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    Mr. Rogers 

"Hello, neighbor."

Fred Rogers, God of Completely Respected Figures and Those Who Cannot be Mocked (Mister Rogers)

Greater Gods

Godzilla, The Kaiju God of Being the Main Attraction (Gojira, King of the Monsters, The Big G, Gigantis the Fire Monster, Alpha Predator, Nautilus,Species 5146_Adam, Titanus Gojira)
  • Greater God (Overdeity if the rumored 'Super Godzilla' is a real form)
  • Symbol: A stylized "G" or a silhouette of himself
  • Theme Song: Godzilla's Theme (Alt ver.; he also has an alternate theme from Godzilla Unleashed, Godzilla (Alt ver.)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dragons (Dinosaurs?), Unstoppable Force, Radiation and its Evil, Badass Old Dinosaur, The Dreaded, Mighty Glacier, Tough Hide, Anti-Hero Sometimes, Seen as a God, Tragic Monster, Representing the Horrors of War, Atomic Breath, Covered in Scars, Destructive Savior, Determinator
  • Domains: Destruction, Fire, Radiation, Sequels, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Japan
  • Followers: The Cloverfield monster, the Kaiju of the Rift
  • Clones: Too many
  • Allies: Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra Leo, Baragon, Desco, Eren Yeager, Raleigh Becket And Mako Mori, The EVA Children, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Gamera, Ultraman
  • Enemies/Rivals: King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Destoroyah, Gogmazios, Gigan, Mecha Godzilla, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, The Colossi, King Kong, Black Doom, SCP-169
  • Odd Friendship: Korra, Asami Sato
  • Annoyed With: Fluttershy
  • One of the most recognizable giant monsters in existence, Godzilla is a giant, aquatic, dinosaur-like creature who dwelled in the darkest depths of the ocean. That all changed when nuclear weapons destroyed his habitat, which caused him to absorb massive amounts of radiation and unleashed him upon the unsuspecting world. He would usually destroy humanity or defend it from other threats. One thing is constant, though - Godzilla is unstoppable and will face all challengers with his size, power, ferocity, and devastating atomic breath.
  • Only rarely heeds the calls of Other Gods. Occasional attempts are made to seal or defeat him, but he always comes back. When he appears, destruction is imminent.
  • Rumoured to have many aliases, children or clones, going by names such as Terra Khan, that big honkin' fire breathin' lizard, and many more.
  • When Godzilla gets out of hand, Fluttershy reins him in with a scolding underscored by The Stare. She also does not punish him, but rather states that he just "made a bad decision". Godzilla tends to concede not because he's sorry, but because Flutters' scolding bores him to the point where he gets drowsy.
    • And if she were unavailable for some reason, King Kong is always willing to lend a hand (first changing size to even stand a chance, of course).
  • Wiz and Boomstick have announced that Godzilla will be featured in an upcoming Death Battle against an as-of-yet unannounced opponent. Everyone in the Pantheon looked in immense terror.
    • It later turns out that Gamera, one of his followers, will be his opponent in Death Battle. Everyone is ready to evacuate the area when the two will face each other. 
      • When it finally came to be, everyone was sent far away from the immediate area as they watched Godzilla and Gamera duke it out. The House of Commerce placed bets on who would win. The climatic end had Godzilla destroy Gamera with the Spiral Atomic Breath, and obliterating most of the Pantheon and leaving it a radioactive wasteland. Needless to say, Maxwell, Sackboy, Steve? and Emmet were working overtime to clear everything up.
  • Due to a string of recent events, the Kaiju has reentered people's minds, and faith to their patron god has increased on a drastic level. This sudden increase in belief to him has caused Godzilla to grow to even greater heights than before.
  • Is utter confused with Desco. Almost every time he turns his head around, he sees the little abomination hugging his tail with little hearts fluttering around her head. Many members of the pantheon share the Kaiju King's confusion.
  • After the creation of the Spirit Portal in the Pantheon, Godzilla has on occasion visited the outer world. To him, it's sort of a peaceful haven from the Pantheon. Of course, since he is Godzilla, expect him to be fighting some Spirit creature.
  • Is surprising looked up to by many of the good-aligned members of the House of Family after finding this video. Yes, people, a giant mutated monster is a better father than at least some of the human — if you can call them that — parents in the pantheon.
    • Ok, so maybe he did slap his son across the head with his tail and did threaten to slap him if he didn't use his atomic breath. But hey, they're Kaiju, that's what they do.
  • Is banned from ever coming anywhere near Bambi. Considering what happened the last time they met, it's understandable.
  • Might be one of the few deities to match raw power against Deathwing despite Godzilla actually being a bit smaller compared to the Black Dragon. Of course, being the underdog never stopped Godzilla before.
  • Struck up a very strange friendship with Korra. Nobody in the Pantheon really understands what basis their relationship is founded on. Still, many have seen them resting together in the Spirit World.
    • He has also been seen hanging around with the EVA kids as well. Compared to his friendship with Korra, this is utterly mind screwy.
  • There's been rumors going around the pantheon that Godzilla can take on an even more powerful form that won't leave him a nuclear time bomb called 'Super Godzilla'. So far, there hasn't been any evidence to support such a claim. But all the Grand United Alliances (even Destruction) are preparing for the worst (best for Destruction) if that were to happen.
  • Was attacked by all three versions of his robotic doppelganger, Mecha-Godzilla. Even when Godzilla put up a brave front, he was nearly overpowered by their all-out barrage of lasers, missiles, and freeze rays. Luckily, the arrival of Gypsy Danger helped even the odds. The Jaeger used its wrist saw-sword to cut the head of both the Showa and Heisei version of Mecha-G, while the giant dinosaur used a super-charged atomic breath against Kiryu, which damaged his Absolute Zero Gun. 
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is a huge fan of Godzilla. Godzilla himself is neutral on the Nerd.
  • While Asgore Dreemurr shares the title of "King of the Monsters", Godzilla makes it clear that he is the true king of the monsters, though both monsters remain neutral towards one another, mainly due to Asgore wanting to be peaceful and Godzilla thinking he's not worth his time. 
  • Also resides in the House of Otherness as one of the Otherworldly Rulers.

