academy and becomes a Valkyrie to find out what happened to her parents. Kiana also has rather open feelings for Mei, something that (among other things) sparks her rivalry with Bronya.

Her battlesuits are White Comet (B-rank MECH-type), Valkyrie Ranger (A MECH)note , Divine Prayer (A PSY), Knight Moonbeam (S BIO), and Herrscher of Flamescion (S PSY). They all deal physical damage, except the last, which deals fire.

Her signature weapons are PSY-Bows of Hel (for White Comet), Thunder Kikaku (for Divine Prayer), Mjolnir (for Valkyrie Ranger), ARC Serratus (for Void Drifter), Hyper Railgunsnote  (for Knight Moonbeam) and Keys of Radiancenote  (for Herrscher of Flamescion).

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  • Ability Mixing: As the Herrscher of Flamescion, she uses her new flame powers in tandem with her existing void powers, Bronya's Herrscher of Reason powers and Fu Hua's Herrscher of Sentience based abilities. This includes making a black hole that then releases a fiery explosion, cutting a huge gash in the air that bursts into flames, creating a flaming barrier that like Fu Hua's illusory feathers temporarily block attacks, and materializing or augmenting her flaming sword on the fly using Bronya's abilities to generate technology.
  • All Your Powers Combined: In the Everlasting Flames short, Kiana combines multiple powers, including her Herrscher of Void powers, Bronya's Herrscher of Reason powers, Fu Hua's Herrscher of Sentience abilities, and her new Herrscher of Flame powers (which are an evolution of Himeko's Gem of Haste), to become the Herrscher of Flamescion, with a new crystal appearing in her sword with each addition, and the spirits of all her companions joining her for her final attack.
  • Always with You: In Everlasting Flames Kiana sees the spirit of the dead Himeko appear from within her flames in the short's climax, and smile at her in reassurance before again disappearing into Kiana's flames.
  • Animal Stereotypes: Has a number of feline traits: being a Tsundere who's coy to certain people but is abrasive and impolite to others, being outwardly bumbling, Brilliant, but Lazy, whimsical yet energetic, and full of herself. However, as part of her drifting around (both prior to the game's events and later deep into the game) she also shows traits of a stray cat: she's cautious, patient, determined and shows off her cunning.
  • Anti Anti Christ: Created as the vessel to bring back the apocalyptic Herrscher of the Void, even after discovering her origins, Kiana fights at every turn to make the world a better place and Earn Your Happy Ending for herself, her loved ones and humanity.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: By the end of the story's second part (Chapter 25), Kiana has become the embodiment of the game's Tag Line, fighting for all that's beautiful in the world while acknowledging its flaws. The Legion Herrscher's attempts to make her succumb to despair by gnawing at her fears do nothing to deter Kiana's will, empowered by the bonds and friendships she formed throughout her journey.
    Herrscher of Dominance: Your ideals can never be realized. Because this world has always been ugly.
    Kiana: No it's not! [...] It sure isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but there are people who taught me to never give up. They've been guiding me and showing me all the beautiful things in this world. I love them, and I love what they love. We're connected by this sword. It will burn up the darkness to make way for light!
  • Artificial Family Member: Siegfried only knew later that the Kiana he rescued from Schicksal is a clone made by Otto and not the original. He initially would act somewhat detached to her, but after she showed the resolve to help and protect people (the Kaslana's will), Siegfried was delighted and decided to raise her like he would his real daughter, including giving her the name "Kiana". Also, when the original Kiana saw her, she actually called her her little sister.
  • Badass Cape: Her Herrscher of Flamescion battlesuit's default appearance features a long white cape that's purposely tattered and flaming, denoting her newfound powers over the Gem of Haste and the completion of Kiana's journey to find the resolve to fight for what she believes. As soon as enough Heat is accumulated and Kiana activates the battlesuit's Herrscher form, the white cape disappears and the two smaller cape tails on the side are set ablaze, with the white cape only coming back once Kiana's Super Mode ends through overheating.
  • Badass Fingersnap: Herrscher of Flamescion's aerial branch attack has her snap her fingers to enter "Herrscher Mode" while dealing fire damage to close enemies, much like Herrscher of the Void before her. In Herrscher Mode, her grounded combo attack, if you don't interrupt her animation after the Sword Plant part, will be continued with her lying besides her sword and then snapping her fingers, creating a fiery explosion that engulfs enemies around her.
  • Balloonacy: In the Cooking with Valkyries season 2's fourth episode, in its ending sequence, Kiana takes multiple balloons from the party decoration and ends up floating away, which gets Theresa and Mei concerned as Rita just takes photos of her. In the end, Bronya pops the balloons with a slingshot, and Kiana falls onto the bushes.
  • Batter Up!: At the start of ch. 11-EX, she wards off Honkai Beasts with a baseball bat. At the end of ch. 14, she arms herself with a baseball bat that she pulls out from a portal to fight off the World Serpent mechs that are standing on her way to the Honkai bomb at the top of the city. She also deflects missiles and bullets with the bat, the latter by spinning it, and she ends up throwing it towards a robot's gatling gun, breaking it off.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind:
    • In a few stages of ch. 2 (after an update), Kiana is having a nightmare where she's visited by a mysterious floating shadowy figure. In one stage, she forces Kiana to chase her while making her fight zombies; in another, the figure creates clones of Kiana's friends that proceed to verbally/mentally assault Kiana, and you (as Kiana) have to beat them. The last one (where said figure makes Kiana falls asleep in the middle of the day) takes place in an unknown building where said figure makes Kiana fight the various forms of herself.
    • Two stages of Ch. 11-EX take place in Kiana's mind. The first one is Kiana confronting "HER" (Sirin), who tried to break her mind in order to take over her body again. Kiana's inner consciousness is depicted as an empty, broken hall floating in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by flying pictures of her and her friends (representing her memories), all in Deliberately Monochrome; when she gets to the end of the stage, suddenly a giant, shining eye opens in the sky, representing "HER". "SHE" made her fight an illusion of Mei and Theresa, then Fu Hua (who, as "SHE" noted, kidnapped her and took her to Otto), and then multitudes of the previous K-400 series clones (which took the form of White Comet Kiana). Later, she thought that it was a nightmare that she had since 3 months agoSpoilers! , but Phoenix Fu Hua (as a spirit) says that they aren't just nightmares—"SHE" always tries to take over her whenever Kiana has those nightmares.
    • The second one is Kiana confronting "HER" again, but this time Fu Hua helps her; the former also summons illusions of Himeko to battle "HER". In the end, "SHE" is defeated and "restrained" by Fu Hua, but the latter notes at the end of the chapter that "SHE" may come back again someday.
    • Later in chapter 25, a similar thing happens again, this time marking a huge turning point in Kiana's development. She and Herrscher of the Void once again have a battle inside her mind after the latter "woke up" following the Herrscher of Domination's plan to awaken her through the Gem of Haste. Kiana knows this battle will happen, and this time she's prepared to face her worst fears. She faces the truth that she's Sirin's "good half" (the part of Sirin that wishes to have a better second chance at life), she had vague memories of her being confined in the lab as K-423 in which Siegfried was running with the real Kiana, and her father left her after HOV first awakened (when she was around 12) for the sake of her safety. Both she and the Void Queen agree that they ultimately can't reconcile and one of them must go away, and so they fight. At a certain point in the battle, the Herrscher notes that Kiana's power is "hers" and so she can simply take it away, leaving Kiana powerless as she gets beaten down. When Kiana's opponent taunts her that "Kiana has nothing left" and that she has no chance to prevail, she then remembers all the good times she had with her closest ones and their kindness towards her; she then retorts that "you're wrong that I had nothing left" and proceeds to bend the powers of the Herrscher Cores inside her (including HOV's own) to her will and use them to thoroughly defeat the Herrscher. Eventually, the Herrscher admits defeat and chooses to disappear, leaving Kiana with the sole ownership to her Herrscher powers.
  • BFG: She uses one as her Ultimate Skill in both her Valkyrie Ranger and her Knight Moonbeam battlesuits.
  • BFS: In chapter 25, she uses Himeko's broken sword to fight the Herrscher of the Void and the Legion Herrscher. She later gains her own as she becomes the Herrscher of Flamescion. In gameplay, she only summons the sword whenever she's performing most attacks, and some of her bridge animations has her summon the sword to her hand as she speaks.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • In one supplementary comic, when Herrscher-Mei is at the mercy of "Welt" (the Herrscher affiliated with Anti-Entropy), Kiana comes in by dive-kicking him from above and fights him with her new White Comet outfit, but not before lifting Mei in a Bridal Carry and proclaiming that "your knight has come to save the princess".
    • In Ch. 13, she goes into the Heliopolis building to discover some Schicksal Valkyries being weakened, and defends them from incoming zombies. They tell Kiana about Rita being in trouble, and Kiana goes to find her, relieved that Rita trusted her earlier words and info. The two then cut their way out of the building through many zombies, and eventually escape.
    • In ch. 17, when Mei is having problems fighting Quantum Shadows, Kiana and Benares come to her rescue.
  • Big Eater: Kiana's appetite is practically insatiable, which gets frequently lampshaded:
    • Bronya says in one supplementary comic that Kiana's like a "starving demon" who tends to eat 6 bowls of rice on average.note 
    • One of the "date" cutscenes with Theresa in the Dating Sim mode has her mention Kiana's meals as taking a significant portion of St. Freya's budget.
    • In a couple of Mei's lines to the Captain on the bridge, she worries that Kiana's food share has increased again.
    • In Theresa's Cooking With Valkyries episode...
      Mei: Kiana will probably go back to the dormsnote  when she's hungry.
      Theresa: That brat only thinks about food...
    • The first scene of her in the "Honkai Kingdoms Zero" event has her messily eating meat from the bone among many other dishes on her table.
    • In a flashback in ch. 16, when Mei claimed that she can cook for Kiana, the latter told her that her tummy can't be tamed so easily. Mei assured her that it'll be fine.
    • In ch. 17, when she and Mei walk around in the ruins of Nagazora, she asks Mei if she remembers the time when they were traveling through the city. Mei jokingly answers that Kiana just couldn't stop talking about food and how she was starving.
  • Big "NO!": Kiana does one in Chapter 11's World 3 when Mei is suddenly killed.
  • Book Dumb:
    • Kiana's a really poor student. She admits once that all she ever reads is manga, which is why she fails a lot in her exams. That said, her combat capabilities are noted to be strong and full of potential. Her intelligence shines more in tactics and planning (as long as she's willing to take time for it), as well as using social tricks to fulfill various ends; she's also actually quite observant. The book dumb-ness, in particular, while genuine, is also used as a convenient front to make people not expect much from her.
      Kiana: Textbooks are made by the most boring people on earth.
    • In Chapter 25 and the web event "When Sparks Converge", it's revealed that the reason she flunked her theory exams is that she prefers battle training to theory classes and will try skipping the latter whenever she has the chance. Himeko had to advise her that being a Valkyrie and working to defend humanity isn't just done through fighting.
  • Born Lucky: Played for Laughs in the Kiana Plays Honkai short comic. Despite only being recently introduced to Honkai Impact 3rd by the more experienced Fu Hua, Kiana manages to pull out a S-Rank Valkyrie (Lightning Empress Mei, no less) from the gacha at the very start of the game. Fu Hua dismisses it as beginner's luck past the initial shock, but when Kiana accidentally pulls out Shadow Knight for her after a long string of RNG disasters, Fu Hua furiously starts chasing after Kiana so she can further help her with the gacha. This is referenced in an oblique way in the "Odd Drifter" event, where Kiana accidentally hits a secret button inside the tower that reveals where the Captain was held captive, with Mei and Fu Hua lampshading it.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy:
    • The main reason why she fails her exams is due to her laziness. However as noted by Mei and others, Kiana has the potential to be a skilled and intelligent Valkyrie if she studies more seriously. This is implemented in-game in the dorms; if you have the Wooden Desk or a similar piece of furniture and drag any version of Kiana to it, instead of sitting and using the laptop when she’s dropped, she will land beside the desk and have a foot-stomping tantrum.
    • In one stage in Chapter Xuanyuan, Fu Hua also remarks on this. She claims that Kiana is actually a clever individual, but the only reason she falters in her studies and training is due to impatience rather than incapability. This is later proven true by her feat in Chapter 13, uncovering the World Serpent's activities in Arc City, even narrowing it down to a single building, with no one else realizing it before her.
  • Broken Hero: Her bright, brave, happy-go-lucky and dorky attitude hides (partly intentionally) the fact that she's struggling with never knowing her mother, being abandoned by her father, and having to move from place to place alone for years (from when she was around 10, no less). The biggest twist to her is that she's a clone of the real Kiana, made to be the vessel for the Herrscher of the Void in order to reawaken her. The Herrscher inside her tends to haunt and torment her in her sleep, and after she is awakened and then sealed again, Kiana has to live with the fact that she's a "monster" who had caused mass devastation and deaths.
