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Hi there, I'm n3xus (pronounce as "nexus", a.k.a. Genm_9-6-10 in FGO NA & Yakiniku ssho! in BanG Dream NA) is a Troper who joined the TV Tropes since December 2014. I'm currently living somewhere in Canada since me and my family were originally from the Philippines.

Tropes associated with me:

  • Berserk Button:
    • Those who were not willing to cooperate in the forums will be part of my hit list.
    • Idiots, Bullies, and Cowards are on my hit list as well.
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  • Big Eater: Mostly during occasions with friends and family or sometimes, whenever I go on a buffet.
  • Determinator: When it comes to making profiles, I wanted to finish it as much as I can.
  • Fanboy: I'm a fan of Japanese Tokusatsu, Anime, and Video Game genres, especially when it comes to Kamen Rider, Gundam, and much more. I also happen to like Western and Eastern (particularly Filipino) Rock and Metal music as well because I'm very fond of the said genre since I was a teenager.
  • Otaku: I see myself in this way since I'm a toy collector when it comes to S.H. Figuarts, Gunpla, and Kamen Rider belts. Sometimes, I also buy S.I.C. and Figma depends on the show that I like.
  • Nice Guy: Normally I'm nice to everyone for most of the part but it can be also verge on being a good-hearted douche whenever I'm in a bad mood due to personal reasons.
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  • Writer's Block: Always available whenever I feel like writing a profile. However, being a full-time employee in my current job or having a personal commitment with friends and family prevents me to make a profile.

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