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For unknown reasons, anyone who visits this location will forget everything they've seen inside once they leave, so describing this place is quite the challenge due to the lack of witness accounts. The residents appear to be immune to this effect though, so any sort of information about this House is solely obtainable through their testimonies, which aren't always reliable due to a good number of them being amnesiacs.


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Greater Gods

    Android 21 
Android 21, Goddess of Identity Amnesia (Artificial Human #21, Majin Android 21, Female Researcher, Majin Bae, Bae Android, Majin THICC-Droid, Majin Thot, Majin Boobs, Majin Rogue, Loli MILF)
Her true form ruled by her hunger 
Her true form ruled by her heart 
Her hunger-fueled true form after absorbing Cell 
  • Greater Goddess (can become an Overdeity after enough feeding or training).
  • Symbol: Her lab coat.
  • Theme Music: Insatiable Android, Last Battle (Super Warriors), or Last Battle (Enemy Warriors) if possessed by her hunger
  • Alignment: Neutral Good at heart, with a Chaotic Evil hunger.
  • Domains: Memory, Hunger, Machines.
  • Portfolio
  • Her Heart's Allies
  • Her Heart's Friendly Rival: Chronoa
  • Enemies
  • Special Relationship: Dr. Gero/Android 20 (her lover/husband as a human)
  • Good Counterpart to: Cell
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Merkava, Arakune, Gluttony
  • Secretly Watched by: Whis, Vatista
  • Supported by: Litchi Faye Ling, Ren Amamiya
  • Opposed by: Orie "Harada" Ballardiae, Lust, Father and Dante (FMA)
  • Opposes: Raditz
  • Her Heart Fears: Her Hunger, Majin Buu, Soma Yukihira, Shukuro Tsukishima, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • A redheaded android created by Dr. Gero, Android 21 is the first female primary antagonist in Universe 7 of the Dragon Ball multiverse, as well as the first to be both a brilliant scientist and a powerful fighter. By rebuilding Android 16, using sealing waves to block off the powers of the Z-Fighters, and forcing them to make use of a system of linked souls to revitalize their abilities, she became a serious threat to the Earth with a mysterious agenda. Ultimately, the agenda was revealed to be... a bratty teenage sweet-tooth which desired to snack on the powers of the strongest warriors in the universe, manifested in a Majin-like form.
  • Among the linked souls in the system, one particular Earthling Soul had caught hers and 16's interest, and came through with several intriguing abilities that were key to solving the mystery of who she was. Through its travels, the Soul discovered that as pithy as the bratty sweet-tooth thing sounds, the truth behind it is a horrifying tale of a kind-hearted woman fighting against an all-consuming hunger as the result of a terrible experiment by a Mad Scientist.
  • While Son Goku's attempt to respect her Heroic Sacrifice to stop her evil self by requesting her reincarnation instead of wishing her revival with the Dragon Balls was considered noble, the logic was still found dubious since almost everyone else who dies in battle there gets wished back, including Goku himself. Sailor Chibi Moon decided to ask her mother Sailor Moon to resurrect 21 in the Pantheon, while Ajani Goldmane petitioned for her ascension by using her lack of memory about her previous life as a trope seat, citing 21's own gag about herself being "less than ten years old" when the truth is she's probably closing in on a hundred.
  • With her revival and ascension cleared, she was glad to see that 16 was already ascended along with 17 and 18, but was surprised to learn that he'd been rebuilt in the Pantheon well beforehand and his time with her became a memory upgrade to his ascended self. Still, their previous dynamic of motherly boss and loyal assistant resumed as normal. After all, her pre-LEGO Genetics human self was the mother of the son 16 was modeled after, and part of her still desires the normal family life she used to have but can't remember.
    • She was extremely happy about the Android twins' performance in the Tournament of Power, especially when 17 survived his own self-destruction attack and then went on to win the tournament. Once 17 returned to the Pantheon from his cruise with his family and was met with MVP chants wherever he went, 21 started asking about it, until Yamcha told her what it meant. She started joining in and doing the chants herself.
  • 21 and Cell do not get along at all, given that her existence reveals him to be little more than a Super Prototype. She was a human converted into a bio-android by Dr. Gero's machinery, most likely placed into stasis before the Cell project even began. Naturally he was pissed off to see her back in the Pantheon.
  • To the surprise of quite a few people, she has NOT spoken with Dr. Gero since her ascension. While she would like some answers to clarify connection to her human past, she's still afraid that she'll somehow end up wishing she hadn't asked.
    • Unfortunately Zamasu came by and forced her to confront said past, utterly mocking and tormenting her with the information that Gero's love, twisted grief for their son, and paranoia for her safety was responsible for all the devastation the Red Ribbon Androids from 13 up to herself have caused. Citing her as a prime exhibition of the destructiveness of mortals, Zamasu even pointed out that if not for the inexplicably omni-compatible Earthling Soul in the linking system, she likely would've destroyed all life on Earth and beyondwhich would've made her a prime target of his absolute justice.
    • This broke her spirit to the point she quietly begged for death. However, doing so allowed her hunger persona to take control and attack Zamasu madly, causing a cataclysmic "battle" in which 21 almost destroyed both their houses entirely trying to defeat and consume the Fallen Supreme Kai but could barely leave a scratch on him. Ultimately, she suddenly fell unconscious (thanks to 16 activating the sealing waves on her), and then carried out to safety by The Flash before Zamasu could kill her. Sailor Moon used her magic to both repair the damage and encourage 21's good self to fight on, allowing her heart to retake control when she came to.
  • The HeartCatch Pretty Cures became curious about 21 after hearing about the help she got from Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon and decided to go visit her. She treated them to macarons she'd bought, and was very open and nice to them. Got a small kick when they noticed she sounds just like Itsuki/Cure Sunshine when speaking Japanese.
    • Her conscience has also made friends with other deities who sound like her in Japanese. She's entrusted Kasumi, Shanoa, and Presea to fight to take her down if her hunger should take over and hurt innocents, while Tomoyo is steadfast in encouraging her to push through without losing herself and Rim insists she can find a way to acclimate her other self without giving into its push. However, none of them trust Medusa Gorgon, as they're well aware that the witch is trying to manipulate her into giving in to her hunger.
  • Her normal self is food-tasting buddies with the good Majin Buu, often taking him to the House of Food. They primarily go for sweets, her favorites being macarons. That said, she's pretty terrified of the evil Buu. After all, Buu's berserk cells collected by Gero's computers are the source of her corrupt hunger, and much like Buu before her, the strong clash between her two personalities will end with fission. To her, the evil Buu represents her fear that even after splitting away from her, the hunger will come up again and consume her from within.
  • One mystery many wondered about with 21 was the mystery of the Earthling Soul. It wasn't an artificial soul, but it worked too well and had too many natural properties to just be an ordinary human soul, so what was it and where did it come from? Most believe that someone from the Pantheon had something to do with it. Given their connection to the Door of Space-Time and the Pantheonic Time Police, Sailors Pluto and/or Chibi Moon are usually suspected according to the two working theories that got around. Some believed that Chibi Moon created the Earthling Soul using pieces of souls from Earthling deities around the Pantheon with certain abilities that ran similarly to the Soul, others think Chibi Moon and Pluto convinced the rest of the Sailor Guardians to combine all their souls into one through the power of the Sailor Crystals. Both theories have so far been proven false, but 21 has still made friends with some of the people who were named as suspects in the would-be scheme, namely Edward Elric, The Flash, She-Hulk, and Ajani Goldmane.
  • Much like Merkava and Arakune, she is an intelligent creature afflicted by a crippling hunger who was once human. She pities them enough to want to support them, but is concerned as to what extent they may have chosen to embrace being monster carnivores.
    • Their main chasers differ in how they take to the android: Litchi sympathizes with her plight and wants to see her cured or at least able to control it, while Orie distrusts her and would rather see her gone. Vatista, meanwhile, has literally said that she's waiting for 21 to become her problem before she decides anything. This is not being taken as a sign of trust.
    • Father Anderson has declared her a threat and an abomination who needs to be destroyed. She's watching her back now in case he comes after her.
    • Another similar creature, Gluttony, is more simple-minded like Buu; she and Fat Buu are trying to get him away from his cannibalistic norm, much to the consternation of his masters.
  • Raditz has volunteered his services to her as an assistant for some reason. Not trusting Goku's nefarious brother, she has rejected this proposal out of hand.
  • Has been advised to stay far away from Soma Yukihira's cooking, as it's delicious enough to bring ordinary girls to orgasmic states. With her condition, one can't be too sure if food like that will satisfy her cravings or stoke her more sinister urges. Has also been advised never to get near Tsukishima or Ragyo Kiryuin because they might make attempts to rewire her missing memories for their own ends.
  • An easy way to creep her out is to remind her how lustful she can get about literally eating strong guys, especially Goku, when in her mad hunger state. Terumi tried to exploit this, at which point she promptly beat him into the ground with a full course assault.
  • 17 has talked about her condition with Ren Amamiya, the leader of the Phantom Thieves. Ren wonders if 21's hunger can possibly be treated like a Shadow.
  • Was once introduced to Kakyoin because he's a handsome dude who shares 16's red-and-green color scheme and is apparently sweet on MILFs. They made fast friends because they're both friendly people, he seeks to be understood while she seeks to understand, she can see Hierophant Green and recognizes the Stand as a potentially handy tool should her hunger take control, and on that note they both know what it's like to have to die to stop the villain.
  • Has run into fellow scientist Sento Kiryu, and the two immediately hit it off. Android 21 felt even further kinship with the young genius since he also lost his memories supposedly due to experimentation, and can't help but admire Sento's dedication to his ideals of justice regardless of the terrible circumstances that resulted in them being brought around his identity.
    21: Even after knowing everything you believe in is a lie? Where do you find the strength to still have faith?
    Sento: Simple: it's because my belief in Love&Peace was never a lie. That is the one thing I know in this world is true.
    21: ...I can only hope to discover such a truth one day for myself.
  • Also in the House of Personality.