  • Broken Pedestal: While she wasn't all that chummy with Fu Hua from the get-go, Kiana did at least respect her as a reliable senior. However, she was clearly hurt when Fu Hua kidnapped her and handed her over to Otto, which led to the awakening of Herrscher of the Void, harm caused to her friends, and Himeko's apparent death. When Kiana encounters her again later (Fu Hua's spirit) in Chapter 11-EX, Kiana gives her an angry What the Hell, Hero? speech and says she wants nothing to do with her anymore. Downplayed later when she sees that Fu Hua truly does regret what happened and Kiana forgives her.
  • Call-Back:
    • The scene in Chapter 8 where Herrscher of the Void gives Mei a Neck Lift is one to a scene in the Moon Shadow comic, where "corrupted Kiana" did the same thing. It gets referenced again in ch. 17, but this time it's Herrscher Mei that does it to Kiana.
    • Her situation with Himeko in ch. 9, 11-EX, and the "Meteoric Salvation" video is one to Fu Hua's backstory with her old captain back then, the Previous Era version of Himeko. To be specific: both had their mentors die in front of them, then they went through depression until they awakened their resolve to live and fight following their teacher's lessons, after which they became hardened and mature, and able to access the hidden powers inside them. The contrast is in how Fu Hua's Himeko became the Herrscher of Flame and was killed by her comrade, Kevin Kaslana, while Kiana's Himeko indirectly uses the "old" Himeko's power in order to bring Kiana—who's overtaken by the Herrscher of the Void—to her normal self, dying in the process.
    • The "Shattered Samsara" video (at the end of ch. 22) has Kiana trying to save Fu Hua from sacrificing herself to stop the threat of Herrscher of Sentience. It's a reference to two things: ch. 11-EX where Fu Hua stopped Kiana from killing herself to stop the threat of Herrscher of the Void, and her past with Mei in Chiba Academy where Kiana stopped Mei from jumping off a tall building to stop the threat of her Herrscher self. The video also gives the scene of Take My Hand! not unlike what happened between Kiana and Mei.
  • Casting Gag: Her Chinese voice actor later gets to voice Hu Tao from Genshin Impact. She's a fire elemental character, she has a skill that consume her HP in order to gain a fire damage boost to her normal attacks, and a Limit Break that deals massive fire damage and heals her HP. The gag comes in when Kiana becomes Herrscher of Flamescion and gains a gameplay style that is very similar to Hu Tao.
  • Casual High Drop: In the (original) opening video of the game, Kiana falls down several hundred meters from the Hyperion onto the flying battleship Selene without much issue.
  • Character Development:
    • She gets hit hard with this when she reappears in ch. 11-EX, represented as Void Drifter. She struggles with both saving people and her inner turmoil from fighting against her Herrscher self, becoming more melancholic than before, not to mention living with the tragedy that happened to her up until that point (most prominently Himeko's death). Even after Fu Hua helps her to move on and to turn her inner demons into extra power (as Void Drifter), she's no longer the childish, adorkable, happy-go-lucky old self, with her lines being more serious. She still smiles and shows a happy face every now and then, but they're now more subdued.
    • Mei lampshades it in ch. 16.
      Mei: I can hardly find the right word for this change, and I can't even say that she has simply grown up. She has always been loud and restless. From the day we first met, I never knew she could be quiet or patient. She was surely a trouble maker, but I always found her weirdly reassuring. Now I can't say the same... I have to wonder what miseries she has been through... anything could've happened in the past 4 months.
    • When they're depicted together again in ch. 20, Bronya makes a note about how Kiana is no longer the same "Kiana Idiotka" she once knew; she's now calmer and more thoughtful.
    • Chapter 22 gives her a small but significant one: following Fu Hua's sacrifice to seal the Herrscher of Sentience together with herself, Kiana decides that she can't allow any one of her friends to "leave" again, even for "so-called victory", and tries to save Fu Hua. When Kiana "dives" into the Fenghuang Down feather that Fu Hua left behind, she faces the scenes of Fu Hua's past life and discovers her woes throughout her long life; Kiana - after some chapters of self-doubt - resolves to be the strong friend that Fu Hua needs, even channeling her old headstrong self that she showcased towards Mei.
    • From chapter 23 to 24, after she tried isolating herself for several chapters because she feels she'll bring harm to her closest ones if she stays with them, she starts to get close and slowly rely on her closest people again; it helps that they also believe in her and care for her. Then in chapter 25, this culminates in her believing that she's never alone as her closest people, their kindness towards her, and her good memories with them are always with her. Combined with the conflict with the Herrscher of Domination and how they only focus on humanity's negative qualities, this gives her her Anti-Nihilist belief that while some things in the world may be ugly, she will strive to fight for all that is beautiful in the world—and to her, that includes all the beautiful things she has experienced throughout her life, courtesy of her closest people.
  • Chekhov's Gag:
    • In chapter 2, when Fu Hua teaches her about the enemy attributes (PSY, MECH and BIO), Kiana says that she's the "Ultimate" type because she cockily thinks she can beat them all. Much later, the game introduces QUA-type suits, which deals neutral damage to the 3 aforementioned types.
    • In Kiana's 2019 birthday event, her eyes turn into Wingding Eyes with 4-pointed white stars as the Captain gives her a bag of fried chicken. The same eye design shows up later in actual story, in the "Meteoric Salvation" video—it signifies her control of Herrscher of the Void's full power.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome:
    • While not as pronounced as the other Kaslanas, she has the mentality of "helping other people without paying heed to her own safety". This apparently includes acting tough and cheery in front of her friends and relatives even if she's wounded and battered to deflect their concerns away from her and not make them feel bad. For her in particular, part of it stems from her (hidden) Guilt Complex over things that she feels guilty of and blames herself for being unable to preventnote , so that she feels she Must Make Amends. She's also driven by Himeko's "last lesson" to turn this imperfect world into the one she dreams of.
      Mei: She always wanted to be the hero... I can't imagine the suffering she endured while drifting alone out there...
      (In a separate talk)
      Kiana: I must seal the Void Queen. I'll use her powers to protect people and repair the damage caused by the Honkai. I've saved people in Arc City... and may have missed some as well. But that incident taught me something. My birth may have served bad purposes... but I can still make my life worth living.
    • During Kiana's talk with Tesla and Einstein in ch. 17, the latter tells her to not use her Herrscher powers to contain the Nagazora's problem (as she's currently being slowly corrupted) and put her faith in the AE to help her. While she understands that everyone wants to solve this problem, she tells Einstein that she wants to do what she can, in case things go out of control. Later in the same chapter, Kevin points out to Mei that Kiana will keep going after the Honkai and Herrschers and risking her life as long as they exist, as part of the Kaslana's oath. This is what he uses to manipulate Mei into joining the World Serpent, as he claims that he's going to make a world where Kiana doesn't have to put her life on the line again.
    • This gets to a head again near the climax of ch. 17. Kiana wants to go with Benares to the sky, to seal the "quantum hole" in the sky that caused the whole disaster and spewed out the Quantum Shadows, with her "hidden powers"; this is despite Mei's concern for her, that she shouldn't use her powers right now due to her condition. She even smiles it off and plays up her bravado to act tough in front of Mei in the end, which just makes her even more concerned.
      Kiana: I must end this!
      Mei: Stop being so stubborn! Don't you know what's happening to you? If you do this, your body will...
      Kiana: I don't care.
      Mei: ...Kiana...?
      Kiana: I know everything, Mei... I know what's happening to me... and my body...
      Mei: No... No...
      Kiana: To be honest, I was quite scared. I trembled at the thought of death. But I refuse to run away from danger... I'll do what I can and take responsibility for this... This is the only way I can seek atonement from the people I've hurt... and from Miss Himeko.
    • This is one of the things Mei takes an issue of in the "Lament of the Fallen" video; when she points out Kiana's attitude and how it's slowly killing her, the latter can only say that "it's her mission". Having had enough with Kiana's self-destructive tendencies, Mei slowly breaks out of the subspace lances that Kiana used to pin her down and bites back with saying how the world would mean nothing to her without Kiana, and that's why she will not have her friend dying senselessly even if it is "For the Greater Good".
  • Cleavage Window: Kiana's usual battlesuit features a big one, and is often the subject of Male Gaze.
  • The Coats Are Off: In the "Meteoric Salvation" video, when she sees hostile robots about to attack her on the way to the top of the city, she takes out her hooded jacket, pulls out her bat, and starts charging through them.
  • Color-Coded Eyes:
    • When accessing her Herrscher of the Void core, her eyes are yellow when the Void Queen's exerting control, and blue when Kiana's in control. When they're fighting over control, one turns yellow and the other blue.
    • In Everlasting Flames Her eyes' colors and designs change when using the Herrscher of Reason, Sentience, and Flame abilities as an additional visual indicator of her gaining access to each new Herrscher core.
  • Composite Character: In Everlasting Flames her Herrscher of Flamescion battlesuit includes elements of multiple previous costumes, including the three floating spikes from the Herrscher of the Void's battlesuit, the crown motif from Bronya's Herrscher of Reason battlesuit on the band tying up her ponytail, metal bracers mirroring those from Fu Hua's Phoenix battlesuit, and a tattered cape similar to the one from Himeko's Vermilion Knight - Eclipse. Its design and color scheme resembles Theresa's Celestial Hymn, sans the veil. Gameplay-wise, she's a fusion of Hua (2 attack buttons), Himeko's Vermilion Knight (Flame battlesuit that uses a greatsword, has an Overheating system tied to her combo attacks and ultimate), and an APHO character.
  • Contralto of Danger: As the Herrscher of Flamescion, she speaks in a noticeably deeper register and harsher tone, indicating her growth in both power and maturity.
  • Contrasting Sequel Protagonist: An unusual case, as she contrasts with her previous incarnation from Guns GirlZ. GGZ!Kiana was sassy, sarcastic, constantly sported a smug smile and was quite knowledgeable about Honkai from the get-go. HI3!Kiana starts off as a gluttonous Genki Girl and a dunce who has to be explained what she’s already supposed to know by her seniors.
  • Cosmic Motifs: The moon is a major motif with Kiana. With her name being the spoken form of Diana (in Hawaiian), her accesories depicting crescent moons, and the naming of her S-Rank battlesuit as well. This connection with the moon foreshadowed her connection with the Honkai, given that it too has major associations in-universe with the (actual) moon; the mission that really makes this obvious was even named "Moonlight Throne."
  • The Cowl: Chapter 13 shows Kiana becoming this after she Took a Level in Badass in ch. 11-EX. For 1-2 months, she fights off multiple Honkai invasions in Arc City while being guided by Fu Hua's spirit. From the perspective of the citizens, she can only be seen as brief flashes, with some getting to think of her as a mysterious savior. Gray Serpent, however, still holds intel of Kiana's brief appearances.
  • Crack in the Sky: In Everlasting Flames when she uses her Herrscher of Flamescion powers to cut one of the Herrscher of Dominance's constructs into pieces, it cuts the entire pocket dimension they're in in half as well, leaving a fiery gash burning through the entire sky.
  • Daddy's Girl: As she grew up only with her father, she became attached to him as a result and picked up a good number of his traits. His disappearance causes her to hate him for abandoning her and making her miss him so much.
  • Damsel in Distress:
    • At the end of Chapter 6, Fu Hua defeats Kiana when she turns berserk and takes her to Schicksal's main HQ. Theresa vows to rescue her, which happens in Ch. 7.
    • In ch. 14, Kiana tried attacking Raven after sabotaging her convoy, but she ends up defeated. Raven and her comrade Jackal then have a talk about what to do with her; the former wants her dead then and there, but the latter wants her alive as she wants to experiment on Kiana, a live Herrscher. The hooded lady then tells some of her troops to carry Kiana away to their base, and for the rest of them to continue their current objective. Later, however, it turns out that she was just Captured on Purpose—despite being weakened and then put in torturous experiments by Jackal, it turns out Kiana can resist everything the masked lady throws at her, and later smashes her way out of her containment cell with ease. She only acts like she's hurt for long enough so that she can squeeze info from Jackal regarding their group's plan of experimenting on the people of Arc City with their "Project Stigma".
    • Played With in ch. 15, where she doesn't intend to wait for anyone to save her; after she exhausted herself saving Arc City, Durandal comes in and abducts her into Schicksal's Vimur Base in North Africa (despite Mei's best efforts to stop her). She's thinking of escaping, but Durandal's watchful eye makes it difficult. When she attempts to escape while she and Durandal are outside, the latter stops her and tells her to fight for it instead of sneaking out. When the World Serpent suddenly breaks in with an attack, Kiana uses the opportunity to slip out of the base when Durandal's back was turned. When Durandal reports this, Otto decides that protecting the 2nd Divine Key takes priority and so he lets Kiana run away unopposed, saying that they can deal with her later.
