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Pending Deities

WIP Deities

    The Background Six 

The Background Sixmembers , Deified Memetic Bystanders (The Other Mane Six | Derpy: Muffins, Ditzy Doo, Bright Eyes, Bubbles, Derpy Whooves, Ditsy Doo, Derpy Doo, Stoneface, Bubblehead | Sweetie Drops: Bon Bon, Special Agent Sweetie Drops | Doctor: Doctor Whooves, Time Turner, Doc | DJ Pon-3: Vinyl Scratch, DJ P0n-3 | Octavia: Tavi)
DJ Pon-3, Octavia Melody, Doctor Hooves, Sweetie Drops, Derpy Hooves and Lyra Heartstrings
  • Potential House: Memes
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their respective cutie marks
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (occasionally Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extras
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Derpy:
    • Said to have ascended after the bronies refused to allow her censorship.
    • She used to hold Ascended Extra before that position was contested by Nagisa Momoe, who was stated to fit the bill better: while Derpy was originally a lowly animation error that became extremely popular, her overall impact in her native 'verse can be considered somewhat limited. Nagisa (or her Witch Charlotte) was a Monster of the Week and therefore had a larger original role in her native 'verse, but she ended up a major player in the Great Upheaval. Overall, their relationship DOES lean more toward the 'friendly' part than the 'rival': they are civil overall to each other, and once worked together to create surprisingly tasty cheddar muffins.
    • That said, Nagisa felt a little guilty reducing the mare's title to just Goddess of Muffins when she discovered a more fitting trope for her: Memetic Bystander, since she was a background character who became absurdly popular with her fanbase, and some traits given to her by fans have been canonized.
    • Is now the official mailmare of the Pantheon, but several Houses (notably the House of Technology) refuse to let her in after several incidents involving her leading to destruction of valuable material. To be fair, she just doesn't know what went wrong.
      • Was said to have vanished after a mishap in the House of Technology, but after an accident in the House of Sports where Rainbow Dash broke her wings, Derpy was brought up as her replacement for the Equestrian Games. The next thing that could be heard was Daniel Bryan screaming, "YES! YES! YES!" amongst Derpy's fanbase.
      • However, her general clumsiness (and the Courier's tendency to get sidetracked) forced Zeus (who needed to assemble the Olympian representatives within the Pantheon one day and messages out to them) to call for Hermes, a.k.a. Mercury, who has taken over the domain of message delivery (and unfortunately for others who hoped he would replace them as official couriers, only that). When not on the clock, Mercury is seen having some drinks (and a muffin or two) with his fellow delivery deities to show no hard feelings.
    • Phoenix Wright once tried to talk to her regarding a trial, but Pinkie had to constantly warn him about calling her by her name. It wasn't because it sounded's because she constantly changes it to one or the other, something Twilight Sparkle had to deal with when she tried to ask her about a trial.
    • She must have a very interesting life. Among other things, she has her own private suite in the Friendship Express Train's Ice Cream Train Car, she's entered flying competitions, hung out in a chicken coop, is somehow able to freely converse with the Canterlot elite wearing only a pearl necklace and her paper bag wizard getup from Nightmare Night, got turned into a filly for a day, and was shrunken and imprisoned in a snow globe owned by someone who just moved into Ponyville as of that episode. However, given her possible relations with Dr. Hooves (and if he is The Doctor), she's had it somewhat tame for a companion so far.
    • Can sometimes be seen with a pony version of The Doctor. Depending on the day, they are either seen as a couple, or Derpy is his assistant.
  • When Lord Tirek went on his Mana Drain rampage, Derpy herself was affected. When that happened, her Brony fanbase was immediately screaming her name in absolute anguish.
    • Has been so delighted upon hearing something called "Muffins: The Musical" and sings it whenever she goes delivering her mail.
  • Apparently, she could've been an excellent flyer were it not for her eye condition. In fact, back in her fillyhood days, she used to outplace even those who would eventually come to be Wonderbolts in flying competitions''.
  • DJ Pon-3:
    • While Vinyl Scratch isn't one of the most important characters hailing from Equestria, due to her being a DJ for select parties and all, she became popular to the point of having some t-shirts and even a brushable toy focused on her.
    • The position for Ensemble Dark Horse was once occupied by Matt. However, Matt went missing and didn't return for a while, so the Court of the Gods decided to make Vinyl Scratch the replacement. Matt was greatly annoyed at this when he returned, so the Court made him her High Priest in an effort to quell possible tensions the two.
      • However, Green Biker Dude hated the change a lot when he heard of it, even with Matt as High Priest. GBD has been repeatedly antagonizing her since then, though she hasn't been paying much attention to them.
    • Every now and then, a human form of hers has been sighted. That said, the human form still retains most of her key components, mainly her shades.
      • Mordecai and Rigby tend to prefer her human form compared to the unicorn form, as the duo had a bad experience with a unicorn back then. They don't mind the music that Vinyl Scratch makes.
    • Apart from the other good-aligned Equestrian deities (including fellow background pony Derpy Hooves), Vinyl Scratch gets along well with other unicorns such as Amalthea, Rainicorn, and Uni-Kitty (even though the latter is more than a unicorn).
    • Makes some visits to the House of Music and is sometimes hired as a DJ whenever a good-aligned deity has a party (said parties are usually thrown by Pinkie Pie).
    • Apart from the good-aligned members of the Music house (also gets along with Jigglypuff), Vinyl Scratch is also friendly with other music-centric deities such as Rise Kujikawa and Sona Buvelle.
    • She happens to own an Improbably Cool Car that can transform into a light show system and a fully-functional audio management/equalizer. Many are wondering how she was able to afford it since the resume she turned in to the House of Profession mentioned her working part-time at a guitar shop.
    • Has a unique relationship with Soundwave, another Ensemble Dark Horse from a Hasbro franchise. At one point, the two were seen in the House of Music in a music competition (presumably). Given that she isn't much of a fan of evil-aligned music deities such as I-No, some think that Vinyl Scratch and Soundwaves are Friendly Enemies with each other, though nothing concrete has been confirmed.
    • Many people have been wondering what she would sound like if she wasn't The Voiceless. Then again, it's not uncommon for people to come up with their own ideas on what other traits a minor character like her could have (including this profile, possibly).


