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An organization founded in North America around the 60s. Like Schicksal, their primary aim is to respond against Honkai threats, and their technological level rivals that of Schicksal's. They primarily use robots as their frontline force. Despite their similar aims, the two organizations have some animosity against each other.

    General Tropes 
  • The Fettered: Despite sharing the similar goals with Schicksal, most of its members (save for Cocolia) will never accept human sacrifices as they value every individual within their ranks and their personal approach to reach their goal.
  • Nice Guy: Most of its higher ups are well-intentioned and reasonable, and doesn't hesitate to help people in need when the situation arises.
  • Renegade Splinter Faction: Originally the North American branch of Schicksal, its members distanced themselves from Schicksal and created a new organization with the similar purpose with its former parent organization, but refuses to use Valkyries and opts for mechs instead. They also act in secrecy after being labelled as terrorists by Schicksal.



    Walter "Welt" Yang 

Voiced by: Chaoxing Dai (Chinese, adult) / Yoshimasa Hosoya (adult), Mariya Ise (young) (Japanese)

The "Sovereign" of Anti-Entropy, and the "First Herrscher" (aka "Herrscher of Logic/Reason"). His first in-game appearance is in Chapter 9-EX2, although he has been featured in the supplementary comics.

He later is featured in a set of Stigmata.

