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Greater Gods

    Black Adam 
Teth-Adam, God of Heroes of One's Own Territory (Black Adam, Mighty Adam, Black Marvel, Theo Adam, Khem Adam, Hassan Bari, Slayer of Pharaohs, The Man in Black, Champion/Protector of Khandaq)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Lightning Chest Insignia with a Black Background
  • Theme Songs: Khandaq's Battle Theme from Injustice 2, his theme from his film, or "Paint It, Black" by The Rolling Stones
  • Alignment: Fluctuates between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil (Seen as Lawful Good by Khandaq), Is a Wild Card in the Pantheon
  • Portfolio: Possessing the Powers of Egyptian Gods, Seen as a Hero by Khandaq And Highly Loved by the Populace, Straddles Between Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain, His Heroic Actions do not Meet up with Today's Standards, Breakout Character/Breakout Villain, Was Discredited by Shazam, Can be rather Brutal by Heroic Standards, Became Vengeful Because of the Death of his Loved Ones, Knight Templar, Billy's Darker Predecessor, Is Capable of Breaking Nth Metal, Once Started World War III
  • Domains: Rulers, Superhumans, Pride, Heroes, Egotism, Gods
  • Heralds: The Black Marvel Family (Isis, Osiris and Sobek)
  • High Priest: King Vegeta III
  • Allies: Regime Superman, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, Madara Uchiha, Daenerys Targeryan, Bowser, Zeus, Darth Vader, Lex Luthor, Sinestro
  • Amicable Relationship: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Complicated Relationships: Most DC Heroes, Especially Clark Kent/Superman, Deities of Egyptian Mythology, Princess Zelda, Thor, Arturia Pendragon, Raiden, Zia Rashid, Asura, Mithra, Santa Claus
  • Rivals: Settra the Imperishable, Namor, Doctor Doom, Vegeta
  • Enemies: Brainiac, Darkseid, Dr. Manhattan, Thanos, Nagash, Gilgamesh, Sauron, Emperor Palpatine, King Allant, Melkor, Griffith, Majin Buu, Apophis, Kronika, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse
  • Opposed By: Sayaka Miki, Kratos, Naruto Uzumaki
  • Special Relationship: Billy Batson/Shazam, Isis
  • Pitied By: The House of Family
  • Taking interest in: Dwayne Johnson
  • Once the mightiest hero of the Middle-East, Black Adam was an individual blessed by Shazam with the powers of six Egyptian Gods. However, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity as Black Adam became too egotistical and arrogant with his position and power, which only worsened when his family was suddenly killed. Disappointed, Shazam was forced to banish Black Adam for millennia... until the 20th Century when Adam resurfaced via bonding with Theo Adam and killed Captain Marvel's parents. Since then, the two have fiercely battle with one another.
    • He was able to recreate a new family of scratch, one which served similarly to the Shazam Family that Billy had established. When they were killed, Black Adam decimated the country responsible for their deaths and initiated World War III, bringing along several heroes and villains into the crossfire. After several events, some of which involved total reboots, Black Adam would be enlisted into the Injustice League, courtesy of Lex Luthor.
  • Upon hearing about the Pantheon, Black Adam winced his eyes and grinned, for a new world was discovered. Even better news was that many of the heroes that he has known have already made their presence there and he wasn't going to allow himself to be left behind. He declared to Khandaq that they will all be new visitors to a new land with which Black Adam will oversee and lord over. Thus, his ascension into the Pantheon was heralded.
  • Black Adam is a rather polarizing figure in the Pantheon. Many deities are not okay with the fact that he is seen as a hero, given his actions are more gory and brutal than even a usual villain, plus Black Adam has a monumental ego. Some residents determined that Black Adam's "heroic" actions are due to the fact that they were genuinely seen as that millennia ago when Black Adam first made his presence, and that he is a product of his time.
  • He doesn't really care about the Alignment-based Grand United Alliances because Khandaq and himself comes first. Cosmos does not like Black Adam for championing himself as a hero, yet has too many unforgivable acts recorded, Melkor and Lucifer don't really have much of an opinion to have about him. YHVH however seems to be most interested and he genuinely likes Black Adam for his ability to instill law and order and remain an influential figure. Black Adam declined a position for the Grand United Alliance of Law, but has said that he'll be willing to benefit YHVH should the time come.
    • That said, Black Adam will also willingly aid the Grand United Alliance of Good, mainly because they share many of the same enemies plus Black Adam has a few positive connections from that side. Naturally, Black Adam finds working with contemporary-styled heroes difficult.
  • Black Adam, by concept, shares the same abilities by Billy Batson, though in his case, his powers originate from the Egyptian Gods.
    • Shu - Stamina: Unlimited stamina, allowing Black Adam to shrug off immensely powerful attacks, defy the need of eating, drinking and sleeping, can breathe in space and allows for immortality.
    • Heru - Swiftness: Grants Black Adam superhuman speed, which is able to match up along the likes of the Flash Family.
    • Amon - Strength: Supernatural strength, capable of going toe-to-toe against mighty superpowered beings like Superman and Martian Manhunter. Also allows for powerful shockwaves, unnatural bending and lifting immeasurable objects
    • Zehuti - Wisdom: Allows Black Adam to possess vast knowledge of almost every subject and be potent in speaking several different languages. Also allows Zehuti to counsel Black Adam in advice.
    • Aton - Power: Grants Black Adam powers such as flight, create lightning bolts, magical resistance, numerous powerful magic spells, further enhances his already empowered physique and allows for access to the Rock of Eternity, and this, inter-dimensional travel.
    • Mehen - Courage: Allows for superhuman emotional and mental strength, willpower, resolve, discipline and knowledge of several fighting styles. Discourages fear and the temptation to back down, in addition to immunity from telepathy and mind control.
  • Black Adam immediately expressed interest in Kronika's hourglass after learning how it has the ability to travel through and alter time depending on what the user desires. Knowing he would need assistance in dealing with the Titan of Time, he was approached by Regime Superman, who himself was familiar with his world's version of Black Adam. He was able to secure an alliance with the fallen Man of Steel and has stated that he intends to use the hourglass in an effort to save his original family from death.
    • From there, Black Adam was able to bond with Madara Uchiha because their fall to villainy involved the death of their loved ones. Madara once decided to duke out against Black Adam to test his skills out and to see why would Regime Superman want him o their planned attack against Kronika. The results were impressive on Madara's part and he even took to learning about Egyptian Mythology to understand Shazam's powers. This same angst also allowed Black Adam to become allies with Hunter Zolomon and they've agreed that Misery Builds Character, especially given what Black Adam went through before his fall into disgrace.
  • Black Adam's new alliance with Regime Superman and Madara Uchiha did not sit well with a lot of residents. Naruto and his allies thought he was crazy to even consider becoming acquaintances with Madara while numerous heroes felt that Regime Superman might find a way to warp and twist Black Adam into becoming corrupt and be seen as a negative light even towards Khandaq. But given how temperamental Black Adam can be, they've begrudgingly decided to lay if off for now, plus nobody wants to be reminded of the time he started World War III.
  • He has a rivalry with Doctor Doom and Vegeta mainly because of their noteworthy pride, though Shazam is more than happy to give them a good fight. He also saw that he was pretty similar to Namor, whom was also equally surprised. Black Adam however, credits Settra as his best competitor, given how he was able to conquer and instill fear in numerous nations, yet still be praised and adored by the populace and sees him as a worthy rival. Settra is willing to negotiate with him so as long he doesn't get too involved with Regime Superman and Madara (the latter whom Settra largely hates).
    • At one point, he was approached by Goku, who asked him for a fight. Black Adam agreed to have an all-out brawl that quickly got the Pantheon's attention. The two nearly managed to destroy a landmass and the two of them were beginning to get more serious about their fight until the Court of the Gods had to intervene. Although their battle didn't last long, Black Adam thanked Goku for giving him a good time and Goku responded that he'll try to see if they could fight in a more secluded area.
  • Sayaka Miki finds it incredibly difficult to comprehend his actions of being a hero. She thinks that Black Adam can't live up to such a position and she doesn't like the "product of its time" argument either, stating that heroes go through struggles and get better out of it, and Black Adam instead wound up sullying himself, He, however, sees Sayaka as annoying, thinking that she doesn't have much experience on how it feels to lose your loved ones. Kratos himself openly dislikes Black Adam for being a tyrannical god, no different from Zeus. Black Adam however thinks of Kratos as a strong adversary after hearing of his crusade and deicide of the Greek Gods, but he's laying off from fighting him, knowing that it wouldn't do either of them favors.
  • Has a pretty odd relationship with so many deities in the Pantheon, especially considering whether Adam is a hero or villain. Zia Rashid, while not approving of Adam's approach on heroism, does sympathize with him, given how he lost his family and was driven to vengeance because of it, considering Zia herself lost her family, though she didn't give into revenge. Saber, being somewhat of a traditional hero of her time, can get where Black Adam's values come from to an extent, and will work with him briefly against threats like the GUAE and GUAD. He has a pretty extensive history with numerous heroes from his homeworld, though Superman honestly finds it difficult to work with someone as boisterous, hot-tempered and egotistic as Black Adam. They'll still work together if the need comes for it.
    • His relationship with the Egyptian Gods is equally just as wacky. Neith isn't going to forget the time he killed Sobek, but is thankful it wasn't her world's version, and then again, she is friendly and amicable with most deities, even willing to try getting along with Black Adam if given the time. While Black Adam's reception isn't very positive for the Egyptian Gods, he will help them out against Apophis as his omnicidal mania isn't going to benefit him in any favor plus he can't allow the Snake God to go out and freely destroy Khandaq for having Egyptian ties.
  • He gets pissed off so easily, his temper might as well be his greatest weakness. He took the deaths of his wives and his Shazam family so bad, he started World War III and destroyed several cities and people out of blind vengeance. This rage got him to be compared to Asura, who does feel sympathetic to him, but thinks that Black Adam needs to town down his ego. Mithra is more forgiving and kind to him, and Black Adam does feel comforted by her, though he knows that he can't hang out with her for long, lest he risks making her cry in some way.
  • While Santa Claus isn't fond of Black Adam, the latter did go as far as to ask him if he could at least try providing presents to the newly arrived citizens of Khandaq, and that he doesn't care if he gets a lump of black coal. Santa Claus has decided to help him out on this occasion. While Black Adam still isn't Santa's nice list, at least he took the situation a lot better than Darkseid ever would.
  • The House of Family heavily pity Black Adam for what he went through and some deities have expressed sympathy for him in regards to losing a family. Black Adam hasn't said much on the matter and keeps himself distant from the House. Some speculate that he doesn't want to be reminded too much of his past, which is rather understandable.
    • Generally, a lot of Pantheon residents have made it clear to not make an attempt to enrage Black Adam. While its not as explosive as Asura, what he can do when angry is really catastrophic and many have been keeping a close eye on Black Adam just in case he is happy and content.
  • He's in a rather amicable relationship with Billy Batson, the latter whom doesn't seem to mind him all that much. Black Adam respects Billy enough to be pallbearer of his wife Isis's funeral, plus both have become the way they are due to some kind of tragedy. Billy sometimes visits Black Adam as a way to maintain as close of a relationship as possible. Its tough, but Billy and the Justice League will try to manage, although Black Adam's relationship with Regime Superman might make it more difficult...
  • Given he'll do anything necessary to protect his state, Black Adam is more than willing to go up against the likes of Darkseid, Thanos, Sauron, Palpatine and even Melkor. Not the greatest role model, but many do give credit to him for how dedicated he is about his people, regardless of his ego.
    • He gained an enemy in Gilgamesh as the latter wanted to bow down to Black Adam and state that he (Gilgamesh) was the one and true king. Black Adam simply responded by slamming his palm towards his throat, flying out with Gilgamesh instantly to the skies and Black Adam proclaiming "SHAZAM!!!" as a lighting strike jolted towards Gilgamesh and threw him back to the floor. Gilgamesh rose up, smiling and unleashed a flurry of blades on Black Adam, with the two of them having a tough battle. While Gilgamesh was not happy with the surprise attack that Black Adam gave him, he later began to respect his strength and the fact that he was blessed by the Egyptian Gods only enthralled Gilgamesh more. He forced a stalemate, declared Black Adam a worthy leader and opponent and departed, but not before telling him that he was yet to release his full power. Black Adam is still waiting for a rematch, though unlike Gilgamesh, he isn't exactly too respecting of him.
  • He knows about Isis, the Egyptian God, being in the Pantheon, though it's not actually his wife. That said, he does feel inclined to visit her every now and then. Isis surprisingly softens Black Adam with her presence and tells him that he should try to be a better man than he was and to better temper his rage. So far, Isis's influence has put some kind of influence on Black Adam's personality in the Pantheon, though whether its stronger than what Regime Superman wants to indoctrinate is up for anyone's guess.
  • In the wake of Doomsday Clock and with certain events, Black Adam has been taking a more darker and villainous approach. Although he has made an effort to save metahumans caught in the turmoil of the Superman theory by inviting them to Khandaq, Black Adam didn't hesitate to declare another war on humankind. Pantheon residents have taken note of this and are strengthening their defenses, in addition to checking up on him. In addition to this, he has made an enemy out of Dr. Manhattan since he was the one who summoned millions of heroes to beat his metahuman faction's asses when he was about to give Superman his just desserts for defending the American President during his evacuation. This probably would be worse if he knew Manhattan had been rewriting the DC Universe's timeline out of pure interest.
  • One of his most frequent visitors for the longest time was the wrestler Dwayne Johnson who wished to be an avatar for Black Adam himself. After some thinking, Black Adam finally decided that The Rock has proved himself worthy and admits that the catch-phrase and moniker the wrestler coined up was quite amusing.
    Black Adam: Tell them the Man in Black sent you.
  • A true leader serves his people. You only serve yourself.