    Sasuke Uchiha 
Sasuke Uchiha, Official God of Polarizing Characters (Caster)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Uchiha Clan symbol
  • Theme: His initial cool guy theme, his Start of Darkness theme, and this medley of his ninja cowboy themes
  • Alignment: Impossible to pinpoint due to him going all over the character alignment chart —> finally settled on Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Revenge With a Justified Motive, Turning Evil, Ninjas, Base Breaking Characters, Teen Geniuses, Being a Jerk to Everyone, Abandoning Anyone That Isn't of Use to His Goal of Revenge, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, THE POWER OF HATRED!!, Side Changers, Being Either an Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain (?), Walking the Earth, Parental Abandonment, Lifelong Atonement
  • Domains: REVENGE, Emotion, War, Guilt, Atonement.
  • Allies: Gilgamesh, Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder, Odio, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Gabriel Belmont
  • Rivals: Hiei
  • Commonality Connection to: Mikagami Tokiya
  • Not So Different From: Jin Kisaragi, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Bloody Marie, Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Enemies: Steve Rogers/Captain America, some of the Gods in the House of Family, Jin Kisaragi, Scorpion, Bloody Marie, and especially Asura (who considers Sasuke unworthy of carrying the torch of revenge because he believes the ninja's mind is too weak to handle his rage).
  • Former One-Sided Enemy: Naruto Uzumaki (Sasuke has refused to comment on this recently, although it may have changed)
  • Fears: Phil Swift
  • Additional Relationship: Kakashi Hatake (his sensei).
  • Sasuke Uchiha was the one figure that for the longest time in the Pantheon had... extremely divisive reaction to anybody. His quest for vengeance of his clan, for good or bad, AND his overall look and attitude attracted just as much sympathizers as well as extremely loud detractors. After a bit of 'percussive therapy' by his rival/best friend Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke managed to find a middle ground and was much more accepted. But due to his record, he ascended in this throne, relinquishing his old one, and he has a new, additional duty while wandering to atone for his past mistakes: There would be a lot of people suffering from his old stigma, so he would help in keeping these people straight while facing the two faces of the bases, instead of them collapsing.
  • While Japanese based deities tend to be a bit more sympathetic towards Sasuke, a large portion of Western based deities still look at him with contempt even after his Heel–Face Turn. He also stands out as being one of the few deities to be both glorified and demonized by his work's audience. This annoys Sasuke to no end.
  • Since having finally managed to talk to Itachi about his revenge, Sasuke has become more understood in his role, and seems to be steering away from his darker path, even if he tries to deny it. This has meant that Naruto has redoubled his efforts though, much to Sasuke's annoyance.
  • Mikagami was pretty much disgusted with his antics and thinks he's an idiot. Steve Rogers is also appalled at him, thinking that he'll never be an Avenger with that kind of mindset.
  • The House of Family used to look on his goal in shock and anger (at least the Good side). While Sasuke still doesn't show any signs of actually caring about this, the emotions have worn down after talking to Itachi and has taken steps to talk to his parents about it.
  • On the other hand, Gilgamesh likes his lifestyle. Because one must first think about one's self before others', no? Odio sees him as an ideal ally, and for once, Sasuke's feelings are quite mutual. Gilgamesh on the other hand he's mainly ignored. He grows out of it.
  • Lots of Gods claims to hear "Crawling In My Skin" everytime they come near Sasuke's temple. Sasuke denies this, but so far no-one believes him. Lately, though, with Sasuke's change in attitude and outlook, "What I've Done" is more likely to be heard.
  • Rumor has it that Sasuke has approached the House of Theater to commission a show called VENGEANCE: The Musical.
  • Sasuke actually has a modicum of respect for Shinji Ikari, seeing the latter as a victim much like himself who, after enduring constant humiliation and suffering at the hands of his entire world, got his revenge on them all. He's not fully aware of the actual circumstances, and any attempts to praise Shinji on his vengeance are always met with... an unpleasant response.
  • Recently it was revealed that he has a nickname: Dr Snakes. So far no full reaction has come from calling him this, but he has been developing a twitch.
  • Gets annoyed whenever people ask he's gay due to that one time he accidentally kissed Naruto in the lips. The next person who asks this question will be burned with Amaterasu.
  • Thanks to the rise of another revenge nutjob that is Kokonoe, Sasuke has taken a bit sigh of relief... maybe they'll finally forget about him being the revenge nutjob once ridiculed so many times.
  • Is sometimes compared to both Jin Kisaragi and Masato Kusaka. Sasuke, however, has no opinion on both of them... yet.
  • Has recently returned to being allies with Naruto again. However, whether this is permanent or not is yet to be revealed. He now serves as Naruto's "Hokage from the Shadows" and has actually said he considers his actions as a rogue-nin unforgivable, so it's highly likely that he is serious about serving the good of Konoha again.
  • On the rise of the House of Hatred, Sasuke... took a sigh of relief. Had he still stuck in his 'revenge nutjob' mindset, he would've moved there and... his sanity would get even worse.
  • In the aftermath of his final battle with Naruto, which took place after they sealed away Kaguya, Sasuke has admitted his loss to Naruto in battle, ending the rivalry between the two individuals... and as a result, his position in the Pantheon is safe from being banished. He has since joined up with Gabriel Belmont on his offer to Walk the Earth.
    • Upon hearing that his brother Itachi was banished to Retconia, he's starting to show remorse for his hatred on him. Sasuke now swears to find a way to bring him back. Also feels guilt for the attempted murder of Sakura Haruno, his now wife and mother of his child.
      • He's also been visiting him often and at the same time, notices how Itachi's genuine smile is changing most people around him for the better. He still gets odd reactions from Itachi whenever he brings up the subject of eggs however....
  • He's also gets along with Kaito Kumon due to the fact that the Armored Rider is also a rival to the more idealistic hero, just like Sasuke's rivalry with Naruto.
  • Finds it odd in that his voice is the same as the one and only Shirou Emiya. Is not amused in that he wants fellow gods to try and make him spout his iconic-infamous line ("People die when they are killed.")
  • It seems just like Itachi, Sasuke has some notable motifs for fire and flowers in his moveset whenever he appears in a video game; he does feel awkward when Asuma Sarutobi sues both him and sensei Kakashi for "screwing with the swallow motif", causing his said sensei to originally have a move that had the same name as Asuma's technique, Hien (Flying Swallow). Sasuke facepalms, and also prays that due to Kakashi also having a basic combo finisher called Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Return), that Sasaki Kojirou does not make it onto the pantheon....his "assassin" portrayal alone seems difficult enough to deal with in terms of "copyright issues for the swallow motif". Lu Xun on the other hand is also gritting his teeth for that day (since he too has a flying swallow motif).
  • Is recently disgusted and guilty of Ishida Mitsunari due to a blast to the past whenever he looks at the insane follower. Sasuke himself wonders how he and Itachi could've been different from all of this....
  • Recently, there have been reports of numerous deities choking out Sasuke. The number of people apparently choking Sasuke out got hilariously ridiculous to the point that even his supporters, poke fun at him over it. While he maintains that these accounts were fabricated, there's likely some truth to a few of them, as some have noticed that he seemed awfully weary around Phil Swift.


