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Food comes in many forms and can be anything ranging from something one can see everyday to something that's far from normal. Visitors can learn about food and even try a sample of such.

In this place, the rule of 'every title must have a trope' can be ignored, since it would be redundant to have every type of meals getting troped.

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Greater Gods

Popeye, God of Trademark Favorite Foods and Strength-Giving Foods (The Sailor Man)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Can of Spinach.
  • Theme Song: "Popeye The Sailor Man".
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (but can veer toward Chaotic Neutral at times, more often in his early years)
  • Portfolio: Super Serum, Bullet Seed, Comedic Hero, Strongest Man Out There As Long As There's Spinach, Theme Music Power-Up
  • Domains: Commerce, Sea, Strength, Spinach
  • Allies: Bonk, Monkey D Luffy (Also a Rival), The other Strawhat Pirates, Portgas D. Ace, Edward Newgate, children deities, especially Pollyanna Whittier and Pippi Longstocking
  • Enemies: Barbatos Goetia, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Light Yagami, Springtrap, Risky Boots.
  • Fears: House of Ghosts
  • His mere presence saves the existence of spinach from going extinct. Tried to come up with Melon-Spinach bread for Shana, but got horribly refused.
  • With the exception of Batman with preparation time (lots and lots of it), or Fred Rogers, Popeye can beat anyone in the Pantheon, as long as he eats his spinach first.
  • His attempts to push others to eat their spinach has had mixed results, since almost no one in the pantheon has the same Trademark Favorite Food. He has tried to convince Naruto to put spinach in his ramen, but is repeatedly told "NO WAY!". Bugs Bunny refuses to eat anything but carrots. He was able to reach a compromise with the Ninja Turtles though, sharing a spinach pizza with them on occasion.
    • Popeye has found Bonk was willing to enjoy spinach, even if he was the only one. The two of them are friends now.
  • Perhaps the only thing nearly as destructive to the Pantheon as a fight between Tom and Jerry is a fight between Popeye and Bluto. The last time this happened it took every member of the House of Food to break it up, and several sections of the House needed to be rebuilt.
  • Is the only member to beat up Barbatos Goetia, The Killer of Heroes, after having used an item.
  • Turns out, Popeye's Spinach can actually be used by other people, with it resulting in giving them a buff in power for a short time (Like when he force fed it to Bluto to beat him up so he could receive attention from nurse Olive Oil). It's just that Popeye is the only one that is actually willing to eat it down on a regular basis, but he lets other good people in the pantheon buy it off him (or he can give it for free if he sees that they really need it).
  • Giving his history with pirates, everyone was TENSE when they saw that Luffy was one day confronted by Popeye, and that he had in one hand, a wanted poster of Luffy (which was put up by Akainu earlier that day), and in the other his trademark spinach. Tension was building up among the bystanders, everyone was hiding for cover, and then...Popeye and Luffy started laughing merrily and pulled each other in for a sideways hug. Turns out tales of their lives have reached the other's ears, earning each other their respect. They celebrated meeting each other by having a scrimmage against each other, with Popeye promising to not eat any spinach for his first fight against Luffy. No word on who won, but the two promise to keep practicing with each other, with Luffy trying to pick up Popeye's "Twister Punch".
    • He also has gotten well acquainted with the other Straw Hat pirates, especially Sanji, who cooks him and Luffy up special dishes of meat with spinach inside it. It doesn't grant Popeye his usual power-up upgrade, but it's still tasty enough for him and Luffy that they still eat it up quickly and ask for seconds.
    • However, the person that REALLY gives him (in his eyes,) the best rivalry is Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, especially with his title as "The World's Strongest Man". Not only does his fatherly attitude give Popeye pleasant memories about his OWN father, but he can put up one HELL of a fight! Ace is in return pleased to see Whitebeard have friendly fights against Popeye, who even got put on the ropes by him until he eats his spinach, but even THEN sometimes it's still hard keeping Whitebeard on the ropes. Popeye has praised Edward on his strength and friendly demeanor, and has gave his support in case Sakazuki tried to attack him or Luffy's nakama.
      • On the topic of Sakazuki, saying that Popeye is furious at him is a understatement. Hearing of him relentlessly pursuing pirates at all costs, willing to kill innocent lives JUST so he may potentially kill only ONE harmful person, and the Paramount War incident which ending up not only getting both Ace and Whitebeard killed alongside countless of other pirates and marines who were trying to leave after seeing such carnige, but also traumatized Luffy, he ended up storming his temple and ended up not only calling him a disgrace to actual marine men (like himself), but also threatened to take him on should he try anything funny, earning a round of applause from all pirates, especially Jack Sparrow and Felix.
    Popeye: Absolute justice?!? PHOOEY! Ya' have 'ah sense of justice 'dat formed by ya' cripplin' insanity! I've seen both pirates and marines, and while some pirates gave me a hard time in da' past, Luffy and his crew ain't NOWHERE bad like them. In fact, ja' probably da' WOIST pirate I've ever seen! Yeah, I said pirate; I REFUSE ta' disgrace da' good marines by callin' ja' one of 'dem! Regardless, heard ja' were keepin' a low profile after Ace ascended and rightfully beat ja' behind in with Luffy! I respect that, so I'll just be keepin' a close eye on ja' and not actually interfere until I see something fishy...ja' know, like YA' SHOULD'VE DONE!
  • Is a great lover of children, like to his own (still unascended) Swee'pea, and is often seen around the pantheon helping them out, ranging from helping to teach Isaac how to fight with his own two hands, to letting the human child have a "pose-off" with themselves and Mettaton, which greatly boosts his ratings, especially as Popeye poses while eating his trademark spinach.
  • Despite all his great feats, there is still one thing he is scared of: ghosts. He never is on the house of Ghosts premise without having at least one can of spinach in reserve for some of the more evil ghosts there. However, should someone he likes be threatened by a ghost, he will not hesitate to get into a fight with them and eat spinach to engage them, go invisible, and in a ghost form, punch the ghosts SO HARD they become visible. For this reason, Alma Wade and him promised to each other to never give the other a reason to cause a fight, and has since avoided each other like the plague ever since.
  • Is sometimes seen being pals with Bluto despite their well known status as enemies. While Popeye denies these claims, some members are curious if orange-tasting stuff can act as a sort of pacifier in case Popeyes gets into a destructive fight with someone.
  • Is despised by Light Yagami for selling Spinach instead of potato chips that he could eat in a epic fashion. In response, Light tried to give Popeye a heart-attack by the death note, only for Popeye to eat his spinach and repel the power by kicking his heart-rate up faster than usual during the time when he was supposed to be dying of a heart attack. He also threatened to punch Ryuk's ghost form into solidity should he try anything funny with HIS death note. Ryuk and Light have both agreed to not agitate him since.

Intermediate Gods

    Choji Akimichi 
Chōji Akimichi, God of Dangerous Power-Up Foods (Choji, Chouji, Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi)
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Akimichi Clan symbol
  • Theme Song: His theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Dangerous Power-Up Foods, Acrofatic, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, Big Fun, The Big Guy, Be the Ball, Can convert his calories into chakra, by consuming special food pills, Butterfly motif, Gentle Giant, Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi Clan, Can alter his size, Lightning Bruiser, Hates not getting the last piece of a meal, Can enter Butterfly Mode
  • Domain(s): Ninjutsu, Expansion, Food Pills, Calories
  • Herald: Chocho Akimichi (his daughter)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: Bob Richards, Rufus, Po
  • Enemies: All evil deities in the House of Food
  • Complicated Relationship: Sima Shi
  • Born into the Akimichi Clan, Choji is slated to become the Sixteenth Head of the clan. As a child, he was often berated by his peers for not being good at a child's game called "Ninja" and, one day, they simply refused to let him play at all. However, Shikamaru Nara stuck up for him and, although Choji was still not allowed to play, he and Shikamaru became best friends. After graduating from the Academy, Choji was assigned to Team 10 and became teammates with Shikamaru and a girl named Ino Yamanaka. Together, the three became the sixteenth generation of the Ino-Shika-Cho Trio. Following the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Choji married Karui, a kunoichi from Kumogakure, and the two had a daughter, Chocho.
  • Choji originally ascended into the pantheon as a follower of Globox. Eventually, Choji was allowed to ascend as a god after Shikamaru put in a good word for him. The two had a heartfelt reunion and celebrated Choji's ascension by getting some snacks and spending the rest of the day watching clouds as they ate the snacks.
  • Choji is occasionaly seen being dragged away from the House of Food by his wife Karui. Choji is also training to usurp Hinata's title of Legendary Glutton Queen. Naruto knows that it's not gonna happen.
  • Choji is good friends with Obelix, who is also a former follower of Globox and shares Choji's dislike of being called fat. The two are often seen together in the House of Food, trying out each other's respective favorite meals.
  • Once challenged Monkey D. Luffy to a fight and lost, as Monkey can also expand and stretch his body. Of course, things looked up for Choji when Luffy told him his secret of winning: "MEAT! Lots and lots of Meat!". Choji made a new friend that day, and it helps that Chocho likes Monkey as well.
  • Choji is also friends with Edmond Honda, respecting his strength and determination. Edmond was surprised and annoyed to discover that sumo wrestlers in Choji's world went around attacking shinobi and samurai and one group even attempted to overtake Konohagakure during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Regardless, the two get along very well and are often seen hanging out. Choji has also developed a fondness of Honda's chanko stew.
  • Choji has developed a friendly rivalry with other heavyweight (yet athletic) fighters such as Bob Richards, Rufus and Po. He was especially quite impressed to hear about Bob's diet regiment, which helps him maintain his figure. Choji tried it out for awhile, but ultimately stopped as it prevented him from eating his favorite food as well as the fact that he didn't really need a diet due to his techniques consuming the calories in his body.
  • Due to his fear of lizards, Choji generally avoids the House of Reptiles as much as possible. The only deities from that House that he gets along with are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, whom he initially believed to be summons from his world.
  • He's noticed that his Japanese voice sounds like those of Thomas Richard Shubaltz and X. The three of them get along quite well and occasionally team up against threats.
  • He opposes all of the evil deities in the House of Food, as he strongly dislikes the fact that they make large eaters such as himself look bad.
  • Choji's relationship with Sima Shi tends to vary depending on circumstance. The two intially got along well and talked about their favorite food. However, their pleasant conversation turned into an all-out battle when they noticed that there was only one meatbun left and they both strongly insisted on being the one to eat it. After the fight was broken up, the two have agreed to eat seperately from then on, but are otherwise still on friendly terms.