    The Devil Gundam 
The JDG-00X Devil Gundam, God of Evils That Are Not To Be Toyed With (Dark Gundam, Ultimate Gundam, Colony Devil Gundam, Kyoji Kasshu, Rain Mikamura)
In Mobile Fighter mode
In Mobile Armor mode 
The Ultimate Gundam 
  • Potential House: Villainous Roles
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Its head and its spawned units
  • Theme Song: "The Devil Gundam"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (originally had True Neutral purposes)
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Big Bad of the Series, DG Cells, Has Regenerative and Adaptive Abilities, Combat Tentacles, Desires the Extermination of Humanity, The Death Army, Apparently Powerless Puppetmaster, Mechanical Abomination, Vile Foes From Campy Shows, Ultimate Lifeform, Defeated by The Power of Love
  • Domains: Evolution, Genocide, Possession, Destruction, Manipulation
  • Heralds: Ulube Ishikawa
  • "Allies": The evil-Aligned Gundam deities (especially Gihren Zabi), SHOCKER, SCP-682, Deities who think Humans Are Bastards
  • Enemies: Domon Kasshu and all other good-aligned Gundam deities
  • Opposes: The House of Love, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor
  • Opposed by: Master Asia
  • There are plenty of extremely dangerous mobile weapons in the Gundam franchise, and the Devil Gundam ranks up there with the worst of them. The Ultimate Gundam was built and designed by Dr. Raizo Kasshu, his wife Mikino and his son Kyoji to rebuild a war-torn planet Earth with nanomachines. To this end, it was capable of self-evolution, self-regeneration and self-replication using DG Cells. However, a malfunction warped its programming, manifesting in its objective to exterminate humanity to restore the Earth's nature system, mutating it into its current form. It then captured Kyoji to serve as its Core Life Unit and puppet pilot, leaving his father behind to take the blame and be imprisoned in cryo-sleep as a result. This would lead his other son, Domon Kasshu, to enter the 13th Gundam Fight to ensure his release.
  • The Devil Gundam relies on hosts to advance its agenda, infecting them with DG Cells to collect data for its eventual cleansing of the Earth, and also feeds on data in order to spawn its own junior units to enforce its will. These include the JDG-009X Death Army (units piloted by the undead as Mecha-Mooks) and the Four Heavenly Kings (Grand Gundam, Master Gundam, Gundam Heaven's Sword and Walter Gundam). Notably, the Master Gundam was piloted by Master Asia, who saw the worth of the Devil Gundam in restoring the original state of the Earth and supported its agenda without ever having to be under its control. This wasn't the case for most others, though. The Devil Gundam is a master manipulator by proxy, which is to say it uses itself as bait for individuals seeking to use its power for their own purposes, including several participants in the Gundam Fight. Ulube Ishikawa, the major overseeing Domon's Gundam Fight campaign and sought universal domination was out-manoeuvred into pushing the Devil Gundam's power to its peak, becoming the mouthpiece of a Fusion Dance of the Four Heavenly Kings, the Grand Master Gundam, and later kidnapping Domon's Love Interest Rain Mikamura to become its new Core Life Unit, replacing a deceased Kyoji. After mutating enough to absorb the colony of Neo-Japan and evolve into a colony-sized form, it was finally destroyed by Domon and a freed Rain with an attack fueled by The Power of Love.
  • That was only the end for the original Devil Gundam. Gihren Zabi gave the go-ahead to rebuild the Devil Gundam using blueprints stolen from Dr. Kasshu's lab before his arrest. Alongside science nut and fellow SHOCKER associate Ryoma Sengoku, he oversaw an effort to restore it to its original condition as the Ultimate Gundam so he could reverse-engineer similar units that weren't self-aware. Too bad the Grand United Alliance of Destruction caught wind of this and sent Rau Le Creuset (a dual GUAE/GUAD member) and an MS battalion to retrieve the completed one. In the midst of the attack, the Ultimate Gundam absorbed the data of the facility's archives in an effort to preserve itself, but ended up regaining its memories as the Devil Gundam and re-mutating. The subsequent firefight involving the GUAD, GUAE, Alpha-Omega Force and Domon himself, ended up consuming most of the House of Science. In the end, it was confiscated and Gihren had to pay for the damage.
    • The Court of the Gods decided that it would be too dangerous to try to destroy it for the time being, as its self-preservation module would go berserk and make things worse. As with the SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam, they initially intended to confine it as a Treasure in Maximum Security, but its sentience was too important to ignore. Eventually, they decided to have it relocated to an isolated temple in the House of Villains free of any biological matter or data that it can infect or feed on to evolve. Many hope that this will cause its threat to fade away from deprivation.
  • Master Asia was once its ally, the only one with the competence and resolve not to fall under its thrall, using it to rid the world of the damage humanity caused, in which he was rewarded with the Master Gundam for his trouble. But Master Asia realized humans are part of nature so wiping them out would be just as bad, and broke free of its employment. Currently, he opposes the Devil Gundam, who's sticking to its warped attempts to "fix" the world.
  • The SCP Foundation has been expressly banned from performing experiments or research on the Devil Gundam, as it will latch onto anyone and anything with its DG Cells to achieve its omnicidal goals. Even its official report reflects this, as they still consider it fair game for the Treasures:
    • Special Containment Procedures (excerpt): Any attempts to open the compound or to perform research on the nature of the operation of the MS is to be approved by a senior member of the Main House, and audited by an attached SCP Foundation employee with Level 4 or 5 Clearance and Class A classification. Experiments with Class D subjects are strictly forbidden due to the highly contagious nature of DG Cells, nor are any study of the cells allowed in any way, shape or form. Any infringement upon these rules, as well as unlawful entry into the compound will be met with deadly force.
    Alto Clef: P.S. Do not study at all costs. The potential fallout of this unit's release is worse than that of the Turn A. I repeat, do not study at all costs.
  • talk about how its spawn units, the Death Army, Grand Gundam, Gundam Heaven's Sword and Walter Gundam fare in the Pantheon. Also the Grand Master Gundam. And cases of DG cell infection beyond its temple.
  • The one thing that has constantly stopped the Devil Gundam is The Power of Love, which unfortunately is a common thing in the Pantheon. While it opposes all love-using deities on principle, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor are at the top for the way they defeated defeated Queen Chrysalis being almost exactly how the Devil Gundam was defeated itself.
  • Different parties seek its use for different purposes. The initial purpose of its rebuilding by the GUAE was to reverse-engineer a Devil Gundam capable of running on the substance of pure evil (i.e. Made of Evil), the GUAD wants it for destruction obviously and the GUAM intends to store in their personal vault because they believe they can handle the suit better given their closer acquaintance with machinery. The GUAE might have the upper hand here when it comes to proximity but the Devil Gundam has no intention of being controlled by anyone.