  • Assist Character: In the mission after you rescued him in Post-Honkai Odyssey, he's not physically around, but he assists you from the back by using Star of Eden to gather enemies around so your team can beat them easily.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: While he's quite wise about it, deep down he desires to be a hero that saves the world, following the death of his "hero", Welt Joyce, where Joachim swore to him to follow his steps. He's said to repeatedly put himself in danger in battles against the Honkai.
  • Clark Kent Outfit: A special stigmata exclusive to the Chinese server that came as a bonus for purchasing a paperback copy of the Second Eruption comic reveals that Welt is very muscular underneath his clothes and clearly makes an effort to stay in shape.
  • Cool Old Guy: While scientists like Einstein and Tesla do not seem to have aged during the 60 odd years between Anti-Entropy's foundation and the present day, Welt looks the part and is clearly past his fifties when we see him in action during the 2nd Honkai War, having spent nearly a lifetime holding the power of the 1st Herrscher to help humanity and live up to Welt Joyce's legacy. He's also the producer of the in-universe 80s anime series Arahato, of which Siegfried is a fan. While he loses his original body during the war against Sirin, his ties to the Core of Reason allow him to reconstruct a younger body, which we see in every instance aside from the Second Eruption comic.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In Ch. 11, it's implied that the "versions" of his younger self seen in the Sea of Quanta's "bubble universes" reflect his dark past, only with different people filling the roles/in different places.
    • World 1 shows him being a young boy Escaped from the Lab (Schicksal's labs, specifically), who's Covered in Scars and could barely control his Herrscher abilities.
    • World 2 shows him being one of the kids in an orphanage. Before he ended up there, his father was a scientist who performed inhuman experiments in order to try to bring his wife back alive, and then gets killed by a priest for his crimes, who would then take the young boy to said orphanage. He was bitter about having his father die in front of him, and the priest admitted that it's hard to call what he did as "right" or "wrong".
    • World 3 shows an alternate timeline where he could have gone off the deep end rather than stay a genuinely heroic individual, as demonstrated by killing Sirin, taking her cores and then turning on Schicksal and the Valkyries, slaughtering everyone, with only Bronya being able to stop him.
  • Dead Guy Junior: His name is an alias he puts on as a honor to the real 1st Herrscher. His real name is "Joachim". Einstein also calls him with his real name when the situation's serious. In a supplementary comic that takes place in 2nd Honkai War, Otto (who had history with the real Welt) was surprised that Welt is supposedly alive again; when the two formally met eye to eye, Otto figured it out, calling him "Welt II".
  • Distressed Dude: In Post-Honkai Odyssey, the initial drive for our heroes to go to St. Fountain is to look for him, who went there on a business trip and then mysteriously lost contact. He's found just a few missions later, and he ends up using his Star of Eden to save the team from falling off the broken bridge. The reason the contact with him was lost is that something in the city has disrupted any normal ways of long distance communication and fooled the satellite imagings.
  • Don't Touch It, You Idiot!: In the 2nd Honkai War, Theresa touched a strange huge sphere on the frozen tundra. Welt told her to not do so, as it is a "Honkai chrysalis". It's too late, though - when she walked back, multiple energy hands suddenly pulled Theresa into the sphere.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Before his formal appearance, he cameo'd in the "Summer Memories" event, in the special story set in 2006. He's only partly seen (through his clothing) in the ripped photo of school age Himeko, and behind the photo (on the frame's base) is the writing "Wel-". He apparently was Himeko's teacher.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: As shown in the 2nd Eruption comic, his eyes gain red circles whenever he uses his Herrscher abilities.
  • Face Palm: When he felt exasperated at how Otto didn't taught Theresa all of the Oath of Judah's functions, he states it while doing this. Then when he saw Siegfried insisting to get in the "Honkai chrysalis" to save Theresa (who was just "abducted" into it) despite not knowing anything about it, he taught to himself that he has ran out of facepalms.
  • Face–Heel Turn: In the third bubble universe Bronya enters in the Sea of Quanta, he leads Anti-Entropy against Sirin and eventually absorbs her Herrscher core, only for him to turn on Schicksal and slaughter just about everyone out of revenge (because Schicksal slaughtered his comrades) without so much as an ounce of mercy.
  • Flight: As part of being a Herrscher, she can freely fly.
  • Fountain of Youth: At the end of ch. 10, he has been regressed into a child. It's presumably an effect of the Sea of Quanta that he's trapped in. Played with in that the "Joachim" that Bronya sees is apparently a "split" from the real Welt Young.
  • Gate Guardian: He (or more specifically the "image" of his younger self) acts as this in Ch. 11, specifically guarding the "space labyrinth" (that leads to the actual Sea of Quanta) that Bronya falls into. He also acts as Threshold Guardian for Bronya, with him throwing her towards the "bubble universes" in order to see how she would solve the problems in each one, and later telling her his aims, including warning her about the "Serpent".
  • Gravity Master: One of the most basic and common applications of his (copy of) Star of Eden is to multiply the gravity experienced by his target, which usually immobilizes them or brings them to their knees.
  • An Ice Person: His Stigmata set enhances the user's ice damage. While they're good on any ice Valkyrie that uses Charged Attack (such as Himeko's Kriegsmesser suit or Rita's Argent Knight suit), the set is best used on Herrscher of Reason (Bronya), quite fittingly.
  • Imagination-Based Superpower: His Herrscher power is to replicate anything that he can understand and remember in his mind, from weapons to war vehicles. It also includes Divine Keys, as long as he's familiar enough with how they work; he primarily uses the replica of the Star of Eden. There's seemingly no limit to this replication power, especially when he goes all out; best seen in the fight against the 2nd Herrscher where he repeatedly creates tanks, fighter planes, etc and sends them at her, causing massive destruction. The power also allows him to do the inverse: dismantling anything so long as he understands how they're made/built.
  • King Incognito:
    • As the 2nd comicnote  and the AE Invasion comic both show, he's been disguising himself as a history teacher at St. Freya for a while, with only people like Einstein recognizing him on the spot. He was looking into infos about the Sea of Quanta in St. Freya's archives, which led to the experiment in the Eye of the Deep with Einstein. That said, his marked absence prompted Cocolia to take the organization's reins with the aid of Welt clones and establish herself as the de facto leader. He talks about it in one of the chats in Post-Honkai Odyssey, reminiscing how teaching St. Freya was like and remembering Kiana, Bronya, and the young Mei.
    • In the "Alien Space" comic, in the part that takes place in 2005, he also posed as a substitute lecturer in Caltech University, teaching Himeko's class.
  • Leave Him to Me!: In 2nd Eruption comic, he and Siegfried confronts Sirin and an unconscious Theresa. He tells Siegfried to take Theresa away to the tower to get her treated while he'll handle Sirin. When Siegfried protests that Welt cannot do it alone, Welt has to remind him that Theresa needed help.
  • Many Spirits Inside of One: His Herrscher core houses over three hundred thousand souls, including Welt Joyce himself. Welt notes how it makes it impossible for him to even sleep, but he doesn't regret it, seeing how he got to experience the beauties of humanity.
  • Nom de Mom: "Young" is apparently his mother's surname.
  • Not Quite Dead: Due to how Herrscher Cores work, even his body disintegrating is not enough for him to be completely gone. During the 2nd Honkai War, Sirin stops him from detonating the Core of Reason via Explosive Overclocking, even absorbing it into herself to gain his powers. However, his consciousness still lingers around to thwart her plans, especially when Fu Hua inadvertently frees him from the Will of Honkai during her fight with Sirin in Fenghuang Down's dream world. His sheer force of will later allows him to rescue Siegfried and Cecilia from a Lotus-Eater Machine, as well as move the Arhat around to protect them from Sirin's Superpower Meltdown. In ch. 11, even after he was said to be "dispersed" into the Sea of Quanta, he's later revealed to still be fine inside his Herrscher Core. Even more than other Herrschers, his power allows him to reconstruct his own body while the other Herrschers need to possess an existing body to work; this happens both in 2nd Honkai War and in ch. 12, the latter after Kevin plucks the Core of Reason out of Bronya's body.
