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Ascended Deities

"It's Bayley!"

Bayley, Goddess of Tackle Hugs (Pamela Rose Martinez, Davina Rose, Luchadora)
  • Theme: "Turn It Up"
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A wacky inflatable tube man holding a sign that reads "Hug time!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: being adorable when kicking ass, being optimisic against the odds against her, wearing purple and labeled as a power wrestler, being absolutely cute, wanting to hug everyone she meets, befriending those she defeats, the sole virgin diva in the WWE, able to sell her matches with skill, wanting to be friends with everyone, being incredibly dangerous when pushed and ready to kick ass if need be, The Bayley-to-Belly Suplex
  • Domain: Hugs, Optimism, Wrestling, Friendship
  • Herald: Her No. 1 fan, Izzy
  • Allies: All good-aligned gods in the House of Friendship, gods in the Happiness sub-house in the House of Emotion, all wrestlers who are Faces and basically any god/goddess that she wishes to befriend (Which is a lot, mind you). Gets along well with the Avatars of Friendship.
  • Rivals: Doesn't really have any, due to her being so friendly. But non-ascended ones include: Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Asuka.
  • Enemies: Basically those who hurt her friends, gods in the House of Villainy, Evil gods in the House of Hatred and every god who had a hand in making The Friendship Asylum.
  • Distaff Counterpart to: Bear Hugger, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio
  • Conflicting Opinion: Freddy Fazbear
  • Pities: Homura Akemi
  • When she made her appearance at the gates of the Pantheon, there were various gods who began to sing:
    Heeeeeey, heeyyy Bayley! OOH! AAAH! I wanna knooooow....will you be my girl!
  • Began her trip by hugging everyone in sight. Some were confused, some were happy, some gleefully returned the hug. She gets along well with Yui Hirasawa because of that. Many gods are worried what would happen if Bayley started giving hugs to Moe Mikuru Asahina, Chiyo Mihama or Yotsuba...the ending result would be everyone in a five-foot radius dissolving from the cuteness.
    • Then came the day when she met with Hello Kitty...You May Panic Now.
    • Her friendly nature naturally lead her to befriend the Avatars of Friendship, which started at a party in her new temple, being introduced to Gentaro Kisaragi with his handshake (and Gentaro given a hug in return), Elena, Pinkie Pie and Steven Universe, who have now made her an honorary member of their group. Bayley was absolutely happy and has promised to join in on their daily friendship rounds.
  • When Bayley decided to give a hug to Rena Ryuguu, Rena surprised her by going "OMOCHIKAERI!!!!" and drag Bayley back to her temple. Many gods are now wondering what would happen if Bayley and Rena actually fought, with bets going that Bayley would win and place Rena in the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex.
  • While many wrestlers get the crowd to chant how "X is GONNA KILL YOU!", Bayley gets the honor of having the crowd chant "BAYLEY'S GONNA HUG YOU!" Many gods are just wondering how that even works. What's more surprising is that, unlike most divas, she's capable of going toe-to-toe with many of the male wrestlers.
  • Is the Distaff Counterpart to Bear Hugger, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio for these reasons:
    • To Bear Hugger: They're huggers than fighters, and want nothing more than to hug everyone in sight. When Bayley met, she gave Bear Hugger a...hug, then gave one to his squirrel and bear friend. Bear Hugger was surprised to find that, unlike most divas in the Pantheon, she's gone toe-to-toe with guys and put them in her Bayley-to-Belly Suplex.
    • To Dolph Ziggler: They are masters of making their matches look good, no matter the opponent, not to mention their "never give up" attitudes. Bayley was impressed to learn of Dolph's past as part of the "Spirit Squad", while Dolph notes that Bayley's basically a better version of him back he was known as "Nicky". The two tend to train and practice their skills from time to time.
    • To Rey Mysterio: Where do we begin?! Underdogs, adorable ass-kickers, both of them hailing from California (Rey Mysterio from San Diego, Bayley from San José), being Faces who love children and are liked by those very same kids...we could go on and on, but basically everyone basically couldn't stop cooing when Bayley and Rey hugged!
  • Since she wants to give a hug to everyone, she once got asked by LOLRanger to hug a duo of vampire wrestlers in the House of Ambiguity...around the same time as the Cutie Mark Crusaders decided to go there. The House of Ambiguity knew this was going to be something they couldn't miss and watched as Gangrel found himself glomped by three fillies and Bayley at the same time. He honestly has no comment on the whole thing, except that the next time he saw a member of LOLRanger. he was preparing a Blood Bath on them.
  • When she found Pooh, she immediately went to him and gave him a hug, to which Pooh replied back. She also has given similar hugs to Teddie and Naughty Bear, but doesn't know what to say about Freddy Fazbear—she does want to hug him after hearing his backstory, but also knows that she could easily be killed by him if not careful.
  • Upon hearing the story of Homura and Madoka's friendship, she really thinks that Homura is in need of a good hug. She onced tried to give it to her, only to have many generals in the GUAC pull her out before she had a chance. She hopes that Homura and Madoka make up one day, though.
  • As a friendly goddess, she's on good terms with the House of Friendhsip. She wasn't happy to learn of the asylum incident and was absolutely FURIOUS with those who decided to use the asylum for something evil. Upon learning those who were involved, she solmenly swore that she didn't even want to hug them. EVERYONE in the vicinity gasped at that.
    • She absolutely HATES Queen Chrysalis for this—and she hated her even more upon learning the truth about how Chrysalis hid the idea of how her changelings could share love in order to fuel only herself. The Avatars of Friendship also agree not to let Bayley hug the Changeling Queen.
  • The glomping incident with Gangrel aside, she's had lots of fun making friends with all of the Equestrian ponies. She's given them lots of hugs and has spent time getting to know them better. Rarity has decided to make her wrestling outfits with lots of purple, Fluttershy and her spend time taking care of Fluttershy's animal friends (she even gave Discord a hug, much to his embarrassment) and she even likes to listen to Spike's tales of heroism.