Intermediate Gods

Bumblebee, God of Appealing to Kids (Gold Bug, Bee, B-127)
G1 Bumblebee
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Autobot Symbol
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, Combat Parkour, Arm Cannon, Kid Hero, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Nice Guy, Adaptational Badass
  • Domain: Technology, Family, Quirks
  • Allies: Optimus Prime, Primus, Ichigo Kurosaki, Yu Narukami, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Sora, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Hibiki, The Fazbear Gang, Inazuma, Ikazuchi, Beast Boy, Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, The Inklings, Hana Song, The Iron Giant
  • Enemies: Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing, Soundwave, Lockdown, Neuroi,
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Grimlock
  • Oppose: S.O.S. Brigade
  • Wary of: John Cena (Yes, seriously)
  • Often considered the youngest of the Autobots, Bumblebee has often been paired with the young earthlings, finding a sort of connection and understanding with them.
  • While Bumblebee usually speaks with his radio transmitter even though his voice box is fixed, he does on occasion speak with his normal voice. Interesting, his voice sounds just like Yu Narukami and Ichigo Kurosaki. Since all three are very protective of the younger deities, they are all happy to team up with each other.
    • There are other times when he sounds like Deadpool of all people. Once the Merc with a Mouth found out about that, he tried to paint him red and black so that the two could match.
  • Has hanged around with many of the younger deities in the pantheon. He is however closest towards the Cutie Mark Crusaders despite the time they thought they could get their Cypertronian Fixer-Uppers Cutie Marks by operation on Bumblebee. He was proud to find that the trio ultimately obtained Cutie Marks on helping others find their purpose and moved to the House of Prophecy...not so much when he learned the trauma that they went through.
    • Has been willing to become a getaway vehicle for the Crusaders if things get sour, given the seal of approval from the Crusaders' friends in the House of Vampires.
  • Tries to avoid the members of the S.O.S. Brigade as they once tried to kidnap him.
  • Has recently been trained under Optimus Prime to be the future leader of the Autobots. While many are proud of him, they do hope he doesn't accidentally get Prime killed like that other Autobot who became leader did.
  • Really hates being called obsolete and would lose his temper if you call his car model "so last season".
  • Turns out to be Grimlock's parole officer. Despite that, the two can work together, If only a little.
  • When Bumblebee gets really damaged, he would sometimes come back with a golden paint job and a mouth guard. In this form, he usually goes by the name Gold Bug.
  • Allied himself with the Kancolle Shipgirls. True to his nature, he hangs out with the Destroyers.
  • Starscream really hates Bumblebee. It stems from him interrupting his speech that one time.
  • Has found a fan in Spider-Man. Seems the Web Head was very upset about Marvel's handling of the TF property and that he screamed out Bee's name in frustration.
  • Has become friends with some of the Inklings. They can be seen driving Bee in his vehicle mode as they do some drive by inking.
  • Curiously has become an ally of Freddy Fazbear. Most posit that it is due to their shared love of children and mechanical life-form status.
  • Has recently been avoiding John Cena as of late. Many gods question why since both figures are loved by children. Bumblebee's answer is that Cena looks similar to someone known as Agent Burns who wanted to hunt him down.
    • It's due to this that Bumblebee made friends with The Iron Giant since the Giant himself went through a similar situation.

    Hot Rod 
Hot Rod, God of Replacement Scrappies (Rodimus Prime, Rodimus, Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Major, Rodimus of Nyon)
  • Intermediate God (Greater as Rodimus Prime)
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia with flames on both sides, alternately The Matrix of Leadership
  • Theme: Dare, (The Touch when he becomes Rodimus Prime)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Lawful Good as Rodimus Prime and Chaotic Evil in his Shattered Glass form)
  • Portfolio: Replacement Scrappy of Optimus Prime, Chosen by The Matrix, Captain of the Lost Light, A young leader, Unlikely Hero, The Charmer, Hot-Blooded, Glory Hound, Brilliant, but Lazy, Wields an Energy Bow, Friend to All Children, Partially responsible for Optimus's death and wishes to atone for it, The Alcoholic
  • Domains: Robotics, Successors, Atonement, Insecurity, Adventure, Replacements
  • Herald: Kup and Drift
  • High Priest: Nightscream
  • Followers: The Stingers, The Spinosaurus, Carlie Cooper
  • Allies; Autobots: Optimus Prime (his predecessor), Bumblebee, Grimlock, Primus
  • Odd Friendship: Son Gohan
  • Head Butting Heroes: Tenzin, Lin Beifong
  • Enemies; Decepticons/Predacons: Starscream, Soundwave, Blitzwing, Tidal Wave, Beast Wars Megatron
  • Wary of: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Cyrus, Misato Katsuragi, Kuvira, AM
  • Pitied by: Scrappy Doo, Jar Jar Binks
  • Complicated Relationship: Megatron/Galvatron
  • Hot Rod, sometimes referred to Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Prime or simply Rodimus, ascended as part of an Autobot/Maximal strike force created by Ultra Magnus. At the time, Optimus Prime realized the resident Decepticons severely outnumbered the Autobots stationed in The Pantheon, and sent a distress signal to Cybertron, asking for reinforcements. The call was answered, and just before Megatron could deliver the final blow, Hot Rod leapt into action and knocked the tyrant to the ground. The battle was won soon after, and in reward for their valiant actions several of these new Transformers, Hot Rod included, were given positions and temples in The Pantheon.
    • Not many were happy with Hot Rod coming to the Pantheon, especially since he was originally created to replace Optimus Prime as leader... and was partially responsible for the latter’s death in the first place. To the surprise of those detractors, Optimus holds no Ill will towards him, and is actually proud of all his successor has accomplish. The only thing he asked of Hot Rod was to stay out of the way of situations involving Prime and Megatron. Some things it seems have never changed.
  • Serving as his Heralds are Kup, an old veteran of the Cybertronian war and the young Autobot’s mentor, and Drift, his second in command aboard the Lost Light. The three are sometimes seen together, with Kup and Drift giving Hot Rod crap for his reckless behaviour and Hot Rod in return brushing off his senior’s words. But when push comes to shove, they all care for each other, with Rodimus Prime often turning to his heralds for expert advice on how to be a leader.
  • Hot Rod gets along well with the other ascended Autobots, most notably with the mighty Grimlock. The Dinobot leader accompanied him and Kup during the final battle against Unicron in 2005, and as much as Grimlock denies it, he and his Dinobots are often the first to jump in whenever Hot Rod goes on a dangerous mission. That, and they also enjoy Kup’s war stories.
  • Was not happy to learn that Unicron was alive, and is currently out for revenge. But Hot Rod isn’t worried at all; so long as he has access to the Matrix, the Chaos-Bringer has much to fear. The same applies to Galactus, the Pantheon’s other resident planet eater. If either of them threatens to devour Cybertron then Hot Rod will unleash the full power of the Matrix.
  • Many in the Pantheon notice a shift in personality in the Young Autobot. As Hot Rod, he is more brash and headstrong, willing to go headlong into dire situations. However as Rodimus Prime, he becomes more hesitant, insecure about his abilities as leader and remorseful for being involved in Optimus’s death. He tends to bounce back and forth between these personas but it’s very evident when it happens.
  • In an alternate universe where the Autobots made contact with the Avatar world, Hot Rod ended up becoming close friends with Korra. Even without this knowledge though, the pair are still incredibly close, almost akin to siblings. Oftentimes, they’re seen either training together, sharing tales of their adventures, or simply just racing each other, trading friendly banter along the way. It was through Korra that Hot Rod befriended Asami, Mako and Bolin and became the honorary fifth member of the new Team Avatar.
    • Tenzin Lin Beifong, and Greed are still a little hesitant towards him, with his hot-blooded nature bringing back memories of a younger Korra, but all three are thankful Republic City has one more guardian to keep it safe from threats like Amon, Zaheer, and King Bradley's High Command.
  • Like many of his fellow Transformers, Hot Rod will occasionally change his appearance to take advantage of particular situations. He can become a Powerlinx combiner, a speedy but fragile energy archer, a sleek Lamborghini Centenario, or he can just stick to his signature form to cover all ends. Whatever form he appears in he retains his energetic personality and willingness to overcome dire situations.
  • He'll also use the Matrix on the Makuta too if he has to, and has allied himself with the Toa to help them against the Master of Shadows. Of the Toa and Turaga, he sympathizes with Turaga Vakama due to having to deal with the struggles of leadership, and Takanuva for being a young newcomer to their respective teams.
  • Turns out Hot Rod is great around kids, owing it to his previous friendship with Daniel Witwicky. As such, he and his fellow Autobots will occasionally makes visits to the Sub-House of Children to perform and give the kids a good time, sometimes even racing fellow speedsters Sonic the Hedgehog and Barry Allen.
  • Hot Rod spends a good deal of time socializing with Shinji Ikari, trying to help the Eva pilot overcome his introverted nature. He's also called out both Gendo and Misato after having seen what the boy has gone through and hopes to make life better for him. Still hasn't met with the other Eva pilots but from what he has heard... Hot Rod is in for one bumpy ride.
  • Formed a Odd Friendship with Son Gohan after noticing several noteworthy similarities between each other. For one, both characters were notorious for being made to replace well established predecessors (Optimus and Goku respectively), only for things to remain the same and the predecessors returning to life. In fact, Hot Rod wasn't too happy to learn of the Pantheon calling Gohan an utterly wasted character that slowly faded into the background, and has since dedicated more time to hang out with the young Saiyan, even bringing Korra and Sixth Ranger Tommy Oliver along for sparring matches.
  • He’s good friends with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and General Leia, as all three remind Hot Rod of himself, Springer and Arcee respectively. Ofttimes, he's been seen interacting with the three, testing out and comparing new rebel technology and meeting the new soldiers for the Alliance. The recruits are often taken back by the giant robot standing before them, which always leave a smile on Hot Rod's face but he's always happy to help out, especially with threats like Darth Sidious and Grand Admrial Thrawn on the loose. That said, Leia does give Hot Rod crap for destroying an entire planet to prevent the Decepticons taking it over and then callously stating Cybertron is better. It's fair enough; if you met someone who lost her entire world before her eyes, then you'd be a bit more cautious.
  • Hot Rod, Jar Jar Binks, and Scrappy Doo have been seen conversing together from time to time. It may seem odd at first, but all three share a similarity; they all were introduced to change up the Status Quo only to end up being reviled by their fanbases. For that, they share a form of camaraderie between each other.
  • Hot Rod's relationship with Megatron, and by extension Galvatron, is incredibly complicated. More often than not, they're bitter enemies and are always at each other's throats. However, the one exception to the rule occurs when Megatron, very rarely becomes an Autobot. When this happens, Hot Rod shows a great deal of respect for the old tyrant and will traverse through the cosmos aboard the Lost Light. This only happens on occasion though, and the rest of the time the two are just trying to kill each other.
  • One time, Hot Rod had his mind transferred into a synthetic human body by Old Snake in 2006 note . As a result, he and other Autobots are incredibly cautious when fighting the Cobra Commander in the Pantheon and his followers. This also extends to other mad scientists such as Dr. Wily and Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.
  • Also found in the House of Character Roles
"Now... light our darkest hour"