  • Dash Attack: Herrscher of Flamescion's grounded branch attack in Herrscher Mode has her jumping back, then dashing towards her enemy before performing a wide slash with her blade. This leaves her airborne afterwards, allowing her to continue to an air combo. In the air and during Herrscher Mode, pressing the attack button after the evasion button will make her do a dashing stab attack, which is helpful for reaching distant enemies.
  • Death from Above: The last part of Void Drifter's branch attack, as well as her QTE, has her falling down onto her enemies with her "lance", striking enemies in an area and giving them her special debuff.
  • Deflector Shields: As Herrscher of Flamescion, she has an unique barrier that has 60% of her HP. All the damage she takes and the healing she receivesnote  will go to her Armor Meter instead of her HP bar. As her playstyle is about empowering herself and dealing big damage at the cost of her HP, this barrier greatly improves her survivability. She also gains some total damage buff as long as the barrier is up. In Elysian Realm, she has a special adjustment to her barrier: if it breaks, she becomes temporarily invincible and gets her main HP healed back to full.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: A more platonic example. She initially had little respect towards Himeko (whom she calls "aunt"), but over the years she has come to show some respect to her teacher, culminating in her becoming the source of Kiana's resolve at the end of ch. 11-EX.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: The Spring 2021 event "Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou" starts with Kiana filming... a close-up of Mei's chest in her form-fitting festival dress.
    Theresa: Hey, Kiana! What are you filming?
    Kiana: Hee hee, Mei is so pretty!
  • Dork Knight: This is what best describes her character: someone who's bright, straightforward, excitable, happy-go-lucky and endearingly dumb, but also chivalrous, who will try to save people from danger and put other people's needs before her own, and make them smile in happiness; in particular, she managed to lighten Mei and Fu Hua up through her dorky attitude. Her Character Development, however, has made her lose most of her "dork" traits as she becomes more solemn and brooding. Another twist is that, while her dorkiness is genuine, she's known for playing dumb and innocent when she knows more than she lets on.
  • Dragged by the Collar: Being the Idiot Hero she is, other characters have no problem forcing her into coming with them by dragging her off.
    • In Theresa's episode of Cooking with Valkyries, after Kiana is done eating Theresa's cooking, the latter, citing that an empty stomach wouldn't make for a good beating, drags Kiana off by the collar as punishment for skipping class, with Kiana futilely apologizing on the way out.
    • As soon as Fu Hua is ordered to head on a mission to Singapore in the Moon Shadow comic, she takes along Kiana as a rookie and promptly drags the latter by the collar, mentioning that HQ approved her request since it would save Kiana's grades. Kiana isn't too thrilled by this and struggles as hard as she can while being dragged away, even ripping off the dorm room's door, much to Himeko's chagrin.
      Kiana: Kyaa! I don't wanna go! Mei! Save me! Nu~uuu~uuh~!
      Himeko That brat has no idea how friggin' expensive it is to fix that door.
    • In the ending sequence of Cooking with Valkyries S2 Episode 3, Kiana can be seen making a pair of outlandishly long tapas note ; so long, in fact, that they could instead be qualified as oversized kebabs. Then she starts excitedly swinging them around, much to everyone's shock, even nearly hitting Fu Hua with them. This prompts Mei to come and drag Kiana away, complete with a Cranial Eruption on the latter's head.
  • Driven to Suicide: At some point after her Herrscher powers are suppressed, she attempted to commit suicide to prevent Sirin from taking over her again. Thankfully, Fu Hua's spirit stopped her from doing so.
  • Dynamic Entry: In ch. 1, when she discovers Mei on the airship she's boarding, she runs towards her while kicking a zombie out of the way with her "dimensional paws".
  • Early Personality Signs: Kiana has always been dorky since she was a child, but she also has shown the motivation to protect people, a trait apparently inherent to the Kaslana bloodline, which makes her father proud. As of the present, she's working hard to protect the people of Arc City from the Honkai hordes and any other threats.
  • Easter Egg:
    • During chapter 15, you can try checking the equipment of the trial version of White Comet you're using. She uses the Sirin: Ascendant stigmata set, which, while strong, doesn't exactly fit her gameplay wise. Rather, it represents the lingering threat of the Sirin in her mind taking over her again. It goes like that again in ch. 17, except for the final stage, where she's using Mei-themed event stigmata instead, which fit her even less. This time, it represents Kiana wanting to get Mei back to her side, to prevent her friend from joining the World Serpent.
    • Also in the final battle of ch. 17, after she becomes Void Drifter, Mei tells her that she shouldn't use her "hidden power" now. If you check closely, you can see that Kiana's HP is slowly depleting in a rate of 10 HP/second, although it'll stop depleting when it goes to double digits.
  • Electric Slide: In the "Meteoric Salvation" video, one of the parkour tricks she uses is sliding on a wire rope.
  • Enemy Mine: Downplayed. In ch. 13, Rita and her Valkyrie squad ambush her, but after the battle, Kiana has a brief talk with Rita about how they're both trying to save Arc City. Kiana convinces Rita that she's not the cause of the Honkai outbreak and gives her a glass tube and an access card, cluing Rita on the true nature of Heliopolis. Later in the chapter Kiana goes out of her way to save Rita even though her initial intent was to use Rita as a means of infiltrating Heliopolis herself.
  • Energy Absorption: Ch. 15 has Otto mention that when Kiana detonated the Honkai bomb at the edge of the atmosphere (in the previous chapter), the Honkai energy did not dissipate—instead, Kiana took it all into her body with her powers as a Herrscher.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: The first time happens as she becomes Herrscher of the Void, where her braid is undone and her hair grows much longer, as a sign of gaining power and being controlled against her will. The second time happens as Void Drifter, where her hair is let flowing down, signifying her Character Development and particularly, willful (though partial) control of her Herrscher abilities. Incidentally, her new hairstyle and hair decor (and, to an extent, her new clothes) make her look similar to her late mother.
  • Expy: Kiana's the main heroine who wields two guns and is a Kick Chick, is part of a trio of school friends, is very emotionally-driven, a Lethal Chef, a Book Dumb and strong fighter, is a clone of a major character, has a Superpowered Evil Side that takes her over and wants to destroy the world, and a red hero with a sword performs a Heroic Sacrifice to stop her (although in Himeko's case, it's lethal) and she later learns to use her evil side's power for herself. She's definitely one of Noel Vermillion and Mu-12. Her outfit as Void Drifter also resembles that of Noel in Chronophantasma, complete with looser flowing hair. VD's signature weapon, Arc Serratus, is said to be able to make its shots phase through obstacles on their way and then rematerialize at the target's location, akin to Noel's Bolverk. Her Nightmare Sequence in ch. 15 is a Shout-Out to the "cataclysmic scenario" that Mu-12 finds herself in in Central Fiction.
  • Eye Scream: In the Evangelion collab event "New Century", as part of her portraying Asuka in the event, she loses her left eye in the battle against the 8th Angel, when Ryoma chooses to shoot the Angel with a Kill Sat while Kiana and Wotan are still stuck fighting it. She later comes back wearing a modified version of Asuka's suit and an Eyepatch of Power, like the Rebuild version of Asuka.
  • Facing Your Fears:
    • Near the end of ch. 13's side story, Fu Hua, inside Kiana's dream, tells the latter that only she can defeat her own inner demons. Fu Hua then seemingly calls Herrscher of the Void, telling Kiana to fight it.
    • Chapter 17 has Einstein, and later Kiana herself, say to Mei that the only way to solve Kiana's whole "inner problem" is to have her face it herself.
  • Failed Attempt at Drama: In one Cooking with Valkyries episode, after she makes a tapas out of ham and honeydew that tastes good, she hurriedly runs outside, trying to impress Mei with it... But then the tapas falls off Kiana's toothpick in front of Mei. After a short awkward silence, Kiana quickly runs inside again, then goes back outside while carrying more of the same tapas.
  • Fantastic Nuke: What her Herrscher of Flamescion Ultimate, "The Blade Supreme, Rekindled," boils down to, as it consists of unleashing a souped up slash with her BFS that's so powerful, it creates an immense explosion that engulfs the target, as well as a sizeable portion of the arena.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Her outfit as Void Drifter has a longer glove on her right hand, and she also wears a stocking on her right leg.
  • Feel No Pain: Part of having the Gem of Serenity shoved into her is that she feels numb towards physical pain. This allows her to resist everything Jackal did to her as she was being experimented on. Chapter 17 later showcases that this has changed from being a numbness to making her completely incapable of feeling pain.
  • Fisher King: In ch. 16, Raven claims that the reason the sea level rises overnight in Nagazora and the increased appearance of Honkai beasts is that Kiana (who's missing in said city) is slowly succumbing to the Honkai and the will of the Herrscher inside her. However, in chapter 17, Kiana later claims that it's not her doing; the Honkai levels seem to keep rising even after she wakes up.
  • Flaming Hair: In Everlasting Flames even her hair starts emitting flames when using her full Herrscher of Flamescion abilities.
  • Fluffy Tamer: In ch. 17, she and Mei run across an injured Benares on their way back to the Helios. Mei warns Kiana about the dragon, but she feels that it's calling out to her. She puts her hand on the beast, and the latter somehow gets healed as Kiana's "Honkai infection lines" glow. After that, Benares stands up and shows no signs of hostility towards the two. Kiana feels that an obedient dragon would be better than a wild one, so she chooses to bring it with her to the Helios, to Tesla's exasperation. This is all because Benares still thinks of Kiana as her "queen", the Herrscher of the Void, and that the healing is from the Gem of Serenity inside her. Later, Kiana goes with the dragon towards the "quantum hole" in the sky to try to seal it with her "hidden power".
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In Chapter 2, the "mysterious voice" in her dreams tells her that "your life as you know it is nothing but a mountain of lies". This is one of the first clues that she's a clone of the real Kiana, and ch. 11-EX also throws a Call-Back to this, where Herrscher of the Void says almost the same thing.
    • Also in ch. 2, Kiana can actually rightly guess that said "mysterious voice" is actually the 2nd Herrscher (from one comment that said voice makes), but she still thinks that it's all happening in her dreams. Said voice then tells her that they share the "same" dreams, and that "I am you and you are me." Also in the stage, if you choose to examine the big monitor at the start, it shows a data of something called "Experiment subject K-423". In the end, said voice leaves an ominous message:
      Did you really think... that this would be the last time we would meet? All of your life for here on out, I will never, ever stop appearing in your deepest nightmares. One day will come... when you're powerless to resist...
    • Part of the backstory mentions that some time after Cecilia's death, Siegfried decided to run away from the Schicksal (helped by Theresa), taking Kiana with him. However, the Extra Story "Everlasting Memory" has Otto mention that he has Kiana in his custody, while Siegfried instead took something called "Experiment K-423" with him. Then Chapter 7 of the Story Mode reveals that the playable Kiana (whose story we follow up to this chapter) is actually Experiment K-423.
    • In the Dorm, you may occasionally see Kiana muttering to herself that she had a nightmare where she hurts Mei. She's really angry at such a thought and hopes that that will never happen in real life. In story mode, as Herrscher of the Void she not only beats Mei quite badly, she later steals Mei's Herrscher Core, leaving her in critical condition (though she recovers later). This also gets referenced in ch. 17, where she says that after the whole disaster in Schicksal HQ, she frequently gets haunted by the aforementioned nightmare.
    • In the end of ch. 11-EX, Fu Hua tells her that Herrscher of the Void may be subdued now, but she has to prepare for when it eventually breaks free in the future. In ch. 15, when she runs away from Schicksal's Vimur Base, Otto is fine with not pursuing her, saying that he'll see her "grow" in the meantime. In ch. 16, at the beginning, Gray Serpent says that with Kiana free from Schicksal and her "shackles"note  gone, the "seed of power" within her will grow, and in the end, Raven tells him that Kiana would be worthless to the World Serpent if she remains a "partial Herrscher". Then in ch. 17, Einstein tells Mei that Kiana's core problem can only be solved by having Kiana sort out the matter herself by dealing with Sirin, something that Kiana herself is already aware of. The parts where Kevin hints that Mei needs to separate herself from Kiana and Mei's re-awakening as Herrscher of Thunder, causing the Gem of Conquest in Kiana to dissipate also contribute to this.
  • Gamer Chick: Kiana enjoys video games, but always loses to Bronya.
  • Generation Xerox: In a sense as Void Drifter. She continues to use her signature dual pistol style she learned from her father, but she also uses a lance-like weapon when utilizing her Herrscher powers, similar to her mother's fighting style.
  • Giant Foot of Stomping: With White Comet or Divine Prayer, certain attacks make her summon giant robotic cat paws from dimensional holes to strike her foes, akin to Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves.