Intermediate Gods

    John Marston 
John Marston, God of Retired Outlaws
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hat with a revolver by its side
  • Theme Songs: (Theme from) Red Dead Redemption or Born Unto Trouble, American Venom (for his Outlaw days)
  • Alignment: Heroic Neutral (but can have Evil tendencies depending on actions)
  • Portfolio: Former outlaw willing to go through all kinds of obstacles and fighting off all kinds of opponents from wild beasts to outlaws to armies to see his family safe, Dead Eye ability, atoning for his criminal past, living off the land, Hunter Trapper, unwilling participant in revolutionary struggles no matter which side he picks, a loving husband and good father, uneducated but very intelligent and quick with a snappy criticism, allows himself to be killed to have his family spared, Animals Hate Him
  • Domains: The Old West, Family, Guns, Anti-heroism
  • Heralds: Abigail Marston (his wife, also a former outlaw), Arthur Morgan (fellow outlaw of the Van der Linde Gang)
  • Special Relationship: Jack Marston (his son)
  • Allies: The Man with No Name, Jean Valjean, Vash the Stampede, The Farmer, Johnny Appleseed, Applejack, Lelouch vi Britannia, Stephen Colbert, Chris & Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chie Satonaka, Moe Syzlak, Asura, Bryan Mills, Edward Newgate, Eirin Yagokoro, The Monster Hunters, Niko Bellic
  • Rivals: Lucky Luke, Yosemite Sam, Jesse McCree, Erron Black
  • Enemies: Evil gods in the House of Beasts
  • Opposes: Most deities of the House of Justice (especially Inspector Javert, Carmelita Fox and Miko Miyazaki), Tewi Inaba, The Four Horsemen
  • Feared by: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Ascended after the events of his life more specifically, taking a stand against an entire army regiment led by a corrupt law official to give his family time to escape and going down fighting to the end. He was upset at first at no longer having his family, but the Judge said that being also former outlaws, they will ascend as his heralds. John was surprised at the news that his son was an outlaw (since his wife was a given as she too once ran in his old gang), and was dismayed at hearing his son Jack taking revenge against the corrupt official who had him killed by killing him in return and following in his footsteps. He wanted to be reunited with his son, but not in this manner and blamed himself for not teaching him better. When he saw Jack, he said not a word despite Abigail’s pleas.
  • Even though they don’t have any power or authority in the Pantheon being mere heralds, it is not a good idea to threaten John’s wife and kid as he will immediately go Papa Wolf on the unlucky deity with a Dead Eye-infused Evans Repeater salvo. It’s this reason he is allied with the League of Extreme Fatherhood.
  • Because of his past, most obstinate members of the House of Justice would want nothing more than see him pay horribly for his crimes. While it is true that John agrees that he can’t change his past and tries to atone for it which was the reason for his Heroic Sacrifice, he lives for his family now. He is at least glad he has a friend in Jean Valjean to counter many of the accusations there.
  • His “temple” in the House of Ambiguity is more or less a grander version of his homestead in Beecher’s Hope, now a magnificent ranch rivaling that of his friends, the MacFarlenes, complete with a mighty herd of cattle, horses and other livestock, fields of wondrous crops (helped with assistance from the Farmer), beautiful orchards of apples (donated by Johnny Appleseed) and even a saloon for his friends in the Pantheon. The cows from his temple are considered sacred and their milk is very nutritious. Being a friendly sort, he generally ships jugs and cartons of his cows’ milk to the House of Food and Elysium Academy for consumption or cooking use.
    • Even though the saloon is not as fancy as Moe’s Tavern, it is still a simple place to have homemade Western-style cuisine (courtesy of Abigail’s cooking and the homegrown meat and crops), cold drinks at the bar, or a good game of Poker or Liar’s Dice (with a horseshoes pitch outside). John Wayne and the Man with No Name (being paragons of the West) hang out here. Chie Satonaka is also a frequent patron after she gave her seal of approval towards their steaks. Moe has a good relation with John and allows his followers/assistants to tend the bar there.
  • Applejack likes to visit John’s ranch as it reminds her of her home at Sweet Apple Acres. Abigail and Jack took a liking to her and take care of her as if she was one of their horses. To the surprise of many, she tends to enter the saloon and engage in a round of Liar’s Dice or two. Needless to say, she is very bad at it (she’s the Element of Honesty, after all). When it comes to Horseshoes, however…
  • Lucky Luke paid him a visit hearing about his former outlaw ways but stopped short of bringing him in after seeing how he has changed and meeting his family. Still, he was curious about John's shooting ability and challenged him to a duel which John accepted. While Luke won, he was impressed with the John's skill and became good-natured rivals. Luke was even glad there was a saloon in the Pantheon, in which he could have a good meal, which Abigail is happy to have ready for him.
  • The Kombatant gods tend to give him odd looks as he somewhat reminds them of a certain mercenary under Kotal Kahn’s employment. John merely shrugs it off.
  • He is quite knowledgeable about certain plants which he uses as makeshift medicines, which impressed Poison Ivy. What impressed Pamela even more is that John is completely immune to her pheromones. He is that dedicated to his wife Abigail.
    • It was being so knowledgeable about medicinal plants that he became allies with Eirin Yagokoro, who is glad to find someone able to find good herbs and plants for use in her medicines.
  • Even though he doesn’t like to brag, he is very very good with guns. His special ability is the Dead Eye, which not only allows him to continuously fire all the available rounds of a gun before reloading, but also gives him an impressive invincibility buff while it is active. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t last too much. Still, the skill has helped him not only against fighting whole bands of outlaws and army regiments but also packs of wild animals.
    • Marcus Kincaid offered some of his Pandoran-based weapons to John in order to test how the Dead Eye would work with them. While John had no affinity for the futuristic weapons, he, however, liked the Jakobs brand of guns as they reminded him more of the weapons of his time.
  • Aside from defeating outlaws and doing some bounty hunting, John is also an accomplished hunter, which his Dead Eye ability helps out when going after extremely dangerous prey such as native cougars and bears of his world. He, of course, is cautioned to watch himself when going to the House of Beasts. The Monster Hunters, naturally, made him an honorary member.
    • Stephen Colbert also holds him in high regard for fighting the good fight against the Bear Menace. (If only he ever heard of the time John faced and killed zombie bears…)
  • After hearing of his hunting prowess, some gods (particularly allies to the Trollkaiger) told him about a certain special rabbit in the Hall of Mammals. When John met the Rabbit of Caerbannog, he was nearly mauled when it struck him unaware. Taking out his Buffalo Rifle and loading it with blessed phosphorous bullets, he went into Dead Eye mode and…'''BOOM'''. All that was left of the Rabbit were some of its fangs, fur, and one of its feet, which he collected as trophies. The Trollkaiger (who hoped John would get massacred) wasn’t deterred, because killing the Rabbit would bring upon John the ire of Tewi Inaba, who naturally was upset at someone killing her subordinate, and was ready to curse John with bad luck. They also counted on her being so mad that she would be unwilling to listen to John explain himself, which she was. However, Eirin appeared at just the right moment and told Tewi to hold off from cursing him until John carefully explained the situation. She proved to be the Spanner in the Works for Trollkaiger, because once John was done explaining, Tewi and Eirin realized it was that group that was behind this. Needless to say, Trollkaiger suffered a bout of bad luck for quite some time. Tewi told John he could keep the fangs, fur, and rabbit’s foot, but warned him to never again go after the Rabbit. The Rabbit itself, being a deity in this pantheon, was quickly revived, but now has a deep-rooted fear of the ex-outlaw.
  • In an alternate universe, John was caught in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse and actually survived it, dealing with not just regular zombies, but also zombified wild animals as well. This has earned him the respect of the ascended BSAA members.
    • The Four Horsemen were actually shocked to learn John was able to break and tame their mounts from that alternate verse. Most of the Horsemen consider him a nuisance, except for Death, who already had a history with John; he met him several times in his quest in the guise of a stranger with a top hat and mustache. John considers him a bothersome pest.

    Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron 
Kaito Kumon, God of Nominal Heroes (Kamen Rider Baron, Armored Rider Baron, New Generation Rider Baron, Monsieur Banane, Kameko, Lord Baron, Aka-Rider)
Kamen Rider Baron 

    Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaigermembers , Battle Deities of Denying Heroism (Marvelous: Gokai Red, Marve-chan | Joe: Gokai Blue | Luka: Gokai Yellow | Don: Gokai Green, Hakase, Doc | Ahim: Gokai Pink | Gai: Gokai Silver, The Amazing Silver Man)
The Gokaigers in their civilian forms during their prime. L - R: Luka Millfy, Ahim de Famille, Gai Ikari, Captain Marvelous, Joe Gibken, and Don Dogoier.
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.
  • Intermediate Deities as a Team, Lesser Deities individually (one of them goes to Greater status when assuming Gold Mode or in Cross Armor Mode); each one individually reaches Intermediate Deity status when in Galleon Armor Mode.
  • Symbol: The Gokaiger Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (although they started as Chaotic Neutral before Gai joins the team)
  • Portfolios: Space Pirates, Collecting Ranger Keys, "Gokai Change!", They Just Passing Through, "Let's Make This a Show!"
  • Domains: Combat, Piracy, Anti-Heroism, Heroism, Teamwork, Treasure Hunting, Crossovers, Anniversaries
  • Herald: Navi
  • Mentors: AkaRed
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Jack Sparrow, Risky Boots
  • Enemies: Ackdos Gill, SHOCKER, Alien Empera, The GUAE Trollkaiger, the Psycho Rangers, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Charles zi Britannia, I-No, Embryo (especially for Ahim/GokaiPink), Ragyo Kiryuin, Rau Le Creuset, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Sakazuki
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron (Marvelous only)
  • Known as the 35th Super Sentai team and the "Sentai Counterpart" of Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade, the Gokaigers are a group of space pirates who traveled to Earth in search of the "Greatest Treasure in the Universe", with them possessing "Ranger Keys" this allows them to transform into their ranger forms as well as every past Super Sentai teams, using these powers in order to battle the Space Empire Zangyack which was bent for universal domination. Along the way, they were joined by an Earthling named Gai Ikari who is known to be a Super Sentai Fanboy with his vast knowledge on every Sentai teams before them.
  • Upon ascension, the Gokaigers were seen walking out of Cosmos' shrine within the House of Heroism, bearing the official documentation for joining the GUAG. When asked about this, Marvelous answered that the team was now seeking "The Greatest Treasure in the Pantheon", something to put Earth's greatest treasure to shame. The easiest way to get the information they sought was with the good guys. That's the only reason they're getting involved in any fighting.
  • The group also gets along well with the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates since both of them seeks their respective treasures. Also, both the Gokaigers and the Straw Hat Pirate crews had a lot of things in common. Since then, both pirate crews would help each other, especially whenever they're going on a treasure hunt.
  • Of course due to being a team of pirates, they have gotten into several confrontations against Sakazuki, who has vowed to erase every pirate in existence. They find that he's nothing more than another insane killer and is simply using the law as an excuse to kill people he just doesn't like.
  • Enraptured by the sudden appearance of a pirate-themed Sentai team, the Gokaigers were cornered one day by the ToQgers, one of the Sentai teams to appear after their own adventures. After some (reluctant) storytelling, the ToQgers used their imagination to create a set of ToQger Ranger Keys for their new allies to use.
    • Also, many of the ascended heroic Kamen Riders gave the Gokaigers the privileges to transform into different Rider forms with Kouta Kazuraba uses his godly powers to create Rider Keys in their likeness for them to use.
  • As a man knowledgeable in all things Sentai, Gai naturally found himself elated to meet Dr. Oliver as equals, meeting the most famous Power Ranger. He has been trying to convince the team to Gokai Change into the "Team Six" formation in honor of Tommy. However, he's hit a snag since only five would work. Gai has started to get the autographs of the Power Rangers.
  • Don, Ahim and Gai had a sympathy towards Takatora Kureshima, a fellow Token Good Teammate, after knowing of him being betrayed by his so-called comrades led by Ryoma Sengoku. Speaking of the Mad Scientist, the Gokaigers gained an ire towards Ryoma due to his own agenda of grasping the Forbidden Fruit for his own gain which makes him no different to their worst nemesis Basco.
  • While roaming across the pantheon with their Gokai Galleon, they met several deities in the pantheon, such as Belldandy, Suzaku Kururugi, and Nanoha Takamichi. At first, due to their familiar voices, they had mistaken them for being Insarn, Jealousto, and Navi respectively, however after they discussed their respective backgrounds, they became allies ever since.
    • Also at the same time, the Gokaigers became enemies with I-No after they notice of her connections with their enemy and Zangyack member Insarn.
  • The team is very close allies with the Suite Pretty Cures since both groups had their adventures in the same year.
  • Gai was very close friends with fellow Otakus like Yayoi Kise and Ryusei Date, as the former was an aspiring manga artist and fan of Anime, Toku, and Robots, who became a Pretty Cure and the latter is fan of Super Robots in general. As the trio discussed their interests, they decide to hold a Convention dedicated to Anime, Toku, and Robot genre.
  • Joe is somewhat impressed with Kirito and Asuna's swordsmanship skills while he encountered them in the New Aincrad, also he had once dueled them in a 2-on-1 match while showing off his own skills. As both Kirito and Asuna witness his skills in battle, they were also impressed with him they became friends with him ever since.
  • Like the Gorengers and the ToQgers before, the team is very close allies with the Kids Next Door as the Gokaigers were impressed with their technology and teamwork even though they were just kids. Also, both Don and Numbuh Two helped each other as they find new ways to create and provide newer weapons for them to use.
  • Both Marvelous and Joe were somewhat close friends with both Kyoko Sakura and Sayaka Miki respectively, both had found them interesting with their respective skills and their similarities between them. They also pointed out that they might be their magical girl counterparts, much to the girl's surprise.
  • They had a sympathy towards a fellow pirate named Miss Fortune, as both felt the same way due to their pasts of losing the person that was important to them. Also, Marvelous took an interest in her as the two might have a charisma challenge someday.
  • They found an unlikely ally with Lelouch vi Britannia since he also had experience battling tyrannical empires just like them. They also expressed their hate towards Lelouch's father Charles as the tyrannical emperor makes him no different to the likes of Ackdos Gil.
    • Ahim gets along quite well with Ange as she was saddened after learning of her predicament and was very upset of how people treated her like a monster due to her nature as a Norma. This makes her enemies with Embryo as well since he's the reason why the Normas were seen as monsters.
  • The crew also develops a rivalry of sorts with Jack Sparrow after the God of Piracy gained an interest in them and Jack wants them to prove their worth of what being a pirate is all about.
  • The Gokaigers were not pleased that their nemesis Basco was present in the pantheon for a long time since their last encounter. Worst of all, he was part of the Trollkaigers whose group consists of malicious trolls that commit atrocities in the pantheon. Because of this, the Gokaigers were determined to stop Basco and his band of trolls.
  • The Gokaigers also became enemies with the Psycho Rangers due to them being a group of evil ranger teams, this makes worst that Ahim develop a rivalry with Psycho Pink.
  • As they fought, the Gokaigers made several enemies in the pantheon, such as Monokuma and Junko Enoshima due to their reputation of initiating the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy, Ragyo Kiryuin for messing with her daughters for her own amusement, and Rau Le Creuset for being a warmonger who commits a lot of crimes in his own universe. Because of this, the Gokaigers were determined to stop their evil acts in the pantheon.
    • With Ace's ascension and his and Luffy's encounter with Monokuma and his mastermind, the two have been joining them on their quest, especially with them stopping the high-school killing games.
  • Marvelous had a conflict of sorts with Kaito Kumon as the Armored Rider's antiheroism and his appearance reminding of himself for a lot of reasons. However, Kaito's motivation of breaking the world's status quo through the Forbidden Fruit has made Marvelous cannot accept Kaito's ways.
  • After she heard the best piano music in a very long time, Ahim wanted to know who the pianist was. After searching, she became very good friends with Bulk and Skull.
  • No matter what curry shop he dines in at the House of Food, Marvelous will never finish a bowl of curry in peace. Something will always come up.

