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Here lies the Pantheon of Friendship, the brightest house in contrast to the house of Mentalism. Here, Monkey D. Luffy and Nanoha Takamachi requested a house to move away from the rest of the other houses. The bonds will never burn out so long as they support each other. Beware if you hurt a friend, they will hunt you down without a stop. If you apologize and sincere about it, they will befriend you. Please note that not all friendships are benevolent.


It should be noted that despite only Fluttershy having a spot in this house, The Elements of Harmony have lifetime passes to visit this house anytime they want. After all, Friendship is Magic!

As of late, the pressure and anger from one of the most prominent members of this house, Gentaro Kisaragi, from having to learn of an alternate world where his ideals of friendship were twisted has now given forth to what most people will refer to as "Project: Alternate Gentaro". The villains side was pleased...emphasis on was pleased as now Alternate Gentaro is now on a raging warpath to take everyone he sees down for the count.

The house was converted by the Master Builders Four into an asylum in 2014 to hold the corrupted Gentaro and his "Darkness Proxy", but with the aid of Courtney Gears, the group overpowered the Master Builders and took control. The asylum was eventually destroyed, and the House of Friendship was rebuilt from scratch.


Security is also tight here because of the presence of Kairi, a Princess of Heart. Any attempts to kidnap her, use her to recreate the χ-blade, or just harass her out of spite, will result in a ban.

The House is run by the ones known as "The Friendship Trio": Fluttershy, Gentaro Kisaragi and Nia Teppelin. The Avatars of Friendship (Gentaro himself, Elena, Bayleynote , Pinkie Pie and Steven Universe) are well known for planning welcome parties for all gods accepted into this House and all gods not accepted into the house (and we do mean all gods).

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The Friendship Trio

The Guards of the House of Friendship.

Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things (Saddle Rager, Flutterbat, Flutterbold, Fluttershee)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, three pink butterflies
  • Leitmotif: "So Many Wonders" and "Music in the Treetops". Also, her Fighting Is Magic Theme.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: being nice to everything alive (but shying away from other ponies), healing animals and speaking to them, taming giant, powerful creatures, being cute and loving cute critters, extreme shyness and sensitivity, being too pure to corrupt, apologizing a lot, winning battles without lifting a hoof against the foe, control of animals, winged creatures scared of heights, cute cowardice... or is it?, danger of snapping (with fearsome results), THE Stare
  • Domains: Animals, Nature, Kindness, Cuteness. Occasionally: Insanity, Obsession
  • Followers: Bronies
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All who would hurt animals. BEWARE.
  • Opposes: Arakune
  • Creeped out by: Paul London (long story)
  • She was chosen by the Gods to heal the injured animals. They felt that Fluttershy's occasional snaps can actually come in handy if it comes to fighting fire with fire.
  • A new big fear regarding Fluttershy has arisen. That being the day she runs into the newly ascended Rena Ryuugu and THE STARE faces off against OMOCHIKAERI mode.
  • She had a bit of an episode the first time she stepped into The Bestiary (without a tour guide, thinking she didn't need one), and the animals there didn't automatically flock to her. After setting traps for the animals, Steve Irwin, the groundskeeper, kept getting into her traps, other traps were foiled and turned against her by Jerry, Sharptooth and Godzilla were taking turns chasing Fluttershy away (large reptiles being one of the only animals she fears), Zubat kept attacking her despite Pikachu's attempts to defend her, and The Rabbit of Caerbannog turned out not to be the cute little bunny he seemed. But after she flipped out and loudly demanded that they all love her, even Godzilla was scared.
    • Because of this, whenever Godzilla gets too out of hand the Pantheon now sends for Fluttershy, the only one who can stop his rampage. She does this by flying into his face while he's destroying buildings and giving him a firm scolding, but reassuring him that he's "not a bad radioactive dinosaur, he just made a bad decision".
  • Sometimes hired by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to act as a babysitter for his 420 kids. They behaved themselves after she used "the Stare" on Bowser.
  • Has been much more timid when in the House of Beast lately, due to the arrival of Princess Celestia (who she is afraid of being a bother to) and Princess Luna (who outright terrifies her, much as Luna would wish otherwise).
    • And then with Gilda's ascension, she's more wary then before, but not as scared as she might've been for two reasons. One, she's not the scaredy pony she was before (well, not as much, anyway). Two, she has a lot of friends in the Pantheon who would NOT be happy to see her cry.
  • On behalf of Princess Celestia, Fluttershy has successfully formed an unlikely friendship with Discord, who was released from his prison on strict probation. Fluttershy acts as his moral anchor, as without her Discord would likely revert to his old ways. Most of the other gods still do not trust Discord completely, and many still think his reformation is a trick.
    • This made Fluttershy also obtain her own house in the Pantheon of Friendship. Although shy at first, she easily warmed up with everyone in the house. She felt so happy that she burst into song!
  • Johnny Blaze has expressed interest in her Stare due to its apparent similarities with his own Penance Stare ability. Fluttershy, for the most part, has altogether avoided answering his questions, as she is utterly terrified of him.
  • Has mostly given up on her dream of becoming a tree out of disgust after meeting Exdeath.
  • Is very close friends with The Lorax, who will often speak for her when she becomes too timid to voice her thoughts.
  • When she found out that an 'inseparable link' was formed between her and the Incubators, especially Kyubey, Fluttershy decided to pay that little weasel a visit in hope that her glare would put an end to the Incubators' 'information withholding' and general Trolling. The emotionless Kyubey didn't even flinch.
    • That being said, unlike many other Gods, Fluttershy was revulsed and shocked when Akuma Homura enslaved the Incubator race and mind raped Kyubey, apparently leaving him completely broken. She agrees that he needed a lesson in empathy, but... not like this. Not even someone like him deserves such a fate, she comments.
  • Spends lots of time with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, singing together and cleaning the Pantheon alongside their animal friends.