  • Older Than They Look: While he does grow to be adult-looking while his scientist acquaintances (who are older than him) still have the look of young teens, he still looks like someone in his early 30s at best even though he's at his 40s at the present; he doesn't change much in Post-Honkai Odyssey, which takes place 8 years after the end of the battle of Honkai. The "Alien Space" comic has Himeko's friend talking about it; she said that while many of the girls think Welt (their lecturer) looked "fine", he talks rather plainly, as if he's older than his looks suggested.
  • Passing the Torch: When he was a kid, he inherited his "Welt" title and his Herrscher core from the real 1st Herrscher, Walter "Welt" Joyce, who was dying back then. Then in ch. 11, he has Bronya inherit his power. After the two escape to the real world (from the Sea of Quanta), he starts properly teaching her how to use his power. When Roza and Lili come to them, the two think that Bronya might become a new "Welt", but she says that she will keep her name.
  • Pet the Dog: In one of the supplementary comics, when the young Siegfried was concerned with Cecilia taking too long back in the arcades, he went to find her, only to meet Walter, who told him to "pretend he never meets her". Angered, Siegfried tried attacking him, but the latter quickly brought him down, but not before calling Walter "trampler of people's dreams". When Siegfried was unconscious, Einstein came back to Walter, saying that she's done with taking Cecilia's blood samples and asked him if he wanted to bring Cecilia with them. He refused, saying that said woman and the unconscious guy have an unfulfilled promise and that they have no right to trample on their dreams.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He first showcases his powers in the Second Eruption comic by annihilating the hundreds of Honkai beasts that were swarming Babylon Tower. And even then, that's just a fraction of his actual power. When he first fights Sirin, he displays even greater destructive power by creating scores of tanks, military aircraft and even battleships to fire at the 2nd Herrscher. In World 3 of Chapter 11, it's implied he delivered an outright Curb-Stomp Battle against her, though this ends up being a bad thing, as he steals her core and goes on a rampage that results in a Kill 'Em All scenario.
  • Retired Badass: In Post-Honkai Odyssey, after the battle against the Honkai is over, he's mentioned to have been retired from Anti-Entropy and is now working as the head of an anime studio. He still at least has Star of Eden with him when in a pinch.
  • Right in Front of Me: In the "Alien Space" comic, when he was teaching in Himeko's class, she and her friend whispered about Welt, and in particular, how Himeko seemed to be smitten with him (after they went to New Mexico together to try to find aliens, only to find that it was a "hoax"). Thing is, Welt's hearing is much stronger than an average person's and he can hear their talk perfectly.
  • Rousing Speech: He delivers this in the most cautiously hopeful one near the end of the second act of Chapter 24.
    Welt: "We all know it hasn't been easy for AE since the first day it was founded. In 1976, when we were celebrating its 20th anniversary, I asked Professor Planck, one of the founders this question: where will the future of AE take us? Back then, Schicksal was hunting us, and we had no footing outside America. The research on Selene was going nowhere. I thought these unfavorable conditions were curbing the growth of our organization. But the professor disagree. "The future of AE depends on every single of us." She said so pointing at her own heart. "If we fight Schicksal calmly and bravely, they won't be able to stop us. If we keep working hard, AE will grow strong. And if one day we can open everyone's eyes to the good in this world, humanity will defeat Honkai for sure." And that, I believe, is the AE spirit."
  • Spell My Name with an "S": His surname is either "Young" or "Yang", though his Stigmata set, the comics and Post-Honkai Odyssey's English localization go with the latter. Considering that in Japanese version, his name is read as "Welt You", it's likely that "Yang" is the more proper spelling.note 
  • Uncertain Doom:
    • In an early chapter of 2nd Eruption comic, Sirin seemingly defeated him and then warped him towards Benares' mouth, leaving behind only his glasses. However, in the next chapter, he tore his way out through the beast's throat.
    • Chapter 9-EX2 shows one of Einstein's research logs (as seen through Bronya). It depicted the last time Einstein was with Walter, i.e some time after the 2nd Honkai War. The two were conducting an experiment with the "Eye of the Deep" (implied to be some kind of "gate/door") before an anomaly occurred; Walter tried to stop it with Star of Eden's gravity powers, but they ended up getting sucked into a strange place called "Sea of Quanta". There, they met a giant, black snake-like being called "World Serpent", which was the cause of the aforementioned anomaly. Walter tried fighting this creature, while telling Einstein to escape with the dimensional anchoring that they've set up. In the present, Einstein claims that Walter was still in "the Deep", but his fate remains unknown.
    • Ch. 11 makes it somewhat clearer: He ended up using the last of his powers to create a "barrier" (in form of the strange dimension that Bronya entered) that separates the Sea of Quanta from the real world in order to prevent the World Serpent from going out and causing calamity. He's ultimately "dispersed" into the Sea of Quanta, leaving only his Herrscher Core as the Cosmic Keystone for the barrier, and the "image" of his younger self around as the guardian of the barrier, who would then guide Bronya around. In ch. 12, he's revealed to still be alive, confined in his Herrscher Core that Bronya is currently using, and talking directly to her. At the climax of said chapter, after Kevin takes the Core of Reason from her, Welt rematerializes himself with the core's power to try to take Kevin's Gem of Desire (though he failed). He then gets separated from Bronya and Seele due to the the Sea of Quanta becoming unstable; Bronya tells the contacting Einstein that he's still alive, and Einstein tries to have someone search and rescue him. In the end of the chapter, he's saved and is on board of the Hyperion.
  • Weak, but Skilled: In comparison to other Herrschers, Welt cannot draw the full power of his Core due to being a transplant from the original Welt Joyce and thus won't last long in a battle of raw power against Sirin. However, he makes up for it by being extemely ingenious with the various applications of his limited Herrscher powers. For example, he once fooled Sirin on the Moon by baiting her into fighting back against Star of Eden's black hole, knowing full well that making her stay near its event horizon would dilate time to the point where one minute roughly equals an hour in real time.
  • We Need a Distraction: Around the beginning of the 2nd Honkai War, he keeps sending war machine after war machine after Sirin, even as she learned to distort space to redirect his attacks back at him. Beneath all the chaos, however, he secretly sends a message to Einstein and Tesla to launch the "silver bullet" at Sirin. As she captures him, he lets out a confident grin... as the "bullet" descends from the sky at very high speed. The shocked Sirin only barely notices it and abruptly uses her power to redirect it beneath the earth. It still causes a huge explosion that damages her badly (while Welt protects himself in time).
  • White Sheep: The 2nd Herrscher called him a "Honkai renegade". This is because he still has his human consciousness and is fighting for humanity, but due to this, he has no control over Honkai Beasts unlike other Herrschers. Somewhat fittingly, his power is also the most "human" out of the Herrschers: the representation of human ingenuity. This would later apply to Bronya as well, after she inherits the Herrscher Core from him.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Welt came incredibly well prepared in order to deal with Sirin during the 2nd Honkai War; he always planned things in advance with a rough knowledge of the 2nd Herrscher's growing potential, and also had a backup plan in case the original one went south. His trek on the Moon with Siegfried was more about retrieving Soul Steel shards that contained knowledge that could be useful against the Herrscher, with Welt himself acting as a decoy against Sirin, knowing that his chances of going toe-to-toe with her are next to zero. Even after his physical body is destroyed, his consciousness is able to plan out additional steps to thwart Sirin from inside her mind.
  • You Owe Me: After he saved Siegfried from Assaka, he said this to the latter. This was after Siegfried told him to just sit back and not get in his way, only for Siegfried to end up in a pinch. The Schicksal Knight had to politely ask Welt for help; the latter cherishes this opportunity to pay him back.



