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    Arkham Asylum 
The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, Unholy Seat of Terrible Asylums (Arkham Asylum, Gotham House for Madness and Ill Humors)

    Canterlot High 
Canterlot High, Holy Seat of Alternate Universes Set in School (CHS)

    Castle Oblivion 
Castle Oblivion, Holy Seat of Card Game-Based Combat Systems (C.O., The Land of Departure)
  • Symbol: a card from its domain
  • Theme: The 13th Floor
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Lawful Evil under Organization XIII's occupation
  • Portfolio: Alien Geometries, Bigger on the Inside, Malevolent Architecture, Creating Construsts Out of Memory Including Living Beings, Laser-Guided Amnesia Even On Written Records, Unexpected Gameplay Change, Mostly White Void Rooms
  • Domain(s): Castles, Memories, Cards
  • High Priests: Sigma Kurogami and Neon Tsukiyumi
  • Followers: the Guild of Dungeoneering, Mawlock, the champions of Crosswind Hold
  • Sacred To: Aqua (its creator), Ventus (its protected inhabitant)
  • Known Visitors/Tenants: Naminé, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku, Mickey Mouse, "Ansem", Lea (as Axel), Larxene
  • Selecting a candidate for Fight Like a Card Player was tricky, given that most examples are from spin-offs, and the few that aren't don't have enough notable traits to represent their trope. And then Riku had an idea, though it wasn't a deity; rather, it was a dominion. The place in question: Castle Oblivion, where one's actions are actually limited by a card-based combat system.
    • Given its current state, having been turned back into the Land of Departure, this castle in the Dominions is just an imitation of the "original".
  • Given it was Naminé who was responsible for altering memories rather than the castle, no one has to worry about losing their memories while inside it; and she can affect only Sora and his friends with it, anyway.
  • It is not known whether the combat system really was from the castle, or was part of Naminé's powers (which was initially falsely claimed by Marluxia to be the castle's power), but for this version in the Pantheon, it will be the former.
  • With the exception of Aqua, all who are inside Castle Oblivion have most of their abilities (magic, items, summons, and even weapon attacks) constrained by the rules of the Castle, the only exception being one's means of locomotion (running, slithering, flight, levitation, etc.), though teleportation might get nerfed into a card if it's followed up by an attack. This restriction applies even to Greater Gods, so long as they can fit through the doors.
    • Battle parties might end up with most of its members turning into Friend Cards, with only the party leader being the main combatant (and user of the Friend Cards). That's how it goes for parties of at least three, but it's not known just how big a party will have to rely on their singular leader, or if the Castle will allow for in-field allies proportional to the party's size.
    • Advanced techniques get locked into Sleights, which require "stocking" cards together in specific arrangements.
  • That said, there are some things Castle Oblivion has yet to factor:
  • Being a replica of the castle, measures have been made for such things.
    • Mêlée à Trois battles carry on like any other battle in the castle.
    • Mons-users deploy their Mon, who is then bound by the castle's rules while the tamer is to remain uninvolved except for switching Mons. If the Mon-user is also a fighter, then their Mons are stuck as Friend Cards.
    • Card players become strictly bound to their game's rules with no breaking of them no matter how much cash you have; the castle can't take bribes.
    • Support Party Members are forcibly barred from directly intervening in battle and (besides providing intel) are only allowed to provide their support when their leader uses their Friend Card.
  • Given just how many kinds of folks are in the Pantheon, Castle Oblivion has special rules in store for certain deities:
    • Multi-Persona-users (e.g. Tatsuya and co., and Wild Cards) can only use one Persona at a time per battle, which can only come out in response to the use of certain Magic or Attack cards, and Sleights with Friend Cards determine what skill they or their Personas can use.
    • Stand Users more or less fall under the same restrictions as Persona-users.
    • Sakura Kinomoto, already a card-user herself, is forced to select a few of her Sakura Cards, after which she'll get a deck themed around those cards.
  • Also as a carry-over from the original, Castle Oblivion is a confusing place to navigate, and those without teleportation abilities are limited to the White Rooms that can be converted by way of World cards crafted out of a visitor's memories, as well as the Entrance/Exit Halls and stairways that connect them. There are two ends to this navigable area, one being a dead end in Basement Twelve and the other being the top floor, which is themed around the castle itself and has a path leading to a room with Memory Pods.
    • As for those who can teleport, the extra rooms available are usually just meeting rooms that have orbs in the middle for observing visitors.
    • For the sake of "content", the White Rooms spawn Heartless, where one can practice using the combat system. There are also optional invincible tutor constructs based off of (hooded) Marluxia and Leon (a.k.a. Squall) that teach newcomers the basics of battle in the castle.
  • Harth Stonebrew holds some interest in the castle's card-based restrictions, though he's aware that violence is still part of the system. The Dealer is similarly intrigued.
  • Not having been there due to being a loyal member of the old Organization XIII, Luxord has been considering taking a visit to the castle to observe its rules.

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Unholy Seat of Terrible Kiddie Fast Food Establishments

    The Gingerbread House 
The Gingerbread House, Unholy Seat of Buildings Made of Food
  • Description: A house made entirely of candies and/or bread. Inside contain a big oven and a big cage.
  • Symbol: An outline of a house with some food shadow stick out
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil usually, True Neutral in some versions
  • Domains: Food, Cannibalism, Magic
  • Portfolio: Made of bread, home to a Wicked Witch, Sugary Malice, used by the Witch to Fattening the Victim
  • Holy to: Baba Yaga
  • Unholy to: Hansel and Gretel, any children in the Pantheon
  • The iconic gingerbread house that is influential for many other similar structure in fiction. After the death of the original owner, the house is currently vacant, with leftover magical energy from the witch to replace any piece of the house that got eaten away.
  • Baba Yaga is absolute delighted to see the House since some version of her is the owner of the house. Although the hut with the chicken leg is still her favorite, she sometime stops by in order to kidnap any children that wonders into the house.
  • Hansel and Gretel avoid this place for obvious reason. They also working hard with every parents in the Pantheon to make sure other children also avoid this place while also is the most vocal advocating for its destruction. The same things can be said for deities who have experienced similar situation, most notably Bugs Bunny, Oswald and Mickey Mouse .
  • Frequently visited by the rest of the house of Foods and Flynn Lockwood for scientific purpose, although they make sure to keep any children away from it, as well as make sure that there are someone who can fight off Baba Yaga.
  • Willy Wonka recently has sent some Oompa Loompa to the House to collect some samples in order to make a new kind of candy as well as studying the structure of the house to build one himself.
  • Ron Stoppable once encountered the house due to thinking that it was made out of cheese. He was met with disappointment and chased after by Baba Yaga. Similar story but with donuts happen to Homer Simpson.
  • Another deity that also frequently visits this place is the King of All Cosmos because he has a sweet tooth, doesn't have to worry about destroying the place on accident since it can regenerate while can fight off Baba Yaga.

    Heavenly Host Elementary School 
Heavenly Host Elementary School, Unholy Seat of Old School Buildings (Tenjin Elementary School, Tenjin Shōgakkō, Nirvana, Heavenly Host Nirvana, The Everafter)
Click here to see its true form 
  • Description: A nightmarish, rundown school for young children now inhabited by evil spirits
  • Symbol: The school emblem, alternatively, cut-off tongues
  • Alignment (given its semi-sentience): Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: And I Must Scream, Another Dimension, Bloody Horror, The Corruption, Eldritch Location, Genius Loci, Made of Evil, Malevolent Architecture, Old School Building, Razor Wire, You Can't Fight Fate
  • Domains: Blood, Death, Despair, Evisceration, Insanity, Gore, Human Nature, Sadism
  • Sacred to: Its resident ghosts (the school staff and the three murdered children), particularly Sachiko, deities from other franchises like Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, and to a certain extent, the Joker
  • Unholy to: All students who have been trapped in it, Keiichi Maebara, Mion and Shion Shinozaki, Rena Ryuguu, Rika Furude
  • Heavenly Host Elementary School was once a thriving school in the Japanese village of Tenjin. However, tragedy struck when a series of murders happened in 1975 leading to its demolition and a new school, Kisaragi Academy, being built in its place. Unbeknownst to anybody, the power of the ghost of Sachiko Shinozaki, who had been murdered in 1953, reformed the old school as a multi-layered murder dimension, powered by suffering and constantly changing its layout to confuse, terrify, and slaughter its victims.
  • No one knows how this Dominion suddenly popped up in a remote area of the Pantheon. Studies show that Sachi Shinozaki, Sachiko Shinozaki's unborn sister, may have rebuilt the dimension in her last moments in Blood Drive.
  • The only way to enter the school is through the Sachiko Ever After friendship charm, where Sachiko's name is recited over a paper cutout and torn. If the reciters only read the name for each person and do not include an extra one to appease Sachiko, they will be sucked into a hellhole where they are sure to meet a Cruel and Unusual Death.
    • It got worse when the procedure was spread online by Naho Saenoki, who foolishly believed that it would assist her guardian, Kou Kibiki, in studying the curse. Her efforts led to untold amounts of students getting trapped in the school.
    • Even with the knowledge that Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, plenty of horror stories have been circulated by those who have dared to venture into the school. Kenzo Tenma, who thankfully decided not to attempt it, stated that even the research he did into the place would unnerve all but the most depraved gods.
  • It is a known fact that no deity with decency will willingly step into the school unless they are completely pure of heart or way too evil to make a difference, as anyone who gets caught in its curse is more than likely to go insane from the substance the school is made of, Darkening, which corrupts the soul to its very core.
    • Krishna of the Divine Powers is an example, as his form of Vishnu-Flynn is overflowing with Kegare and would be immune or at least used to the feeling of Darkening.
    • Velvet Crowe is similarly immune as she too is overflowing with a similar substance in the form of Malevolence. She finds the place repulsive and would prefer keeping it from harming others, for she obtained Purity by being a Mass of Impurity.
  • The school is a literal Death Trap, with basically anything in it being able to kill you. The resident ghosts are all controlled by Sachiko, with her mother, teacher, and the three murdered children from the 1975 incident following behind. They have many inventive ways to kill you: ranging from stabbing you in the eye with scissors to ramming you into a wall at high speed. If you die there, until an outside force frees you, your spirit is trapped in a limbo where you eternally feel the pain you felt when you were killed, so death isn't at all a permanent respite from the torture you get there.
    • Occasionally, nearly-invisible piano wires can be found stretched across the hallways of Heavenly Host Elementary. These wires can effortlessly slice through flesh at even the lightest touch, and are deliberately placed in areas where one could accidentally run into them without noticing, such as at the bottom of a staircase.
    • It gets worse. If you don't escape the school, anyone back in the real world will forget you ever existed, so outside rescue is near impossible. Thankfully, in the Pantheon, that is heavily mitigated, though the rare number of people that escape always ask for the Brain Bleach.
  • There is one hope though: the Sachiko roaming the school is only a manifestation of the Darkening there to run the blood parade (i.e. Red Sachiko), while the true ghost of Sachiko (White Sachiko) returns every so often to guide the entrapped to safety. On Sachiko's birthday, the evil half loses all her hate and evil and the school returns to normal, giving the trapped students a brief break from the hell they are experiencing. But very briefly.
  • The truth is that the school is actually a controlled form of Nirvana, born from the Land of Corpses spell in the Book of Shadows. The only reason Sachiko is permitted to remain in the school is that her presence keeps the dimension in the form of a school. If she were killed, the dimension would probably go out of control and assimilate the rest of the Pantheon. And the Pantheon has enough to deal with already.
  • Junko Enoshima has openly stated her interest in the place, seeing it as a useful tool in perfecting and spreading the Ultimate Despair. One of The Joker's new pastimes after discovering this Dominion is to attempt installing security cameras all over the place so he could watch the fun.
  • Aerospace Sanitation Inc. used to be called in to clean up the bloody remains in the school building, using the Charm to get there. No matter how much they worked, the bloody corpses and innards would always return, particularly the wall decoration of a girl's intestines with a hair ornament. And that was without accounting for the many employees that mysteriously went missing as well. Since then, the 501st Legion has locked down the dimension but can't figure out how reckless students from the Elysium Academy keep getting in. No one is advocating that a permanent garrison be stationed here.
    • Then, it was revealed that the school has a Time Loop spell on it, making sure that the trapped students undergo thousands of death scenarios, again and again and again. The Pantheonic Time Police is on the case, though it's unlikely it will ever be closed.
  • Given the constant foiling of her plans by Erma Williams, Sadako Yamamura has taken to roaming this place in her spare time. Other ghosts not from the Pantheon are sometimes seen here too, awaiting ascension. At least one battle has taken place between Sadako and Kayako Saeki. Again.
  • Molag Bal is very fond of this place. Rumours abound saying that the Daedric Prince plans on integrating the school with his realm of Coldharbour somehow, while others say the Prince actually plans on possessing the building for himself. Whatever is the case, one thing is for sure: Absolutely no one wants to get roped up in his plans considering his modus operandi is corruption and torture.
    • Some have also said that the operation will be a failure seeing that Red Sachiko is a sadist that wants blood from everyone, and doesn't give a mite about others, even fellow ghosts. Hearing such opinions made Molag Bal laugh, however. He is far more than some restless spirit bent on brutality, and those cocky enough to get in the way of a Daedric Prince should be absolutely sure their bite is as bad as their bark.
  • Jigsaw does not enjoy what the place stands for, given that the killing here is all pure fun and games for Sachiko but isn't afraid to enter if necessary. For him, it's a way of studying the true ugly side of humanity for future games. He's only gone once though. Even for a serial killer (or in his words, a teacher), it's too much for him. In a similar vein, Fused Zamasu views this place as an example to see the true ugliness of lowly mortals, and may have pulled strings to get more humans in there. He has taken a particular interest in Yuuya Kizami, currently roaming the school as the Anatomical Model.
  • Most prominently however, Nekron sees the many deaths in the school as a quick and easy way to raise new Black Lantern Corps members. Sachiko is having none of this, as she desires more souls for herself to torture.
  • The Justices of the Court of the Gods have been twiddling their thumbs nervously since this place's rise to Dominion, awaiting the inevitable ascension of a Corpse Party deity. One hopes it's one of the students and not a ghost.
    • Despite no Corpse Party deities having ascended yet, deities from When They Cry have already scorned Darkening as an even worse version of the Himamizawa syndrome.
  • Word has arrived that the curse has taken new form in a hospital.
  • W h o d o y o u t h i n k y o u ' r e t a l k i n g t o ? ! I ' l l w r i n g y o u r d a m n e d n e c k j u s t t o w a t c h y o u s q u i r m !