    The KiraKira Cures 
KiraKira PreCuresmembers , Goddesses of Desserts (Ichika: Cure Whip, Anthea Bunny; Himari: Cure Custard; Aoi: Cure Gelato; Yukari: Cure Macaron; Akira: Cure Chocolat; Ciel: Cure Parfait, Kirarin; Pekorin: Cure Pekorin)
From left to right: Gelato, Parfait, Chocolat, Whip, Macaron, Pekorin, and Custard

Reuben, God of Sandwiches (Experiment 625,note  Sandwich Boy, Reuben Jookibanote )
  • Intermediate God, though he comes off as a Demigod
  • Symbol: A grilled cheese sandwich, with the note "For 625 only" next to it
  • Alignment: True Neutral (though he slightly leans towards Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: All of Stitch's Powers but Incredibly Slothful, Lovable Coward, Friendly Enemy, Makes Great Sandwiches, So-Called "Monsters", Unique Physiology, Deadpan Snarker, You Are Number 625, Named After a Sandwich, Aliens Speaking English, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Sloth, Laziness, Sandwiches, Aliens, Mad Science
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch, Sparky, Angel (mostly one-sided; she's not enthused about him), Felix, Nosy, Jake the Dog, Heavy Weapons Guy, Garfield, Felonius Gru, Homer Simpson, Luigi, Bob Belcher, Snorlax, Yakko Warner, Morrigan, Elvis Presley
  • On good terms with: The rest of the House of Food (except those evil-aligned)
  • Enemies: Experiment 627, Leroy, Dr. Hämsterviel (after the Leroy incident), and those who oppose or wish to abuse family (particularly Relius Clover). Asides from them, he's against Archibald Snatcher, Davy Jones, the Indominus Rex, Babidi, The Scout
  • Opposes: Chase
  • Opposed by: The SCP Foundation
  • Fears: Beerus
  • Observed by: The Men In Black
  • Experiment 625, a.k.a. Reuben, was the 625th genetic experiment of Dr. Jumba Jookiba, and the last to be created under his partnership with Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel. He possesses all the powers of his successor Stitch; same super-strength, super-intelligence, durability and dexterity. The downside? Being the epitome of Brilliant, but Lazy. It's almost impossible for him to be arsed, and is a Lovable Coward. On the plus side, he makes great sandwiches. So proficient at making tasty sandwiches, in fact, that the Court of the Gods ruled he should become the god of sandwiches for his work. With his own passion as a job, for once "Sandwich Boy" is no longer lazy.
  • Having been activated by a frustrated Gantu and Dr. Hämsterviel, Reuben was an enemy of Lilo and Stitch and got in the way of their experiment befriending. Though thankfully for them, he was both The Load to Gantu and a Friendly Enemy. When facing off against the evil]] Leroy, Reuben would both get a name and pull a Heel–Face Turn and get off his ass to save the day. In his own universe, he works as a galley officer for the United Galactic Federation's Armada. He didn't get fired for bad karaoke, that'd be stupid.
  • As mentioned, he is an expert sandwich maker. While he does need ingredients with him, he'll be great at what he makes. The Heavy Weapons Guy gets along with him, always ordering his sandvich from the pro. Felonius Gru has found him a great help with his jelly for much of the same reason. Asides from being an expert sandwich maker, he does have some advantages over the younger Stitch. He can speak English much more fluently, and is less afraid of water. It's unclear if he'd still sink, but he can paddle. He keeps clear of Davy Jones just in case.
  • Understandably, Reuben is scared of Beerus. The God of Destruction had heard of his sandwich-making skills, and wished to try some. He made (what else?) a Reuben sandwich, which Beerus found delicious and decided to leave the Galactic Alliance alone. He prays Beerus will never bother him again.
  • Has sworn to get back at the Scout for stealing his sandwiches and saying they suck.
    • Has actually gotten a chance to by finding out and telling him that this most hated person within the Pantheon, The Spy, was actually his father. While it did work at first with a trip to the House of Knowledge to confirm it, they ALSO brought in various other facts, like him eventually surviving and coming Back from the Dead from a robotic onslaught he single handedly defeated, and was God's gift to women, boosting his appeal within the house of Love, eventually leading to him getting a rank up in godhood because of it. He has been kicking himself since but hasn't given up on hoping for a good plan of revenge.
  • In the House of Food, Reuben serves to keep it in order. He takes pride in his cooking, and if a food fight or some other chaos breaks out will get off his ass and keep the peace. A lot of gods were surprised by his effectiveness at it. He'll even challenge Kirby if things get ugly. He's also convinced his cousin Stitch to stop stealing food from the pantry by simply talking to him and giving him more reasonable meals. The Court of the Gods has made him a galley officer in his House, much like in the Galactic Alliance. Homer Simpson often visits his house for 625's colossal subs. He appreciates the purchase, but even he was surprised how much Homer could eat.
  • Hates Archibald Snatcher. The villain desires the cheese he has, and will do many a vile thing to steal Reuben as his grilled cheese slave. 625 promptly gave him exactly what he wanted, causing Snatcher to swell up and explode in a gory spectacle. Snatcher still blames him for this. On a less antagonistic side, he's annoyed by Chase causing food fights.
  • Has an impeccable memory, being made to think "faster than a supercomputer" and all that. He has extensive knowledge of all of his cousins, right down to their favorite sandwiches. From having worked at the House of Food, he has memorized all the gods' preferred sandwiches and has been learning more about them in general through interactions and occasional research.
  • Back before Jumba got busted by the Galactic Federation, Reuben worked as his lazy assistant. During those days, his fur was teal, though he hasn't said why his fur changed to golden yellow. Most believe that he had an incident with mustard. Anyway, sometimes he spends time working for the scientists in the Houses of Knowledge and Technology, but mainly to help with sandwiches. Very much impressed by Jake the Dog's skill with the foodstuff, and in general gets along with him due to their lax attitudes.
  • He despises Relius Clover. Having come to appreciate the value of family, he considers what he's done in the pursuit of science despicable. Relius is interested in experimenting on 625, wishing to bring out "his potential."
  • Is a good friend of Luigi. Like the younger Mario Brother, he's in the shadow to a superior brother and a coward. He's also friends with Morrigan given the two are massive deadpan snarkers to their masters. Can easily get behind Garfield, and has found his lasagna delicious. Also good friends with Snorlax, whom Reuben always has his favorite BLT prepared for the sleepy Pokémon.
  • Isn't an fan of Babidi, whose annoyance and arrogance reminds him of Dr. Hämsterviel. He's also repulsed at the Indominus Rex for being a psychotic genetic experiment, worse than even his "cousins" 627 and Leroy put together or even what he may have become were it not for his slothful nature.
    • And speaking of 627 and Leroy, Reuben was very annoyed when he found out that they ascended to the Pantheon. 627, in particular, greeted Reuben when they saw each other again with a swift kick to the gut, rolling on the floor laughing at Reuben's misfortune. But this time around, Reuben got back at 627 by dehydrating him back into a pod (borrowing Lilo and Stitch's bizarrely high-tech home food dehydrator) when 627 went catatonic from his laughter. Reuben then placed the pod into a sandwich filled with all sorts of condiments (making sure that the pod doesn't touch anything moist or soggy) and later served the sandwich to one of the villainous gods, whose saliva from their sloppy eating reactivated 627 right in front of them. Reuben took a photo of the mess that ensued; it's now framed in his temple and he has sent out copies of it to the rest of his ʻohana.
  • No one's quite sure how skilled he is at non-sandwich food, but the consensus is "not very". Reuben has some issue with burgers, which he insists "aren't sandwiches!", but after numerous arguments that they are he gave up arguing about it. He's trying to learn with Bob Belcher how to make great burgers. To help with the menu in the House of Food, he managed to steal SCP-458 (the Never-ending Pizza Box), which put him on the SCP Foundation's blacklist. His preferred pizza was a cheese-smothered pizza with baloney, pepperoni and egg.
  • His preferred sandwich is a grilled cheese sandwich. Sparky sometimes comes to help grilling them. He's also a decent saxophone player. Also sounds a lot like Yakko Warner. The two seem to get on a lot, due to their snarky and comic personality.
  • Also pleased to see Angel in the Pantheon after "Hotcakes" (as he calls her) first paid a visit to the House of Food with Stitch. She doesn't share the same feeling. She has made it absolutely clear to Reuben that Stitch is her "boojiboo", not him, and that she hasn't forgotten about their past interactions.
  • As with Jumba's other genetic experiments, Reuben is under watch by the Men in Black.

    Uncle Iroh 
Iroh, God of Tea and Cool Old Guys (General Iroh, Dragon of the West)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A teapot next to a White Lotus token
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Godly Firebending, Misdirection, Having Not-Quite-The-Destiny You Expected, Being Part Of An Ancient Conspiracy Made Up Entirely Of Cool Old Guys, Being a Much Better Parent than the Biological One
  • Domains: Fire, Good, Peace, Sun
  • Followers: Thaco, Malcolm Corley, Ratchet, Jetfire
  • Allies: Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Korra, The Doctor, Indiana Jones, Batman, Solid Snake, Henry Hatsworth, Mr. Miyagi, Hershel Layton, Mami Tomoe, Kirima Sharo, Uncle Chan, Karouko Hanasaki, Samurai Jack, Ashi
  • Enemies: Ozai (his younger brother), Azula, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Revolver Ocelot
  • Upon his deification, Iroh founded the tea shop of his dreams, the Jasmine Dragon. It used to be located in the House of Heroes, but since the opening of this House he moved here. His tea was so appreciated around the Pantheon that he gained a second title. The only God who seems to dislike his business is Godot, for his ways of "tea and failure".
  • There have been persistent rumors romantically linking Iroh to a minor archangel of the Goddess of Female Asskicking, a bounty hunter named June. Iroh himself has remained mum on the matter, and, if pressed further, smiles and insists that tea is his one true passion.
  • Rumors that he applied for the open job slot at Coffee of Doom have not yet been substantiated.
  • As much as he's the Cool Old Guy, there's one thing that could make him lose cool as much as he could muster. And that's... anytime Excalibur visits his store. Not even Iroh can avoid making the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face anytime Excalibur visits (though he always did it when no one is looking).
  • Has found out that Zuko would have a grandson that goes by the name of General Iroh II. He wept Tears of Joy learning about how much his own nephew loved him.
    • Also was seen mentoring Korra in her journeys in the Spirit World. Surprisingly, he treated his trip there as if it was retirement.
  • He was not pleased to learn that Zuko had been moved to the House of Betrayal. He trusts his nephew, it's everyone else in the House he has a problem with.
  • Was actually attacked by Samurai Jack after hearing his voice. Luckily, Iroh was able to hold his own until the other gods finally managed to convince him that he wasn't Aku. The old firebender forgave him for the incident when Jack told him his story, and talked about various other things over tea. Jack constantly visits him now, sometimes just for tea and a game of Pai Sho (Iroh was surprised to find he was actually very good at it.).
    • Even now that Jack's journey has ended, he still comes to visit. When Ashi finally ascended, Iroh was one of the first people Jack introduced her to. She now thinks of him as the father she wished she had and Zuko as close as a younger brother she is capable of.
  • Rumors have persisted for a long time that he and Karouko Hanasaki are an item, ultimately leading to the greatest Badass Old Couple possible. These rumors turned out to be unfounded, however the two are good friends.