  • House: Fire And Heat
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Their stick on fire
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning towards Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Moveset: Hidden Power, Fire Spin, Psybeam, Fire Blast
    • Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Fire, Foxes
  • Guardian: Delphox
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Renamon
  • Enemies:

    Shyna Nera Shyna 
Project initialized.

Shyna Nera Shyna, Goddess of Difficulty by Region (Sinna Neutlarva Sinner, TG-am010, Messenger of Justice, Messenger of Destruction (by her enemies), Messiah)
When unleashing their full power 

Messenger program initialized.

I wonder how many seconds you'll last this time!
I'll CRUSH you!

Zohar Metatron/Sandalphon, Deity of Masculine Melee, Feminine Ranged Fighters (Cyphar Ha/Za-Zohar, Sepher ha/za-Zohar)

There's no escape for you now!

    Har and Megido Birthclod 

Har and Megido Birthclod, Unholy Big Bad Ensemble (Hal, Megiddo, Armageddon, Clod, Edo)
Left: Har, Right: Megido


Top-left to right: Surosa, Cavitas, Grattoni, Angara, Envia, Rasti, Priday

    Anatolia's Mercenary 
Anatolia's Mercenary, God of Destructive Spheres (Anatolia's Raven, White Glint, the Hero of the Lynx War)

  • Potential House:
  • Rank
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: 10 to 15 entries
  • Domains:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:


Profiles (Free For Adoption)