    The Institute 
The Institute, Sacred Seat of Massive Underground Laboratories
  • Theme Song: Theme of the Institute
  • Symbol: The Insignia of the Institute
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Motto: Mankind Redefined
  • Portfolio: Believing Their Own Lies, The Big Bad of the Commonwealth Wasteland, For Science!, The Institute is Watching, Kidnap, Kill, and Replace, Know-Nothing Know-It-All, Not So Different From the Brotherhood of Steel
  • Domains: Science, Synthetic Humans (Synths)
  • Sacred To: The Sole Survivor (should they succeed their son, Shaun/The Director), Robert House (when it was called CIT)
  • Opposed By:
    • From The Wasteland: Arthur Maxson, Liberty Prime, The Courier, All of the Commonwealth, especially Piper Wright and Deacon
    • Others That Oppose the Institute: John Connor, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, Alex Murphy/Robocop, Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Albert Wily (surprisingly), Mega Man, Mega Man X, Zero, the deified Avengers, the deified Justice League, Regime Superman, all cat lovers and cat deities
  • Banned From Entry: The Think Tank, The Joker
  • Fears: The Doomguy
  • One thing about the Sole Survivor is that they are a realist. With the ascension of Elder Arthur Maxson and the reemergence of Nuka-World in the Pantheon, the arrival of the Institute is all but inevitable. Robert House ran the calculations and concurs with the Sole Survivor's claims, citing a 99 percent chance of the Institute coming to the Pantheon.
  • Before the Institute came to be, it was known as the Commonwealth Institute of Technology (Fallout's equivalent of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Robert House attended and graduated from the university. Then, the Great War happened. During the 2-hour nuclear war, CIT scientists and personnel survived by hiding in the campus's underground levels. Twenty-three years after the bombs dropped, their descendants formed what would be known as The Institute.
  • The Institute is famous (or rather infamous) for their synthetic humans, Synths for short. The Gen 1s are robotic in appearance while the Gen 2s look like a T-600 with rubber skin. The Gen 3s are the most human-like in appearance. Pristine DNA, not tainted by the Wasteland wad needed to complete the Gen 3s, which is where Shaun came in, his DNA used to finish the Gen 3s...which means that technically, all of the Gen 3 synths are technically the Sole Survivor's descendants. And let's not go into that one romance where you can woo Curie after she gets her synth body...or the booty call with Magnolia.
    • The Pantheon found out about the Gen 3s when they attempted - and failed - to replace some of the gods. One of the synths was in the likeness of Lois Lane Kent's Injustice counterpart. Regime Superman was not amused. Nor was Batman and Catwoman when another synth posed as the Dark Knight. "I've see this before," Bats had mused to his fiancée.
  • The Institute is divided into four divisions:
    • First, is the Synth Retention Bureau, or the SRB for short. This division's main purpose is mainly retrieving escaped Synths and monitoring the Commonwealth. They also dabble in synth wiping and Courser training. Coursers are the Institute's equivalent of Special Forces consisting of Gen 3 Synths. Deacon (one of the Sole Survivor's followers) describes the Courser as "top-of-the-line in Institute 'let's fuck up your day' tech.'" It's also said that if a Institute Courser comes knocking, don't try to fight it, just run.
      • One such Courser was seen lurking around the House of War, hoping to abduct Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs. Unfortunately, the Courser had snuck into the temple belonging to the Doomguy, who tore apart the Courser in a fit of rage when it messed with his bobblehead collection. Said parents of said girls were not very happy with what the Institute had planned for their girls either.
    • Next, is the Robotics Division, where of course, the Synths are created, developed and maintained. Seeing the Institute create a Gen 3 Synth is indeed a sight to behold.
      • Both Sektor and SKYNET are intrigued by the robotics technology, and have separately sent in infiltration units inside the Institute to steal their technology. So far, their attempts have ended in failure, due to the Coursers.
    • The BioScience Division's main focus is both the study and creation of bio-mechanical life, not to mention closing the gap between organics and robotics. BioScience also caters to genetics, bio-engineering, medical care, producing crops, pharmaceuticals...and research into the Forced Evolutionary Virus, which explains why there are Super Mutants in the Commonwealth.
      • It's because of the FEV that the Institute has stashed away that both the Think Tank and the Joker are banned from the Institute. While the Think Tank are certifiably insane (and hammy to boot), The Joker is a bigger threat. The Institute knows what the Joker had done to Superman, and even they know that letting the mad clown into their FEV stash is a bad idea.
      • Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, and Alexia Ashford all put in applications to work in the BioScience Division. Their applications were respectfully declined.
    • Arthur Maxson is familiar with Dr. Madison Li's work on Liberty Prime during the Brotherhood's war with the Enclave, which is why he is surprised do discover that the good doctor is running the Institute's Advanced Systems Division, the R&D section of the Institute. While the energy weapons leave something to be desired, the crowning achievement of Advanced Sciences is the teleportation matrix the Institute uses on a daily basis.
      • Classical Radio's point of origin lies within the Institute, the station and it's music are what the Synths use to teleport out of their hidden base. So while you're enjoying Bach's Suite in E minor, BWV 996, you may be inviting Institute synths for a housecall.
      • In fact, it was Alfred Pennyworth listening to Classical Radio that brought the Institute to Batman's doorstep. Oops.
    • Finally, there's the Facilities Divison, that maintains the upkeep of the Institute, including maintaining the life support, power plant, food, housing, and engineering
  • The Institute find themselves on the shit-list of cat lovers and cat deities (with Catwoman, Black Cat and Felicia leading the charge) due to their synths gunning down a number of cats (alongside several Mr. Handy Robots) at the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, a retirement home in the Salem area.

