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Goetia, God of Pity (The Demon God King, The "I" of the Original Sin, Beast I, Beast of Pity, King of Men, The Chaldean)
King of Men Goetia 

Greater Gods

    General Zod 
Dru-Zod II, God of Making Others Kneel Before Him (General Zod)

Infinite, God of Smug Superbeings (The Ultimate Mercenary)
Without his mask 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Phantom Ruby embedded on his chest or the infinity symbol located on his shoes
  • Theme Music: Theme of Infinite, Battle with Infinite (First Bout, Second Bout, and Showdown)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil bordering on Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Psychopathic Manchild, Darth Vader Clone, Soft-Spoken Sadist, Obviously Evil, Phantom Ruby Powers that are Very Deadly, Power of the Void, Detrimentally Insane, Psycho for Hire, Not a Single Redeeming Quality
  • Domains: Power, Ego, Psychopathy, Evil
  • "Allies": Kage, King Ghidorah, Red Skull
  • Former Ally: Dr. Eggman
  • Rivals: Gauron, Yuuki Terumi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mephiles the Dark, Dharkon (with a bit of Headbutting Villains)
  • Enemies: Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, E-123 Omega, Silver the Hedgehog and all other good deities from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, Galeem, Darth Vader, Vegeta
  • Uncertain Relationship with: Frieza
  • After suffering so many failures and setbacks, Dr. Eggman decided to go all-out in his plans to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and take over the world. To do that, he infused the captain and sole survivor of a mercenary raid gone south with the power of a gem known as the Phantom Ruby. This transformed the captain into a being called Infinite, who can create powerful illusions/virtual reality constructs of anyone with their powers intact, trap anyone in a void within space-time where nothing exists and is all-around great in terms of speed, durability, and whatnot.
    • He also happens to be so full of himself because of the powers he has that he can't help but belittle pretty much anyone that's weaker than him. Being humiliated in defeat and called weak by Shadow the Hedgehog prior to becoming Infinite certainly has something to do with his attitude if he wasn't completely insane to begin with.
  • Sonic was running around one day when he noticed something was wrong. More specifically, there were some red cubes coming from out of nowhere. Sonic knew that someone he thought he defeated in the past was still around and while running to the source, he came across Shadow who noticed the red cubes as well. The two continued until they saw Infinite, who was made it very clear that he only went to this "Pantheon" place just to finish off the two and their allies. Since Sonic and Shadow learned a fair bit from fighting Infinite, the two were able to defeat him without much trouble. Infinite told the two that their fight is far from over and that he'll become better than them before he teleported out of the arena they were at.
  • Him staying at the Hall of Pride only made his already over-inflated arrogance even worse. After insulting the other members of that place, he found himself in a fight against Vegeta. Infinite was told about Vegeta's desire to be better than Goku and saw it as not that different from Infinite being driven by a desire to surpass Shadow. Vegeta made it clear that even if he intends to surpass Goku in terms of power, he would not accept how Infinite justified his attitude and mindset on surpassing others. It became clear that the two hate each other to no end, especially since Infinite saw himself as better than Vegeta and fights between them occur if Infinite isn't going around trying to get revenge on Sonic, Shadow, and their friends.
  • No one was certain what happened to Infinite after getting defeated by Sonic and his allies. Since Eggman was using the Phantom Ruby to fight Sonic after Infinite was out of the picture, it could be argued that Eggman didn't see any use for Infinite anymore. Even in the Pantheon, Eggman doesn't have any intention of teaming up with Infinite again, leaving the jackal to do whatever he wants and work with someone that can promise him as much destruction as he can, especially if that destruction is directed at Sonic and his friends.
  • With the kinds of powers that he has at his disposal, there's enough justification for Infinite to brag about his abilities towards others. His sadism and need to be superior over others are the main issues that prevent him from truly using his powers effectively. A handful of villainous deities have tried to give Infinite a bit of advice on effectively using the powers he has. Infinite took it as a sign that those people thought he was weak even if they weren't explicitly saying it. Those kinds of conversations tend to be shaky as while those villains like Infinite's powers and want him to be better with them, he's very arrogant about himself and what he can do with his abilities.
  • Since he was part of a mercenary group before working with Eggman, Infinite wondered if there were any other mercenaries running around. He ended up finding Gauron, a person whose insane behavior was more pronounced than Infinite (who isn't as loud as one would think given his psychopathy). Gauron has a high body count and personal desire to go after Sousuke Sagara, but the reasons for going after Sagara was something even Infinite, who has had a desire to destroy everything even before joining Eggman, found off-putting. Infinite is mostly fine with Gauron's murderous behavior, but told him that if he was that obsessed in going after the boy, Gauron should just kill Sagara and leave him alone once the job was done and personal matters settled, but Gauron insisted that there wasn't any fun in simply murdering a personal target and that more can be done to it. The two don't really get along with each other since then, and if Infinite and Gauron do encounter each other again during certain jobs assigned by separate villains, they'll try to kill each other in the midst of trying to kill a target, with both rivals lobbing insults at each other.
    • As far as psychotic freelance murderers are concerned, Infinite actually had better luck in trying to get along with King Ghidorah since the kaiju has done nothing except bring about chaos and ruination wherever he goes. Being a giant monster did make Infinite jealous about Ghidorah's strength, but he was willing to set the contempt aside to work alongside him. Infinite later heard about how Ghidorah destroyed Mars and Venus and how one version of Ghidorah wiped out all of the dinosaurs. Infinite then surmised that with so many places and planets out there, then it's possible for him to unleash his power and bring ruin to not just his own world, but other places out there and have a high kill count. Infinite has given the idea of going to other worlds and wreaking havoc on them plenty of consideration.
  • Infinite ended up among those who fell victim to Galeem's initial onslaught and turned into a Spirit. He is absolutely furious about what transpired as this meant there existed beings out there much, much stronger than him. What enraged him even further was that during his time as a Spirit, he possessed a clone of Sonic and that Galeem making copies of imprisoned fighters meant that there was someone comparable to him when it comes to making copies of existing characters. Since Infinite wasn't among the Spirits who later ended up in Dharkon's control, The Embodiment of Chaos and Darkness tried to take advantage of both Infinite's hatred of Galeem and desire to destroy everything to convince the jackal to work for him. Infinite also found out that not only Eggman was temporarily a Spirit as a result of Galeem and later taken control of by Dharkon, but Dharkon took control of Sonic for some time after Galeem was severely damaged the first time. Infinite gradually realized that even with the rivalry at play, Dharkon is every bit as powerful as Galeem is, which is to say stronger than Infinite is. While Infinite despises Galeem, he doesn't think any better of Dharkon despite seeing him as someone who can offer up a lot of destruction. If he isn't trying to fight Galeem, then Infinite will try to attack Dharkon at random (mostly if Galeem isn't around) just to prove that he's better than him.
  • There's a handful of similarities between him and Mephiles the Dark. Both became who they were after getting defeated by Shadow, are sadistic against others, and have very destructive goals. Unlike Mephiles who was able to kill Sonic and succeed in causing the end of the world even if it was temporary, Infinite's sadism ended up being his own undoing and wasn't able to create a virtual sun to destroy everything, with letting Sonic live after defeating him being a fatal mistake of his. Mephiles gave Infinite an earful over it, and Infinite retorted that he doesn't need to follow a needlessly convoluted plan just to get revenge and murder others. They may hate both Sonic, Shadow, and both hedgehogs' allies, but Infinite and Mephiles' "alliance" to eliminate them is far from perfect.
  • Kage ended up crossing paths with Infinite while roaming around looking for someone to fight. Their first meeting didn't go that well, with Infinite believing that this shadowy foe he's facing was yet another weak fighter, something that Kage took offense with. A nasty fight ensued, with Kage tearing through the various clones that Infinite conjured and ending with parts of the Pantheon destroyed. Once things have settled down, Kage explained that he was a Superpowered Evil Side given physical form, determined to prove that Ryu is nothing without him. Infinite then recalled his own determination to prove that he's not weak and Kage's unending desire for violence was something that Infinite believed would be a good stepping stone to getting stronger. The two still get into fights with each other to prove their own strength, but Infinite is willing to put up with Kage if it meant getting better in preparation for potential rematches against Sonic and friends.
  • Upon learning that Infinite can create clones of anyone, Trollkaiger at first thought Infinite would be of use in degrading other deities, but the group learned about how Infinite came to be and made light of the backstory to the point of mockery. Yuuki Terumi then decided to meet up with Infinite without the rest of the members of his group in order to set a few things straight with him. Infinite didn't take Trollkaiger's insults well at well and while searching for them, he found Terumi. Terumi told Infinite that he and his group spread the story of how Infinite tried too hard to overcompensate his weaknesses over a single loss. Infinite, hating being called weak, was determined to uphold his own belief of being strong, something that Terumi wanted to see firsthand. Even after Infinite showcased his powers, Terumi thought himself as better than Infinite since unlike that jackal, he didn't need to resort to something to cover up his weaknesses. Terumi made it clear that he's way stronger than Infinite could be and that fighting against Terumi's true power is something that Infinite will regret when that day comes. Even with their shared sadistic interest in crushing the hopes of others, Infinite and Terumi aren't working together after what had transpired between them.
  • While Darth Vader has a number of characters inspired by him, Infinite was someone whom Vader has plenty of problems with. Infinite joined an evil figure in Eggman and started to embrace his powers similar to how Anakin was manipulated by Emperor Palpatine to embrace his darkest desires. Unlike Vader who eventually reformed, Infinite went way too far in his evil and gloated about what he has to the point that it may as well be his undoing. The sadistic and immature attitude that Infinite has certainly doesn't help and Vader saw the jackal as what he could end up as if he never changed for the better. He also shares some similarities with Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo, Vader's grandson, but even he didn't go as far either.
  • Eventually comparisons started going around between Infinite and Frieza. Both were confident leaders who fell prey to much stronger foes, came back for revenge with new forms and powers, and were perfectly capable of overpowering all their enemies if only they hadn't given in to their hubris. But when the jackal approached the Emperor of Evil for a possible alliance against Vegeta, he found himself sorely disappointed. Frieza had matured since the latest of his falls from power, coming back more pragmatic and stronger than ever, also making him far more dangerous in the process, while Infinite was still too smug and caught in his bitter pride to hone his powers to their maximum potential. Rather than an ally on equal terms, Frieza suggested Infinite become his underling and learn from the best. The Ultimate Mercenary turned away in a huff, though Frieza remains patient.

