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Ascended: Sean Connery, Obelix, Lopez, Rocky Balboa, Agent Washington, Cortana, Col. Kilgore, Bill "D-FENS" Foster, William Cage, Rango, Hellcat, Gwen Stacy, Gwenpool, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Dory, Rambo, Serge, Tree Gelbman

  • Simmons, Sarge, Carolina (borrowed from Nightelf 37)
  • Delorean, White Mage, Iago, Minerva McGonagall, Nite Owl (borrowed from RJ-19-CLOVIS-93)
  • Phil Connors (borrowed from Donnietu)
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  • V (Borrowed from r-lock, nightelf and nabu-san)

    Leslie Nielsen & Tom Hanks 

Leslie Nielsen, God of Comedic Makeovers

Tom Hanks, God of Dramatic Makeovers

    Peter Sellers 
Peter Sellers, God of a Thousand Faces

    Jack Shephard 
Dr. Jack Shephard, M.D., God of Abandoning Skepticism

    The Cinema Snob and Kyle Kallgren 
The Cinema Snob and Kyle Kallgren, Co-Gods of The Movie Buff (Snob: Brad Jones, Vincent Dawn, Craig Golightly; Kyle: Oancitizen)
Kyle (left) and the Snob (right)
    Kylo Ren 
Kylo Ren, God of Angrily Destroying Rooms (Ben Solo)
Unmasked Kylo 

    Camp Campbell 
Camp Campbell, Divine Badly Ran Summer Camp
  • Description: A summer camp by the lake
  • Symbol: The flag pole
  • Theme: Camp Camp Song Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cheesy Summer Camps, Offering Varied Activites, Weirdness Magnet
  • Domain: Summer Camp, Fun, Misuse
  • Related locations: Kamp Krusty
  • There's a place I know that's tucked away, a place where you and I can stay...
  • The ascension brought along its three staffers, the Quartermaster and camp counselors David and Gwen - the latter of whom takes her off hours to visit the Family house and entertain herself with squabbles that resemble the trashy TV she likes. Owner Cameron Campbell could not not be brought given he's currently imprisoned in Super Guantanamo.
  • The good Rooster Teeth deities were brought to visit - leading Jaune and David to get shocked at how much they sound alike, Washington finding some familiarity in the Quartermaster, and the former Freelancers to mistake Gwen for a pilot (leading her to consider taking flying lessons). When it was time to take activities, Jaune and Wash helped the counselors, Carolina and Pyrrha went skateboarding, Ruby took space camp, Yang dragged Simmons along for some LAR Ping, Nora wanted to follow Ren in whatever he picked (for some reason, he tried science camp), Sarge shot the art camp materials before going to hunt birds, Weiss felt oddly compelled towards adventure camp, and Donut decided to write show tunes in theater camp.
  • For all that is holy, avoid the Spooky Island where Campbell's summer home is located. The house has stuff straight out of The Shining.
  • "Campe diem!"

    The Man in Black 
The Man In Black, God of People Referred To By Their Clothing (Smoke Monster, Brother, Cerberus, John Locke\Flocke)