     The Kamen Rider Club 
Kengo Utahoshi, Yuki Jojima, Miu Kazashiro, JK, Shun Daimonji, Tomoko Nozama, and Chuta Ohsugi, Gods of the School Club Front (Collectively: The Kamen Rider Club, Kengo: King of the Infirmary, The Core Child, Yuki: Space Otaku, Gemini Zodiarts, Miu: Queen of Amanogawa High, JK: DJ Gene, Kaizou Jingu, Shun: Flashing Grin, Tomoko: Tomo-chan, Psychic Goth Girl, Chuta: Ohsugi-sensei)
The founding members (and Gentaro in the center) (from left to right): Tomoko, Miu, Kengo, Yuki, Shun, JK
  • Theme Song: Switch On! (shared with Gentaro)
  • Leitmotif:
  • Lesser Gods (Kengo is an Intermediate God, and Miu, Yuki, and Tomoko are Demigoddesses, unless Yuki is Gemini Zodiarts then she's also a Lesser Goddess while Chuta Ohsugi is a Quasideity)
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider Club Flag. Individually:
    • Kengo: The Core Switch
    • Yuki: Her Hayabusa Plushie or a set of red and blue cards (Gemini Zodiarts only)
    • Miu: A poster of herself superimposed with a speech bubble that says "Oops!"
    • JK: His Memetic Hand Gesture—his arms crossed and the hands forming a 'J' and 'K'
    • Shun: His Power Dizer unit
    • Tomoko: A rabbit head with bloodshot eyes
    • Chuta: His suspenders
  • Lawful Good/Neutral Good (JK can be Chaotic Neutral sometimes, Ohsugi was originally Stupid Good, and Yuki had a brief stint as Chaotic Evil as Gemini Zodiarts)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: High School, Space, Friendship, Tokusatsu, Heroism
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Every evil-aligned Kamen Rider and character from Kamen Rider in the Pantheon, the House of Villains, all evil gods in the House of Hatred (particularly the Anti-Spiral) and every single evil deity involved in the Friendship Asylum (they mean it)
  • Conflicting Opinions: Homura Akemi, Kaito Kumon
    • Chuta only: Jimmy Hopkins
  • The members of the Kamen Rider Club originally had houses spread out throughout the Pantheon, until Miu learned of the School Club Front trope not taken and thus rallied the Club members to form a temple in the House of School where she used to reside, and even made it replicate the Rabbit Hatch, their old clubhouse. Once their temple was built, they were met with Gentaro and Ryusei celebrating that the Kamen Rider Club was fully formed and now they could go help befriend others and fight alongside their idols. The party that was held was incredibly loud and crowded with their friends celebrating their ascension.
    • There were also joined by their club supervisor Chuta Ohsugi, who was overjoyed to be reunited with the Kamen Rider Club once more, crying in sorrow when he learned of the horrors of "Project: Alternate!Gentaro".
  • The group were absolutely excited to find the Kamen Riders they idolized in the Pantheon, going as far as to dress up in homemade costumes of the Riders they were named after while Ohxugi was just amazed to find out that the Kamen Riders were pretty cool guys. The Kamen Riders themselves are honored by the teens optimism and energy to help others, especially since it's because of their friendship that helps Gentaro and Ryusei become protectors of justice (especially Ryusei).
    • Daisuke Yamamoto/Kamen Rider Amazon is shown to be the closest to the group, mostly because he actively went to Gentaro with a new Astroswitch for him. The two Kamen Riders celebrated by showing their signs of friendship.
  • Due to the Friendship Asylum incident, the Kamen Rider Club (and Ohsugi) are wary of Mitsuzane Kureshima and his redemption. Gentaro has buried the hatchet though, but everyone else have sworn to give him a good pummeling if he betrays Gentaro again.
  • Access to their temple is through an old locker that leads into a gateway that is on the moon. It is there that the Kamen Rider Club introduces new members with a heart-felt talk and a handshake.
  • Chuta Ohsugi was absolutely overjoyed when he learned where the Kamen Rider Club ended up in the future: Kengo would continue his father's research, Yuki would become an astronaut, Miu would become a fashion designer and is in a relationship with Shun (who became a successful football player), JK would get a job as a magazine reporter, Tomoko would become a children's author in a relationship with Ryusei (an Interpol agent who investigates Cosmic Energy crimes). And Gentaro? Ohsugi was amazed to learn that he would become a teacher, of all things!
  • After coming to terms with her stint as Gemini Zodiarts, Yuki decided to head to the TV World (alongside the Investigation Team and Gentaro) to face herself. The mission was a success, enabling her to join alongside Gentaro, Ryusei, and the Power Dizer Users (Shun, JK and Miu) in battles.
  • JK is known for his parties he calls "JK Night" that he throws in the House of Celebration from time to time. Pinkie Pie has decided to combine her parties with him (and it helps that she has a temple in that House). He's also in the midst of hosting a radio show known as "DJ Gene's Carnival", but has learned his lesson on trying to trample on his friends for stardom.
    • He also hates any and all {{Dirty Coward}]s and those who would use someone as a Human Shield as it reminds him of what happened during the Monceros Zodiarts incidentnote  He states that if it wasn't for Gentaro coming to befriend him, he'd be a goner (and this was after JK set him up to be killed by said Zodiarts, mind you).
  • Don't let Miu's elitist attitude fool you: while she may be annoyed when followers give gifts, she explains that 1) the followers who gave her the gifts didn't tune it to her tastes and 2) she has no time for praising and being fawned over. She got to where she was just by working hard, and those who work hard deserve to rise to the top. This is one of the big reasons that she absolutely despises Libby Chessler. In fact, when Libby tried to condemn Gentaro by calling him "Trashiest of Trash", Miu's response was simply this:
    Miu: I wonder if that means "Manliest of Men".
  • Tomoko is said to have some sort of "sixth sense", but it varies. Kengo concludes that it only picks up when it comes to Cosmic Energy-related investigations. She's also shown to like insects, especially cicadas. And while she is into witchcraft and magic, she is not willing to give her soul up to Kyubey and thinks that being a Zodiarts would be better than becoming a witch in that sense.
  • Shun absolutely hates bullies as it reminds him of nothing more of himself when he had to follow his father's words for everything: his playstyle in football, having to date Miu due to her status as Queen, deciding who to bench, etc. And trying to hurt women, Miu specifically? Well, good luck trying to run from a rampaging Shun in the Power Dizer.
  • Due to her dream of becoming of astronaut, Yuki has become good friends with Shima Katase who is a student at a space academy. She also goes to the House of Time and Space as a babysitter for Rosalina's Lumas. She has learned her lesson on bringing Gentaro there—the last time that Rosalina told them of her backstory, Gentaro cried so long that the Lumas were throwing away buckets of used tissues.
    • And when she's not studying or hanging out with the Kamen Rider Club, she has a tendency to try to shove her space-related books in the Library all while wearing a space-shuttle hat. She's been kicked out many times but still keeps coming back.
  • Ohsugi has a bit of a habit that whenever he starts rambling on, everyone seems to have vanished when he finishes talking. Many gods are also wondering how he of all teachers at Amanogawa High became the one to mentor the Kamen Rider Club, particularly when he nearly caused Kengo to be stuck on the Moon during the Pyxis Zodiarts incident due to Yuki trying to distract him from the locker that lead to the Rabbit Hatch. He apologized to Kengo for nearly causing the boy to die alone when he heard the truth.
    • And since that all happened because of his crush with a Sensei-chan named Sarina Sonada, after he learned the truth about her, he's made it clear that he no longer has feelings for her. He's struck a friendship with Yoshinoya-sensei and notes that, compared to Sonada, she's relatively normal.
  • Any friend of Gentaro is a friend of the Kamen Rider Club, so they became close with Gentaro's fellow "Avatars of Friendship". They don't hide the fact that they all (yes even Ohsugi in on it) believe Gentaro and Elena should be "more than friends" though. No one was happy to find out that, after the events of Tarot Crusaders'', they have ended up in a Maybe Ever After scenario, but for the meantime, they're happy the two are still friends.
    • Speaking of which, since they share the same creator, the Kamen Rider Club also are close allies to Dai-Gurren Lagann and thus downright hate the Anti-Spiral and its associates.
  • While the Kamen Rider Club see Kamen Riders as paragons of justice they don't know what to think of Kaito Kumon—yes, he's a Kamen Rider who fights for the side of good, but they can't see his ideals of how the strong shall survive and going against the ideals of companionship and friendship. They do agree to keep an eye on Mitsuzane Kureshima and that most of the trouble with "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" could've been avoided if Takatora kept a better eye on his brother.
    • And speaking of said project, every single god who had a hand in causing it is on their shit-list. EVERY. SINGLE. GOD. This list includes: Queen Chrysalis (she killed Gentaro by disguising herself as Ryusei Sakuta), Funny Valentine and Enrico Puccini (For using the asylum that hosted Alternate!Gentaro to "restart" the Pantheon), Pitch Black and Freddy Kreuger (they sent Gentaro into multiple nightmares that sent him into despair) and Prince Hans ( for framing Elena with Mitsuzane's Sengoku Driver and Grape Lockseed to cause the Iron Giant's rampage). Any mention of the incident will immediately get you kicked out of their temple.

