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Ascended: Sean Connery, Obelix, Lopez, Rocky Balboa, Agent Washington, Cortana, Col. Kilgore, Bill "D-FENS" Foster, William Cage, Rango, Hellcat, Gwen Stacy, Gwenpool, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Dory, Rambo, Serge, Tree Gelbman, Didi Chastel

  • Simmons, Sarge, Carolina (borrowed from Nightelf 37)
  • Delorean, White Mage, Iago, Minerva McGonagall, Nite Owl (borrowed from RJ-19-CLOVIS-93)
  • Phil Connors (borrowed from Donnietu)
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  • V (Borrowed from r-lock, nightelf and nabu-san)

    Leslie Nielsen & Tom Hanks 

Leslie Nielsen, God of Comedic Makeovers

Tom Hanks, God of Dramatic Makeovers

    Peter Sellers 
Peter Sellers, God of a Thousand Faces

    Jack Shephard 
Dr. Jack Shephard, M.D., God of Abandoning Skepticism

    The Cinema Snob and Kyle Kallgren 
The Cinema Snob and Kyle Kallgren, Co-Gods of The Movie Buff (Snob: Brad Jones, Vincent Dawn, Craig Golightly; Kyle: Oancitizen)
Kyle (left) and the Snob (right)

    The Man in Black 
The Man In Black, God of People Referred To By Their Clothing (Smoke Monster, Brother, Cerberus, John Locke\Flocke)

Alita, Goddess of Ass-Kicking Tiny Girls (99, Battle Angel, Gally, Ally, Hard Body, Yoko Dornburg, HK-BR035, Angel of Death, Killing Angel, Kochka, A-1/G-1, Original)
Gally\Yoko Dornburg
  • Proposed House: Fighter Archetypes
  • Theme: "Swan Song"
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Damascus Blade
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, pending on Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Destructive Waifs, Big Anime Eyes, Cyborg Girl, Having Different Names Depending on the Region, Action Girl, Young Looking But Centenary, Adorkable Badass Adorable, Cute Bruiser, One Woman Army, Amnesiac Hero Who Used to Be Among the Enemies, Assassin Outclassin', Heroes Love Dogs, Rollerblade Good
  • Domains: Anime, Warriors, Cyborgs, Memories
  • Superior: James Cameron
  • Allies
  • Enemies: SkyNet, Dr. Robotnik, Ultron, Triborg, all Tyrannical Figures and people who kill dogs
  • Opposes: Rorschach
  • Conflicting Opinion: ARIA
  • She is most popularly known by two names: Alita and Gally (the latter after Galatea). It's known that one is her original primary name and the other was the name she would be "raised" under in an alternate reality program called Ouroboros, but which is which varies depending on the locale of the information source. The Pantheon recognizes her officially as Alita due to the name becoming a market title for the story of her world. In any case, she answers to Alita, Gally, Yoko, 99, or any other moniker she ever had.
  • Already present as the follower of two deities, Alita was ascended in recognition of getting a film adaptation promised for decades. However, the existence of said adaptation caused the cyborg's brain to short circuit and bring back the once faltering memory that seemed fixed.
  • The two deities she followed have gotten along well with Alita, Jason Bourne for also being a deadly amnesiac who did some bad stuff in his forgotten memories, and The Major as both are deadly but well-intentioned cyborgs with Hollywood adaptations.
  • As soon as she ascended, Alita went to James Cameron's shrine thanking him for making her movie a pet project of his. Cameron in turn introduced her to his two biggest sci-fi creations, the T-800 and Jake Sully, who got along with Alita easily. On the other hand, she was less than pleased at being targeted by Skynet to join its destructive schemes.
    • Machete also decided to meet Alita given they share a director. While both couldn't be more different from each other, their shared tragic stories, ability to wreck opponents, and propensity for being targeted still made them bond.
  • One aspect of her amnesia that the Pantheon is trying to circumvent is how Alita fights by instinct the martial art Panzer Kunst, which was developed to fight robots, and thus raised the interest of deities who constantly have to battle machines. She has joined forces with the House of Combat trying to figure out a way to decipher Panzer Kunst and maybe develop lessons to teach it.
  • Has gotten along pretty well with other Robot Girls, Cyborg of the Teen Titans, and also River Tam, the previous holder of her title who is practically a fully-human version of herself. Alita looks up to KOS-MOS and is recognized by her as a great ally, even if Alita deems her too emotionless. She also wants to help with rehabilitating Nu-13 to lose the rabid possessiveness and hatred that would drive Nu to want to destroy everything; sometimes her manga incarnation's memories will flicker and show familiar experiences.
  • Once Alita saw Calhoun, the armor combined with eyes bigger than regular humans piqued her interest, feeling both could be similar. While not exactly alike (one is a robot, the other a virtual person), they got along and while Calhoun prefers to fight with guns, she has called Alita for help in some missions.
  • In recognition of her Motorball skills, is invited to speed skating competitions at the house of Sports. Alita runs sponsored by The Willy Wonka Candy Company, who upon hearing she liked chocolate offered a supply of Wonka Bars in return for some promotion.
  • Iron Man has offered to support Alita with repairs and extra equipment in return for him to research her tech. She agreed on the condition that Tony doesn't outright turn things into a biopsy (if not an autopsy...).
    • Through his advice, Alita figured out which technological experts of the Pantheon are evil and want to either brainwash Alita into joining their schemes or just kill her to research the parts, and has vowed to keep them away.
  • Is unsure of how to treat ARIA, who thinks Alita's technology could help in mankind's improvement, but is deemed by the cyborg herself as sometimes going too far.
  • Liberion Arcadia could not resist inviting Alita into their ranks. Becoming its second (part-)human member after founding partner Ciel, she has proven a valuable asset to the team.
  • She manages to be be welcome in both the House of Canines (visiting to see some cute dogs or wolves has become a hobby) and Felines (as her manga self becomes sort of a Cat Girl).
  • As if Rorschach's questionable morals and slaughter of dogs already didn't please Alita, the fact he sounds like Grewishka was an extra point to make sure she avoids him.