  • There was an incident where Fluttershy accidentally got bitten by a vampire and became "Flutterbat", trying to suck blood—or apple juice, it wasn't really clear. It took the House of Beasts, led by Discord, to calm her down and turn her back. To this day, Fluttershy steers clear of vampires.
  • Got the eyes of both Zangief and Daniel Bryan for how she was able to wrestle a bear into submission. Fluttershy was embarrassed of the praise the two gave her seeing as the only reason that she was fighting the bear was to relieve it of shoulder pain (even though she gave a bear a Neck Snap). That said, she didn't decide to go wrestle Pooh Bear—instead she invited him into her Temple and shared Hunny, causing everyone to coo at the sight.
    • She does get along with Bear Hugger though. She was amazed that she has a bear as his personal trainer and his squirrel friend likes to play with her every now and then. And André the Giant has let him take care of his petting zoo, much to her delight.
  • Formed a bond with Lambda-11, partly due to their similar quiet personalities (though for different reasons) and partly out of their like of animals. They occasionally go to the Houses of Nature and Beast to see the wildlife.
    • Something similar happened with Squigly, who Fluttershy quickly bonded with (after the obligatory fainting period when she first saw her) thanks to their similar personalities.
  • She has a sort of resentment against Arakune due to the fact that he keeps trying to eat small fuzzy animals. Luckily, she and Discord have managed to prevent him from eating any other animals in the pantheon and have kept Arakune away from the animals. She does, however, leave some food out for him, thinking that if he is fed and full he won't try to eat the animals.
  • Milla bonded with her fast (after first asking permission to touch her mane) due to being similarly shy, being…quite dangerous when the chips are down, and an unfortunate incident they both share: being mutated into monsters by Lord Brevon. The hound is a little envious of the pegasus due to how easy she got off, considering Lilac/Carol had to beat the hound up, and even seemed to be dead at the end of it, whereas Discord was able to turn his friend back with a snap of his fingers and humiliate Brevon to boot.
  • Has given up her seat on the Friendship Trio, bequeathing it to Nia Teppelin, to focus more on taking care of the animals in the House of Beasts. She regained her seat after the Through Darkness and Mirrors incident, deciding that if Gentaro ever got out of line again, she will use THE STARE' to keep him in line.
  • One day, a little lamb named Pom was dragged over by her pack of sheep dog puppies to Fluttershy's place and they were eager to get some training in so as not to fall behind of the other Key Keeper candidates of Fœnum. The lamb's over-eager canines riled up the animals under Fluttershy's care, especially Angel, and they were all too willing to defend their mistress. During the chaos that ensued, the battle went too far, and Fluttershy was forced to step in, and as a result so did Pom in defense of her pups. Later, A profuse apology was made on Pom's part, who confessed her pups' reasons for fighting; a woman named Lauren Faust got her (and five other candidates) into the Pantheon for some extra training.
  • Another time, she returned to her temple to find Paul London and two other beings known as Mala Suerte and Saltador worshiping Angel Bunny. When she asked why, Paul London exclaimed that her bunny friend was "The White Rabbit" that brought London to the Rabbit Tribe. Fluttershy has now asked Brian Kendrick to keep an eye on Paul London should he decide to enter her temple like that again (although Angel didn't mind the attention).
    • Her problem with wrestlers didn't stop there as she once had to pull the Cutie Mark Crusaders from an all-night marathon of horror movies with their vampire wrestling friends in the House of Ambiguity. While she's happy that the Crusaders were taken care of (through the use of horror books, movies and video games), she's a bit frightened (Read: a LOT frightened) at the two who were taking care of them. It didn't help that Luna Vachon out of the two absolutely found Fluttershy to be adorable...especially after the Crusaders mentioned Fluttershy's batpony form. So now Fluttershy has been invited for horror films and being dressed like a vampire (if only so she makes sure the Crusaders don't get any ideas...) Upon learning that Luna Vachon was André the Giant's godchild, she's honestly confused since their personalities are nothing alike.
  • Many gods were shocked to learn that she's a huge fan of goddesses like Ranma Saotome, Usagi Tsukino, Utena Tenjo and Rei Ayanami. In fact, when Fluttershy got the courage to see Rei for the first time there was silence...until Rei broke into a smile and hugged Fluttershy. Everyone else in the vicinity went "D'awwwww...." at the sight!
  • Occasionally posts Lets Plays to the Pantheon from the safety of her temple. While she enjoys doing this, she often gets annoyed when well-meaning people address her as "Fluttershee."
  • Also holds a position in the House of Nature.

    Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze 
Gentaro Kisaragi, God of Friendship Empowerment (Gen-chan, Kisaragi, Kamen Rider Fourze, Trashiest of Trashnote , Teacher Gentaro, Mala Suerte, The Slasher/Sota, Shell, Limbo's Progenitor)
Kamen Rider Fourze 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God in Cosmic, Meteor Fusion, or Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States
  • Symbol: The Cosmic Switch, or the Kamen Rider Club's banner.
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good normally, Chaotic Neutral as Mala Suerte and The Slasher/Sota, It Makes Sense in Context
  • Portfolio: obtaining hundreds of friends, modeled after delinquents, going angry if you threaten people he's befriended, being loud and bombastic, using multiple weapons at the same time, not being bright at studies yet good at understanding human psychology, raised by his grandfather, crying in an unmanly manner, fears of cicadas.
  • Domains: Friendship, Space, High School
  • Herald: Goro Kisaragi (his grandfather)
  • Mentor: Kazuya Oki/Kamen Rider Super-1
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes and pretty much every Good-aligned gods willingly to be his friend.
  • Rivals: Solo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika.
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Izaya Orihara, Nui Harime, Ragyo Kiryuin, Funny Valentine, Queen Chrysalis (and every single god involved with Project: Alternate!Gentaro), Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Number 96: Black Mist, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma.
  • Fears: Cicadas
  • Commonality Connection: Ichigo Kurosaki (They look very similar)
  • Gentaro 1:1, "My name is Gentaro Kisaragi, and I'm gonna befriend everyone in the Pantheon!"
  • Once a Patron Saint in the Toku Base, when the House of Friendship was created, Gentaro immediately made his way and quickly befriended Nanoha, Luffy and Naruto while proclaiming that he'll befriend everyone in the Pantheon.
    • His promise of friendship is powerful as he died for Ryusei's sake so that Ryusei's friend could be healed. Thankfully he was resurrected by Kengo after that. Many of the other gods note that they wouldn't go as far as to befriending people.
      • He states that he makes friends with people because he wants to see them smile. Seeing them smile is the only thing he needs to show that he's done a good job.
  • Is one of the only gods in the Pantheon that can easily befriend Alice. When he heard of her past from Belial and Nebiros, he cried for hours on end before going to her and hugging her. Alice was about to go for her signature Die for Me!! with Gentaro being fine with taking the attack (much to the horror of other Gods), but Belial and Nebiros intervened at the last minute, stating that the two could have tea parties every now and long as Alice didn't go Die for Me!! on Gentaro.
  • Has opened the Kamen Rider Club in the academy for anyone to enter and initiation is a heart-to-heart talk before exploring the moon's surface.
  • Gets along well with Simon for their use of drills in combat. Simon is amazed at Gentaro's Rocket Drill Kick (along with the Space Rocket Drill Kick and the Galaxy Rocket Drill Kick and has begun modifications to make the Gurren Lagann replicate the same very move. Kamina also likes him for his energy and hot-bloodedness.
    • Also gets along with Yoko and Nia, Nia especially due to her reminding him of Nadeshiko. In fact, when Nadeshiko and Nia met, everyone in the vicinity cooed at how cute they were.
  • If you're wondering this, no, he is not related to either Gunma or Jin, but that doesn't mean he won't befriend them.
  • Despite his looks, he's a softie and sad stories cause him to cry a lot. Carl Fredricksen, Vanellope Von Schweetz and several others have learned that if you have a horrible backstory (or a very sweet one), be prepared to bring in lots of tissues just for his sake.
    • Sae, Goddess of Crocodile Tears, tried to worm her way into being Gentaro's friend by using her tears. Unfortunately for her, Gentaro could see that she was faking it. However, after learning a bit of Sae's backstory, he decided that he'd help her out and make true friends. Sae, for the first time in her life, actually cried true Tears of Joy.
  • Fell into a different universe where he was possessed by an ancient serpent named Ophiuchus rather than be resurrected by Kengo. Gentaro tried to free his counterpart from the evil, but he wouldn't budge. Nevertheless, he and the Kamen Rider Club are trying their hardest to make that universe a much happier place. Unfortunately, it appears that the other Gentaro is starting to appear in the Pantheon...
    • It is for this very reason that he avoids the House of Hatred—he's afraid that that alternate side of him might come forth if he himself becomes so consumed by anger and hate.