Profiles I'm Working On

     Big Hero 6 
Hiro Hamada, Wasabi, Gogo Tamago, Honey Lemon and Fred, Gods of the Five-Token Band (Big Hero 6)
Immortals. Fred also coined an unofficial one named "Fred's Angels".
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Technology, Heroism, Goodness, Wealth (Fred only)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Every single villain that hails from the Marvel Universe
  • Special Relationship: Stan Lee (Fred)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Gods in the House of Vengeance and Hatred, the Anti-Villains sub-house, Master Xehanort
  • Friendly Rivalry: The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Xiaolin Dragons, Amadeus Cho (Hiro only)
  • Commonality Connection: All gods hailing from Ben 10 (they share a creator in Man of Action) and Kim Possible (the writers for that show will be directing the Big Hero 6's cartoon)
  • The human members of Big Hero 6 (except Fred who was the school's mascot) were all students at San Fransokyo Tech, who decided to become superheroes to uncover whoever killed their close friend (and in Hiro's case, older brother) Tadashi Himada. In the process, they stopped a plan all brought on by revenge brought about by the principal of the university who was bitter of losing his own daughter to the hands of Alister Krey and ended up become superheroes for real. Now they have ascended in the Pantheon to continue to help others in their own way.
    • One of the more amazing things about them is their diversity: having half-Japanese and Caucasian Hiro, African Wasabi, Latina Honey, Korean Tamago and full Caucasian Fred. This made them rivals with the Xiaolin Dragons (who are gods of the Multinational Team trope) and the two groups have friendly spats with Big Hero 6 using their technology against the Xialin Dragons' martial-arts training and Shen Gong Wu.
  • What makes them different than most heroes is that they will not hurt anyone. To quote Baymax, "Our programming prevents us from injuring a human being."
  • The first thing they did when they ascended? Rush to the House of Health and Diseases to hug Baymax, glad to find him in the Pantheon. Baymax has taken the time to give his close friends a tour around the Pantheon. They came about many interesting characters:
    • The most well known were the Guardians of the Galaxy due to the fact that both their movies came out in 2014, were from not-well known comic book franchises, had a diverse Five-Man Band and one of their characters was a Gentle Giant (Groot for the Guardians, Baymax for Big Hero 6). They like to talk a lot about their adventures although the teens don't relish in the fighting that the Guardians go through on a daily basis.
  • When they're not at school/being superheroes, barring for Hiro, every member of Big Hero 6 have jobs around the Pantheon. Wasabi is a sushi chef, Honey Lemon is a barista, Tamago is a courier and Fred, to everyone's amazement, is working on an English Major, does non-profit charity work and actually audits the courses taught at the Celestial Academy.
    • The fact that Fred is Spoiled Sweet made him good friends with the goddess herself, Charlotte LaBouf and the two are now using their wealth to help out others in need.
  • If anyone wants to ask why Wasabi has his name, all he can exclaim is "I spilled wasabi on my shirt just one time, people! ONE TIME!"
  • After becoming gods, the first thing Hiro decided to do was see whether or not he could have his brother become the Herald for the group (or at the very least try to quell the rumors that his brother managed to escape his death by fire). Should Tadashi find a way, then he would be a High Priest or Follower to Thomas and Martha Wayne (the gods of Death by Origin Story). He's also found annoyance in the various gods who have been shipping him with his brother.