    Kinderheim 511 
Kinderheim 511, Unholy Seat of Terrible Orphanages
Kinderheim 511 after being burned down, as seen from the east facade
  • Description: An old mansion with a grand staircase in former East Germany
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, but turns out mostly Chaotic Evil graduates
  • Portfolio: Orphanage of Fear, Staff And Orphans In Constant Conflict, Run By the East German Ministry Of Health and Ministry Of Internal Affairs, Was Created To Make Perfect Soldiers But Got Exterminated By Its Best One
  • Domains: Communism, Death, Indoctrination, Nihilism, Socialism, Soldiers, War
  • (Not) Sacred to: Johan Liebert, Kenzo Tenma
  • Located in former East Berlin, Kinderheim 511 is a special orphanage run by the defunct Internal Department. It housed orphans who were the children of criminals, political activists, traitors, and spies, people who under the Soviet East German regime given not even the most basic of human rights. These children are subject to inhumane discrimination by immoral and corrupt staff, with only the most grudging care being given to their survival. For example, packages sent to the children are stolen by instructors and directors and resold.
  • Intended to turn children into obedient soldiers subservient to the East German government, experiments are conducted on them such as desensitizing them to violence, endless rounds of brainwashing to produce catharsis as well as other modes of human programming and negative reinforcement. If things go well, the orphan's sense of self (including being addressed by number instead of name) as well as emotion would be destroyed. Studies were made into how the orphans mentally evolved towards selfishness and fear then eventually to hate and fight amongst themselves. This philosophy would prove to be the orphanage's undoing.
  • Kinderheim 511 was indirectly based on the eugenics experiment of Czech psychologist Franz Bonaparta. Ironically, one of the twins born from said experiment, Johan Liebert, would turn out to be one of the most successful alumni of the orphanage due to his already fraught childhood under the watch of Bonaparta and Petr Čapek. Johan and his sister Anna were found unconscious on the Czech-German border by General Helmut Wolf. While Anna was sent to the more ordinary Kinderheim 47 run by the Welfare Department, Johan's sociopathic tendencies were noted and General Wolf signed off on the paperwork for him to be sent to Kinderheim 511. The higher-ups at the orphanage were curious at his exceptional behaviour surpassing the program's parameters and subjected him to a forced interview under chemical treatment to determine how far this went, which can be found here.
  • When he grew tired of being at the orphanage, he spread rumours throughout the orphanage of a boy put on sleeping pills and how terrifying he was, encouraging the other orphans to rebel and use the skills of said boy to manipulate their instructors to hate the directors. He stretched the mental health of everyone in the orphanage to breaking point, which led to the deaths of its highest-ranking officers. Chaos ensued in the battle for succession, culminating in the entire population of the orphanage killing each other in a bloody massacre. Johan just watched serenely from his chair on the orphanage's grand staircase as a fire broke out and completely razed the orphanage, with only a few survivors. After the fire, the East German government halted all operations and experiments in Kinderheim 511. All documents pertaining to the orphanage were burnt and disposed of, and most of its surviving staff fled Germany for neighbouring countries like the Czech Republic when the Berlin Wall fell.
  • As of the end of the series, the fates of those related to the orphanage and its administration are as follows:
    • Hartmann, a high-ranking member of the Ministry of Health still lived in the vicinity of the orphanage years after its disbandment. He was attempting to turn his adopted child Dieter into another Johan Liebert by applying the Kinderheim 511 methods on him. He was later arrested.
    • Mikhail Petrov (formerly Reinhart Biermann) escaped 511 before the fateful massacre, and is implied to be a supervising director of the orphanage. Possibly to atone for his past actions, he adopted a group of orphans illegally and raised them in the opposite way the Kinderheim 511 orphans were raised. He was one of those killed in Johan's bloody swath to eliminate all who knew of his existence. It is likely that he conducted the interview mentioned above.
    • Helmut Wolf later became part of a neo-Nazi society seeking to control Johan Liebert and make him the next Hitler. He notably does not share the anti-Semitic interests of the others, only seeking Johan so he could have him detained or killed to end his threat to humanity once and for all. Johan would get the upper hand and kill everyone who knew Wolf personally, with the intention of forcing upon the General the solitude he felt when he was recovered on the border.
    • So basically, don't be a staff member of Kinderheim 511. Whether it's through losing your sanity or being another one of Johan's victims, it will not end well for you.
  • None of the surviving Kinderheim 511 alumni came out of the incident intact. In fact, most of them rallied around Johan as their leader, wholeheartedly believing in his nihilistic goals and helping him erase evidence of his existence throughout Europe. Chief among them was Roberto aka Adolf Reinhart. He became Johan's chief enforcer and right-hand man, playing any role that was required of him to eliminate anyone who was a threat to Johan's agenda, though he would on occasion bypass his superior's orders and attempt to kill his sister because he thought she posed a threat. He wanted to see 'the landscape of the end' that Johan strived to create, to be the last person standing at the end of the world. Even Wolfgang Grimmer, the most stable of the graduates, could no longer feel emotions, being unable to feel true empathy or even crack a smile until his final moments.
  • The suggestion of reviving the orphanage was raised by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, secretly as an attempt to one-up the Red Skull who had seized his former position as leader of HYDRA in the Pantheon. He had painstakingly used the computers in the House of Knowledge to restore any documents that his operatives found in Project 'Netvor J', a time heist of sorts where his operatives, led by Crossbones, reclaimed and copied paperwork on the orphanage's administration by returning to the time periods before it was burned down. Most of these attempts did not bear fruit, but thanks to him, an estimated 45% of the lost documentation on the orphanage's administration was reclaimed and archived. Eventually, Strucker presented the fruits of his labour to the Red Skull, who was obligated to present these same results up the chain of command from Palpatine to Johan and eventually Melkor himself. More amused by how Strucker had gone to such lengths simply to humiliate Schmidt, whose progress had been stagnating as of late, as well the prospect of creating other humans like his Evil Genius, Melkor approved of the notion. Johan Liebert has yet to speak on the matter, though it's highly likely that he no longer cares about the orphanage anymore.
  • Strucker then formed the Militärausschuss 511full name  as the new leadership of the orphanage, for many of its former staff were unwilling or unable to return to their former duties with the exception of former Minister of Health Hartmann, who jumped at the chance to create more 'monsters'. The committee consists of Strucker and Taskmaster (HYDRA representatives, custody of reclaimed documents and training respectively), Hartmann (domestic representative, general administration and oversight), Sundowner (public representative, funding and resources), Wilhelm 'Deathshead' Strasse, The Major, Arnold Ernst Toht (Nazi representatives, military and training affairs), Bask Om (Titans representative, war materiel) and Doctor D (SHOCKER representative, brainwashing and indoctrination). These are the key members who run the orphanage, but don't expect to see them there if you ever get in. They're busy doing their own thing. Hartmann is the only one who can be relied on to be there at all times, and that's only because he's so determined to create another Johan. There could be a lot more members than stated here, as the budget being delegated to the orphanage is increasing steadily, hinting at its growing importance to the GUAE.
  • This committee is run under the auspices of the GUAE Corruption Agents, serving as a joint external facility for the body. Johan Liebert is a very rare case of "Homo monstrositis", i.e. a human who is so soulless and nihilistic, yet possesses no sadism or outward sense of joy in spreading pain and suffering (also known as Lieberty). This orphanage is different from places like the Red Room (which created Black Widow) in how it isn't focused on combat-oriented training. Rather, it serves to turn out master manipulators, chessmasters and corruptors identical to Johan Liebert in personality and charisma. If they can't be like Johan, moulding them into people like Gihren Zabi is an equally good option.
  • Despite being under the Corruption Agents' authority, the orphanage is considered politically neutral territory as agreed between the Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Law (particularly the Ministry of the Word) Johan's qualities all have favourable similarities to their respective modus operandis, and hence some of their most intellectually-gifted students are sent here.
  • Life in the orphanage is far, far worse than in the original one. Young orphans kidnapped from their homeworlds (sourced mainly from people like Granny Goodness who excel in this department) are first placed through two months or more of constant lashing, excessive viewing sessions of violence such as through 'outings' to the Flesh Eaters sub-house. Then, their personal characteristics and fears are reviewed for personalized cram sessions. Even less is known about these training procedures compared to the preliminaries, but intercepted dispatches reveal that people like Dementors, Scarecrow and Griffith are directly involved in cracking 'difficult' trainees. Assuming things go well and depending on the political atmosphere, graduates either become prospective replacements for Johan should he somehow get killed in the line of fire or used to rally supporters and overthrow Melkor.
  • Kenzo Tenma is incensed that the orphanage that ruined the purity and sanity of so many children has been brought back to full working capacity in the Pantheon and is looking to rally the GUAG Kibou Go against them. He can't do much himself, so he's looking for more allies.

    Luigi's Mansions 
Luigi's Mansion, Seats of Spooky Manors
The Original Haunted Mansion

    Mahora Academy 
Mahora Academy, Holy Seat of Overly Elaborate Secondary Education (Amano-Mihashira Academy City)
  • City-sized multi-school complex, consisting of gender-segregated kindergarten through university schools with a common faculty and administration
  • Symbol: the school coat of arms
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (anyone living there tends to slowly veer towards this alignment)
  • Portfolio: Elaborate University High, Wizarding School, the World Tree, Academy of Adventure
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic
  • Current (Pro Tempore) Caretaker: Mana Tatsumiya
  • Sacred to: Negi, Asuna, Yue, Nodoka, Kaede, Konoka and Setsuna. Dwelling place of Evangeline, who claims to hate it due to it being her can.
  • Partner Schools: Hogwarts, Kuoh Academy, Hakuo Academy, A Certain High School, Tokiwadai Academy, IS Academy
  • Has a very active exchange student program with the School, and hosts the functions and classes the Academy doesn't have enough room for.
  • Officially, Mahora's having been chosen over Pacific Coast Academy was due to the latter's lack of overly elaborate, borderline-fancy-dress school uniforms or a massive island-wide system of catacombs, waterfalls, and traps that technically function as a library. However, rumors persist that the real reason was PCA's Teen Pregnancy problem.
  • It has been chosen by the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet as its (unofficial) meeting place. As a result, it has received partnerships with other fictitious schools such as Kuoh, Hakuo, and Tokiwadai.
  • The plaza under the World Tree has been getting much more activity whenever Ratatoskr is seen darting around its branches. After all, what kind of student doesn't like to hear the latest, juicy bits of gossip about their fellow classmates?

    Mario Land 
Mario Land, Holy (or Unholy depending on views) Seat of Party Games
  • An amusement park where anyone can enter and play on various boards and mini-games. Luck is always included.
  • Symbol: Dice blocks, coins, and stars
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (though very sadistic)
  • Domain: Party, Mini-Games, Luck
  • Sacred (or Unholy) to: Mario and friends, and Bowser, The Runaway Guys
  • Partner Lands: Nintendo Land, Itadaki/Fortune Street, The Kingdom of Dokapon
  • Of all of the host of many boards, Mario Land is considered one of the most well-known destination to host Mario Party. However, due to popular demand, Mario Land will be hosting boards of previous and future iterations so that many could play through them.
  • The rules are simple: You play a board with four other players, each starting with 10 coins. The objective is getting the most stars and coins by the end of the turn duration. Whoever has the most stars wins. But it isn't that simple, what is with winning minigames, getting bonus stars at the end for reaching certain categories, or losing everything through CHANCE TIME!
  • When there aren't enough people to play, the land creates an artificial player to keep it four-players. Some can be sadistically cruel, while some are dumb as rocks. Case in point, Luigi have won several mini-games by doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.
  • Because of the way the game is set up, the games can be luck-based, what is with mini-games requiring no effort but luck, items that can be random, or events that can change everything like hidden blocks or CHANCE TIME! It seems that the the RNG have make a base of operation in the domain and likes to mess the game around to make the game unsettling of the victors.
  • There were talks of renovation in Mario Land where the boards are now linear and all players are in one vehicle where anything can be happen to the driver. And replacing the currency with mini-stars with whoever has the most mini-stars by the end of the board wins.
  • Be careful, Bowser likes to cause trouble as he owns an unique space. The punishment includes stealing coins, swapping places, hosting his own CHANCE TIME?, or Bowser COMMUNISM!, etc. But sometimes, he screws up and end up having options like 100 Star Present and 10000 Coin Presents, which cause him to runaway to refuse to give the player such advantage.
  • The Runaway Guys come to this place annually, going to each and every board that they have to offer. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Warning: This establishment is not responsible for any heartbreaks or ruining of friendships.