Voiced by: Ziyi Qin (Chinese), Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese)

Lizelle Albert Einstein is one of the head scientists of Anti-Entropy. She appeared in Chapter 8, assisting Theresa and the other Schicksal Valkyries from the Hyperion when they joined forces with Anti-Entropy to take on Otto.

Also available as two stigmata sets.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In the "Gemina Invasions" event in version 4.1, in the beginning, Einstein tells Tesla that in case she didn't understand what happened, she would have to read the "Gemina Invasions" spinoff comic. Tesla lampshades it, asking Einstein who she's actually talking to.
  • Charged Attack: Her "normal" stigmata set's individual effects are about strengthening the user's charged attacks in different ways, as well as some bonus effects.
  • Critical Status Buff: One of Einstein T's effects is to give the user increased power when their health is below 33%. Before the Balance Buff, all of her "normal" stigmata's effects only activate when the user's health is below 33%.
  • Damage Reduction: Her "normal" stigmata's 3-Set Bonus will reduce the damage taken when the user is close to the enemies.
  • Ditzy Genius: As Eins says, Einstein could sometimes be eccentric and says nonsensical things, but she's a good girl at heart.
  • Faking the Dead: Official Schicksal records state that she died in a freak accident, but she probably made that up when transitioning to Anti-Entropy. This allows her to hack through the highest security clearances of Schicksal's archives thanks to a 60-year-old special bypass that Otto couldn't get rid of.
  • Famous Ancestor: She has the real Albert Einstein as her ancestor.
  • In-Series Nickname: Tesla usually calls her "Mophead".
  • Morality Pet: In ch. 11, as implied in the 3rd bubble universe, without her, Tesla and the rest of Anti-Entropy's founders alivenote , the leader of Anti-Entropy goes into the full-blown Roaring Rampage of Revenge, bent on eradicating Schicksal and willingly giving in to the Honkai influence.
  • Older Than They Look: She was active back in the 50s when the First Herrscher was first manifested, and stays alive to the present without looking any older. She knows both the 1st Herrscher and his successor personally, and is one of the founders of Anti-Entropy. At the very least, she'd be in her seventies.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue towards Tesla's red. Einstein is calm, collected, and level-headed, and her dialogue tends to be Spock Speak. This comparison even extends to their respective Titans; while Eistein's is grey-coloured and analytical, Tesla's is red and flustered by the shoddy landing.
    Einstein's Titan: Landing trajectory offset by 0.18 degrees. Revisiting algorithms...
    Tesla's Titan: KYAA! Landing compromised by mushy snow.
  • Robot Buddy: She owns a robot drone named Eins. It is your main companion during the Raid stages "Matrix Space", and it later is accompanied by another drone called Zwei. Her Einstein Band stigmata, aside from giving the user general stat buffs, also gives them an Attack Drone modeled after Eins that attacks in the similar way Eins does in Matrix Raid. In the 2nd Honkai War, she used multiple copies of Eins to decimate a lot of Honkai Beasts.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: In the Eisntein Band stigmata set, she wears different dresses that make her more beautiful overall compared to her normal self.
  • Situational Damage Attack: Her "normal" stigmata's 2-Set Bonus increases the user's attack power the further they are from the enemy.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Her first name is occasionally spelled as "Lieserl".
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: While she is surveying the deeper parts of The Deep in ch. 10, Eins stumbles upon Cocolia talking with a shadowy figure. Another one (that looks similar to "Gray Serpent") appeared behind Einstein herself with gun in hand and seemingly shot her to unconsciousness. She went missing the next day. Ch. 12 reveals that she's still alive, seemingly being put inside a cell, where she meets Schrodinger, who was thought to be missing after an experiment with the Sea of Quanta. Einstein later appears again in person to meet Theresa and Cocolia with Schrodinger in tow, implying that the latter freed her.


Voiced by: Xiaotong Le (Chinese), Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese)

Frederika Nikola Tesla is another of Anti-Entropy's head scientists. Like Einstein, she joined up with Theresa's efforts to stop Otto's plans. She would later help Himeko in ch. 9 and then keep allying with Theresa in later chapters.

Like Einstein, she has two Stigmata sets.