Revan, God of Amnesiac Villains That Join Forces With Heroes (The Revanchist, The Revan, Revan the Butcher, The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan, The Prodigal Knight)


Intermediate Gods

SFX: Rumble of scientific triumph

Bondrewd, God of Human Resources and Remembering Ones Victims (Lord of Dawn, Bondrewd the Novel, Bonedaddy, Bonerdude, BEST DAD)

    Szilard Quates 
Szilard Quates, God of Memory Assimilation
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hand, pressed out to assimilate others
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Elderly Immortal, Arc Villain, Devours People For Their Memories And Knowledge, Evil Old Folks, Mad Scientist, Desires Ultimate Knowledge And To Be The Omniscient, Jerkass, Feel No Pain, Perfect regeneration, Dies By Being Consumed
  • Domains: Alchemy, Immortality, Greed, Knowledge, Homunculi
  • Followers: Chimera Ants, The Bene Gesserit, The Trill
  • Allies: Zouken Matou, Doctor Gero, Xehanort's Incarnations, Fabius Bile
  • Rivals: Larfleeze, Father(FMA)
  • Enemies: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, Czeslaw Meyer, Anna Marie, The Elric brothers, Nortrom the Silencer, Victor Von Doom, Alex Wesker
  • Opposed by: Every single immortal, Al Capone
  • Fears: Marona, The Mage of the Beginning, Pride
  • Lusts after: The House of Knowledge
  • Szilard Quates is one of the alchemists searching for immortality on the Advena Avis. A greedy man who lusts for further knowledge, he would go on a rampage and devour the immortals on the ship, gaining their memories and self. For over two hundred years he has been refining the immortality elixir, so as to gain more and more knowledge in hopes of becoming The Omniscient.
  • Though The Assimilator, Szilard assimilates immortals specifically. This ability was meant to give immortals an out if they tire of eternal life, but he uses it to cannibalize and add to his knowledge. To consume non-immortals he makes lesser variants in the Cure-All Elixir that give the user From a Single Cell and the inability to defend themselves from him rather than the near-Complete Immortality and The Ageless effect the Grand Panacea does.
  • Has attempted to distribute his concoction throughout the Pantheon in hopes of assimilating members, though some forms of immortality are close enough to his own he doesn't need to. As such he's opposed by every single immortal, particularly Alex Wesker who was incredibly angered when he tried to exploit her desire to live forever so as to eat her. As he was active during the bootlegging period in the 1930s, Al Capone sees him as a potential threat.
  • Similar in many respects to the Homunculus Father. The two are really old, really mean men who are experts at making homunculi. The two are rivals for the power and wisdom of the Truth, however he fears Pride due to how he consumed Gluttony and fears he might be consumed. The Elric brothers despise him due to the similarities and his cruel treatment of his homunculi offspring reminding them of Shou Tucker.
  • Spends much of his time in the House of Science refining his craft, having been able to remove the sense of pain which allows him to be more resilient than his fellow immortals. He finds the work of Fabius Bile to be very useful in his studies, and is one of the few who isn't repulsed by his evil. Him and Doctor Gero have been seen working together as well, due to the latter's desire of immortality and talent with genetic engineering.
  • Claims that his assimilations are For Science!, that he is Above Good and Evil. Most don't buy it and is regarded as a Ghost Memory junkie, who at this point has more other people's memories than his own. He is similar to Xehanort in being consumed by a desire for knowledge no matter what the cost or what low he has to sink to. Sometimes he works with Zouken Matou in research for forms of immortality and knowledge. Because of his actions, he is watched carefully whenever he visits the House of Knowledge.
  • Considers Larfleeze a competitor of sorts. While Larfleeze doesn't assimilate his victim's knowledge, his Orange Lantern has enormous potential to add on to his own powers and forge an army. He tried to take it from Larfleeze, and after a Curb-Stomp Battle Agent Orange tried to make the alchemist a construct. However this only works on those he kills, and Szilard's immortality prevented him from taking him. He still desires the orange light.
  • Sick to his stomach with Doctor Doom, as whenever he tries to make a move to take his memories after feeding him his concoction it's a Doombot he can't do anything about it. He doesn't like Rouge because she can absorb powers and even memories much better than him, seeing her as a big threat. And with Nortrom the Silencer he wants his position and doesn't want a rival power to his own memory assimilation.
  • Is in living terror of the Mage of the Beginning due to possessing her killer, which naturally deters the likes of him from touching her. He fears Marona as well since her ability to destroy the souls of those who she possesses and other Powers via Possession would screw him over majorly.


Lesser Gods

Bruno Borelli, God of Innocent Amnesiacs (Johnny, The Mysterious D-Wheeler, Timothy, Herr Neumann, Dark Glass/Vizor, Antimony of the Rules of Battle)

    James Sunderland 
James Sunderland, God of Trauma-Induced Amnesia (Jaaaaaaaaames Sunderland, That Guy With Very Bad Hygiene)
  • Theme Song: "Letters".
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: More or less Neutral Good
  • Symbol: A shotgun and wooden plank crossed over his M1965 field jacket.
  • Portfolio: The Amnesiac, Combat Pragmatist, The Atoner, Only Sane Man (to an extent), Earn Your Happy Ending, The Everyman.
  • Domains: Bad Hygiene, Improvised Weaponry, Shoddy Memory.
  • Hearld: Laura
  • Allies: Yu Narukami, Kanji Tatsumi, Roahm Mythril, Jake Miller, Chris Redfield, Harry Mason, Heather Mason.
  • Enemies: Pyramid Head, Izanami, Tohru Adachi, Spooky, Alex Wesker, Dark Marik, The Gatherers.
  • After seeing his first follower, he was quite surprised why he followed him; after all, he was more faithful to his wife. Turns out he just had his back in case anything happened.
    • Despite his lack of support with others both Kanji and Jake managed to finally get a conversation going about the fact they sounded alike.
  • Is on good terms with Roahm Mythril, as Roahm accompanied James during his trip to Silent Hill, like he did with other Silent Hill Survivors.
  • He doesn't like those who try and manipulate the fog to create mist having bad memories when around Izanami. He also can't stand her selected subject for human exploration Adachi for reminding him of the time he had to put down Eddie.
  • Due to manifesting Pyramid Head deities like Alex and Marik seek to control James to add more stress to his mind in order to control him.
  • Is overall a very sad guy to be around, but he willing to break out of his shell in the Pantheon. It is the least he can do to honor his wife's final wish.
  • James' eventually agreed to give out details (or rather let the higher-ups) explain how he ended up here. James was once Happily Married with his wife, Mary Sunderland, the two enjoying a decent life. However, everything would take a turn for the worse when Mary would become stricken with a chronic illness. Being the supportative husband he was, James devoted time, money and effort for maintaining his wife's health and keeping her as best as possible. Unfortunately, Mary's disease not only damaged her body, but also damaged her mental health and stability. Her physical deteroriation led to her to manifesting a colossal sense of self-loathing and disgust. Tragically, this sense of self-disgust, helplessness and anger led to her relationship with James becoming very toxic, with her switching between lashing out at him and her begging for him not leave her, all while James' own life began suffering from everything he did to help her. Eventually, because of complicated reasons not entirely selfless yet not selfish, he would end up suffocating her, giving her a Mercy Kill yet also acting out from his own pent-up frustration. Unsurprsingly, the action broke him and his life spiraled into depression until he got that faithful letter that led him to Silent Hill.
    • As such, his entire journey in Silent Hill represented the various aspects of this dark period such as his repressed sexual desires, the declining relationship of his wife and his own self-loathing, famously manifesting as Pyramid Head. Unsurprisingly, it's why he stays away from the Houses of Family and Love, though many people, including Yu Narukami, have been reaching out to help him. Additionally, a lot of people cannot find it in him to truly blame him as the entire ordeal is a plusible outcome in relationships and sometimes there is nothing else that can be done but try and cope.
    • However, they do applaud James for overcoming the tragedy and upon finding closure with the ghost of his wife, take in the child she befriended. Of course, others noted the other endings that could've befallen James, such as potentially repeating the tragedy with the lookalike of his wife, a woman named Maria or succumbing to depression and commiting suicide. Closer inspection revealed even stranger fates, such as James driven to desperation to use the dark forces of Silent Hill to resurrect his wife or even being abducted by aliens or that the entire ordeal was orchestrated by a Shiba Inu. James does not know what to make some of these fates though learning that the most common one was him finding the strength to live and moving forward provided a sense of comfort.
      • Speaking of the child, James was worried sick when he found Laura in the Pantheon and questioned what she was doing here. Laura just mentioned that she got some letter that she was sent to stick by his side and be his herald. While James is happy to have company, he honestly wants to make sure she doesn't get into trouble. At the very least, Laura isn't affected by Silent Hill.
  • Was glad to not have been the only deity to enter Silent Hill as he met with Harry Mason who went through the ordeal to find his seven year old, short black haired daughter. Some time later, he met up with a teenage blond haired girl with the same last name as Harry but calling herself Heather. Turns out Heather was (kinda) that short black haired seven-year-old daughter of Harry from the past. The father and daughter duo have been helping him move on from the trauma with Heather even becoming an older sister figure to Jame's herald, Laura.

    Jason Bourne 
Jason Bourne, God of Amnesiac Dissonance (David Webb, Delta One)
  • Theme Song: Extreme Ways
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Glock 17
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, The Chessmaster, Combat Pragmatist, Genius Bruiser, Nerves of Steel, Omniglot, The Paragon Always Rebels, Wouldn't Hurt a Child, Dark Is Not Evil
  • Domains: Combat, Espionage, Good, Memory, Tactics
  • Followers: Alita, Akira, Poldarn, Thomas
  • Herald: Aaron Cross
  • Allies: Roger O. Thornhill, Lisbeth Salander, The Machine, Douglas Quaid, Lara Croft
  • Rivals: James Bond, Austin Powers
  • Enemies: Jason Voorhees
  • Opposes: Nick Fury, Samaritan, HYDRA, Cobra Commander, Eliphas
  • Odd Friendship: John Wick
  • Pities: River Tam, James Howlett / Wolverine, Laura Kinney/X- 23
  • The origins of Jason Bourne's appearance is just as mysterious as his past. One day at the helicarrier, Nick Fury got word from his herald Maria Hill. A highly dangerous target has arrived at the Pantheon with no one knowing how he got there. He sent some agents to confront the man. A few minutes later, Fury received a call from the man himself. He urged the spymaster not to follow him; he would know.
  • James Bond didn't even need to be informed to confront the man. He had long awaited the day the two would meet. A cat-and-mouse game ensued, which eventually led to a confrontation. While Bourne had better fighting skills, Bond's gadgets kept him at his toes. Bourne managed to get away, but it was far from their last encounter. They remain rivals in the box office as well, with the newcomer successfully making a mark in pop culture. Bond even adopted some of Bourne's tactics in his latest films when Daniel Craig was his avatar.
  • Thinks that Austin Powers is too eccentric to be a spy. Nevertheless, their rivalry is not nearly intense as with Bond. Powers is much more sympathetic to his plight and is more likely to be lenient towards Bourne's activities.
  • Heroic spies aren't the only ones interested in bring Bourne in. HYDRA have made multiple attempts to capture him. Many fear of what a Bourne HYDRA agent would be capable of. Luckily, he has done a good job in avoiding getting caught.
    • Cobra has expressed similar interests in brainwashing him to their side, with similar failure.
  • Is one of the few deities that do not reside in his official temple. The only times that he does visit are brief encounters. Instead, he creates makeshift ones of his own in order to avoid detection. He prefers to meet his followers instead to help them out.
  • During his usual evasion from the authorities, he ran into Roger Thornhill under a similar predicament. It has happened many times, with Jason helping the man out whenever he can. Bourne has promised to find a way to remedy this.
  • One would think that Bourne wouldn't like the company of a former mobster. In fact, the two share pity over trying their best to get over their pasts, as well as dealing with those who want to bring them back into the fold. So far they have declined to battle over who is the better fighter, a request urged by their followers.
  • Lisbeth doesn't like to deal with government agents, but trusts Bourne enough to deal with physical threats. She has promised to aid him into finding out more about his past as well as disrupting surveillance systems.
  • Some followers have turned to Samaritan to help track down Bourne. The Knight Templar AI has proven to be one of his most challenging foes, rending evasion all but impossible. Thankfully, his followers fail to compare to him in combat. It was the Machine that helped Bourne get some fake identities to avoid detection. Indeed, many of the Machine's allies have experience hiding from public.
  • While he was in a restaurant, he witnessed a tiny girl wreaking havoc on some thugs. Her crewmates tried to calm her down and got their asses kicked for it. Bourne decided to give it a try. Never could he have imagined just how ruthless the girl fought. After an intense fight, she had him at her misery. But the fight was enough to tire her out. Mal thanked him before offering to mend his wounds. River Tam apologized for the attack, explaining she underwent Mind Rape. He felt sorry for the girl for suffering a similar fate. The two now keep in touch every once in awhile.
  • There seems to be many in the Pantheon who were turned into killing machines. He gave out his condolences to both Wolverine and his clone X-23. With that said, they don't meet that much.
  • Many of his enemies have been followers of Eliphas, willing to do everything in their power to serve their government. Bourne has made it clear to the Radiant that he will never join his forces again.
  • Every once in awhile (especially on Friday the 13th), Bourne gets attacked by a stoic figure wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete. Some research revealed his name is also Jason. He guesses that the being is interested in taking his head as a trophy. He may be slow, but is one of the more difficult foes to shake off.
  • Befriended Lara Croft after mistaking her for CIA agent Heather Lee.