Paddington, God of Funny Bears (Paddington Bear)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His trademark red hat and blue duffel coat, or a marmalade sandwich
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Beasts, Friendship, Innocence, Adoption
  • One day in the House of Travel, Ryotaro Nogami found this little bear waiting at the Lost and Found station of the Den-Liner with a sign that read "Please look after this bear. Thank you." The bear was introduced as Paddington, after the station he was found in, and soon found himself trying to find his place in the Pantheon. With hilarious and unexpected results. After a series of adventures that not even the Cutie Mark Crusaders could help discover what his true title of godhood would be, the Court decided that, due to him unexpectedly causing hilarity wherever he went, he could be the Beary Funny God in the House of Beasts. Paddington agreed and he soon made his temple.
    • Naturally, being a friendly bear, he gets along splendidly with Winnie the Pooh. The two have picnics of honey and marmalade sandwiches, and Paddington also has made friends with the other 100 Acre Wood residents who have ascended. While they all agree that Paddington is fun to be around, Rabbit's opinion is...mixed. While he's happy that Paddington doesn't devour honey like Pooh does, whenever Paddington tries to accomplish a task, it ends up backfiring in an unexpected way.
  • Likes marmalade sandwiches and sometimes goes to the House of Food to whip up a batch of this sweet stuff.
  • Many gods are bewildered to learn that Paddington was original from Peru (even though he looks more like a grizzly bear)

     The New Day 

It's a New Day, yes it is!

Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, Divine Celebrity Fanboys (Big E: Big E. Langston, Ettore Ewen, Kofi: Kofi Nahaje Kingston, Xavier Woods: Austin Watson, Austin Creed)
Left to right: Xavier Woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston. Next to Xavier, Francesca, the trombone.
  • Theme: "New Day, New Way" (together), "Somebody Call My Momma" (Xavier Woods), "I Need Five" (Big E), "SOS" (Kofi Kingston)
  • Symbol: Francesca the Trombone topped with a unicorn horn. Alternatively a box of Booty-Os cerealnote 
  • Lesser Gods
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral as a Heel)
  • Domains: Wrestling, Fanboys, Gaming, Trios, Fun, Optimism
  • Portfolio:
  • Fans of: Gods hailing from Dragonball, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, My Little Pony...let's just say they are fans of a lot of things.
  • Allies: Every good-aligned wrestler out there and most gods in the House of Happiness, Bomberman (Xavier only).
  • Rivals: The Usos (Worthy Opponent), The Wyatt Family, Randy Orton (Kofi only)
  • Enemies: Any and all gods that go against positivism.
  • Wary of: Matt Hardy
  • Being a fan of something isn't uncommon, but it's put into a different light when someone famous shares the same likes that a normal person does. These wrestlers are unashamed to admit that they are fanboys and they show it off in very creative ways.
    • Their entrance was a rather...unique one. One day, various gods found a large box of Booty-Os cerealnote  in front of the entrance to the Pantheon. After knocking it over, the New Day appeared dressed like Super Saiyans before Xavier began playing on his trombone.
  • The trio somehow have their own cereal, "Booty-Os" and can even promote pancakes like they're the best thing in the world. This made them friends with Princess Celestia (who makes absolutely delicious pancakes) and Nora Valkyrie (who absolutely love eating delicious pancakes)
  • While they are known for their positive attitude, they have made some rivals along the way. The Usos are their biggest rivals, culminating in an epic Hell in the Cell match (Kofi had to be locked outside though) that was so epic and off the walls that the two had to stop fighting there before someone was legitimately hurt. The Wyatt Family, though? Well, they're not so keen about Bray wanted to bring about his doom-bringing speeches or the time they brawled in the Wyatt compound and are even more wary after learning what's happened to the Family: from Harper and Rowan becoming the Bludgeon Brothers, Strowman tossing everyone left and right and Bray allied with Matt Hardy (Who, they admit, kinda took inspiration from Matt's "Final Deletion" bout in their battle against the Wyatts). They keep their distance from the four, just in case.
    • And of course, the trio are wary of Matt Hardy. While the trio do agree that he deserves his seat more (as many gods also believed that the New Day would never become as successful as they are), he might be even worse than Bray because Matt successfully caused his brother to snap and become "Brother Nero" and then they learned about that incident with Limbo...
  • Exclusive to Xavier:
    • Xavier likes to show off his skills on the trombone (Francesca 2, as he calls her since Chris Jericho snapped Francesca 1 over his knee and he held a funeral for said trombone), impressing many Final Fantasy gods when he recreated the victory theme.
    • While all three of them fit Black and Nerdy, Xavier tops this by studying in a degree in Psychology when he's not spreading positivity.
    • Has a gaming channel where many wrestlers come to enjoy gaming challenges and he's opened it up to everyone and anyone who wants to join in. Although he does have to point out in a sign not to throw controllers to the ground when upset (pointing out how AJ Styles has a problem with keeping his temper)
    • Is an ally to Bomberman and whenever he goes to Bomberman's temple, he gains a brand new look to reflect that.
  • Exclusive to Big E:
    • Is a huge fan of the Equestrian gods, with some gods even leaving him custom made pony figures when the three first arrived. The trio hit off with Mane 6 (with Pinkie Pie being the closest out of them) and all was well until Rainbow Dash foolishly noted that perhaps the Cutie Mark Crusaders would have some other wrestling friends now. This got the three curious and they soon learned from other wrestlers that the adorable fillies LARP in the House of Vampires. Things got interesting when they decided to deck out in Final Fantasy classes (Xavier the Bard, Kofi the Red Mage and Big E the Samurai) and the LARP when Off the Rails when they decided to "kill-steal" the Crusaders' victory over the dreaded ringmaster "Mr. Heath" (Gangrel). Then it culminated into a six-god tag team match over who would come out victorious with the fight being livestreamed for everyone to see. After an exhausting fight, both sides ended with a draw and they now have become close friends...and now are inviting visitors to join in on their epic campaigns to spread positivity and waking gods from dreams. The Mane 6 could only glare at Rainbow Dash for causing the whole kerfluffle.
    • And then more hoofs in mouths were placed after Rarity slipped about the Crusaders' journeys in Limbo. Gods know that asking the three about that incident would end horribly. The New Day tried to get the CMC to open up by having them play around of CarnEvil...and were blown away as the three screamed in absolute fury and mowed down the entire game cursing up a storm. They've now made it a mission to help uplift the three in any way possible.
    • With his arrival, gods finally figured out why Dean Ambrose once wrote "Titty Master" on his wrist tape; it was due to Ambrose constantly fighting Big E during a tour.
  • Exclusive to Kofi:
    • Trying to eliminate Kofi is like trying to figure out who Archie will end up with in the future; every time he's thrown over the top rope, he'll always figure out a way to survive. From walking backwards on his hands, hopping on a chair, somehow surviving by the tip of his toes or even being carried back in by a bunch of party-goers gods better be prepared when it comes to a Battle Royal.
    • Would really like to not remember his "Jamaican" phase at it was, even if it was later tweaked to him honoring his Ghana heritage.
    • Is good friends with Mystery Inc. since he provided commentary during the Moto X race.