Laharl, God of Noble Demons (Overlord Laharl)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when motivated enough)
  • Symbol: His scarf and cuffs
  • Theme Song: "Lord Laharl's Hymn"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (he insists it's Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlords, Noble Demons, Anti-Love Freaks, Bad Bosses, Those With Pointy Ears, Oedipus Complexes, Masters of the Evil Laugh, Irritable Short Guys
  • Domains: Demonic, Wrath, Rage
  • Herald: Vyers/Mid-Boss/Demon King Krichevskoy
  • Followers: Bartimaeus, Gogandantess, Ecliptor
  • Allies: Flonne, Sicily, Oedipus (Oedipus claims to be close allies with him, Laharl denies knowing the guy), Etna (though she's still pissed off at him about the pudding incident), Lamington (as much as he denies it)
  • Rivals: Adell, Mao, Valvatorez, Zetta, Gig
  • Enemies: Shion Sonozaki, GUAE Trollkaiger (Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi, Izaya, Handsome Jack, Basco), Yoko Littner, the Slimes, Ghirahim, Gul'dan, The Combine
  • Opposed by: Len
  • Frequently seen with Flonne, Goddess of Love Freaks, but insists that it's just so he can throw the Pantheon of Love off guard and destroy them once and for all. Nobody believes him.
  • Was once on Dante's hit list, but after a rather violent altercation and a stern talking-to from Flonne, the demon hunter decided to just keep an eye on Laharl for now.
  • Due to his great fear of breasts that happens to be above the average size, he has yet to win a fight against the more... endowed female inhabitants of the Pantheon... yet.
    • And then there was that one time he became a rather endowed woman. The Trollkaiger are constantly bombarding him with pictures of his sexier alter ego, hoping to see him vomit his own organs out.
    • Then there was the time Shion pulled the "Angel Mort" stunt on him.
  • Would like to tell the Toku Base (especially the Power Rangers) that no, he is NOT related to Rita Repulsa, even though some claim they sound a lot alike.
  • It is said that one day, Laharl called out Mao and challenged him to a guffaw battle, wanting to show that his laugh was the best after the last guffaw battle was interrupted. However, their contest apparently caught the attention of other laughing gods and goddesses and soon, everyone from Iori Yagami to the Joker stepped up and tried to drown out everyone's laugh with their laugh, even to the point of losing air. By the end, many had to be rushed to the House of Health and Diseases to get treated for sore throat. The entire episode became known as the "Great Guffaw War". No one can verify whether these events actually took place or if this is simply a joke.

    Lina Inverse 
Dragon Slave!

*Goodbye town and hello smoking crater.*

Lina Inverse, Goddess of Unscrupulous Heroes (Beautiful Sorcery Genius [self-proclaimed], Bandit Killer, Lina the Pink, Queen of Destruction, Dra-mata, Dragon Spooker, Enemy to All Who Live [call her most of these at your own risk])
  • Intermediate Goddess (Overdeity when summoning the power of the Lord of Nightmares)
  • Symbol: A Sack filled with Precious Jewels
  • Theme Songs: Give a Reason, Get Along
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good / Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Black Magic Combined with Swordsmanship, Highly Explosive Magic (especially the Dragon Slave), Sociopathic Heroine, Thievery, Shorttank, Flat-Chested Heroine, The Voice of Megumi Hayashibara, Destructive Saviour, Big Eater
  • Domains: Magic, Destruction, Greed, definitely not Dragons
  • Herald: Gourry Gabriev
  • Creator: Lucifer, The Lord of Nightmares
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Marisa Kirisame
  • Enemies: Bowser, Smaug, Seryu Ubiquitous, Tiamat, Sindragosa, Grima, Yuuki Terumi, Zamasu
  • Opposed by: Hall of Dragons, all other Dragon-based deities, Esdeath
  • Odd Friendship with: Rei Ayanami, Birdie, Nappa, Noel Vermillion, Etna
  • Fears: Piccolo, Escargon, transponder snails, Shizuka Hanekura/Akatsuki
  • Dislikes: Jessica Rabbit, Crimson Viper,Erza Scarlet
  • Lina Inverse is a young and avaricious Black Magician Girl from the land of Zephilia, existing within Lucifer's World of Chaos. Despite her mere age of 15, she is known throughout said world as one of the most powerful and feared sorceresses in all the land, so much so that she can apparently frighten dragons to the point that they side step her "out of sheer revulsion" (which actually does happen in the pilot to her series), infamous for her short temper, skill with her Dragon Slave blasts, and the massive collateral damage that results when she fights the forces of evil.
  • Lina prefers to focus her magical rage on living creatures and relieve them of their valuables, usually pursuing power and riches for herself, but gets dragged into saving the world along the way. She gains immense attack bonuses against dragons and Money Spiders, similar to how the legendary devil hunter Dante gets stronger through skills, red orbs, etc. acquired during his adventures battling demons and the undead. Despite their disparity in choice of targets and her greedy disposition, the two met and became friends very quickly once both were in the Pantheon, due to their interests and attitudes being similar yet different enough to balance out.
  • Lina's friendship with Dante, as well as her association with a group called the Sorcerer's Guild in her universe, would be a large part of the reason why she was occasionally brought in to help out with the Hunter Squad of which Dante was a member. She even helped him pay off his debt to his associate Lady. That said, there was a fairly long period of time where she hadn't been around said team or even seen much in the Pantheon, having gotten lost looking for treasure. During this time which the squad had added two new members, got a new base, and changed its name to the Night Hand. While a bit miffed at this upon her return, she mellowed out once Dante assured her that she wasn't being replaced.
  • Hanging out with Dante and helping out the Night Hand also reminds her a bit of her self-proclaimed protector Gourry, as well as her parents — while the latter currently own a grocery store, her father is an ex-mercenary while her mother is an ex-sorceress.
  • Dragons steer clear of her whenever possible because of course they do. Her Black Mage equivalent of the Kamehame Hadoken was literally created to destroy dragons, and she has a pretty steep kill count of both dragons and surrounding towns based on said attack alone. She's banned from the House of Beasts' and the Hall of Dragons after Daenerys launched a petition to that effect which every single dragon therein supported, both good and bad.
    • She'll oppose all the top evil dragons in that hall when they venture out of there and cause trouble, but the two most obvious and heated of her draconic foes are Smaug and Bowser. The Greatest of Calamities is currently hoarding a lot of stolen treasure and she hopes to take him down and get paid with some of that loot, and she wouldn't dare allow the King of Koopas to kidnap a "fair maiden" like herself. Interestingly in the latter's case, he insists she is no "fair maiden" and capturing her isn't worth the trouble; she claims he's lying to get her guard down, but her friends know she's actually pissed at the insult.
  • Is currently hatching a plan to get her "precious" thing back from Marisa of the Magic House, and has consulted with Carmen Sandiego and Robin Hood to do it without killing her (she also plans on picking up some of Marisa's spell cards to add to her arsenal).
  • Despite her status as an Intermediate Goddess, she is capable of taking down almost any deity in the Pantheon by using her unique ability to draw on the power of the Lord of Nightmares. However, she is extremely reluctant to actually do so.
    • She has managed to kill one of the seven shards of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, who is essentially a demon god, and the fused form of Dark Star Dugradigdu and Night Dragon Vorpheed, who are each as strong as Ruby Eyes full form when on their own, without calling on The Lord of Nightmares.
  • Legends have it that she was once defending some sort of Sentinel Ancient and had grown fond to the job. Lina currently didn't quite remember doing so, until she met up the other Goddess with the same name and they eventually became friends thanks to their proud attitude. Of course, Lina's pissed that this other Lina is a lot more attractive physique-wise (largely due to being older), but she feels more content because her Dragon Slave is far more destructive than what the other Lina could muster.
  • Lately, fellow dragonslayer Ornstein has shown a good amount of interest in Lina, and wants her to replace him as one of the Four Knights of Gwyn due to the fact he's seemingly being slowly consumed by the Abyss. Lina is more than eager to take his place, but Ornstein has also set his eyes on the Fairy Tail Guild's ascended members, who are none the happier about it.
  • One of the things she fears most are slugs. Piccolo, Saonel and Pirina make her extremely uncomfortable due to being the strongest members of a humanoid slug race. Escargon likes to take advantage of this to sneak up on Lina and scare her in order to let off steam whenever his boss King Dedede has him stressed out. She also doesn't want to get anywhere near the One Piece deities' temples due to their use of transponder snails for communication.
  • Her other great fear is her big sister Luna, a Knight of Ceifeed who punished her extremely harshly for an indecent prank she tried to pull at one point. Upon hearing about the girl called Akatsuki who tends to shut up perverts and other nuisances with hard knees, she hopes Akatsuki never hears about what she did to Luna.
    • Despite being terrified of Luna and others like her, she's really not so different in regards to "intense punishments". She's a big believer in returning threats, insults, and general annoyances with far more serious "punishments", such as blowing up a whole restaurant because somebody split her food, blowing up some ruins because they contained skimpy idol singer outfits and a book of songs instead of an ancient tome of spells, or even using the Dragon Slave on a friend for mocking her singing.
    • Yuuki Terumi has tried to annoy her with this knowledge by calling her a defective clone of Luna, then responding to her ensuing outburst by asking her if she's ten. She in turn hit him with a Dragon Slave. This got both Terumi and Zamasu to pay attention to her, noticing her power and deeming her yet another heretical mortal traversing on the territory of the gods.
  • Occasionally shares buffet tables with the likes of Birdie and Nappa, who she gets along with as long as they're off the clock. Her seriously high levels of magic use require her to eat a lot to compensate.
  • Sympathizes with Noel Vermillion and Etna due to their A-Cup Angst. While her chest is nowhere near quite as flat as theirs, it's largely obscured by her outfit and petite size and ultimately pales in comparison to her friend Naga the White Serpent's DD-cups, leaving her with similar inadequacy issues. Though she's cool with all of the Saber Marionettes, the one she'll hang out with most is Cherry for much of the same reasons. That said, she's not sure how she feels about Cherry telling her she sounds like Lime.
  • Whether her hair is depicted as orange, auburn, or red often depends on the medium and time. Her interactions with fellow redheads in the Pantheon tend to vary, however. For example, due to her body image issues as described above, she tends to get jealous and immature around Jessica Rabbit and C. Viper. And of the Saber Marionettes, Bloodberry is the most likely to draw out the insecurity about her figure, but also the most likely to get her Hot-Blooded nature flowing, as the two fiery redheads tend to feed off each other. Much to the misfortune of others around them.
  • Despite both being auburn-haired girls who employ Disproportionate Retribution, she and Seryu Ubiquitous despise each other. No one counts it any surprise that the destructive sorceress who ultimately does good but is openly in it for the riches and the psychopath who murders for her empire in the name of justice would be natural enemies.
    • This is only one of various reasons why many believe Esdeath's Jaegers and High Command partners are destined to come to blows with the Night Hand. For what it's worth, the Empire's Strongest has taken notice of Lina's power.
  • While her main obsession is obviously magic, she can sometimes be seen visiting the House of Technology, specifically the Halls of Robots and Automata and Machinery.
  • She's literally been arrested and tried for being Lina Inverse. Then again, considering "being Lina Inverse" means "being a Destructive Savior driven by Greed and prone to Disproportionate Retribution who's willing to steal and haggle for food and gold even at the most inopportune times", that's hardly unjustified. That said, her comedic sociopathy plays far less in the manga volumes compared to the anime series, so she doesn't feel like it fully applies.
  • Was introduced to another friend of Dante's after Buffy invited Gene to join Night Hand. However, these two don't get along well at all. He's put off by her impulsive personality, calling her a "smaller and crankier" version of a woman he already knows, a comment that never fails to get on her nerves.
  • "Ichika bachika! Do, or die!"