  • Godzilla Threshold: In the end of ch. 14, Kiana is practically (if not literally) too late to stop the World Serpent's plans of Arc CitySpoilers! . Fu Hua tells her that the only option left is to use the Herrscher of the Void's full power to stop them. She's initially unsure of doing it, but after she gives a long look to Mei's eyes, Kiana steels her resolve and prepares to do it, with Fu Hua's help.
  • Good Costume Switch: In Everlasting Flames after becoming a Herrscher in her own right, the Herrscher of Flamescion, she gains a far more white Knight in Shining Armor outfit with none of the creepy Volcanic Veins or Eyes Do Not Belong There motifs of the Herrscher of the Void outfit she inherited from the villainous Sirin.
  • Gotta Pass the Class: This is the main plot for her in ch. 2. The Valkyrie exams are coming and the girls are studying and training extra hard; especially for Kiana, as her friends and Himeko try to motivate her and make her study and train enough. Mei, in particular, reminds her that if she fails the exam, she could be demoted to D-rank support Valkyrie, which only works behind the front lines; it's the last thing Kiana would want as she strives to be "the bestest Valkyrie ever".
  • Guilt Complex: Ultimately her main motivation throughout the story. She seemingly has the bad luck of having her loved ones hurt themselves trying to help her (or unintentionally hurting her friends by herself as she was controlled by the Herrscher of the Void), and this contributes to her self-loathing for her inability to prevent them all from happening. Her initial quest to find Siegfried was out of a need to atone for her harming him when she first awakened to her Herrscher powers as a child. This becomes even more of a driving force for her after the events of ch. 8 to 9, and shown in ch. 11-EX, from a need to make up for all her perceived sins. Believing herself to be at fault for harming Mei, and causing the eruption that devastated the world as the Herrscher of the Void, and having Himeko die saving her in the process. This complex contributes heavily to her need to save others at her own expense.
  • Gun Fu: Kiana’s fighting style in all of her battle suits consists either of ranged gun shots, or physically attacking using her guns.
  • Gun Twirling: Kiana briefly twirls her right-hand pistol during her victory pose.
  • Heroic Resolve:
    • Near the end of ch. 11-EX, she looks vulnerable and downed when a bunch of Honkai Beasts jump in to attack her. Then, she sees an "image" of Himeko walking towards her, telling her "what are you waiting for?" before cracking like glass. This gives Kiana her resolve to use her inner powers of the Herrscher of the Void by her own will, allowing her to turn the tides. This unlocks her Void Drifter form.
    • At the end of ch. 14, she's struggling to detach the Honkai energy bomb from the top of the building with her own hands as the energy starts to slowly corrupt her and turn her into her Herrscher form, when an "image" of Himeko appears and grasps her hand. This strengthens Kiana's resolve to live to her teacher's "last lesson" and gives her enough will to detach the bomb, then use the full power of the Herrscher with her sheer force of will, as shown with her eyes remaining blue instead of turning gold. She then flies to the atmosphere with the bomb akin to a meteor, then when she's high enough, she detonates it with her power, saving the Arc City.
    • In the "Shattered Samsara" video, fueled by her resolve to not lose anyone close to her again, she uses her void powers to enter the Fenghuang Down feather that Fu Hua sealed herself and Herrscher of Sentience into. While Kiana is "inside", she hears Fu Hua lamenting how she has faced many betrayals and lies, how a lot of people she trusted died in front of her, and feeling that she'll always be alone. Kiana, channeling her strong, reassuring old self, counters them by resolving to not lie to her, to stay strong for her and to not let her be alone, accepting to share Fu Hua's burdens. This is significant considering Kiana's own problems with herselfnote .
  • Heroic Second Wind: In the final stage of ch. 17, if Kiana (as White Comet) gets her health depleted, there'll be a scene where Herrscher Mei goes to grab Kiana in a Neck Lift and shock her with lightning, putting Kiana down. Then it cuts to a Quick Time Event where Kiana struggles to get up; after you press the button enough times, Kiana turns into Void Drifter, has her HP filled to full, and resumes the fight. Then, every time she gets her HP depleted again, there'll be a pause where Kiana resolves to get back on her feet again with half of her HP filled; she'll say variants of "I Can Still Fight!" every time.
    Kiana: It's not finished yet... I absolutely... WON'T let you go!!
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Her birthday event in 2019 (in China and Japan only) has you (the Captain) meeting her in a train after she did a part time job at amusement park. The Captain, knowing that it's her birthday, gives her a bag of fried chicken, and she thanks him. She then reminisces about everyone in St. Freya during her previous birthdays, about how everyone gathered around while bringing her food. Then she suddenly becomes sullen, wondering whether she can still go back to her friends, as she knows that she tends to trouble them, not to mention her becoming a potential danger to them due to what she is as Herrscher of the Void. When she says that there's nothing she could do, the Captain points out that she has been helping the people of the city, even if they may not know or recognize her. In the end, after the Captain's words, she thanks him and resolves to keep helping everyone and not give up until she can stand up by everyone again.
    Kiana: Compared to what everyone has done for me... this is nothing.
    Captain: You've protected the ordinary but valuable daily lives (of people), it's something remarkable. Even if it's just the small things, just continue, you'll eventually become a true guardian of the people. When the time comes, you'll be able to stand up and return to everyone.
    Kiana: Captain... can you still accept me like this?
    Captain: Of course. I've always been by your side, looking up to you. You're the brave, kind and just person I know from the beginning up to now, Kiana.
  • Heroism Motive Speech:
    • In one of the supplementary comics, in a flashback, after the young Kiana showed her willingness to fight to protect others (a Kaslana trait), a delighted Siegfried decided to make an oath together with her, to fight for all that's beautiful in the world. In ch. 17, she would later talk about this oath, which she and Mei made back in their days in Chiba Academy.
    • She has another one later on: "to be the bestest Valkyrie ever", as part of her promise to Theresa so the latter can tell her about Siegfried's whereabouts. This one would later be a motivation for Himeko, to bring Kiana out of the Herrscher of the Void's possession.
    • In ch. 17's climax, she gives one to Mei about how she wishes to seek atonement from the people she has harmed (particularly her teacher) by trying to avert the disaster of Nagazora, even if it may cost her life (and she admits that she's scared at the thought of dying, but she feels that she must take responsibility).
  • Homing Laser: Knight Moonbeam's QTE attack rains them on the battlefield.
  • He's Back!: Kiana spends two entire chapters in complete disarray following the conclusion of Chapter 9, where Himeko sacrifices herself to suppress the Herrscher of the Void and bring Kiana back to her senses. Unable to cope with the guilt of indirectly killing a friend (among other things), she goes missing for several months, and it's only in Chapter XI-EX that we get back to her side of the story, still visibly reeling from the emotional trauma. It takes a Honkai attack on Arc City and a little pep talk from Himeko's ghost for Kiana to take up arms again and use part of her Herrscher powers to fight the beasts. This is manifested into gameplay as the Void Drifter suit.
  • Hurting Hero: This is what she becomes after her Character Development. She keeps struggling to "fight for all that is beautiful in the world" despite knowing what she truly is, living with the guilt of having her loved ones get hurt "because" of her, and the fear that she cannot be among them anymore. As Mei puts it:
    She carries others' pain on her shoulders, and buries her own in her heart, so people can only see her bright smile.
  • Idiot Hero: As revealed in some levels' pre-battle dialogue, Kiana is very neglectful in her studies and frequently fails her exams at St. Freya. She's also simple-minded, stubborn and very emotionally-driven, which sometimes makes her come off as childish.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Her bright blue eyes signify her innocence and earnestness. Mei lampshades it in ch. 16 when she talks about meeting Kiana the first time.
  • In-Series Nickname: Bronya calls her "Kiana Idiotka", although later updates changed this to "Idiot Kiana" instead.
  • Internal Homage: As Herrscher of Flamescion, her Ultimate Skill has her extend her BFS before performing one mighty slash that causes a huge explosion. Both her pose and the special effects used are the exact same as the one shown by Himeko in the "Final Lesson" video.
  • Internal Reveal:
    • The "Moon Shadow" comic has it revealed to her by one of Anti-Entropy's rogue scientists, that the Honkai outbreak in Nagazora was orchestrated by Cocolia, in order to awaken Mei as a Herrscher and then capture her.
    • One stage in Ch. 13 has Kiana discovering an info inside the Heliopolis building about Fu Hua's past times, showing how she had been in many time periods and places, including 19th century England. Fu Hua tells the confused Kiana that it's not like she's being secretive about herself, just that she doesn't know how she could explain her background. The start of ch. 14 has Fu Hua finally blurting it out to Kiana, as well as how she knows the World Serpent's leader, Kevin Kaslana.
      Kiana: I always felt that you were special, but this...?! This is too...
    • She later delivers one to Mei in Chapter 17.
      Kiana: I'm not Kiana Kaslana or my dad's baby doll... I am the experimental body K423. A cloned vessel for the Herrscher of the Void...
  • In the Hood: A special costume for White Comet is simply an additional hoodie jacket, though she only wears the hood in the "Meteoric Salvation" video (in the end of ch. 14).
  • Irony:
    • In ch. 3, after Theresa says that Durandal believed her explanation for how the Anti-Entropy troops could find her (which is actually made up by Kiananote ), Kiana says that she's a reasonable person and thinks that they could be friends. Fast forward to ch. 15 and their first interaction is as a captive and captor. While Kiana believes she's a good girl, she's annoyed at Durandal for "lecturing" her mid battle and then deceiving her into fighting Quantum Honkai Beasts, but most importantly at how she works under Otto. Not to mention having her escape attempt thwarted once.
      • However, when the two finally meet a second time after five months and have their a rematch on much more even terms, they're shown to actually get along quite well. The narration even goes to retroactively state that despite being ideologically at odds with one another back when they first met, even then the two had this mutual indescribable feeling that the other person is the most similar individual to themselves in this world.
    • In a flashback in ch. 17, where Kiana saved Mei from falling from their school building, she said "Look, it was hard getting you back to normal, so I won't leave you alone like this. I'll be angry with myself forever if you get yourself killed." In the present (in the same stage), it's Mei who's desperately trying to save Kiana from getting herself killed, Mei's definitely feeling bad with herself, and Kiana had left Mei alone for months (for reasons beyond her control) and now is leaving her again to stop an impending disaster.
    • Part of the reason why she prefers to stay alone and away from her closest ones - especially after the Time Skip - is because she doesn't want harm to come to them because of her, and thus, potentially lose them. Her drive to carry all her burdens alone and not involve her friends in her problems, ironically, is what causes her to "lose" Mei, in a way she never expected: Mei joining the World Serpent (an organization Kiana dislikes for their extreme ways) to help curing Kiana's condition. The reason Mei grew desperate enough to accept the WS' deal was partly because Kiana recklessly endangered her life to stop an impending disaster when she can still be saved (and partly because Mei is so attached to Kiana that she doesn't want her friend to die).
  • It's Not You, It's Me: After everything that happened in chapters 8 to 9 and the Time Skip after that, she comes to understand that she'll only put her friends in danger if she stays with them, so she chooses to drift away from place to place. This is why she doesn't feel joyful when Mei gets to meet her again briefly in Arc City. After a series of events, she's back in Helios and gets to be with Mei again, but she still thinks she's a ticking time bomb. She gets into a long speech during her talk with Tesla and Einstein about it, saying that she agrees with AE's containment plan for her, and that she asks them to keep her friends from the Far East Branch from her until she can solve her problems. Tesla points out that they'll do anything to stay by Kiana's side, which is why Kiana is asking them to do something about it. She points out that she inadvertently had harmed Mei (whom Kiana has helped a lot before) and friends, so much that she keeps getting nightmares about it; when Tesla points out that it's not her fault and that nobody blamed her for it, Kiana says that it's even worse. As she says, she's a "monster" that is liable to hurt her friends again if they keep trusting her and trying to do anything to help her.
    Kiana: This is between Sirin and me... I must put an end to this. But not by dragging them into this mess again... I don't want... those around me to suffer anymore...
  • Kick Chick: Her melee attacks, especially as White Comet, often are based around kicks.
  • The Last Dance: This is implied to be what she's going to do at the climax of ch. 17. Knowing that she has only around 2 months left to live, she decides that she's not going to "run away" anymore and try to save the day to the best of her abilities (by going to the sky and stop the "giant portal" that causes the disaster in Nagazora City), even if it'll potentially be her last moments. This saddens Mei and pushes her further to the edge of desperation to save her friend's life. Mei ends up becoming Herrscher of Thunder, defeating the "imaginary construct", and stopping the whole disaster by herself (while saving Kiana in the process), as Kevin tells Kiana.
  • Le Parkour: In the "Meteoric Salvation" video, she runs up walls, climbs building stairs and jumps off roofs to quickly get to the Honkai bomb at the top of the tallest building in the city.