Susano'o, God of Arrogant Righteousness (Susanoo, Susano-o, Susano, The Storm God, The Powerful Storm of Summer, Takehaya-Susano'o-no-Mikoto, Kumano-Ketsumiko-no-Kami, God of the Summer Storm, Susan, Kamu Susano-o)
Within the Battleground of the Gods 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His sword, the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi
  • Theme Songs: The Storm God, The Legend
  • Alignment: True Neutral (though he can be Lawful and Chaotic at times)
  • Portfolio: Physical God, Believes He's the Only One to Stop Orochi, Purposely Overpowered, Smug Super, Controls the Wind, Controls Thunder and Lightning, Controls the Rain, The Kusanagi, Acted Immaturely in His Youth, Harsh God, Has Nicer Moments, His Rivalry with Amaterasu, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Storms, Order, Slaying, Immortality, Jerks, Rage, Self-Righteousness
  • Followers: The Mystic Army
  • Allies: Zeus, Gwyn, Kyo Kusanagi, Deus, Odin, Raiden (Mortal Kombat), Knight Gundam, Yasuo, Hakumen, Jin Kisaragi, Igor, Yosuke Hanamura, Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Amaterasu, Sasuke Uchiha, The Night Raid, Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Ayane, Zhao Yun, Liu Bei, Zheng Fei, and Guan Yu, Sophitia Alexandra, Ryu Hyabusa, Kasumi, Hattori Hanzo, Diao Chan, Achilles, Sima Yi, Sun Ce, Dian Wei, Sima Shi, Gracia, Xiahou Dun, Jeanne d'Arc, any human in The Pantheon
  • Distrusts: Nine-Tailed Foxes, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: Orochi, Yuuki Terumi, Fortinbras, Iori Yagami, Yami, King Ghidorah, Sun Wukong, Diana
  • Impatient, rude, overbearing, quick to enrage, an egotist, and with a lack of faith in humanity, Susano'o is often seen as a very harsh and uncaring God. Despite this, he is known for fighting for humanity against monsters such as Orochi, though it has caused him to believe that humans cannot fight these creatures. Though he has matured after fighting Orochi, he has since returned, and seeing that the Pantheon cannot defeat any version of this monster has made him take it upon himself to slay any version that appears. He still has a violent temper that causes storms from time to time.
  • Appeared in the Pantheon with his mystic army demanding that he have his place here. Many were not pleased but due to the need to fight Orochi and his growing influence, they have decided to let him have a temple for now.
  • Calling what he has against Amaterasu a "rivalry" is underselling it as it was what caused him to be ordered out of Heaven for a time. This rivalry was born due to before leaving he tried to have a decent goodbye with her that ended in him destroying her rice fields, hurling a flayed pony at her loom, and killing one of her attendants. He is baffled at the form she has chosen now.
    • Though they still don't see eye to eye he decided to help her against Yami as long as she helps him against Orochi.
    • He was happy to learn that she regained her original form but was absolutely furious when he learned what caused her to assume that form, they may not be on the best of terms but she is still his sister, he vowed revenge on both Terumi and Diana for what they have done.
  • Unnerves Sasuke Uchiha due to him sounding like his father.
  • He does not respect humanity; he feels as though they cannot be called on to fight the Horrors that await them, he decided to take charge in fighting these creatures. He is quick to dismiss any human that gets in his way.
    • The only human he's given respect to is Kyo Kusanagi as he served well in fighting Orochi and in his eyes done his clan justice, this does not extend to Iori Yagami as he sees him and his clan as traitors.
  • He is incredibly powerful, most Gods fear him and his power is comparable to Orochi's strongest form which was damaging both time and space, He has fought entire armies made up of from The Warring States, The Three Kingdoms, warriors from various dimensions and other Gods all at once which only resulted in him changing his mind on what humanity can do for a short time and not much else.
  • Makes it clear to any Nine-Tailed Foxes that while he acknowledges that they are not from his universe and thus not allied with Orochi like Da Ji or Tamano, he will not hesitate to strike them down if he believes they are in any sort of collusion with the serpent.
  • Keeps his eye on Ragna as his connection to the Black Beast could make him as much of a threat as Orochi and he will be the one to destroy him if it starts to become a problem.
  • Is actively hunting after every version of Orochi and each version paused in his presence, though not afraid they recognize who he is and are ready to finish what they started with him a long time ago. Susano'o is happy to finally finish them off though he is slightly annoyed that they won’t have a drink with him before they fight.
  • The House of Prophecy believes that he will become part of a battle between the Gods. At first, he didn't care as to him it would achieve very little until he learned that his sister would be there first and he refused to let her get all the glory. Besides, he may have fun fighting the other deities seeing if they truly are worthy of their domains. He eventually did after witnessing the feats of a certain tornado slinging Samurai named Yasuo and used him as a basis of his style over there. He's also... surprisingly calmer there, but truth is, he's just hiding his tempestuous temper in check.
    • Likewise, he has heard that one of those humans he met in one of his battles against Orochi, Guan Yu, actually had his own "ascension", so he'd also like to test his strength since the last time they met. This also goes to fellow "mystics", namely Sun Wukong, Nezha, and Nu Wa.
  • At first was impress at Knight Gundam for destroying his version of Orochi, but was disappointed that he never seemed to do the same with the other versions, however, he would gladly call on his aid if the need arises, though he thinks he won't need it.
  • Has a deep hatred for those that would dare use his name, to him it is considered to be blasphemous and at worst that they're ruining his good name. Yuuki Terumi, Hakumen, Susanoo of the Night Raid, Sasuke Uchiha, and Jin Kisaragi (due to his connection to Hakumen) are already on his bad side due to this and he has given them a stern warning never to utter their usage of his name around him.
    • This eventually subsided when he realized one thing... Terumi's using his name as his real identity. Refusing to accept that such a monster can be him, and how he's reflecting every bit of his unsavory past that he got over after slaying Orochi (as well as his calmness during his journey throughout the Battleground of the Gods), Susano'o "intervened" the eventual battle by restoring Hakumen's soul and allowing Ragna the Bloodedge to eventually get the upper hand against Terumi, declaring that if he has to pick someone to represent him between Jin Kisaragi and Terumi, he'd rather pick the former. Even at the cost of a serious weakening in the Battleground of the Gods. With this, his opinions for Hakumen and Jin got a little better, and he'll always keep an eye against Terumi even more.
  • Because of his views on humanity and his work, he became a little surprised when his power became invoked by a human, that of Yosuke Hanamura, namely through something called a Persona. Unsurprisingly, Susano'o got offended by this and proceeded to "test" Yosuke in a battle. He caught him off-guard when he was alone. The battle was initially pretty one-sided as Yosuke was just barely able to counter with Jiraiya. Then Susano'o chastised him over his failures regarding Saki. Cue Yosuke getting mad. Yosuke began to talk back on the downsides of the storm god... before realizing that's why they're the same. Yosuke changed and became better for his friends and Susano'o redeemed himself to his sister. In fact, no sooner he said that Yukiko came to assist Yosuke, accompanied by Amaterasu herself. Susano'o sheathed his sword and acknowledged Yosuke as worthy of invoking his power.
  • After the ensuing battle with Terumi and his heart-to-heart battle with Yosuke, Susano'o has been paying visits to the Velvet Room and befriended its guardian, Igor. Beyond further tempering his anger, he also grew further attached to Yosuke. However, he then became surprised when yet another human invoked his power, that of Yusuke Kitagawa, another Persona user. He challenged to conflict and noted Yusuke's own differences and similarity in temperament while also noted the artist's allies had their own godly allies in Mercury and Sun Wukong.