    Night Raid 
Night Raidmembers , Assassin Deities of Necessary Evil (Najenda: Boss, The Hunk of the Rebellion (call her that at your own risk); Bulat: the Hundred Man Slayer; Susanoo: the Speed of Lightning)
All members of Night Raid, and Incursio

Lesser Gods

    Blitz Team 
The Blitz TeamMembers , Heroic Neutral Deities (Leena: Rinon Toros | Brad: Ballad Hunter | Steve: Doc Toros | Liger Zero: Jaeger, Schneider, Panzer)
L - R: Brad Hunter, Liger Zero, Bit Cloud, Leena Toros, Jamie Hemeros and Steve Toros.

    Dexter Morgan 
Dexter Morgan, Divine Killer of Killers (The Bay Harbor Butcher)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A blood-stained apron
  • Theme Song: Morning Routine
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: Adorkable, Animals Hate Him, Necessarily Evil, Can analyse a crime scene in seconds, Badass Bookworm, keeps battle trophies of the criminals he's slain, Consummate Liar, Control Freak, Detective Mole, Hunts the Most Dangerous Criminals, Manipulative Bastard, Noble Demon, Papa Wolf, Pragmatic Villainy, Psychotic Smirk, Sympathetic Murderer, Wouldn't Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Death, Murder, Torture, Deception
  • Followers: Vino, James Cash
  • Allies: The Punisher, Kevin McCallister
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore, Strider Hiyru, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Enemies: The Joker, Batman, Light Yagami, Carnage, Dio Brando, Yoshikage Kira, Hensel and Gretel, Springtrap, Johan Liebert, Katarina, The Jigsaw Killer, Ozymandias
  • Opposes: Jack the Ripper, Hannibal Lecter
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The House of Law and Justice
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jason Todd
  • Uneasy Alliance: Rem
  • Feared by: Dexter
  • Originally switching between Hannibal Lecter and Jack the Ripper (who competed for the title God of Serial Killers), Dexter hoped to to use his divine powers to kill them both. Using the dispute to cause the two gods to feud with each other, he hoped that the two would face one last time to the death. Then, he can swoop in and finish off the weakened victor. Unfortunately, he underestimated Hannibal's cunning and the two turned on him instead. After a vicious thrashing, the two gods stripped him of his divine power and left him for dead, with the Ripper taking the Serial Killer title. Luck would befall on him as he did not die that day. Instead, he woke up at the gates of the Pantheon, rising up himself as the God of Serial-Killer Killers.
  • He did not get the amount of followers he thought he'd get, as his series fell out in favor due to Seasonal Rot. Luckily, it wasn't due to his own failings.
  • Few gods would suspect that a serial killer would have such a neat and tidy temple. Most deities think he's just a minor detective in the House of Justice. And yet it is all a ruse: he makes other gods think of him as a normal man. That all changes when ventures off at night, luring criminals away to torture and eventually kill them. Some gods would say his actions would be downright evil if not for his targets.
    • However, he is wary for the arrival of a certain Sergeant that nearly did him in when he was a mortal. Some gods say one can always make him fidget whenever he hears this phrase
  • Bad guys should NOT by any circumstances mistake him for the Boy Genius over in the House of Technology. Anyone who would want to do harm to the boy will receive an extra-painful torture session. The kid Dexter thinks his namesake is absolutely terrifying.
  • Looks to the Punisher as a stalwart ally due to similar philosophies in dealing with bad guys. It's not uncommon seeing the two together to take down mobsters.
  • Is absolutely despised by Batman. A staunch opponent of killing criminals, he is not fooled in the least by his façade. It doesn't help that Dexter goes after many of his rogues gallery. It really says something when he sometimes teams up with the Joker to stop him.
  • One would think that he would be in good terms with fellow criminal killer Light, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Both accuse the other of overstepping their bounds and strive to kill the other. While Light does not have Dexter's full name, the latter has not been able to track down the former's whereabouts.
  • There is some confusion as to whether Dexter wants to team up with Jason Todd or kill him himself. On the one hand, the Red Hood's style fits him well. On the other hand, his initial resurrection killed quite of few innocent people. Dexter decided to let him be for now.
  • Is surprisingly nice with children. It helps that most do not know of his true dealings. It's that reason that Stringtrap is among his top priorities to slay.
    • Is also distraught that children themselves are capable of such evil. An encounter with Hansel and Gretel caught him off guard, barely escaping with his life. He's now ready to deal with the creepy twins, even if it means putting them down for good.
  • Despite disliking the methods, Dexter knows better than to mess with most assassins in the pantheon such as Ezio and Strider. But at least one assassin took interest to taking him out. While he was resting in his innocent persona, he was attacked by a knife-throwing assassin. Luckily, he managed to fend her off and identified his assailant. Turns out Katarina was hired to kill him, most likely hired by the GUAE. Every know and then the two face off once more, usually with Dexter escaping.
  • Not everyone gets scared when they find out about his hobby. When he stabbed a couple of pedophiles after Kevin McCallister, he gained favor from the God of Booby Trap Warfare. Dexter has made it clear that anyone who dare messes with the kid would get a slow, painful death.
  • Rumor has it that the Jigsaw Killer is preparing a diabolical trap specifically for Dexter. He was rather interested with the man's hobbies and hopes to use his urges against him.
  • One of the first gods to deduct that Dexter's not who he seems was Henry Jekyll, much to the former's surprise. It wasn't until he tracked down the cause of a ruffling of civilians that he found out why. After an intense battle with Hyde, he managed to follow the brute and he him transform to his meeker form. Though he could have killed him despite his injuries, Dexter decided to let him go, seeing to much of himself in the scientist. However, there is no doubt the The Bay Harbor Butcher will keep an eye on his alter ego.
  • He has also been approached by Rem, upon hearing of how similar he was to Light, to be asked to spare Misa if he comes across her. It wasn't until he heard about why she did what she did with Light that he fully understood her situation, and agreed to at least put her at the very bottom of her "to kill" list, which Rem accepted. Upon hearing more about Dexter himself, Rem also began to pity him, and has agreed to keep close tabs on him, talking about who really deserves to die here. While she is uneasy, as he was Faking the Dead to escape into the wild to keep his loved ones safe from his killing urges, she is growing more trusting of her than she is to Light.