    The Gundam Meisters 
Adopted from Sandbox/N3xus

The Gundam Meistersmembers , Deities of Causing Conflict to End Conflict (Setsuna: Soran Ibrahim, The first true Innovator, Jihad-Kun, ELS Setsuna | Neil: Lockon Stratos, Stupid Sexy Lockon | Lyle: Lockon Stratos II, Jean 1, Lockon 2.0, Lockoff | Allelujah: Hallelujah Haptism, E-057 | Tieria: Base Sequence Pattern 0988, Vowels, Veda | Soma: Marie Parfacy, E-001)
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy), Allelujah Haptism, Setsuna F. Seiei, Tieria Erde
Lyle Dylandy 
Soma Peries 
  • Potential House:
  • Intermediate Deites (Lockon's are Lesser Gods)
  • Symbol: The Celestial Being Logo
  • Theme Music: Daybreak's Bell
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as a whole, Chaotic Good for Setsuna and Allelujah (Chaotic Neutral as Hallelujah), Lawful Good for Tieria
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilots, Acknowledging They're Using the Same Methods of What They Oppose
  • Domains: War, Mecha, GN Particles
  • Heralds: The crew of the Ptolemaios (Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Lasse Aeon, Lichtendahl Tsery, Feldt Grace, Christina Sierra, Ian Vashti, Joyce B. Moreno, Mileina Vashti)
    • Setsuna: Marina Ismail, Saji Crossroad, Louise Halevy
    • Lyle: Anew Returner
    • Soma: Sergei Smirnov, Andrei Smirnov
  • Followers:
  • Allies: All Ascended Heroic Gundam Pilots, the Build Kamen Riders, Haro, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: The GUAE Mecha Cohort (especially Ali Al-Saachez), Bask Om, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, The Millennium, HYDRA, Light Yagami, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, Evolto, Ultraman Belial, any other warmongering god.
  • Worthy Opponent: Graham Aker
  • Opposes: Nena Trinity
  • Conflicting Opinion: Captain Martin Walker, Sniper Wolf
  • Originally Setsuna and Neil were the only Gundam Meisters in the Pantheon who served as the GUAG's liaisons to Celestial Being. Eventually escalating tensions with Ali's branch of the GUAE Mecha Cohort would necessitate a call for backup. They have since resolved to fight once more in order to deal with Ali once again.
  • Were surprised to find that their Orange Haro (along with many others) ascended into the Pantheon. Lockon is asked at times if he was aware of how cute his companion is but he hasn't offered any response to that.
    • It was also noted by them that his Haro in particular is also the most badass out of all of the Haros in the Pantheon. Lockon also doesn't know what to think of that.
  • Have attempted to assassinate Rau Le Creuset, whom was identified as one of the most prolific sources of conflict in the entire pantheon. Rau however, has been expertly dodging them, and continually sends Ali to keep them busy. They refuse to give up though, as peace will never come so long as men like Rau are still alive. To this end, they have asked for assistance from Kira Yamato, who knows Rau best, and Banagher Links, whose abilities can effectively counter the Providence Gundam's DRAGOON system.
  • Yoko gets along well with both Lockon's as he has been very helpful numerous times.
  • Have a very complicated relationship with Captain Martin Walker. While they opposed him over his war crimes and embodying their ideals gone horribly wrong, but they do empathize with how he was broken by the horrors of war and desire to Atone. Thought if he can be trusted is a crapshoot.
  • Exclusive to Setsuna:
    • Previously Heero's high priest until he ascended, literally with help from the ELS, and figuratively into this part of the Pantheon.
      • Upon his ascension, Heero greeted him with "you have surpassed Gundam". Setsuna thanked him by saying that was the greatest compliment he ever received.
      • Later on, he also learned that his previous title being the "God of Anti-War Interventions" doesn't exists as a trope at all. Because of this, the Court of the Gods decided that Setsuna was awarded as the holder for Hollywood Atheist due to his past experience of his consequences of being used as a Child Soldier until he gained his faith towards the concept of Gundams which he believed that this could bring an end to any form of warfare. In fact, he insists that his name is NOT Soran Ibrahim and he never consider himself a god.
    • His first order of business in becoming a divine being of war is to try to get out of it. Try as he might, he only succeeds in drawing more attention to himself. He often gets into fights with the members of the gods of war by trying to make them stop making war.
    • This reason has made him allies with Eiji Hino, Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez, Dizzy, and Yuji Sakai, since they also happen to use their abilities to stop every wars which they also disgusted with this type of conflict. As well as making enemies with any warmongers and terrorists groups like Kogane, the Millennium, HYDRA, and SHOCKER, due to their act of instigating wars throughout the pantheon.