     Kurt Angle 
Kurt Angle, God of Endearing Insults
  • Symbol:
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Lawful Good as a Face, Neutral Evil as a Heel.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • When it comes to wrestling, if the audience says "You suck!", they absolutely hate your guts. Kurt Angle defies this since, whether he's Face or Heel, the audience will still chant "You suck!" in time to his trademark music. When asked how it became this way, Kurt can only tell the story of how he and Edge feuded in the past, and Edge somehow convinced the audience to chant those two words to his music. While he was annoyed by this, he has come to embrace these two words better than most would. For this, the Court decided that he's ascended. And, of course, every wrestler and god at his ascension ceremony screamed "You suck!".
  • Has wowed various gods in the House of Sports for his feats in getting his famous gold medal at the Olympics. That itself is no easy feat; it's more difficult when one does it with a broken neck.

Revamped Profiles

    Matt Hardy 

Brother Troper, I knew you'd come!

Matthew Moore Hardy, God of Unexpected Successes Derided Before Release (, Sensei of Mattitude, Matt Hardy Version 1, BROKEN/WOKEN Matt Hardy, Brother Moore [called that by Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero])
  • Theme Song:
  • New House: Popularity
  • [tup]s:
  • Rework Done on:
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol:
    • When Normal: The Hardy Boyz necklace over the stylizied initials MH in red.
    • When "BROKEN/WOKEN" it's his drone, Vanguard-1 superimposed with a speech bubble stating "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" or the word WOKEN on a shattered black screen.
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Wrestling, Death (Ashamed and Defied), Atonement, Jealousy, Insanity, Resurrection (Career).
  • Boss: Vince MEEKMAHAN
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Brother Nero Punk, Brother Nero Takatora/Kamen Rider Zangetsu.
  • Enemies: Brother Nero Mitsuzane/Kamen Rider Ryugen
  • Avid listener of: Ludwig van Beethoveen
  • Herald: Reby Sky/Queen Rebecca (his wife).
  • Once upon a time, Matt and Jeff Hardy were a prominent tag team known as "Team Xtreme". They fought with each other, fought against each other and things were all right in the world. Until one day, when Matt Hardy became BROKEN, both in mind and appearance. This culminated into a match simply known as "The Final Deletion" that had the brothers fight for the Hardy name and contained hologram-projecting drones, Roman candles, a lake of reincarnation, a dilapidated boat, Matt's Mexican gardener and lighting a huge cross on fire. No one could tell what to make of it, and various gods thought that It Will Never Catch On. Oh, how wrong they were...
    • Over time, Matt somehow became ever so popular with his gimmick. Not only was it creative, but it was also due to Matt being able to become his broken character. Soon enough, "DELETE!" chants could be heard everywhere, matches were being fought in the Hardy Compound, Jeff Hardy decided to go along with the broken madness, Matt won tag team gold everywhere he went and gods who once derided him became part of his "Broken Bandwagon". For this, gods decided that he could go to the House of Popularity for succeeding where many gods thought he would fail. He just laughed madly in response.
  • When normal, he likes to eat green grapes for some odd reason and likes to eat these as he's a frequent visitor in the House of Food. When BROKEN, he loves green beans.
    • Was interested to learn about the Gaim Kamen Riders since they're all based on fruit. He heard about Ryugen, based off of grapes, and met up with him...and did a Jaw Drop when he found out that Ryugen's armor is based on purple grapes. This, and due to Micchy going against the side of good has made Matt a sworn enemy. Then, he found that Takatora, Mitsuzane's brother, was in the House of Ambiguity. Matt went on a tirade as to how Takatora turned his gaze away from his brother's dark side and how big brothers are supposed to take care of their little brothers, showing how Micchy's darkness caused Jeff, Matt's own brother, to become his dark alter ego Willow during the "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" incident. Matt is now teaming up with Takatora to make sure that Takatora makes the right choice and make Mitsuzane pay with his life. Oh, and to also get Takatora some lessons on how to judge people better. (Ironically enough, after Mitsuzane redeemed himself, Matt himself wound up BROKEN and succeeded in corrupting his own brother. Takatora has hated him since.)
  • When he originally ascended, he was really not happy to find Gangrel of all people in the Pantheon. After getting unsuccessful answers from both Edge and Jeff as to their history, Matt also had to decline actually being part of a stable with him ( it turns out that, just like with E & C before, there's really no history). Gangrel just laughs at how hilarious this all is. It also didn't help that Christian finally made it to the Pantheon who then preceded to scream in sheer terror at the realization.
  • After years of bad blood with one another, he and Edge have buried the hatchet. This doesn't stop Edge from using the spear on him when they step into the ring, but at least they aren't threatening to kill each other.
    • Edge and Christian are Matt's biggest supporters of the BROKEN/WOKEN persona. Gangrel? Not so much (see below).
  • Whenever he and Jeff team up, the Hardy Boyz can usually be seen having epic tag team matches against any and all challengers. Paul London and Brian Kendrick are considered a Worthy Opponent for the two (despite the fact that neither wrestler can contemplate Matt's mentality now. Paul's not one to make judgments due to his White Rabbit worshipping)
