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Three is a magic number, even when it comes to fighting. Often times in video games a character's most basic combo will consist of three attacks in rapid succession with the last hit dealing slightly more damage than the first two.

Often the most basic combo attack in the game being performed by simply pressing the attack button three times in a row. Sometimes the various hits that comprise the combo can be upgraded as the character Levels Up, or the combo can be extended to having four or more consecutive hits.


Subtrope of Rule of Three.


Action Games

  • The Matrix: Path of Neo has either three punches or two punches and a kick, depending on how fast you press the buttons.
  • Devil May Cry: Dante's default combo with his Rebellion are 3 strokes. With certain tricks, he can perform an alternative combo with more strokes.

Action Adventure Games

  • Super Mario 64: The basic right-left-kick combo might be the Trope Codifier for 3D games. Yah-Wah-Hoo!
  • Double Dragon might be the Ur-Example, the first kick upgrade turns your third kick into a roundhouse, the last upgrade turns it into a leaping roundhouse that's one of the strongest moves in the game.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had four different three point combos depending on which direction the control stick was being held. Left horizontal, Right horizontal, Vertical and Thrust.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Your character typically starts with a three point combo, but it can be lengthened, shortened or otherwise altered depending on what Keyblade you have equipped and what skills you're using.
    • In Chain of Memories, attack cards do different amounts of damage depending on which part of the combo you use them in, so when playing as Sora, it's best to group cards in the order of Strike->Thrust->Finish strength. Riku's attack cards are all identical, but it's still useful to keep track of the second hit of his combo: in Dark Mode, it inflicts a stun effect.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Sonic Advance: Sonic and Knuckles had three-point combos.
    • Sonic Heroes: Each power formation had a three point combo that became increasingly flashy and destructive with each Level Up. At mid strength they typically included some type of flamethrower, at max power they had some type of explosive.
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  • Donkey Kong 64: each Kong had a three point combo. Donkey Kong could perform his combo with just two button presses, since the first hit was a double-attack, making it a curious example.
  • In Kid Icarus: Uprising, all weapons that aren't clubs or claws have three-hit melee combos.
  • In Beyond Good & Evil, Jade does this with her kicks, building up to a high kick.
  • In Diablo III, all of the Monk's Primary attacks work like this, releasing a powerful blow on the third strike. They can be mixed up, using two strikes from one technique and the third from another, or any other combination.
  • LEGO Star Wars: All lightsaber wielders and the Magnaguard use a three-point combo, with the third hit being flashier than the initial two. If the third hit is timed perfectly, it deals extra damage and hits through an opponent's block.

Fighting Games

  • Chain combo systems in Fighting Games typically rely on a three-hit chain: Light-Medium-Heavy. This appears in countless fighters, including Street Fighter Alpha (the first one, but not the two sequels, unless—to a degree—your name is Guy or Gen), nearly every fighter related to the Marvel vs. Capcom series, BlazBlue, and Skullgirls.
    • Codified for special moves in the form of Fei Long's Rekkaken (lit. Raging Fire/Conflagration Fist), a three-input special attack. A number of other attacks in later fighting games would follow several examples akin and/or different from this, where the Fan Nickname "Rekka" is often used to term these types of attacks that follow the original example more closely.
  • Super Smash Bros.: About half the cast has a three point combo achieved by pressing A three times. When possible, the combos are lifted straight out of the characters' original games. Mario uses his combo from Super Mario 64, and Snake uses his from Metal Gear Solid.
  • Mace: The Dark Age bases its combo system on each character having several three-button-press combos exclusive to each character, which can then be followed up with various special moves.

First Person Shooters


  • Melee-based classes in Final Fantasy XIV have three-weaponskill combos as the basis of their attack rotation. Each skill only does its full damage and applies its additional effects when used immediately after the previous skill in the combo (helpfully marked "Combo Action" in the tooltip). For some classes (Rogue/Ninja, tanks), effective combat relies on effectively weaving in non-combo skills while making sure to keep the combo going. Other classes (Lancer/Dragoon, Samurai) have complicated branching combos that must be used in the right order.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

  • Heroes of the Storm
    • Thrall has the Windfury ability, which increases his attack speed for three attacks. This trope kicks in with the attack animation, which incorporates a sideways swing, a jumping uppercut, and a downward strike from midair. He can take a late-game talent to have the third hit deal bonus damage.
    • Kharazim chooses between one of three passive abilities at the start of the game to either allow every third attack to deal bonus damage, heal a nearby ally, or restore Kharazim's own mana (and, after triggering enough times, reduce his cooldowns).
    • Mal'Ganis has his Fel Claws ability, which he can use up to three times in a row to dash a short distance and deal damage, with the third slash also stunning enemies caught inside.
  • League of Legends is very fond of this: Xin Zhao has Three Talon Strike, which enhances his normal attacks to deal increased damage, the third of which knocks the target into the air. Riven's Broken Wings is three slashing leaps, the third of which deals extra damage and knocks back nearby enemies. Diana's passive makes every third attack deal bonus magic damage to her enemy and those nearby. Aatrox can have his third attack either heal him or deal bonus damage while hurting him. Every third attack Vayne makes on a target deals a percentage of the target's health as true (armor-ignoring) damage. Nami is unusual in that she can give one of these to someone else: the target of her spell has their next three attacks deal bonus damage and slow their target.
    • A common variant is also for an attack to have some effect which intensifies each time until it reaches its maximum on the third. Orianna deals magic damage that increases for the second and third hit. Warwick deals bonus damage and heals himself for more with each attack to the third. Gangplank applies damaging and slowing poison that stacks up to three times. Volibear has both types - each attack up to the third increases his attack speed, but after that he can bite an enemy to deal damage based on how much health they're missing.
    • There are also some spell based ones: after casting three spells, Sona's attack deals bonus damage and has an effect based on which spell she cast last. Varus' attacks apply up to three marks to an opponent that do nothing until he hits them with a spell, at which point they detonate to deal damage based on the enemy's maximum health and how many marks there were. Xerath's ultimate ability lets him fire three magical detonations. Ahri's ultimate lets her dash three times, dealing damage to enemies nearby.

Platform Game

  • Zero's basic saber attack in the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series, starting from X4 onwards, is a three-slash combo. Before that (in X2 and X3), he also had a three-part combo involving a double-shot from his buster cannons followed by a slash.

Role-Playing Games

  • The Tales series often gives you a three-point combo for basic attacks. However, there are passive skills that can increase the number of basic attacks and some characters only start with a two-point combo.
  • Triple Kick in Pokémon.
  • In AdventureQuest Worlds, a Warrior's Prepared Strike skill gives you two automatic crits on an enemy. If the Decisive Strike skill is used immediately after the two crits, the attack does more damage than it does normally, particularly if it crits as well.
  • In Jade Empire, most styles have a Three Strike Combo of quick attacks. Exceptions include Magic styles and the longsword, which have four strike basic combos.

Stealth-Based Game

  • In the Metal Gear series, the 3D installments have a 3-hit combo as the basic close quarters attack, consisting of 2 punches and a kick that will knock to the ground instantly any non-boss character.

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