Vegeta IV, God of Pride (The Prince of all Saiyans, The Almighty Prince Vegeta, Vegeta-Sama, Wrecker of Your Shit, The Hype, Renegade for Life, Getes, Best Buddy (both the latter two by Kakarot), Intimidating Man)
The Prince in some of his various forms. (From top to bottom: Vegeta's normal state, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, and Majin Vegeta)
Super Saiyan God Vegeta 
Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta 
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity as a Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God, or especially Super Saiyan Blue and beyond)
  • Symbol: His Saiyan battle armor, or the Royal Saiyan Crest
  • Theme Songs: Hell's Bells, Vegeta - Super Saiyan, The Final Flash, The Battle with All my Force, Battle Stage 2, Evil Warrior Vegeta, Saiyan Blood, Blue Saiyan (SSGSS, shared with Kakarot), Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type C) (SSGSSE)
  • Alignment: The whole neutral spectrum, depending on the story arc, before settling on Neutral Good with undertones of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Super Modes, Ki Manipulations, Proud Warrior, Anti-Hero, Pure Unadulterated PRIDE, Awesome Ego, Protective Fathers, Enjoying Combat, Letting His Pride Get the Better of Him, Controlling His Own Fate, Emptier of Restaurants, Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liners, Continuing to Fight Through EXTREME Punishment, Trash Talk, Warrior Prince, Villainous Widow's Peak
  • Domains: Pride, Badassery, Combat, Anger
  • Teachers: Whis
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Turanga Leela, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion
  • Rivals: Hit, Turles, Zod, Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Beerus
  • Complicated Relationships: Nappa
  • Friendly Enemy: General Zod
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Android 16
  • Opposes: Johnny Cage, Zaheer, Quinella
  • Sitcom Archnemesis with: Tien Shinhan
  • Avoided by: Raiden (Metal Gear)
  • Respects: Aang
  • The Prince of All Saiyans. One of the few surviving members of his race. The Super Elite Warrior. Vegeta started out as a villain who came to Earth to use the Dragon Balls for his own ends. But after that battle and his repeated run-ins with the Z-Fighters, he slowly but surely started to come over to the heroes' side... eventually. It took him a while, but just because he sits firmly on the heroic side nowadays, don't think that means he's gotten soft, or abandoned his iconic competitiveness with Goku... or especially forsaken his pure unadulterated Pride in what it means to be a Saiyan.
  • Is often seen training in the Hall of Combat's gravity chamber (usually set to astonishingly high gravity levels), that is, when he's not fighting the other combatants there.
  • Has been known to make machines experience fear beyond their programming.
  • Is getting very tired of having people asking him to break a scouter while shouting what someone's power level is.
  • You may invade his mind and his body, but there's one thing he always keeps. Vegeta carries the pride of a prince, which has proven to be a very solid anchor against all kinds of mind control, effectively making him immune to manipulation of outside forces. Even a proper duplicate of Vegeta is capable of telling this to any fool who would attempt to control him:
    Copy!Vegeta: YOU ANSWER TO ME!
  • Speaking of his pride, it used to be a massive drawback when he first "joined" the Dragon Team. His tendency to make recklessly dark choices in search of either a suitable challenge or a chance to show up Kakarot to prove he's the strongest Saiyan has twice escalated major sagas by feeding the great enemy of the day the necessary power to become an overwhelming threat. This undermined the master tactician that he usually is, as he showed in his attempts to usurp his own Bad Boss's plans for immortality, until he finally got over himself and admitted that Kakarot is number one long enough to plot the resurrection of Earth for the sake of a Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu. Now that he's fully become a good guy, his pride manifests in trying to replenish the warrior tradition of the Saiyans but with the morality of the Dragon Team, as well as absolute determination in the face of any who would threaten his family. Leela has made similar decisions at the risk of the Planet Express crew, so she knows where he's coming from, though she will admit he's better the way he is now, and after the development of Mortal Kombat Timeline X, Scorpion can attest to the virtue of his current goals.
  • Deus states that he plans on usurping this seat someday, due to his mantra Affinity being Pride. Vegeta has yet to respond to the challenge, but he does have plans on it.
  • It is generally agreed between most gods that hearing a piano start to play is a cause for concern as well as a good reason to keep aware of your surroundings, Vegeta has very little regard for collateral damage.
    • If said piano is accompanied by the words "Final Flash", RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE! An unconfirmed rumor amongst the Pantheon is that "Final Flash" is actually ancient Saiyan language which roughly translates to "Fuck everything in this general direction!"
  • Once fought Shadow the Hedgehog in a fight to the death a few years back. Even to this day, he doesn't think highly of his outlasted opponent.
  • Compares everyone who's not on his allies list to Raditz, the cowardly load in his and Nappa's trio.
  • Does not enjoy the company of Excalibur, and will blast him off should the former ever cross him. This reminds him of a certain bald person.
  • Has a brother named Tarble. Once thought that he'd mistakenly killed him during his days on the Saiyan homeworld. He was happy to be wrong. Because he hit Santa Claus, his intended target, all along.
  • Upon learning of Cooler's ascension, he quickly suggested that Cooler be banned from the House of Technology. Upon learning of the Big Gete Star, many gods agreed. When Vegeta was asked why he was so keen on having Cooler banned from the House of Technology by other gods, he merely said, "He kept kicking me in the dick".
    • Naturally, he was not pleased when he learned after Frieza obtained his new Golden Form, Cooler invaded the House of War. And that he brought not only the Big Gete Star but his legion of Meta-Coolers.
    • And it's also for that reason that he heavily dislikes Johnny Cage and Ric Flair. He doesn't want to be associated with someone who made crotch shots famous. Most gods think he's overreacting as most gods don't like getting kicked in the balls except Bryan Fury. They left him alone after hearing how he was kicked 500 times from his angry wife, Bulma.
  • Fought the Anthropomorphic Personification of Entropy and managed to draw blood despite previously being vastly outclassed, all because said Anthropomorphic Personification slapped his wife. He later met an enemy who had stolen Kakarot's body and used it to kill Future Bulma and terrorize Future Trunks, quietly determined to make him pay for both of these deeds. Never let it be said that he doesn't love his wife, or respect Kakarot as a true Saiyan for that matter.
  • The homunculus Pride also fought him for his title, with "fought" being used very lightly.
  • Ever since the incident with Garrosh and the Sha, Thrall has sworn to keep a VERY close eye on Vegeta, lest he start trying to draw power from an Old God.
  • Went on an adventure across Los Santos for reasons unknown.
  • Also takes pride in his cooking skills. However, he isn't that good of a cook.
  • He once fought Saitama and was very impressed by his fighting prowess. It ended with them exchanging phone numbers after cancelling the fight midway through.
  • Tatsumaki once met him upon visiting this sub-house. She was annoyed by his ego, but before long their argument turned to an understanding after he pointed out that she knew nothing of his past. That said, she still considers him nothing close to a true hero. Which is fine by him.
  • Has a very strange habit of throwing dog treats at decapitated heads (and Guldo). This causes Mami Tomoe to be rather cautious around Vegeta. He tells her not to worry as he only throws them at his kills.
  • Fellow gods are nowadays VERY SHOCKED to find out that aside from both Dunban and Heiji Hattori, Vegeta shares his Japanese-speaking voice with the (in)famous Captain Falcon. People truly wanted to confirm this by convincing Vegeta to perform not just any Falcon Punch, but a Falcon Punch in that exact voice. Vegeta has been refusing to do so ever since, showing signs of Never Live It Down. Also...
    Vegeta: No, for the last time, I WON'T SHOW YOU MY MOVES!
  • Initially he also claimed to deem anyone significantly below him to have "a power level of below negative 9000". But after learning more about the Pantheon and the wide variety of power scales among its denizens, he has relented this stance, reserving it for weakest foes he finds truly contemptible or pitiable.
  • Turns out what kept him back from most of the battle with the Legendary Super Saiyan wasn't simple fear, but a conflicted admiration and frustration. He marked out seeing Broly's sheer penchant for carnage as the epitome of Saiyan violence but could not get past the stupidity of Broly's obsession with Kakarot for crying endlessly when they were next to each other in their pods. Either way the Prince got over it, joining in on the attack and aiding Kakarot with energy to defeat Broly.
  • Touta Konoe earned both Vegeta's and Kakarot's respect due to his gung-ho spirit, considerable powers, and enmity with a being similar to that parasite Baby. Same for Ippo Makunouchi, whose meek personality and constant striving for strength remind him of Cabba, his protégé from Universe 6.
  • A blonde gadgeteer was going around visiting people like herself in the Pantheon, and travelled to Capsule Corp to see Bulma, meeting him and Trunks in the meantime. Seeing bits of how strong-willed and innovative she is, he thinks Winry would be good for Trunks if she wasn't already taken and their ages matched up. If anything, he likes that she and Bulma get along so well, as she might be a good influence on the kid.
  • His reaction upon noticing that Raditz has now ascended to Super Saiyan 3 with the support of the fanbase, is as follows:
    Vegeta: Hahahahahahaha! Well, it looks like the cowardly mouse has finally gained enough power to be worth some respect!
    • Sadly, Raditz was overconfident enough to challenge him to a fight. He promptly transformed to Super Saiyan Blue and showed Raditz he still had a long way to go. However, he didn't kill Raditz but rather gave him some poignant advice.
    Vegeta: Abandon this nonsense about taking revenge on Kakarot or myself, or gaining respect in the pond of scum they call GUAE. Get stronger, come back and fight me again, and then we'll see what you've got. Understand?
  • With his interest in his fellow Saiyans renewed by Cabba, Vegeta can occasionally be heard stating offhand who in the Pantheon he thinks would be great candidates as "honorary Saiyans". Power Girl, another friend of Bulma's who thinks present/kid Trunks is pretty cool, is happy to be on that list. Unfortunately he learned that his remark coincided with Raditz saying something similar around the same time. No doubt the chicken was secretly gauging what could happen with her…
    • He's also named Tatsumaki and Saitama on this list, along with Touta and Ippo. Tatsumaki quickly sent him a clear "No thank you," while Saitama doesn't really care. Touta and Ippo are both honored, though the former was much more enthusiastic when expressing it.
  • After Grand Zen'o's Tournament of Power ended up with the entire multiverse left intact as is thanks to the worlds-restoring wish from Android 17, Vegeta is now preparing for his upcoming visit to Planet Sadala. On that note, he's decided to bring Cabba into his temple as his Herald.
    • Bulma convinced him that he should go even further than that and actually make a team out of the "honorary Saiyans" he kept going on about in the Pantheon. He did so, calling them the Honorary Forces of Sadala after the original Saiyan homeworld. Saitama declined, saying he wasn't one for big groups and had already received another offer from a friend he told the same. Everyone else accepted, including Tatsumaki, who now respects the Prince enough to be okay with this after watching him and others in the Tournament. Unsurprisingly, she thinks she should be the only one on the team. Vegeta and company give no consideration to this at all.
    • Later on, in response to a challenge from Paragus and the other Saiyans, Kale was added to the group and a spot was reserved for Caulifla as well. Cabba would be ascended alongside Caulifla as she was finally brought into the Pantheon, the two sharing a temple with Kale due to their Instant Expert tendencies. This made it so that the Saiyan-to-non-Saiyan count on Vegeta's team was nearly even, so they couldn't be an "honorary" force anymore; as such, the name of the group was changed to Super-Warriors' Guild.
  • Aside from being another candidate to replace him as Kakarot's main rival, Hit stomped Vegeta in their first fight with his use of the Time Skip during Beerus and Champa's tournament. As such, Vegeta was not happy to see Hit, alongside Kenshiro, trying to interfere when Metal Cooler came into his temple and fought him.
    • Despite pointing out that a whole horde of Meta-Coolers had been trying to get to him, he told Hit and Kenshiro not to interfere, so they left the fight to go one-on-one. Cooler was formidable, having grown far stronger than before as well as effectively used the threat of low blows for misdirection, but Vegeta was able to overpower Cooler and force a retreat.
    • Later in a Super Saiyan 4 training fight he discovered firsthand that Hit's Time Skip is even more powerful online. This pisses him off.
  • While they aren't enemies anymore, Tien never warmed up to Vegeta and they like getting under each other's skin.
  • It was revealed in a conversation between Frieza and the canon-timeline Broly's father Paragus that Vegeta is actually the fourth of his name.
  • In light of both his turn as Majin Vegeta and his battle with Top the Destroyer in the Tournament of Power, Vegeta holds a special respect for Avatar Aang, who originally thought he had to abandon his love entirely to achieve control of the Avatar State, paid for that mistake, was later happy to find that that was never the point, and even took that lesson further in persisting with his principles to find the ultimate solution to the Hundred Year War.
  • Zaheer, on the other hand, is one the Saiyan Prince finds contemptible. He rushed headlong into the idea that he had to forsake his love to achieve the ideal power he sought, and couldn't do so while she was alive but immediately plunged once he saw her die. What's worse, Zaheer was going off advice from a guru to let go of all earthly attachments, just like Aang. He got the meaning completely wrong, descended to the depths Vegeta himself had climbed from, and never looked back.
  • Whis told Vegeta, along with Kakarot and Beerus, about the noblewoman-turned-goddess Quinella having an encounter with Zamasu in which she showed surprising depths of power regained through her Sacred Arts and other villainous connections. One such development later included her obtaining a power-up mimicking the Super Saiyan transformation, which she actually called Super Saiyan Sterling, directly inspired by Goku Black's Rosé form. He hopes to encounter this woman and "remind" her, figuring she should know since she was inspired by Black, that pale imitation of the Saiyans comes with a price.
  • It's been revealed that Vegeta had already met Android 21 prior to becoming a Super Saiyan, as a simple researcher hired by Dr. Brief to make improvements to his training room. Of course, her lab coat had come without that damned Red Ribbon symbol on it at the time…