  • Has made good friends with Yu Narukami. Matt's is teaching him some wrestling moves, while Yu is looking to see if he can help Matt...trim down, so to speak. Yu has been wary after what Matt did to his own brother (and promised to beat Matt within an inch of his life if he should go after Nanako), but Matt allying with Jeff after Jeff's Taking the Bullet during the "Delete or Decay" incident has calmed things down...for the most part. Yu still doesn't want Nanako to go anywhere near him.
  • While he once calmed down before the BROKEN condition came in, Matt was close to a Freak Out! upon the events of "Project: Alternate! Gentaro" with how he had no idea if his brother was alive after the Iron Giant Rampage/Undead Uprising, the fact that Jeff let himself be devoured by the Undead. Matt was in therapy for months after the incident, but he notes that he has forgiven Mitsuzane for his actions (he still hates how Ryugen's armor is purple though).
    • It turns out that the therapy was utterly useless. As something happened to him and he wound up being BROKEN and now he want to defeat the Brother Neros and eat them. Worst of all, he put Mitsuzane back to his hit list as he outright blames him for his downfall into a broken person right now. The said something was the soul of the Friendship Asylum possessing him and even after it was exorcised out, Matt was still BROKEN and is not getting out of it soon.
    • Recently, Matt finally surpassed Jeff, of which he called "Brother Nero" in a backyard wrestling match in his hometown of Cameron, North Carolina. The match in question is "The Final Deletion". After tormenting his brother and making Jeff his "Obsolete Mule", the younger Hardy snapped and now addresses himself as "Brother Nero".
  • Alongside his Brother Nero, he runs a stable known as "House Hardy" consisting of him, his wife Queen Rebecca, his son, King Maxel, his caretaker and gardener Senor Benjamin and Vanguard-1, the drone. No one really knows what to say to this. But to those who wish to challenge Matt in his home, be careful. He has no qualms on shooting people with Roman Candle assault rifles, his Mexican gardener is armed with a tazer, he will bury his opponents in the Land of Obsolete Men and there's always his Lake of Reincarnation that he can use to subdue an enemy before they even had a chance to know what hit him. Oh, and there was that event Tag Team Apocalypto where he had a volcano in his backyard which would take half of the House of Popularity with it if Matt and Jeff didn't retain their Tag Team Championships.
  • On Halloween night, BROKEN Matt Hardy created the incident known as Tarot Crusaders, forcing The Cutie Mark Crusaders into Limbo and have them go through the hellish world once more. Needless to say every good-aligned Equestrian God hate him with a passion now. Never mind that it wasn't his idea per se; he had a powerful "premo-NEE-tion" to stop a darker threat from letting loose and that he actually was trying to warn everyone of what was to come and the Crusaders eventually escaped Limbo and stopped the more powerful threat. Gangrel and Luna Vachon, who have become so close to the fillies, will NEVER forgive him for such treachery. BROKEN Matt doesn't mind though as he plans to "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" the two when the time comes.
  • Likes to row his dilapidated boat, Skaasgard across the lakes and rivers of the House of Nature. May or may not be sentinent. And after a trip to Egypt where he obtained the abilities of his first vessel, Annunaki, it is now known as "The Golden Ark" that feeds on the tag team championships that BROKEN Matt and Brother Nero obtain during their expedition of gold.
  • Goes to the House of Beasts in order to commune with the animals—or rather the souls of famous people that are (apparently) reincarnated as animals. Fluttershy has had to ban him from her temple after she saw him try to box with a kangaroo that had the soul of Smokin' Joe Frazer in it.
  • Made a triumphant return at Wrestlemania 33 with Brother Nero to become Tag Team Champions. He's now looking forward to deleting Roman Reigns all while laughing maniacally and stating how "DELIGHTFUL!" it is to be back in the WWE. While normal at that point, after a feud with Cesaro, his brother out on shoulder injury and being harassed by Bray Wyatt, Matt could only scream "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" and became something known as...WOKEN!!!. This culminated in a feud with Bray in what was to be known as "The Ultimate Deletion" which involved the same as "The Final Deletion" but included a game of hide-and-seek in the Land of Obsolete Men, atrip to the Dilapidated City (Where Bray had a breakdown as it reminded him too well of when Randy Orton burned down Sister Abigail's remains) and the Dome of Deletion (in which WOKEN Matt tried to run Bray down with a "mower of lawns"), before it ended with Matt submerging his opponent in the Lake of Reincarnation, and the two have now become a tagteam known as the "Deleter of Worlds". Gods can only imagine just what's in store now.
  • "Pantheon, you leave me now choice. I sentence you to...deletion!"


Story Arcs

Inmate Echoes

    Inmate Echoes new location 

The Friendship Asylum

    The Friendship Asylum: (Sora's Encounter) 

It didn't take long for the asylum to do as Sora commanded—to transform the guards that protected the asylum into his loyal soldiers against the Darkness Proxy? It did that and more. It would do whatever Sora wanted it to do, for him and him alone as long as Sora needed the asylum.

And for as long as the asylum needed him.

In the meeting room where Sora originally encountered the Darkness Proxy, Sora slouched in Alternate!Gentaro's chair, seeing his handiwork. Each of the guards were now loyal to him and him alone, bound to the asylum just like he was. For Riku, it was like he could sense his close friend's thoughts as if they shared a link—right now, he could sense Riku's uncertainty on what would happen next, but Riku also agreed on one very important thing:

The Darkness Proxy had to pay for going against their word.