Alita, Goddess of Renames Through Localization (99, Battle Angel, Gally, Ally, Hard Body, Yoko Dornburg, HK-BR035, Angel of Death, Killing Angel, Kochka, A-1/G-1, Original)
Gally\Yoko Dornburg
  • Proposed House: Nicknames & Renames
  • Theme: "Swan Song"
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Damascus Blade
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, pending on Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Having Different Names Depending on the Region, Big Anime Eyes, Cyborg Girl, Action Girl, Destructive Waifs, Young Looking But Centenary, Adorkable Badass Adorable, Cute Bruiser, One Woman Army, Amnesiac Hero Who Used to Be Among the Enemies, Assassin Outclassin', Heroes Love Dogs, Rollerblade Good
  • Domains: Anime, Warriors, Cyborgs, Memories
  • Superior: James Cameron
  • Allies
  • Enemies: SkyNet, Dr. Robotnik, Ultron, Triborg, all Tyrannical Figures and people who kill dogs
  • Opposes: Rorschach
  • Conflicting Opinion: ARIA
  • Already present as the follower of two deities, Alita was ascended in recognition of getting a film adaptation promised for decades. However, the fact she was now both a Japanese manga character named Gally (after Galatea) and an American film one called Alita caused the cyborg's brain to short circuit and bring back the once faultering memory that seemed fixed. In any case, she answers to Alita, Gally, Yoko, or any other moniker she ever had.
  • The two deities she followed have gotten along well with Alita, Jason Bourne for also being a deadly amnesiac who did some bad stuff in his forgotten memories, and The Major as both are deadly but well-intentioned cyborgs with Hollywood adaptations.
  • As soon as she ascended, Alita went to James Cameron's shrine thanking him for making her movie a pet project of his. Cameron in turn introduced her to his two biggest sci-fi creations, the T-800 and Jake Sully, who got along with Alita easily. On the other hand, she was less than pleased at being targeted by Skynet to join its destructive schemes.
    • Machete also decided to meet Alita given they share a director. While both couldn't be more different from each other, their shared tragic stories, ability to wreck opponents, and propensity for being targeted still made them bond.
  • One aspect of her amnesia that the Pantheon is trying to circumvent is how Alita fights by instinct the martial art Panzer Kunst, which was developed to fight robots, and thus raised the interest of deities who constantly have to battle machines. She has joined forces with the House of Combat! trying to figure out a way to decipher Panzer Kunst and maybe develop lessons to learn it.
  • Has gotten along pretty well with other Robot Girls, Cyborg of the Teen Titans, and also River Tam, who is practically a fully-human version of herself. Alita looks up to KOS-MOS and is recognized by her as a great ally, even if Alita deems her too emotionless. She also wants to help with rehabilitating Nu-13 to lose the rabid possessiveness and hatred that would drive Nu to want to destroy everything; sometimes her manga incarnation's memories will flicker and show familiar experiences.
  • Once Alita saw Calhoun, the armor combined with eyes bigger than regular humans piqued her interest, feeling both could be similar. While not exactly alike (one is a robot, the other a virtual person), they got along and while Calhoun prefers to fight with guns, she has called Alita for help in some missions.
  • In recognition of her Motorball skills, is invited to speed skating competitions at the house of Sports. Alita runs sponsored by The Willy Wonka Candy Company, who upon hearing she liked chocolate offered a supply of Wonka Bars in return for some promotion.
  • Iron Man has offered to support Alita with repairs and extra equipment in return for him to research her tech. She agreed on the condition that Tony doesn't outright turn things into a biopsy (if not an autopsy...).
    • Through his advice, Alita figured out which technological experts of the Pantheon are evil and want to either brainwash Alita into joining their schemes or just kill her to research the parts, and has vowed to keep them away.
  • Is unsure of how to treat ARIA, who thinks Alita's technology could help in mankind's improvement, but is deemed by the cyborg herself as sometimes going too far.
  • Liberion Arcadia could not resist inviting Alita into their ranks. Becoming its second (part-)human member after founding partner Ciel, she has proven a valuable asset to the team.
  • She manages to be be welcome in both the House of Canines (visiting to see some cute dogs or wolves has become a hobby) and Felines (as her manga self becomes sort of a Cat Girl).
  • As if Rorschach's questionable morals and slaughter of dogs already didn't please Alita, the fact he sounds like Grewishka was an extra point to make sure she avoids him.

    DiDi Chastel 
Desiree "DiDi" Chastel, Goddess of Problems to Orgasm
  • [tup]s: louisent31
  • House: Medical Conditions
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A low-cut dress
  • Alignment: Usually Neutral Good, falling into Neutral Evil (if not Stupid Neutral) in her bad days
  • Portfolio: Struggling to Orgasm In Spite of a Busy Sex Life, Amazonian Beauty, Statuesque Stunner, So Beautiful, It's a Curse, Gag Boobs, Ms. Fanservice, Making Men Horny (And Most Women Too), Québécois Accent That Always Slips In Some French, Boobs of Steel, Not Good with Rejection
  • Domains: Sex Appeal, Orgasm, Fanservice
  • Allies: Power Girl, Litchi Faye Ling, Kaguya Nanbu,, She-Hulk, Inspector Clouseau, Obelix, Hercule Poirot, Helena Douglas, Tina Armstrong and the other Dead or Alive ladies, The Pantheon Wrestling Federation (specially The Beautiful People), Katsuragi and most of the Lustful Acts house, all the Lustful Behavior deities
  • Opposes: Kiara Sesshouin, all Slasher Movie villains and scary movie monsters in general
  • Opposed by: Noel Vermilion (one-sided), married deities