Intermediate Gods

    Agent Smith 
Agent Smith, the God Who Responds to Being Called God
  • Intermediate God, Greater God in the Matrix
  • Symbol: His shades
  • Theme Songs: Agent Smith's Battle Theme, Multiple Smiths
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Literally A Computer Virus, Cloning Himself Through Other People, Badass in a Nice Suit, Has His Own Ulterior Motives, Can Never Understand Good, Faux Affably Evil, Hates Everyone Equally, Turns Humanity Into His Legion, Almost Impossible To Stop, One-Man Army, His Pride Costed Him His Defeat
  • Domains: Clones, Hate, Destruction
  • Allies: Albert Wesker, CLU, Flowey (not actually), SCP-682
  • Rivals: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA and SHOCKER
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The Nostalgia Critic, Frisk and the House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • When Neo ascended, it was inevitable that Agent Smith would also follow him to the Pantheon. To make sure he wouldn't cross the Main Gates and The Grid, Kevin Flynn (along with Sam) guarded the Grid while the House of Defense would guard the gates. While it was successful on the Gates, the Flynns' encounter with the rogue agent almost costed Kevin's life and as a result of the thrashing, he barged out from the Grid and into the Pantheon itself. Now that he's here, Neo's "peaceful" days have ended and has prepared for what Smith has brought on his sleeve.
    • The prophecy, which was made by the Oracle (and delivered, via Nozdormu) revealed that Smith's arrival would help "balance the solution". It also mentioned that as the opposite of Neo, if the former dies, Smith will also be prophecied to be destroyed with it. This further gave some questions regarding what happens if Neo would take a third option.
  • As the title suggests, he is known to convert (or at least call) the term "God" with his name, Smith. No one exactly knows why he does that but it could be that he wants to be recognized as a god, even a Pantheon position did not satisfy him. After all, he cares so much about himself.
    Smith: Ah me. Me, me, me, me.
  • With Smith now part of the Pantheon, he now wants to bring the death of it as well as the place reminds him of both The Matrix and Zion, infested with entities meant to be destroyed. With this motivation, he decided to join the Grand United Alliance of Destruction under his interest. Nekron, however, has seen powerful potential with Smith as he can be the first harbinger of the Apocalypse.
    • It finally came true for Nekron, when he heard of Smith's powers in the Grid and the Matrix. This, combined with the Agent's intense hate towards humans, made Agent Smith the GUAD's best warrior in the virtual world. Many deities who are residing in those realms were in complete and utter shock when they heard that the apocalypse wouldn't start in the Pantheon itself but inside the Grid.
  • Unlike other deities who use cloning techniques in harmless ways, Smith's way of cloning requires a host where he can implant his personalities or in technical terms "hotwire their programs" into himself. As a literal manifestation of a virus, this can be downright lethal not only to those inside the Grid, but even outside the realm itself, meaning he can transform anyone. This includes humans, AI, and other entities present.
    • Human deities, in particular, are forced to take caution when facing Smith as he can flawlessly convert them easily, not to mention unlike other clones that are just temporary, Smith's clones are permanent and to make matters worse, each clone already has the same strength and intelligence as the original. The House of Leadership as well as other houses are still finding a way to at least revert the process.
  • As destructive as he may be, he has garnered some allies, namely Albert Wesker and CLU. Their similarities with each other's personalities and mannerisms gave Smith the idea of not converting them, since he'll need them for his battles, CLU especially since he could use more help against Tron and Kevin Flynn.
    • Most gods who came from The Lord of the Rings almost confused Smith with Elrond, the Half-Elven, due to something related to their looks. Needless to say, they weren't happy when they realized that the "Elrond" they met is more of a destroyer than a kind elf. Even Sauron and Angmar are not amused that Smith may rival them in terms of power.
    • Speaking of Kevin, this news forced the House of Technology to place primary protocols on the Grid since he, Sam and Neo are forced to deal not only with a cyberspace ruler but a literal virus, potential enough to cause destructive damage towards the Grid itself and the Matrix.
    • Flowey on the other hand is very happy to see a "human" counterpart of him. Having the same personality and ridiculous power to the max, both of them have decided to start the war on the House of Gaming due to its easy access. It doesn't help that both have intense hate towards humanity and everything in general.
      • The only reason why they haven't succeeded yet is that Frisk started a crusade along with other deities such as CJ, Bullet and Bartz Klauser as well as other good deities from the same house. He has seen Smith's attitude and its pretty obvious that he's not willing to let another Flowey copy take down the house itself. Smith in response has questioned the Child's own motives.
    Smith: Tell me why you stupid child. WHY? Why do you still persist? Is it because of "justice" or "determination"?
    • In actuality, Flowey is just playing him for a fool, and is using what he knows from Smith to relay to the GUAG (via Sans). Smith actually disgusts and frightens Flowey, and hopes this tyrant will eventually be stopped for good.
  • Shiro and The Machine, who also heard the news decided to join the Flynn brothers against the virus menace, as they knew that even with their power, it is not enough to end the Agent's existence. Tron has decided to join too as the Agent is a dreadful reminder of his other personality, Rinzler.
    • And it seems that there are more deities joining the fight, Kirito and Asuna decided as well to assist them and also brought their friends, Sinon and Konno Yuuki to fight back against the Agent. And as a last message, Kite declared war against Smith with all virtual world deities present in the Pantheon. This became Smith's last straw.
  • Ultron was smart enough to know that teaming up with Smith is a bad idea. Since he also doesn't care about the Machines either, it's obvious that Smith would also antagonize many evil AIs, including Ex and Love Machine. Even Sark and the Master Control Program aren't spared from the Agent's wrath.
    • Megatron was also intrigued when he heard his voice being all too similar. He isn't safe either as he doesn't care so much for the Decepticon.
  • His powers, as well as his intolerable hate towards everything has made him banned on the House of Technology for containing one of the entrances to the Matrix. The House of Gaming, however, still serves as a gateway, despite the number of superpowered deities present.
    • And that is not the only house, the House of Childhood and Adolescence also opposes him for his treatment to children. Sam Flynn, in particular, has fought against Smith just to push him out, but sometimes, he would win and cause extreme collateral damage to the House. He also noticed that out of all the deities in there, Smith aims for a certain AI child who also has great power in the virtual realm. Turns out, it was Yui who he was targeting all along.
      • Yui, on the other hand, has read his "mind" and she found more horrible results: It seems that if he can't convert any of the Flynn brothers, Tron or Neo himself, he'll aim for the smaller ones, and Yui is by far his best target. If she becomes a Smith, that said clone would use the admin powers to control some aspects of the virtual realm, giving Smith an advantage. Now she has plans for what to happen next.
    • Even then, he always tries to convince children that he isn't a bad guy, despite his looks.
    Smith: I'm not so bad, once you get to know me.
  • Has rather gained a notorious rivalry with the Red Skull as they have the same power, but different philosophies, with Red Skull focusing on "peace" and Smith focusing on complete destruction. This made HYDRA prioritize him as a greater threat.
    • SHOCKER on the other hand immediately placed him on top priority as they saw his raw power, clone army and literal virus-like capabilities. One thing that shocks SHOCKER more than a clone-converted Smith-Kaiju is a MegaSmith.
  • The Nostalgia Critic is wary of Agent Smith's presence as he not only reviewed the film trilogy but was also confronted by a similar character known as Agent Schmuck. Though it was later revealed that he is one of the Strangers from Dark City.
  • Unless you want to be beaten to death and converted to a Smith clone, do not try to break his shades. His near-invincible powers make his Tranquil Fury much worse.
  • "Mister Anderson."