Lesser Gods

    DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch 
DJ Pon-3, Goddess of Unexpectedly Popular Characters (Vinyl Scratch, DJ P0n-3)
human form 

    Draco Malfoy 
Draco Lucius Malfoy, God of Unreasonably Liked Villains

    Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way 
Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, Goddess of Being Fascinatingly Bad (Enoby, Ebnoy and every conceivable mispelling, Tara Way, Nut Mary Sue OK)
Ebony according to the My Immortal comic

    Matt Hardy 
Brother Troper, I knew you'd come!

Matthew Moore "Matt" Hardy, God of Unexpected Successes Derided Before Release (Sensei of Mattitude, Matt Hardy Version 1, BROKEN/WOKEN Matt Hardy, Brother Moore [called that by Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero])
  • Theme Songs:
  • Lesser God normally, verging on Intermediate God when BROKEN/WOKEN
  • Symbol:
    • When Normal: The Hardy Boyz necklace over the stylizied initials MH in red.
    • When "BROKEN/WOKEN" it's his drone, Vanguard-1 superimposed with a speech bubble stating "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" or the word WOKEN on a shattered black screen.
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Wrestling, Death (Ashamed and Defied), Atonement, Jealousy, Insanity, Resurrection (Career).
  • Boss: Vince MEEKMAHAN
  • Allies: Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero (his brother), John Cena, Chris Jericho (Brother Keith), Yu Narukami, Shawn Michaels (The Kid Who Breaks Hearts), Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, AJ Styles
  • Rivals:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Brother Nero Punk, Brother Nero Takatora/Kamen Rider Zangetsu
  • Enemies: Brother Nero Mitsuzane/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Brother Nero Mikami
  • Distrusted by: Every single good-aligned Equestrian God (thanks to the Through Darkness and Mirrors incident, see below)
  • Avid listener of: Ludwig van Beethoveen
  • Herald: Reby Sky/Queen Rebecca (his wife)
  • Once upon a time, Matt and Jeff Hardy were a prominent tag team known as "Team Xtreme". They fought with each other, fought against each other and things were all right in the world. Until one day, when Matt Hardy became BROKEN, both in mind and appearance, blessed by a group of beings that he calls "The Seven Deities". This culminated into a match simply known as "The Final Deletion" that had the brothers fight for the Hardy name and contained hologram-projecting drones, Roman candles, a lake of reincarnation, a dilapidated boat, Matt's Mexican gardener and Matt running over his brother's lawn work with a lawn mower and then defeating his Obsolete Mule of a brother by lighting a huge cross on fire. No one could tell what to make of it, and various gods thought that It Will Never Catch On. Oh, how wrong they were...
    • Over time, Matt somehow became ever so popular with his gimmick. Not only was it creative, but it was also due to Matt being able to become his broken character no matter what the situation. Soon enough, "DELETE!" chants could be heard everywhere, matches were being fought in the Hardy Compound, Jeff Hardy decided to go along with the broken madness, Matt won tag team gold everywhere he went and gods who once derided him became part of his "Broken Bandwagon". For this, gods decided that he could go to the House of Popularity for succeeding where many gods thought he would fail. He just laughed madly in response.
  • When normal, he likes to eat green grapes for some odd reason and likes to eat these as he's a frequent visitor in the House of Food. When BROKEN, he loves green beans.
    • Was interested to learn about the Gaim Kamen Riders since they're all based on fruit. He heard about Ryugen, based off of grapes, and met up with him...and did a Jaw Drop when he found out that Ryugen's armor is based on purple grapes. This, and due to Micchy going against the side of good has made Matt a sworn enemy. Then, he found that Takatora, Mitsuzane's brother, was in the House of Ambiguity. Matt went on a tirade as to how Takatora turned his gaze away from his brother's dark side and how big brothers are supposed to take care of their little brothers, showing how Micchy's darkness caused Jeff, Matt's own brother, to become his dark alter ego Willow during the "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" incident. Matt is now teaming up with Takatora to make sure that Takatora makes the right choice and make Mitsuzane pay with his life. Oh, and to also get Takatora some lessons on how to judge people better. (Ironically enough, after Mitsuzane redeemed himself, Matt himself wound up BROKEN and succeeded in corrupting his own brother. Takatora has hated him since.)
  • As the leader of the Broken Bandwagon, Matt's goal is to lead a platoon of BROKEN/WOKEN Warriors in the battle against the darkness. He himself proclaims himself as of the light, and to those who are "DELETED", that means that they have lost everything from within their soul that makes them special, deleting them from all of space and time.
  • When he originally ascended, he was really not happy to find Gangrel of all people in the Pantheon. After getting unsuccessful answers from both Edge and Jeff as to their history, Matt also had to decline actually being part of a stable with him ( it turns out that, just like with E & C before, there's really no history). Gangrel just laughs at how hilarious this all is. It also didn't help that Christian finally made it to the Pantheon who then preceded to scream in sheer terror at the realization.
  • After years of bad blood with one another, he and Edge have buried the hatchet. This doesn't stop Edge from using the spear on him when they step into the ring, but at least they aren't threatening to kill each other.
    • Edge and Christian are Matt's biggest supporters of the BROKEN/WOKEN persona. Gangrel? Whoosh. Short version: After the incident with Limbo during Christmas, he has placed a warning that BROKEN Matt is going to get more than a blood bath for what he did to the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Long version: During the Christmas holiday, BROKEN Matt Hardy created what is now known as the Darkness and Mirrors incident, forcing The Cutie Mark Crusaders into Limbo and having them go through the hellish world once more. Needless to say every good-aligned Equestrian God hate him with a passion now. Never mind that it wasn't his idea per se; he had a powerful "premo-NEE-tion" to stop a darker threat from letting loose and that he actually was trying to warn everyone of what was to come and the Crusaders eventually escaped Limbo and stopped the more powerful threat. Gangrel and Luna Vachon, who have become so close to the fillies, will NEVER forgive him for such treachery. BROKEN Matt doesn't mind though, as he plans to "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" the two when the time comes.
    • André the Giant also agrees with the vampires (he's the godfather of Luna Vachon, fyi) and just facepalmed when he learned that Matt became the winner of the André the Giant Memorial at Wrestlemania 34. He honestly doesn't want to know where Matt got the idea to speaking with his trophy likeness as if it was really André himself.