    • He was happy that the first Lockon Stratos was present in the pantheon proper as the two started to recruit their comrades from the mortal world to prepare themselves in another intervention to prevent a great war that is yet to come.
      • Much to his surprise, some of the deities from his own reality made their way into the pantheon. While he was glad that his Worthy Opponent Graham made his ascension properly, he still doesn't like Nena's return in the pantheon after what she had done to him during her sibling's campaign.
    • Sharing the same disgust towards war with Martin Walker. Setsuna considers him a kindred spirit and they often team up to stop his Arch-Nemesis Ali Al-Saachez. Though he appreciates Walker's presence, he'll never admit about treating Walker as a new father figure (at least, not in public).
    • Setsuna had found a kinship with Amuro Ray since both he and the legendary Earth Federation pilot were sounded alike when they speak in English. In some cases, he also thought him of being a benevolent version of his nemesis Ribbons because of his familiar voice whenever he speaks in Japanese.
    • He also found a kinship with the likes of Tusk, Killia, Riku, and Death the Kid, after he found out that they sounded alike whenever they speak in Japanese. However, he has a bad opinion towards Light Yagami after hearing all of his crimes he committed from his homeworld, and he also seemed to annoy even more whenever Light speaks in a same tone as Setsuna.
    • Ryoma Sengoku has somehow became intrigued with Setsuna's status as an ELS/Innovator Hybrid, as the mad scientist starts to analyzed Setsuna as an alternate means for him to transcend humanity. It doesn't take long that Setsuna started to hate Ryoma just like any other deities before.
    • He seems to have a conflicting relations with fellow Kurdish soldier named Sniper Wolf, considering the fact that he was saddened that she also had been through hell during childhood while he also noticed her actions regarding to her dislikes on killing women and children. So far, Sniper Wolf has nothing to say about Setsuna at the moment.
    • Despite ascending, he still has a habit of referring to things similar to either him or his Gundam as "a Gundam". The latest one? Homura from the Crimson Squad, because of her seven swords and red-colored power up. She found the compliment "Is that young woman also a Gundam?" a bit odd, though.
  • Exclusive to Neil:
  • Before leaving the mortal world, Lockon has designated that his Backup Twin is to take over his name. He's doing a good job so far in spreading his teaching in the mortal world to the point where he successfully killed Ali there.
  • He is criticized by the God of Revenge Abandonment, Mikagami Tokiya for latching too much into revenge, which caused his downfall from Ali Al Saachez, and he'd never prevail if he continues to think about Revenge. Lockon seemed to have learnt his lesson, further fueled after watching his Backup Twin saying the same thing in the mortal world. He was very proud that his brother even managed to kill Ali with that mindset.
  • Lockon got into an argument with Kurz, wondering about who's best sniper until Aoyama stops them and all three conclude that if they want to nail something it's the girls's hearts.
  • He tried to befriend Chris Yukine as she somewhat reminded him of his friend Feldt Grace. Unfortunately, his first attempt, even if he's not exactly trying to hit on her, Chris attempted to blast him away, thinking that he's a creeper (even inside his Gundam!). Only after Lockon explained properly that he doesn't mean any harm that they slowly become friends.
  • Used to be the god of Cold Snipers as well, until Widowmaker snatched the title off him. Needless to say, he is furious with the french sniper.
  • Exclusive to Lyle:
    • Lyle Dylandy is the younger twin brother of the first Lockon Stratos Neil Dylandy who moved away from his family due to him being frequently compared to Neil which caused him to developed an inferiority complex within him. In order to deal with the increasing corrupted Earth Sphere Federation and its secret group Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force (A-LAWS), he initially joins the anti-government group Katharon before he was recruited by Celestial Being as the second Lockon Stratos. From there on, he became a Gundam Meister while he learned what happened to Neil as he was killed by his nemesis Ali-al Saachez during the end of Operation Fallen Angels, in which he made a point to an end on Ali once and for all as a sign of respect for his late older twin brother.
    • Like his twin brother, Lyle has often seen spending his time training with his fellow gunslingers in the pantheon as he also start to get along with them ever since.
    • Being a soldier himself, he is a good ally to fellow soldiers like Master Chief, Origami Tobiichi, James Bond and Jack Bauer as he is often seen working with them fighting against on those who try to start a war in the pantheon. He is also seen helping the members of the Starfleet Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer during their exploration assignments.

    Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda 
Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda, Trinity of Fighting Your Friends
Clockwise from bottom: Rundas, Ghor, And Gandrayda.

Braviary, God of [[Trope Pending]] (The Valiant Pokémon, A TRUE AMERICAN EAGLE)
  • Potential House: Birds
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good leanings
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Moveset: Crush Claw, Sky Drop, Superpower, Shadow Claw
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Allies:

Smogon, Divine Assigner of Character Tiers, Avatar of Metagaming and Casual/Competitive Conflict

Ringworld, Ring World Planet and divine BIG Dumb Object
  • House: Dominions
  • A ring, 997 thousand miles wide, 190 million miles in diameter, with a sun in the center and 3 million time Earths surface area of Earthlike environment.
  • Symbol: Fifty feet of inch wide, baby blue ribbon, in a circle around a candle sized light.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, currently under the control of beings best fitting under Lawful Neutral

    Lt. Col. John Konrad 
Lt. Col. John Konrad, God of Implicitly Shaming The Audience

Reworking Gods (Free For Adoption)

    Loran Cehack 
Loran Cehack, God of Justified Kids (Laura Cehack)
(idea adopted from SuperWIKI1)
  • Reasoning: Out of all the characters in the series Loran is the only one who ever acknowledges that the Turn-A is just a machine and that it therefore is not responsible for the destruction that was caused in the past, but the person/people who were controlling it were.

    Caleb Goldman 
Caleb Goldman, God of Hilariously Bad Voice Acting
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A zombie coming to eat your face.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Narm, Large Ham, Bad "Bad Acting", Creepy Monotone, Stylistic Suck
  • Domains: Darkness, LOYFE
  • Followers: everyone from Resident Evil, Dracula from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Dr. Light from Mega Man 8, and everyone else from House of the Dead.
  • Allies: Albert Wesker
  • Enemies: Dogs of the AMS, G, Isaac Washington, Jill Valentine
  • He wishes to be referred to as: Owah new rul-ah, the umper-roar!
  • It's commonly believed that his massive Venice zombie invasion in 2000 failed because his zombies misheard his order to 'rule over mankind' as 'rule older an kind', and thus mistakenly spent most of their time devouring the elderly.
  • Was once a follower of GI Guy, who wasn't too glad that Goldman ascended. GI Guy is trying his best to stay away from him due to his zombie incident.
  • He spends much of his time staring at the House of Nature. He's very concerned about protecting the sanctity of the "loyfe cycle".
  • Nobody can tell wether he's laughing or trying to cough up a grape that got stuck in his throat.
  • Stephen Colbert once approached him and accused him of stealing his look. Goldman unclasped his hands, stood up from his desk, and declared to Stephen: "This is thuh fuinal bad-uhl!"
  • Decided at one point that 'darn it, I want to be taken seriously', and began a rigorous voice training regiment. When his series' fourth game came out, Goldman gave his role his all, and to everyone's shock the result was actually quite intimidating. Unfortunately, the stigma remains, much to Goldman's chagrin. Though it's possible that like the fourth game, he may have anticipated this and planned ahead.
    "Travel north... Hope is such a splendid thing."
  • Has been suspected that he became a being known as "The World" by combining his own genes with Queen Elsa's. However, those rumors are still in progress.