Black☆Star, God of Massive Egotism (Center of Self-Thought, Master of All Egocentricism)
  • Rank: The One who has Surpassed a Lesser God (Surpassed an Intermediate God after being powered up with madness)
  • Symbol: His shoulder tattoo, a black star
  • Theme Song: Never Lose Myself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Attention Whoring, Blasphemous Boasting (strange considering his god-hood), Chewing the Scenery, Ninja Skills, Large Ham
  • Domains: Shadows, Badassness, Fearlessness, Bragging, Arrogance, Greatness, Self-Exaltation
  • Followers: The Todd, Gilderoy Lockhart, Ted Baxter
  • Allies (he keeps calling them his subordinates): Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (his weapon), Death the Kid (his partner-in-crime), Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans, Naruto Uzumaki, Bang Shishigami, Katsuragi, Mr. Satan
  • Rivals: Black★Rock Shooter, Strong Bad
  • Enemies: Anyone he determines a non-believer of his extreme greatness, Medusa Gorgon, Draven, Gilgamesh (both of them, but for different reasons for each), Kishin Asura
  • Opposes: Excalibur (So annoying, that got the biggest freakout ever (ﺧ益ﺨ))
  • Considers above all gods in the House of Emotion, perhaps even in the Pantheon. While formerly sharing the title of Massive Egotism with Strong Bad, the other gods got tired of their constant fighting and had them separated into different Houses.
  • Black☆Star is determined to make sure that each and every god knows and acknowledges how great his is.
    • While some have let Black☆Star know that they realize his greatness, they are probably planning to use him and are tricking him. He generally doesn't care.
  • Despite his arrogance, Black☆Star doesn't consider himself to be a god, but a human who has surpassed the gods. To wit, he's even willing to lower himself to a boasting partnership with the completely normal ascended human Mr. Satan in which Black☆Star makes the entirely BS claim to be Mr. Satan's "greatest student ever", sometimes even breaking into joke arguments about whether or not "the student surpassed the teacher".
  • He has made it his goal to defeat Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, and prove he is powerful enough to surpass the gods. Gil admitted he wouldn't mind "fighting him", though he was probably referring to mopping the floor with Black☆Star when he said that.
  • Thinks that his ego is better than Vegeta's. The Saiyan Prince could care less…at least most of time.
  • Black☆Star is rather pissed that he's not inducted in the Ninja Shitennou (Naruto got in first). Still, he claims that it's fine, he's the Man Behind the Man of the group anyway; it was he who spurred Ryu Hayabusa to lead anyway. That was something that Hayabusa just responded to with silence (and a mental face palm).
  • Of all things, by making it to the Pantheon, he wished he'd never see that annoying, loony Excalibur anymore. He's thankful that the one in the Weapons House is not the same. Needless to say, when said annoying loony actually made it to the Pantheon, and even waved him 'long time no see', Black☆Star had the biggest Freak Out to date. (ﺧ益ﺨ)
  • He is trying his best to get his Weapon Tsubaki in the Pantheon and, for a while, had little success. He eventually succeeded in getting her into the Pantheon, and now he will brag to the Ninja Shitennou because he has the Goddess of Ninja Weapons as his closest ally.
  • It should be noted that he's at his most dangerous when he actually shuts up.

    Eric Raymond 
Eric Raymond, God of Smugness
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Misfits Logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Self-Satisfied Serpents, Evil Conga Dancers, Employers of Incompetent Villain Trios, Greedy CEOs Who Know What Good Lawyers Can Do... If You Pay Them Enough
  • Domains: Avarice, Corruption, Greed, Trickery
  • Followers: Theron, Mull, King Drake III, Benny Gecko, Jarek
  • Allies: Looten Plunder, Wario, Edge, Team Rocket, Dethklok, Gideon Graves, Megatron, Sheldon J. Plankton
  • Enemies: Jerrica Benton, and the rest of The Godliest Girl Band Ever, Captain Planet, Ma-Ti, Mario, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Ash, Pikachu, The Beatles, Alison Blaire/Dazzler.
  • No god, good or evil, is more familiar with complete failure than Eric Raymond. From losing his half of the Temple of Corporate Corruption in a Battle of the Bands to holding the record for rejected applications into the main Gods of Villains, if you can name it, Raymond has failed at it. Things seem to be looking up in recent times, though. Raymond has passed the Misfits onto Team Rocket and is working out deals with Starscream and Looten Plunder concerning their applications to the main Gods of Evil…
  • Unknown to him, all of his enemies are informing Jerrica Benton of any plans he might concoct.
  • To make matters worse, two pretenders to Eric's title have arisen to challenge his dominion over the Throne of Smugness: Dan McNeely, leader of the Armor Gamsees, and the Game Genie, ruler of Videoland. Though they will inevitably come to blows, the two work together for now; however, for all that Eric frets over them, few outside observers think that their efforts will amount to anything.
    • However, both would be found dead, coins spilling out of their corpses. Eric received the news by a phone call from Gideon Graves who offered Eric a lucrative deal to become Senior VP of GGG Heavy Industries. Raymond gladly accepted.