  • Whenever he and Jeff team up, the Hardy Boyz can usually be seen having epic tag team matches against any and all challengers. Paul London and Brian Kendrick are considered a Worthy Opponent for the two (despite the fact that neither wrestler can contemplate Matt's mentality now. Paul's not one to make judgments due to his White Rabbit worshiping)
  • Has made good friends with Yu Narukami. Matt's is teaching him some wrestling moves, while Yu is looking to see if he can help Matt...trim down, so to speak. Yu has been wary after what Matt did to his own brother (and promised to beat Matt within an inch of his life if he should go after Nanako), but Matt allying with Jeff after Jeff's Taking the Bullet during the "Delete or Decay" incident against a trio of demons has calmed things down...for the most part. Yu still doesn't want Nanako to go anywhere near him (and after what Matt did to her close friends, Nanako has threatened to cut his head off with her new wind-and-fire wheels).
  • While he once calmed down before the BROKEN condition came in, Matt was close to a Freak Out! upon the events of "Project: Alternate! Gentaro" with how he had no idea if his brother was alive after the Iron Giant Rampage/Undead Uprising, the fact that Jeff let himself be devoured by the Undead. Matt was in therapy for months after the incident, but he notes that he has forgiven Mitsuzane for his actions (he still hates how Ryugen's armor is purple though).
    • It turns out that the therapy was utterly useless. As something happened to him and he wound up being BROKEN and now he want to defeat the Brother Neros and eat them. Worst of all, he put Mitsuzane back to his hit list as he outright blames him for his downfall into a broken person right now.
  • Alongside his Brother Nero, he runs a stable known as "House Hardy" consisting of him, his wife Queen Rebecca, his sons, King Maxel and Lord Wolfgang, his caretaker and gardener Senor Benjamin, Vanguard-1, the drone and Skaasgard the golden, sentient dilapidated boat. No one really knows what to say to this. But to those who wish to challenge Matt in his home, be careful. He has no qualms on shooting people with Roman Candle assault rifles, his Mexican gardener is armed with a taser, he will bury his opponents in the Land of Obsolete Men and there's always his Lake of Reincarnation that he can use to subdue an enemy before they even had a chance to know what hit him. Oh, and there was that event Tag Team Apocalypto where he had a volcano in his backyard which would take half of the House of Popularity with it if Matt and Jeff didn't retain their Tag Team Championships. Oh and it could somehow predict the gender of Matt's second child.
    • As to the extent of his powers, the "7 Deities" have blessed him with the power to grant him very powerful "premo-NEE-tions" that seemed to better than what the House of Prophecy offers, his Lake of Reincarnation will dunk any wrestler to a previous form for a short amount of time (Something that Kane absolutely looks in fear), he has access to his various past lives and somehow rebooted his beloved Vanguard-1 using his brother's life essence .(Yes, seriously.) He's also capable of transferring his powers to another person who will be afflicted with the same inflection like BROKEN Matt has.
      • Various gods are wondering just who or what these 7 Deities are. Matt has listed their names but he's not giving any more details after that.
  • Likes to row his dilapidated boat, Skaasgard across the lakes and rivers of the House of Nature. May or may not be sentinent. And after a trip to Egypt where he obtained the abilities of his first vessel, Annunaki, it is now known as "The Golden Ark" that feeds on the tag team championships that BROKEN Matt and Brother Nero obtain during their expedition of gold.
  • Goes to the House of Beasts in order to commune with the animals—or rather the souls of famous people that are (apparently) reincarnated as animals. Fluttershy has had to ban him from her temple after she saw him try to box with a kangaroo that had the soul of Smokin' Joe Frazer in it.
  • Made a triumphant return at Wrestlemania 33 with Brother Nero to become Tag Team Champions. He's now looking forward to deleting Roman Reigns all while laughing maniacally and stating how "DELIGHTFUL!" it is to be back in the WWE. While normal at that point, after a feud with Cesaro, his brother out on shoulder injury and being harassed by Bray Wyatt, Matt could only scream "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" and became something known as...WOKEN!!!. This culminated in a feud with Bray in what was to be known as "The Ultimate Deletion" which involved the same as "The Final Deletion" but included a game of hide-and-seek in the Land of Obsolete Men, a trip to the Dilapidated City (Where Bray had a breakdown as it reminded him too well of when Randy Orton burned down Sister Abigail's remains) and the Dome of Deletion (in which WOKEN Matt tried to run Bray down with a "mower of lawns"), before it ended with Matt submerging his opponent in the Lake of Reincarnation, and the two have now become a tag-team known as the "Deleters of Worlds". Gods can only imagine just what's in store now.
  • Gods learned the hard way to never have him with either Teru Mikami or the Cybermen in the same room after the trio started screaming "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" at one another.
  • Loves listening to the classics, and had Beethoveen's Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement as his entrance theme when he started the gimmick. Sometimes, Matt's wife, Queen Rebecca, will play this piece when her husband enters the ring.
  • To explain how absolutely crazy Matt is when BROKEN, his brother is the Cloudcuckoolander's Minder (in other words the sane one) when it comes to interacting with one another. Many gods are otherwise shocked that the Hardy who dyes his hair, risks his body for insane stunts and even makes a mummy out of aluminum foil is somehow the Only Sane Man out of the Hardys nowadays.
  • Due to multiple injuries, Matt has had to retire from in-ring wrestling. However, he's used this time to prepare his temple for more and more craziness, like the House Hardy Halloween party he held.
    • It is there that he revealed that the nucleus of his power was Excalibur, making him one of the gods who can wield him without being annoyed. Gods are fearing the chaos BROKEN Matt can unleash with Excalibur in hand.
  • Since he falls under the trope of works being derided before they became popular, he has ties with numerous gods who were seen with revulsion for their time from Tintin to the Muppets and My Little Pony gods, various Marvel superheroes whose films caused many to believe that they wouldn't sell (The Guardians of the Galaxy being the biggest example) and many many more works. And the more connections he gains, the more power he will use to spread and create his WOKEN Army. Other gods have learned to be very wary of him now, considering his charisma and his sheer will to project this BROKEN persona in and out of the ring.
  • "Pantheon, you leave me no choice. I sentence you to...deletion!"

