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Stuff I am trying to create. Currently unsure of a lot, especially character relations and interactions. Any help is appreciated.


Ok, I am completly reworking Tenma Yato into simply Ren, Tenma is just too much of a walking spoiler for me to work with properly.

    Ren Fujii 

Ren Fujii, Guardian of the Stable Life (Zarathustra, Bastard son of Krafft, The Ephemeral Moment, Guardian of the 5th Heaven, Tenma Yato, Mugen Daiguren Jigoku)
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  • Possible House: House of Characterization (Introvert Characterization Sub House)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God when under the effect of Eine Faust Finale. Becomes an Overdeity after emanating.
  • Symbol: An embellished lotus
  • Theme Song: Einsatz and it's alternate versions
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Treasuring the predicable life, Bringing time to a halt, Chopping off heads, Being made artificially, Being able to kill in one hit, Being absurdly fast, Having no true control over his life, Being the embodiment of his law, Being nigh impossible to hurt, Being Un-aging, The last survivor of his old world
  • Domains: Time and Space, Defense, Life
  • Herald: Marguerite Breuilh, Shirou Yusa, Machina
  • Allies: The Living Tribunal, Asura, Hyde Kido, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Rivals: Shirou Emiya
  • Enemies: Hajun, Mercurius, Lucifer, Yoshikage Kira, Dio Brando
  • A high-school student from Suwahara City content with living life as it is, treasuring the brief moments he has with his friends above all else. All this comes undone however when he ends up in an argument with his best worst friend Shirou Yusa. And unknown to Ren, it is just about to get worse as he get's dragged into a massive plot involving a group of supernatural Nazi's called the Longinus Dreizehn Orden that plans to summon their leader, Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich, into our world. All while he finds out he is supposed to be someone called Zarathustra that is going to help bring it about.
  • The guillotine he wields, Bois de Justice, appears as a large curved blade protruding from his arm that is able to harness Marie's curse and is thus able to kill anyone whose neck makes contact with its blade, regardless of regeneration or immortality.
    • His main ability, his Beri'ah, Eine Faust Ouvertüre, stemming from his desire for time to stop and preserve the days he so value, allows him to accelerate his own time effectively slowing down everything around him from his perspective.
    • Under the right circumstances he can gain an alternate Beri'ah called Eine Faust Scherzo which allows him to permanently kill the living dead, stemming from a desire of the fact that the dead should stay dead.
    • Additionally, should Ren ever crave power from Mercurius or be lost to rage and despair, his craving will distort becoming a twisted and unrestrained version of his wish, Eine Faust Finale. In this state his body will distort into a hellish mockery of his past self and will start to slow down time around him in addition to speeding up his own, all while gravity increases to unprecedented levels in the field of effect.
    • At the height of his power, he becomes able to spread his craving through the cosmos, bringing time to a halt on a conceptual level. Freezing everything in existence in a perpetual ephemeral moment, his law, Res Novae - Also Sprach Zarathustra. He also gains the ability known as Time Armor which freezes his own state in time to a single moment, effectively rendering him immune to all damage.
  • After his ascension to the Pantheon, he can often be found in the House of Schools almost more often than he can be found in his own. This seems to largely stem from his desire to just have his regular routine.
    • Perhaps a big reason for that is due to him feeling like he is the sole normal person in a gathering of absurdly powerful nutjobs when he ascended to the Pantheon. These are feeling that perhaps have been brought forth even more so as he was summoned by the Throne forcing him to meet his former enemies, people he has had enough of for several lifetimes.
      "I swear, what kind of fucked up karma brought this on... Not only do I have to meet these guys I never wanted to see again, I have to be acquainted with people who are just as annoying. And cooperate with all of them, on top of everything? This is some kind of bullying, I tell you".
  • His relationship with Mercurius is a complicated and strained one. While technically Ren's real father, his constantly scheming and controlling habits as well as being the leading cause of the whole mess that turned his life upside down has made Ren despise him, perhaps to an extent more so than even his hatred for Reinhard.
  • He is a close ally of The Living Tribunal, since unlike other Gods of the Throne, he never ascended the Throne despite having the right to do so. Additionally, his desire for stability and permanence alongside his Law and past history with Hajun has lead to him being put in a favorable position as a warden and peacekeeper.
  • Despite their apparent similarities at first glance, Ren can't stand Shirou Emiya, finding him a hopeless case stuck in the past with unrealistic ideals whose stubbornly refusing to accept and grow. To Ren, at the end of the day, the only ones you are likely to save are those close to you that you care about, all to preserve the life you live right now. That, and he just can't seem to bring himself to like the guy, for some reason.
  • After his stint of being overwhelmed by his rage and emotions under Eine Faust Finale, Ren found an unlikely mentor figure in Asura. Given that both had shared similar experiences of losing control, it should perhaps no be a surprise. To Ren, Asura ends up being a great help for helping him control himself as well as turning the rage to something constructive.
  • One guy Ren cannot stand is Lucifer, specifically the fact that he seeks to uproot the status quo, something that Ren is very defensive about. Lucifer meanwhile argues that it is a necessary evil to bring about positive change for everyone. What infuriates Ren even more is that inside, he knows that Lucifer is at least partially right given who he is up against, yet he feels he cannot allow Lucifer to have his way.
  • His hatred and disgust for Hajun cannot be understated. His brutal murder of Ren's beloved Marie, and the subsequent death and destruction he brought on through his craving brought humiliation upon Ren in ways that can be hard to describe. It all resulted in him being basically reborn as a new being called Tenma Yato, slowly being driven mad through the ages of keeping such a monstrosity in check.
  • Has really conflicted opinions on Yoshikage Kira. On one hand he finds Kira's nature as a serial killer hard to tolerate given that it was a string of murders that ruined his once peaceful life, to say nothing of the slaughters carried out by his nemesis, the L.D.O. But on the other hand he can also sympathize with him for wanting to just live a peaceful and predicable life. Further complicating his emotions regarding Kira, it was his own obsession with the peaceful life that birthed his law of eternal stagnation, something he realized could not be allowed to exist. In some ways, he kinda sees himself similar to Kira, being a pair of fools desperate to retain their comfort at the expense of the world and everyone in it.
  • Ren have quite a bit of sympathy for Hyde Kido, largely stemming from their shared goal of keeping their every day life. If anything, Ren can't help but view him with a bit of envy over the fact that he doesn't let that desire consume him and be his sole driving motivation.
  • Being a Cosmic Plaything like few, Ren has found some support in Ragna. And while Ren haven't had to deal with as much bad luck as Ragna, they are still able to share sentiments of not being in control of their own fates. This is further strengthened by both achieving godhood in order to save what they cared about.