    Katsuki Bakugo 
Katsuki Bakugo, The Sympathy-Refusing God (Kacchan, King/Lord Explodo-kills/Explosion Murder, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, Bomberman, Firecracker, Trash King, Blasty McSplode, Angry Pomeranian, Mean Naruto, Gunpowder Gelatin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A "BOOM" Written Sound Effect
  • Theme Song: Bombing King!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Explosions, Pride, Anger, (Anti-)Heroes
  • Portfolio: Explosion Powers, Anti-Heroism, Insecurities Hidden by Ego, Hates Being Pitied, Easily Angered, Ungratefulness, "That Guy" of His Class, Hot-Blooded, Fight Picker, Shonen Hair, Determinator, Character Development, Calling Everybody by Insulting Nicknames
  • Allies: None publicly known. He's not very sociable.
  • Rivals: Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Ida, Sasuke Uchiha, Black☆Star, Strong Bad, Natsu Dragneel, Solf J. Kimblee, Junkrat, the Demoman, Bomberman, Tristana, the Techies (Squee, Spleen and Spoon), hell, the whole House of Explosives while we're at it... He is the King of Explodo-kills, goddammit. Oh, and his newest addition is Yang Xiao Long
  • Unknown Rival to: Shoto Todoroki
  • Enemies: Kurogiri, Stain, Jinx, Deidara, the Venom Symbiote, Green Goblin, Yoshikage Kira, General Zod, Syndrome, most Supervillains in the House of Villains
  • Respects: All Might, Ochaco Uraraka, Son Goku, Vegeta, Kenpachi Zaraki, Kratos, heroic Blood Knights in general, Isaac Washington, Superman, Batman, Sol Badguy, Ragna the Bloodedge, Wolverine, the Punisher, Hulk, Spawn, Kaito Kumon, most invincible Superheroes
  • Opposes: Goetia
  • Opposed by: Jimmy Hopkins, Ned Bigby, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Makoto Itou, Marty McFly, Harry Potter, Timmy Turner, every other god who has been a victim of bullying
  • Interest from: Michael Bay, Eikichi Onizuka
  • Katsuki Motherfucking Bakugo. What is there to say about this fucking guy? First of all, he didn't have a rough life; since he was a 4-year old little shit, he was always surrounded by people telling him how fucking awesome he was. He could already read, beat up older bastards and create goddamn explosions with his fucking hands. Everything was going fucking awesome for him, until that shitty fateful day where he slipped off from a shitty bridge and fell down into a shitty brook (not that one, the shitty landform). Katsuki Bakugo didn't feel a thing though, because he was fucking Katsuki Bakugo, but then that little bitch Izuku "Deku" Midoriya had the fucking audacity to try to help him up, which pissed Bakugo's ego so much that he grew up into an Izuku-bullying bastard. This clear show of fucking ingratitude earned him a look from the assholes at the Pantheon, who felt like he could take some shitty position at the House of Fucking Pride... bitch.
    • Despite the highly obscene entry above, Katsuki is not an evil dude, just (very) unpleasant and antiheroic. He's been evolving as a character and can even show decency during some (again, very) rare moments. As long as you're not Izuku Midoriya, he will tolerate your presence. Just don't attempt to befriend him.
  • Katsuki became absolutely pissed off when he found out that Izuku had ascended before him. Then he somehow became even more pissed off when Izuku mentioned that Shoto Todoroki had ascended some time ago as well. However, he was pleased that he managed to ascend before Tenya Ida.
    • When Ochaco later ascended, all Katsuki said initially was that it was "about time" she made it to the Pantheon. Understandably, he got questioned for this a lot, given his harsh treatment of her in their UA Sports Festival match. Truth is, the two understand and respect each other a lot more than most people do either of them, which is why he didn't go easy on her in the first place. Many quietly think the two would be cute together but do not dare tell him this as all of them know that it would just get them yelled at.
  • Katsuki absolutely does not tolerate being looked down upon. After all, that's why he ascended in the first place. He plans to actually become the Top God of the House of Pride (in fact, he has already declared his intentions to everybody in the House), but that would mean confronting the very powerful Goetia, God of Pity and thus Katsuki's very own divine antithesis, at some point. One wonders if he will ever get to that level. Katsuki himself believes he will, but he also admits he has a LOT of training to do until then.
    • And before he even thinks about challenging Goetia, Katsuki will need to deal with the likes of Vegeta and General Zod first, as they are both above him in the divine order. The Saiyan believes that Katsuki is only talking big and that he can't back up his statements, although he does find the boy's immense pride "amusing". The Kryptonian, on the other hand, has already warned that he will bring Katsuki to his knees if he ever attempts to get on his way.
  • While Katsuki doesn't look like it, he would really like to fight alongside some of the Pantheon's Superheroes, in particular with the likes of the The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine, who are closer to his style of "heroism". Just don't expect him to admit any of that.
    • Strangely, Katsuki is also fond of "boy scout, goody-two-shoes" Superman, if only because of how ridiculously overpowered and similar to All Might (who Katsuki looks up to) he is.
  • The moment he heard about the House of Explosives, Katsuki knew he had to conquer it in order to become number one, so he crashed the place and challenged everybody there to do their worst. He literally got bombarded the following second but was able to stand on his feet and counterattack, leading to a chaotic free-for-all between him and every other deity from the House. He somewhat got in trouble with the GUAL because of it.
  • Because his body was almost hijacked by a living pile of sludge once, Katsuki will attack the Venom Symbiote on sight. Katsuki's ability to create explosions makes him troublesome for the Symbiote to deal with, even if it's not as vulnerable to fire and sound as it once was. As things stand now, the Symbiote prefers to go after someone less fiery and loud, even though Katsuki's personality would've made for a great host.
  • It appears Katsuki will never live down the decade of bullying he put Izuku through, something that has drawn the ire of many bullying victims in the Pantheon. Katsuki, as far as anyone knows, has never issued an apology, not even a half-assed one, and when he gets confronted about that, he simply ignores this big Elephant in the Living Room and refuses to comment on anything, sometimes even attacking or threatening those who keep asking questions.
  • Michael Bay is interested in making a Superhero movie starring Katsuki. The latter's response was a brief "Drop dead!", which has only made the director more interested.
  • Eikichi Onizuka sees a bit of his delinquent younger self on Katsuki and would like to provide some sort of guidance to him, so that he doesn't end up stepping out of line in the future (although the fact that Katsuki has superpowers might make him Onizuka's biggest challenge yet).
  • Was going up against a monster one day when Yang came out of nowhere and stole his kill. Rightfully pissed, he took her on, which she obliged with after he had grabbed her by the hair and loosed some strands. She took him down in one minute. He's resented her since then and has added her to his list of rivals.