    Ron Weasley 
Ronald Bilius Weasley, God of Unreasonably Disliked Heroes (Won-Won, Roonil Wazlib, Weaselby, Master of Mystery)

    Sam, Clover, and Alex 
Sam, Clover, and Alex, the Godly Trio of Media Best Remembered For Their Fanservice (Sam: Sammy, Samantha Simpson, Clover: Clover Francise Ewing, Alex: Alexandra, Al)
Left to right: Alex, Sam, and Clover


    Green Biker Dude 
The Green Biker Dude, The One-Scene Wonder (GBD)
  • Theme Song: Opening Stage (Reploid Factory), or the We Are ROCK-MEN! remix
  • Demigod
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, often mistaken for Chaotic Stupid
  • Symbol: A 16-bit sprite of him popping a wheelie on a Ride Chaser.
  • Portfolio: Memorable characters who appear for all of five seconds, Memetic Badass Bikers, being killed off while popping a wheelie
  • Domains: War, Death, Popularity.
  • High Priest: Hank Scorpio
  • Followers: Michigan J. Frog, Koh the Face Stealer, Argent, Greedo
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Sigma, Vile, Lumine, Copy X, Omega, the Corpus, Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Sombra, the Infested
  • Opposes: Derpy Hooves
  • Fears: Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Vinyl Scratch
  • Vinyl Scratch (or Lyra, or Bon Bon…we forget) was supposed to take this title. However, it's been stated that, for all the badassery he's been given, GBD literally never appeared more than once in official lore. This allowed him to usurp the position.
    • In an ironic twist, Vinyl Scratch later ascended properly, taking Matt's former title, much to the consternation of GBD. Matt being Vinyl Scratch's High Priest wasn't enough to make GBD calm and the biker has been antagonizing the pony every now and then.
  • Captain Falcon, a fellow Memetic Badass, has taken a liking to him, and teaches him how to become an F-Zero pilot. Sometimes, the Blue Falcon can be seen popping a wheelie.
  • Has gained the interest of Leeroy Jenkins, who thinks that he is a fellow Chaotic Stupid god. GBD just rolls along with it, knowing that his Dying Moment of Awesome brought about his reputation.
  • For some odd reason, his voice sounds very similar to Zero.
  • He utterly despises Derpy, as she was able to continue her story, while his life was only touched upon again to the public through urban legends. Speaking of which…
  • The truth about this guy is that he is actually a Maverick Hunter constructed specifically to master the use of Ride Chasers, a project that it was hoped would produce the ideal soldier for fast rescues and attacks. As it so happened, he wound up being far and away the most skilled rider amongst all the trainees in his class, and potentially the best in the entire organization; mastering both the particle cannon attacked to his Ride Chaser Cheval as well as its wheelie controls (enabling him to slow down, jump, etc.) to the point even X and Zero would be impressed. His final test (and first real mission) came shortly after Sigma's defection and first defeat, as he was asked to go into some of the areas X scoured through and take out enemy stragglers. His mission was a complete success, at which point he was graduated to the front lines and became a full-fledged Maverick Hunter, even deployed on the same team as X during the next outbreak. Unfortunately, when he went to pop a wheelie to dodge an oncoming laser shortly after deployment, the jump function didn't work and he was obliterated — the only part of all this to be seen in Mega Man X2, creating the infamous moment that made him a meme.
  • He was rebuilt within the Pantheon by a technology magician who didn't want him to come back as a ghost and a robotics genius who was also a huge fan: those being Skuld and Dexter. The former ended up even adding her trademark Skuld Bombs into his Ride Chaser's arsenal, adding to his attack potential with the vehicle. And yes, Green Biker Dude is his actual name.
  • Was delighted to hear how Johnny of Brain Scratch Commentaries did an entire playthrough of Mega Man X2 dedicated to him.
  • Commander Epsilon and Sage Harpuia recruited him for their "maximize the potential of Reploids" cause. Harpuia convinced GBD by appealing to their common loyalty to X. He was also met by Alia and Axl, who both joined the Hunters some time after his death. All of them were impressed by his Ride Chaser skills, and Axl thinks he's cool in general, though Alia finds it impractical that a Reploid would be created for that purpose.
  • Before very long, GBD and his new partners, now including Dr. Ciel, realized they would have to expand their focus into a true robot resistance. This was only hastened in response to a new threat of surging Maverick activity in the Pantheon. They took advantage of Ultron and Sigma's occupation with commandeering a merger of the Marvel and Capcom worlds as well as engineering a mechanical outbreak in the Pantheon to restructure the organization in the background, while the Maverick Hunters stood among the many heroes out to stop the two.
    • While this took place, they were also joined by Harpuia's brothers Hidden Phantom and Fighting Fefnir, as well as Labrys and the battle cyborg Lambda-11, who joined on recommendation of Aigis to gain antibodies for the Sigma Virus. Though Aigis herself had to decline due to being too busy with her Shadow Operatives group, GBD befriended her during this visit as two good-natured robots built for both general and specific purposes found each other interesting. Following Ultron and Sigma's defeat on both fronts, GBD stood by his partners as they made the group public in the House of Justice, now known as Liberion Arcadia. Officially the Hunters have labeled GBD's LA membership as an extended mission, with him occasionally serving as a liaison between the two units.
    • Afterwards, they invited robot deities including Repliforce, Grimlock, Proto Man, and Bass to join their new cause, but none of them accepted. Instead, following up was the YoRHa anti-machine android 2B, who had ascended after the invites were already sent out and was contemplating forming a group just like theirs until she discovered one already existed. Newer members after this include Quote and Curly Brace, invited by Epsilon; ICEY, taken to the group by Labrys; and 9S, 2B's precious partner.
  • Unfortunately, being a uniquely-specialized Reploid does have its drawbacks; GBD is a frequent target of both Desperado Enforcement and The Corpus, two evil corporations specializing in war technology. Fortunately he's got his teammates to help him out with that, though some of them are also targets of these groups.
  • When an attempt by Sombra to hack the systems of Liberion Arcadia's members resulted in Sombra hacking 2B and 9S hacking her weapons in retaliation, Sombra's Talon organization ended up coming to bail her out. During the ensuing skirmish, Widowmaker hit a shot that damaged the Cheval just right so that when GBD tried to fire off a Skuld Bomb, it blew up within the Cheval and blew him away, almost killing him (again). Since then he's been pretty scared of the Cold Sniper, which is gonna be harder to fix than his Ride Chaser's pieces which he took back to Dexter to be repaired.
  • Groans at the Guardians' sister Leviathan calling him the "wheelie guy" ever since she ascended and joined the team.