  • Lethal Chef: She's quite clumsy when it comes to cooking. Either the resulting dish ends up distorted because of her methods, or it's a mishmash of unfitting ingredients that she thought would taste unique. In many cases, she seem to only be able to make decent food if she closely follows a guide and is watched closely. Specific instances include:
    • It's the focus of the interaction with her in the Dating Sim mode, with her trying to be a better cook. The Captain tries to help Kiana cook the right way. In the end, she at least manages to make a completely normal omurice, although Mei (who tried it) told Kiana that it's still flawed and she has to practice more. The Captain is at least relieved that it doesn't turn out as crazy as her usual cooking.
    • In the Chinese New Year event, where the Valkyries cook a lot of food for a feast party, she's paired with Fu Hua, who deliberately makes her do simpler stuff in order to keep her from ruining the cooking.
    • In one of the side comics, she at least knows one thing she can cook well: pizza toasts, which she learned from her father (who's revealed to be a similarly bad cook, as well). In another chapter, Kiana gets overjoyed upon making a simple Spanish tapas that can taste good (tapas are just random slices of food skewered with a toothpick and then eaten together) that she then tries to impress Mei with it. In a different chapter, Theresa thinks to herself that Kiana would mess up trying to make the salsa verde topping for the nachos if she's the one handling the ingredients.
    • The one time Kiana seems to be able to consistently make decent (if still strange) food is in the "Cooking with Kiana" event, where she uses a cookbook and the Captain's assistance to make a variety of 3-ingredient dishes. Her weirdness still comes through, though, as she uses fire from both Higokumaru and the Judgment of Shamash to heat the pot.
  • Literal Split Personality: In "Stygian Blooms" event, Seele's abduction of her into Seele's inner world causes Kiana to split into two: her normal self and Herrscher of the Void. As she was put into the "Fear" section of this dimension, Kiana's normal self represents her as a Fearless Fool while the other self represents Kiana's hidden greatest fear of the Herrscher taking over her; it's also related to Seele's own fears towards her Split Personality. In particular, Dark Seele points out to Herrscher of the Void that as they've been separated from their hosts, they should enjoy this brief respite together. The latter for once thinks that the idea might not be so bad... but then, out of sheer misanthropy and spite, she goes out to attack Dark Seele while calling her "worm".
  • Literal Transformative Experience:
    • After the experience of becoming Herrscher of the Void and then brought back to normal by Himeko at the cost of the latter's death, it brings back the memories of what she used to do/be. She changes from a carefree, playful, brash and stubborn girl into an emotional wreck, partly because she fears how destructive she could be and partly because she feels that she can't go back to her friends ever again. After Fu Hua helps her subdue the Herrscher of the Void inside of her mind and she manages to command part of the Herrscher's power with her own will, she becomes "Void Drifter", and while she has calmed down from before, her personality becomes more subdued, serious and solemn.
    • Chapter 25 showcases this again: firstly from gaining enough resolve to bend the powers of Core of Void, Gem of Haste and Gem of Serenity to her will to give her an edge against the Herrscher of the Void; this turns her yellow right eye back to blue and gives her the modified costume Radiant Blaze (for Void Drifter). Then this happens again in the "Everlasting Flames" short, where, in her fight against Herrscher of Domination, her undying resolve to keep going and fighting for her closest ones (her "family") leads her to fully assimilate the Gem of Haste's power and slowly transform into Herrscher of Flamescion, along with her temporarily gaining the power from Bronya and Fu Hua's Herrscher cores, representing her friends giving her the resolve to keep moving forward together.
  • Living Emotional Crutch:
    • She's one for Mei, who says that being with Kiana allowed her to forget her painful past and loneliness. Kiana knows well how Mei is a bit of a worrywart, so her brave attitude and reassuring smiles really helped her friend. Mei describes her as "the beam of light waiting for me" that lights her up from the "darkness" of her life. "Theater of Thunder" shows how much Kiana had an impact on her life, from giving Mei her umbrella while she braved the rain by herself, to defending Mei from school bullies, to saving Mei whenever she finds herself in trouble (including from her Herrscher self).
      Kiana: Ya know, I've been a loner for as long as I could remember... but I no longer feel that way after knowing Mei!
      Mei: Haha... that's supposed to be my line.
      Kiana: Well then! I'll be your sworn protector from now on!
      Mei: Thank you, Kiana. Thank you for always being there for me.
    • It's deconstructed, however, when Mei realizes that, as Kiana drifted away from her, she finds herself not changing one bit. She didn't grow any stronger, her damaged self-esteem (due to her past) never recovered, and it contributed to them being separated from each other. This, at least, leads to Mei accepting her situation, as this gives her the realization that sacrifices need to be made if she wants to bring Kiana back. She swears that she won't flinch again against any danger coming her way or trap she walks onto - that's the only way she could protect Kiana. Then in ch. 17, Mei realizes just how far Kiana would go to "be her friend's crutch", including forcing herself to act like her goofy self in spite of her condition so Mei wouldn't feel bad; discovering this makes her feel guilty and perceive herself as selfish.
      Mei: I've always been such a naive fool who expects good things to last forever... but in the blink of an eye, I lost the girl who used to be around me all the time.
    • This leads Mei to declare - anguishedly, right in front of Kiana - that the Kaslana girl is the "most important person" in her life, that to her, the world means nothing without Kiana. This is in response to Kiana's tendency to risk her life to help other people.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: In ch. 17, Mei asks Tesla to not tell Kiana about her body's condition. But later, when Kiana gets to talk to Tesla and Einstein, she reveals that she already understands that she's actually in a bad shape, and she was just putting an act in front of Mei to not make her feel bad - basically locking Mei out of the loop.
  • Long-Range Fighter: In the "Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou" event, she is armed with a submachine gun, which fires 4-round burst, has good range, and doesn't interfere with her movement.
  • The Lost Lenore: In A Post-Honkai Odyssey, she is strongly implied becoming this. Her disappearance greatly affects her friends and loved ones, especially Mei, Bronya, and Theresa; with the former in particular still waiting for her homecoming.
  • Male Gaze: In the "Meteoric Salvation" video, we get to see a close shot of her chest jiggling when she opens her hoodie jacket. The "Everlasting Flames" video also gives her cleavage a long shot while Kiana is being restrained by the Herrscher of Dominance.
  • Mascot: She's one for miHoYo as a whole, as she first appeared in their very first game, Fly Me 2 The Moon and their later games also feature her in some form.
  • Master Actor: The more the story goes on, the more it is shown that she's actually a lot less innocent, carefree, excitable, or ignorant than she seems. But she's really good at acting that way, from before her high school days in fact.
    • When she's in World Serpent's clutches, she fools Jackal into Saying Too Much by acting like she's hurt when she's being experimented upon, when she's really not feeling any pain.
    • She pretends to be wanting to run around the Nagazora city ruins in front of Mei, supposedly out of nostalgia, but her real reason being to check the Honkai levels in the city.
      In the Theater of Thunder play
      Kiana: Just looking at your lunch makes my mouth water... soooo... can I...
      Mei: Okay, okay! I will prepare your portion from tomorrow.
      Kiana: Yipee! I know playing cute would work!
    • In Chapter 23 Act 2, during Kiana and Seele's investigation of strange phenomenona in a city, Kiana imitates Tesla's mannerisms to break the ice. Seele is impressed by her acting skills.
      Kiana: "The advance notice is an outright declaration of war! I'm going to find this bastard and blast whatever it is to pieces!"
      Seele: That sounds just like Dr. Tesla. You're a natural in this, Kiana!
  • Meaningful Appearance:
    • Pertaining to the Cosmic Motifs above, her battlesuits roll with the moon or star symbols, particularly in White Comet and Void Drifter.
    • The feather addition to Knight Moonbeam's hairband goes with her "light wings" to give it an angelic motif.
    • 2 of her battlesuits (Herrscher of the Void and Void Drifter) forgo the usual black hairband she normally wears, and instead has a more pointy-looking ornament to the left side of her head. The meaning here is in who it is a reference to: Sirin and Cecilia, who wore vaguely-similar looking ornaments at the same side of their heads.
  • Meaningful Echo:
    • A cutscene in ch. 11-EX has her echoing what her teacher Himeko says at ch. 9 as her last words:
      Kiana: I will change this imperfect world... into the one I want!
    • This one is further echoed in the "Meteoric Salvation" video (at the end of ch. 14), both when she tries to detach the Honkai bomb at the top of Arc City and later after she detonates it at the edge of the atmosphere.
      Kiana: I've kept... My word...
    • A subtler gameplay example: Void Drifter's optimal gameplay is to use her normal attack or QTE to give her special debuff to enemies, then use her branch attack sequence twice until she "overheats", then cool it down with her Ultimate Skill, and repeat her branch attack again until she overheats again and has to switch out. This is similar to how Himeko as Vermilion Knight plays, only that she can sustain it longer because she can use her low-cost Ultimate Skill multiple times (but only when she has enough SP to be able to repeat it). Their QTE attacks are also similar.
    • In her Cooking with Valkyries episode, in a flashback, her dad Siegfried once said that pizza toast tastes better if it's slightly burnt (when he uses the Judgment of Shamash to toast them). When Kiana makes pizza toasts herself, Himeko says that they're a bit burnt; Kiana replies with saying the same thing her dad said.
    • In the Everlasting Flames animated short, she paraphrases Himeko's lines to the Herrscher of the Void when facing the Legion Herrscher.
      Kiana: Are you done? [...] It's my turn now. I hope you're fine with that.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Kiana's name is Hawaiian, taken from the Roman goddess of the moon, Diana. As such, she has many moon-related themes, including her small, crescent moon-shaped Idiot Hair. In the comic, it's shown that Theresa gave her that name on Cecilia's request; at the time, Cecilia's bed was under a window which shows the night sky and a full moon, which shined into the room.
    • The name of the special video at the end of ch. 14, "Meteoric Salvation", refers to her using the Herrscher's full power to fly with the Honkai energy bomb towards the atmosphere to save the Arc City. From below, she looks like a meteor flying through the night sky.
    • The name "Scion" can mean "offspring" or "inheritor". As Herrscher of Flamescion, her main theme is that she inherited her "flame" from Himeko - both literally (from Gem of Haste) and figuratively (from her teachings and kindness).
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Herrscher of Flamescion is the only character in the main game who can launch enemies in the air and perform aerial combos, a mechanic that only existed in the Post-Honkai Odyssey open world before her introduction. She’s also the only non-Fu Hua battlesuit who uses two different attack buttons and activates her ultimate by holding the second button. Which makes sense in-universe as she uses Fu Hua’s Herrscher of Sentience powers. Like Knight Moonbeam before her, she can also activate her Ultimate Evasion skill without actually evading an attack.
  • The Medic: Kiana’s Divine Prayer battle suit serves as this, with its ability to heal the entire party with her normal attacks (with a chance), team skill, Ultimate Evasion, QTE, and Ultimate Skill.
  • Meditation Powerup: When she struggles to fight Durandal in ch. 15 and the latter points out that she can't control the "hidden power" (Herrscher of the Void) inside her, Kiana remembers Fu Hua's teachings and then closes her eyes. Fu Hua had taught Kiana to empty her mind, her thoughts of her surroundings and her feelings of her own body, until she can only feel strength building up within. Once she's done, she manages to control her "hidden power", which surprises Durandal. However, she later blacks out from using said power after some minutes, and Durandal takes her back into the Vimur Base.
  • The Musketeer: Void Drifter changes her fighting style from pure gunner to gun and sword-like lance.
  • Multi-Directional Barrage: Knight Moonbeam's branch attack is to spin around while firing her guns to all directions.
  • My Future Self and Me: After the release of Herrscher of Flamescion version of Kiana, you can put her alongside any of her "younger" versions in the chibi dorm. They'll have a talk in which the younger Kiana chibi gets awestruck from seeing her older version, saying that she must be her as an S-rank Valkyrie. The older Kiana can only sigh in exasperation as she mentally points out how much she and her dreams have changed since then.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Herrscher of the Void is heavily based on the final story boss of this game's predecessor Benghuai Xueyuan 2 (aka Guns GirlZ) God Kiana, though it's got nothing on the comics' depiction of the Previous Era's 14th Herrscher, who is an even more blatant Identical Stranger.
    • In ch. 11-EX, she comes to save a pair of civilians from a Honkai Beast using a metal bat. A metal bat is one of the equippable weapons for Kiana in miHoYo's older game, Zombiegal Kawaii.
    • The collaboration with Lawson convenience store has Kiana wearing a green lizard-like hairclip. It also originated from Zombiegal Kawaii.
  • Nerd Action Hero: She's a comic book geek and a Gamer Chick while simultaneously being a Honkai asskicker.