Malware, God of Insecurity Masked by Pride (Mal, Total Psychopath, Galvanic Mechamorph Sub-Species)
Malware's Third Form
Malware's First Form 
Malware's Second Form 
Malware's Fourth Form 
  • Intermediate God, bordering on Greater God (Lesser God in his First Form and Greater God in his Fourth Form)
  • Symbol: The Four Pointed Star below his Eye
  • Alignment: Started out as Neutral Evil but dived headfirst into Chaotic Evil after his upgrade
  • Portfolio: Defective Galvanic Mechamorphs, Much to his Ire, Inferiority Superiority Complexes, Cannibalizing Technology in Order to Upgrade Himself, Eye Beams, Nigh-Invulnerability, Developing New Powers as the Plot Demands, Power Nullifiers, Looking Nothing Like the Other Galvanic Mechamorphs, Intelligent Bruisers, Villains Who are Taken Seriously, Short Tempers, Claiming to be a Visionary when he's Actually a Childish Psycho, Wanting His Creator's Approval, Enormous Hams, Gloating, Red and Black Villains
  • Domain: Villains, Technology, Assimilation, Inferiority Complexes
  • Allies: Vilgax, Maltruant, Megatron, Brainiac
  • Enemies: Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Maxwell Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Albedo, Mogo, Hal Jordan, Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec
  • Opposed by: The Residents of the Grid
  • Pitied by: Azmuth
  • Feared by: The House of Time and Space
  • Interests: Masami Eiri
  • Interested in: The Embryon Tribe
  • In the universe of Ben 10, there exists a race of aliens known as the Galvanic Mechamorphs, a techno-organic species who can merge with technology, inadvertently upgrading said technology in the process. However, one Mechamorph known as Malware was born incomplete; as a result of the Helix that was responsible for creating the Mechamorphs being shut down midway through Malware's creation, Malware's life code was corrupted from the very start. He was initially promised an upgrade that would fix his condition by Azmuth, but due to his growing impatience and a belief that his creator saw him as a failure, Malware took matters into his own hands and upgraded himself with Albedo's reluctant assistance. After his enhancement, Malware would then do everything in his power to get revenge against his creator, which includes absorbing Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix in order to collect DNA in order to complete the Nemetrix, destroying his own home planet, and trying to corrupt Azmuth's home planet of Galvan Prime in order to become a living planet.
  • Ambushed Ben Tennyson inside his temple when the god had returned after a particularly brutal battle with Vilgax, which, along with the initial shock of realizing that Malware had made it into the pantheon, was why the Hero was unable to repel the psychopathic Mechamorph right away. Thankfully, with the help of Feedback, Ben was able to defeat Malware and turn the Mechamorph into a stone statue, which Ben proceeded to smash into pieces with Humungousaur. Naturally, the Mechamorph regenerated back into his second form on the very next day and is currently making new plans to both absorb Ben's Omnitrix and kill him in the most painful way possible.
    • While he directs most of his hatred at Ben, Malware also loathes Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, and Max Tennyson since they had a hand in both reviving the Mechamorphs that he had corrupted and stopped him from corrupting the core of Galvan Prime. So much so that after he's finished off Ben and absorbed his Omnitrix, he plans on taking them out as well.
    • In addition to Ben Tennyson and his allies, Malware also plans on finding and killing Albedo. Although the Galvan was responsible for upgrading Malware in the first place, Malware finds Albedo to be so annoyingly arrogant that he is all but compelled to kill him, especially since the Galvan served no further purpose to Malware now that he has already been upgraded.
  • In spite of his hatred for Malware for what he tried to do to his home planet, Azmuth ultimately pities the Mechamorph and what has become of him, to the point that Azmuth is still trying to find a way to cure Malware's condition. This has proven to be difficult since Malware has not only rejected any attempts to cure him of his condition but also believes that Azmuth is secretly conspiring with Court of the Gods to have Malware thrown out of the Pantheon because the Galvan can't stand the sight of a "failure" such as Malware running loose.
  • Has allied himself with Vilgax and Maltruant in order to destroy Ben Tennyson once and for all. That said, his alliance with the other villains is more like Teeth-Clenched Teamwork since the former turned Malware's remains into a suit for Vilgax to wear in a battle with Ben and the latter is prone to Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. If anything, the only thing keeping Malware from trying to eliminate Vilgax and Maltruant is the fact that both of them hate Ben as much as Malware does.
    • The House of Time and Space fear the possibility that Malware might try to absorb Maltruant and take his powers, believing that the already threatening Mechamorph would be unstoppable should he acquire the Chronosapien's Time Master abilities. Consequentially, the House has placed Malware under heavy surveillance, with the Pantheonic Time Police waiting to take Malware out the moment he even thinks about assimilating Maltruant.
  • While a majority of machine deities within the pantheon fear Malware because of his ability to destroy technology in order to upgrade himself, Megatron is not one of those deities. In fact, the Decepticon has even befriended the Mechamorph after finding out how similar Malware is to Megatron. While he is still wary of Malware's ability, the Decepticon believes that it won't be much of a problem if he can use said ability against the rest of the Transformers.
    • Another deity that has shown interest in Malware is Vril Dox, a.k.a Brainiac, who sees potential in the Mechamorph's ability to break down technology in order to enhance himself. While the other members of GUAM Machine Council are opposed to the very thought of having someone like Malware around, Brainiac thinks that he'll be able to convince his fellow council members of the opportunities to unleash Malware upon the GUAM's numerous enemies. Malware himself is more than pleased with the amount of attention Vril Dox is paying to him. After all, it's nice to know that someone appreciates his talents and doesn't regard him as a failure, unlike a certain Galvan.
    • In spite of these exceptions, the vast majority of machine deities in the pantheon despise Malware, with the Residents of the Grid being no different. Their hatred for the Mechamorph is so great that CLU 2, Sark, and the Master Control Program have actually made a temporary truce with Kevin Flynn, TRON, Sam Flynn, and Beck in order to get Malware out of the Pantheon before they resume their conflict.
  • The San Francisco Chapter of DedSec had unfortunately encountered Malware one day when they found the Mechamorph inside their temple downloading most of their computer data into himself. Having never heard about Malware before, the group charged the Mechamorphs with their weapons in hand, only for Malware to immediately absorb their weapons and quickly overwhelm the group. Thankfully, the hackers were able to make a quick getaway when Aiden Pearce, who had snuck into the temple when he saw Malware enter it, overloaded the temple's fuse panel, causing an explosion that distracted Malware while the group made their escape. The entire chapter was shaken by the experience, and are currently finding out any weaknesses that Malware so that they can put an end to him.
  • Seeing the potential in Malware's ability, Masami Eiri approached the Mechamorph one day in the House of Technolgy and proceeded to compliment him, saying that Azmuth had no idea how important someone like Malware was. Malware was thrilled that he was receiving such praise for the qualities that make him superior to the rest of the Galvanic Mechamorphs, but he immediately became angry when Masami Eiri insinuated that the Mechamorph wouldn't be so defective once Masami was done "fixing" him, causing Malware to storm off in anger. After he was alone, Masami sighed, deciding that he was going to have to find another way to subjugate Malware to his experiments...
  • Back in his universe, Malware's ultimate goal was to corrupt and assimilate the core of Galvan Prime so that he may become a living planet. While he was unsuccessful, his ascension means that he is now free to try again, starting with Mogo, the Living Planet. Through a series of events that involved the destruction one of the House of Time and Space's moons so that Malware's remains could be spread over half of Mogo's surface, the Mechamorph actually came close to corrupting Mogo's core before Hal Jordan with Ben Tennyson and his allies in tow, finally defeated Malware, who was once again turned into stone. Since then, the normally kind Mogo has held nothing but contempt for Malware, and vows to make the Mechamorph pay dearly should he try to assimilate Mogo's core again.
    • Like Mogo before them, The Embryon Tribe had unfortunately incurred the interest of Malware when he learned about their status as digital humans who were given organic bodies. Unlike Mogo, however, the Embryon Tribe were not as fortunate, as they were all absorbed and assimilated into Malware's body to a man. Initially revelling in the data that he absorbed, including the Atma virus, Malware's delight slowly shifted into horror when he realized too late that the data had an unfortunate side effect of petrification via exposure to sunlight. Nonetheless, Malware, having found the data absorption to be exhilarating, is already making preparations to absorb the Embryon Tribe once again after they were revived. The Embryon Tribe is arming itself in response, hoping to ensure that they won't have a repeat of last time.

Lesser Gods

Adon, God of Arrogant Martial Artists (Self-Proclaimed God of Muay Thai, The Fanged Beast)

Ar-Pharazon, God of Pride by Popularity (25th King of Numenor, Tar-Calion, Pharazon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Grand Staff of Numenor (Since lost), the Razed White Tree at Numenor.
  • Alignment: Formerly Lawful Neutral. Now Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Colonel Badassnote , Villains Who Marry Their First Cousin, A Usurper With Good Publicity, The Paragon Always Rebels, Prideful Rulers Who Fall Down To A Manipulative Bastard, Envying Immortality Which Later Made Him Evil, Royally Screwed Up, Religion of Evilnote , Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • Domain: Usurpers, Political Divisions, Dark Influence, Immortality Seekers, Pride
  • Heralds: The Great Armamentnote 
  • Allies: Gilgamesh, Ra's Al Ghul, Veigar, Vandal Savage, Syndrome, King Candy, Zant
  • Interested in: The Witch-king of Angmar
  • Enemies: Greg Heffley, Dust, Aragorn, Midna, Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda, The Doctor. In fact, anyone of the House of Royalty
  • Respects: Sauron, and by proxy, Melkor
  • Opposes: Eru Ilúvatar
  • Opposed by: Vanellope von Schweetz. Banned from Sugar Rush as a result.
  • The last king of Numenor. Usurped the throne from her first cousin Miriel by marrying her, an action illegal by Numenorian law. Had he not married Miriel, Tar-Palantir's practices to mend relations with the Elves would have continued.
  • His notoriety came in a dark time of Numenor, where political divide is set between two factions: the Elendili, or Faithful: those who respect the Elves, and the King's Men: those who question them. Before him, several kings spoke against the word of the Valar. The first of these kings was his forefather Tar-Atanamir, the 13th King of Numenor. Tar-Atanamir's son'snote  reign marked the establishment of the Elendili and King's Men.
  • First encountered Sauron in a campaign to Middle-earth. Intending to make Sauron his servant, he decreed that Sauron be stripped of his titles and be taken hostage to Numenor. Legend has it that Ar-Pharazon's force to Mordor was so grand, Sauron's own force deserted him. Sauron's trip to Numenor only furthered his plans to corrupt Men once and for all. This eventually culminated into Akallabeth, when Ar-Pharazon decided to sail West to Aman, waging war against the Valar.
    • Sauron corrupted the minds of the Numenorians via speeches which depreciated the Valar, and then was the instigator of the razing of Nimloth, the White Tree of Numenor.
  • In the past, he has had a friendly relationship with non-ascended Amandil, the father of Elendil, father of Isildur, famous for defeating Sauron in the Last Alliance. This eventually led Amandil to be one of his chief advisors. Conflicting viewpoints led him to lose his office.
  • His ascension was well-welcomed by the Grand United Alliance of Evil, especially by fellow acquaintance Sauron. Following the tragedy known as Akallabethnote  by several Gods, especially those of the GUAG, Ar-Pharazon and his army were presumed dead near the shores of Aman. Numenor has since been presumed destroyed. This turn of events caused Manwe to intervene. He removed Aman from the shores of this world and rounded it up, so that anyone who sails to the west to Numenor's purported location will end up in the east.
  • In reality, Melkor went through to this presumed death zone and was successful in finding the remains. He resurrected a fellow follower of a follower, and for a while, served as Herald to Sauron before his ascension, which was achieved through force. Sauron was pleased. It is unknown if he has intentions to kill his master.
  • Soon after his ascension, he began to study the history of Sauron's activities in Arda since the events of Akallabeth. To his surprise, he discovered that the commander of Sauron's forces was once, as he was, a Númenórean king seduced by the Dark Lord's promise of power. This intrigued Ar-Pharazon, who began to try and learn more about the Witch-king in the hopes of eventually becoming his equal. The fact that the Nine Rings have completely robbed the Nazgul of their free will seems to escape Ar-Pharazon; of course, he himself has long since become a slave to his own pride and avarice.
  • When Vanellope von Schweetz found out about him through word of mouth, which started from someone else reading the story of the Akallabeth, she made sure that he never sets foot in Sugar Rush, as well as not have him within her line of sight without proper measures. His tyrant status has also made him and Dust enemies.
  • Is to never set foot on the House of Royalty, and any house connected to it by the second degree. To say he would commit acts of treason like he did in Numenor is an understatement. His status as a usurper lead Zant to gravitate towards him, and the two hope to force their way back into Royalty. This makes Midna feel very uncomfortable. Zelda has been trying to talk some sense into him, but to no avail.
  • Greg Heffley surprisingly opposes Ar-Pharazon for being insane after gaining publicity and recognition. Ar-Pharazon refutes that since Greg wanted recognition, he too will go nuts once he attains that which makes Greg lose a lot of sleep for weeks because of that statement.
  • Timmy and his fairy godparents hate him for reminding Timmy of the time he wished everyone loved his triangle-playing, causing him to become arrogant. Ar-Pharazon called him a fool to wish something like that, which doesn't help the fact that he is what happens if Wanda didn't take away Timmy's talent before the big concert. The Doctor is uneasy around him as he reminds him of the times his own pride overruled him and almost led to disastrous circumstances.