    I Hate Everything 
I Hate Everything, God of Popularity Backlash (IHE, Alex Beltman, ManManBoyBoyMan, Morty Prest, RNL Media)

    Leon (Dead or Alive
Leon, The God Who Got Saved by the Fans (The Strongest Man in the World)

    Margaret "Peggy" Carter 
Margaret Elizabeth Carter, Goddess of Popular Only Females (Peggy, Agent, Agent Carter, English, Agent 13, Miss Union Jack, Ruth Barton)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A blue dress with a red Stetson Stratoliner hat and red lipstick
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Song: "Credits Suite"
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, played a larger role in the movie universe, very popular, Steve's First Love, Heartbroken Badass, Combat Pragmatist, Passed in Their Sleep, founder of MCU S.H.I.E.L.D., has to fight sexism to be recognized
  • Domains: Courage, Protection, World War II, Spies
  • Herald: Her niece Sharon Carter
  • High Priestess: Miss Piggy
  • Allies: Steve Rogers / Captain America, Nick Fury, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Fa Mulan, Richard Winters and Ronald Spiers, Rick Blaine, Iowa, Seras Victoria, Integra Hellsing
  • Enemies: Hydra, Johann Schmidt / Red Skull, EVERY NAZI IN THE PANTHEON, including Gihren Zabi, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Fritz Von Meyer / Swarm, Millenium, Adenoid Hynkel
  • Opposed by: Hank Pym
  • Pities: Cinderella
  • A highly-respected veteran from World War II, founder of the MCU version of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America's tragic First Love, the alternative universe version of Peggy Carter was unanimously agree to be ascended to her temple and had her youth restored by the House of Time and Space when she headlines her own show, making her the first female lead in the MCU.
  • When seeing each other after nearly 70 years after her ascension and death, Peggy and Steve shared an emotional reunion and hug. However, both of them are on uneasy term with each other and agree to not continue their romance because both have moved on to other people, not to mention Peggy is still feeling awkward because Steve is dating her niece Sharon.
  • After learning that a Black Widow ascended into the Pantheon, Peggy went in gun in tow cautiously approach Natasha Romanoff's temple to take her down. After learning from Steve and Natasha that not only she had defected from KGB but also Black Widow has been an important ally for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers for many years, Peggy apologize for her action and came to feels sorry for what Nat has been through. The two of them can be seen training with each other and exchange stories of their adventures.
  • Because Peggy is the founder of the MCU version of the spy agency of SSR and eventually S.H.I.E.L.D., she is highly respected by every spies in the Pantheon, especially Nick Fury for being essentially the female version of him in the movie universe. Although this cost her to become unpopular with Hank Pym because his movie version's distrust for S.H.I.E.L.D. for their attempt to weaponize his Pym Particle.
  • Learning that one of the soldiers have fight him in WW II has ascended did not bode well for Red Skull. Especially one that is the founder of the movie version Hydra's primary enemy S.H.I.E.L.D. For her part, Peggy immediately launched various undercover mission to take down Red Skull when heard that he is still alive and ascended to the Pantheon, as well as every single Nazi in the Pantheon.
    • To get an upper hand on Peggy and destroy her emotionally, Red Skull sent one of his agents to drop a bombshell that Hydra has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. ever since its creation. Peggy's reaction is a mix of shock, break down and immense anger to the point that she swore to dedicate her time hunts down and destroys every single Hydra agents in the Pantheon. When the Red Skull once again mocked her effort as useless because cutting of a head of Hydra two more will take its place, Peggy angrily retorts that then she will keep cutting them off and unleash her entire barrel of bullets on him, causing him to barely escape with his life.
    • Her hunt for Nazi let her to discover a bunch of them still active in the Pantheon. This caused her to overcome with despair with the fact that this kind of ideal still growing. However, this led her to stumble across Richard Winters and Ronald Spiers on their own mission to get rid of the Nazi in the Pantheon. The three formed a friendship for their shared experience fighting WW II. Also has a strong friendship with Iowa for their share hatred of Nazi and the fact that Peggy admire the ship that she symbolize.
    • Despite of her hatred for Nazism, she sometimes chuckles in private due to how incompetent Adenoid Hynkel was. Anyone beside Steve dares to comment on this will have a Death Glare aim at them and a hefty workout if telling anyone else.
  • Tony Stark got attached to her after learning that she is a good friend with the movie version of his father Howard. Peggy felt very sorry for Tony's loss and lonely past, especially after learning from Steve that the person who is responsible for Howard's death is one of her old friend Bucky Barnes.
  • Cinderella almost broke into tears when saw her deceased mother in the Pantheon and rushes to give a hug. She was severely disappointed when it was just Peggy because the two of them share similar look in live-action. Regardless, Peggy pities her for the abuse Cinderella went through and the two formed a friendship.
  • Form an unexpected friendship and mutual admiration for Mulan because she also had to fight against sexism in her society in order to get recognize and find happiness with her own life.
  • Sometimes can be seen attending Rick Blaine's bar reminiscing about the life Steve and her could have had together over a drink and a talk with Blaine, who can sympathize with her situation.
  • Because of Peggy's Adaptational Nationality, she picks up some unexpected friends along the way. Seras Victoria got along with her well for their nationality and love for welding gun (although Peggy prefer a handgun for stealth reason) while Integra Hellsing and Peggy shares their admiration for each other for being the Badass Normal woman in their universe but still can handle themselves just fine.

Scrappy-Doo, Patron Saint of Fan-Hated Characters and Being Provoked into Fighting (Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!)