    Jax Teller 
Jackson Nathaniel "Jax" Teller, God of Wanting to be Remembered by his Sins (Jackie Boy, Handsome Jack, The Prince, The King, Pres.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The SAMCRO Logo
  • Theme Song: This Life
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Lawful Neutral Aspirations, later slips into Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Biker, Anti-Hero steadily falling into Anti-Villain and Ultimately into Villain Protagonist, Byronic Hero, Genuinely Polite before Becoming Ruthless, Death Glare, Tranquil Fury, Sheer Enmity Against Clay, Loves a Good Fight, Taking over Leadership of SAMCRO which Corrupts Him, Utterly Relentless and Brutal, Prioritizing Revenge Before his Club's Needs, Love Makes You Evil, Protective of his Sons, Abel and Thomas, Mr. Fanservice, Best Friends with Opie whose Death heavily Damaged Him, Committing Unforgivable Actions and Becoming what he Opposed, Choosing to Die being Unworthy of being a good Person or Father, Driven to Suicide, Having a Sad End
  • Domains: Anarchy, Outlaws, Bikers, Clubs, Pragmatism, Family, Fatherhood, Reformation, Revenge
  • Heralds: The rest of SAMCRO (particularly Filip "Chibs" Telford, Alexander "Tig" Trager, Robert "Bobby" Munson and Harry "Opie" Winston)
  • Allies: Bryan Mills, Nagato, Obito Uchiha, Carl Clover, Akame, Night Raid, Jason Todd, Roxas, Scorpion, Darth Vader, Frank Castle, John Wick
  • Enemies: Ethan Roark Junior, Ethan Roark Senior, The Slavers, Relius Clover, Nicky Cavella, Esdeath, Prime Minister Honest, Trevor Philips
  • Respected By: Lucifer (One-sided on his End)
  • Complicated Relationship: The House of Family
  • Pitied By: The House of Friendship and Love
  • Opposes: Rapists, Gun Traders, Generally Anyone who is Disloyal Regardless of Morality
  • Opposed By: The House of Justice
  • Additional Relationship: AJ Styles
  • A member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO) and the son of one of the First 9 who founded said club (John Teller), Jax had aspirations of wanting to become the president of the club in the hopes of reforming the anarchic organization in a more benevolent and safe direction after obtaining a notebook from his late father. However, he soon began to alternate between this and wanting to leave the club to provide a good future for his lover, Tara, and his son, Abel, from another relationship. This became escalated when Jax's stepfather, Clay Morrow, refused to allow Jax to pursue his goals, and finally reached its peak when Jax realized Clay was the one who killed his father for the position of President. Even when Jax became president, he had to witness several tragic events unfold that affected him, his family, friends and close associates.
  • Jax's entrance in the Pantheon wasn't how he expected it to be. He was held up and suddenly taken to the Court of the Gods to talk about SAMCRO, his experiences and his overall actions. Jax stated that he now wants nothing to do with SAMCRO, having given up his leadership to Chibs, but overall, he had no idea what to pursue, now that he fulfilled everything he wanted to do before dying. When the Court stated that Jax was a good parent overall, Jax stated that the acts he committed during leadership render him unsuitable to that praise. The Court agreed that he did commit certain deeds that a child should never want to learn from a parent, but maintained their position due to his positive intents and his contrition.
    • Jax received probation from the Court. While he gets to have independence, he is to be monitored and checked up every now and then to make sure Jax doesn't descend into darkness once again. Jax is uneasy about his situation, though he understands that considering what he did, he wasn't going to be let off easily anyway.
  • During a motorcycle trek, Jax passed through Beelzemon and felt surprised by his appearance. The Digimon took to noticing Jax and confronted him. Beelzemon questioned Jax about what he was doing and his interest in bikes, to which Jax replied that he was the head of a outlaw anarchy club before telling him what he went through before entering the Pantheon. Beelzemon was surprised, considering how he felt he was unforgivable for killing Leomon and causing more damage than he ever wanted to amount, sympathizing with Jax over his ordeals. Jax stated that he doesn't mind being pitied, but doesn't expect forgiveness. Despite their depressing conversation, the two bonded over their outlaw-like style and motif, with Jax deciding to enlist a formal partnership with the redeemed Lord of Gluttony.
    • The partnership of Jax and Beelzemon was noticed by the Gods and were bought over for a talk. Seeing as Beelzemon was a redeemed Digimon who is still pursuing his own personal atonement, he stated that he would like to align himself with the former SAMCRO president so that he could find personal company whilst bettering himself as an individual. While this hasn't changed Jax's probation, the Court are willing to allow Jax and Beelzemon to remain a duo. This was also supported by the fact that the Pantheon is full of strong adversaries which Jax wouldn't be able to combat on his own, whereupon he would need Beelzemon's assistance.
  • Jax's reputation in the Pantheon is rather complicated. There are those, particularly in the House of Justice who dislike him for disregarding the law and even getting help from corrupt cops during his mortal life. Similarly, there are those who understand what Jax had went through that drove him into villainy and sympathize with him. Its how he was able to become surprising friends with Pain and Obito, who know exactly why Tara's death incredibly warped his mind. That said, Jax declined their offer of joining their new organization, stating that as a man on probation, it would look bad on him, which the two former Akatsuki members conceded on.
  • Due to his actions, Jax can be relatable with the House of Crime, though he doesn't really spend much time in it. That said, he has decided on a voluntary check-up on certain individuals, considering as outlaws, Jax would act as a vigilante at times.
    • Despises Ethan Roark Junior with a passion. Jax has made it clear time and again that he is not hesitant in gunning him down the moment they meet. Given Jax is a father and Roark is a shameless pedophile, most Pantheon residents feel that Jax is justified in his hate. He also extends this feeling towards his father, Roark Senior due to him being a Corrupt Politician, which Ja has dealt with beforehand. He also dislikes The Slavers as he feels their unethical attitude and remorseless behavior makes them utter disgraces in the name of crime.
  • Because he acts on a moral code and sets restrictions to himself to ensure safety and preventing unwanted damage, Jax immediately disliked Trevor Philips due to his overly chaotic nature. There's also the fact that he killed Johnny Klebitz, a former biker club member, though Jax is rather apathetic about Klebitz as he wasn't really loyal. Despite his distaste for him, Jax does begrudgingly respect Trevor's views on loyalty towards others.
  • Jax has a cordial relationship with Frank Castle and Jason Todd, despite himself being a criminal. Castle can relate in the sense that both were family men who were driven to darkness by uncontrollable circumstances. Jason likes Jax's pragmatic approach to settling conflicts and for trying not to involve innocent lives in crossfires. Jax will often provide intel to Frank and Jason when it comes to taking on unethical criminals, especially Ethan, The Slavers and Nicky Cavella.
  • Because of how many of his closest friends and allies died due to unforgiving circumstances and how their deaths led Jax into becoming more darker and brutal, he is very hesitant when he comes close to the House of Friendship. The Friendship Houses's residents felt pitiful for Jax as his friendship towards his family and club members, especially Opie, was very genuine and why Jax maintained a very strict sense of loyalty. This is also extended towards the House of Love after hearing events relating to Jax's wife, Tara.
  • Despite his probation, Jax will occasionally be allowed to carry out vigilante work as some of his actions did benefit his mortal hometown of Charming, California, plus Jax is known to uphold some standards. That said, he still needs be monitored in case he slips. Jax is okay with it, now that he has Frank and Jason to work with. He's also signed a deal with Akame and Night Raid in combating against Esdeath and Prime Minister Honest. Its one of those occasions where Jax is going to be really relying on Beelzemon, but it'll work out for them.
  • Was praised by Lucifer who stated that his tenacity, willingness to change his club to a better direction and his reputation all can be a valuable promotion if Jax joined the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. He declined, to Lucifer's disappointment, saying that while he is partners with Beelzemon, he isn't serving a higher body, plus he is has stated being in probation means reflecting on what he wants to do in the Pantheon.
  • Jax met AJ Styles when he was returning from a probation check from the Court of the Gods. AJ seemed to like Jax for his attitude and for the fact that he looked like he could belong in the Bullet Club. Jax respected the gesture, but politely declined, stating that he'd rather wait until his probation ends. That said, AJ does occasionally meet up with Jax for a quick hang-out, with Jax even getting to be quite amicable with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.
  • Outside of reflecting on his life and the occasional vigilante work, Jax is thinking about setting up a motorcycle department in the House of Travel as a means of earning for himself once his probation ends. Though he is unpopular admittedly due to isolating himself out of shame, Beelzemon has opened up to helping him out should he need it.
  • "I'm sorry that the family I was given has created such chaos in the family I've chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much."