    Trixie Lulamoon 
Trixie Lulamoon, Goddess of Arrogant Grins (The Great and Powerful/Apologetic Trixie, Lulamoon, Trix, Queen Trixianna the First, Trixie the Magnificant)


    Don Draper 
Donald "Don" Draper, God of Narcissism (Richard "Dick" Whitman)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of him in a bathtub
  • Theme Song: Magnificent City
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Barnum Abusive Parents, Anti-Hero, Broken Ace, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Byronic Hero, The Casanova, Carpet of Virility, Deadpan Snarker, Indy Ploy, Manipulative Bastard, Narcissist, Nice Hat, The Quiet One, Redemption Failure, Reformed, but Rejected, Tall, Dark, and Handsome
  • Domains: Industry, Trickery, Charm, Trade, Leadership
  • Followers: Many, but they pay lip service at best and compete for his power at worst
  • Herald: Peggy Olson
  • Allies: Roger O. Thornhill, Charlie Harper, Ricky Ricardo, Sabrina Spellman, Offred
  • Rivals: Segata Sanshiro, Walter White, Jin Kisaragi
  • Opposes: Zuko
  • Opposed by: Panty Anarchy, Mad Moxxi, Bayonetta and other promiscuous women
  • Pitied by: Hank Hill
  • Respected by: Indiana Jones
  • Conflicting Opinion by: Dr. Perry Cox
  • A follower of Segata Sanshiro, Don Draper nevertheless wanted to be a god himself. He hoped to claim the title of The Barnum. While impressed, The Court of the Gods concluded that he had too much sympathy in some of his customers to qualify. Dejected, Don decided to do it the old-fashioned way: get enough followers to adore him. Incredibly, he managed to pool enough fans to do just that, mainly from many others who were full of themselves.
  • Segato did not fare well as many of his followers deserted him in favor of Don Draper. With that said, he respects the success of his former disciple as well as the show itself.
  • Unlike Segato, he doesn't see Bill Mays as a rival. He admires how the advertiser managed to get so many people to buy his death. He even paid tribute at the time of his death. On the onset of his ascension, Don exchanged ideas on new ways to get customers to buy products.
  • Took the task of advertising the exploits of fellow advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill. Roger had hoped this would convince people not to look to him for spying services. It only put him in even more missions.
  • Has already made an impressive list of ladies he has bedded in the Pantheon in the short time he's been there. Charlie has maintained a more positive friendship with him, partially for feeling bad for his previous experience with other women.
  • With that said, he has gotten a lot of flack from the more promiscuous women in the Pantheon. They point to how he treated Betty and Megan for bedding multiple men despite doing the same to women. Those women made sure to spread the word to discourage other women to sleep with him.
  • Has been accused of playing the field to all the alignment factions in the Pantheon for a quick buck, even the GUAD. It all balances out in an odd way; they all have improved their advertising skills but are no better at recruiting than other factions.
  • Is distraught to find few other deities set in the 50s. The most amiable person from that period was Ricky Ricardo. The advertiser is glad the sitcom dad has the patience to stick around with him.
  • Hank Hill may not be from the fifties, but he knows how it feels to be left being in the times... even if he doesn't approve of many of his lifestyle choices. That and Don has done wonders promoting propane and propane accessories.
  • Don hoped to make amends with his daughter and ex-wife, discussing how to do so with Zuko. Instead, neither woman would accept his apology, claiming the man will never change. Their words echoed true as he blamed Zuko for giving him bad advice. He has now accepted that being an advertiser (and a Narcissist) are the only things he's good at.
    • The closest he's ever gotten to rekindling with his ex has been a brief tryst with Emma Frost, who reminds him of Betty.
    • Don got oddly emotional upon seeing Sabrina Spellman, because he sees her looking like his daughter. They have since built a good relationship - after all, Sabrina has no father figure, and Don wants to make up for his old parenting mistakes.
  • Goes into arguments with Walter White and his followers over who had the superior show at their times. His advertising skills have given him a slight recruiting edge.
  • Perry Cox would admit this much: few of his followers have done such a compelling job following his style of teaching. He's also impressed in how he managed to keep Peggy Olson his herald after she almost walked out on him. Otherwise the two don't talk to each other much. It works better for Cox that way; he doesn't want to pander to Draper after his ascension.
    • Peggy also played a large role in making Don notice Offred, who looks exactly like her. Don sympathizes with her plight, which seems too much even for a womanizer like himself, and has promised to do what he can to keep Offred safe from danger.
  • Deities have long acknowledged that he doesn't have any plans when it comes to advertising, instead relying on his talent, audacity and more than a little luck to get things done. Even Indiana Jones admits he's done a good job employing his tactics.
  • Many think that he has learned many of his jerkish attitude from Jin. As usual, neither are grateful or even acknowledge each other. Don's narcissistic attitude is particularly grating to Jin's ears.

    Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu 
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, God of Broken Haughties (Super High-School Level Gangster, Ultimate Yakuza, Super Duper High-School Overcompensation, Baby Gangsta, Boss Baby)

Gaston, God of Adored Egotism
Click here  for his live-action portrayal.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Decorative antlers
  • Theme Song: Gaston
  • Alignment: Chaotic Selfish
  • Portfolio: Doing things unlike others, eating five dozen eggs every morning, expectorating, being hammy, Rated M for Manly, deserving Belle's affection
  • Domains: Egotism, Adoration, Manliness, Pride
  • Herald: LeFou
  • Followers: Cardin Winchester, Jim Sterling, Hector Birtwistle, Prussia
  • Allies: Most of the simpleminded gods in the Pantheon, Frollo, Tohru Adachi, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Enemies: Beast, Blake Belladonna, Bambi
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Belle
  • Through sheer narcissism and fan support, Gaston was able to ascend into the Pantheon. Many cheered. Some groaned. Belle and the Beast in particular were not happy. His first words upon ascending were: "No one ascends like Gaston!"
  • Gaston, ever the persistent, continues to have eyes for Belle (and she continues to turn down his advances). He is more wary of the Beast, and vows to one day get revenge, but instead of taking action, he mostly just mopes in the Pantheon's tavern and complains to Moe.
  • Is sometimes known to barge into others' conversations and remark that, "No one can [relevant action] like Gaston!" Mickey Mouse and his friends got rather annoyed by it.
    • Many people, however, mortal and god alike, tend to join in making these claims about Gaston.
  • When he was a lad, he ate four dozen eggs every morning to help himself get large. But now that he's grown, he eats five dozen eggs, and he's roughly the size of a barge.
  • Is sometimes seen spending time with Claude Frollo.
  • Gaston briefly entertained the notion of entering the House of Villains, but most of them couldn't stand his boasting and had him removed.
  • He once remarked that it's not right for women to read, lest they start thinking. This did not sit well with any of the goddesses, and Gaston had to go into hiding for some time.
  • He's heard of Adachi's tale and sympathizes with him, pitying him as another man shunned by the woman he "deserved". As such, Gaston tends to invite Adachi to have drinks with him. Adachi thinks Gaston's an idiot, but won't turn down a free drink.
  • Sick of Gaston's ego, the House of Music decided to remix his theme song to make it something less boastful. This was the result.
  • Became a nuisance to Blake Belladonna (and her whole team, but mostly Blake) when she ascended. Gaston heard rumors that she was another version of Belle, but was mistaken. He dismissed the new goddess and behaved in a generally deplorable manner. Blake smacked him upside the face with her sheath, and he got the message.
    Blake: No one gets smacked in the face like Gaston.
  • For how close Belle and the Beast are to Sora and his friends, Gaston has never actually met them (mainly because Xaldin took his place). When asked around, there seems to be hints that Maleficent just doesn't think he is significant enough to be involved with her plans.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Popularity. "No one is as popular as Gaston!"

Gladion, God of Huffing Haughtily (Glazio)


    Shou Tucker 
Shou Tucker, God of Warped Entitlement (The Sewing-Life Alchemist)


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