    Elphaba Thropp 
Elphaba Thropp, Goddess of Misunderstood Heroes (The Wicked Witch of the West, Elphie)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pointed hat, next to a bottle of "green elixir"
  • Leitmotif: "Defying Gravity"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with neutral tendencies (nearly became Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Tragic Hero, The Snark Knight, Knight in Sour Armor, Reality Warper, Dark Is Not Evil, Green-Skinned Space Babe, Hollywood Homely, Word Of Bi, Badass Bookworm
  • Domains: Magic, Travel, Fire, Chaos, Good
  • Heralds: Liir, Fiyero
  • Allies: Queen Elsa, Anna, Steven Universe, The Grinch, The House of Beasts, Sabrina Spellman, Kiki
  • Enemies: Cruella De Vil
  • Annoyed by: Dorothy Gale
  • Opposed by: Everyone else in Oz, Maleficent
  • Feared by: Oscar Diggs
  • Pities: Quasimodo, Edward Scissorhands
  • Special Relationship: The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Here lays one of the oddest contrarians in the Pantheon. A woman who is exactly like the feared Wicked Witch... only not nearly as evil as she appears to be. She also has a name: Elphaba Thropp. A character from a different version of the Wizard of Oz, her tragic story gained enough popularity for Cosmos to revive her as a deity to those thought to be evil. Only that's not how it truly happened. She actually faked her death with the help of her lover Fiyero. Cosmos agreed to transport them into the Pantheon and cover up this part of the story.
  • Her herald shares a rather confusing history. Liir is her self-proclaimed son... but not of her world. There is indeed yet another version of the story that aligns more closely her hers. This version of her truly perished in the end. Elphaba took pity on the boy and took him under her wing. Though disappointed she wasn't his true mother, Liir is grateful for the selection.
  • Spends most of her time for herself, reading, practising sorcery, and researching various combat. Is generally a misanthrope, and on the occasions she is forced to interact with someone, her attitude often drives them out of her temple. The one exception is Steven Universe, who has been trying her best to improve her attitude. Elphie can't help but appreciate his efforts.
  • She hardly steps out of her domain, as both heroes and villains constantly want her either dead or alive.
  • Does not like Dorothy, though it is more of an irrational annoyance of the girl. She may not have taken part of the her witch hunt, but she still holds the ruby slippers Elphaba wants so badly. She claims they belong to her dead sister.
  • Was disappointed when she found out Glinda the good hasn't ascended into the Pantheon. Even if she knows it probably wouldn't be the one who would recognize her, she still hopes to see her again. Many believe that the two share closer relationship than she lets on. Her usual response is to hurl fireballs. She won't even let anyone else call her Elphie... which hasn't helped her case.
  • Oscar Diggs has a very uneasy relationship with her. This is mostly because he accidentally created yet another version of the Wicked Witch of the West. It didn't help that Elphaba enjoys stalking him on occasion. Though she still holds a deep resentment for the wizard of his world (not that this one is much better), Elphaba doesn't hold the same grudge on him.
  • Is a good ally to Elsa and Anna, due to the fact that they have similar backstories. Elphaba loves "Let it Go" and Queen Elsa also finds "Defying Gravity" a beautiful song. One of the few gods welcome in her temple, the two would sing karaoke together. They can't help but notice they share the same voice.
  • Was glad to see that there were at least others who had to go through similar situations. She was supportive of the Grinch's decision to give back all the presents he stole. Of course she could understand how the holiday may annoy him.
  • She also feels a duty to protect those who were shunned out of fear due to their looks, a situation she herself endures to this day. As such, she is often the first to hurl retorts to anyone who dismiss the likes of Quasimodo and Edward Scissorhands.
  • Elphaba has always advocated for animal rights (especially those who can talk), a sentiment she continues in the Pantheon. Her efforts were recognized in the House of Beasts, allowing her entry whenever she wants to visit.
    • It also made Cruella look both ways before enacting animal cruelty. She may never know when she has to dodge fireballs from broomstick-wielding witches.
  • The teenage witch would visit Elphaba's temple on occasion, hoping to lift her spirits with some mischief. Often suffering from boredom, the green-skinned witch would agree. What usually follows is many confused deities seeing the Wicked Witch siding with the usually good-aligned teenaged witch.
  • As someone who uses a broomstick as her main mode of transport, she shares a bit of her domain with Kiki, patron saint of the Flying Broomstick. Elphaba for her part wants to help Kiki dispel the myth that witches with broomsticks are inherently evil.
  • When news broke out about an alternate story what depicted her in a better light, Elphaba took a brave face and visited her temple. The Mistress of Evil was impressed in her ability to break in, but would hear none of it. A fight broke out instead, with the witch only barely making it out. In fact, Maleficent blames her for the spread of villains shown in a positive light. Her capture and eventual Face–Heel Turn may be what it takes to quell any coup attempts on her.
  • It was inevitable that her evil version would enter the Pantheon. The two confronted each other at her own temple. At first Elphaba sympathized with her, thinking that the citizens misjudged her as they did to her. That was rebuked when the Wicked Witch wore the moniker on her sleeve, saying she only arrived to convince her counterpart to change sides. The conversation got heated, but the Wicked Witch of the West left on her own accord.
  • "And nobody in all of Oz, no Wizard that there is or was... is ever gonna bring... ME... DOWN!"

    The Guardians of the Galaxy 
Peter Quill, Arthur Douglas, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Gods of the Anti-Hero Team (Guardians of the Galaxynote  | Peter: Star-Lord | Arthur: Drax the Destroyer | Gamora: The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy, Gammy | Rocket: Subject 89PB13, Trash Panda, Triangle-Faced Monkey, Crabby Puppy, Build-a-Bear | Groot: Giving Tree)

    Sam and Max 
Sam & Max, Gods of Heroic Comedic Sociopathy (Sam: Noir Sam, Max: President of the United States of America, High Priest of the Sea Monkeys, Little Buddy)
  • Lesser Gods (The original Max had Greater God/Overdeity powers when in combination with the Toys of Power)
  • Symbol: The Freelance Police Shield
  • Theme Songs: Theme of Sam & Max Hit the Road, Opening Credits of Save the World (and the Remastered version), The Office, Freelance Police, End Credits of The Penal Zone
  • Alignment: Chaotic...Something-We-Don't-Know (According to their creator, they're on the side of Good)
  • Portfolio: Heroic Comedic Sociopaths, Careless Collateral Damage, Cruelty Made Fun, Police of Questionable Authority, Variable Conscience, Talking Animals
  • Domains: Partnership, Banter, Chaos, Freelance Police
  • Followers: Belkar
  • Herald: Darla "The Geek" Gugenheek
  • Allies: Faust, Strong Bad, Guybrush Threepwood
  • Opposed by: Any villain who takes themselves too seriously, innocent civilians, Senator Armstrong,
  • Feared by: Clu
  • Sam and Max are the Freelance Police. A team consisting of a dog-man with a revolver and a lagomorph, the two get calls from their commissioner to stop any and all wacky hijinks, usually leaving more destruction in their wake.
  • As the only one of the duo with a semi-functioning conscience, Sam adds the "heroic" to Max's "vessel of unbridled sociopathic terror", by pointing the lagomorph in the direction of evil-doers. Neither one will shy away from excessive collateral damage in the pursuit of justice, and as a result an entire wing of Hell is devoted to innocents who've been killed or corrupted in the wake of Sam & Max's gleefully oblivious destruction.
  • Oddly enough, Sam & Max weren't in line for this position. They simply showed up and happened to complete the three complex rituals necessary to prove their right of ascension. We choose not to investigate what happened to the other candidates and why the parchments smell funny. Sam's promise that he'd let Max beat us with our own kidneys if we don't stop asking questions had little to do with it.
    • When it came to them finding a herald, they recalled an old friend of theirs in an animated spin of their adventures, their neighbor from a downstairs apartment named Darla "The Geek" Gugenheek. The invitation to become their herald went something like this.
    Sam: Say, you wanna support us as our herald in this crazy pantheon as we go on endless adventures and beating up bad guys everywhere we go?
    The Geek: ...So, just like old times? Sure.
  • Some say that Commissioner Gygax called these two to stick around specifically in case Xanatos makes too great a power play. The actions of Sam & Max cannot be planned nor predicted by anyone, especially those who try to make Unwitting Pawns of the pair - as many a thwarted mastermind will attest.
  • Max occasionally plays poker with the Heavy, Tycho, and Strong Bad. Sam also hangs out in the speakeasy the four play in, but has also engaged with some poker with fellow god Ashley Williams, who has shown respect for Sam's adventures in saving the world, Brock Samson, and Claptrap, with GLADOS as the dealer.
  • Max's case has also come into question as he is actually an alternate timeline Max due to the original Max becoming an Eldritch Abomination and destroyed by thousands of missiles. Sam doesn't seem to mind, though, seeing as all Maxes from different timelines share the same memories.
  • If they are in the vicinity when a phone starts ringing, RUN. The two will immediately scramble into a mad dash in order to get it and most likely cause a lot of collateral damage when one of them (mostly Sam) finally gets their hands on it.
  • No one knows how Max pulls out all of the inventory he has on him (since he doesn't wear clothes). He'll reply that it's "none of your damn business" if anyone asks.
  • The two have the unique distinction of being the only people that Clu is actually terrified of. The fact that they once destroyed the internet of their world using a biological weapon may have something do with it.
  • Fluttershy is creeped out by Max due to him being a huggable white bunny with sociopathic tendencies. She hopes that Angel Bunny doesn't become influenced by him.
    • That said, when Max learned about the creepy White Rabbit-obsessed wrestler who was annoying Angel Bunny, he decided to pretend he was the White Rabbit to see what kind of reaction that got. Well, by the time Max did that, Paul London had found the true White Rabbit — a man in a suit with sinister shades, telekinetic powers and cryptic philosophies about time — and had sacrificed two of his fellow Rabbit Tribe members to appease him. Max himself finds the idea to be hilarious but London's Sanity Slippage made him decide that it had a tasteless feeling to his mouth.
  • While Sam is the more easy-going on, his biggest Berserk Button is anyone who hurts his friend. If this happens, he becomes Noir-Sam, where he removes his hat and coat and looks more like an aggressive hound ready to maul someone. He's quicker to draw his gun out to shoot and has a Hair-Trigger Temper to boot.
  • Given their widespread popularity came with the LucasArts game, are good friends with "stablemate" Guybrush Threepwood and have nothing but respect for George Lucas.