Cephalon Ordis, God of Laser-Guided Amnesia (Ordis, Ordan Karris, The Beast of Bones)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself, or more accurately his cracked hexahedron interface.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Orbiter's Cephalon, Quite crazy at times, Comedic Sociopathy, Servile Snarker, Voice with an Internet Connection, Very loyal to his Operator, Bad sense of humor, Blood Knight even back then, Was Once a Man, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Bungled Murder-Suicide, The Beast of Bones, Punished with Immortality
  • Domains: AI, Glitches, Mood switching, Amnesia, Dark Pasts, Warriors, Murder suicides
  • Allies: The Tenno, Repliforce, Bastion, Optimus Prime, Jenny Wakemen, Bladewolf, Honoka Mitsui, ICEY
  • Enemies: The Grineer, The Infested, The Corpus, The Flood, Amon, SKYNET, Omega, SHODAN, Samaritan, The Eliksni, any evil machinery in the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Pities: The Meta
  • A relic of the Orokin Era, Ordis is a Cephalon that assists the Tenno in their operations to bring peace and balance in the Origin System. Although damaged due to being raided for resources, evidenced by his broken appearance and lapses into an aggressive state, he still remains a faithful ally to the void wielding warriors.
    • Despite his amnesia, he did manage to unearth his own past, and he isn't proud of it. He originally was a living human being going by the name of Ordan Karris, working for the Orokin as a vicious warrior. Scarred from his experiences, he came to the horrible realization that those in the lower class are nothing more than pawns for his masters to step on. He gained their trust, wanting to get up close with the Golden Gods and planned to kill as many as he could along with himself. But as he layed dying, he was granted immortality and was refitted into the loyal Cephalon he is now, his memories locked away within his mind. He was made to assist his Tenno Operator during the Old War, but after the fall of the Orokin alongside the freezing of the Tenno. Horrified by his past, to the point where he wanted to kill himself but didn't go through with it due to his love for his Operator and instead waited for their return.
  • Was glad that he could assist his Operator along with the rest of the Tenno in their exploits within the Pantheon due to the Court of Gods having sympathy for the old Cephalon's background. The reunion was a bit soured since he was notified that the Grineer and the Infested had ascended long before he did. Hearing about how the fascist clones and the plague tried to enforce their rule through aggressive means only to be hit just as hard by the Pantheon's denizens did lighten up the mood, part of him wishing to see the bloodbath of their slaughter for himself. He denies he does, however.
    "Welcome back, Operator!"
    • His devotion to his Operator is why he isn't all that present around his temple. It's more or less just a place where you could interact with the Cephalon directly that's reminiscent of the Orbiter, minus the Infested tissue growing inside.
  • Holds distaste towards malevolent AI due to his history with the Sentients, both in the Old War and after their resurfacing. SKYNET in particular is one that Ordis loathes since it was also hellbent on destroying humanity, even utilizing time travel to ensure their destruction and is willing to stab others in the back if need be. Ordis wasn't happy to hear that it was a Councilor of a Alliance of Machines, many of whom are generally villainous. He hates Abusive Precursors as well since he served under the Orokin back when they still ruled. Amon is reprehensible enough what with his goals of the universe's destruction, nevermind the fact he's also a Eldritch Abomination. There's also the Flood, who shares many traits with Infested right down to it's ability to corrupt beyond organics as is with the case with Cephalon Jordas.
    • He's persistently requested by the more dubious members of the GUAM to abandon his Operator in favor of a better life, one without his past. His response?
    "How many times must I tell you? TO HELL WITH YOUR OFFER!"
    • On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ordis sees the Repliforce and Optimus Prime as pretty noble in their goals for freedom from persecution, even if the former's didn't go so well originally. He honestly wished those like them were around back then. The same can be said for Bladewolf as well, being under Desperado's orders at the time before turning over to the side of good after being cut up and rebuilt. Ordis thinks he should of kept the heat knives and chainsaw tail. He'd be happy to help improve it with some mods with the approval of his Operator.
    "Ordis thinks you should get your old weapons back, Bladewolf. With all these battles going on it would help to- rip apart -defend yourself."
  • Still manages to be mostly kind despite everything he has been through. While his past is suppressed, they're not fully resolved and has considered using more conclusive means but hasn't really gone through with them. He believes the Pantheon may help him due to its possibilities, helping him seal away the truth for good and live in blissful ignorance. To him "truth only sinks the heart".
    "Take it from me, knowing is hell. Stop now. You will want to laugh, you will want to scream."
  • Jenny Wakemen once confronted Ordis on his relationship with the Operator since she has heard it's akin to slavery. The Cephalon was a bit miffed, considering his loyalty, and defended his position. While he exists to serve to Operator, their bonds are genuine and being under their rule hasn't stopped him from disobeying them such as when he went after Suda to save her from Hunhow... only to get captured himself. After patching things up, Ordis did recognize the good intentions Jenny had and decided to become allies and help one another in their time of need. The old Cephalon is quite baffled at how much stuff she can store herself and theorized if it's the work of another dimension.
    "How many items can one with such a small chassis have? Um, no. I'm not built for envy..."
  • He really, really doesn't like anyone who tries to mess with his technology. It doesn't matter if it's the Orbiter or his temple, he hates it either way. You can understand why he gets very enthusiastic when the Tenno engage with the Eliksni and other pirates and raiders.
  • Was once targeted by the Meta due it's insatiable hunger for power through AI. The Meta didn't go after Ordis again because before taking him meant fighting Operator, one that the Meta lost. Though still bitter at him for this attempt at assimilation, part of him sympathizes with the mute since it wasn't his fault he turned out what he is today.
  • His devotion to the Operator is no secret to anyone, and he got along with Honoka Mitsui after hearing about her genetic loyalty towards Tatsuya seeing it not to different from his own. Seeing her affinity with light gave him an idea: On his downtime he'd sometimes go out and help her with illusions and light magic, a bit inspired from the Mirage Warframe. While the first attempt at Mirage's Prism ability didn't go so well, progress has been made. The House of Combat's denizens would rather not talk about the "disco ball of doom" incident.
  • "I am Ordis, ship Cephalon, a shadow of my former self."

    Rintarou Okabe 
Rintarou Okabe, God of Memory Retention (Labmem 001, Okarin, Hououin Kyouma, Anarchy Incarnate)
  • Theme Song: Hacking to the Gate
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (likes pretending to be Chaotic Neutral)
  • Symbol: His cellphone
  • Portfolio: Self-proclaimed Mad Scientists, demanding others to call him Houoin Kyouma, keeping memories throughout all timelines, Giver of Lame Names, Obfuscating Insanity, Intending to save his Childhood Friend and Love Interest and never giving up
  • Domains: Time, Technology, Knowledge
  • Allies: The Doctor, Future Trunks, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, the T-850, Doctor Emmett Brown, Marty McFly, Space Dandy, Noire, Mahiro Yasaka, Ryotaro Nagami/Kamen Rider Den-O
  • Odd Friendship with: Black★Rock Shooter
  • Enemies: SKYNET, Big Brother, BnL
  • Pities: Homura Akemi
  • Made his grand entrance by screaming "I AM MAD SCIENTIST!" out loud to the masses of the Pantheon. Most had no idea what he was talking about, but those who recognized him knew that he was the one who prevented a future dystopia ruled by SERN and World War III. They were the ones who awarded him with a divine title.
  • Okabe's claims to fame are the various time travel devices he's invented. Among them are the d-mail, a text message able to be sent to the past, and the Time Leap Machine, which allows him to travel back in time. He's able to use the latter with little repercussion because of an ability he has called Reading Steiner, which allows Okabe to retain his memories throughout any timeline he travels to.
  • To prevent something like a dystopian future from happening for any universe, Okabe to decided to strike an alliance with gods like the Doctor and Future Trunks. To his surprise, he was approached by the likes of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor to help them fight SKYNET, after hearing that he became a rebel leader in a future world line. Okabe is reluctant to help them, but will ultimately fight for the greater good.
  • Is in collaboration with Doc Brown and Ryotaro Nagami to make a cooler-looking time machine. While he's eager to work with them, he can't help feeling tense around their time machines. Mostly because he saw his friend die at the mercy of a car and train, the former many times.
  • Has several of his Future Gadget Lab devices out on display in his temple, but his Time Leap Machine remains the most popular. He's disappointed however, that most people just use it to microwave bananas.
  • Became friends with Dandy of all people after finding out that he's able to retain some of his memories throughout various universes, similar to his own Reading Steiner. Okabe later found out that he sounds like Dr. Gel when he tries to speak in English, though Dandy has has no idea what he's talking about.
  • While he can't speak for Homura, he feels like he can sympathize with her. He knows that it's hell to travel back in time over and over just to save one's best friend/Love Interest, and he's heard that her experiences are a lot worse than his.
  • Even in the Pantheon, he insists that people call him Houoin Kyouma. Most people laugh off his demands, much to his chagrin.
  • Was confused when he heard Noire talk, thinking that she sounded really similar to Kurisu. In response, he jokingly called her "Assistant". Much to his surprise, she reacted as if she was called that before. She found a lot of things similar to MAGES. in him, and the two quickly became friends.
  • Now officially recognized as the Top Time Traveler.
  • "El Psy CKongroo!"

    Sayo Aisaka 
Sayo Aisaka, Goddess of Ghostly Amnesia (Umbra Invisibilis)

    Shūkurō Tsukishima 
Shūkurō Tsukishima, God of Fake Memories (Shu, Bookman, Facebook)

  • Shūkurō Tsukishima is Ichigo Kurosaki's cousin, who he and his family haven't seen since Grandpa Rin's funeral. He is liked by all of Ichigo's friends and even his sisters. He came by to pay a visit, only for Ichigo to be irrationally angry with him, and even toss his cousin into a window.
  • A very friendly person, who always visits many pantheons unexpectedly. He seems to make a new friend in every pantheon during every time he visits. Oddly enough, despite being such a friendly person, there are many who are wary of him, especially in the Mentalism Pantheon.
    • But why is that so? Why did the Main House insert him into this pantheon? Why did they give him the title God of Fake Memories?
      • They are acting really weird...
  • For some reason Lelouch got really angry at him the last time he got a visit from Shukuro, who avoids him because he doesn't want Lelouch to get irrationally angry at him again. When Lelouch was asked to comment on this, he simply said this:
    Lelouch: I've done this little dance before.
  • In the same vein, when he came to greet Byakuya at the House of Siblings upon ascending to the Pantheon, he received this comment.
    Byakuya: You're aware that I can kill you just like the previous time you attempted this, correct?
  • Hasn't been seen since Kefka and Terumi failed in their plans to corrupt the Puella Magi.
  • Until one day he turned up talking to Naruto Uzumaki. Well... trying to talk, anyway. Naruto was irrationally angry, more interested in fighting him and causing a ruckus. Then Ichigo showed up and started yelling angry lies about Shukuro so Naruto was even more set against him. Finally, some old black-armored police lady appeared, and Shukuro tried to explain that they were attacking him for no reason, but she believed the angry delinquents instead just because of the katana he carries for self-defense. She used a steel cable to knock his sword out of his hand, then tried to arrest him, forcing him to run away and go back into hiding.
    • *SLICE!*