  • Ace Custom: In the 2nd Honkai War, her custom Titan Mecha is red-colored compared to the standard dark gray.
  • Bound and Gagged:
    • She gets subjected to this by Rita during the background events of ch. 9 to try to stymie her from interfering with Otto activating Kiana's Herrscher side. As Himeko is freeing her, she angrily remarks on how Rita was apologizing as she was tying her to the chair, and even put some perfume on the scarf used as the gag. Himeko, for her part, is very impressed by the beauty of the knotwork.
    • In the middle ch. 16, when Mei comes back to the Roost after running away from Benares, she finds Tesla missing from the place (she's supposed to keep guard while Mei was away). Later, Raven reveals that she has bound and hidden Tesla inside one of the shed. Raven ran to Tesla first when she came to the Roost, and a misunderstanding occured, and Tesla ended up yelling "some impolite words" that Raven had to gag her out of concern for the kids around.
  • Chain Lightning: The Tesla Band stigmata's 2-Set Bonus effect makes the user's normal attack after 4 hits (cooldown 15 seconds) cause lightning to jump from the target to the nearest enemies, up to 3, and paralyze them. Its 3-set bonus effect strengthens the power of said lightning.
  • Destructive Savior: In "Gemina Invasions: Deep Paradise Arc" event, while Tesla is the protagonist who's trying to stop Roza and Lili's antics from ruining the Sea of Quanta's worlds, she ended up using her "villainous mind" (she used to be a "bad girl" in the "Gemina Invasions" spinoff comic) to cause numerous damage to the Deep Paradise park as she goes through her (mis)adventures. Durandal, the owner of the park, points this out at the climax of the event.
  • Dramatic Irony: In ch. 17, when Kiana and Mei bring Benares to the flying ship Helios, Tesla reacts by saying: "We took in cyborgs, refugees, and now we're getting a huge dragon. What's next? A World Serpent officer?" Little does she know that later, Mei ends up joining the World Serpent, although she also goes away from the Helios after that.
  • Famous Ancestor: She's one of the real Nikola Tesla's descendants.
  • Fiery Redhead: Among the Anti-Entropy's scientists, she's the redhead and the most vocal and proud about her stuff.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Oddly with Nancy T. Edison who currently works with opposing faction. To a lesser extent, she also has one with Einstein.
  • Girlish Pigtails: She has her hair tied to this style, presumably to mark her as less mature.
  • Injured Vulnerability: The "normal" Tesla stigmata's individual effects are about increasing damage dealt against enemies under paralyzed, frozen or stunned status. Their 2-Set Bonus effect also increases damage against enemies with their shield gauge emptied.
  • Mad Scientist: Downplayed. She's more of a loudmouth with rather bold (and at times nonsensical) scientific ideas, but she isn't outright mad.
  • Meganekko: She wears glasses to invoke a genius image.
  • Mini-Mecha: Her custom mechs tend to be red-colored. In particular, she has a special mech that primarily appears in the Schicksal HQ Open World (and later ch. 16) that has more firepower than any other mecha of similar build. It has dual rotary cannons, homing missile launchers, and a huge main turret that turns it into a stationary turret mode.
  • Mundane Utility: Mei uses her special mech in ch. 16 to carry boxes of curry (that Mei cooks herself) to the people in the Roost. Though it helps that she's also fighting Honkai Beasts along the way with it.
  • Older Than They Look: Like Einstein, it's implied that she has lived for much longer than her young look suggests. Since she looks the same as when she founded Anti-Entropy in 1955, she's at least in her seventies despite looking like a teenage girl.
  • Power Fist: She always wears a mechanical gauntlet on her left hand.
  • Professor Guinea Pig: In chapter 9, she manages to replicate an anti-Honkai serum from the Schicksal's database. To test it, she intentionally infects herself with some Honkai energy, then uses a bit of the serum on herself. Honkai infection lines appear on her hand, but after a few seconds, they disappear.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red towards Einstein's blue. She is hot-headed, brash, and quite the loudmouth, and her dialogue is much less formal. This can be seen with their interactions with Mei: while Einstein is usually cold and insensitive (through no fault of her own), Tesla frequently tries to empathize with Mei and comfort her with her words whenever Mei's feeling down; it helped that they've been together for a few months in Helios. Later, after the events of ch. 17note , Tesla ponders about what Mei ended up doing (i.e joining the World Serpent) and wonders if it's their fault (for not being able to find a way to help Kiana). She literally beats herself up over it, with Einstein telling her that doing so isn't going to help; she says that they're going to talk about it with their Sovereign (Welt) to try to find a solution to this whole mess, and that it's not the time for regrets.
  • Robot Buddy: Like Einstein, she also has drones, 3 in her case.
  • Running Gag: Ever since her and Rita's "interaction" in ch. 9, quite a number of events have them interact again, where Tesla feels sick whenever she has to deal with the maid. She also constantly calls Rita "perv maid".
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: She wears more beautiful dresses in the Tesla Band stigmata set.
  • Shock and Awe: Her Tesla Band set is mainly used to strengthen your lightning-elemental Valkyries. Its B version gives the user extra lightning damage in their attacks and its 3-Set Bonus gives another extra lightning damage. The "top" part of her other set boosts damage against paralyzed enemies, a debuff mostly given by lightning users like Lightning Empress, Hawk of the Fog or Phantom Iron.
  • Sounds of Science: Unlike the serious Einstein, Tesla talks a lot and keeps gloating about her intelligence. Events usually label her as "Noisy Red-haired Girl".


Voiced by: Zhixiao Liu (Chinese), Megumi Han (Japanese)

Erwin Schrodinger is one of the five founding scientists of Anti-Entropy along with Einstein, Tesla, Edison and Planck. Prior to the game's story, she performed an experiment that ended up sucking her into the Sea of Quanta, where she found a plethora of information, notably the origins of the Equipment: Living Form (or ELF).
Also available as two Stigmata sets.