Lesser Gods

    Akane Hino/Cure Sunny 
Akane Hino, Goddess of the Okonomiyaki (Cure Sunny, Kelsey, Glitter Sunny)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Smile Pretty Cure Symbol and the Sunny Cure Decor. Alternatively, a volleyball cover on flames
  • Theme Song: Only Wonderful
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Pungeon Master, Super Strength, Determinator, Deadpan Snarker, Fiery Redhead, Speaking with a Accent, Tomboy, The Trickster, Big Gal
  • Domains: Food, Jokes, Combat, Fire, Sun
  • Allies: All of the Pretty Cures (especially the Smile ones), Yang Xiao Long, Teddie, Hibiki Tachibana, Miku Kohinata, Rei Hino, Lol Rangers, Eiji Hino, the ToQgers (especially Hikari), Natsu Ayuhara, Kotone Shiomi, Tarzan, King Kong, Catherine Kyoubashi, Asuka Kazama, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Hime Onizuka, Simon the Digger, Shouichi Tsugami, Akane Isshiki, Akane Inuwaka, Rena Mizunashi
  • Enemies: All Evil aligned Gods and Goddess
  • Oppose: Gin Ichimaru
  • Akane Hino takes pride in the okonomiyaki she makes as they contain her family secret ingredient; the feelings one put in making something for others to enjoy. And she is happy to share it with everybody in the pantheon.
  • Her ascension marks the official reuniting of the Smile PreCure team. Miyuki, Nao, Reika, and Yayoi are very happy about this.
  • She is one of the members of a three-girl volleyball team alongside Natsu Ayuhara and Minako Arisato. She gets along rather well with the two, Minako in particular as something about her brings to mind Nao.
    • She, alongside Natsu, is in charge of the Volleyball club in the House of School. This made her a target of Monokuma's potential Pantheonic School Life of Mutual Killing. She hates the robotic teddy bear and his mastermind for pulling off this kind of atrocity.
  • Has enrolled in the Elysium Academy to learn to write and speak English. She said the only reason she doing that is just because. The other Smile Gang however mention a boy name Brian that just cause Akane to blush madly.
    • She actually thought she heard Brian in the pantheon and went to meet him. Turns out it was Jin Kisaragi and Akane was put off by his attitude. She also founded weird he was shipped accidentally with her friend Reika Aoki... and how Reika was NOT that put off with his attitude.
      • Akane did found a nicer deity who sounded like Brian in Simon the Digger. His very presence seems to make her even more Hot-Blooded then she already is.
  • Has been mistaken by many deities to be related to either Rei Hino or even Eiji Hino because of their last names and being known to use fire powers. They all deny it but Akane loves to hang out with the two.
    • The Idol Ranko Kanzaki actually thought Akane Hino that did ascend was a fellow veteran idol that was also Hot-Blooded and loves sports. Akane actually hopes she can meet her one day.
    • Akane has also been confused for Akane Isshiki and Akane Inuwaka, not that Akane minds because she enjoys their company.
  • Turns out to be a bit of a Pungeon Master. This made her pretty close to both Teddie, Yang, and Shouichi. Expect many groans when the four are together.
    • She also loves to play little pranks on her friends when she get the chance. Like the time she turned invisible. It's because of this she became friends with the Lol Rangers.
  • Was happy to meet other Kansai girls in Osaka, despite her quirkiness, Asuka Kazama, she admire her tendacy to help others, and Hime Onizuka, she knows that feeling of not being able to express your love to a person. She is however wary of Gin Ichimaru. His smile creeps her out.
    • She also became friends with Catherine Kyoubashi who's grandma was from Osaka and loves to visit the place. Not only that, she also loves Okonomiyaki in which she said she is great at making. The two often have friendly competitions on who can make the best okonomiyaki.
  • Turns out, her favorite animals are gorillas. This made her friends with Tarzan who was raised by gorillas and King Kong, a giant gorilla himself.
    • Its unknown if Frieza hates Akane for being a "filthy monkey lover".
  • Her most frequent visitors for her okonomiyaki stall are Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata. They mention how her okonomiyaki might be just as good or even better then the ones back home. Rena Mizunashi is a more regular, bringing her brother over as their father once brought Eisuke for regular okonomiyaki meals before his death.
  • While Akane and the other Smile Pretty Cures oppose all evil-aligned deities, they made special enemies in the Psycho Rangers who remind them of the Bad End Pretty Cure. The two teams have clashed on multiple occasions.

    Brassica Prime 
Brassica Prime, God of Cabbages (King of the Cabbages, Lord of Delicious, Most Delicious of Gods)
Brassica in combat 

Gangplank, God of Oranges (The Saltwalter Scourge, The Pirate King of Bilgewater, the Captain of the Dead Pool, Gankplank, GP, Bankplank, Midplank, Jungleplank, Tankplank, Supportplank, Dankplank)
Before the destruction of the Dead Pool 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Bilgewater symbol
  • Theme Song: Gangplank Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Bad Boss, Combat Pragmatist, Being excellent at Critically hitting, Having his ship fire a hail of cannonballs, Dressed to Plunder, Jack-of-All-Stats/Lightning Bruiser, Magikarp Power, The Musketeer, Oranges than can cleanse anything, Pirate (and talking like one), Having love for one's dietary choice (Oranges if you can't tell)
  • Domains: Pirates, Oranges, Cannonballs, Ganking
  • Followers: His pirate crew as well as many inhabitants of Bilgewater.
  • Allies: Cervantes de León
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients, Jack Sparrow, Monkey D Luffy, Whitebeard, Kunkka, King K. Rool
  • Friendly Rivals: Popeye, Tidehunter
  • Enemies: Sobek, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Davy Jones (and his Kraken), Sarah Fortune, Spinal
  • Ever since he joined the Pantheon, he has constantly gone to great lengths in order to replace Jack Sparrow. These attempts almost always ends in epic confrontations between their crews. So far, Sparrow has won all battles. Making matters worse, Jack even has charmed Gangplank's rival Sarah Fortune to usually team up in foiling him.
    • However, it seems that now Gangplank has started gathering many of his contacts, former crewmen and allies alike, to form a massive army. Jack needs to watch his back now.
  • Sarah Fortune has a strong distrust for pirates and she finds herself constantly bickering with Gangplank (the only captain to resist her charms) over the direction of Bilgewater politics. Despite their rivalry, Gangplank and Sarah Fortune struck a truce to fight off the Black Mist one year ago, at "The Battle of Knife Straits", right on the shores of the Blue Flame Island. They were apparently successful in driving the threat from the Shadow Isles back, but there were heavy casualties and the fleet was ultimately scattered. And amongst the Pantheon, that battle ultimately becomes the main reason why the Shadow Isles demon Mordekaiser made it to the Pantheon.
  • Many deities never bother to use any form of ability that affects his status in any way, since his oranges seems to cure almost anything in an instant. Except for forced teleportation, that is. Though to be fair, the suppression was stopped, so it appears the oranges can't work on double effects. No matter, most debilitation can strike him, but Gangplank ate oranges and it was K.
  • Whenever he's not scourging the water, he is usually called upon by Jeremiah Gottwald/Orange-kun asking about how to tend his orange field, so his oranges would be K too. Gangplank has a lot of secrets to share.
  • Has gained a lot of enmity to the crocodile God, Sobek, seeing that the croc appeared out of nowhere in the body of water and chased after him every time he fell to the water. Sure, his oranges would remove Sobek's attempt to hold him down, but he still thinks it's getting annoying. He got even more pissed off when he realized that Sarah Fortune was the one suggesting such activity to Sobek.
  • With the rise of Kunkka, Gangplank has made it his mission to prove that he's the superior man of seas, and Kunkka's bound to lose. However for Gangplank, Kunkka has a lot more tricks to his sleeve, making his goal harder to reach.
  • After being one-upped many times, Gangplank went on a temporary retreat, full of oranges that is K, which is known to empower him further. When he came back, he sports a brand new look and voice (sounding much like Chrom, Jotarou Kujo, Kanji Tatsumi and Valvatorez) and some new tricks up his sleeve, and with full confidence that he'll fare better in seas.
  • Often spends a lot of time in the House of Crime, likely looking for new crew members.
  • Many believe that Gangplank and Sarah Fortune have something going on. Neither of them have fully commented, though Sarah Fortune was a bit upset in regards to that implication. Gangplank however.... well, his taunts for Sarah imply something.
  • Earned the ire of many Noxian deities due to his theft of Swain's flagship, the Leviathan.
  • Utterly annoyed by Eric Cartman, who constantly asks Gangplank if he can join his crew.
  • Ultimately, after he retreated, Gangplank returned, more savage than he usually was and challenged Kunkka for the rightful throne of the fiercest man of sea right on his Dead Pool ship. With new explosive barrels and new cannon tricks, Gangplank actually gave Kunkka a run for his money, and even when Sobek interfered, Gangplank still held his ground and started overwhelming the two. Until all of the sudden, Sobek dove to the water and swam off, with Kunkka riding him, seen as Gangplank as a sign of giving up... until suddenly, their battlefield was rained by cannon balls that sank the ship along with Gangplank. Turns out Kunkka and Sobek were a diversion set up by Sarah Fortune to avenge her mother. However, none found the corpse of the Pirate King of Bilgewater. Many believe we haven't seen the last of the Saltwater Scourge...
    • He is indeed back. He's missing an arm, but he's alive. And he's pissed.
  • It also turns out that he was a necessary evil in regards to Bilgewater. While Gangplank is a monster, everyone in Bilgewater was afraid of him so his presence kept the extremes in line. As soon as word spread that he was "dead", the entire city was thrown into chaos.
  • Upon his return, he had one thing to say to Sarah Fortune:
  • Turned out he learned that when he prepped for getting his prosthetic limbs, his broken limbs were consumed by Tidehunter. Not that he minded, he no longer needed such limbs anyway. What surprises Gangplank is that apparently his newfound hatred with Sarah Fortune was so contagious that Tidehunter was infected, and after he told his eternal grudge to Kunkka, Gangplank took the opportunity and made him his first ally/friendly rival just after he lost everything. Therefore, the two stood together to one day face against both Sarah and Kunkka.
  • "Neither the flames nor the depths could claim me."