  • In actuality, Tsukishima is not Ichigo's cousin, or Byakuya's former teacher, or anyone of any important relation to the Gotei 13. Rather, he is a Fullbringer; a human born with a special soul-manipulating ability called a Full Manifestation Art, or Fullbring for short. In fact, he was the sworn enemy of a secret society of Fullbringers called Xcution. His Fullbring, Book of The End, manifests as a bookmark that can turn into a sword capable of cutting into anything. And whenever Book of The End cuts something, Shukuro is able to implant himself into its memory (if a living being) or history (inanimate object). This has plenty of manipulative uses.
    • For example, that part about Ichigo's cousin? He cut the rest of his family and friends into believing that so they could drive him insane. Byakuya's mentor? He cut that into him too, even though it didn't work. That fun little blurb of a profile above? He cut that into it just to prove the point. And him being Xcution's sworn enemy? That was the biggest lie of all. He's actually the first devoted recruit of the organization, a full willing participant in their plan to steal Ichigo's power and add it to their own. He cut his leader into believing they were enemies because the boss would've utterly failed to act the part otherwise, then eventually cut the others into the same act to make him look like a lone villain for the sake of the plan. Ultimately, the plan was beaten back, and Shukuro was among the members killed. Still, the infamy of his works remained, and he later found his way into the Pantheon.
    • After exploring the crossroad of dimensions on his own, he took over Ichigo's temple by cutting its door to read his name instead. It was his way of saying hello, to which Ichigo dragged him to the Court of the Gods, hoping to kick him out. He demonstrated his ability by cutting Captain America, who within moments would extol "the incredible virtues Shukuro showed while fighting alongside [Cap] and Bucky in World War 2". Ichigo and Eiki Shiki forced him to undo the effects, to which he reversed it by cutting him again. The First Avenger's memory back to normal, they agreed that Shu was worthy of the title of Fake Memories.
  • This of course means the "irrationally angry" outbursts of others described above were entirely justified. Lelouch has had his memories altered before and refused to give Shu even the slightest chance. Byakuya was the one who killed Shu in their home universe despite believing him to be his mentor simply because he was an enemy to Ichigo. As for Naruto, Tsukishima actually attempted to ambush him in hopes of cutting him to achieve some hidden end, with Ichigo and then Lin Beifong foiling said plan. Amusingly enough, Beifong would find herself occasionally protecting Naruto like he was her own son afterwards, and this turned out to be the effect of an alternate crossover timeline. While it may not have been in the direction he wanted, Shu noted that his attack allowed memories of another life to gain influence after all.
  • Due to common ground which reminded him of his former comrades in Xcution, he gravitated greatly to Zonda and the Seven, becoming an ally to them in their cause to establish a society fit for Adepts and others like them. The members of the Gotei 13 hold great distrust for Shu because of this, with Copen and Gunvolt noting him as a dangerous figure to watch as well.
  • Android 21 has been told to stay away from Shukuro, lest he attempt to rewire her missing memories to fit his own purposes. Learning that the same warning was applied to Ragyo Kiryuin, he decided to check her and see what she was all about. He came away unimpressed, feeling that she is just another regular human parasitically latching onto a superior existence (the Life Fibers) rather than anyone naturally powerful or impressive. Worse, her depravity especially towards her own progeny (as in both of them) proves the depths of evil that humans can stoop to.
  • When Ichigo finally got suspicious enough to ask Beifong for help in interrogating Shukuro, they were able to subdue him without getting cut by his sword. Wonder Woman appeared and provided the assistance of the Lasso of Truth to compel Tsukishima to explain the true motive behind his actions. He revealed that after succumbing to his wounds from the battle with Byakuya, he had been sent to the first level of Bleach Hell as well as seen visions of Xcution's leader and butler both being tortured by Hell's lowermost flames. Furthermore, he'd been pulled out of Hell and into the Pantheon by what he could only describe as a faceless robe, and was now doing all he could to find a way to rescue his leader. Ichigo called this out as "total bullshit", stating that the three of them and even one of the surviving members had just been there helping Ichigo and the Gotei 13 in the war against Yhwach and his Vandenreich army in Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Human World, and during an unrelated campaign in Hell he'd caught no sight of them at all. Beifong could vouch from their previous incident that Kurosaki wasn't one to lie, but Shukuro couldn't have been fibbing either, given he was wrapped in Diana's ropes.
    • Further investigation revealed that an incident had taken place with Tsukishima being accosted by Wiseman during the earliest times they were in the Pantheon. Those who knew of the powers of Death Phantom instantly connected the dots as to what happened. However, just to make certain, they checked with Sailor Pluto and the Door of Space-Time, to see Bleach's Hell and Soul Society in the wake of the Fullbringers' deaths. Sure enough, Shukuro and his friends did not appear in Hell at any point, but they did appear in Soul Society being rescued by Ichigo's friend and then assisting the Number One Guardian, just as he said they did, all to repay their debt to him for saving them when he beat them. So then how did Shu find the Pantheon in the first place? Sometime after the Thousand Year Blood War's end, Shukuro had stumbled onto a sealed portal and, curious, decided to cut it and alter its history so that it had never been sealed and wouldn't be until he walked through it. This confirmed that the lich of the Planet Nemesis had manipulated Tsukishima through his loyalty to Xcution, messing with his memories to make him think they were all in Hell.
    • By combining Chibiusa’s and Sailor Moon's Silver Crystals with both Shukuro's bookmark and Ichigo's Substitute Soul Reaper badge, they were able to purge his memory of Wiseman's manipulations, restoring the understanding that Tsukishima had reached with Ichigo in Soul Society. For the despicable act of overwriting his memories and having him sow seeds of chaos which benefited no one he cares about, he now hates Death Phantom with all the fury he can muster. Still, Sailor Chibi Moon is understandably very uncomfortable around Shu due to the nature of his powers, although he assured the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask that he has no interest in messing with her.
  • Since regaining his proper memories, Shukuro hasn't denounced his ties to Zonda and the Seven, but he no longer supports the idea of wiping out all non-powered mortals. Instead he hopes to convince them that they can create their metahuman society through non-genocidal means such as finding a location they can claim for their own and build an infrastructure suitable for life in. For this reason, Magneto and Cyclops have gained his interest due to their history with the island of Genosha. He's also still very much on the watch lists of Lelouch, Copen, Gunvolt, and the Gotei 13—especially Byakuya—and still considers Ragyo contemptible for her treachery and depravity.
  • Is often called Bookman because of his bookmark, and Facebook because of how often he's used his power to forge superficial friendships. He's a bit more ashamed of the last one, especially knowing how his kohai Moe Shishigawara had loyally served at his side during his time in Xcution, causing him to realize he wasn't alone in the world right as he approached death. He pleaded with the Court of the Gods to allow Shishigawara entrance to his temple as his Herald. Kurosaki convinced them it would be the best way to keep him grounded, and Naruto even stepped in to credit Shukuro for finally understanding the true value of comrades, so they agreed to do it.
  • The rehabilitated Tsukishima immediately found his way onto Yhwach's radar. Yhwach will not forget the man who inserted a past that did not happen into Ichigo (likely by replacing Yhwach with himself in his mind) so that Orihime could have something to reject, getting around Yhwach's ability to change the future in order to restore Ichigo's sword despite his best efforts. In fact, Yhwach seeks to kill Shukuro back out of the Pantheon so that he can't act as an uncounted variable and get in his way again.
  • Tried to approach Namine after hearing about her ability to alter people's memories and how she was forced to use this power against her friends. However, she told him to stay away as she already knew of his insert presence ability and how he's used it to break innocent people. Seeing her stern disapproval, he apologized and walked away, as he felt it was the only decent response he could give. Before he could fully leave, though, he overheard another girl suddenly accosting Namine, trying to torment her about her abilities always being a part of her. He stuck around to observe, seeing a blonde in an Organization XIII style coat.
    • Right as Larxene went to attack Namine with her knives, Shukuro made his move, flash stepping his way over to suddenly stab the aggressor right in the stomach with Book of The End—not to use its insert presence ability, but to wound her directly, forcing her to retreat. When Namine asked why he saved her, Shu explained that he could relate to her due to having recently been manipulated over his powers, making it clear he was not trying to get her to do anything. He went to leave again, but this time Namine gave him a parting message, to which he replied with one of his own...
    Namine: I hope you truly can change for good. It might be the way for you to get your friends back.
    Shukuro: Ginjo and the others are fine. If they want to ascend, then they will. I have to figure out my own goals here.
  • May have gained his first new friend in the Pantheon when he encountered Rolo Lamperouge. While Shu thinks Rolo's obsession with Lelouch is a bit much, and Rolo is somewhat miffed that Shu can only insert himself into people's memories, both are fully aware what it's like to willingly fight, kill, and die for the cause of a First Friend. As such, the two managed to bond and will have each other's backs. A few deities are hoping that Shu will find his direction in helping Rolo become more stable.
  • The encounters with Death Phantom, Namine, and Rolo have given Tsukishima a new sympathy for Lelouch's aversion to any false memory plots. This makes the fact that Lelouch often sounds like a more suave Ichigo rather funny to him now.

    The Silents 
The Silent Priests, Divine Priests of Amnesia Danger (The Silence, The Sentinels of History)


Fluke, God of Past-Life Memories (Thomas P. Johnson, "Tom" - Formerly)
  • Theme Song: Memories of Another Life
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A circular blue dog tag bearing the name "Fluke" in white letters
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Amplified Animal Aptitude, Animal Talk, Big Friendly Dog, leaves his old family behind so they can be happy, former Jerkass Workaholic who was married to his job, Meaningful Name, a human reincarnated as a dog who gradually regained his human memories
  • Domains: Canines, Reincarnation, Memory
  • Herald: Rumbo, his Best Friend and mentor
  • Allies: The House of Canines (especially the good members), good members of the House of Family (especially the fathers), the League of Extreme Fatherhood, Asgore, the Panda King, Ignitus, Courage, Lady and Tramp, Pongo and Perdita, Clifford, Pluto, Scooby-Doo, the Duck Hunt Dog, Snoopy, Galford D. Weiler, the Sailor Scouts
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, Eustace Bagge
  • Pities: Flowey
  • Fluke used to be a human by the name of Thomas P. Johnson, or just Tom. On one fateful night, he died in a car crash and was reborn as a puppy. As he grew, he slowly regained his memories of his life as a human. This led him to go on a search for the wife and son he left behind. He eventually came to realize that it was wrong to try and interfere with their lives. They had their own lives and he had his. As hard as it was, he left them behind once more so they could live a happy life. This proved to be pretty admirable amongst the Pantheon, and he was promptly offered a position.
  • A lot of deities have asked Fluke how he got his name. As it turns out, there really is a story behind it. After he escaped from the pound as a puppy, he was taken in by a homeless old woman named Bella. She played a game with him where she took three walnuts and a jewel, hid the jewel under one of them, and shuffled them. Every time Fluke would correctly choose the right walnut. This eventually drew a crowd which left tips for them. One member of the crowd suggested that it was just a fluke, to which Bella replied that he was her little fluke. And that is how he got his name. Unfortunately he had little time with Bella, who died shortly afterwards.
  • With him Fluke brought his best friend and mentor Rumbo as his herald. The Saint Bernard Rumbo took him under his wing after Bella died and showed him the ropes of living as a dog. Before his death, Rumbo confessed that he too used to be human, which he had previously denied. Eventually Fluke and Rumbo were reunited, Rumbo having been reborn as a squirrel.
  • Fluke is a fairly popular deity among the dogs of the Pantheon, most of which considering him to be a good friend. The House of Canines even considers Fluke to be an honorary member.
  • As such, he very much dislikes Eustace Bagge, who is hardly anything but cruel to Courage when he does so much for him and his wife, saving their lives included.
  • He detests Cruella De Vil even more for taking her cruelty to dogs another step further, that being her desire to kill puppies and make them into fur coats.
  • Fluke is also pretty tight with the House of Family, especially the good members and the fathers. Fathers and father figures that are not part of the House of Family are also rather fond of him. He completely and totally opposes the Child Abuse Supporters and what they stand for. Fluke still feels guilty over having not been there enough for his son when he was a human and has little tolerance for those that mistreat children.
  • Galford has always been fascinated by Fluke. Not only is it because of his love for dogs, but also because Fluke used to be a human. He now wonders if maybe this is the case with Poppy from time to time. Fluke doesn't seem to think so, though.
  • For some reason Flowey gave Fluke an uneasy, almost sad feeling when he first arrived. He couldn't figure out exactly why that was, and he knew that it wasn't just because the flower has no soul. However, Fluke has discovered the truth about Flowey. Now, not only does he pity Flowey, but he also feels sorry for Asgore and Toriel. Having been a parent once himself, he agrees with many others on how they should not be allowed to know the truth for their own well-being.
  • Old habits clearly die hard with Fluke and Rumbo. They can often be seen wandering the House of Food in search of a good meal. It greatly reminds them of old times, when they used to stop by the food stand of Rumbo's former human brother for a bite to eat.
  • The Sailor Scouts are highly sympathetic to Fluke. They too regained their memories of their past selves and also really admire his decision to leave his family behind for their own good.