Beginning Shirou, extremely early WIP. Only the basic for now.

    Shirou Yusa 

Shirou Yusa, The Routine Breaker (Georgius, Sensory of Naraka, Apoptosis of the Moment, Tenma Sukuna)

Scrapped drafts.

Dumped Tenma Yato, too much of a Walking Spoiler to work with effectively.

    Tenma Yato
Tenma Yato, Guardian of the Stable Life (The Ephemeral Moment, Mugen Daiguren Jigoku, Ren Fujii, Zarathustra, Bastard son of Krafft)
  • Possible House:
  • Overdeity
  • Theme Song: Einsatz
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil In reality, Necessarily Evil. Actual aliment closer to Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Bringing time to a halt, Treasuring the predicable life, Protecting all of creation, Being the embodiment of his law, Gone mad over the eons, Upholding the worlds existence, Having fallen from grace, Protecting everything no matter the means, Being nigh impossible to hurt.
  • Domains: Time and Space, Defense, Madness
  • Herald: Marguerite Breuilh, The Yatsukahagi
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Begrudging Ally: Mercurius
  • A mysterious being from the unknown lands east of Ashihara no Nakatsukuni. After 300 years of silence since the generals that tried to explore his lands where defeated, Tenma Yato stirs once again.
  • The leader of the Yatsukahagi, a group of demons both more powerful and intelligent than any man, he becomes the final hurdle for the Eastern Expedition. Aggressive and deranged, he will attack anyone he perceives as even the slightest threat to his existence. Something that might seem pointless given that he possesses the ultimate defense in the form of Time Armor, a defense of frozen time where all change is impossible.
  • As it turned out however, Tenma Yato was not the evil deity as was once thought. While he had been driven mad over the eons, he was actually defending the world from a being known as Hajun who would bring the multiverse to an end should he ever complete his law. Due to Hajun's immense power, Tenma Yato was forced to enact his own law brought about from his wish of wanting the happy moments he once knew to last forever and freeze time, thus locking Hajun from enacting his. Unfortunately, Tenma Yato is not a true god of the Throne since he once refused that right, and as such he can't make his law a true law and has to constantly maintain it using only his determination to keep the seal on Hajun.
  • In actuality Tenma Yato is Ren Fujii, once a simple high-school student that simply wished for a stable life who was drawn into events beyond his control, that has now turned into a demonic god. The Yatsukahagi in turn are actually people he once knew, either close friends or allies, that are now part of his legion. Following the events of his adventure, he Emanated but instead of ascending to the Throne he let his love Marie take his place as Mercurius successor since he believed that his own law would be no better than the one his enemy, Reinhard Heydrich. He instead remained as a guardian of Marie, now the 5th Heaven, begrudgingly alongside Mercurius.
    • When Hajun rose to power however, Marie was killed and neither Ren's nor Mercurius' powers could stop him. Even when Ren's doubt and wavering conviction summoned his old nemesis Reinhard, they where no match for Hajun's overwhelming might. In desperation, Ren Emanated his law, preventing Hajun from completing his, becoming Tenma Yato in the process and locking the world in stagnation.


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