  • Big Damn Heroes: She shows up near the end of ch. 12, locating Bronya and Seele when the Sea of Quanta starts becoming unstable. Einstein then activates the Eye of the Deep to open a portal for them. Previously, when Einstein is supposedly incarcerated after being attacked by the Gray Serpent, Schrodinger shows up outside Einstein's cell and then opens it for her.
  • Cooldown Manipulation: Schrodinger M stigma's effect is to reduce the cooldown of Ultimate Evasion or Ultimate Skill by up to 51%, with a 50% chance.
  • Critical Failure: What makes the regular Schrodinger stigmata set Awesome, but Impractical is that, barring the T version, the other versions (and the 2-set bonus) all have a 50-50 chance to cause a negative effect instead of a positive one (like taking increased damage, having increased cooldown on Ultimate Evasion or Ultimate Skill, or getting no SP at all from attacks).
  • Critical Hit: In a different way from normal critical hits in the game—Schrodinger T stigma's effect is that every 6 seconds, any basic (i.e non-Ultimate or Burst) attacks will deal either 205% or 52% extra damage (the chance is 50-50) for a short period (around a second). This is good for characters with slow attack rate and/or powerful branch/charged attacks.
  • Dimensional Traveler: When she's trapped in the Sea of Quanta, she traveled from one bubble universe to another, seeing the vast amount of worlds and their differences.
  • Gathering Steam: The effects of the Schrodinger Band stigmata set's pieces go like this: it buffs each attack that hits (the buffs differ for each piece) and the buffs stack for up to 7 times (the max), after which the user will gain an extra buff (differs for each piece) for 5 seconds (7 if you use 2 pieces together). After those seconds passed, all of the buffs will be gone and the user would have to build it again.
  • Irony: After she went missing in the Sea of Quanta due to a disastrous experiment on the Eye of the Deep, she ended up becoming a half-quantum being, just like the concept of Schrödinger's Cat.
  • Liminal Being: This is what she ended up being after an experiment Gone Horribly Wrong. Half of her body is normal, the other half is semi-transparent due to being in a quantum state.
  • Secret-Keeper: After Schrodinger watches the Previous Era Einstein's recording in the ELFs' world which shows the ELFs' past lives, she decides to delete the recordings, seemingly agreeing with Einstein that the ELFs deserve their peaceful life and thus don't have to remember about their violent past.


Other Major Members

    Cocolia Orphanage 

An orphanage led by Cocolia, an ex-Soviet military who managed to gain a lot of influence within Anti-Entropy. While not all of the orphans work for the organization, they still have ties to Cocolia. For more info on them, see this page.

Mecha and Equipment

    MSR- 7 Wotan

The end boss of Chapter 4. A Humongous Mecha made inside the ME Corp. building which belongs to the Anti-Entropy.

  • Auto-Scrolling Level: Some challenge stages in the "New Century" event are "obstacle runs" where Wotan runs forward continuously; there are obstacles such as lifted bridges, elevated/lowered road sections and Bottomless Pits that Wotan has to smash through or jump over to the finish line. In the story part of the event, Kiana, controlling the mech, has to run from the AE base to where the 8th Angel is estimated to fall in order to intercept it; later, Asuka does the same to steer the Angel-corrupted Wotan into the rift into the Sea of Quanta that she emerged from, in order to save Nagazora from being destroyed when Wotan's self-destruct goes off.
  • Background Boss: It stays in the background, and you can attack either its body or its Giant Hands of Doom to damage it.
  • BFG: In the "New Century" event, in the battle against the 6th Angel, Wotan is equipped with a giant positron cannon on its right hand. Its energy use is so massive, the Anti-Entropy have to reroute all power in Nagazora for Wotan just to fire it.
  • The Bus Came Back: The Schicksal HQ Open World reveals what happened to it after Chapter 4: Schicksal salvaged it and put it inside their base. When your Anti-Entropy forces invade Schicksal HQ, Einstein is surprised to meet her group's mech again and plans to use it for their invasion plan.
  • Cephalothorax: When it Turns Red, its head disappears and its torso reveals a huge face.
  • Charged Attack: As its playable form in the "New Century" event, it has both the "hold" and "collect" variant of the trope. Its normal attack can be charged to make it do a powerful Ground Pound attack that deal increasingly stronger and wider shockwaves, while its evasion move can be charged to make it do a Dash Attack at the target, with it gaining longer distance and greater strength the longer you charge it. When you hold the button, the 3 pink bars on top of its HP bar will slowly get filled, then they are used when the button is released. The pink bars can also be filled by evading or defending in time, or just by holding the Defend Command button; so that when you want to launch a charged attack, the button doesn't have to be held as long for a stronger version of the attack. You can have an upgrade that allows it to be Immune to Flinching as it charges its attack.
  • Crafted From Animals: A week-long monthly event allows you to acquire weapons themed after the mech as a Random Drop, either a sword for Himeko or a pair of guns for Kiana.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: As its playable form in the "New Century" event, it controls rather differently from regular human fighters you usually control. Tilting the "stick" at the sideways or backwards direction will make Wotan strafe to that direction instead of turning around; you have to turn around by turning the camera sideways. It also cannot quickly cancel its attacks to either its evasion move or its Defend Command, unlike the usual gameplay.
  • Dub Name Change: Its original name is "MSR-7 Deus".
  • Fighter-Launching Sequence: The "New Century" event has a sequence where the Wotan is released and launched into the battlefield from its base.
  • Ground Punch: Its main attack. In a variant, it has an attack where its hand opens its pistons and it smashes said hand down, causing jets of flame to run across the ground.
  • Having a Blast: It can create multiple explosions that track your current location.
  • Heroic Second Wind: The robot equivalent of it at least. In the "New Century" event, storywise, just like Shinji and EVA-01 at the beginning, Wotan (piloted by Mei) can only move sluggishly at first, and it gets beat down hard by the 4th Angel. However, its synchronization level suddenly reaches 200%, and it reveals a stronger form (which the Anti-Entropy members attributed to hidden mechanisms made by Welt, its designer); it then proceeds to beat the Angel to death.
  • Laser Cutter: It has a move where it fires a sweeping laser that ends in an explosion. The sword dropped by it can perform a similar move.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child:
    • It's mainly powered by Wendy's Herrscher core, exhausting her life in the process.
    • The Evangelion collab event "New Century" gives it a slightly similar twist: according to Einstein, Welt built it to contain himself as the 1st Herrscher. Like how the Evangelions were made with the Angels' flesh, there's the irony that the supposed "last resort" against the Herrschers is itself powered by one. When Welt was missing in the Sea of Quanta, he left his Herrscher Core behind, which is then used on Bronya, allowing her to pilot the Wotan as well; although, as an artificial Herrscher, she isn't completely capable at it. While most people thought one would need to have high "Honkai adaptability" in order to pilot Wotan, the truth is that this "adaptability" comes from its pilots being Herrschers - including Kiana and Mei.
  • Promoted to Playable: The Evangelion collab event "New Century" sees it becoming playable, as a stand-in for the Evangelions.
  • Sudden Name Change: An update changes its name from "Godfather" into "Wotan". Einstein still calls it "Godfather" in cutscenes, though.
  • Third-Person Shooter: A few challenge stages in the "New Century" event make Wotan fight like this, with an Arm Cannon that can rapidfire small shots and occasionally fire strong missiles.
  • Vacuum Mouth: After it Turns Red, the large mouth on its torso is capable of sucking you towards it for a bite.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Despite Einstein claiming that she's going to use it for Anti-Entropy's invasion plan on Schicksal, it never comes to pass. The 2nd anniversary event and, later, the "Gemina Invasions" event also jabs on this fact.
    Recharging 10%...25%...50%...70%...90%...90%......