Rhyme, Goddess of Wistful Amnesia (Skulls Jr., Black, Raimu Bito)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her bell necklace
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Brother Worship, Bokukko, Satellite Character, kindness and blonde hair, contented youth, Morality Pet, Sacrificial Lamb, being Only Mostly Dead, Parental Favoritism, Summon Magic
  • Domains: Knowledge, Amnesia, Hopes, Dreams
  • High Priest: Tatsuya Kaname
  • Allies: Beat (her brother), Neku Sakuraba, Shiki Misaki, Joshua, Sora, Riku, Doreen Green, Makoto Nanaya, Yu Narukami, Nanako and Ryotaro Dojima, Sojiro Sakura, Ice King
  • Opposes: Sho Minamimoto, Xehanort's Incarnations and his cohorts
  • Rhyme was a kid with hopes and dreams for the future, and she looked up to her brother despite all his shortcomings. Then they took a car to their entire bodies, taking them straight to the Reaper's Game, and with Rhyme without her memories. It was there that they met Neku and Shiki. A lot of things happened during the game and its extra two weeks, such as Rhyme's Erasure, returning as a Noise for Beat to Partner with in order to continue existing, and eventually being revived by the end of the whole Reaper's Game business.
  • A while after returning to the Pantheon, Joshua channeled Rhyme's dreams again, to allow her to enter the Pantheon. Beat was overjoyed and waited by Joshua's side so that he could immediately greet his sister. The joy was mutual, as Rhyme was also overjoyed to see her elder brother. Thanks to Beat winning the Reapers' Game, she'd regained her memories of him.
    • Unfortunately, she's implied to have no specific hopes or dreams for the future, due to losing the Reapers' Game, even though she technically didn't get erased. It reminds her of the time she spent in Traverse Town without her memories. As stated in a document in her homeworld though, a void in one's heart can be refilled as long as one enjoys the present. So Rhyme doesn't let this get her down. She's even found a new goal:
    • Being the nice person she is, Rhyme decided that she'd like to do what she can do jog her followers' memories, and help them out beyond that.
  • Some gods in the Pantheon mistook her for a boy at first, until she spoke. Their reasoning was that while Rhyme isn't necessarily unfeminine, the gods from Square-Enix media tend to look feminine.
  • To better defend herself in the Pantheon, Joshua gifted her a couple Pins she can use for Psyches, and she seems to be able to handle them well. After all, she had to have been a reliable enough Partner for Beat given how Noise battles in the UG work. Neku and Shiki were just never there to see it until now.
  • Her fondness for repeating quotes and adages reminds Solid Snake of Mei Ling, and old ally of his. He suspects they'd get along.
  • Experiences a strange familiarity whenever she's in the presence of Doreen Green. This is because Rhyme spent two weeks as a Squirrel Noise, but she doesn't remember any of that.
    • The two have become friends, and Rhyme has also become friends with Makoto Nanaya.
  • Alongside Beat, she's become fast friends with Yu Narukami. She's even voiced her opinion that sometimes one of the two boys reminds her of the other. Naturally, she also befriended the Dojimas Yu lived with during his time at Inaba.
  • Since Beat's become a frequent visitor of Leblanc, Rhyme has also gotten acquainted with Sojiro.
  • Rhyme has a tendency to secretly take away Beat's belongings whenever she feels that they're distracting him from an important task at hand.
  • With Rhyme's ascension, Shiki is the last one of Neku's friends to ascend, should she ever. Except it turns out Shiki had already been in the Pantheon before her; it's just that her position had been "overridden" by another, and then that representative goddess left it to join her group, and, well... go check Shiki's profile for what exactly happened.
  • She was surprised when one of her followers, Ice King, ascended. The two have spent more time together since then. Even after he's turned back to Simon Petrikov, and she bids him luck in finding a way to get his wife back.

    Ryoji Mochizuki 
Ryoji Mochizuki, God of Amnesiac Divinities (Pharos, Nyx Avatar, The Appriser, Death)
Nyx Avatar  Credit 
  • Demigod, Greater God as Nyx Avatar
  • Symbol: His scarf, surrounded by black clouds
  • Theme Song: The Battle For Everyone's Souls (Nyx Avatar)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good True Neutral as Nyx Avatar
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Bishōnen, Chick Magnet, Handsome Lech, Nice Guy, Single-Target Sexuality, Looks Similar to Makoto Yuki, Anti Anti Christ, Humanoid Abomination, Apocalypse Maiden, Please Kill Me To Prevent The End Of The World, Younger Than He Looks, Anti-Villain
  • Domains: Amnesia, Divinity, Death
  • Allies: All of S.E.E.S. (especially Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi, the latter more so), Raspberyl, Yosuke Hanamura, Artix Von Krieger, Rin Okumura, Kaworu Nagisa, Joshua Kiryu, Bruno/Johnny
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Aigis (only on her side)
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, Yaldabaoth, YHVH, The Divine Powers
  • Ryoji Mochizuki was already in the Pantheon during its early days after S.E.E.S. defeated his other form Nyx Avatar, for some reason, and after Makoto Yuki became the Great Seal, but he had lost his memories (yet again) upon arrival. It was only after enough members of S.E.E.S. ascended to the Pantheon that he was found and brought over to the Court of the Gods to find a position for him, and due to his story arc (as Ryoji) and how he had forgotten about his divinity, it was decided that he ascend for that. And now he has two temples, one in the House of Memories and one in the House of Religion and Faith.
  • Is on good terms with most of S.E.E.S., despite being the harbinger of the apocalypse in their universe. The only exceptions are Aigis, who still harbors a minor distrust of him, and Shinjiro Aragaki, whom he's never met. He isn't exactly sure how to introduce himself to him and the rest of the Persona-users in the Pantheon.
  • Due to all four of them being the Anti-Antichrist in their home universe, he gets along well with Rin, Raspberyl, and Artix. They've started a group of that trope.
  • No longer has to worry about Erebus since the Court found no reason for him to stay and evicted him. That said, Erebus still exists out there, so the Great Seals still need to exist.
  • Many gods compare him to Kaworu Nagisa, and find the two similar, not only in voice, but in what they are; Both are the last in a line of monsters sent to destroy mankind who take the form of a Bishounen humanoid but willingly sacrifice themselves for the sake of humanity after befriending the protagonist. The big difference though is that not killing Ryoji is the right choice for Makoto Yuki's story. He's met him, and they get along well.
    • Ryoji eventually came to meet Shinji Ikari when he went to visit Kaworu and found him interesting and pitiable, given his terrible luck and his callous father Gendo. As a result, he's begun visiting the EVA pilot, too.
  • Has a tendency to break bad news... rather cheerily.
  • Gets along with Bruno of the same house, as not only they were amnesiacs who initially didn't know who they were, but they were revealed to be villains who heralded the Big Bad of their stories. Ryoji also serves as the straight man to Bruno's antics during their downtime together.
  • Is under the radars of SMT's Nyarlathotep, YHVH, Yaldabaoth and the Divine Powers, with each party having their own agendas. Nyarly wants the Nyx Avatar to herald another apocalyptic event to kill all humans, YHVH and Yaldabaoth wants him to destroy the world and recreate it in their own image of absolute order, and the Divine Powers seek to use him to start another Great Singularity. When he found out about their plans, he became both scared and angry and is seeking help and asylum with the GUAG so that they don't get what they want.
  • Ryoji has met fellow god-in-mortal-form, Joshua although unlike him, Joshua does retain his memories of who he is. Despite Joshua getting on Ryoji's nerves with his attitude and Ryoji's politeness gives Joshua a hard time, they still get along regardless. They have to stick together when not-so-benevolent forces are seeking their abilities.
  • Also has a spot in Divine Behavior.

    Stan Smith 
Stan Smith, God of Forgetting Lessons


Dory, Goddess of Forgetfulness

And now, for today's story.