Godot, God of Coffee (Diego Armando)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: A Mug of Black, Bitter Coffee, and his Creepy Visor.
  • Theme Music: Fragrance of Black Coffee -Turnabout Jazz Soul Arrange-
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Drinking Large Amounts Of Coffee And Spitting It Dramatically, Imposing Eyewear, Getting People's Names Wrong On Purpose, Enigmatic Foes, Bunny Ears Lawyers
  • Domains: Law, Spite, Coffee
  • Followers: The staff of Coffee Of Doom, Ianto Jones, Kathryn Janeway, Juan Valdez, Airi Nogami, Mr. and Mrs. Tweak
  • Allies: L, Agatha Heterodyne, Maya Fey, Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize
  • High Priest: Brewster
  • On Good Terms With: Phoenix Wright,
  • Opposes: Spider Deities, Mr. Saturn
  • He used to hold a major grudge against "Trite". Although he and Phoenix came to came to terms with it, he still rarely visits that house, despite his own legal cred. He prefers to hang around the House of Life and Death, to visit the Feys. When he is in the house of Food, he usually does nothing but fiddle with his astonishingly bitter brews.
  • He's known for making snide remarks to many of the other gods, but most of them don't say anything about it. He believes this to be because they're all slightly intimidated by him. Some of them are, the rest are either bewildered by his coffee metaphors or don't see him as enough of a threat to bother breaking the nonviolence rule.
  • Godot's coffee maker, an elaborate thing he designed himself, once broke, and Agatha Heterodyne happened to be near. She offered to help fix it, and in the process made a number of improvements. Before this incident, Godot occasionally became angry enough to throw a mug of his scalding hot coffee at offenders, but now? Coffee this perfect, dark and bitter like an old soul, should never be wasted.
    • Which is why he makes a different less perfect brew. Just for the occasion of throwing at others.
  • Has been practicing with his coffee and has created 271 unique blends, and is researching Godot Blend #272.
  • Expected Naomi to follow him... but since her coffees are only palpable to a certain quartet of Imagins, Godot needs better to train her in the art of making coffee.
  • Has banned one Runaway Guy by the name of ProtonJon from his temple after watching this.
  • Word of the existence of SCPs 914 and 294 somehow slipped out and Godot's first course of action was to barrel towards the nearest foundation base in search of ordering a "perfect coffee" from 294 and then running it through 914 on "Very fine", for the sake of the whole Pantheon, the foundation quickly relocated both SCPs to the other side of the world.
  • He wants to keep his coffee away from any spiders, especially since how regular spiders would act weirdly from caffeine, he dreads to know what drunk spider people would do.
  • Made the mistake of blessing his visor onto one TJ "Henry" Yoshi.
  • He made a mistake of trying one of Mr. Saturn's brewed coffee, causing him to have an episode. After getting fixed, he made sure to not try their coffee again.

    Johnny Appleseed 
Johnny Appleseed, God of Apples (John Chapman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A sprouting apple seed
  • Theme Song: The Lord's Been Good to Me
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Planter of Apples, Barefoot Sage, Friend to All Living Things, Tall Tale
  • Domains: Apples, Family, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Nature, Business
  • High Priest: Tybalt Leftpaw
  • Allies: Applejack (former 'herald'), The Farmer, Crazy Dave, Mary Lennox, Spring Sprite, Snow White, Paul Bunyan
  • Enemies: The Lich, Hexxus, Hedorah, Nurgle, Typhus, Dr. Zomboss, the Evil Queen
  • Opposed by/Conflicting Opinion: Brassica Prime
  • Pities: The Cabbage Merchant, The Kid
  • Applejack used to be here, but stepped down upon the appearance of the original spreader of apples himself. Her (thought-to-be) final act as goddess was to gather her friends and eliminate Discord from the Pantheon (before his eventual return, reformation, and repositioning in the House of Monsters). She served as a herald for a time, tending to the apple trees that he plants, even though she should've technically been his high priestess, but the Pantheon's rules on such titles hadn't been so rigid back then. After some debate however, she was given a position in the House of Mentalism. She then moved to the House of Personality.
  • Johnny is often portrayed as a man who traveled across the northern fledgling United States, planting apple trees wherever he goes for the American people to enjoy, and doing is selflessly and for no money. …Or so the tales go.
    • Turns out, Appleseed was actually a shrewd businessman and Swedenborgian missionary, who specifically left apple tree nurseries in the care of other farmers, and later returned to collect the profits of the tree sales…which was often in the form of barter goods (like clothes) or credit instead of money, explaining why he was never very monetarily wealthy; most of that was in (a lot of) the frontier land that he had claimed as his own. He also kept the worst of the bartered goods for himself, and selling/trading away the better quality ones.
    • He also frequently entertained children with various stories he heard, and regularly promoted his own religion, often leaving pages from his Bible behind.
    • Incidentally, the apple trees he spread were of the crab-apple variety, mostly used in the production of hard apple cider, which was the true reason for his popularity. Not apples, not apple trees, but the alcoholic drinks (cider) he helped bring to the frontier.
  • He and his ex-herald are one of the few that can handle the "Delicious Fruit" without exploding into a bloody pulp. Despite the fact that they're more like giant cherries.
  • Several other deities have tried to gain his favor to get apples, especially Ryuk.
  • Snow White Was a bit concerned when she met with him, who had offered her some fresh apples (considering last time she had one, she was sent into a deep sleep). After some time with Snow White baking pies out of them, and a heart-to-heart chat, she has been a frequent buyer of his apples, which she makes into pies.
    • For above reasons, he has refused to sell his apples to the Evil Queen.
  • Now knows of the idiom "apples and oranges". No, this doesn't have to mean any hostility with Gangplank.