  • Nightmare Sequence: In ch. 15, Kiana finds herself in complete emptinessnote ; while she still has her consciousness, she seemingly can't sense anything from her 5 senses. She can only hear a faint sound of someone calling her name, and later she sees a light at the end of the darkness - the light of fires enveloping the whole Arc City. Enveloped by fright and confusion, she tries to look for Mei or how all of this happened despite her efforts of saving it... until she sees her own hands. That of the Herrscher of the Void. In utter disbelief, she can only deny everything that she thought had happened and/or was her fault, and scream for Mei's name... and she finally wakes up.
  • No Name Given: In A Post-Honkai Odyssey, she is only referred to with pronouns by those who were close to her.
  • Now It's My Turn: Just like Himeko, she says this when fighting the Legion Herrscher.
    Kiana: Are you done? [...] It's my turn now. I hope you're fine with that.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: In "Honkai Kingdoms: Zero", she seems to be a bumbling and gluttonous "prince" who relies on her mentor, Jackal, to do the thinking for her. However, later, when she and Jackal chase after Princess Kongming (who's seen as a "traitor") and the masked lady then orders the soldiers to apprehend the princess, Kiana reveals that she's just playing dumb the whole time and Kongming exposes Jackal as having planned a coup after the emperor (Kongming's "grandpa") passed away. After Jackal is taken away by the soldiers, Kiana says that she accepted her role as her "niece" asked because she believes in the princess' intelligence and guile.
  • Out of Focus: From chapter 9-EX to 11, the story doesn't put focus on Kiana as she's somehow missing. She only has a cameo in a photo, which the other good guys are using to try to look for her. She comes back to focus in ch. 11-EX, which shows her current whereabouts: the wreckage of Arc City.
  • Overheating: In a variant, Void Drifter's branch attack fills a gauge. When it's full, she'll stun both herself and the enemies around her for 3 seconds, then the gauge slowly empties, during which she cannot use her branch attack. The only way to get out of said stun (aside from not overusing it in the first place) is 1) by switching out, or 2) by using her Ultimate Skill. Ultimate Evasion and the last strike of her normal combo will also deplete the gauge by a bit. In Coop Multiplayer, it's more lenient: all parts of her normal combo can deplete the gauge bit by bit, and her team skill can outright empty it. Bizarrely, she also has a sub-skill that allows her to buff her teammates by intentionally filling her special gauge to full.
  • Parental Abandonment: Kiana's mother died when she was young, and her father abandoned her some years after. As shown in a supplementary comic, she doesn't seem to remember where her father went after a certain event where he lost his left arm after using his Judgment of Shamash's fully released state. This is lampshaded by herself both in game and in the comic, where she says that she wants to beat him so badly for making her miss him so much.
  • Personal Horror: She has several cases of this, from her Guilt Complex over having her closest people get hurt while trying to help her and her not being able to do anything about it, to realizing that she's a "monster" or a "time bomb" due to her Superpowered Evil Side, in which she was controlled to hurt her closest ones. It's "horror" enough for her that she keeps getting nightmares about it. Her whole struggle is about how she could become a "hero that saves the world" despite suffering from all of the above.
  • Pillar of Light: More like "Pillar of Darkness", but Void Drifter's Ultimate Skill has her creating a pillar-like burst of spatial collapse around her, launching enemies upwards.
  • Playing with Fire: In Everlasting Flames she inherits the core of Flame and becomes the Herrscher of Flamescion, allowing her to freely generate and manipulate fire. This includes creating massive explosions, unleashing firery Sword Beams that can create a Crack in the Sky, and gaining Flaming Hair when pushing her powers to the limit.
  • Posthumous Character: Heavily hinted in A Post-Honkai Odyssey. While her final fate is unknown, she still holds a special place within the hearts of her friends, especially Mei.
  • Power Gives You Wings: At the end of ch. 6 in story mode, when her Herrscher side begins to manifest, Kiana develops glowing wings. This is reflected for the final level by Kiana's battlesuit switching from White Comet to Knight Moonbeam.
  • Precision F-Strike: When Kiana is chewing out Fu Hua for her role in delivering Kiana to Otto so that Sirin could be awakened, her anger and frustration boil over and she yells "SAY SOMETHING, DAMMIT!"
  • Projectile Platforms: In the "Meteoric Salvation" video, when she sees multiple missiles flying towards her, she activates Time Fracture to slow down the missiles, then use them as stepping stones in the air to move towards her destination.
  • Protectorate: Like most Kaslanas, she's driven to protect humanity from the Honkai. Following her father Siegfried's ideals and thoughts, she's also driven to protect her closest people from any kind of harm, and strives to not lose them in any way. Because of this, she hates it if she becomes the cause of her closest people's harm and suffering, either from them trying to help her, or from her Superpowered Evil Side hurting them against her wishes.
  • Really Moves Around: Prior to the start of the game, Kiana had been moving to different schools around the world. It's because she was looking for her missing father, and because disasters seem to always follow her; she also felt like she cannot attach herself to anyone else. She goes back to this after the events of Chapter 9, with both Schicksal and Anti-Entropy having diffculty tracking her down because she drifts from one place to another. Though they eventually spot her in Arc City because of Gray Serpent's intel.
  • Reincarnation: Though her body is a clone of the original Kiana Kaslana, her mind and soul are the human parts of Sirin uncorrupted by Honkai influence that desperately wished for a second chance at a happy life as a human, rather than the Broken Bird killing machine she'd become.
  • The Reveal: The epilogue of the Second Eruption manga has one that flipped a lot of the playerbase's assumptions on Kiana's dynamic with the Herrscher of the Void on its head, with it revealing that Kiana and Sirin are not two seperate entities sharing one body, but rather Kiana IS Sirin - specifically, her original "good" side. K-423 only obtained awareness out of Sirin's desire to have a fresh start as Cecilia's daughter, making the situation more of a Split Personality sort of deal, rather than a case of possession like many assumed. This is confirmed in-game in chapter 25 where Kiana decides to face the Herrscher of the Void head-on and acknowledges that she herself is also "Sirin". In the end it comes down to a contest of will and strength, with Kiana eventually prevailing… and appropriating the Gem of Haste (the one for the Herrscher of Flames) for herself. In retrospect, it also explain why Benares protected and obeyed Kiana back in chapter 17.
  • Say My Name: In the final fight of ch. 17, she shouts "Mei-senpai!" aloud after the second time she breaks Mei's shield with her "void lance" attack.
  • Sean Connery Is About to Shoot You: In her Victory Pose, she aims a pistol at the camera then winks.
  • Secret-Keeper: In one extra mission after Bronya is forced to betray the team due to the control chip in her brain, Theresa switches their communication link to a private channel, and questions Kiana on how much she knew. After playing dumb doesn't work, Kiana admits to Theresa that she knew about Bronya being compromised well before it actually happened, and Theresa infers that she didn't report it because she didn't want anything bad to happen to her friend.
  • Sempai/Kōhai: In the Japanese voiceover, she addresses Mei as "Mei-senpai", being just a year younger.
  • Sexy Cat Person: Her Animal Motif is the cat and both her outfits and her movements show off her slim but athletic build.
  • She Is the King: In "Honkai Kingdoms Zero" event, she's acting as a "prince" who leads her faction. Kongming later also calls her "uncle".
  • Short Range Guy, Long Range Guy: As White Comet and Divine Prayer, she fights mostly in melee. As Valkyrie Ranger and Knight Moonbeam, she fights at range with her guns.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!:
    • In the "Shattered Samsara" video, during her Beam-O-War with Herrscher of Sentience, the latter screams at how she won't lose against "losers" like them (Kiana and Fu Hua). Kiana responds by saying that "Fu Hua was never a loser".
    • In Everlasting Flames Kiana repeatedly rejects the Herrscher of Dominance's attempts to convince her everything is hopeless and the world is an ugly place that will never reward Kiana’s idealism, ending with Kiana giving her own Patrick Stewart Speech as she cuts through all of the Herrscher of Dominance's attacks.
  • Space Master: As the "Herrscher of the Void", she's able to manipulate spacetime, allowing herself to do a lot of things such as teleporting around, distorting spacetime to create damaging spatial collapses, and creating dimensional portals, from which she can shoot spikes and summon Honkai Beasts, as well as (in story) turn any ranged attack back to the attacker (which is reused for her playable self as her Ultimate Skill). Later on, she manages to use some of the Herrscher's powers, becoming Void Drifter in the process. She would later use it in "Meteoric Salvation" video to redirect a giant mech's punch to the back of its head.
  • Spotting the Thread: In ch. 2, one of the subjects mentioned in the St. Freya's class is history, specifically about the 2nd Eruption/Honkai War. Then, when Kiana is asleep in the night, a "mysterious voice" teases her with the info about her missing parents, which is tied to the 2nd Eruption. In another stage, said voice says that the 2nd Herrscher (the central figure in the 2nd Eruption) was so strong that Kiana's mother, the S-rank Valkyrie Cecilia Schariac, could only able to hold her off as Schicksal nuked them both. Later, in the last stage of said chapter, said voice makes a claim that she fought an actual S-rank Valkyrie "14 years ago." This makes Kiana piece the infos together and correctly guess that said voice is the "2nd Herrscher".
    Kiana: Hmph. This might be a dream... but you're not getting out of here alive today! You killed my mom!
    ???: I never expected to leave this place. You know why? Your dreams are mine, too. I am you, and you are me. The one to leave... should be you, Kiana!
    Kiana: SHUT UP!!
  • Spanner in the Works: One of the supplementary comics mentions that she stands in the way of Bronya and Cocolia trying to use Mei for their plans. She also later becomes one for the World Serpent's plans in Arc City.
  • Stat Sticks: Herrscher of Flamescion’s weapon Keys of Radiance is a pair of guns that give her SP regeneration and damage buffs, but she only fights with a flaming broadsword in actual combat, no matter which weapon is equipped.
  • Stepford Smiler:
    • Despite her usual bluntness, she knows how to make innocent faces as she tells Mei in a flashback in chapter 16. It's part of her drifting around the world prior to meeting Mei; she was involved in many Honkai incidents and she had to keep looking innocent so people could approach and talk to her safely.
    • Implied to be the case with her interactions with the group in St. Freya as well. While it isn't a fake persona, it is inferred that she plays up her idiotic antics as a defense mechanism of sorts; so they don't have to worry about her and potentially doom their lives to try to help her.
      Mei refused to believe that Kiana's reassuring smiles were mere disguises for unbearable pain.
    • Chapter 17 later shows it again, where she acts like her "normal" goofy self in front of Mei to relieve her anxiety about Kiana acting different from the one she knows (notice the many mentions of "you haven't changed" and the like), but completely drops the act when talking to Einstein and Tesla. With the narration noting the instant change in personality the moment she thought Mei wasn't present. The twist is that some minutes later, Mei has come back and is listening from behind the door...
  • String Theory: The trailer for Version 3.5 shows a board with a map of a city, multiple photos, and red strings that connect multiple dots. Ch. 13 shows that they're put together by Kiana in her secret hideout in Arc City as she tries to find out the real cause of the Honkai outbreaks.
  • Super Mode:
    • White Comet's Ultimate Skill is a Burst Mode that makes her attacks accompanied with giant robotic cat paws from dimensional holes, giving her more power and range; her SP will be slowly depleted to zero while it's in use. She also gains increased defense and resistance to flinching.
    • Divine Prayer's is a Burst Mode similar to White Comet's, but also activates Time Fracture for the whole duration and slowly heals the whole team. Said effects will still be active even if you switch her out for another teammate. Her SP will be slowly depleted to zero while it's in use.
    • Herrscher of the Void's Charged Attack activates "Herrscher Mode" where, after a Badass Fingersnap attack that causes a large explosion, her attacks are faster and enhanced, and she moves faster as well. It runs off the special 2-part gauge above the HP gauge.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes:
    • In a supplementary comic, her eyes turn gold during certain moments, most notably when she recalls her old memories. In the game itself, this happens in the climax of Chapter 6 when she realized that all of her adventures from Chapter 5 isn't real and she uses the "magic words" that she had used throughout the chapter, and later, as her will gets taken over by the 2nd Herrscher (in Chapter 8), where her eyes additionally get a cross-shaped pattern. In Ch. 11-EX, her right eye turns gold again after she uses some of the Herrscher's powers, becoming Void Drifter. In the end of ch. 14 (in the "Meteoric Salvation" video), her eyes turn gold again when the Honkai energy leaking out of the big bomb starts corrupting her, but after she commands the full power of the Herrscher of the Void with sheer force of will, they turn back to blue (with a shining white cross in each eye), signifying her control.