Milliways, Divine Setting At The End Of The Universe (The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe)
The advertisement for the restaurant
  • Description: A fine 5-star restaurant situated at the end of time
  • Symbol: The advertisement
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Establishment At The End Of Time, Complicated Time Travel, It Runs on Nonsensoleum, Watch the World Die, Massive Compound Interest
  • Domains: Fine Dining, Time Travel, Compound Interest, The End Of Time
  • Notable visitors: Arthur Dent, Thor (among other Norse deities)
  • A novel idea for a space restaurant, Milliways is an establishment sent all the way to right before the universe comes to its end. A well-regarded establishment where some of the greats in the universe come to visit, and thanks to the temporal mechanics you can visit as many times as you want without meeting yourself or dying with the universe. If you've done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast in Milliways.
  • The primary method of getting to Milliways is a 4D taxi cab or bus trip by the House of Time and Space. No, they don't do Uber meals. While almost any deity is allowed to visit, the Pantheonic Time Police makes sure nobody tries to harass the employees or costumers when they arrived in the restaurant. The Big Bang Burger Bar, which is located at the beginning of the universe, does Uber as part of a way to compete with it's more well-known competitor. Most choose Milliways regardless.
  • To pay for your meal, you don't need to do much. Just add one coin in your present, and after countless billions of years compound interest the extravagant cost of the meal can be easily paid for. The House of Commerce often grumbles about how that makes no sense, before deciding to just unwind at Milliways.
  • Some of the first new visitors had already the end of the universe. This includes The Doctor, the Master, Fry, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Chrono and friends. Vanishing Point has allowed a number of DC Comics characters to visit Milliways more easily. Wally West once arrived here outrunning the Black Flash.
  • Some more petty rich folk like Mr Burns didn't like the fact that pretty much everyone can afford the extravagant meals, complaining that they don't feel special there. Others are a bit put off by the Ameglian Major Cow, a meal genetically designed to want to be eaten and tell you so. The House of Flesh Eaters usually thinks those people are pansies.
  • Surprisingly the Grand United Alliance of Destruction never visits. This comes down to feeling disheartened that Milliways exists so far into the future, not giving them much confidence they will destroy the universe first. The exception is Lord English, who typically shows up at the end of a universe's lifespan. His destructive arrival is why Milliways has decided to ban English from entry.
  • Even when cognizant Doomsday doesn't want to visit because of the time he was sent to the end of the universe as the only way to permanently destroy him, escaping only due to Brainiac having plans for him. The Incubators don't want to visit either because the mere existence of Milliways and its placement in the timestream more or less disproves the idea that they can put off the natural end of the universe forever.
  • Death of the Endless might be the only person in the pantheon who can wholly expect to get there via The Slow Path. Funnily enough she never got around to set money in advance so couldn't afford entry by the time the universe was about to end. Of course, she's kind of busy with the end of the universe and it's difficult for anyone to die in Milliways anyways, so she doesn't have much free time to visit.

    Mos Eisley Cantina 
Mos Eisley Cantina, Divine Fantastic Bar (Chalmun's Cantina)
  • Description: A sketchy bar with Bith entertainment, criminals and located on a desert planet
  • Symbol: A picture of a drunken Bith playing the Kloo horn
  • Theme Song: Mad About Me, Dune Sea Special
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wretched Hive, Bar Full of Aliens, Bounty Hunters and Smugglers, Prone to Fights, Used Future
  • Domains: Drinks, Smuggling, Crime, Scum and Villainy
  • Barred entry from: Any machine or droid god
  • Similar locations: Clyde's Bar, The Poisoned Apple, Willys' place, The Thirsty Step
  • Located on: Tatooine
  • Tatooine's city of Mos Eisley is a Wretched Hive of scum and villainy, but even scum and villainy needs down time. Thankfully it has a cantina, a drinking and dining site that offers its arms to miscreants. Smugglers, bounty hunters, criminals and pilots find this an excellent pit stop.
  • Owned by the Wookie Chalmun, with the bartender being the human Wuher. He's studied bio-chemistry, allowing him to give out the right drinks for different alien species and avoid accidentally poisoning him. He dislikes droids, and won't allow any robot in the pantheon to enter the bar. This may have something to do with the Clone Wars, or he's just a racist. Any alien no matter how strange is welcome though, so long as you're ready to imbibe.
  • Advised that only the tough and hardy gods visit the Cantina, as bar brawls or worse are to be expected due to being a Wretched Hive. Obi-Wan Kenobi cut off a belligerent's arm, and the denizens continued their drinking. The Grand United Alliance of Evil uses the cantina to discuss plans or just for a drink, and the Grand United Alliance of Good to keep an eye of them.
  • Famously Han Solo and Chewbacca met Luke and Obi-Wan there. It's also where the debate on whether he or Greedo shot first started. Blizz is considered somewhat of a local celebrity due to being an ascended Jawa from the same planet.
  • A popular place for the gods in the House of Crime. The cantina is welcome to all those of disrepute so long as they remember to pay for the drinks. The variety makes it a popular place for the Extraterrestrials House as well, though they visit less often than criminal deities because of the dangers involved.
  • The band performing is Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. A group of seven Bith, their Kloo horn song "Mad About Me" has become associated with the cantina. Though they haven't ascended, the Bith are always welcome to sing. They have been allowed some access to the House of Music, though trying to figure out how Bith instruments work for humans has been difficult.
  • Has some of its alcoholic supplies brought from the House of Food. Moe Syzlack helps with bartending whenever Chalmun is unable to. Rick Blaine has some fondness for the cantina as it was based off his Café Américain.

Nuka-World, Divine Domain of Outlaw Towns
The Entrance to Nuka-World
  • Theme Song: The Nuka-World Theme
  • A Pre-War amusement park, built in 2050, now a Raider-occupied town (and depending on the actions of the Sole Survivor, that may change), the property including a haunted house, a town for the employees, a junkyard, and a power plant
  • Symbols: The Nuka-World Logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Raider Towns, Trading Posts, Greed, Hubris
  • Sacred to: The Sole Survivor (ironically), Jabba the Hutt, The Kingpin, Deathstroke, and Lockdown
  • Protected by: The Disciples, The Operators, and The Pack
  • Similar Locations Include: Roanapur, Crash Town, and Blood Bath Bay
  • Bane of: The House of Commerce, The Starfleet, the Jedi, and the Autobots
  • Banned From Entering: Kenshiro, Toki, Raoh, Rei, all superheroes
  • What if there was a place with all the zip of Nuka-Cola? Wouldn't that be the cheer-cheer-cheeriest place in all the world? Where the river's made of Quantum, and the mountaintops are fizz, With fun and games and rides for all the moms and pops and kids...
  • The Sole Survivor's followers - Preston Garvey included - were not very happy upon finding out that the Survivor was the Overboss of Nuka-World, as three representatives of the Pack, the Disciples, and the Operators sent their greetings to their Overboss inside the Survivor's temple. In their defense, the Sole Survivor wasn't entirely too keen on taking the job, but sees it as a necessary evil in keeping the Raiders in line, lest they take over the Commonwealth, and quite possibly, wage war on the Pantheon. And that's not including the ghouls, cave crickets, rad-rats, radscorpions, bloodworms, malfunctioning robots and the occasional deathclaw in the surrounding areas...
    • As the Pantheon looked down on slavery, a compromise was made: Nuka-Town USA would be occupied by the merchants and freed from their slave collars, with the surrounding areas being controlled by the Raiders. The traders would pay a reasonable fee for protection, with a small armed group of Raiders keeping the peace...sort of. In exchange, the three Raider gangs can have access to the Pantheon...provided they play by the rules. As the Pantheon caters to even the most depraved, the leaders of the Raiders quickly agreed.
  • Any new arrivals to Nuka-World is forced to undergo the Gauntlet - provided that you arrived via train - a deathtrap containing landmines, turrets, pockets of radiation, highly flammable gas, more explosive traps, and Mirelurks. Make it to the end, then you square off against the Overboss.
  • Lois Lane wanted to sneak in undercover to check out Nuka-World personally. She was immediately vetoed by both Superman and his Regime counterpart in what could be the only thing both men agree on.
  • Porter Gage had suggested to the Sole Survivor that they should expand into the Pantheon, a suggestion supported by the other gangs. The Sole Survivor quickly shot that idea down, pointing out three factors: One, the other gods are highly territorial and have more firepower than all three gangs combined; Two: there's the chance that they may invade Nuka-World and free the traders; and Three: That whoever takes their place as the Overboss may end up exterminating the gangs and replace them with their own. And as much as the Raiders want to expand their reach, they enjoy living more.
  • The three Raider gangs that control Nuka-World are as follows, each being influenced by the various gods in the Pantheon:
    • The Disciples - a group of Ax-Crazy Knife Nuts, led by Nisha and her lieutenants, Dixie and Savoy. Their main headquarters is underneath Fizztop Mountain, with the Sole Survivor gifting them Dry Rock Gulch as their domain.
    • Both Kano and Vaas Montenegro has dealings with the Disciples, but for different reasons. Nisha likes to deal with Kano due to him being just as a Knife Nut as she is. Dixie ran into Vaas by chance when she tried to off him, thinking that he was just another wastelander to add on her list of kills. Turns out she was wrong, as Vaas was just as insane as she was.
    Vaas: Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact...same fucking thing... over and over again expecting...shit to change...
    Dixie: I believe that you and I are gonna get along just fine.
  • RedEye, the DJ of Raider Radio, reports that Mason has a thing for Revy, the gunwoman of Lagoon Company after seeing her plug a Pack mook in the Market. He actually finds it rather cute, reminding him of the story of Atlas, the legendary raider who was killed by a female Raider he desired. Revy didn't like the stuffed Brahmin that Mason left at her temple. When gifts didn't work, Mason resorted to force. That backfired as Two-Hands gunned down the Pack's grab squad, save for one, with the threat of castration to Mason should he try that again. The threat only makes Mason want her even more.
    RedEye: Just make sure that ol' Two-Hands don't have any hidden mini-nukes on her person, Mason. Oterwise, you'll end up like Atlas.
  • Kiddie Kingdom and the World of Refreshment/Bottling Plant is empty, and for good reason. The Sole Survivor sees that selling Nukalurk meat - once treated for the rads - is a good source of money for Nuka-World. That, and for the gangs, feeding someone to the Nukalurk Queen for insubordination is good entertainment. Plus, if the gangs piss off the Sole Survivor, it serves to thin down their numbers, allowing the Survivor's allies to storm Nuka-World and eliminate the Raiders. Pray that doesn't happen.
  • A vacation that refreshes, a trip you won’t forget, A park with every minimum acceptable safety standard met. Quench your thirst for adventure at Nuka-World!