  • Didi Chastel is a voluptous Québécois woman who never goes unnoticed, and thus has a long line of suitors. However, she has a problem: in spite of her busy sex life, Didi took very long to actually experience an orgasm, and not only because her impressive sex appeal made men finish very fast. It took an underqualified therapist to make Didi actually climax, and only really sexual friend managed to repeat the feat. The Pantheon sympathized with her plight and ascended Didi, hoping her life as a deity can be enjoyable, in or out of bed.
  • Her sex appeal manifested pretty much as soon as Didi ascended, making just about every man - and quite a few women - turn around to check on her, causing some accidents along the way. This inspired some deities to create portable invisibility devices to Didi for occasions where she'll wander around the Pantheon. And yet whenever she forgets those cloaking gizmos, you can expect Didi to cause some distractions and damage. Double if she's jogging.
  • Even if Didi's love life and anorgasmia made it difficult not to sympathize, many in the House of Love question her overall behavior: along with easily discarding men, her quest for an orgasm made Didi immature, bitchy, and self-centered - and worst, she treated partners who managed to make her climax in a clingy manner. After being called out, Didi has promised not to behave so obnoxiously, specially as not everyone can be convinced by being served with a good breakfast the next day.
  • Didi has had no problems in attracting droves of suitors, to the point of making just about every deity in a relationship violently protective of their men. The House of Lustful Behavior house has been the most collaborative in her quest for another orgasm, and Didi has also gotten help from many in the nearby Lustful Acts, getting closer in particular with Katsuragi, whose experience in groping has yielded positive results. Katsuragi's origin in a fighting game also helps with Didi's interest in wrestling, as both have become sparring partners.
  • A budding wrestler, Didi is always at the PWF to continue her training, and has been taken under the wings of Angelina & Sky. Being a big breasted blonde fighter, Didi found two equals in Helena Douglas (who even has a similar accent and offers the possibility of covert conversations where both women speak French) and Tina Armstrong (an experienced wrestler who is offering Didi all the help she can), who in wishing she evolves from her Unskilled, but Strong status, have brought Didi into the Dead or Alive competitions.
  • Got easily along with Power Girl, given they're both buxom blondes who are impressively strong (even if Didi is only human). Kara has since introduced Didi to She-Hulk and some of her housemates whose titles owe to their breasts.
  • Noel Vermillion grew an instant dislike for Didi, feeling downright intimidated at her chest. Didi has attempted to court Noel, as the memories of the equally flat-chested Kiley being responsible for her first orgasm makes Didi hopeful, but Noel has not budged in yet.
  • Didi's Québécois accent, always peppered with French terms, made her instantly get the attention of Hercule Poirot, and they became friends even if the detective sometimes says things way over Didi's capacity. Helps he is somehow immune to her charms.
    • Another Francophone investigator with that distinctive speech, Jacques Clouseau, had a brief fling with Didi and they have spent time together ever since, helped by how she finds him a funny guy.
  • Obelix, who already has something for blonde women, can hardly contain himself near Didi. Given the Gaul is a sweet and mostly innocent man who doesn't seem to have sexual interest (he's one of the few who has no problems actually looking at her face), Didi has returned the attention. Obelix even accepts having Didi train her wrestling moves on him.
  • Kiara, whose creed revolves around sexual pleasure, is doing her best to bring Didi to her side. While at first Didi was tempted, specially as Kiara's hands-on approach nearly made her climax upon meeting, the fact she already found something to make her life more than a Quest for Sex in wrestling led to an initial rejection, and other deities warning Kiara has some darker endgame made Didi even more resistant.
  • Has been warned to keep away from the Cartoon Network deities, because Lord know what sort of damage would ensue if Didi replied to someone who wanted Dee Dee instead. Or what would happen if she actually accepted to go out with Johnny Bravo.
  • A fan of horror movies, in her downtime she goes to the house of Theater to watch some, to the delight of whoever is standing next to DiDi. Of course, looking like the typical bimbo that is slaughtered in a Slasher Movie, Didi has been targeted by the ascended slasher villains, much to her chagrin. Knowing that there are zombies and other monsters that can attack at any time also displeases her, specially if it's something Didi can't fight with her bare hands. At least Power Girl's got her back, and just about any man in the vicinity is willing to protect Didi.

    Shotaro Kaneda 
Shotaro Kaneda (God of Badass Bikers

Borrowed from RJ Clovis

    Mola Ram 
Mola Ram, God of Holding Still-Beating Hearts


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