Lemres, God of Sweets-Savvy Smarties (Comet Warlock)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His comet insignia
  • Theme Music: Rising Comet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Weird but Talented, Peek-a-Bangs, Eyes Always Shut, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Magic, Eccentricity
  • Herald: Feli
  • Allies: Kirakira Cures, Stocking Anarchy, Kero, Charlotte Katakuri, Oren Pierre Alfonzo, Rosalina
  • Enemies: Needles Kane, Calypso
  • Avoids: The Sleeper
  • Lemres is a skilled and smart magic student hailing from a town some distance from Primp Town. Although not directly from Primp, he's every bit as eccentric as the denizens there. He also really likes sweets to the point where he has to rely on these treats in order to use his magic powers. If he doesn't for a prolonged period of time, he starts to act a little crazy. Despite all the eccentricities he has, Lemres is a good-hearted person that's easy to hang out with once one understands his quirks.
  • The Pantheon decided to arrange a quick contest where numerous magicians and wizards can showcase their magic to others and compete to win a prize. Among the participants of that contest was Lemres (who apparently ended up in the Pantheon as a result of a Puyo Puyo match), who decided to demonstrate his powers and affinity of sweets to the audience. He performed well enough to at least get him ranked third in the competition, though he was allowed a spot in the Pantheon given how sweets are integral to his expertise.
  • When it comes to Sig, Lemres is the only person from their homeworld to have significant knowledge about the demon nature of such and has tried to prevent Sig from finding out. Given that there's plenty in the Pantheon who are aware of Sig's half-demon nature, not to mention that there's a multitude of beings that want to use it to their own villainous ends, Lemres has more of a reason to make sure that bad things don't happen to Sig. While Sig can fend for himself part of the time, Lemres just wants to make sure that Sig doesn't end up in too much trouble when it comes to demon-related matters.
  • After spending a bit of time wandering around the Pantheon looking for deities who were interested in sweets (or at least, wanted to have a couple pieces of candy), he was able to find plenty of deities who liked the same kind of food as he is. Some of them are every bit as unusual as Lemres' attitude is, but for completely different reasons and some could be even weirder than he is.
    • The KIRAKIRA Patisserie is noted to be a place where Lemres likes to hang out whenever he isn't busy with magic. He got to meet the employees there, who were surprised to learn that one of their frequent customers was a wizard that's able to conjure up his own candy and needs them to power up his magic, but they are welcome to him regardless. When a group of monsters was attacking one day, the KIRAKIRA Patisserie employees sprang into action and revealed themselves to be the Kirakira Precures to Lemres, something that came as a bit of a surprise to him at first. The monsters ended up being a bit more trouble for the Cures than normal, so Lemres stepped in and helped out. Once the threats were taken care of, the Cures told Lemres that he was more than welcome to help out with the place from time-to-time and even help them fight threats if the group is in serious trouble again.
    • Charlotte Katakuri was someone that Lemres found to be a very interesting individual considering the former's circumstances. When at work, Katakuri has to put up a serious front, but out of the job, he has a craving for sweets and has an unusual mouth to go with it as well. Lemres decided to pay him a visit and see how things pan out between each other. He got to understand more about Katakuri and his overall character and Lemres decided not to hold anything against Katakuri, even offering him some sweets via magic whenever they decide to meet again.
    • As much of a odd person Stocking Anarchy is given her adventures, she's someone that Lemres has decided to meet up with on a regular basis. Her love of sweets aside, her outfit and distant behavior does remind Lemres of Feli, an Elegant Gothic Lolita who admires Lemres and although Stocking obviously doesn't have any romantic inclinations towards him at all, she does like to visit him in order to get more sweets from him.
    • His meeting with Kero was interesting so to say, giving that it happened while Lemres and the Kirakira Precures were fighting another monster that was threatening the latter's hangout. Afterwards, Kero and Sakura Kinomoto decided to have a quick break at the KIRAKIRA Patisserie and Lemres was willing to talk to them about a few things. Kero had his fair share of treats made by both the KIRAKIRA Patisserie staff and Lemres, with Kero noting how easy it is for Lemres to conjure up candy via magic and how Lemres needs such sweets to function. Kero and Kinomoto left on good terms with Lemres, with Kinomoto telling Lemres that there's a lot more magic of different kinds out there waiting.
    • Oren Pierre Alfonzo learned about Lemres' magic to make candy and personally found the idea of it to be detrimental to physically making sweets. Lemres met up with Oren and explained that as easy as it is to conjure sweets from thin air, he prefers to make them by hand and obliged to Oren's request to prove that he can make treats physically. Oren was impressed with the results that Lemres put out and the warlock was offered a brief look through Oren's business. Lemres became fond of the treats that Oren makes and has become a regular customer of the latter, even if Lemres has noticed that Oren has a bit of a weird behavior.
  • When he first showed up to Amite and co, Lemres had a bit of a problem involving his eccentricities that would result in him getting beat up. Although such a thing has subsided, it hasn't stopped some such as Trollkaiger from coming up with plans that involve smear campaigns against him because of his quirks. Some of these attempts did result in Lemres getting beat up by people who don't know him that well, most of these attempts tend to be thwarted thanks to Lemres' friends who know how nice he actually is.
  • It didn't take that long for him to learn that the Pantheon has a wide variety of spellcasters of different powers and goals, especially considering his previous meetings with the Kirakira Precures and Kero. Although he doesn't have that big of a goal considering his interest in sweets, Lemres was interested in figuring out some of these additional magic powers and abilities. Lemres learned that there were wizards and warlocks much stronger than him and considered meeting them up and taking a few bits of advice from him. It was also when he learned that there were magic casters with goals that could threaten others. Since then, Lemres has decided to get a bit serious whenever there's a villainous magic caster attacking and join other heroic wizards in stopping anything that could threaten them and the Pantheon.
  • Once he heard about a truck named "Sweet Tooth", Lemres was a bit curious to see if the truck had some candy in store. Many warned him that whoever was driving Sweet Tooth was anything but sweet, a warning that Lemres heeded when he went out looking for the truck and its owner. He managed to find the truck in the middle of an abandoned street, its appearance looking sinister and Lemres had to prepare himself in case an attack was coming. He then saw a deranged man wearing a clown mask coming his way and managed to avoid him before the man got near the Sweet Tooth. Needles Kane, being the insane monster he is, demanded what some weird-looking magic-casting wizard wanted with Sweet Tooth and Lemres only stated he wanted to know if sweets were in it. Needles retorted that if he was selling any sweets, then they'd be loaded with explosives to kill his customers, something that Lemres didn't take all that well. His magic was able to help him fend off Needles Kane on his own, though Lemres needed a bit of extra help after the Sweet Tooth chased him down. After the Sweet Tooth was damaged and Lemres escorted away from the fire, Needles shouted to the sky that anyone he meets, including those with magic given what happened with him and Calypso, will end up dead no matter what.
    • Some time after that messy meeting, Lemres was told about Needles Kane's problem with Calypso, a malevolent wish-granting entity that screws over anyone that he encounters. Lemres was familiar with the idea of wishes since he apparently made one that involved turning the world around him into a candy-covered world, but the fact that there's evil magic users out there was something that he needed to better prepare himself for. Lemres might be a bit of a weirdo, but if there's people out there like Calypso who are not only stronger, but meaner, than what Lemres is used to, then its a sign that he would have to improve his skills in order to have at least survive a potential encounter.
  • Having recalled that one wish he presumably made in the past, Lemres was wondering if a place with nothing but sweets really does exist. It would eventually lead him to discover Sugar Rush, a world that not only had sweets and candy at every turn, but also served as a race track. Lemres was curious to know if someone was in charge of that place, but was told that the former ruler of that place left has moved on to other things. He then explained that he doesn't really have the time to oversee the place, but he can make up sweets of his own to potentially replace parts of the landscape if they get damaged. For the time being, although he isn't that involved when it comes to the finer workings of the place, Lemres sometimes fixes up damage done to Sugar Rush and has even warded off others that are considered to be a threat to Sugar Rush.
  • Being dubbed the "Comet Warlock" meant that Lemres was going to find some deities associated with comets or related cosmic content sooner than later. While Lemres is more known for cosmic-based magic than actually affecting the cosmos, he was willing to learn about those deities regardless. Of them, he and Rosalina got along pretty quickly thanks to the star motif and Lemres having an outfit that's sort of a male equivalent to Rosalina's. He once asked if Rosalina's Lumas were interested in candy and while Rosalina didn't mind the question that much (and even chuckled a bit), she stated that the Lumas prefer Star Bits if they're hungry.
  • Someone once asked Lemres about The Sleeper given that its a comet and he's the "Comet Warlock". After being explained what The Sleeper is and what it's capable of, he actually became worried for a bit and it ended up being one of the few times that his normally cool-headed demeanor was gone. Even if he spent a lot of time improving his magic capabilities to maximum potential, Lemres isn't sure if he's able to do anything against The Sleeper. The most Lemres can do is keep his distance from The Sleeper as much as possible, especially since there's beings much stronger than him that can at least have a chance in fighting whatever threat that comet may pose.

    Max Tennyson 
Maxwell Tennyson, Divine Purveyor of Alien Cuisine

    Remy (Ratatouille
Remy, God of French Cuisine (Little Chef)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A rat wearing a chef's hat
  • Theme Music: Ratatouille Main Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Cute Critter, Expressive Ears, Deadpan Snarker, Supreme Chef, excellent smell, Silent Snarker, The Speechless (The last two when around humans)
  • Domains: Rats, Cuisine, Paris
  • Heralds: His rat family and Alfredo Linguini
  • Allies: The Parr Family, The cast of Toy Story, WALL-E and EVE, Mike & Sully, Merida, Carl Fredricksen, Fievel Mousekewitz, Mickey Mouse, Jerry, Speedy Gonzales, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, Amelie Poulain
  • Opposes: Syndrome
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Bambi and other animals with negative viewpoints towards humans
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Doraemon
  • Odd Friendship: Caesar
  • Frequent Customer: Charlotte Dunois
  • One day in the House of Food, some have noticed rats in the kitchen. When said people brought others to check it out, they noticed the rats were preparing a dish. Said dish happened to be a mix of various vegetables and spices. Those that have tried it were impressed and allowed Remy a spot, with his rat family and Alfredo Linguini as Heralds.
  • There was a sort of a stigma that was present when it came to French cuisine. The Court of the Gods noticed that this stigma was subverted thanks to him and that French Cuisine can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • There was a point in time when he was asked to smell the Mystery Food recipes. He ran in the other direction after smelling the first one.
  • While Remy knows that Bambi and a few other animals in the Pantheon are friendly, he isn't really keen on their beliefs that Humans Are Bastards or something far worse.
    • This is why some were a little surprised that he's gotten along with Caesar, mostly because the ape has seen that humans are capable of good, despite him coming into conflict with them.
  • Despite the fact that he's a rat, he's friendly with the other cartoon mice in the Pantheon and they are friendly with him as well.
    • Unfortunately for Doraemon, this meant another mouse in the Pantheon to worry about. Remy's actually a rat, but even then...
  • Heard about fellow French deity Charlotte Dunois, and the rat sometimes serves food for her whenever she visits the House of Food.
  • He was pleasantly surprised to hear that many Pixar deities are present. Unfortunately, he was disappointed to see that a villain through Syndrome is there as well. The only thing that's probably going to prevent tensions is the fact that their films were by the same director.
  • Not to be confused with the other Remy. It gets even more confusing when you realize they're both French. As such, this one is referred to as Remy the Rat and the other is Remy the fighter.
  • He does not want to talk about an imitator of his.
  • Don't tell him that Ratatouille is a dish with rats. That thought is really disturbing to him.
  • Has a rather optimistic view on how the pantheon can change, saying "Change is nature", the part we can control.
  • Among the cooks in this part of the pantheon, several raise a few eyebrows at one of his reviews on the wall, proclaiming him "The Finest Chef in France." Remy shrugged at this, saying "Ego made me who I am. How can I not include this review?"
  • The more egalitarian gods also were interested in him following the philosophy of "Anyone can cook."
  • He teamed-up with Scrooge McDuck to open up a bistro in Twilight Town. It's proven to be extremely popular with the town's denizens; with Sora, Donald, and Goofy always eager to bring him Remy more ingredients for him to use.