    The Overlook Hotel 
The Overlook Hotel, Unholy Seat of Haunted Hotels
The Hedge Maze 
  • A resort hotel with spectacular mountain views located in the Colorado Rockies nearby the small town of Sidewinder that is famous for various gangland hits, suicides and murders that have happened there.
  • Symbol: The hotel's logo
  • Alignment: Open to interpretation; but Chaotic Evil to most deities
  • Portfolio: A Haunted Hotel, Mirrors are Everywhere, Eldritch Location, Built Over an Indian Burial Ground, Has a Hedge Maze On the Outside Grounds
  • Domains: Hotels, Horror, Ghosts, Murders, Ghosts, Temporal/Spatial Anomalies
  • Sacred to: Jack Torrance and its ghostly staff and visitors. Ghosts regardless of type or alignment are also free to visit.
  • Unholy to: Everything that lives, including Jack's family and Dick Hallorann
  • Similar Locations: Gregory House, Hotel Pánico, The Bates Motel, Hotel Ruenheim, The "Castle"
  • Welcome to the Overlook Hotel, an abode for those wanting a peaceful getaway in the Colorado Rockies! It's a wonderful place, full of large, comfy suites, a fully-stocked kitchen, ballroom and amenities...except not really. This idyllic lodge was built on top of an Indian burial ground and that unfortunate decision led to countless unexplained deaths, suicides, gangland hits and suspicious changes of ownership. It was under the charge of one Stuart Ullman that Jack Torrance became the place's winter caretaker (snowstorms pretty much destroy public access to the place). And isolation does not do wonders for an alcoholic father's mind. It was closed after Jack went crazy and froze to death in the hedge maze outside and later burnt down from an exploding boiler when his son Danny was possessed.
  • The place technically already existed in the Pantheon as Jack's temple, but concerns of reckless attacks on his more powerful residents forced a move to the Dominions. Electric fences have been installed to prevent unauthorized entry. What is left of Jack's temple is a halfway house on standby for if he ever gets back into the sub-house. An anonymous caretaker is employed (two in the winter season) to monitor the place and make sure whatever's in there (including Jack) doesn't get out, and burn the place down if need be. The few that are known include Rainbow Dash (she's had experience), Larry Daley, Ayumi Shinozaki (caretaker of the Book of Shadows in Maximum Security) Stanley Kubrick and its creator Stephen King.
  • While not much is clear about the nature of the hauntings, it has been established that the hotel's ghosts feed on the psychic ability of 'shining'; that is, the ability to hear people's thoughts and contact them from far away. Deities with Psychic Powers such as telepaths and psykers have been heavily advised to stay away from the vicinity of the Overlook. Those who don't have this ability and are unrelated to those who do cannot see the ghosts. This is exactly the reason why burning down the hotel is only as a last resort: without a hub, the ghosts will run amok. Even with dedicated ghost hunters in the Pantheon, there's already a war going on and no one wants to test the waters by doing anything unwise.
  • The paranormal occurrences that happen in the Overlook's hallowed hallways are legendary. A lift that gushes blood, saloons filled with cobwebbed skeletons, and ghosts of its former patrons, visitors and staff. Charles Grady was the last winter caretaker, and his time there culminated in him 'correcting' his family when his daughters tried burning the place down. His two daughters now roam the corridors looking for children to play with. Visions of their bloody corpses appear whenever someone comes into contact with them. Other hauntings include Depraved Bisexual Horace Derwent and his dog-costumed partner and sixty-year old Lorraine Massey, a decrepit old woman and child rapist who lives in Room 217 (or Room 237) of the hotel.
    • For some reason non-Overlook ghosts and monsters are are left undisturbed in the hotel. Probably not because the Overlook ghosts don't mind them but because the few that come don't die from their shine being fed on. One of many Draculas once tried to remodel the place as a sister branch of his own hotel but ended up getting chased out and stoned. He didn't try again.
  • It's a matter of growing speculation as to what exactly happened to Jack Torrance after he died. This picture of a 1921 staff party mysteriously appeared with him front and centre. A butler in one of his ghostly hallucinations appeared to be Charles Grady but introduced himself as Delbert Grady, who also claimed that Jack has always been the caretaker. It's a fact that the ghosts were converting Jack to their side so he would kill his wife Wendy and Danny, but the rest isn't so clear.
    • Kubrick claims that Jack was a re-incarnation of the man in the photo while others claim that Jack was instead absorbed into the hotel's history, with the photo symbolizing all the people it has claimed over the years. If either is true, this means a Timey-Wimey Ball is afoot for the Pantheonic Time Police to unroll.
    • Jack however is very much alive and himself here, and that's not very comforting when you hear him scream: "Here's JOHNNY!". The only difference now is that he claims to be the rightful caretaker of the hotel, and woe betide anyone sent to usurp his duty. More than once has the paranormal unit of the TPPD been forced to stop him from kidnapping psychic meals for his 'ghost family', though admittedly subduing a man with a fire axenote  isn't too hard.
  • There's a Hedge Maze on the outside grounds for the adventurous to explore but that too was cordoned off after Jack's frozen body was retrieved for resurrection in the House of Life and Death. And a good thing too, since Kubrick stupidly got himself lost in an attempt to prove to his crew that the maze would be easy to walk through. If the maze also has paranormal elements in it, all the more likely that unlucky people will never find their way out.
  • Mr. Burns tried bribing the caretaker for the day to let him 'punish' a protesting employee with work in the Overlook but was rudely rebuffed and fined by the authorities. The Simpsons are relieved because they don't want another case of The Shinning happening to Homer. Drunk and Foolish Homer is far more preferable to Insane Homer.
  • Luigi having faced off against a haunted hotel, "The Last Resort" really doesn't enjoy the place especially after he served as caretaker for one night before running off. His foe Director Morty however has nothing but praise for the place as a director, respecting it for being the setting for The Shining.
  • A snowcat is nearby in case the caretaker needs to make a quick getaway, and the engine compartment is biometrically-locked and coded to whoever is the caretaker at the time to prevent any 'corrections'. The same goes for the radio, internet connection (yes, for real) and phone lines which as far as we know are indestructible.

    The Quester's Rest 
The Quester's Rest, Seat of Pubs, Interdimensional Inns, and Taverns (SPIIT)
  • A pleasant and welcoming building that expands to accommodate the number of entries on its growing guestbook.
  • Symbol: The handheld sign bearing the proprietress' face and the word "INN"
  • Alignment: A welcome haven for all. Erinn guarantees to treat you well, rich or poor. Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Good-Guy Bar, Rest-and-Resupply Stop, Portal Crossroad World, You All Meet in an Inn, Public Bathhouse Scene, Evolutionary Levels
  • Domains: Inns, Hospitality, Baths, Banking, Library
  • Sacred To: Every Dragon Quest hero ever, especially its staff. Heroes, knights, and drifters welcome, so long as they behave themselves.
  • Similar Locations: Cafe Ahnenerbe, Old Maccadam's Oil House, McAnally's Pub
  • Are you on a quest to save the world? The Quester's Rest is your one-stop-shop for rest and relaxation. Take a load off, grab a beer, and please refrain from harassing the staff — we know the girls are pretty! Once you've paid the fee and signed the guest book, you will be guaranteed a room — even if there wasn't one there before! (Don't worry if it seems Bigger on the Inside, it'll look Bigger on the Outside when you leave).
  • The QR provides all sorts of amenities for guests, from a free adventurer-networking service, to an interdimensional shopping network, to an excellent bank to secure your gold (please make deposits in units of no less than one-thousand pieces at a time, thank you). There's also the public fountain bath underneath the lobby and a library for those of you who want to relax your body or your mind. Legend says there's even a beautiful angel who haunts the hotel, and if you can see her, she'll offer use of the Rapportal to you so you can visit other worlds.
  • Rest assured, the staff are all Consummate Professionals, and innkeeping is Serious Business. Erinn the proprietress has innkeeping in her very blood, having taken over management of the QR from her father (who followed his father before him) — she even won the QR an Inny her first year on the job! (Fair Warning Disclaimer: when we said not to harass the staff, we meant it — almost all of them are expert adventurers in their own right, including thieves, mages, and clerics).
  • Rumor has it one of the staff is on mission from the Sinndicate of Pubs, Inns, and Taverns (SPIT) to root out all malfeasinnce and locate new Bad Guy Bars for monitoring. Rumor also has it that she's the legendary agent who took down the Inntouchables.
  • Also,Pit was disappointed to learn that the much-lauded bath with the angel fountain was not, in fact, a hot spring.

    The Sierra Madre 
The Sierra Madre Casino and Resort, Deadly Domain of Durable Deathtraps
Begin Again. Let Go.
  • Theme Song: Begin Again by Vera Keyes
  • A pre-War casino and resort, its actual location unknown, surrounded by a poisonous, red Cloud.
  • Symbols: This mosaic seen in the lobby of the hotel itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Wealth, Gambling, Greed, Lust, Morality
  • Sacred To: the Ghost People, Christine Royce, Dog/God, and Dean Domino
  • Bane Of: The Courier
  • Has your life taken a turn? Do troubles beset you? Has fortune left you behind? If so, the Sierra Madre Casino, in all its glory, is inviting you to begin again... The sultry voice was that of a starlet, long since dead, her haunting voice drifting from the Pantheon's radios, inviting any and all to the Sierra Madre Resort and Casino. For the Courier, seeing the casino in all its deadly glory appear in the Pantheon, does he/she realize that things will become even more complicated from here on out.
    • Shortly afterward, the Pantheon was attacked by the denizens of the Sierra Madre - the Ghost People. The Courier, having past experiences with how to put them down, led the counterattack. While the Ghost People have the numbers, they were no match for the firepower of the Pantheon. They were driven back, and the Sierra Madre was cordoned off.
    • Issac Clarke was slightly freaked out after a Ghost People raid, upon seeing that the only way to stop the Ghost People was by dismemberment, reminding him of the Necromorphs.
  • Intrigued about the Sierra Madre, Piper Wright (one of the Sole Survivor's followers) asked said person in question if they heard about the Casino. The Survivor confirms that they do know about the Sierra Madre, that the grand opening was slated on Saturday, October 23, 2077...the same day that the bombs dropped.
    • The Courier then filled in the details, telling Piper that the Sierra Madre is '...lying in the middle of the City of Dead, a city of ghosts. Buried beneath a blood-red cloud, a bright, shining monument luring treasure hunters to their doom...'
  • Built by business tycoon Frederick Sinclair (another person that the Survivor knows of), the Sierra Madre was his crowning achievement, a testament of his love for Vera Keyes. But it was a ruse, as Vera was working with Dean Domino to rob him blind. The Great War brought those plans to a hakt, if only for a little over two centuries. When the bombs dropped, the casino trapped their inhabitants and the holograms proceeded to murder nearly everyone inside. Vera Keyes, already terminally ill, decided to commit suicide by overdosing on her meds, her final words being "LET GO."
  • The Sierra Madre is a literal deathtrap that makes the Spencer Mansion and Ramon Salazar's Castle look OSHA-compliant. Before the War, Sinclair had cut corners during its construction. And now, things are much, much, worse. Traps left by the resort's mutated locals, treasure hunters who were by choice or by force, faulty radios that are lethal if you're in the former category, as they can cause your explosive collar to go off. And if those don't kill you, the Ghost People and the indestructible Security Holograms will. And there's that freaking blood-red Cloud of corrosive toxins that surround the place.
    • The aforementioned security holograms, along with the faulty hazmat suits, the blood-red toxic Cloud, and the Cosmic Knives so sharp that it would make Brock Samson, Kano, and Ryuji Yamazaki squeal in delight? Sinclair made a deal with Big Mountain to have the casino test them in exchange for more funding.
  • The Sierra Madre is the ultimate prize for any treasure hunter. Not just for the cache of weapons and lethal pre-War tech, but also its wealth. At the bottom of the Sierra Madre, accessible only from an elevator in the penthouse, is the vault. Inside is the mother lode: 37 gold bars. So you can imagine that the treasure hunters would do anything and everything to get to that stash. But as the Courier once famously stated: "Getting to it is not the hard part. It's all about letting go."
    • Which is why The Courier took only a single gold bar with him. Those damn things weigh 375 pounds, and there was the matter of the explosive collar on their neck at the time...
  • The various deities are intrigued by the Sierra Madre for various reasons:
    • Arthur Maxson is planning a Brotherhood technological expedition to the Sierra Madre after hearing about its tech...and to wipe out the Ghost People. He wants the Sole Survivor and the Courier to lead the expedition.
    • The chance to learn about the origins of the Cloud and to scavenge Pre-war tech is something not even the Enclave cannot ignore. Not taking any chances, the Enclave is sending it's best crack squad of soldiers to infiltrate the Sierra Madre.
    • On the scientific end, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark wants to put an end to the Cloud and investigate the ruins further, which is why a joint Avengers-Justice League team has been assembled to excavate the ruins. Helena Douglas had been invited to join in, but she already has her own team consisting of Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa and his wife, Strider Hiryu, Ayane, and Momiji on a search-and-destroy mission to exterminate the Ghost People.
    • Nathan Drake was tapped by a group of investors to retrieve the gold hidden inside Sinclair's vault, but was overruled by Elena. So now, the task falls to Lara Croft.
    • The Houses of Crime and Villains are in cahoots, putting together it's own band of hooligans and mercs to simply loot the damn place. Guile and General Sonya Blade were in the process of forming a team led by Soap MacTavish to counter the raid, only to have Cammy and Johnny Cage point out one important detail: The bad guys will more than likely kill each other before they can get their hands on the gold, as it already happened before.
    • The Joker, who wants to see if he can make his Joker Toxin more potent by combining it with the Cloud, is the wild card of this. Surprisingly enough, the Joker has a form of immunity against the Cloud.
  • Vera Keyes: Wait a moment. Before you go, I... we... hope you've enjoyed your stay. Farewells can be a time of sadness — letting go, difficult. As a guest of the Sierra Madre, you know that truth more than anyone. Frederick Sinclair believed that one's life could be made anew every day, that fortunes were more than the wealth in your hands. Love, life, family, those to care for and those who will care for you: to those who know these joys, the Sierra Madre holds little they don't already have. Out in the world, beyond these walls, that is your chance to begin again. I hope that you will return in happier times. Until then, the Sierra Madre, and I, will hold you in our hearts.

    Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Overhead view of the Plant
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Unholy Seat of Blatantly Polluting Companies
  • Description: A two-unit pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant
  • Symbol: Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish. Alternatively, a green inanimate carbon rod
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Stupid Evil and Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: Toxic, Inc., No OSHA Compliance, Creates Mutants With Its Toxic Waste, Green Radioactive Glow, Artistic License – Nuclear Physics, I Love Nuclear Power
  • Domains: Pollution, Nuclear Power, Greediness, Incompetence, Mutation
  • Located in: Springfield
  • CEO: Charles Montgomery Burns
  • Employees include: Homer J Simpson, Waylon Smithers Jr
  • Springfield's main power source is its Nuclear Power Plant. Owned by Charles Montgomery Burns(technically used to be owned by a canary), the power plant is one of the main reasons why Springfield is polluted. Its owner's contempt for nature, the ineptitude of its employees, and having No OSHA Compliance makes it an environmental nightmare.
  • Produces a lot of nuclear waste, usually giant barrels of glowing green stuff. When it's not leaking out of tubes or being inconspicuously dumped into trees or LEGO Land, it's being pumped into the water supply. Semi-mascot Blinky the Three Eyed Fish is a result. During his run for governor, Mr Burns claimed it was a product of evolution and safe to eat. It wasn't. Even more mutated fish have been heard of. The plant is kept as far away from the House of Water & Moisture as possible.
  • The House of Nature despises the plant for how toxic it is, particularly its owner. Fittingly, the only nature sub-house even the employees are permitted is Toxicity, because it's not like it can get even more toxic. Then Homer managed to cause a nuclear incident toxic to the residents. In a simulation without any nuclear material...again. Even the House of Toxicity was disturbed that he of all people was safety inspector.
  • One of the most disturbing things about the plant's entry to the pantheon is that the Lich was grinning like even more of a maniac-he is the embodiment of nuclear war and waste, after all. He immediately got in and started absorbing the barrels of nuclear waste, the toxins in the water and the plutonium rods. How the plant didn't meltdown, let alone its employees survive remains a mystery even the Lich has no answer for.
  • Hexxus makes regular visits to the nuclear power plant as well, being good friends with Mr Burns. On a lighter note, Leela is unaffected by the toxic environment as she's already a mutant, the green glow reminding her of Old New York. Following the crossover between The Simpsons and Futurama, it's believed that the nuclear waste the plant produces somehow contributed to the mutant population a millennium later.
  • Been around since 1966, with safety regulations low for so long they'd go bankrupt trying to get it up to standards. Safety regulators often visit, and Mr Burns usually just tries to bribe them. If that doesn't work, he either puts the barest of effort in or bribe someone who can get rid of the safety inspectors for him. The House of Profession warns any new deity not to even think of working at the plant. The only sane employees left/was fired (Marge), is Mr Burns' yes man (Smithers) or flat out died (Frank Grimes).

    Succubus District 
The Succubus District, Deified Red Light District
The Reviewers at the entrance
  • Description: A red light district containing a variety of different types of brothels
  • Theme Song: Ikouze☆Paradise
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Red Light District in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink, Features Friendly Monster Girl Prostitutes, Unproblematic Prostitution, Sex Comedy, Anyone Is Allowed Employment If They Have Succubus Ancestry
  • Domains: Prostitution, Fantasy, Monster Girls
  • Interests: Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger, Marv
  • Sacred to: The Lust sub-houses, the House of Otherness, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Kyu Sugardust
  • New employees: Liane Cartman, Mary, Belle de Jour, Dorothy Haze
  • Notable customers: Oberyn Martell, Robert Baratheon, Jack Harkness, Zapp Brannigan, Troy McClure, Johnny Bravo, Grigori Rasputin
  • Unholy to: The Moral Guardians of the pantheon
  • Banned from entry: Rapists, Ethan Roark Sr, Nobuyuki Sugou, Jack the Ripper, SCP-682, Judge Claude Frollo, Howard Holmes
  • Avoided by: Luka
  • A Fantasy Kitchen Sink can be a melting pot of different cultures and different races. And when a sex drive exists in practically all of them, there is money to be made. There in lies the Succubus District, a Red Light District to cater to different tastes and fetishes for anyone willing to buy a night. It's still for the best to consider how it might work mechanically before being a john, mind you.
  • The first thing to happen when the Succubus District entered the pantheon is for the Moral Guardians to complain. However the House of FAITH has put some of their complaints to rest by confirming the setting's version of God has had Her hand at making it a case of Unproblematic Prostitution, Her blessings even preventing STDs and unplanned pregnancy. The House of Health and Diseases is still advising that if you have an STD, you probably shouldn't use it as an excuse to cure yourself of it.
  • Judge Claude Frollo believes that this "God" is actually the devil in disguise trying to tempt people into sin and lust. In reality he really wants to spend a night there but refuses to admit it and thinks he is being led astray. His heavy protests led to being banned from the District, which just made him a laughing stock. Rasputin did a lot of the laughing and he has no problems with thinking God is fine with lust. He also became a long-time customer of the succu-girls.
  • Need to a directory and info on the district? See the House of Otherness for information. It was a boon for those there because it has a much wider range of ladies compared to most brothels. While pretty much anyone even remotely humanoid is welcome, the SCP Foundation isn't on good terms because of the many things Dr Bright is not supposed to do but did anyway, was "find a lady for SCP-682 in hopes it makes him less angry".
  • Has a strong presence in the Lust sub-houses. If you want advice on what kind of monster girl appeals to you, ask them for advice. Bender has complained that there are no sexy robot girls in the fantasy brothel, but was a john anyway because he was curious. Panty Anarchy wasn't bisexual so she decided to visit the inn-boys instead, but is fine if they let her join in for threesome services.
  • Human prostitutes are invited to work for the brothel, and many do because the employees are well-treated. Succubi are welcome too; anyone who has succubus ancestry can work for the district, and pretty much anybody has succubus ancestry. Kyu Sugardust sometimes moonlights as a madame, mainly being concerned with the fairies.
  • Though they service just about anybody, the Succubus District refuses to let rapists in. It's perfectly understandable for the Mountain and the Yellow Bastard to be banned given they're so vile as to likely never have had consensual sex, and gods like Griffith don't have the time even if they were allowed entry. However Quagmire and Zeus complained at being banned, stating that they usually have consenting partners. This didn't help matters.
  • While not technically a rapist, Nobuyuki Sugou is banned because he would try to molest the fairy employees. And Jack the Ripper isn't allowed because he targets prostitutes. While Luka isn't banned, asides from the fact he's already married and wouldn't cheat on Luka he'd rather not enter because of how he attracts monster girls.
  • Howard and Kreese had varied interactions with the Succubus District.
    • Howard "Buckshot" Holmes loved the idea of the Pantheon now holding a dedicated domain to a Red Light District but found himself among the list of people who are banned as an Extreme Omnisexual with some seriously depraved quirks and kinks (like freely talking about roofies like there's nothing inherently wrong with it), something that has disturbed even his co-commentator Kreese Kreely.
    • Kreese himself was cautious of meeting with any more succubi after an Eastern Bloc DeathWatch game where an encounter with one left him without four pints of plasma and being declared legally dead for a week and has since stated he won't be seen in such a place. Exactly three days later after making that statement he was seen walking out with a big dumb grin on his face. Being asked about going back on his word has Kreese clarify it wasn't a matter of being scarred by succubi but rather his injuries. He was unsure of participating in such activities as in another encounter unrelated to succubi he had his scrotum unraveled like balls of yarn but going testing things out back in the Succubus District proved he still got it.
  • Marv is protective of the District, given his relationship with Goldie and Old Town. Mainly he's trying to keep the Roarks out. Senator Roark was angry at his son being denied service and them publicizing his monstrous crimes. Of course even if he were to get a halfling to act like a child, Roark Jr would torture her as he's impotent without screams of pain.
    • Marv is said to be so ugly he couldn't even pay a woman. Some succu-girls agree, others have a different enough opinion on what's attractive or not they're totally game.
  • How many gods have visited the Succubus District is unclear, mainly because a lot of them have stigma about mentioning their time there. But some gods were willing to give reviews on their time there.
    • Because he's down for any race Jack is a frequent customer of the brothel. This has been a boon for the Lilim Horde as Jack's immortality means he can satisfy them without dying. He could also endure Tiaplate, though isn't sure if he's masochistic enough for that yet.
    • Zapp Brannigan was overjoyed to learn of the cyclopes section of the brothel. Though it may have been unintentional, he made Eyesha and Komoku feel better about their eye size by saying he finds them just as sexy regardless of their eye size. Leela is hoping Zapp might finally get his obsession with her out of his system with the cyclopes succu-girls.
    • Johnny Bravo visited the succu-girls, though he was really reluctant to reveal information because of what his momma might think. Given his personality, it's strange he's even thinks his mom would care. Under the alias of John Bravado (everybody saw through it, but he thinks otherwise), he reports that he slept with Piltia while conveniently obfuscating anything that might suggest this has something to do with his dick size. He was more open about Elza considering his personality, but didn't mention if factored into it.
    • Troy McClure denied any involvement with with the far end of the Beast Road Succu-girls, however his "romantic abnormality" still didn't stop him from being aroused by the merfolk. He is a regular john of Tamatehime. He's had a night with Ocpa too, which might be influenced by the fuller figure of his former wife Selma. Sigmund Freud definitely thinks so.
    • Robert Baratheon is a frequent patron, and he has no specific preference. As is Oberyn Martell, however he likes Souneria a bunch. Littlefinger was a bit miffed at the arrival of the Succubus District because his own brothel can't compete with them, but eventually even he gave in and admitted he should probably have a peace of the market. They're hesitant at any prospective deal with him, given Littlefinger's true personality.