    Shotaro Kaneda 
Shotaro Kaneda (God of Badass Bikers

    Kiley Shefford  
Kiley Shefford, Goddess of Uncomfortably Small Breasts
  • House: Body Parts
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Two hands cupping a flat chest
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, at times Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Having Small Breasts And Not Liking It, Psychology Major, Mood-Swinger, Adorkable, Prone to Tears, Talks A Lot and Too Fast Under Duress, Boyish Short Hair
  • Domains: Breasts, Psychology

  • Once Noel Vermillion moved in the Pantheon to recognize her combat skills instead of her figure, a spot was open for deities unhappy with their breast size. So the Pantheon eventually put their focus on Montreal, where psychology major Kiley Shefford regularly had breakdowns (along with being the target of jokes...) due to her flat chest. As a good case of the now vacated trope, Kiley was promoted.
  • Walking around the Pantheon has become akin to a minefield for Kiley, given there's no shortage of goddesses with humongous breasts to make her feel insecure. But given she is pretty enough even without the lack of curves, she has to do it to find suitors and make her sex life as busy as possible to put her neurosis in check.
  • Pancakes are her favorite Comfort Food, and she somehow is still thin even if she can eat many plates of them during her worst moments (though some women report she's deceptively heavy...). Thus the House of Food is always delivering pancakes to Kiley's temple. And at times she receives bomb cakes, big ones. Which might be decorated with nipples.
  • Even if she reportedly never finished her degree, Kiley has opened a psychology clinic, and there's no shortage of head cases who might need her help, no matter how weird and\or unorthodox. Male patients in particular want to check on her skills as a fuckapist, I mean, therabuddy.

Borrowed from RJ Clovis

    Mola Ram 
Mola Ram, God of Holding Still-Beating Hearts


    James Bond 
James Bond, God of Secret Agents and Surname-Full Name Introductions (Mr. Bond, 007, Agent 007, 7777, Royal Navy Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, Peter Franks, David Somerset, Sir Hilary Bray, David Barlow, Frank Westmacott, Mark Hazard, Mr. Jones, Francisco Scaramanga, Robert Sterling, Charles Moreton, James St. John Smythe, James Stock, Jerzy Bondov, James Boldman, Arlington Beech, "Mickey Mouse", Problem Eliminator, Sexist Misogynist Dinosaur, Jimbo)
All his (main) on-screen avatars so far. Clockwise from top left: Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Daniel Craig.

    James Bond (Super WIKI 1 version

Use this and add to your current rework

Royal Navy Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, God of Secret Agents and Womanizers (Mr. Bond, 007, Agent 007, 7777, Peter Franks, David Somerset, Sir Hilary Bray, David Barlow, Frank Westmacott, Mark Hazard, Mr. Jones, Francisco Scaramanga, Robert Sterling, Charles Moreton, James St. John Smythe, James Stock, Jerzy Bondov, James Boldman, Arlington Beech, "Mickey Mouse", Problem Eliminator, Sexist Misogynist Dinosaur, Jimbo, The First Master of the Bond One-Liner, The Great Gunbarrel)
All his (main) on-screen avatars so far. Clockwise from top left: Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Daniel Craig.
''"I don't stop when I'm tired. I stop when I'm done."

    Nico Minoru 
Nico Minoru, Goddess of Goth Girls That Know Magic (Sister Grimm)

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