The end boss of the Extra Story "Chapter Xuanyuan". It's a stronger variant of the Titan Mecha mook, used by Anti-Entropy when they invade the underwater cave that our Valkyrie team is exploring.

  • Counter-Attack: It can enter a defensive mode where it deploys a Deflector Shield. If it gets attacked in melee, the attacker will flinch and it'll immediately do a counterattack.
  • Dub Name Change: Its original name is "Godfather".
  • Flunky Boss: In the Memorial Arena version of the battle, it'll be accompanied by 4 Titan Mechas. Upon ascending in rank, some of the mechas become their better versions, culminating in the SS-rank where they are all copies of Padrino (but with only a single life bar each).
  • Gold-Colored Superiority: It's gold-colored and is the stronger boss version of the Titan Mechas.
  • Ground Punch: One of its moves is to smash the ground with its fist (it might run towards you first before this).
  • Ground Wave: Its Ground Punch and Shockwave Stomp moves cause waves of energy that creeps along the ground.
  • King Mook: Of the Titan Mecha mooks.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Downplayed in that it moves relatively slowly, but it has a move where it runs quickly towards you. Played straight in the SS-rank Memorial Arena version of the fight, where its walking speed is increased drastically, making it harder to chase it as it walks around.
  • Power Fist: There's a stronger version of it that has 2 enlarged piston-like fists, called "Fire Spirit Titan". It has several different attacks that uses the fist, such as a stronger Ground Punch and shooting a pulse-like energy shot from said fist. Many of its attacks will also put you in an "ignited" state.
  • Shockwave Stomp: One of its moves is to stomp the ground in front of itself, causing a small quake that hits all around it. It's fully Immune to Flinching during the animation.
  • Turns Red: At lower health, the blue lines on its body turn red and it becomes fully Immune to Flinching and most status ailments, and it also gains a special shield in front of its body at all times that flinches melee attackers (or laser-shooting Bronya) and reflects projectiles directly to the shooter, forcing you to attack from behind.

    MH T3-PAX

An automated war vehicle of Anti-Entropy's creations, it's armed with multiple weapons and covered in thick armor. It first appears in ch. 11 where the Alternate Universe version of Welt creates it using his power as the 1st Herrscher.