    Stocking Anarchy 
Stocking Anarchy, Goddess of Sweets (Gothatron Stocking, Riot Girl, That Goth Girl who Obviously has Daddy Issues)


    Aoi Asahina 
Aoi Asahina, Goddess of Donuts (Hina, Super High-School Level Swimmer, Ultimate Swimming Pro, Hina, Idiot Swimmer Girl, Super High-School Level Donut Nut)
Danganronpa 3 

    Kazuma Azuma 
Kazuma Azuma, God of Bread
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A slice of delicious bread; alternatively, his pink headband
  • Theme Song: Comet Cloud
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A kind person who is a master of baking bread at the beginning which is the only thing he knows how to baked/cooked (eventually downplayed), The Power of Friendship, Over-the-top reactions, Elaborate cooking techniques, Is really an idiot but an unexpected genius in math, Creates really delicious bread, Hands as motifs
  • Domains: Bread, Kindness, Dexterity, Math
  • Heralds: Ken Matsushiro (his boss), his co-workers (Kyousuke Kawachi, Tsukino Azusagawa, Kageto Kinoshita, Shigeru Kanmuri)
  • High Priest: The Baker
  • Followers: Kasane Teto, Victoria, Sugar, Ana Pascal
  • Allies: Gordon Ramsay, Pinkie Pie, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Natsuki, Alicia of Squad 7, Dukemon, Conan Edogawa, Himura Kenshin
  • On good terms with: The Pantheonic Time Police, The Doctor
  • Enemies: The Soldier, Morris
  • Kazuma Azuma is a young boy who dreams of creating a nation bread in his native country. It became a problem however as he found out that rice is a staple food in Japan and that bread is always looked down in his country. It wasn't until he met a young man who told him he has powerful hands called the "Solar Hands" and conviced him to continue pursuing his dream. Thanks to this, he was able to remain optimistic on his goal, and with his ten years of self-study, competed in the main branch of Pantasia to become it's employer.
  • He wasn't in the Pantheon for a while as he was a contestant in a different competition. After his new competition ended, he reascended, while establishing a bigger and better branch of Pantasia with his heralds. As a result of his new reascencion, a lot of deities (new and old) became regular customers as they wanted to taste his taste that are well-designed that are impossible to create and really delicious.
  • Out of all the bakers he met, he really gets along with Pinkie Pie the most as they are both bakers who share similar personality traits who love to cheer people by baking their signature food.
    • When heard that there is another bakerthat bakes bread named Alicia. He went to her shop to meet her. The teenage girl is fascinated at Kazuma's baking skills and his "hand technique" to achieve this. They occassionally went to each other's temple to ask for advice when it comes to baking bread and to compare their skills.
  • One of his most frequent customers is Dukemon. This is because bread is his favorite food and talks abput how his bread is one of the most delicious he has ever tasted. He became friends with him later on since they constantly communicate with each other in his temple.
  • Gave a slice of bread to Gordon Ramsay once. The chef was marvalled at how he was able to create an impossibly designed delicious bread like this. Thanks to this, he became a regular customer to Kazuma's shop.
  • He was ordered to prohibit any sale of his bread to a certain Soldier. Upon hearing that he teleported bread for 3 days to the point it brought a bread monster, Kazuma became afraid of him. The fact that the bread monster has tumors makes it worse.
  • The Pantheonic Time Police and The Doctor are really amazed at how he was able to create a bread that could sent people to travel back in time. Although they don't want him to create anymore bread like this as they fear that this type of bread will let people create time paradoxes, but considering how friendly he is, they are on good terms with him and in the case of the former, in situations where they lose one of their valuables that enables them to access for time travel and couldn't find a way of time travelling, they are using his bread as an alternative.
  • Hates Morris as his greedy, selfish nature reminds him of his two greatest enemies from the Pantasia Main Branch. Morris simply scoffs at this stating that it's just business.
  • Hearing who "Conan Tonegawa" was from Kawachi, he met the real one in the Pantheon, who thinks it's actually Pierrot in disguise. Upon being convinced that it's the real one and hearing his story, he promised to create a bread that could bring him back to his teenage bread, which made Conan gleeful and made one of his friends, Haibara mad in a really bad way.
  • Is afraid of Kenshin Himura at first when he heard his past and thinks he's going to be like one of his rivals, Kai Suwabara before becoming nicer. Upon meeting him for the first time, he was amazed to see he's not like that and thinks that he's actually one of the nicest people he ever met, which Himura humbly stated that he's just like that.

    Monterey Jack 
Monterey Jack, Official Pantheon Cartoon Cheese Taster & Connoisseur (Monty, Cheeser)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A block of yellow Swiss cheese
  • Theme Song: "Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Big Guy of the Rescue Rangers, Awesome Aussie from a Badass Family, Badass Moustache, Top-Heavy Guy, Big Eater, Unnaturally Strong despite being fat, Relating Stories of his World Adventures, Team Chef, Cheese Lover, accompanied by a fly, known for his "cheese attacks"
  • Domains: Mice, Cheese, Adventurers
  • Herald: Zipper the Fly
  • Allies: The Rescue Rangers (Chip, Dale, Gadget), Mickey Mouse, Basil & Dawson, Jerry, Remy the Rat, Fievel Mousekewitz, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde,Charlotte the Dessert Witch, Nagisa Momoe, Optimus Prime, Wallace, Steve Irwin, Saxton Hale
  • Enemies: Tom, Sylvester, Ratigan, Archibald Snatcher, Dingodile
  • Odd Relation: Tiger the Cat
  • Annoyed by: The Monty Spam Python group
  • The House of Food found itself victim of a rash of cheese-related thievery. At first, many though it was the work of Archibald Snatcher, the Murkrow flock, or even Charlotte, but soon the Pantheon received another newsflash of an unknown trunk suddenly found hidden within the Vault. All attempts to open the chest through lockpicks, jostling, and even kicks were rendered moot. Sora was called to use his Keyblade and upon tapping it, various knick-knacks and souvenirs spilled out. From inside the chest, a bulky mouse who spoke in an Australian accent jumped out, asking who is messing with his house as a fly appeared alongside him. Chip, Dale and Gadget (who were accompanying Sora) appeared and the mouse's expression became jovial. The three jumped off the Keyblade wielder and ran up to the mouse, who grabbed them all in a big group hug. After being introduced to Monterey Jack and Zipper, Sora asked the Court if they could stay. They decreed that due to Monty's famed "cheese attacks" and knowledge of cheese in general, he can stay in the Cartoon Cheese temple with Zipper as Herald. Chip, Dale and Gadget were overjoyed. The Rescue Rangers were all finally reunited.
    • Giving a temple full of cheese to Monterey made some consider it to be a bad move, but strangely enough he manages to keep himself composed. As a true cheese gourmand, he is able to tell the type and age of all the cheese within the temple with just a whiff or maybe a nibble. Naturally, Archibald Snatcher attempts every so often to storm this temple as only he considers himself the Pantheon's only cheese connoisseur. That and his cheese allergy explosions muck up the walls which Zipper hates to clean.
  • As The Big Guy (as much as a mouse can be) for the Rescue Rangers, he's often called upon to help in matters that require brute strength and/or roughing up some bad guys (as long as they're not too big for him). Zipper, even though he lacks deification as a Herald, is respected for his bravery and recon abilities being the only natural flier. Harming him (or attempting to eat him in case of frogs and other insectivores) is a sure-fire way of getting the Rangers, and especially Monty on your case.
  • Not many people know that Monterey Jack is not his real name, but actually Cheeser (the only one allowed to call him that is his mother, Camembert Kate), and he goes to extra lengths to prevent others from knowing. The Rangers know, but the swore never to tell anyone. Monty was shocked to learn several of the deities from the House of Knowledge such as the Librarian, Histoire, Yue Ayase and Nico Robin also know (after reading about it, of course) but they calmed him down as they too will not mention it to anyone out of respect.
  • When not helping out the Rangers, Monty is seen cooking cheese-based fare on a side stall of his temple. His most well-known dish is his cheese chowder which is a big hit with not only other mice, but also the House of Justice as the police officers enjoy its taste.
    • However, many of his other cheese-based dishes and snacks tend to get snatched up immediately by Charlotte the Dessert Witch and her magical girl counterpart Nagisa Momoe.
  • The Cartoon Cheese temple is not just Monty's home and a primo destination for cheese cuisine, but functions as a cheese shop as well. Deities looking for the best kinds of cheese for cooking purposes come here often for Monty's personal recommendations. However, he tends to get annoyed by the Monty Python troupe as they annoy customers pretending to be actual clerks and doing one of their usual routines. Wallace, on the other hand, is one of Monty's favorite customers as he always enjoys getting new cheese types to eat with his crackers at the mouse's recommendation. The inventor was overjoyed learning Monterey is familiar with Wensleydale cheese and both trade notes on different dishes to make with it.
    • He and Remy the Rat share a mutual and beneficial friendship. Remy sends his rat assistants to help Monty out in cooking and finding cheese for the shop's customers and the Aussie mouse returns the favor by saving the best cheese types for Remy's use in his French cooking. Even Remy admits that Monterey's cheese chowder is superb whereas Monty is not much for French cuisine but enjoys all his cheese-based dishes, with special emphasis on his cheesecake.
  • One of the best ways to get on Monty's good side is letting him regale you with tales of his pre-Ranger days as an adventurer and world traveler (which is hereditary as both his parents are also adventurers in their own right). His newly-reacquired trunk/home showcases several souvenirs and knick-knacks he obtained in his travels and he enjoys telling others how he acquired them.
  • Even though Monterey claims to be fearless, he does have a weakness towards cats and refuses to set foot in the Hall of Felines. Of course, exceptionally evil or annoying cats like Greebo, Tom and Sylvester are a source to rid the Pantheon of.
    • Monty was surprised one day to see a rather roly-poly cat show up at the shop section of his place asking for the best sort of cheese he had on sale at the time and nearly hightailed it. He then spotted Fievel Mousekewitz lying on top of the cat's head and assumed that the cat had the young mouse around to eat later, changing his fear to bravery as he attempted to rescue him. However, Fievel was quick to stop Monty and introduced him formerly to Tiger who is his friend and a vegetarian. Monty is still wary of Tiger, but allows him to frequent his shop under a watchful eye.
  • Has meet some good fellow Aussies with Steve Irwin and Saxton Hale. Monty admires Steve's devotion to animalkind while enjoying a good session of one-upmanship adventurer tales with the Mann Co. CEO. Monterey claims he can do everything Hale does if he was bigger.
    • Dingodile is not on Monty's good side as he would love to roast him first before snacking on him. Unfortunately for the hybrid, Monterey sends Zipper out to mess around with the interior of Dingo's flamethrower and make it backfire explosively on him.
  • For some strange reason, he tends to get confused for Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader channeled an Australian accent and found to both their mutual surprise they sounded alike.