    Travis Touchdown 
Travis Touchdown, God of Heroic Sociopaths and Patron Saint of Unlikeable Humorous Protagonists (The Crownless King, The No More Hero, Holy Sword, Passing Assassin, Grandpa (by Native Dancer/(his grandson, Scott Touchdown)), Champ, The Champ Aboveground [by Dan Smith])
  • Lesser God (Intermediate possible through Dark Side and Greater God if piloting his Glastonberry mecha)
  • Symbol: His weapon of choice, the Blood Berry beam katana (pictured)
  • Theme Song: N.M.H.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (originally Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Anime obsession, Random Power Spikes, Sweet rides that reference Star Wars, Rising to the top of the ranking ladder, Not even bothering with the fourth wall, Variable beam katanas, Tiger symbolism, Wrestling fanatic, Developing into a proper anti-hero. Fanboy of Takashi Miike.
  • Domains: Knowledge, Lust, (Anti-)Heroism, Otaku, Wrestling
  • Herald: Shinobu (self-appointed apprentice), Sylvia Christel (his wife), Hunter and Jeane Touchdown (his children), Jeanne (his pet cat), Native Dancer/Scott Touchdown (his grandson), Buzariashvilli Bishop
  • Allies: Rey Mysterio, Asura, Luke Skywalker, Augus, Yasha, Son Goku, Kratos, Ryu Hayabusa, Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Wade Wilson/Deadpool (on a good day), Konata Izumi, Niko Bellic, Shovel Knight, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich
  • Rivals: Kenpachi Zaraki, all Humongous Mecha and their pilots, all Kaiju (especially Godzilla)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Carrot Ironfoundersson, Kratos
  • Friendly Rival: Undyne
  • Enemies: Destroyman, Jasper Batt Jr., Steven Armstrong, Mr. Freeze
  • Worthy Opponent: Henry Cooldown (his brother, relationship distant as of late), Margaret Moonlight, Kimmy Howell, Raiden (Metal Gear)
  • Former Enemy: Badgirl.
  • Travis Touchdown was an otaku who lived in the No More Heroes motel in the city of Santa Destroy, who bought a beam katana online just for a lulz, was sent to defeat an asssassin known as Helter Skelter and somehow ended up as #10 in the United Assassins Association. He decided to roll with it to become the #1 Assassin and eventually "do it" with Syliva Christel (and also so he can finally figure out who killed his parents). However, through twists and turns and hard truths, he's learned that assassination is not as glorious as he thought was, and eventually decided to become a hero by his own rules.
  • Travis's ascension was rather... unconventional. He ascended due to paying his way in, after amassing enough funds to requisition a battle with some unimportant god. Said deity's sound defeat was enough for Travis to be deified. His first words upon ascension?
  • Travis is an avid wrestling fan, and so he has befriended and allied with many wrestlers in the Pantheon who can stand him. He's even had a few unofficial matches to seal the deal! While he was quite capable already from his time before godhood, his exhibitions with wrestling's greatest have served to make him a much more superior master of suplexes, chokeholds, special moves and pins.
    • Rey Mysterio instantly hit it off with Travis when the latter first approached him. Their friendship was only solidified when Travis offered him one of his spare beam katanas after Rey showed him his sword collection. Travis has since vowed to personally help the collection grow, causing countless other gods to shiver in distress. After all, Rey Mysterio is already dangerous as it is. How much more dangerous can he be with a beam katana?!
      • Travis had a fangasm regarding the presence of the Masked Luchador out of them all, El Santo (as Rey's herald), in the Pantheon. He had such a hard time keeping it together when he went to get Santo's autograph. That was one of the happiest days of Travis's godly life.
  • He eventually gained the attention of Asura due to having sworn revenge on the UAA for what the did to him and his fellow ranked assassins. They became allies when Travis also vowed to help Asura destroy the Gohma Vlitra for good, a vow that they carried out as part of a seven-god task force. Travis, along with Ryu Hayabusa and Kratos, was part of the team's tail unit. He gets along decently with Yasha, considers Augus a grand example of manliness, and acted a bit of a fanboy towards Goku, Hayabusa, and Kratos, each of them taking it in good humor after the mission was done.
  • Scott Pilgrim is also good friends with Travis. This was after they had gotten to talking one day over lunch, after they had caused a scene over a misunderstanding. They had a lot in common. Both are huge geeks who challenged and defeated numerous opponents for the sake of a girl they liked, they have a habit of breaking the 4th wall on a regular basis, and they both grew out of being supreme dickwads to settling for almost decent heroes. They're still kind of jerks, though.
    • Scott is actually thankful for Travis actually respecting him enough to not only not hit on Ramona, but to also help protect her should she be threatened by someone, namely Gideon.
  • Had a mecha in the mortal realm known as the "Glastonberry" that he had to scrap for funds. After working at it a bit he eventually managed to scrounge up enough funding to have it rebuilt for his personal use in the Pantheon. He uses it to challenge larger than life opponents. Unfortunately, it eventually broke down due to being constructed out of dark matter. Thankfully, he got the Arsenal Rollout mecha as a backup.
  • Shockingly, he managed to successfully hold his own against Raiden in a duel. The fight had drawn the attention of the entire House of Justice but since no damage was done (and because the fight itself was so awe-inspiring) he was let off with just a warning. He now considers Raiden a Worthy Opponent and has begun to train for their eventual rematch. He's still a little uncomfortable about him sounding remarkably like his older twin brother.
    • Speaking of his brother, Henry regularly seeks him out to fight with him. Somehow this happens every time Travis is in a compromising position. Henry lets him finish before they start dueling, though. However after an incident in which Henry became part of a cult that went as far as to kill him supposedly due to an encounter with Thor (or perhaps watching a movie about him), Travis has nothing but utter disgust for his twin brother's downfall.
      • Related, but Travis has also been forced to duel Kenpachi Zaraki numerous times. He never wins, but he gets closer each time. Zaraki is gleeful of the idea of Travis's potential to be a better challenge for him.
  • There are many, many goddesses in the Pantheon he lusts over, not the least of which are primarily located in the House of Lust. However, he never makes any advances on them. This is both due to having a thing for Sylvia Christel (whom he eventually married) and the following:
  • Travis despises everyone who takes advantage of others to use their shortcomings for their own gain. This made him a natural enemy of Senator Steven Armstrong, who took advantage of desperate mercenaries in his crusade.
  • Due to their shared love of anime, he and Undyne get along. On the same lines, Travis is a big fan of Konata and her friends.
  • To his surprise, after so long with just his brother in the Pantheon, Margaret Moonlight herself ascended. He once more managed to defeat her, but not before admitting he still remembered her song. He sometimes fights her just to hear it. One thing he DOESN'T want to hear, however, is rumors of his brother and her hooking up. He has become a fast customer at Moe's for "Forget-Me-Shots" to erase the mental images.
  • For the longest time, many gods are wondering what happened after he reunited with Sylvia. It turns out that he and Sylvia got married, they have a son (Hunter) and daughter (Jeanne) but he's had to abandon them when assassins started following him. For her part, Sylvia doesn't mind and she's eager to help him get back into the assassin business once more. Said children (from the future) and his grandson would eventually become his heralds to protect him from their Uncle Henry's schemes.
  • Ever since the third Smash Bros. Tournament, he has tried his best to obtain an invitation to this spectacular brawl. Unfortunately by the time he received his chance, he was already brought back to the world of assassins and had to relinquish his invitation. Not to let any of his fans down, he gave them the means to have one of the Mii Fighters dress up as him as an apology.
  • He almost shit his pants when he saw the all too familiar bat twirling motion from Badgirl arriving in his domain only for her to offer him a nice cold one from her fridge, and not showing any ill will like when they last met in battle. Helps that she doesn't have major beef for what happened to her father and is willing to ally with him.
  • His biggest Berserk Button is either killing his friends or someone who would kill their allies. Travis's major rampages came when both his closet friend Bishop and later Bad Man were slaughtered and he shows disgust for Gods who use their friends as pawns.
    • Despite being an assassin, he draws the line on killing women. Even if they're able to come back after death, Travis would rather not go through that experience again.
    "Don't ever hit a girl." My grandma used to tell me that.