  • Attack Its Weak Point: it takes most damage to its "head", while its other parts will only take reduced damage thanks to its thick armor. The "head" is concealed behind its front wheels at the start, but after you attack it enough (i.e after you deplete one of its HP bars), it will "split" its front half in two and reveal the head, after which it whips out stronger attacks. It can still periodically close its front half and open it again, sometimes as a way to attack you if you stand in between them. Special attacks that "hits the enemy's core" can damage its head directly even when its front half is closed, such as Sixth Serenade's "Raven Mark" effects or Sakuno Rondo's "scorching Sakura Marks".
  • Death from Above:
    • It can fire napalm bombs upwards, which then fall onto your position, leaving patches of fire at their wake.
    • After it Turns Red, it can deploy multiple floating bombs that try to track your position, then fall near you and explode.
    • Its strongest attack is to fire a nuclear missile upward, and then guard itself by "closing" its front half. You can forcibly "open" them by attacking the 2 buttons at the sides of the tank, causing it to take huge damage when the nuke explodes. Hiding behind the tank in time will also let you be protected from the nuke's explosion.
  • Dub Name Change: Its original name is "MHT3 - Messenger of Peace".
  • Gatling Good: At the start, it uses 2 gatling guns with Laser Sights that will aim at you at long range. They cannot hit you at close range, however, because they're put at the top part of the tank.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: One of its moves after it Turns Red is to fire multiple homing missiles.
  • Move in the Frozen Time: This boss is completely immune to Time Slow and Time Fracture effects.
  • Ramming Always Works: Sometimes it attacks by simply ramming towards your player character. It tends to move from one end of the stage to another when it does so, so you have to chase after it. It can also ram backwards if you're behind it.
  • Tank Goodness: A more mobile, futuristic, powerful tank, one of the testaments of Anti-Entropy's technology.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Its front half can fire big lasers, while its "head" can fire an even bigger laser. It also has a move where it spins 720 degrees while continuously firing its lasers.

After the battle in Schicksal HQ, Tesla developed a general-purpose prototype defense mech with all-new tech. It can carry stuff, respond to emergencies, and double as a security bot. Though she was made prisoner by Schicksal for a while, Tesla managed to escape and even steal plenty of secrets.

This boss previously only appeared in event stages and in Memorial Arena; it starts being mentioned in the background of chapter 16.

  • Belated Backstory: For quite some time, it had no Flavor Text and no background appearances. Only in future updates did it get a backstory.
  • Death from Above: It can summon airstrikes from above, dropping multiple bombs at different points in the arena.
  • Dual Wielding: It wields 2 large cleaver-like swords. It can combine the swords into a Double Weapon for a few attacks.
  • Effective Knockoff: This boss is basically Tesla's version of Schicksal's Baldur. While it looks much blockier and tackier, it has superior firepower and capabilities.
  • Energy Weapon: It can shoot straight beams out of its swords. It also has a move where it stands in the middle of the arena, then spins its swords around it as they continuously shoot lasers.
  • Immune to Flinching: while most bosses are immune to being flinched by your attacks, there's a way to temporarily dispel its "super armor": by evading some of its attacks (accompanied by a red flash) in time. If you succeed in doing so, the boss can be flinched and even juggled temporarily.
  • Mistaken Identity: In ch. 16, when the robot is helping to fix some parts of the Roost, the refugees mistake it for "Arahato" (a mecha anime in the game's world). An exasperated Tesla tells the kids that they've been watching too much television.
  • Move in the Frozen Time: It is completely immune to Time Slow effects.
  • Shock and Awe: Many of its attacks deal lightning damage, and can paralyze your characters.
  • Spin Attack: It has a quick spin attack with its swords. It then leaves a ring of electricity or fire on the ground.
  • Super Mode: Its Armor Meter gauge is replaced with a different one, that slowly fills up, and fills faster when it "recharges" and you're attacking it. Once it's full, it'll enter a mode where it becomes briefly invincible and its attacks are laced with fire, trading its paralyzing capabilities for sheer raw damage. The gauge then slowly depletes; when it's empty, it'll turn back normal.
  • Switch-Out Move: Inverted - it can deploy devices at the corners of the arena that create "no switching out" circles. If you stand on their radius, you cannot switch out unless you either move out of its range, or destroy them with your attacks. The ELFs you may carry will also prioritize them over the boss.
  • Sword Beam: In its Super Mode, some of its sword attacks shoot slow-moving crescent beams.
  • Sword Plant: It has 2 moves like this where it plants its swords to the ground: one where it creates a paralyzing circle, and another (in Super Mode) where it causes a massive explosion.
  • Three-Strike Combo: One of its basic moves is to perform a 3 strike attack with its swords.


The Arhat is a sleek, ninja-like mech that was featured in the in-universe anime series AraHato broadcasted during the eighties. While on the surface it was a successful show with lots of merchandise and various adaptations, in reality it was a ploy by Anti-Entropy to create a 1-to-1 scale model of the titular mech that could fly to the Moon. It is also featured in the Reburn short video as Kiana's opponent.

  • Animated Armor: While it is normally piloted by either Siegfried or Einstein, Welt shows that his consciousness can move the mech around by sheer force of will.
  • BFS: The katana it carries around is massive, enough for Kiana to do a long-winded Blade Run in the Reburn animation.
  • Big Damn Heroes: The Arhat is instrumental in depriving Sirin of a great deal of her power, stripping the Herrscher of the Gem of Conquest while she's busy fighting Welt in the dream world. It also shields Siegfried and Cecilia from Sirin's Superpower Meltdown.
  • Cyber Ninja: this giant robot is modeled after a ninja.
  • Defictionalization: An in-universe example, as the AraHato anime series and associated products and adaptations were all created by Anti-Entropy in order to gain enough funds to build the real deal. Siegfried, who grew up watching that show, positively squees when he finds out about this.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: The Arhat appears in the Reburn animation without much context to go with other than pursuing Kiana; long before it makes its appearance in the Second Eruption comic, which explains its relevance to the story.
  • Humongous Mecha: Of all the weapons Anti-Entropy could send to the Moon, it had to be this work of art, which moves around just like a normal human being despite its massive size.


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