Hal, Goddess of Amnesiac Heroes (Haru, Miss Hal)
  • Quasideity in reality, Lesser in her mental world.
  • Symbol: A pair of blue shoes and a blue book.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Kid Hero, Nice Girl, Mental Story, Travelling through Cool Gates, Psychometry, Forgetting how to read (at first), Gets accustomed to all the strangeness somewhat, Painful remembering, Ominous Visual Glitches, Magenta eyes (Curtains Match the Window in actuality), The Quiet One in school and was bullied for it, Friendless Background for the most part (One of which became strained), Driven to Suicide, Earn Your Happy Ending, Implied to become a Cool Teacher herself
  • Domains: Memories, Puzzles, Art, Storytelling, Psychometry
  • Followers: Max, The Detective, Lady Mechanika
  • Allies: The Ghost Trick crew, Alice, Simon Henriksson, Kaban and Serval, Zen and Rei, Hikari, Robin, Kass, Nintendogs and Nintencats, Romo, Lola, and Quill, Rudy Tabootie and Snap White, Madotsuki, Sans and Papyrus, Shouko Nishimiya and Shoya Ishida, Chihiro Fujisaki, Jimmy Hopkins
  • On Good Terms with: Good-aligned teachers
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Gary Smith, John , Agatha Trunchbull, Terence Fletcher, Zero of the Dark Matter Horde
  • Pities: Jacket
  • Fears: Ruvik
  • Heralds: Traffic Light 195
  • Awakened by, of all things, an artificial intelligence inhabiting a traffic light named 195, Hal found herself without most of her memories. The only things she recalls are two names: That of her own and her teacher's, Miss Sakura. Hal would also discover she has the agility to "read" the memories she touched and using this would set off to find Miss Sakura and recover her memories. Alongside running into all sorts of oddities such as a travel hotel known as "The Whale" apparently within the apartment and various strange people and people-like things Hal would occasionally but briefly recall not-so-nice parts of her past and an ominous figure that wishes her dead. Eventually, her long journey would end off at her school to both finally find Sakura and recall all of her memories.
    • Hal has issues with being unable to speak and it's due to this she didn't have much in the way of friends with her only two companions in school being a boy named Amayumi and a girl named Anzu. Tragedy struck when the former was hospitalized from a car accident while walking with Hal and Anzu ended their friendship having both blamed her for the accident and being resentful that Amayumi didn't return her feelings as he fell for Hal instead. Her homeroom teacher, Miss Sakura, tried to reach out to her by inviting Hal to hear her stories every day though it that last as Sakura told her she would be transferred one day. With her only emotional crutch leaving her, Hal raced to a railroad crossing to take her own life and "go to the story world". At the last second her homeroom teacher went to push her away and the two ended up in the strange mental world they are in, all existing mere moments away from certain death. Sakura was the first to awake and soon figure out what was going on and used the time that she had to try and save them both. Alas, she came to the conclusion only one of them would be walking away alive, and that person had to be Hal. Hal, however, found out about this and took matters into her own hands. Not only would she succeed where her teacher failed but also confronted the other side of her that didn't want to face reality having now gained the will to face a new tomorrow.
  • She ascended to the Pantheon at some point after her adventure. Upon awakening from her slumber she looked aside her window and saw a world she did not remember. Sure enough, upon stepping outside her door she began to hear 195’s voice communicating with her. As it turned out, some of the gods here helped organize it and were happy to explain to Hal of the Pantheon and its inner workings. While she isn't unaccustomed to all sorts of strange happenings herself (partly thanks to the amnesia thing), Hal had to admit a world adhering to tropes within stories was pretty out there and specific. Still, she rolled with it in time.
  • While many gods and goddesses can attest to having some sort of Odd Friendship either from their home universe or in the Pantheon you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is close to, of all things, a traffic light. An AI inhabiting a traffic light, to be precise, but a traffic light nonetheless. Helping that close bond is the fact that 195 is the odd one out of all the mental world’s inhabitants in that he was original to Hal’s imagination rather than Sakura’s. While not physically present in the Pantheon he continues to communicate to Hal so long as she’s there every step of the way even as his original directive has long since been fulfilled. He won’t argue with being able to see more of the world as it’s more than can be said for any other traffic light at the end of the day. A good thing too as since she’s conscious in the real world this time around she’s unable to use her psychometry-esque powers. Hal was only able to use them because, as it was her consciousness, she would be more familiar with the ins and outs of it.
  • One day while walking around the Pantheon she ended up tailing a black cat wearing a red bandana and a pomeranian, both of whom were quite talkative. 195 asked her why but Hal only came up with the fact that it was a hunch. She then asked him to translate what the two animals were saying. Turns out the cat and dog, named Sissel and Missile respectively, were out looking for some parts for a girl named Kamila as she was out making yet another machine. Since she wasn’t planning on doing anything that day Hal and 195 decided to go and help them. Sissel was surprised to be talking with a traffic light since it brings back memories to when he was first awakened by a lamp. Hal, meanwhile, was actually caught off guard by the whole “powers of the dead” thing. More-so at the fact that Sissel’s dead. But not really.
    195: I suppose that would make you a literal case of Schrödinger's Cat. 195 finds that quite clever.
    Hal: Sec- sho- schdingers what?
    Sissel: Heh. I get that a lot.
  • From a certain point of view, one could equate Hal’s story to that of Alice in Wonderland with the general idea of a young girl plunging into a weird yet charming world. Hal herself was surprised to be even given a chance to interact the Alice Liddell, much less have some tea with her from time to time. In each of these meetings, the only thing that remains constant is that they’re never really the same throughout.
  • As far as others who have experience exploring mental worlds go, a similar case can be made of Simon Henriksson. Hal feels for the ordeals he went through both regarding the world inside his head and in real life though at the very least he did manage to overcome his inner demons. Jacket, whose own adventure mostly took place in his own head after being put into a coma by Richter Berg’s attempt on his life. Being a former hitman, Hal would rather not meet him, though from what she heard she finds his grief for a deceased friend pitiable. On the other hand, she totally dreads Ruvik and finds his grip on his Mental World terrifying.
  • Her driving motivation as she traveled through the world was to recover her memories, following along the path in which her teacher went (though Hal finds out later she was actually retracing the road to where Sakura first woke up). While bits and pieces came back to her sparked by otherwise mundane things it was hard to actually make sense of them until the very end when she came back to her school. Hal would find that many people in the Pantheon went through similar circumstances, such is the case with Kaban, Zen, Rei, Hikari, Robin, and Terra. She would bond with them over this aspect, although she finds their cases pretty grand when compared to hers. Of them all, Hal is particularly close to Hikari since she too suffered from ostracization that soon spiraled into a catatonic depression but both are thankful enough to bounce back from it and continue doing what they’re passionate about. Often, she often assists the young aspiring film-maker in her projects. Behind her is Kaban and Serval since Hal likes to tag along with them in their new adventures in the Pantheon sometimes and Terra given she served as a mother-like figure for the orphaned children of Mobliz which reminded Hal easily connected to Ms. Sakura thanks to reminding her of her own late mother.
  • For long-distance travel in her world, Hal utilized transfer portals found throughout various points that connected to her room in The Whale though as the world started to decay and draw to a close they were rendered inoperable save for the one that was fixed by Stein, and even then that was a one-time use. In the Pantheon, she does the same but its sheer size doesn’t make it viable as a main mode of transportation. She once thought of the West Coast Cabbies, but given their expertise behind the wheel 195 quickly put an end to that thought even as Hal insisted to try at least once. She ended up settling on some special shortcuts encountered when, after stopping to listen to Kass’s performances, lamented at how she was in for a really long walk to get back to her temple (and the heavy weather at the time didn’t help). Overhearing her, the Ruto bard pointed out some special he found in his travels to easier traverse the Pantheon. Hal thanked him for the help as she took one to the Hall of Gaming Genres as she encountered one of the transfer portals there. Before that, though, she stopped by the temple of the Nintendogs and Nintencats. She had a good time.
    Hal: So fluffy.
  • Hal is quite a talented artist and is well-versed in its various elements. Hal became discouraged from doing so when Anzu defaced one of her paintings and guilt-tripped her about the incident with Amayumi but she picked up again as a reason to continue moving forward and face reality. She has since frequented the House of Craft for this very reason. On one of her trips, she was surprised to encounter Romo, Lola, and Quill who are a trio of living painting people whose world was originally divided by castes based on one’s completeness until they worked to finish the painting they resided in. On another trip, she came across Rudy Tabootie and Snap White as she was curious about the ChalkZone. All was normal until Chameleos busted in (long story) and started running amok, in the process snatching Hal’s bag though they came along and helped fix things earning her thanks. Ever since she frequented the House it made Hal curious if she can try and bring to life her own artwork.
    Hal: I wonder if there’s some sort of magic pencil I can use to create living pieces too.
    195: Do you think something that like exists here?
    Hal: Maybe?
  • As one can expect from being illiterate due to memory loss this severely hindered her efforts to find out what the heck is going on. It was only after sneaking through the Mirage Library did she manage to regain this ability and she first put it to good use by reading a torn news article about the aforementioned accident involving Amayumi in the library’s basement. After regaining literacy she began keeping a dream journal. 195, meanwhile, assigned her to read all sorts of books. He soon got the hint to slow down on that after she talked to the Whale’s manager about that (195 thought she could have at least told him directly…) but he still encouraged her to read. Going back to the dream journal one of her entries recounts her encounter with a girl named Madotsuki. While she was nice enough to talk to and be around, Hal still couldn’t help but be a tad unnerved by her in the end.
  • While making a trip to the House of Food she alerted to a strange, shadowy figure by 195. As turned it out it was Sans and his first act of business was to prank her in their first meeting. Papyrus appeared not that long after, but not without announcing himself, and the three ended up traveling there together. After arriving, Papyrus offered to show off his cooking as he made great leaps of skill as of late but Hal chose to follow Sans’ advice and just stuck with what she originally ordered. They're quite the blast to hang around. When it comes to the two brothers, Hal couldn’t help but be reminded of Scull, a skeleton who was protesting outside the Mirage Museum though neither of them gave off that intense aura like he did at first.
  • If it wasn’t obvious before, Hal was pretty attached to her old homeroom teacher, to the point of being a Living Emotional Crutch although she soon got over this. Part of the symbol associated with her in the Pantheon, that being the blue shoes, was a gift by her teacher. While they are adult-sized, Sakura hoped that by the time Hal was able to wear them things would have already gotten better for her. Sure enough, after her adventure it's seen that Hal is not only wearing them but also took after beloved homeroom teacher through becoming one herself and continuing the tradition with her students. For this reason, she’s on good terms with many of the nicer teachers in the Pantheon. On the other side of the coin, she finds teachers like Agatha Trunchbull and Terence Fletcher reprehensible for their methods. Even when it was brought up how the latter does pull out his pupils’ potential Hal brings up that at the end of the day he’s still chasing the tail of other people’s fame and it doesn’t at all excuse any of the horrible things he has done either.
  • When it comes to others who have suffered ostracization she can relate with Shoko and Chihiro. While she’s not deaf like Shoko, she did have trouble speaking at all thanks to her nervousness and sympathizes for the bullying Shoko went through because of it. Hal was surprised to hear she was accompanied by Shoya Ishida, a boy who relentlessly bullied Shoko and forced her to transfer schools. At first, she was skeptical of him but hearing of his own turmoil and work to become a better person and make up for what he did soften Hal’s perception of him. As for Chihiro, his issue stemmed from his lack of physical strength which forced him to. Hal was sad to hear his will to change didn’t end well for him and while Chihiro agrees he also takes solace in the fact that his achievements helped his friends in the end too, to say nothing of the fact that thanks to the Pantheon he gets to spend time with them again and grow from there. On the topic of his achievements, she finds his technological know-how impressive even if she isn’t able to wrap her head around all the science-y things like 195. On the times she stops by it’s the AI that tends to get in lengthy conversations with the former Ultimate like with Stein, a mouse engineer within The Whale.
    • On the other side of the coin are the bullies and the Pantheon has a bunch of them. Standing out among them are the likes of Gary Smith, a sociopath who sought to take over Bullworth Academy through manipulating everyone even including its staff, and John Kreese, a ruthless mentor who runs a Thug Dojo and holds a brutal merciless worldview but also doesn’t tolerate anything less than first place. Luckily for Hal, she wouldn’t have to worry about them too much. After hearing her story Jimmy Hopkins came and visited her one day telling her that if people like them start to cause her trouble she can call him so that they get what’s coming to them. Hal would personally not stoop to that route at all but at the very least appreciates his willingness to help.
  • One of the figures she met in her mental adventure was an AI taking the form of a giant eyeball named 0 who she first encountered when trying to get a water supply facility back up and running again. Although ominous with a goal to dominate the world (with all the hamminess that comes with it) Hal still treated him the same as she does with the other residents of the world. Despite being built up with some ulterior motives, 0 ended up taking the fall for 195’s self-destruction when the latter forced control over Hal to get her out of danger although due to 0’s nature he wouldn’t be remembered for his sacrifice. This would be remedied in the Pantheon as Hal would properly give him the respect he deserved for that. She thought that he came back when he heard of a deity that shared his name and matched the descriptor but was bummed out when it was a different, more malicious Zero that was aligned to Dark Matter. Still, she’s not terribly worried in the end. She figured that since he and the other Dark Matter members were beaten by Kirby once before there’s nothing stopping it from happening again. Kirby’s strong, after all, and so are the other gods here.
  • "I'll just do what I can do. I don't care what people say."