    The Seinfeld group 
Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer, Quadrumvirate Deities of Common Plot Points and Random Conversations
From left to right: Kramer, Costanza, Elaine and Seinfeld
  • Theme song: Seinfeld Theme
  • Demigod(desse)s
  • Symbol: The Seinfeld logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Kramer has good tendencies, Costanza has evil tendencies)
  • Portfolios: Four-Temperament Ensemble, Jerkass, Lack of Empathy, Nominal Hero, Really Gets Around, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Chaos, Comedy, Charm, Curse (Luck for Kramer followers), Trickery
  • Allies: The Houses of Lustful Acts and Lustful Behavior, Ed; Edd and Eddy, Lucifer, Princess Daisy, Babe Ruth, Konata Izumi, Barry B. Benson
  • Rivals: Sitcom deities in general, especially Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, The Friends crew and The Gang
  • Enemies: The Janitor, Red Forman, Bugs Bunny
  • Opposes: Earl Hickey (except Kramer)
  • Fears: Sweeth Tooth, The Joker, Speedy Gonzales, Jerry (Kramer), The House of Health and Diseases (Costanza)
  • Feared by: The House of Commerce
  • Annoys: Pippi Longstocking
  • Pities: Norma Desmond (Kramer)
  • The Ricardos' efforts to add more of their followers into the Pantheon proper had gone without a hitch. But there was a time when their authority was seriously challenged. A group of four individuals challenged the couple for the thrown. They received a massive following, both due their immense popularity and the fact that many of the Ricardos' followers drew inspiration from them. The Court of the Gods had no choice but to decide on a winner, pitting the two groups against each other in a stand-up comedy competition. Seinfeld's group was poised to claim victory after a lukewarm response from their rivals... only for Costanza to make a joke that managed to offend every deity in attendance. They may have lost the battle, but won the hearts of enough followers to become deified themselves.
    • Despite their popularity among followers, they relent the fact that many people these days consider them unfunny. They are quick to point out that many imitators learn those tricks from them. That caused them to have strained relations with most comedic deities.
    • Things took a heated turn when their archrivals from Friends successfully ascended. The two groups battled over ratings throughout The '90s and their followers argue over which series is the best Sitcom of all time. The Seinfeld group are more aggressive in contesting that title.
    • The only sitcom protagonists they seem to truly respect are their hand-picked high priests. Still, the group are wary of them, as Dennis and his crew are eager to claim the titles for themselves. They begrudgingly congratulated the Gang upon their own ascension.
  • Seinfeld still performs stand-up comedy, now doing so in the House of Theater. Many flock to see him work his magic on the mic, albeit accompanied by a few hecklers.
  • The House of Lust was delighted to serve a group that frequents their grounds. Even George was able to get lucky with a couple women. They all like to date and discuss their escapades with the deities who reside there, depending on the sexual orientation. The exception would be fellow casanova Charlie Harper. Elaine successfully got him and his friend Barney to fight over her, challenging them to race around the House of Justice in their underwear for her. It was all a ploy by her group to humiliate them and have the men end up in jail. Charlie and Barney instigated a prank war on the group ever since.
  • Inspired by the classic Sitcom Arch-Nemesis Newman, the Janitor continued where Newman left off, tormenting the group with pranks and insults. Red joined the Janitor on the pranks, hoping to teach those younger folks a lesson in respecting their elders.
  • No matter what they do or how much they plan their schemes, their plans almost always end up in failure. Only this time they know karma has a patron. They stormed Earl's temple and demanded their fortunes to be changed. When Earl explained they needed to do good deeds to earn good karma... they gave up and left. Except Kramer, who gave Earl a quick hug before leaving. Kramer always had the best luck and suspected Earl was responsible for it.
  • Kramer entered the House of Commerce, hoping that someone would invest in Kramerica Industries to make it a budding company. Richie Rich thought it would be a good idea and gave him some money. It ended up a complete disaster, with Kramer arguing with his friends over the flimsiest of topics. Not even Liz Lemon could save Kramerica Industries from bankruptcy.
  • Bugs Bunny couldn't help but have fun toiling with the jerks. Their behavior made it all to easy for him to prank them. The four declared war and tried every tactic on the rabbit, but Bugs proved to be to great of an opponent to defeat. Bugs did eventually lay off on them once he felt bored.
  • To their surprise, they were greeted with none other than Lucifer himself. The Creator of Chaos happened to be a huge fan of the group, pleased how they spawned descendants that aligned to his philosophy. While he couldn't give them the title they wanted, he did offer his assistance if ever there was someone that needed a comeuppance.
  • Norma Desmond was recently visited by Kramer. The man felt a bit of remorse for her hard luck as of late, just as his group is struggling to make headway with younger people. The others scoffed at the peace offering, so Kramer went off on his own. Norma took the chance and let him in. After some days, it became apparent that she wanted to keep Kramer in her temple forever. He ended up climbing down the window at night and ran off on foot. He doesn't visit her anymore, but he still takes pity on her.
  • Has outright banned all mice deities from their temple due to Kramer's fear of the creatures. Clowns aren't allowed either, and he might well be justified with the current ones in the Pantheon.
    • Likewise, Constanza has sworn never to set foot in the House of Health & Diseases, even when all the doctors in the Pantheon insistent on his safety from disease. George wouldn't take the chance, calling doctors to come to his temple instead.
  • Elaine was surprised to find a number of tomboyish characters in the Pantheon, being all to familiar with girly girls in her own world. Many look up to her as one of the first woman to keep up with the men. She has been particularly fond of Princess Daisy, hoping to help the Tomboy Princess to surpass Princess Peach as the leading princess.
  • Costanza went over to the House of Sports, eager to show off his skills to the great Babe Ruth. The God of Baseball was skeptical with his skill, but it all leaked away when George proved to be a great hitter. Though he scoffed at Costanza calling it "not complicated,'' the two eventually became friends.
  • Pippi Longstocking would like to remind you that just because she's from Europe doesn't make her associated with Hitler. Neither does she think it's a funny joke.
  • The guys have tried their hardest not to let the Pantheon see Elaine dance. Unfortunately, Trollkaiger eagerly released a video of her. The results... weren't pretty. Her employers can't even take hers seriously anymore.
  • The group admits that Konata Izumi may be the only deity that can top the randomness of their conversations. One conversation with her lasted days and went through more topics than what could be found on a dictionary.
  • Barry B. Benson seems to get along with Jerry, as he's essentially his bee equivalent. The rest of the Seinfeld gang get a bit weirded out when they talk to each other.
  • Also reside in the House of Narrative Structure.

Tingle, God of Widely Hated Characters Across the Border (The Reincarnated Fairy?)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his head and a red balloon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hated By Fans Not From the Region of Origins, Manchild, Gonk, Gag Nose, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Intrepid Merchant, Magic Dance(?), Balloonacy.
  • Domains: Audience Reaction, Weirdness, Maps.
  • Allies: Link, Princess Zelda, Tinkerbell, Cirno (those two are one-sided), Excalibur, Duck Hunt Dog, Navi, King Harkinian, Vinny, Waluigi, Balloon Boy, Enju Aihara
  • Tolerated by: Most gods from Japan
  • Opposed by: Entirety of the House of Hatred. And many gods from America, obviously.
  • Opposes: Ganondorf, Maleficent.
  • Tingle's ascension was really hard for the Court of the Gods, simply due of how polarizing Tingle is. There were many times when they almost wanted to deny him the chance to ascend all together. Ultimately, they had to get Link's word on this. Link's comment was, where he might have charged him too much to decipher maps and attempted to steal Force Gems out in the open, he is pretty much harmless and might get unneeded hatred, so they decided that Tingle is good to ascend properly.
  • The House of Hatred (outside of Eren Yeager) absolutely despise him. Even though they feed on the hatred he gets, Tingle himself lacks much of any malice or hatred, making him a filth on their unholy image (even Eren is fuelled by hatred). This is why Kenshiro leaves Tingle alone on his visits.
  • Probably the only deity who can tolerate Excalibur for extended amount of time. Gods fret any time the two deities meet with eachother.
  • For how much flak he gets, he is still really skilful at drawing maps. If he is seen floating around with his balloons, most gods try to shoot him down (he always lands on his feet, so doing this out of spite is pointless unless he is hovering over water) to buy maps from him.
  • Had a solo adventure on his own, to surprise to many. Vinny even likes it, and invited Tingle to his island hotel, which caused him to get into baseball.


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