    U.A. High School 
U.A. High School, Divine Hero Academy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Superhero School, Strange and Colorful Assortment of Students and Staff Members (With Significant Students in Class 1-A)
  • Domains: Growth, Heroes
  • Sacred to: Izuku Midoriya & All Might, Ochako Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki
  • Partner Schools: Xavier Institute, The Initiative, Camp Half-Blood
  • Given that most of the population in Izuku Midoriya's world has superpowers in the form of Quirks, it would come as no surprise that there are educational facilities dedicated to training young Quirk users how to utilize their powers properly. U.A. High School isn't actually the only facility out there, but it's one of the more notable ones. Not only does it have Hero Courses, but there are general education classes and a support department for those interested even if their Quirks aren't really combat-oriented.
  • The GUAG sees the school as very useful in getting more potential heroes to aid them in their various battles against potential threats. A handful of the more prominent members occasionally take up part-time jobs teaching there, but the U.A. staff tends to do the bulk of the work in the school overall.
  • One of the school's more notable events is a Sports Festival, where students compete against each other in order to get a chance at finding bigger-name superheroes to work under. Although it was considered at one point to use the school's stadium to host different competitions in the Pantheon, that idea never came through and it is instead mainly used as a showcase for aspiring heroes.
  • Security is very tight for this place, especially considering that it was attacked by villains once, specifically at a building within the school that focuses on simulating disasters for potential heroes to confront. Security is serious enough that paparazzi have a very hard time getting in. Deities dedicated to journalism also have limited coverage of the school, and the most that they can be active there is during the aforementioned Sports Festival. Special ID is required in order to be allowed access to the school and stealing such an ID is easier said than done.
  • Charles Xavier is a frequent visitor to U.A., citing it as very similar to a school that he oversees. When it comes to those who have part-time jobs teaching at U.A., it appears that Professor X seems to work there longer than others, likely due to experience.
  • Multiple discussions have taken place in regards to including additional courses to the school. So far, nothing additional has been included, but the faculty has been understanding when it comes to where additional types of heroics take place.
  • Some superheroes such as Hank Pym and Tony Stark (though in the latter's case he made something closer to a boot camp) have taken interest in the place. Tony in particular has taken note of any possibility of villains looking for ways to bypass the stringent security (alongside other ways the school could get threatened) and has discussed how to make sure the school is successful in bringing additional heroes to the fold.
  • It is located in Japanese city of Musutafu, meaning no, a school for heroes cannot be found on a similarly named planet of fire. There's some sense of irony how a school for those seeking to do good is located in a city with a name similar to a planet where evil is prominent.

    The Villain Pub 

(sing in the tune of the Cheers theme) "Sometimes you wanna go... where everybody hates your face! And the villains share your rage! You want to be in the evil seat, heroes are all the same! You wanna go where everybody hates your face..."

The Villain Pub, The Divine Bad-Guy Bar
The Pub's logo
The pub holding a celebration on the eve of Thanos' first outing
  • Description: A bar and eatery for villains of all backgrounds and types to mingle and discuss broken dreams
  • Symbol: A purple badge with a skeleton holding glasses of beer
  • Alignment: The whole spectrum of Evil
  • Portfolio: Bad-Guy Bar, Contractual Genre Blindness, Ensemble Dark Horse, Shark Pool, Villainous Friendship, basically every Evil-related trope
  • Domains: Beer, Camaraderie, Evil, Gloating, Roasting, Sadism, Villainy
  • Owner: Evil, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GUAE Vile Specialists)
  • Manager: Kurogiri
  • Sacred to: Most villains, especially Card Carrying Villains, as well as Mr. Burns (its primary benefactor)
  • Unholy to: Most heroes and good-aligned deities, and due to Mr. Burns' funding, the House of Nature
  • Location (Pantheon's branch): House of Food, secret entrance in sub-house of Flesh Eaters
  • The Villain Pub was introduced in How It Should Have Ended as a location for villains to mope and discuss their losses at the hands of heroes. With the increasing number of villains ascending to the Pantheon, Melkor decided to have it ascended as a Dominion, given it is possibly the only Bad-Guy Bar to be shown catering to all villains in the history of fiction. Mr Burns reluctantly forked over some of his fortune to fund the pub's operations, with the stipulation that 70% of the Pub's profits go to him. It was reduced to 40%, but he can't do anything about it.
  • This version of the Villain Pub differs greatly from the original though. For one, Palpatine and Thanos do not serve as barkeep and plumber. This is due to the fact that the canon versions are the ones in the Pantheon, and are therefore far less likely to be doing this kind of work, unlike their HISHE versions who are mostly Played for Laughs.
  • This Dominion has been shifted all over the place. It was originally located on the Great Plains of Dominions aside from the Holy Houses, but the endless noise from the neighbouring Walt Disney World caused them to petition for a more appropriate space in the House of Heroes and Villains. This was satisfactory until the House was split into the Houses of Ambiguity, Heroes and Villains given the constant conflict that arose between deities of each alignment. The Pub was not included in this split, however.
  • Regulars at the Pub, sick of the constant home invasions by good-aligned deities, lobbied for a move to a less obvious location in the House of Food. Melkor agreed, and the Pub is now in the Flesh Eaters sub-house, where it is likely no one will discover its secret entrance.
  • The pub has a strict entry policy, and denies entry to:
    • Anti-heroes and anti-villains, unless they possess membership in the Grand United Alliance of Evil or have business ties with them.
    • Non-ascended villains, unless they serve as heralds or high priests/are part of the Demonic Legion.
    • False villains. We're looking at you, Trevor Slattery...
    • Redeemed villains like Spike.
    • Villains who have undergone severe Villain Decay they are likely unable to get back from.
    • Villains who have come close to revealing the Pub's location more than three times (so far none).
    • Deadpool, but he keeps getting in for some reason.
    • The Anti-Monitor or anyone intimately associated with him.
    • And heroes, but you knew that.
    • For example, Harley Quinn technically isn't allowed in on account of being an anti-hero currently, but being a member of the GUAE Conquest Force, the patrons have to bear with her. Anyway, the Joker would freak if she wasn't allowed in.
    • Other rules include no fighting (except for Boss Battles) and no destruction of the property. Some Lawful Evil villains attempted to institute a no Joker rule, but were quickly voted down. Oh, and also, don't mess with the Mouse.
  • The pub in the Pantheon is a well-kept secret amongst villains, considering they don't want the heroes messing with their private business or seeing them at their lowest anymore. Moreover, the Pub's move to the Flesh Eaters sub-house was not sanctioned by the Court of the Gods, so knowledge of its continued existence would ruin the GUAE's economy if it is forcibly shut down.
  • It is operated by a rotating network of villains, such as Bowser, who serves as the pub's head bouncer (just like his Web Video counterpart) after losing all his money in a game of sabacc against Dr. Eggman and needed the cash to fund his constant chases after Princess Peach. Extra security is provided by the Mook Maker Factory's patented Security Drones, capable of dealing with all but Overdeity-level villains who disrupt the peace. Most other named villains working here are of the more obscure, including Kite-Man, who is the resident technician, having been an engineer behind the Jokermobile. As of late, Kurogiri has been revealed to be the manager of the pub according to Hannibal Lecter.
  • The Pub's building is very different from the web series version in that it has a far wider demographic. Its bottom floor resembles the original, with the upper floors catering to thousands of other villains, with levels containing the casino, tactician and meeting room, training area for assassins and many other facilities. Some would say that this is more of a villain club than a simple eatery.
    • Most villains (try to) hold out for the coveted private parlours at the very top of the building, where the richest of the rich separate themselves from the rest of the rabble. These include Tywin Lannister, Jabba the Hutt, Michael Corleone, Kingpin, King Cold, Lex Luthor and Mr. Burns. That man is such a meanie that he used to reserve every week even if no one was with him, just For the Evulz. Eventually, the management had enough and demoted him to being a mere shareholder of the Pub alongside more impartial individuals, claiming that the reduced budget from his demotion is a necessary sacrifice due to his blatant abuse of power.
  • Most villains enter the Pub via portals or teleportation and not the secret entrance. Mostly because of how disgusting the Flesh Eaters sub-house is, but also because the surrounding grounds of the building are used by its giant-sized patrons, such as Destoroyah and the Decepticons, and they don't want any unnecessary instances of getting stepped on.
  • HAL 9000 currently runs most of the systems in the Villain Pub, but after being successfully hacked into (unknowingly) by counterpart SHODAN once, GUAE computer experts have been working on a new AI to replace HAL. The fact that HAL shares control of the Pantheon's software systems with GLaDOS might also something to do with that.
  • It holds a game of Liar's Dice every Friday in the casino room to decide who wins the infamous 'Villain Draw' of which the winner gets special privileges in the Grand United Alliance of Evil and a personalized hamper. The current champion two months running is Dimitri Rascalov. Suffice to say, Davy Jones is always pissed at whoever beats him, and he's not the only one, considering Dimitri is one of the Royal Flush Guardians.
  • The pool downstairs is normally a jacuzzi, but on the off-chance a hero gets in, it automatically transforms into a Shark Pool that Bruce and the Kraken reside in part-time. It is connected via pipes to the sub-house of Aquatic Life. It is also rumoured that the pool houses a secret deeper layer with aquatic SCP-worthy anomalous objects for study by the GUAE Mutation Lair.
  • The loading dock in the rear of the building houses the portal room, with routes to various other temples in the Pantheon as well as the GUAE headquarters in case the GUAG discovers them.
  • Most villainous robots not allied with the Grand United Alliance of Machines come here since Mos Eisley Cantina has a strict 'no-droids' policy. Given Soundwave's tepid relations with Brainiac, villains typically spurn him when he's on the patio. Kano has to pay for his food up-front, he has a terrible track record of paying people back.
  • Agencies such as HYDRA, SHOCKER and reportedly the Chaos Insurgency have permanent offices set up here to recruit new villains who are languishing in the Pantheon due to a lack of reliable allies. SHOCKER has picked up a lot of their employed members this way.
  • Darkseid is not banned from this place per se, but is a chief competitor of theirs, since he runs his own Dark Side Club at the House of Commerce with equally respectable facilities and glowing reviews from villains such as Norman Osborn who want nothing to do with the GUAE. They see the Villain Pub as a kind of drafting ground for new members whereas Darkseid actually runs his Club himself (albeit in a different form). Melkor is still seething at how Darkseid whisked his most trusted lieutenant Sauron to his own prospective Alliance and wants to ban villains going to the DSC from ever stepping foot in the Villain Pub. He hasn't done it yet because that would attract public scrutiny.
  • Two-Face is by GUAE law required to be chaperoned by Security Drones if he does enter the Pub, for fear of the more 'honourable' side of his Split Personality revealing its location. His ties to the Court as the Divine District Attorney make him too important to ban. Security measures have been further tightened after the outing of Chief Justice Johnson's corrupt dealings and abuse of power, since he has been in the Pub before but was mind-wiped before he could reveal the Pub's location.
  • And remember, BOSS BATTLES only!! Now begone. Only real villains! (kicks reader out)