Sora: (stands up) Yesss.....I can feel it...the asylum will work with us, work for us. Together, we shall show that blasted proxy no mercy. (snarls) They will pay for what they did to Kairi.
Riku: What do we do in the meantime?
Sora: We get ready for war...and we send a message to the Proxy that we mean business. I suggest we raise an army of restless spirits such as I, to devour them until nothing is left of them.
Ash: But Sora! That would cause even more attention onto us. We can't—

Sora turned his gaze to Ash, and soon it felt like Ash's head was being surrounded by pins and needles. The boy dropped to his knees, clutching his head in pain for a second or two, with none of his fellow guards showing concern. After a second, Ash slowly stood up, his eyes glowing with the same eerie light that radiated throughout the asylum's walls.

Ash: You're right, Master. The Proxy needs to pay.
Sora: Glad you see things my way, Ashy-boy.
Riku: We need to get a move on. Sora, I'll coordinate the guards into preparing the strike. What shall you do?
Sora: I'll explore the asylum...I feel it calling out for me. It wants, and I want too.
Riku: Sounds like a plan. (to the guards) All right, guards! Fall out!
The Asylum Guards: Yes, sir!

Riku lead the entourage out as Sora looked at the table in front of him, hands on the surface as he felt the darkness enter the room. As the footsteps of six to seven people started to fade away, he could now sense that presence once more.

Sora: I sensed you in my mind a while ago. Are you...the asylum?
???: In a way, I am.

The voice, breathy, feminine, soft, distant, echoed in the empty hall just as it did in his mind. Sora turned around, but found nothing.

Sora: And you are here to help me?
???: With whatever you desire deep in your heart. Come Sora...I wish to show you something...

Sora nodded his head, feeling the ghostly presence of the asylum lead him to a corridor far away, far away where no one knew where it went. As he did, he paid no attention to the snaking darkness wrapping itself around his arms, legs, torso, almost as if they were drawn to him like moths to a flame. Wrapped around his fingers, arms, neck, and last into his mind, shadowing him, covering him, almost masking him from the outside world.

Sora: I was called here...for a reason.
???: What was that reason? Tell me, Sora.
Sora: Something called me...told me I had a purpose. (places a hand on one of the walls) And it was to protect you, wasn't it?
???: I called out to you, I wanted you here...with me...

Sora stopped at a door marked with a heart. He ran his hand down it surface, feeling something pulse from within. It was power, plain and simple...power for him to be strong enough to protect Kairi, power for him to be strong enough to destroy the proxy, power for him to be enough to destroy anyone and anything who stood in his way.

Sora: But promise me one thing: should we join forces, you do not harm Kairi in any way, shape or form. If I find out that you had a hand in her death, directly or indirectly, the deal is off. Understand?
???: I am not like those proxy monsters. I will keep my word for as long as you want me. Sora, are you ready?

There was a pause as Sora thought about it. Opening this door would give him what he needed...and the asylum needed him. They were two souls in one...that's what it felt like. He smiled.

Sora: Yes. I am ready...let me in, asylum.

The door opened, the heart outline on its surface glowing an inky black color. The shadows seemed to wrap themselves around Sora, the boy not even reacting to how it forced itself into him, clawing against his skin, piercing his mind with an icy chill that caused him to go numb. Sora embraced this feeling, knowing that together, nothing could stand in their way.

???: I'm not hurting you, am I?
Sora: (smirks) No, I'm fine. Please, give me more...

As if pleased with the response, the asylum laughed.

???: You're interesting to say the least. The two of us could do such wondrous things to the Pantheon.
Sora: Exactly.

The darkness seeped into Sora's bones, it flowed through his veins, filling him with the strength he needed for what he was about to do. That bastard would pay...they all would pay.

Sora: From the darkness we were born, and from the darkness...we stand as one!

And soon, the empty halls of the asylum were once again filled with his laughter. After he calmed down, he thought he heard someone calling his name. That voice was familiar...he snarled as he looked around.

Sora: You again? The one who was laughing at me. (bares his teeth) Show yourself right now!
???: I think I will.

A flash of light caught his attention, and Sora blocked an attack from two Keyblades from that same black-cloaked figure with the cracked porcelain face. A name came to his mind...

Sora: Roxas...
Roxas: You gave in that easily then? Seems like you don't make a good other after all.
Sora: I don't think you understand what is going on. No one else does.
Roxas: I do, and I'm here to snap you out of it.

Sora just laughed once more, his voice combined with that of the asylum's.

Sora: "Snap me out of it?" you say. No, I don't want to be snapped out of it. That son of a bitch will pay and anyone else even connected to him is going to burn when I get my hands on them.
Roxas: That's all that matters to you now? Vengeance? I thought you were better than that!
Sora: It's not only vengeance on the one who broke his promise. I have another goal now.
Roxas: And what's that?
Sora: I was chosen for a greater purpose...After my vengeance on that proxy is finished, I shall protect the asylum from all who would destroy her. Anyone who sullies her name will have to go through me.
Roxas: You need to snap out of it; the more you trust that asylum, the more you lose yourself.
Sora: I know myself! I know everything that I need to know. And if you stand in my way, then I will kill you.

As he said this, a pair of black wings unfurled from his back, making him look similar to a fallen angel, Keyblade ready to defend himself. Roxas stepped back, the Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblades ready. Somewhere in the darkness, he could hear a young girl giggle.

Roxas: Prove it then.
Sora: What?
Roxas: I said, "Prove it". (starts walking toward Sora) Tell me everything that you know about yourself. Every. Single. Thing. Are you sure that's the real you that's talking? Am I confronting the real Sora or are you nothing more than just a puppet without its strings? Are you the one in control or is there someone else in there (points to Sora's chest) that's in control at this very moment. Tell me, where's the boy who would go out to befriend everyone and save everyone from the darkness? Where are you, Sora? What are you, Sora? Who are you, Sora?

With each question, Roxas circled his counterpart, his empty eyes staring into Sora's own pair of black eyes ones as if judging him...mocking him. Sora, not willing to take a threat or challenge lying down, closed his eyes, concentrating on the memories that was stored within him while Roxas placed his hands over Sora's own, closing his eyes as a memory entered his mind....