    Isak Borg 
Dr. Eberhard Isak Borg, God of Literally Walking Down Memory Lane
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Clocks with no hands
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Walking through his memories, very curmudgeonly and jaded, though he gets better, Road Trip Plot, Strawberry Shorthand
  • Domains: Memory, Travel, Regret, Atonement
  • Herald: His housekeeper Agda
  • Allies: Fellow Ingmar Bergman deities, especially Alma and Karin, Fluke, Ebenezer Scrooge, Dr. House, Carl Fredricksen
  • Interested in: Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori
  • Enemies: Cioccolata
  • Eberhard Isak Borg is a retired medical doctor who spent his adult life avoiding getting involved with other people, even his own family, making him a rather cold man. At the age of 78 he was to be titled Doctor Jubilaris in the University of Lund for his decades of service. The night before the ceremony he had a dream where he confronted his loneliness and approaching death. So instead of taking a quick plane ride to the destination as planned, Isak decided to make the 300-mile trek by car with his daughter-in-law Marianne. In his journey he stopped by his childhood home, which set off a series of rather vivid remembrances, and allowed three teenagers to hitchhike, one of which was the spitting image of his former fiancee Sara. In the end Isak's road trip allowed him to come to terms with his past and he resolved to be kinder to those around him.
  • Isak woke up under a tree. He was not particularly alarmed at being outside instead of in his bed, assuming he was just vividly dreaming of his childhood memories. He found a letter in his pocket, telling him he'd been chosen to become a deity in a Pantheon, which he found somewhat narcissistic of himself to dream up. He took to walking until he reached a large mansion, which he entered, and was surprised at how the decor was mainly red all red. He was comforted that all the clocks (and they weren't few) seemed to functioning correctly, unlike in that nightmare he had. Then a stern lady in black appeared, demanding to know Isak's business in there. Isak let slip "Marianne," the name of his daughter-in-law, upon looking at her, as she resembled her, albeit older. She understood what was going on (it's a common phenomenon among Bergman deities) and corrected Isak, saying she was Karin. And then Isak noticed the strangest thing; a small-ish red dinosaur shadowing Karin, which scared him out of his wits. Karin and, to Isak's astonishment, the dinosaur helped him sit down before he collapsed, and Karin concluded out loud that Isak wasn't a deity. That reminded Isak of the letter, which he showed to Karin. She explained all about the Pantheon and that whether he wanted to stay or not, he should pass by the Main House. That's more or less when Isak realized that this whole absurdity might not be a dream.
    • At length Isak decided this wasn't really any different from getting titled Doctor Jubilaris and that he would go and receive this honor as well. He requested that Karin come with him since she already had experience with this new place. She wasn't really enthusiastic, but to Isak's further astonishment, the dinosaur spoke, and well at that, prodding her to go with him. He also duly introduced himself as Guilmon, or Dukemon as he's known as a deity. Isak remarked that he'd like to know the story behind why someone like him was with someone like Karin, to which she replied she'd tell on the way.
      • Isak didn't meet Agnes, Anna and Maria until he was properly settled in the Pantheon (it was early in the morning when he met Karin and she didn't feel like disturbing her sisters or distract Anna from her work; later Karin had to deal with Maria being upset at her for not taking her). Either way, Agnes was glad about the new addition to the "extended family" when she heard the news. Isak is close to them, at times giving advice for taking care of the frail Agnes, and showing almost fatherly concern for Karin, as she is basically what Marianne might become if she and his son Evald cannot overcome the strain in their marriage.
    • During this trip they also happened to run into Alma and Elisabet Vogler. Isak couldn't help but note that the Pantheon seemed to be conspiring to repeat his previous trip verbatim and have him meet everybody that would seem familiar to him, as Alma resembled a perky teenager named Sara who hitchhiked with him on the way to Lund. On top of that, Sara was the spitting image of Isak's former fiancee who left him for his brother, so Alma, much like Sara 2, is a somewhat painful reminder of what he had lost. He's over it enough that he still enjoys Alma's company though. He also found it rather delightful that Alma's occupation was as a nurse, since that's roughly the same area as him, a retired medical doctor. He doesn't know what to make of the willfully mute Elisabet though. Karin's advice for him regarding her was to leave her be, since she had her reasons for her behavior.
    • Is quite friendly with Antonius Block as well, particularly considering Antonius went on his own travels that changed the way he looked at life, not dissimilar from Isak. He got a visit from Death in due time, challenging him to a game of chess as is typical of him when meeting for the first time any deity that interests him. Out of all the Bergman deities, Isak appears to be one of the calmest in dealing with Death, perhaps due to being more at peace with himself compared to most of the others, and also awareness of his old age.
  • After settling into his temple (a replica of his house; he also brought up his housekeeper Agda to work for him just like she has for the past 40 years), Isak made quick friends of one of his immediate neighbors, and a rather surprising one at that: the dog Fluke. As it happens, Fluke used to be a human man in a past life, and he had a family which he treated coldly, something that rings familiar for Isak. When Fluke was born again as a dog and got his Past-Life Memories back, he did all he could to atone for his treatment of his family before realizing it was for the best to let them go. Despite how fantastical Fluke's story is in comparison to Isak's, both dog and old man definitely understand that they are similar in how they were very reprehensible towards their families but realized that and tried to do better by them. Because of that, Isak has all but unofficially adopted Fluke and the two of them can often be seen going on long walks.
  • It was on one of these walks with Fluke that Isak met Carl Fredricksen, who was likewise taking his lovably stupid Golden Retriever Dug for a walk. One can assume that it felt refreshing for the both of them to find someone their age to talk to, with Isak discovering that Carl went on his own big trip, and the adventures he got into allowed him to overcome the pain in his past and consequent misanthropy. Isak also thought lifting a house through millions of balloons was a very original way to travel and would like to see that someday. From this, the two seniors have become good friends and can occasionally be seen sitting on a bench talking while Fluke and Dug frolic.
  • He seems to meet with The Scrooge himself often ever since their first encounter during Isak's first Christmas in the Pantheon. It certainly has a lot to do with them having been bitter old men to everybody around them. That is, up until the day when they were haunted by the ghosts of their past. The ghosts were more literal in Scrooge's case, as Isak found out. Regardless of how supernatural their personal journeys were, they both got wake-up calls before it was too late and are consciously trying to be better people now. Those who had noticed that Isak's story has a lot of similarities with A Christmas Carol weren't few to begin with and there'll be more now.
  • As mentioned before, he was a doctor for many decades, and while his personal life may have been a mess, he was highly beloved and respected among his patients. He is thus treated with some level of veneration in the House of Health and Diseases, and even if he is now long retired, medical deities occasionally visit him for advice. He's not sure if he should be treated with such authority, considering his old age and the little fact that his knowledge stops at developments in the late 1950's. The only deity not afraid of pointing this out is, who else, but the acerbic Dr. House. For what it's worth, Isak appears to take House's barbs well and occasionally make his own ripostes, making them very Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • His somewhat unique relationship to his memories has invited the interest of certain deities who also interact with their memories in special ways. For instance he heard of Joel and Clementine, who walked through their memories at one point during a memory wipe. Isak is fortunate not to have to grapple with any memory loss in spite of his advanced age, so he finds wasteful of the much younger Joel and Clementine to tamper with their minds to forget each other. Isak doesn't really think it wise of them to get rid of painful memories just like that either. Then he heard of the mecha pilots Raleigh and Mako and how they experienced a similar flashback where they both saw Mako as a young child witnessing a monster attack. Isak doesn't particularly like the idea of someone else being able to see his memories. But never mind that, the boy in Isak actually finds this whole Jaeger vs. Kaiju business pretty exciting.
  • It's difficult to imagine a harmless, if not necessarily entirely innocent, old man like Isak having enemy deities out to get him. Isak certainly doesn't go picking fights, but he attracted the undesirable attention of Cioccolata anyway. Cioccolata's favorite targets are not-coincidentally the elderly, and he relishes in the suffering that he can cause on people who are generally too helpless to do anything about it. Cioccolata is also a doctor who plays with patients' trust, so not only does Isak dread him, he is also just utterly contemptible to Isak from a professional point of view.

    Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski 
Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski, God and Goddess of Love Under Amnesia and Amnesiac Resonance
  • Theme Song: "Spotless Mind"
  • Symbol: Two people lying on ice
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: True Neutral for both, with some shade of Chaotic Neutral for Clementine
  • Domain: Love, Memory
  • Portfolio: Lovers who erased memories of each others, keeps returning to Montauk, REALLY rocky relationship, discovered that they chose to erase each other from their mind, Deconstruction of Romantic Comedy
  • Allies: George Bailey, Chuck Bartowski, the Doctor, Elie, Jason Bourne, Goliath, EVE and WALL-E, Sabrina Spellman, Link and Zelda
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationship with: The House of Romance
  • Pities: The Ice King, Kermit the Frog
  • Pitied by: Katniss Everdeen, Guts
  • The couple who both decided to wipe out all the memories of each other's relationship, the couple's story that deconstruct romantic comedy reached the Pantheon. The sheer Tearjerker nature of their story as well as the exploration of memory and love has ascended the couple into the Pantheon.
    • With their ascension, the couple have been working together to avoid the mistake of their last time together and build a better relationship this time around.
  • Because of the fact that the two of them intentionally wipe themselves of their memory of the others, they have a rather... complicated relationship with the House of Love. The entire house always erupt into a big argument over whose fault it is for their break up: Joel's judgmental attitude or Clementine's wild and irresponsible personality. Nevertheless, the House has high hope that the two will work out their relationship this time around.
  • Their temple has a lot of visitor due to sharing the experience of someone they romantically involved with lost their memories. However, because the couple chose to wipe their own memory instead of the usual route of an outside force, most of the visit are rather awkward...
    • Both of them are rather confused when EVE dragged WALL-E to their temple not only because they are robots, but also because they have very limited vocabulary to express their story. Luckily, with time and effort, EVE was able to communicate her love story.
    • Link and Zelda starts almost every new installments by entering and exiting the couple's temple since in almost every games they are romantically involved.
    • Katniss refuses to visit their place because it triggers her memory of the time when Peeta's memory is lost and he became a puppet for her enemies. The same story with Guts because the temple's story just reminds him too much of Casca.
    • Those who have happier ending on their love ones with lost memories tend to have more positive interaction and hope that the couple will have a healthier relationship this time around. Among them are Elie, Chuck and Goliath.
    • The couple is glad that Kermit has broken up with Miss Piggy after hearing how poorly Miss Piggy treats him when he lost his memory.
    • Feels very sorry for the Ice King after hearing his story and hopes that he remember his love Betty as well as finding a cure for him.
    • Learns from Sabrina Spellman, who also once has her love Harvey lost memory, that Libby Chessler once took advantage of this to tricks him into thinking Libby is his girlfriend. This caused Clementine to despises her with a passion since the latter was a victim of a similar trick.
  • One of the few civilians that have an extended relationship with Jason Bourne considering he went through similar experience of spontaneously remembering his old life.
  • Joel bonds over with Truman Burbank and Stanlet Ipkiss over their complicated love life. The fact that they looks the same is a nice bonus. The same situation happens when Clementine encounters Ophelia and Rose.
  • Joel absolutely hates Bruce Nolan for his reckless use of the power that was given to him, as well as his callousness toward his love interest reminds Joel too much of his own. The fact that the two looks the same also doesn't help.


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