    Paul and Peter 
Paul and Peter, Gods of Plot Points Commenced by the Borrowing of Food (Paul: Jerry, Butthead; Peter: Tom, Beavis, Tubby)
Paul and Peter

    Sasha Blouse 
Sasha Blouse, Goddess of Potatoes (Potato Girl)
  • Demigoddess (Actually Lesser Goddess)
  • Symbol: Bow and arrows with a potato in the background.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Potatoes in all kinds and shapes, emulating Spider-man, instinct over mind, The Archer, being more dangerous than she lets on, very keen senses, exaggerated politeness to cover her origin
  • Domains: War, Hunger, Hunting.
  • Allies: Eren Yeager, BRA Team (although she's not sure of it any longer), Kyouko Sakura, Rincewind, Belarus (somewhat), Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease
  • Odd Friendship with Tenya Iida
  • Enemies: None so far... actually Annie Leonhart.
  • Previously not a soul thought too high of her antics, often perceived as out of place and irritating. Then she proved everybody wrong by taking on a Titan with bow, arrows and a hatchet and got deified shortly afterwards.
  • When she's not gorging herself on potatoes or visiting House of Beasts to hunt, she often "borrows" food, most notably meat, from other deities.
  • Became fast friends with Kyouko Sakura, being able to at least partially relate to her case of justified hunger. Sometimes comes along with her on Mami's Afternoon Tea Parties and is absolutely enamored with all the treats seen there.
  • An exquisite cook, supposedly able to make every meat dish something so powerful and delicious that it causes the taster to straight-up trip in ecstasy. That said, Sasha often laments that meat is all she can really prepare as a dish.
  • Once she was enjoying a potato in the house of Food when a tall man with glasses sat beside her and began furiously eating a bowl of beef stew. In between slurps, he introduced himself as Tenya Iida, a hero student from Yuuei Academy. Due to their shared heroic personality, they struck a very strange bond. The two can be regularly seen hanging out together in the house of Food every other Thursday.
  • Has been put under the wing of Kazumi Sawatari so she can learn how to grow her own potatoes since she wouldn't stop stealing the food from his own plantation.


    Cookie Monster 
Cookie Monster, God of Cookies (Sid, Alistair Cookie)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Capital C made from a Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Theme Song: C is for Cookie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: those who eat alot (no way to much), those with very bad eating etiquette, making references that kids will not get
  • Domains: Foods, Muppets, Cookies
  • Allies: Kermit the Frog, all Sweet Tooth Gods in the Pantheon, Kevin Flynn
  • Opposed by: Vanellope von Schweetz
  • Cookie Monster showed up one day, eating as many cookies as he could in one sitting. This would usually tick off some of the Big Eater Gods (particularly Stocking or Kero), but Cookie Monster was able to control his stomach to share. He's now present in most cookie eating parties.
  • Is to be banned from entering Vanellope's temple—she's already having a tough time defending it from other sweet eaters after all!
  • Sometimes goes to the House of Theater to perform "Monsterpiece Theater" where he and his Sesame Street pals recreate pieces of literature for the masses. Most kid gods look in confusion—Gods in the House of Knowledge nod their heads.
  • Once pended to host an episode of Saturday Night Live, but failed. No matter: he got to appear anyway as a guest, alongside an actor resembling Kevin Flynn and Clu.
  • Besides cookies, it's known that Cookie Monster will eat anything inedible, with the most famous being a Volkswagen Beetle. In fact, some gods have reported seeing Cookie at the House of Technology eating old, rusted cars, which had to result in stricter rules to protect the scrap metal from those cars from being eaten.

    Eli Bacon 
Eli Bacon, God of Baconnote  (Eli, Baaaaacon note , The Bacon Expert)

    Hansel and Gretel 
Hansel and Gretel, The Deities Who Left Behind A Trail of Bread Crumbs (Nicholas and Ava Zimmer)
As Witch Hunters 
  • Quasideities, with some versions are Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A trail of bread crumbs. Alternatively, the Gingerbread House (although neither is happy for this)
  • Theme Song: "The Overture"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Brother-Sister Team, leave rocks and bread crumbs behind to find their ways home, Guile Hero
  • Domains: Family, Food, Witch-Killing
  • Allies: The good-aligned Disney deities, the Baudelaire orphans, Bugs Bunny, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Lisa and Bart Simpson, any deities who love their siblings, Clint Barton / Hawkeye, Bigby Wolf, Fables!Snow White, Vivo Takamachi, Billy Batson
  • Enemies: Any evil witch in the Pantheon, especially Baba Yaga, the other Hansel and Gretel, Jack Horner, Mana Ouma,
  • Opposes: The Grinch, Belarus, Haruka and Sora Kasugano
  • Opposed by: Billy and Mandy
  • The famous pair of siblings from fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel was welcomed into the Pantheon after one day wondering inside the wood because their bread crumbs trail is one of the most iconic fairy tale imagery.
  • The two stay far away from the the Gingerbread House as much as possible for obvious reasons. They are also the most vocal promoting its destruction while working hard with every parents in the Pantheon to make sure other children also avoid this place.
  • Made friends with people who have experienced similar situation, most notably Bugs Bunny, Oswald and Mickey Mouse.
  • Are on good term with many Disney fairy tales protagonist given that they have many similarity (abandoned by their parents, victim of an evil witch) as well as appeared in one version of the Disney universe.
  • Being one of the most famous Brother-Sister Team in fiction, Hansel and Gretel made friend with many deities who love their siblings. Most notable allies are Lisa and Bart, who went through a similar situation and the Baudelaire orphans even though Violet think they are dim-witted.
    • However, they avoid the other Hansel and Gretel due how creepy they are. People who practice incest with their siblings are also not invited to their temple.
  • Do NOT underestimate the siblings or threaten to hurt the other. This is the pair of siblings who killed a witch with only their cunning as well as the fact that they are perfectly capable of protecting themselves after they've been given their alternate adult selves as Older Alter Egos that they can transform into, which are not only accomplished witch hunters, but also have magical powers. Baba Yaga learned this the hard way when trying to attack the siblings when she heard that her mortal enemies have ascended to the Pantheon.
    • These forms as a result made the siblings friends with Vivio and Billy Batson, especially since the latter loves his sibling.
  • Gretel is creeped out when the Grinch mistook her for his friend Cindy Who. The siblings have been uneasy around him ever since, especially after learning about his actions, even if he has since reformed.
  • The two are on surprisingly good term with Bigby and his wife Snow White. After getting through the confusion with the Hansel and Gretel from their world, Bigby and Snow are protective of the siblings since they remind Snow of her own circumstances as well as the two try to help the siblings to not become like their Fables version (namely, Hansel becomes a vicious witch hunter that killed his own sister).
    • However, the two refuse to associate themselves with Jack Horner due to the fact that he accidentally slept with his sisters and feels no remorse about the act. Jack is fine with this considering his unpleasant interaction with Hansel's Fables version.
  • Billy and Mandy avoid their temple since the two had bad experiences of jumping into their story.
  • Hawkeye got along well with the siblings since they remind the archer of his own children from different versions of him. Their quick-witted survival against the witch along with fact that Hansel looks like him is what pushes him to give archery lessons to the two of them.
  • James Bond really doesn't like visiting the siblings since Gretel sometimes looks like one of his dead lovers Strawberry.

    Oliver Twist 
Oliver Twist, God of Poverty Food
  • House of Commerce (Poverty & Riches) and Food (Meals)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bowl of gruel
  • Theme: The Road to the Workhouse
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heartwarming Orphan who Goes through a Lot, Struggles in Poverty to Earn Food, Happens to be present during major events, Really Sweet (Unless someone insults his Mother), Street Urchin, Orphan's Ordeal, Earn Your Bittersweet Ending
  • Domains: Orphan, Poverty, Struggle, Food
  • Allies: The Orphan Quintet (Pollyanna Whittier, Anne Shirley, Anne-Marie, Heidi, Sara Crewe), Testuya Tsurugi, The Baudelaire Siblings, Madeline, Annie, Kazuma Kiryu, Jean Valjean, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Link, The Straw Hat Pirates, Peter Pan, Charlie Bucket
  • Enemies: Heihachi Mishima, Ozai, The 456 Ambassador, Basco ta Jolokia,
  • Pitied By: The House of Food
  • Conflicting Opinion: Stewie Griffin
  • His mother dying shortly after giving birth to him, Oliver Twist went through a series of misfortune and mistreatment whilst living in a workhouse, working to have at least three gruel a day. This culminated in a series of bullies insulting Oliver's deceased mother in front of him and a fight, after which Oliver escaped the workhouse and encountered Jack Dawkins, "The Artful Dodger", whom tricked Oliver into being serviced under the criminal Fagin. Oliver would later persist and eventually lead a successful life, although many of his friends and close associates would die, in addition to Oliver still having a series of unresolved issues.
  • The Pantheon was a rather memorable experience for Oliver. He was overwhelmingly surprised and was eager to see this new world in which he had ascended into. Of course, he would temper his curiosity and try to see if there was someone helpful he could find, considering the amount of misfortune he had to go through.
  • Much of the Pantheon expressed their sympathies for what Oliver had to go through, especially with the workhouse, Jack, Fagin and Bill Sikes. They've decided to grant Oliver access to much of the House of Food to remedy the the struggle Oliver went through to earn himself three pots of gruel. Oliver is happy, though he feels as if the Pantheon is being too flattering on him.
  • An orphan himself, Oliver soon met the Orphan Quintet, who have their fair share of troubles and struggles during their orphaning years. Oliver was really pleased to see individuals who have been through a similar predicament and is more than willing to help them out. The company of Pollyanna Whittier especially helped in getting Oliver to act more optimistic and happy about himself and towards others.
    • He also found company under other orphans like Tetsuya Tsurugi and the Baudelaire Orphans for obvious reasons. Because of the type of friends he has now made, Oliver finds himself frequently visiting the House of Family whenever he needs company and support. On a similar, note, he has gained assistance from Madeline and Annie regarding how to fend for himself and cherishing his closest memories.
    • Charlie Bucket immediately struck a friendship with Oliver the moment the latter ascended. The two had a lot to relate to, with neither of them having proper housing to accommodate them and with food being a major part in their tales. While the two of them managed to find themselves in a more manageable situation regarding profit, Charlie seems guilty in that he has something Oliver doesn't. He tries his best to cheer up Oliver, even taking him to the Chocolate Factory at times.
  • Kazuma Kiryu has expressed sympathy for what Oliver had to go through, and offered him a place to take comfort in. He's allowed Oliver to visit his orphanage at any given time, and would try to appoint meetings with other orphans as well to give Oliver company. Oliver also befriended Jean Valjean, seeing as both went through similar hardships. Jean is also willing to aid and support Oliver should the latter desire. That, and the two of them also had their stories published in Film and Stage Musicals.
  • Bruce Wayne took notice of Oliver's past and hardships, immediately sympathizing with Oliver. He decided to invest a good deal of his profit on providing resources and support for him, and Bruce himself gets to meet Oliver once in a while, talking to him and giving him advice and therapy to help him out. There's rumors of Bruce wanting to appoint Oliver as an additional Robin, which he's made no comment of as of yet. Peter Pan also took notice, often getting Tinkerbell to blanket Oliver with pixie-dust to give him a fun time. As a result, Oliver became fast friends with Peter, often spending time flaying around the Pantheon, though Pan knows that Oliver would grow out of it.
  • The Straw Hat Pirates have decided to allow Oliver to have fun with them as many times as he would like to provide him with joy. Luffy, being incredibly passionate about friendships and realizing the struggle he had to go through to eat, is very close to Oliver, even allowing him to have his food, which was surprising given Luffy's approach to eating. On a similar note, Link, himself having learned to make food will often give his servings to Oliver. Oliver is content with how much support he is getting in the Pantheon since, though he would also like to see if he can earn them himself.
  • As someone who had his experiences with abusive figures, Oliver hates Heihachi and Ozai for their horrible treatment towards their children, in addition to the latter not having any guilt in him whatsoever. The two remind him all too well about Bill Sikes and his treatment towards Nancy. Similarly, he avoids the 456 Ambassador and Basco ta Jolokia as much as he could, considering the two of them specifically target children for their own malicious means.
  • Oliver once heard of an incident where Stewie Griffin imagined himself as Oliver. After learning that Stewie would oppress himself against the workhouse and force his superior into a dance, Oliver chuckled upon hearing it. That said while he does like how Stewie would assert his defense, Oliver is not fond of his bratty, smug demeanor. Stewie himself doesn't seem to mind Oliver's presence in the Pantheon either. While he is a jerk, Stewie knows what Oliver went through, so he has made an exception on going after him.
  • While he would escape poverty and find financial stability after being adopted by his maternal aunt, Oliver has not fully recovered from his tribulations, especially considering he's been struggling for the entirety of his childhood. The deaths of Nancy and Dick still etches clear in his mind, although happy, Oliver knows he will never forget about his experiences. For now, he is finding new company as a means for therapy and a sign of moving on.