    Vincennes Academy 
Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, The Holy One-Gender School (Vincennes)
Vincennes Academy Main Hall, with Cathedral in Center
  • Description: An exclusive, all-girls school located on top of a mountain called Mt. Amuro
  • Symbol: The Cathedral, but especially the old bell tower
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Many students here tend to align toward Lawful Good, while some of the higher-ups turn out to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: One-Gender School that some seek to subvert, partly due to sparing no expense on furniture or renovations, Boarding School, Elaborate University High, Town with a Dark Secret
  • Domains: Schools, Change, Settings
  • Sacred to: Masaya Okonogi, Tamie Nogi, Konomi Yanase
  • Vincennes Academy is an all-girls school located somewhere in a mountainous part of Central Japan. The school itself is located on top of a mountain called Mt. Amuro. Specifically, it occupies virtually the entire peak of the mountain, to the point that even the mountainside lake is effectively theirs.
  • Founded during the Meiji restoration, the school was established by French Catholic missionaries following the opening-up of the country. Their influence still reigns strong even to this day, with the use of French terms in everyday life there, as well as the old cathedral still standing strong.
  • Of special note is the school's prestigious position. So prestigious, in fact, that its administrators spared no expense on pretty much everything inside the school, ranging from furniture to entire renovations.
    • In fact, this is partly the reason why some seek to make the school co-ed. Due to the decreasing number of incoming students and piling up debt from the aforementioned renovations and unnecessary spending, some within the school's administration and student body have proposed going co-ed as a possible solution. Naturally, a number of the more conservative elements, both administration and student alike, oppose this, seeing it as a change from the status quo they have had for decades.
  • The school overshadows a small city known for having Yakuza activity, especially in the suburban areas and around the train station at night. Because of this, the hooligans and criminals often target Vincennes students in the rare event that some of them venture out.
  • Depending on certain choices made by their first male student, the school can either subvert the status quo and become a co-ed school, or maintain the status quo. It all depends whether the guy in question ends up with someone related to the school's, and by extension, his and his hometown's past, or someone who isn't part of the "core" cast.
    • In the former situations, he manages to win the Grande Vote by gaining support of the majority of the student body. The epilogue scenarios show a positive effect happening to the school not long after.
    • In the latter, he ends up focusing too much on his relationships with his Love Interests, and consequently ends up being forced to move out at the end of the school year, albeit with him leaving on good terms. It's heavily implied that the school will continue to move on, albeit possibly dying a slow and drawn-out death.
  • Unknown to most students, faculty, and even people living in the nearby town, the school is host to a Dark Secret. The secret in question? One of their most prominent alumni was responsible for an infamous incident involving arson and attempted murder during a summer festival. However, the full details of this aren't revealed to The Protagonist except on a certain route, where it's revealed that the arsonist in question was his own Love Interest's mother, and that she was the same person responsible for almost killing him that time as well.
  • Upon the school's ascension, both Tamie Nogi and Konomi Yanase are relieved to finally be back in a familiar place. Immediately, they make their home in their old dorm rooms located in the campus. With no strict faculty or admins, both of them freely invite other interested deities, particularly those from the House of School, over.
  • Among the deities that enjoy Vincennes the most are the students from Yamaku. They immediately note how Vincennes heavily resembles their own school, spacious dormitories, lavish facilities, and all.

    Walt Disney World 
The Walt Disney World Resort, Holy Seat of Theme Parks (Disney World, Disney, Reedy Creek Improvement District)
Cinderella Castle, as seen at the Magic Kingdom
Epcot's Spaceship Earth 
Disney's Hollywood Studios's The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 
Disney's Animal Kingdom's The Tree of Life 
Disney's Typhoon Lagoon's Surf Pool (with Mount Mayday and Miss Tilly in the background) 
Disney's Blizzard Beach's Wave Pool (with Mount Gushmore and the "Ski Tower" of Summit Plummet in the background) 
  • A magical theme park resort roughly the size of San Francisco or twice the size of Manhattan located in the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Orange County, Florida (near Orlando), surrounded by enough Disney-owned undeveloped land to rule out third-party-owned hotels within walking distance. A duplicate of this resort is in the Pantheon.
  • Symbols: The resort's logo (although some fans prefer the original logo) plus the logos and landmarks of its four theme parks, two water parks, the Disney Springs district, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.
  • Alignment: True Neutral; its fans will say that it's Neutral Good, but detractors of Disney will say that it hides shades of evil.
  • Portfolio: Pretty Parks, Theme Park Versions of Disney's many works, Lots of Gift Shops
  • Domains: Theme Parks, Fun, Happiness, Magic, Business
  • Sacred to: Walt Disney and his company's many characters, as well as his company's employe— erhm... Cast Members and fans (the parks' "guests")
  • Unholy to: Diehard fans of rival theme park brands Six Flags and Universal Studios, characters from rival animation and pop culture brands who appear in these opposing parks (such as the Looney Tunes who support Six Flags, and various characters owned by or licensed to Universal), and other detractors of Disney.
  • Sister Locations: Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Orange County, California; Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan; Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée, Île-de-France, France; Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong; Shanghai Disneyland Resort in Pudong, Shanghai, China
  • It's The Walt Disney Company's flagship resort for a good reason. They pride themselves on making sure that their parks provide world-class entertainment and dining for everyone to enjoy, provided that their guests also purchase (more than) a few souvenirs along the way. Regardless, as a result of the company's penchant for quality, the resort has built a reputation so great that anyone who plans to visit this place will want others to know that they're going there, especially athletes.
  • While Walt Disney himself did not live to see his Florida Project come to life, especially since his company did not follow the original visions he had for the place (see EPCOT), he was nonetheless happy to see how much work they have put into it. Since the resort's ascension, Walt can now enjoy the place that his brother Roy named for him.
  • Some gods like to do pin trading here, buying lapel pins of Disney's many characters, attractions, films, shows and so on, and trading them with Cast Members and the more obsessive guests who treat them as Serious Business.
  • Every night at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney runs a show that reenacts how the Disney Villains try to take over by invading Mickey's dreams, only for the mouse to fight back using the power of imagination.
  • In one alternate universe of the resort, a group of Ordinary High School Students protect the resort from being taken over by a group of villains known as the Overtakers, who are apparently led by Maleficent.
  • Disney's characters love to meet with their fans at this place, and many of them have resort homes in Disney World's parks and resort hotels.
    • Mickey Mouse and his friends used to have vacation homes in Mickey's Toontown Fair, but since it was taken down and replaced with Storybook Circus, they've simply created portals to Toontown throughout the resort's parks so they can visit them whenever they want.
      • Donald Duck once took Mickey's sorcerer's hat before a performance at Fantasyland Concert Hall. It didn't turn out well for him.
      • Goofy does a lot of flying over at Storybook Circus in Fantasyland. Initially, he ran a questionable flight school over his farm, but then it was later closed and replaced with an air show starring "the Great Goofini". Both these instances, he always flies right into a barn, hence his plane's nickname, the Barnstormer.
    • Lilo and Stitch (the latter who once had his image scattered all over the resort, much to some Disney fans' chagrin) have a vacation villa for their ʻohana in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, located on the west shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon. They show up to entertain guests at a daily breakfast luau. Stitch also had a tendency to make a lot of "great escapes" in Tomorrowland, although he has not been doing so as of late.
    • Cinderella, of course, lives in the castle that bears her name in the Magic Kingdom.
    • Ariel spends time in a grotto located in Fantasyland, where there is also a ride that quickly tells the story of how she met Prince Eric, dealt with Ursula and eventually became human. There's also a stage show over at Disney's Hollywood Studios that tells a similar truncated version of the tale.
    • Rapunzel stays in a recreation of her old tower (thankfully without Mother Gothel) also in Fantasyland.
    • Winnie the Pooh and his friends retell their classic tales on a dark ride at (again) Fantasyland.
    • Peter Pan (along with Tinker Bell and Wendy Darling) can be found at a recreation of Never Land in a popular ride that bears his name also in... well, guess.
    • No one entertains guests in front of the Be Our Guest Restaurant like Gaston.
    • Mike Wazowski does comedy with other monsters by bringing humans from Tomorrowland to Monstropolis in a specialized comedy club to gather their laughter for energy.
    • Elsa, Anna, and Olaf have become very comfortable in Epcot's Norway pavilion, where their new ride has opened to ridiculously long queue lines.
    • Mulan shows up at the China pavilion to bring honor to all guests.
    • Aladdin and Jasmine greet guests at the Morocco pavilion.
    • Belle reads books to the guests at the France pavilion, while Remy is the head chef at Les Chefs de France. He'll be taking guests on culinary adventures sometime in the future.
    • Many Star Wars gods show up at Star Tours in Disney's Hollywood Studios to take guests on guided tours across the galaxy. These gods have started making vacation homes at the park with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
    • Likewise, Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and many other toys play some of the rootin'est, tootin'est shooting gallery games with guests at Toy Story Midway Mania! The toys also got new vacation homes when Toy Story Land opened.
    • The Muppets have been showing off the wonders of 3D for many years at Disney's Hollywood Studios in a courtyard dedicated to them. Recently, they've also been doing performances at Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square, of all places, reenacting great moments in American history.
    • The Lion King's gods hold daily festivals in the Africa land at Disney's Animal Kingdom, while their actual vacation homes are hidden in Kilamanjaro Safaris. (No, not Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort as some may believe, or Disney's Art of Animation Resort for that matter.)
    • Then there's Figment, a purple dragon who lives at Epcot, where he shows guests that imagination starts from just one little spark of inspiration, which is at the heart of all creation.


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