    • This is parodied in the "St. Freya Fiesta" event: in the "Campanile", Kiana is rehearsing for a play where she gets the role of a "bad girl" (in Herrscher of the Void's costume). She's got the act well, but the Captain notices that she isn't menacing enough. If you choose the option to tell her to use contact lenses, she'll put on gold eyes and she notices that she looks more like a villain now, with the Captain praising her.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: In ch. 5, when Kiana meets the "hologram" of Theresa of year 2000 in the 2nd Honkai War, the latter thinks this Kiana is Siegfried's hidden bastard child (since the Kiana she knows was just 1 year old). She at first objects to it, but she realizes that it'll be hard to explain the truth to Theresa, so she just decides to roll with it.
  • Sword Beam: In Everlasting Flames she unleashes numerous blasts of fire by slashing with her sword that cut apart various attacks from a distance and even the sky itself.
  • Symbolic Wings: Aside from the Valkyrie symbol (a stylized pair of wings) that many Valkyries share, as Knight Moonbeam she has wings of light trailing off her back. It's apparently called "Seraph Wings of Light" (S.W.O.L). Herrscher of the Void, meanwhile, has only one proper wing, while the other side has spikes arranged with the shape of a wing. In ch. 11-EX, Kiana is shown wearing the same jacket that was shown in the Reburn video, complete with the Valkyrie wings in its back; only this time, the symbol is slashed out, symbolizing her detachment from Schicksal.
  • Take a Third Option: In ch. 22, Hua(?) makes Kiana choose between her and the "Fenghuang Down shadow" (the real Fu Hua's consciousness) as the "real Fu Hua". While Kiana already knows the correct answer, she instead tries to control the situation: she claims that she doesn't know Hua(?) enough to make a proper verdict, which leads the latter to decide to show her differences from the other option by using her power over the mind to recreate scenarios of the past where Hua(?) puts herself in Fu Hua's shoes. As she shows how much different she is from Fu Hua — in all the bad ways — she can only insist that she is the "more powerful" one and thus Kiana should choose her. Kiana says that the girl may be powerful, but Fu Hua is the one she and Bronya has known and befriended, and the one who helped Kiana go through the most difficult part of her life, and Hua(?) can't replace her. This pushes Hua(?) into a Rage-Breaking Point.
  • Take My Hand!:
    • In the past, not long after she brought Mei back from her Herrscher self, the latter tries to jump off the rooftop for fear of her Herrscher self taking over again. Kiana went to catch her hand, saving her. Mei later claims that this event "changed her destiny". The whole image later becomes symbolic when during the boss fight with Herrscher of Thunder, there'll be a scripted event where, as Kiana as Void Drifter strikes Mei with her lance, the images of their past appear, including the image of their fateful moment... and then Mei slashes through the image, right where Mei's hand in the image meets Kiana's, symbolizing her "letting go of Kiana's hand" and "falling into the darkness".
    • Later, in the end of the "Lament of the Fallen" video, as the unconscious Kiana falls down from the sky, Mei (as she's flying) takes her hand in order to slow her fall, while flashing back to their fateful moment once more, showing that the roles have changed; Mei wants to be the one saving Kiana now.
  • Take Up My Sword: During chapters 24 and 25, Kiana (in her Void Drifter form) ends up using the broken remains of Godslayer: Surtr in order to fight the Herrscher of Dominance. The sword she uses as the Herrscher of Flamescion is modified from the original using her Herrscher powers.
  • Taking the Bullet: In the "Escape from Nagazora" comic, during the Honkai outbreak in Nagazora, she defended Mei from a Honkai Beast's attack and got wounded in the back. Seeing Kiana injured and bleeding in front of her, Mei's grief and rage caused her Herrscher side to awaken, disintegrate the beast with her lightning, and go on a rampage.
  • Teleportation Rescue: At the end of ch. 13, when she sees Rita's own airship trying to crash onto the Heliopolis building, she quickly uses her Herrscher powers to teleport Rita and herself to another place in Arc City.
  • Tell Me About My Father: One stage in ch. 2 has Kiana, in her dreams, demanding to know about her parents from the "mysterious voice". The latter then tells her about the 2nd Honkai War and her parents' involvement in it.
  • Tired of Running: At the start of ch. 14, Fu Hua tells Kiana to escape from Arc City if Kevin comes there. Kiana points out that she has been drifting and running away aimlessly for the past 3 months and that she won't run anymore. Fu Hua doesn't object, but she still tells Kiana to avoid Kevin as much as she can. She later talks about it with Mei in chapter 17, saying that she saw many cities and people suffering from the Honkai; despite her trying to run away, the nightmare never ended. She realized that she can't keep running away and that there's something important that she had to do - namely facing people, those she cared about, and most of all, herself, as a clone made to be the vessel of Herrscher of the Void.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Chapter 11-EX has her finally learn the truth about herself: that she's a clone made from Kaslana and Schariac genes, as well as that of Sirin, as part of Otto's project; among other clones, she has the core of the Herrscher of the Void put into her, giving her sapience. In her mind, Sirin says that the two were basically victims of humans, and that her fate (as a "vessel") was sealed since before her conception. She also says that her longtime friends would see her differently and try to "save" her by destroying her. The twist is that Kiana actually knew something was inside her back when she unwittingly awakened the Herrscher's powers when she was 12, but she intentionally suppressed her mind, trying to forget "HER" (Sirin) and what happened. It's just that the truth was far uglier than she thought.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • While she's on the run from Schicksal and her friends after the 2nd Herrscher's re-awakening, she tries to strike a balance between helping people with the ongoing honkai disaster (which she feels responsible for causing) and struggling not to use her honkai-based powers too much to keep the Herrscher persona from taking over again. It pays off in the end, as Fu Hua teaches her martial-arts through mental exercises, which further enables her to learn to use her void powers to smaller extent without completely losing control. Despite all that, it's still made clear there's room for improvement, especially when facing more experienced fighters like Durandal. While Durandal admits Kiana has potential, she also points out that Kiana's mish-mash fighting style is not all that well put together and full of execution flaws, thus making it predictable for countering as she demonstrates with a Kaslana-gunkata kick of her own, only infuriating Kiana further. After Kiana calms down, she does manage to catch Durandal off-guard by busting out her Edge of Taixuan, surprising Durandal enough for her to take some of her words back and amend that Kiana did manage to exceed her initial assesments after all.
    • When their paths cross again five months later in Kolosten, Durandal is quite eager to meet Kiana again and later offers her a rematch at the first chance they get. As Kiana has now defeated the 2nd Herrscher within her for good, giving her full control of her void powers on top of having awakened another Herrscher's powers from the Gem of Haste, the fight is much more even this time around. After they're done Kiana excitedly boast about her development and Durandal actually agrees, expressing genuine joy that Kiana is living up to the potential that Durandal saw in her back when they first fought.
  • Too Unhappy to Be Hungry: In ch. 15, she finds herself unable to muster enough hunger to eat the basa fish meal that Durandal gave her. The nightmare she just had, Durandal's words, and the thought of Mei (and by proxy, her sweet time in St. Freya) make her too occupied. When Durandal comes in and sees her not eating her food, she can only say that she used to have someone take out the fish bones for her.note 
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • She likes ramen, usually instant ones. She also makes a mooncake out of instant ramen and its sauce as a consumable item.
    • The original Chinese version of the game has collaborated with a number of products, one of them being KFC where Kiana is depicted as working in a delivery job. A few events later on reference this by having Kiana eating fried chicken, or wanting to eat one.
  • Transparent Closet: Her obvious crush on Mei aside, when Theresa explains in level S4-7 that Siegfried "touched the butts of every Valkyrie on the Hyperion", Kiana's only reaction is… mild jealousy. Also, one of her fond memories of St. Freya when she's stranded in the virtual simulation in chapter 5 is one of a drunk Himeko climbing naked into her bed − which she quickly tries to chase from her mind. Really, the only reason that it counts as a closet at all is that she got rather defensive when (a simulation of) her father questioned her about it. And in the "Moon Shadow" manga she was rather on board with the idea of Fu Hua seducing her with a "nice hotel room."
  • Trauma Conga Line: The more the story progresses, the more you realize exactly how much she is repressing.
    • Initially it "only" seems that Kiana is dealing with a case of Disappeared Dad which she's hellbent on solving, but it eventually turns out she's always hurt from never knowing anything about her Missing Mom. Kiana was seemingly abandoned by Siegfried when she was not even a teenager, after which she spent the following years searching for him through several continents entirely on her own, with all that entails, including Honkai-infested lands and apparently even being involved in a school murder case as a near-victim.
    • After a near-death experience helping Mei seal the Third Herrscher personality, she joins Schicksal, where she lives happily until Mei gets kidnapped by Anti-Entropy, which quickly results in Bronya nearly dying and falling into a coma and the death of Wendy.
    • In one of the supplementary comics, at one point she gets depressed because Himeko is critically injured (after the events of Chapter Xuanyuan and Chiyou in the game) and she felt like she isn't strong enough to prevent it.
    • Then she winds up in a data recreation of the Second Honkai War, where she is able to interact with and get to know her long-dead mother through a recreation of her memories for whom she discovers an extremely potent love, only for it to turn out to be all a ruse designed by the Second Herrscher to break Kiana's will and make her reject the real world. This leads to Kiana being beaten to unconciousness by Fu Hua and captured by Schicksal.
    • Overseer Otto then uses her to revive the Second Herrscher. This is only possible because the Kiana we know is actually a clone of the true Kiana with an implant of the Second Herrscher's core. The former revelation takes place in Otto's reports of Theresa's origins, with an accompanying shot of a child Kiana blindfolded and in chains just to drive home what her real childhood was like.
    • After the previous blows over, she then spends the next few months in self-imposed exile, on the run from both Schicksal (who seek to capture her and use her as a "human Herrscher") and her friends (whom she is too ashamed and guilty to face), all while constantly relieving the events from Schicksal HQ in her nightmares and with Sirin constantly trying to take over her body again. This exile culminates in one final Battle in the Center of the Mind where Sirin nearly succeeds in breaking her will. She finally gets much better after this, but Fu Hua's spirit tells her that Sirin can come back at any time and she must never let her guard down.
  • Tsundere:
    • In the higher bond levels, Kiana will act like this towards the Captain. She's more open with her feelings towards other people, however. Also, the Herrscher of the Void takes this role in the Valkyrie Dorms. Mei even refers to the Herrscher as Kiana's "rebellious phase". It's likely why she gets voiced by Rie Kugimiya, and in fact one of her dorm lines is her trademark "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" when you place any Kiana chibis (barring Herrscher of the Void) onto certain furnitures she don't like to use.
    • In the "Empyrean Legends" event, Theresa's "sister" is revealed to be Kiana as "Frigid Empress" as Herrscher of the Void, who talks in a rather harsh tone, far from Theresa's description of her being a nice girl. However, she's shown to still be a kind lady beneath all that, which the Celestial notices.
  • Two-Donor Clone: It is revealed that Kiana Kaslana is actually a clone of the original Kiana created by Otto Apocalypse. However, it goes much deeper then that; she is also a clone of Sirin, the second Herrscher, since she possess Sirin's Core which still contains her consciousness and soul. This also cause a situation in which there are two aspects of Sirin inside Kiana: the original Sirin, who wanted the love of a family she never had, and the Herrscher of the Void, the Honkai-corrupted Sirin who wants to destroy humanity for the cruelty they inflicted on her.
  • Unstoppable Rage: In ch. 15, after she had to leave Fu Hua behind so she can escape from Kevin, she becomes so angry and frustrated and vents it on the pursuing Mecha-Mooks. Even after she calms down, she's left with feelings of confusion and pain as she can only keep running away.
  • Unwitting Pawn: In ch. 15, Otto wanted Kiana for his plan in using the 2nd Divine Key, and he points out to Durandal that he fails to see anything they can do to win back Kiana's heart; he could only trust his best Valkyrie to handle it for him. When the two girls are outside, Durandal goads the attempting-to-escape Kiana into a fight. After Kiana gets serious in their duel, however, Durandal commands the base to activate the 2nd Divine Key, creating a portal in the sky which spits out Quantum Honkai Beasts, and tells Kiana to fight them. Kiana seals the portal with her powers, unaware of what her role in the experiment isnote .
  • Variant Power Copying: In the "Shattered Samsara" short animation, when Herrscher of Sentience prepares a powerful attack to be thrown at her, Fu Hua guides her to use what the former had taught her—the Edge of Taixuan: Eminence. While Fu Hua used the Fenghuang Down to power its attack in the past, Kiana instead uses her void powers to do it.
  • The Watson: Due to being Book Dumb she often has to have someone explain some in-universe information that she should've learned. This conveniently also gives info to the player, particularly during chapter 2 where Kiana and others are having an exam in the academy.
  • You Are Number 6: Her designation is K423, and she is often referred by that name both in-game and in the promotional material post The Reveal.
  • You're Just Jealous: In one Cooking with Valkyries episode in season 2, Kiana eats one of the tapas Bronya makes and claims that it's "not as good as mine, but close." Bronya then retorts that the ones made by Kiana are just "random occurences."