    Sojiro Sakura 
Sojiro Sakura, God of Curry (Boss, Sojibro, Coffee Dad)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Leblanc sign
  • Theme Song: Beneath the Mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guy, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Reasonable Authority Figure, Good Parent, Unmarried Likely From Unresolved Interest, Secret Keeper
  • Domains: Curry, Coffee, Guardian
  • Allies: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, particularly Futaba Sakura and Ren Amamiya (his adoptive daughter and charge respectively), Ryotaro Dojima, Garfield, Luna, Chiyoko Shiraishi
  • On speaking terms with: Kurama (YuYu Hakusho)
  • Enemies: Lady Tremaine
  • Sympathizes: Harry Potter, Cinderella
  • Opposes: Goro Akechi, Yaldabaoth, Mystery Food X and anybody who cooks it, The Dursleys, Mr. Saturn
  • The owner of Cafe Leblanc, Sojiro Sakura cooks his signature curry and coffee to his customers. He has ascended into the Pantheon and made shop in the House of Food for those who want to taste his curry.
  • An ally of the Phantom Thieves upon finding out that Ren (the boy he's looking after) and Futaba (his adopted daughter) were affiliated with the Phantom Thieves (especially the former being the leader). He has allowed them to use Leblanc as their hideout, even if he has no clue on the details of their activities or of their Personas.
    • He has a long history with his adopted daughter, Futaba. She was the daughter of an old friend of his, Wakaba Isshiki, who invented the recipe that makes his curry. After her death and finding out that Futaba was being abused by her uncle, he took custody of her and let her stay at his home. Though he was in the dark with Futaba's issues until Ren stayed at Leblanc for his probation and helped mend their relationship.
    • With how things work in the Pantheon, the first thing he noticed was different was that he could understand Morgana when he and Ren visited for lunch, which surprised the both of them for a bit. Then again, given the other kinds of people in the Pantheon, it no longer became strange.
  • Earned some regulars for Leblanc who enjoyed his curry. Usalia loved it so much that she ate an entire pot full of it, although Sojiro wasn't bothered by it as he appreciated someone who loved his food. However, he had to add the "one plate only" rule since he can't afford to let it happen again.
    • In addition, he serves coffee as well, which attracts some caffeine freaks like Fry and Godot. Jack Atlas once commented how the Jamaican Blue Mountain that Sojiro serves is a lot like the Blue Eyes Mountain coffee that he loves.
    • Vincent Brooks once came to his cafe to get a taste of his coffee. Sometimes, when Vincent asks about the coffee, Sojiro gives him a lecture of coffee facts, which Vincent compares to a voice that gives him facts about alcohol in the Stray Sheep.
    • He made sure to not allow Mr. Saturn near his coffee maker... for pre-cautionary reasons.
  • Usually, he doesn't allow animals in his cafe. But he has a bit of a soft spot for cats as he let Ren keep Morgana in the attic where he lived at. He sometimes leaves food for the cats in the Pantheon to eat.
  • He sympathizes with Yukari as he found that she was like Futaba when she was younger; having a scientist parent who passed away and had little to do with their other relatives, though they still loved them.
  • He was "more or less" furious with Yukiko and Chie's attempt at making curry, resulting in Mystery Food X. The two got scolded by him when the two tried to cook curry for Futaba and caused her to "restart her system".
  • He bonded with Ryotaro Dojima when he came to visit the Leblanc, in which both of them represents the Hierophant Arcana. They found that they both have a daughter that they were estranged with until someone staying at their residence helped mend their relationship.
    • And when Ren and Futaba decided to "come cleaner" about their Phantom Thief business and their Personas, Ryotaro was also present to help Sojiro understand, having gone through the same thing since ascending. While he was concerned for their well-being, he did witness their showdown against Yaldabaoth (and now remembers it vividly thanks to the Pantheon) and their success; if they can do that, there isn't much need to worry, though of course he still will, having been their guardian and all.
  • He pities some of the deities that lived under the abusive rule of their relatives, considering how Futaba went through before he adopted her. He saw Harry Potter to be like Futaba, considering how he lived with the Dursleys, who disliked him for his magical prowess and—for his aunt's case—her jealousy of her gifted sister.
    • As it's obvious, he clearly despises abusive parents. The fact that he was once accused of abuse for Futaba's condition that he was not aware of certainly ticked him off of seeing them and their actions toward their own relatives.
  • Sojiro used to work as a government liaison, helping out with communication and bridging trust; in this capacity he helped secure the government's support toward Wakaba's cognitive science research center. Some say he got so good at finessing through conversations that he could talk his (or even someone else's) way out of trouble for being a massive player towards a dozen love interests at the same time.
    • When Mondo Zappa brought that particular legend up in front of Ren, he scolded the thief not to get any stupid ideas. Still, he couldn't help but admit he might not be able to resist helping Ren if it turned out the fool actually tried this, especially when talking to another new patron who was there, the demon Kurama, after Ren and Mondo had both left. Confounding matters, if one asks whether or not he's actually done this before, he won't say anything either way.
  • Is in a rivalry with the cafe owner of nascita, the real Soichi Isurugi, from the world of Build on who can make the better coffee. The people around them are baffled on intense this match up can get.

    Strawberry Shortcake 
Strawberry Shortcake, Goddess of Strawberries
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her hat
  • Theme Song: The theme song of the 2009 reboot
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Strawberries, Cute Teenager, Characters with Food-Based Names, Girly Girl, Kindhearted Cat Lover, Strawberry Hats, Plucky Girl
  • Domains: Strawberries, Cuteness, Reboots, Cafe
  • Heralds: Custard, Pupcake
  • Allies: Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiyo, Kirima Syaro,Maika Sakuranomiya, Hideki Kanzaki, Rise Kujikawa, Misaki Ayuzawa Ichigo Momomiya, Chiyoko Shiraishi, Ruby Rose, Wilson, KiraKira Precures, The Smurfs, Odie, Erza Scarlet
  • Caught her interest: Pannacotta Fugo
  • This version of Strawberry Shortcake is from the one from the 2009 version. Strawberry Shortcake lives in a small city called Berry Bitty City and owns a cafe called Berry Bitty Cafe. She was chosen to ascend with Strawberry Shorthand due to being the trope namer, as well her recognizable strawberry motif.
  • As she ascended, she establishes her own cafe in the House of Food. As she also represents strawberries, she atarted making strawberry-related food for her cafe. As such, she gets along with other cafe owners such as the workers of the Rabbit House, Maika Sakuranomiya, Ichigo Momomiya, Misaki Ayuzawa Hideki Kanzaki, and Chiyoko Shiraishi
  • She sympathizes with Rise Kujikawa, because she feels her situation is the same as one of her friends, Cherry Jam, but is glad that the former eventually resolves her problem.
  • Due to how mature she is and occassionally gives advice to a lot of her friends, she gets along with Wilson and they occassionally talk about the different advices they gave to their friends.
  • When she heard the name of Strawberry Shortcake, Ruby immediately went to her cafe and asked for strawberries. Strawberry then gave her the fruits she ordered, which made Ruby happy. Since then, Ruby went to her cafe to order some strawberry-related products.
  • She gets along with Kira Kira Precures pretty well which helps since they both serve desserts in their respective establishments and they occasionally help each other on what recipes to make.
  • She seems to really get along with The Smurfs because they remind her of the Berry Kins and they occasionally visit her with one of their heralds, Baker Smurf even helping out for the customers that are in sizes like them.
  • She loves Odie because he reminds her of her pet dog, Pupcake and the two dogs really got along well, so she occassionally fetch them for walks and playtime along with Custard.
  • Pannacotta Fugo caught her interest a little bit because she heard how he actually wore a red suit that's themed around strawberry and how his name is a reference to a food that goes well with strawberries. So far, they haven't met.
  • When Erza heard the name Strawberry Shortcake, she though a bunch of her favorite dessert were arriving, however, she became disappointed to see it's actually a person. Although Strawberry promised to serve her those kinds of dessert if she wished to come to her cafe, which brought back Erza's hope. Since then, she can be seen hanging around Strawberry's cafe, ordering her favorite dessert.


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