  • Upon seeing his future, he found out that he was going to become a teacher. Thus, Gentaro spends a lot of his time in the House of Knowledge studying...even though most of his grades at the Academy suck. Karen Minazuki plans to introduce him to a friend of hers who's on the same path: Nozomi Yumehara. The other Pretty Cure aren't sure what will happen, beyond the fact that friendship will happen.
  • Still engaged in a "who can befriend the most gods" contest with Pinkie Pie. Both contestants are perpetually tied.
    • When Elena ascended, she, Gentaro and Pinkie Pie all came together for friendly handshakes and a humongous party. Elena then decided that the three should become the "Friendship Trio", later the Avatars of Friendship, whose mission was to befriend all newcoming Gods into the Pantheon with a welcome party. Additional members in Bayley, Steven Universe and Victini quickly came about. Unfortunately Bayley's Face–Heel Turn meant that they needed a new heart. Thankfully K.O. took up that position until Bayley turned face again.
  • Gets a bit uneasy at any of the Higurashi gods. It's not because of all of the horrors they went through (although he went through a hundred boxes of tissues when he heard of the "Groundhog Day" Loop hell they suffered), but it's because of the cries of cicadas they carry on them, and he's afraid of cicadas. Doesn't help that they're in the Pantheon now...
    • As of the end of Project: Alternate!Gentaro he's found common ground with them since he had to go through Limbo about 400 times in the span of 10 days and nearly fell into despair.
  • Once entered the House of Personal Appearance and was shocked to see his good friend, Yuki there. Turns out he mistook Touka Kirishima for her, due to the fact that they looked pretty similar.
  • Izaya despises Gentaro over the fact that Gentaro loves humanity just as much as he does. Gentaro states that it's all right for people to share feelings for everyone though. The Kamen Rider Club are suspecting that Izaya's the one who told Gentaro of the alternate universe and how he turned against his friends and humanity and have been in constantly surveillance just to make sure.
  • Carly Nagisa has comforted him over his alternate self, stating that she too has also seen an alternate universe where she did terrible things when resurrected.
  • Has found a kindred spirit with Jimmy Hopkins: Jimmy wants to fight off bullies and Gentaro wants to befriend others. Jimmy also respects Gentaro because despite looking like a delinquent, Gentaro doesn't act like one and is a great guy to be around. The two decided to team up and become the "Academy Hunters", dedicated to fight off any and all bullies in the Academy and administer proper justice to them.
  • Looks up to Sora as inspirational. Sora's among the nicest gods, and is believed to hold the most amount of friends, even though he's in the House of Nature. He feels absolutely sorry that Sora had to go through so much shit during the Asylum Incident and has been consoling Sora when he has a chance.
  • Gentaro tried to befriend Lisa Simpson out of pity for her friendless background. However, her rude behavior, jealousy at his other friends, and accusations of animal cruelty drove him to abandon their friendship, especially after learning about what she did to Bianca.
  • Any talk of his alternate self has now become his BIGGEST Berserk Button outside hurting his friends. When he learned of how Funny Valentine wanted to bring alternate Gentaro to the Pantheon, Gentaro went into Cosmic States and engaged in a grueling battle until Funny Valentine was down on the ground. Unfortunately, Funny wanted this to happen: using the Cosmic States power of teleportation, he hopes to harness it to pull the alternate Gentaro into the Pantheon. The Kamen Rider Club is afraid if Valentine's plans come to fruition.
    • And then Mitsuzane, who Gentaro comforted when Mitsuzane was back in the House of Ambiguity, turned evil and jumped to the House of Villainy wants to crush Gentaro's hopes and dreams because Gentaro reminded him so much of his former friend Kouta Kazuraba. Gentaro has gotten even more pissed off at how Micchy could lose his way to his former friends...the rage built inside of Gentaro exploded and now "Project: Alternate Gentaro" has emerged.
    • Gentaro winded up banished to Limbo, only rescued by the Cutie Mark Crusaders being sent there by Yugi Muto (don't ask) and the four were able to return and stop the madness, if only for a short while.
      • He of course was glad that Kouta was ultimately able to redeem Mitsuzane in a similar fashion to what happened with him and Ryusei by taking a seemingly fatal blow without holding anything against their respective friend, and coming back in their hour of need some time later (although in Gentaro's case he really did die before coming back to life.