    Kiana: You're just jealous. You can't compete with my ultra cooking instinct!
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Valkyrie Ranger's Ultimate Evasion skill is to create an Unrealistic Black Hole where she stood on, sucking nearby enemies to one place. If she's ranked S, the black hole has increased effective range and duration. As Void Drifter, she can also create a black hole by the last part of her normal combo, though this comes with a cooldown on its own; her black holes also have less effective range than normal Valkyrie Ranger's.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: After Mei finds and brings her back to Helios in the end of ch. 16, Tesla treats her injuries as much as she can, but the scientist then says that her condition still isn't resolved: she has been fighting off Sirin's possession for months, and the extra "Gems" inside her and the absorption of a lot of Honkai energy to level a whole city into herself worsens her body, that it may not be able to hold on for long. Tesla can only say that "she has less than 2 months left". This drives Mei to try to Find the Cure! for Kiana's condition. When Einstein says that they can only depend on Kiana herself to solve her root problem, Mei ends up having to seek help from the World Serpent, as they can provide a way to alleviate Kiana's condition when Schicksal or AE cannot. Mei goes to become the Herrscher of Thunder with Kevin's assistance; this causes the Gem of Conquest inside Kiana (which Herrscher of the Void stole from Mei earlier) to dissipate, which pulls out a big burden off Kiana's shoulders, saving her life. However, as part of the deal, Mei has to join the Serpents afterward. In the "files" from the mini-event focused on Mei in version 4.1, Amber and Seele (separately) confirm that Kiana is now in a better condition.

    Herrscher of the Void (WARNING: UNMARKED SPOILERS)

"Humans, your existence is a mistake. War, deceit, jealousy, greed. You once took everything from me, but today I will devour everything. Because I am the Honkai!"

The wrath of Sirin, the second Herrscher, whose spirit Otto Apocalypse implanted into "K-423"'s artificial body in hopes of reawakening the second Herrscher. His plan "succeeds" at the end of chapter 8, when the Void Queen takes control of Kiana's body and fully awakens as the Herrscher of the Void once more.

She is playable as the awakened suit (S rank BIO type) of Knight Moonbeam. Her signature weapon is Keys of the Voidnote .

For more information on Sirin as she appeared in the 2nd Honkai War, see her folder here.

  • Badass Fingersnap: Gameplay-wise, the Herrscher of the Void can invoke her special attack, Time Tremor, with a snap of her fingers, and it's described by Otto as energy gathering near the enemy and the space around them collapsing, resulting in a large explosion that heavily damages them. In the "Will of the Herrscher" animation, she summons a large number of portals with a single fingersnap to send Anti-Entropy's artillery barrage back at them.
  • Big Eater: The one trait she seems to share with her host, amusingly.
    Food is the only good thing about human civilization.
  • Enemy Within: Before her awakening, she exists as a voice within Kiana that often haunts her in her nightmares. After the events of the Battle of Schicksal where she awakened and then got neutralized again, she continues to torment Kiana's mind, trying to break her host's will so that she can take over again. Even as Fu Hua restrains her, the former warns Kiana that she will eventually come back and Kiana would have to prepare for it. It's also revealed later that the two's inner fight inside Kiana's mind causes her body to slowly deteriorate, and her extra Herrscher Cores and her act of absorbing enough Honkai energy to level a whole city worsens it; while those two issues can be solved with external help, the enemy within Kiana will remain a fundamental problem, and only Kiana herself can solve it.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The only positive trait she has inherited from the original Sirin is the care for Benares. She teleported Himeko away before the Valkyrie could land the finishing blow on the dragon and, while she calls her a traitor for refusing to atack Kiana during Chapter 25, she simply sends her away rather than getting rid of her and later vanishes alongside her without any grudge between them.
  • Evil Is Hammy: True to how the original Sirin acted during the 2nd Honkai War, the Herrscher of the Void is theatrical and won't spend a second without making grand speeches about how humanity will meet its maker.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Her voice is much deeper, with Kiana's and Sirin's voices superimposed, a robotic tone and a slight echo.
  • Flashy Teleportation: In gameplay, whenever she teleports, there'll be a shrinking and expanding black sphere accompanying her.
  • Graceful Loser: She ultimately accepts her defeat at the hands of Kiana in Chapter 25 and, while she doesn't agree with her other half's ideals, she wishes her good luck before vanishing.
  • Grand Theft Me: At the end of Chapter 8, after the boss fight against "Herrscher Kiana" in the end, her mind starts taking over Kiana's, making her "alive" again. She's presumed to be gone after the fight with Himeko in the end of Chapter 9, but it's not made obvious - until ch. 11-EX, where it's shown that she's still alive inside Kiana, and tries to take over her body again. She's thwarted in the end by Fu Hua, but she notes that Sirin may resurface again in the future, and indeed Kiana has to fight the Herrscher's influence on her all the way until a final Battle in the Center of the Mind in chapter 25.
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: The fight against her at the end of Chapter 8 will end before you can deplete the boss' health, and then the scene afterwards shows her overpowering you.
  • Humans Are Insects: Her view about humans, which Himeko proceeds to make fun of.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight:
    • Prior to her full awakening, in ch. 6, she starts to influence Kiana, forcing Fu Hua to fight her to subdue her.
    • Later, when she awakens in full in ch. 8, Mei tries fighting her to free Kiana, but she ends up overpowering Mei. She briefly relapses when Mei touches her, but she soon takes control again. In ch. 9, Theresa and Fu Hua also try it, to no avail. It takes Himeko donning the Vermilion Knight battlesuit, pushing herself to her hardest (and beyond) to fight Kiana, and using the anti-Honkai serum on her, to neutralize her, at the cost of Himeko's life.
  • Improvised Platform: She, in a cutscene, is able to walk in the air with small shining platforms under her feet.
  • Knight of Cerebus: With her introduction, everything goes downhill, fast. What was at first a vague, looming threat becomes the source of much drama and Himeko's death.
  • Made of Evil: All of Sirin's hatred, rage, and loathing for mankind personified, with no trace of anything resembling warmth, compassion, or empathy, aside from the affection she shows for Benares. This is a far cry from the original Sirin, who still had feelings for her friends and desires for a normal, happy life.
  • Master of Illusion: When she's inside Kiana's mind, she can create illusions inside people's mind that feel real. This is how she "modified" the virtual recreation of the 2nd Honkai War in Chapters 5 and 6, as the story was seen from Kiana's perspective. In one of the supplementary comics, this is also likely the reason how the hologram of Siegfried is unnaturally emotive (and even directly speaks to Kiana and answers her) unlike the other holograms used by Theresa to test Kiana. The 2nd Eruption comic shows that she got this ability from Fu Hua's Fenghuang Down.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Herrscher of the Void fights differently from any other Kiana. She almost never uses her guns, her long-ranged attacks are flexible, and she has a Charged Attack instead of other Kianas' branch attacks. She's also among the few (such as her other suit, Knight Moonbeam) who's able to activate Ultimate Evasion's effectsnote  without actually evading an attack; instead, she can phase through enemies with her evasion move to activate it.
  • Not so Above It All: Whenever she shows up in events, she's often not taken as seriously as she is otherwise. In particular, the "Odd Drifter" event depicts her as a tantrum-throwing demi-goddess with shades of a Tsundere.
  • No True Scotsman: When confronting Kiana she keeps coming up with all manner of new reasons why Kiana is a fake, unlike her as Sirin reborn, as the Void Queen doesn't want to acknowledge that Kiana is Sirin as well, and that Sirin's wishes for happiness and family as represented by Kiana are stronger than Sirin's hatred as represented by her.
  • Oh, Crap!: She seems to dread the Vermilion Knight armor Himeko wears, as she recognized the Herrscher core used to power it, giving it the similar power as Judgement of Shamash's, the weapon that defeated her in the past.
  • Parasol of Pain: Her Parasol Kaiserin outfit turns her floating lances into sharp parasols.
  • Pocket Dimension: The battle between her against Himeko (in her Vermilion Knight battlesuit) takes place in one. When the Herrscher gets neutralized, the dimension starts to collapse.
  • Power Floats: She's always floating a few centimeters above the ground, much like Bronya.
  • Power Makes Your Hair Grow: She has longer and looser hair than normal Kiana.
  • Power Parasite: She, in Chapter 9, defeats Mei and then takes out her Herrscher core, critically injuring her in the process. This gives her access to Mei's abilities; in a later boss fight she can utilize lightning attacks as well, and becomes practically immune to lightning damage.
  • Revenge: Her entire reason for being, representing the original Sirin's desire to continue her crusade against mankind for her lifetime of pain and suffering.
  • Sadist: Just like the original Sirin, she's an utter misanthrope who intends to break Kiana's will in any way she can. When she manages to take over, she's sickened with the bonds with people that Kiana grew up with and she (in the past, that is) didn't get that she aims to kill them all one-by-one by her hands and then make Kiana realize it.
    "Sirin": Family, friends, happiness, dreams, future and hope... she does not deserve these. She is unworthy of these. She will never get these.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: Herrscher of the Void merely teleports away when her hit points reach zero rather than collapse like Kiana's other battlesuits.
  • Skyward Scream: Her final act after Himeko successfully injects the Honkai-neutralizing serum into her. It could be out of a mix of anger/frustration (after being foiled again) and/or pain.
  • Space Master: She's able to manipulate spacetime, allowing herself to do a lot of things such as teleporting around, distorting spacetime to create damaging spatial collapses, and creating dimensional portals, from which she can shoot spikes and summon Honkai Beasts, as well as (in story) turn any ranged attack back to the attacker (which is reused for her playable self as her Ultimate Skill).
  • Split Personality: As revealed in the epilogue of the 2nd Eruption manga and again made explicit in chapter 25, this Herrscher of the Void is not Sirin's ghost possessing Kiana, but a part of Kiana herself. Or rather, Kiana and the Void Queen are BOTH Sirin, who reincarnated into the otherwise Empty Shell of the K-423 clone and split into two opposing personalities due to Sirin's warring feelings for the world: Kiana is Sirin's innocent desire to have a fresh start as Cecilia's daughter, while the Void Queen is Sirin's enduring Omnicidal Maniac hatred, born of Honkai corruption and the suffering other humans put her through.
  • Stat Sticks: Unlike other versions of Kiana, she doesn't actually use her guns in her normal attacks. Her Idle Animation shows that she puts her guns inside one of her portals. She does, however, visibly attack with the guns if you choose to activate the weapon's active skill.
  • Super Mode: Her Charged Attack activates "Herrscher Mode" where, after a Badass Fingersnap attack that causes a large explosion, her attacks are faster and enhanced, and she moves faster as well. It runs off the special 2-part gauge above the HP gauge.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: By virtue of having the 2nd Herrscher's core inside her body, Kiana gets a Herrscher side that's awakened at the end of Chapter 8, courtesy of Otto from the previous chapter. She aims for humanity's destruction as a "Honkai agent" and she's much more powerful than Kiana thanks to her powers as a Herrscher. Subverted in the sense that she isn't necessarily stronger than Kiana, just that she has full access to and experience using the Void Core thanks to fully embracing Sirin's memories, and she lacks any moral restraints Kiana has.
  • Symbolic Wings: Unlike Knight Moonbeam, she has only one proper wing, while the other side has her lances arranged in the shape of a wing.
  • Tsundere: She takes this role in the Valkyrie Dorms. Mei even refers to the Herrscher as Kiana's "rebellious phase".
  • The Unfought: While she's confronted in Chapter 6, she's ultimately not a fightable boss, and instead is defeated in a cutscene by Cecilia. The whole chapter is revealed to be (partly) a lie that she made (inside Kiana's mind), anyway.
  • Upgraded Boss: She is fought in Chapter 8 where she attacks you with Power of the Void and shooting big spikes at you. In chapter 9, she absorbed Mei's Gem of Conquest and gains lightning powers that she'll use in the next boss fight against her, giving her new and upgraded attacks.
  • Villain Shoes: A few stages in Chapter 9 have you controlling Herrscher of the Void to battle Theresa's Violet Executer suit, and later, Fu Hua's Shadow Knight suit.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When Himeko proves to be a match for her, she angrily throws everything at her with reckless abandon. After Himeko injects her with a serum that neutralizes the Honkai energy inside her, all she can do is scream in pure rage. Downplayed during Chapter 25, as she ultimately accepts her defeat at the hands of Kiana.
  • Villain Has a Point: Kiana agrees with her that the world isn't fair and that there are humans truly worthy of being called despicable. However, unlike the Herrscher of the Void, that wants to kill everyone, Kiana seeks to fight in order to create a brighte future.
  • Walking Spoiler: Reading the entire data about her will reveal what happened from Chapters 7 to 9 entirely, as well as her true nature.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: She can create a black hole in her combo, which sucks nearby enemies to it and then damages them with Reverse Shrapnel of spikes.