The memory he saw was of Sora, Donald and Goofy fighting against a strange metallic creature that was a mix of a large metal face and a scorpion body in a desolate wasteland underneath a dark sky. Sora's face was filled with nothing but absolute rage as he unleashed an assault of attacks on that dark monster. Before Sora could unleash the final blow, Roxas stepped back.

Roxas: That memory...that monster...Metal Kor. Who was that?
Sora: Kor? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Roxas: You should. I just entered your memories and I definitely don't recall a monster like that.
Sora: I trust in my memories—they will show me my way.
Roxas: How can you trust in your memories if they aren't. even. yours? Tell me Sora, how can you—
Sora: SHUT UP! I don't need sympathy or questioning from a Nobody like you! It's all because of them...all because of Baron Praxis and Errol that I'm like this. The first thing I told Donald and Goofy after they found me was "I'm gonna kill Praxis!" and I did. And if you have to get in my way, I'm just going to have to kill you.
Roxas: You're insane, Sora...You have to be stopped.

Sora charged toward Roxas with his Keyblade in hand, Roxas shielding himself with his dual Keyblades. Their weapons clashed across the narrow hallway, knocking down the walls like they were building blocks, pushing each other back and forth. When Sora was pushed back, Roxas's Oblivion Keyblade placed against Sora's neck to suffocate him.

Roxas: Had enough yet?!
Sora: (choking out) D...Da....DARK STRIKE!

Sora fired a blast of dark energy at Roxas, sending him hurling at least three or four feet, crashing into a brick wall where black LEGO bricks dropped on his head like raindrops. Roxas groaned as Sora walked toward him, a smirk on his lips.

Sora: Having fun yet?!
Roxas: I'm just GETTING STARTED!

Roxas's keyblades fused into a sword with a glowing white blade as he jumped into the air and began to strike down on Sora. Sora jumped back, parrying each and every blow. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to stop the four pillars of light that raced toward him, hurling him toward the door. The two Keyblade wielders panted for breath, neither of them willing to surrender so easily.

Sora: You don't understand my pain...if you had someone you cared for about to die after being promised they wouldn't be killed, wouldn't you be angry?
Roxas: If I did have someone like that I would, but I wouldn't go as far as to become a monster.
Sora: A monster?! Well at least it's better than you becoming a Nobody, an empty shell without any heart.
Roxas:...Take that back.
Sora: And if I don't?
Roxas: (snarls) Then I will have to make you.

The two began to fight once again, unleashing everything that they had with each of the strikes. But Sora had an advantage...he had the asylum on his side.

Roxas: (steps back) Gotten cocky, haven't you? Well, I think it's time for me to—

He never finished that sentence as a dark vine grabbed him by the ankle and hurled him into another wall. Roxas had no time to react as more and more vines wrapped around his arms and legs, muffling him by having one thrusted inside his mouth. All he could do was look in fear as Sora approached his Nobody.

Sora: It ends here, Roxas. It all ends here. Say your prayers before I—
Jaune: Master Sora!

Jaune's voice momentarily stopped Sora as he saw the Hunter rush toward him.

Sora: Jaune, what is it?
Jaune: We have what you requested: the girl is in our grasps.
Sora: That's right, the plan. Thank you; you shall be greatly rewarded for your services.
Jaune: (bows) Anything for you, sir. But, if I may ask this...
Sora: You may...
Jaune: Before I encountered you, I heard your voice echoing across the halls. Were you talking to...yourself?

There was some silence before Sora looked at where Roxas was...or where he was supposed to be. There was some silence as he placed a hand over his heart, trying to figure out what had happened.

Jaune: You don't look good, sire. Maybe you should rest.
Sora: I can't...I won't. Not until the Darkness Proxy pay for their crimes.
Jaune: And I won't rest until I know that Pyrrha can rest in peace. Then, I will return to her.
Sora: Good. Prepare everyone else. When the Proxy comes, we will be raising cain.
Jaune: Understood. Take care, my lord.

As Jaune walked off, Sora tried to make sense as to what happened. Roxas was there...he was there and Sora was about to defeat him. And the talk of memories...of Metal Kor, and of Baron Praxis and Errol...did those happen? Were they a trick of his memories?

No. Just like he told Roxas earlier, Sora had complete trust in his memories...the ones that counted anyway. After the unnecessary things disappeared, he could see the real picture clear as day. He knew what he needed to do.

And yet...there was something else he needed to confirm. Turning around, he walked the endless corridor to the door marked with a heart. However, when he finally reached the end, there was nothing but a wall.

Sora: (places his hand on the wall, whispers) Dead end, huh?
Riku: (teleporting from behind) Sora, we need to get ready. Night is coming.
Sora: (turns around) Right. But first...Riku?
Riku: Yes?
Sora: I...I've been thinking of something recently. About how Donald, Goofy and I were fighting off the monster known as Metal Kor...but I don't recall anything about it. (places a hand on his forehead) I feel...(leans against a wall)
Riku: (helping Sora up) Metal Kor? Sora, I don't recall you ever fighting someone like him.
Sora: I...I also remember how Count Veger mistreated you when we were took me two years to find you again. You don't know how happy I was to see you again.
Riku: But Sora...I've never encountered anyone named Count Veger. There's something wrong with you.

It was then that the Keyblade Master noticed something off about his friend...the dark aura that radiated around him all while Sora stared back at the corridor. Something was wrong here.

Riku: Sora, lead the rest of the guards to the Proxy's castle. I'll stay here and keep an eye on the asylum.
Sora: Are you sure?
Riku: (nods his head) I'll be fine. Get going, night is approaching.

Sora nodded his head as he walked away all while Riku recalled what Sora said about Count Veger. He knew that something was off about the asylum, but now he knew that something was messing with Sora's mind.

Riku: Asylum...hear me out. I know you can hear me and I know you did something to Sora. (summons the Way to Dawn Keyblade) You better watch out; I'm coming for you.

He marched out of the hall all while somewhere deep in the asylum, there was a presence of concern that radiated through the walls.

Rewriting The Pantheonic Tales Without Overloading It With Personas

    Muse Hysteria Act 1 

Tales of Life

    Tales of Life: Episode 8: Beneath Dark Wings 


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