  • It should be noted, that since Gentaro's goal is to be friendship with EVERYBODY, he is pretty much allied to every god who are willing to be his friend. These include past and future ascensions.
    • He will, however, NOT extend his friendship to those who hurt his friends or those who got involved with Project: Alternate! Gentaro. This especially means he will never forgive Queen Chrysalis for instigating the rise of the Friendship Asylum in the first place and will hunt her down should she show her face in front of him ever again. And as of the Through Darkness And Mirrors incident that now extends to BROKEN Matt Hardy... except he was allied with him the entire time since Matt's "premonition" is what spurred him to action.
  • After going through hell throughout Project: Alternate! Gentaro, he was deemed worthy to be a guard of this house. This was met with many of his friends cheering him on, and Gentaro crying Tears of Joy upon learning how he was free from the darkness created by his alternate self.
    • The preparations of the guardianship included him hhanding Takatora a Fourze Lockseed to cement their friendship, making Mitsuzane an honorary member of the Kamen Rider Club (reducing the poor boy to tears) and fully graduating from the Celestial Academy with flying colors (don't ask how that happened).
      • Some have said during that time that he and Elena had gotten closer...and the incident with Limbo and the Mirror Pantheon confirmed that the two have decided to become more than just friends. Unfortunately, due to the trauma they went through, the two have put the relationship "on hold" so Elena could undergo more training in regards to her newfound status as a psuedo-Princess of Heart. They have decided that they will eventually get together when the time is right
  • Speaking of the above, Gentaro went missing some time before the chaos between Law and Chaos, the last anyone seeing him was on a camping trip to the Mountains with his (possible) girlfriend, Elena. It turns out, they had taken a trip to Limbo in disguise to get close to the one who would unleash the chaos that was the darkness within Limbo.
    • During that time, startling revelations came our. His first trip caused a sliver of darkness to take hold in his heart and split him into the cynical Mala Suerte and the creepy stalker The Slasher/Sota, draining Gentaro of his emotions, power and identity and both sides were on the verge of being deleted out of existence. And if that's not bad enough, Gentaro's learning of his alternative self caused the birth of Limbo, the Mirror Pantheon and essentially the entire project to be formed in the first place. He wasn't happy at all to learn this.
      • And of course, there was also that awkward time he encountered the Dimensional Counterparts who asked about the "Project." Gentaro had to explain everything to them and all of them (yes, even Yuri) looked in disgust when they learned just what Gentaro went through and put the Cutie Mark Crusaders to. While they all have forgiven him, the eight agree to give him a smack on the head if he ever decides to do something like that again.
  • Became friends with Ichigo Kurosaki due to having many similarities (the biggest one that they look kinda alike). Ichigo was amazed to hear how Gentaro let himself die so that Ryusei could be reunited with his best friend and then came back to life thanks to the bonds with his friends. Upon hearing about his adventures, Gentaro was surprised to hear that Uryu Ishida sounded like Ryusei Sakuta (and coincidence, they look the same too)
    • One day while traveling to the House of Music, he thought he heard someone singing and screamed "NADESHIKO!" in delight. That turned out to be Orihime Inoue who was surprised when she saw Gentaro run up to her and did a handshake After confusion cleared up, Orihime became fast friends with Gentaro and even decided to befriend Nadeshiko Misaki in the Toku Base.
  • Was saddened to learn of Bayley's Face–Heel Turn due to her friend Sasha Banks. He may be an idiot but even he can tell that Sasha's up to no good. Alas, there's nothing he can do at the moment aside from having K.O. be Bayley's replacement as The Heart.
  • "Uchu KITA!!! Kamen Rider Fourze, let's do this man-to-man!"

    Nia Teppelin 
Princess Nia Teppelin, Goddess of Trust (Anti-Spiral Messenger, Messenger Nia)
Post Time Skip 
Click here  for Messenger Nia

Sora, God of Light, frequents this House because of his large pool of allies, most of whom he cares for equally.

Alternative Title(s): Friendship Demigods And Quasideities, Friendship Lesser Gods, Friendship Intermediate Gods, Friendship Overdeities And Greater Gods


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