Awaiting future events


Houses (new ones need at least 8-10 deities)

  • Characterization
    • Supporting Characters: (l) Jar Jar Binks, Mirage Farina Jenius, (d) Bulk and Skull, (q), The Adoring Fan, The Mother
  • Science:
    • Scientific Outcomes: (g) Alex Mercer, (i) The Tenno, Wheeljack, (l) Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Nitrus Brio, (d) Alphys, (q) Batty Koda, Nikola Tesla
  • Ambiguity:
  • Power
  • Music
    • Musical Instruments: 2nd Division Symphogears, Haruko Haruhara, Sergey Stepanov (Intermediate), Maestro Forte, Phill Collins (Lesser), the Dancing Skeletons, the Mad Piano (Demigod), Yuu Haruno (Quasideity) (candidates suggested by RJ-CLOVIS-93)
  • Heroes: re-namespace to Heroics or Heroism to avoid is sharing the namespace of Series.Heroes
  • Pantheon/Philosophy:
    • Pragmatism: (o) Aztar/The Spectre, (g) The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, (i) Kiritsugu Emiya, Night Raid, (l) Horace Slughorn, Klaus Wulfenbach, (d) Raven
  • Sports: (ideas suggested by RJ-CLOVIS-93)
    • The Supervisors: Little Mac, Makie Sazaki, Michael Jordan, Vince MacMahon
    • Competitors: Legolas and Gimil, Ric Flair (Lesser), The Anglerfish Team, Darjeeling, The Monstars (Demigod)
    • Non-Athletic Sports: Lord English (Overdeity), The Nightwings (Intermediate) Richard Petty, Saki Miyanaga (Demigod)
    • Physical Sports: Babe Ruth, Johnny Joester (Intermediate), Apollo Creed, Ben-Hur, Dexter Griff, Ippo Makunouchi, John Madden, Natsu Ayuhura, Uzu Sanageyama (Lesser), Peter LeFleur and White Goodman (Quasideity)
    • Sportsmanship: Backdraft Group, Calvin and Hobbes, Cedric Diggory, Nitros Oxide, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, Randy Orton (Lesser), Jim Ross, Nekomura Nidai, Tawna and the Nitro Squad (Demigod), Bandit Keith (Quasideity)
    • Wrestling: Combat Wrestling
  • Gaming
  • Shape
    • Geometry: Prismo (o), Polygon Man, Ramiel (g), Yuga (i)
    • Transformation Inducers: Baby (g), Brightwing (move from Support Powers), Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Lucius the Eternal (i), Alexei Stukov, Jason Voorhees, Prince Adam/He-Man (d)
  • Time and Space
  • Love
    • Shipping (those whose romance is projected by fans, popular enough to warrant its own sub-house)-Kagome Higurashi, Kokoro and Elliot, Marceline
    • Unclear where to fit-Tenri Ayukawa(two different love tropes), Yomi and Ceri(not sure if Unequal Pairing is a shipping trope). Note from CLOVIS-pretty small I found. You may need another house idea or look more than I did
  • Luck and Fortune
    • Karma Avoidance
    • Karmic Retribution
  • Food
    • Food Items (for deities of food that lack an actual trope)
  • Mentalism
    • Stupidity: I. Asta, Fighter McWarrior, L. Aegon the Unworthy, Billy, Globox

Other Deities for Placement (anyone is free to take them):

Proposed Reworks (anyone is free to take them):

Tropes Available:

Domains for Placement (anyone is free to take them):

  • The Citadel, Holy Seat of Portal Networks
  • The Labyrinth, The Unholy Maze

  • Note by RJ-CLOVIS-93: I added detail to Chaos and E-102 Gamma. I have also helped out some of ideas that might fit your house ideas, just decide which work for you.

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