    Dan (Dan Vs.
Dan Mandel, Divine Anti-Role Model
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Jerk shirt and his revenge list
  • Theme Song: This piece of music
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Jerkass, Big Bad, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Zany Scheme, Fun T-Shirt, Deadpan Snarker, Vitriolic Best Buds(with Chris), Unstoppable Rage, Villain Protagonist/Anti-Hero, Large Ham, Hot-Blooded, No Indoor Voice, Drives Like Crazy, Genius Ditz, Magnificent Bastard, Sort Of Kind Hearted Cat Lover, Hidden Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Zany Schemes, Revenge, Yelling, Misanthropy
  • Heralds: Mr. Mumbles (his pet cat), Chris Pearson (his Only Friend), Elise Pearson (Chris's wife)
  • Allies: Bender, Fluttershy, Strong Bad
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: The Mane Six minus Fluttershy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Homer Simpson (from Homer's side)
  • Rivals: Eric Cartman
  • Enemies: Eren Yeager, due to the fact that he once stepped on Dan's car in his titan form, Kefka because of his attempt to destroy everything would stop him from being able to finish his favorite TV shows, Ragyo because he hates people who would betray their own family, and all Abusive Parents, Bugs Bunny
  • Opposes: Anyone who annoys him in any way, The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Admires: William Shakespeare
  • A showdown of epic proportions was brewing in the House of Vengeance. Two deities held the title God of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo and Dan. And neither of them were willing to share. Things boiled over when Dan's car and Edmond's carriage crashed into each other. Both swore revenge, delivering every prank and dirty trick imaginable over a period of days. In a showdown in the House of Nature, Dan emerged victorious, tossing a battered Count into a river. With that, Dan laid claim to the title himself.
    • But that would not be the end of the Count. Two weeks was all it took for the Count to enact the most sadistic, debilitating and downright cruel plot of revenge the Pantheon had ever seen. The Court of the Gods had no choice but to hand it over to the Count once more. Dan managed to remain in the Pantheon on sheer willpower (so he claims; the Count actually saw to it that Dan was reinstated), picking up Anti-Role Model in the hopes of taking the title back from the Count.
  • Has a love-hate relationship with all of the Equestrian gods in the Pantheon, but he respects Fluttershy most of all for tending to animals. She's the only one other than himself who is allowed to tend for Mr. Mumbles.
    • Some have theorized that he is in a relationship with Pinkie Pie, due to them often being seen together in adds and paired in many fanworks. But no one has been able to get a straight answer from Pinkie, while the deity who asked Dan, unfortunately interrupted Dan's favorite show… and no one else has volunteered to try.
      • Of course, considering Dan is a human and Pinkie is a pony, it's unlikely. Then again, Pinkie has a human form, so the possibility, however slight, is still there. When said human form of Pinkie and her friends appeared, Dan was immediately screaming "EQUESTRIA GIRLS!!!!" in anger.
    • Discord has shown a lot of interest in Dan's potential to bring chaos, onto just about anyone, thing, or abstract concept. Understandably, everyone has expressed worry over what would happen, if Dan had the power of the chaos spirit by his side. Discord may not be villainous anymore, but someone as spiteful as Dan with Discord's power is honestly a terrifying thought.
  • If there's anyone who could fit the role of a horrible role model, it's Bender. The robot even entered a tv show as himself, with the predictable result. Not that it mattered to Dan; the two get along nicely.
    • The same could have been said for Cartman...if not for the kid's eagerness to exact revenge on those who fault him. Thus, the two enact their revenge plots on each other...or anyone who tries to call them out for it.
  • Homer doesn't approve of many of Dan's schemes, but he does admit to paying lip service from time to time.
  • Bugs just loves to poke fun at Dan, mainly due to disliking his methods of revenge and being a bad role model to kids in general. Their feud is ongoing with no end in sight.
  • Seth MacFarlane met up with Dan in the Pantheon, hoping to have a chat with the man. The God of Cutaway Gags hoped that Dan's new position would help bring more of his characters into the Pantheon. It was a proposal that was promptly rejected. Dan may not be liked by many in the Pantheon, but at least he admits it. That and many of his enemies deserved the retaliation (at least to him). Dan followed up by kicking Seth out of his temple, warning him never to return.
  • Despite his lack of intelligence, he is quite knowledgeable in the works of William Shakespeare. Likewise, the artist may well be the only person in the Pantheon he doesn't have beef with. The poet would rather not delve too deep into the matter, preferring Dan's silent appreciation of him.


    Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent 
Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, Divine Couple of Good People Who Fail at Heroism

    Old Yeller and Travis Coates 
Old Yeller and Travis Coates, Representation of Reprehensible Actions For The Greater Good
L - R: Travis, Old Yeller
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Old Yeller's face
  • Theme Music: Old Yeller Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: A Classic Tale of a Boy and his Dog, ultimately the victims of Young Adult Tragedy Books with a Downer Ending
  • Domains: Good, Community, Animal, Death
  • Heralds: Travis's family
  • Allies: Dorothy Gale, Ken Amada, Kiba and Akamaru, Jonathan Joestar,Krypto the Superdog Jack Bauer, Malcolm Reynolds, Lilo and Stitch, Ash Ketchum, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Mystery Gang
  • Opposes: Zinogre, Bashmaster
  • Opposed by: Mr. Burns, Mr. Smithers
  • Annoyed by: Garfield
  • Observed by: John Wick
  • Pitied by: The House of Despondency, especially Korra, George and Lennie, Simba, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Conflicting Opinion: The House of Heroism
  • This is a tragic tale of a boy and his dog that ended up becoming one of the saddest endings in the Multiverse. What was merely a stray meeting an adolescent became one of the greatest friendships between a human and his Canine Companion. Sadly, a bout with rabies forced Travis to make the difficult decision of shooting his companion to save his family. Few in the Pantheon do not know of the tale, yet there has been much debate over how to handle the ascension. Two camps emerged: one who wanted Old Yeller to stay dead and the other group wanted both owner and pet to be brought up. It was the House of Despondency that decided to side with the later, citing various other characters who have previously died yet have ascended. Thus, the boy and his dog was reunited in the Pantheon. Needless to say, much tears were shed from Travis.
    • Travis wasn't the only one who had to perform such a tough decision. George Milton was there to comfort the boy shortly after the ascension. He also helped the boy on how to cope with the return of the very thing he had to kill. Meanwhile, Lennie loves to hang out with Old Yeller. After the meet, George suggests to continue any adventures they may have done together. It turns out the Pantheon many places to explore. The two can often be seen having the time of their lives in the Houses of Nature and Beasts.
    • Besides the obvious tragic fate of Old Yeller, Travis also lost his father early in life and probably would have lost his brother if not for Old Yeller. Long story short, his entire life has been a Trauma Conga Line. As such, he's a sympathetic figure in the Hall of Sadness. Yet the Avatar Korra believes that that life of his was what helped him become a man. Still, she made herself available for him in rough times.
  • His story was met with great pain from various dog-owning deities in the Pantheon. None of them hope to be put in such a situation and were all supportive of Travis upon his ascension:
    • Dorothy attributed much of her success in Oz to her dog Toto. Both kids were at similar age during their adventures and sometimes continue to meet up with their respective dogs.
    • Ken is even younger than Travis, yet he seemed to take the ascension more maturely than most. His own dog Koromaru has helped him cope with the death of his own mother at an early age. Travis wants Ken to check his own mind in case it is in need of a checkup.
    • Kiba offered to teach Travis in the ways of the Inuzuka clan. The farm boy simply declined, preferring to rely on his weapon for protection.
    • There is one more deity to discuss. Though he has yet to make his presence known to the boy, he suspects that the man has been keeping watch. Whenever it seems like he has run into danger from thieves, they seem to back off or get hit with a stray bullet. Travis believes that John Wick has been observing him from a distance. While John Wick has his misgivings with the shooting, he understood that the kid had no other choice on the matter. Many believe that John Wick has made it known to the criminal world that the boy is off limits, lest they want to deal with him as well. That threat alone would be enough for most people in the House of Crime not to rob him.
  • It's no surprise that the two still hold grudges against bears and wolves. The former can be somewhat forgiven since his brother was messing with a bear cub. That hasn't stopped Bashmaster to send bears after the two on occasion. Their disdain of wolves is far greater since it led to Old Yeller's death. Zinogre has yet to notice them, but it seems a confrontation between the two is inevitable.
  • Travis was visited by the billionaire Bruce Wayne, who handed him a cash donation. He later conversed with the boy, talking about how he lost both of his parents to a robber. He told Travis to send his mother Bruce's regards before leaving. He was grateful for the money, but figured he was used to this since he housed orphans such as Richard Grayson and Jason Todd.
  • Krypto wanted to give the two a present for making it into the Pantheon: a flight through the area in a wagon. It was harrowing at first, but the screams quickly turned into laughs as they went faster than they have ever gone before.
    • Despite sympathy for the boy among the superhero community, his placement has been highly contended when it comes to killing human lives. One of the biggest examples was when Wonder Woman snapped the neck of Maxwell Lord to break Superman out of his mind-controlled rampage. It was a hotly debated subject that nearly tore the DC Pantheon in two. Travis' ascension brought up old wounds. Superman and Wonder Woman both came to his temple to discuss the subject. While the two still disagree on the decision, they decided not to let that force them to come to blows.
  • The first Jojo made sure to honor one of the few animals on his list of those who went through heroic deaths. He handed a medal to Old Yeller for saving Travis from various animals in its mortal life.
  • While hunting in the House of Beasts, the two were confronted by a large cat with a red mane. Travis pointed his gun at the creature, but Old Yeller stepped forward instead. After a brief stare, the dog allowed the lion to walk up to Travis. To the boy's surprise, the lion nudged against him in support instead. Turns out the lion was Simba, who understood what it was like to lose a father.
  • Was visited by Ash Ketchum who had one question in mind; how long did it take for the two of them to get along? He asked this because his relation with his Pikachu was extremely fraught at first. Turns out Travis had a similar experience. The dog had a habit of stealing meat from their house. He even thought Old Yeller was a pest until the dog saved his little brother. Ash was relieved that even those two had issues getting along at first.
  • As a federal agent, Jack Bauer has come across such circumstances multiple times over his career. He was surprised that such a title would be handed to such a young man, but he was impressed with how Travis handled the situation and the aftermath. As such, Jack sees Travis as worthy of the title.
  • Unlike other protagonists in the Pantheon, Malcolm has no qualms about blasting foes for the safety of his crew. Often times, it happens because Malcolm has simply run out of patients and thought offing the problem would be an easier solution. Malcolm has misgivings with handing the title to a boy who had suffered enough as it is but is glad Travis at least gets to see his dog again.
  • Stitch once pretended to be a pet for Lilo as a cover for escaping his captures yet the two managed to be True Companions. The two paid the boy a visit and had fun afterwards. Stitch did scare Old Yeller at first, but the dog recognized that Stitch meant no harm in the end.
  • Courage has done all he could to protect his owners from all manners of evil. While many would say that his trials were more difficult that Old Yeller's, he commends the Labrador Retriever for performing what was essentially a Heroic Sacrifice. That and Old Yeller is far braver than he ever could be.
  • The same can be said for Scooby-Doo. After Travis and Old Yeller stumbled upon a haunted forest, they bumped into Mystery Incorporated. After some scares from some ghosts, the gang managed to capture them. In typical fashion it turned out to be humans Mr. Burns and Smithers. The two were trying to keep people out of public land so they could mine some gold without anyone noticing it.
  • Garfield is one of the few deities in the Pantheon who finished the story without a single tear shed. In fact, he claimed that getting rid of that 'mangy dog' made it a happy ending. Many in the Pantheon was shocked by the claim, though it isn't that surprising given his disdain towards dogs. Needless to say, Old Yeller's displeasure of Garfield is mutual.
  • They can also be found in the Hall of Pragmatism.