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A nice little Sandbox to call my own! Feel free to edit as you wish, but please leave me a note detailing what you changed.

To my profile! AWAAAAAY!

ATTENTION: If you make any changes to the profiles of any ascended members, please be sure to make the appropriate changes in their House profiles. For clarity!

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Pantheonic Members


Aatrox, God of Daring the Underdog Army to Be Badass (the Darkin Blade, Anthrax)
  • House of War, under Tactics & Strategies
  • Theme Song: Aatrox's Theme
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His silhouette with his wings and sword prominently displayed.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (leans more towards Chaotic Neutral), due to always fighting for the losing side of a war, regardless of the side's alignment.
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, The Cavalry (a darker example), Cool Sword (seemingly a Living Weapon due to it's blood drinking tendencies), Cultured Warrior, Fan of Underdog (a dark twist), Living Legend, '90s Anti-Hero, One of the Last Five Darkin, Pretty Boy, Really 700 Years Old, Symbol of Mankind's Thirst for Bloodshed, War Is Glorious, Winged Humanoid
  • Domains: War, Bloodshed, Combat, Violence, Wrath
  • Followers: Nations he has fought for throughout the millennia.
  • Allies: Other gods who see that War Is Glorious, Tahm Kench (non-ascended).
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancient, Ashe, Tryndamere (non-ascended)
  • Enemies: Champions of the state Noxus (due to their nation being on the receiving end of one of his massacres).
  • Respects: Khorne
  • Opposed by: Nekomaru Nidai
  • As Ezreal had discovered, Aatrox has been influential in many different and completely unconnected historical eras. Proof of this fact lies in various relics he had found all over Runeterra all depicting a dark figure wielding a jagged blade, and they all show it at the center of many bloody conflicts and tales of war.
  • Has sided with various underdog forces throughout the history of Valoran, single-handedly turning wars in favor of the losing group...until the Unstoppable Rage wears off and they see the near-genocidal massacre their victory had caused.
    • It is said that armies overwhelmed by impossible odds who are blessed with Aatrox's presence view him as a heavenly savior, who saved their countries with holy light and righteousness.
  • Soon after his ascension, he was pestered by and dueled the Freljordian Queen Ashe who wanted to fight in the stead of her husband's honor. Aatrox initially responded well, but he felt that the battle wouldn't be a worthy masterpiece unless her husband fought him himself. That man was Tryndamere, his 'greatest creation'.
    • With Tryndamere's recent ascension, all know that the day is coming where he will unleash his full fury towards Aatrox, who's greatly anticipating the glory of their battle.
  • While both Aatrox and Nekomaru Nidai like turning underdogs into victors, Nekomaru is very disturbed by Aatrox, namely because saving underdog sports fans usually does NOT end up in a bloody massacre. Additionally, considering Nekomaru used to be one of the Ultimate Despair, it just reminds him of his dark past. At the same time, the massacres caused by the Ultimate Despair interest Aatrox, as its members used to be the 'underdogs' or 'reserve class' for Hope's Peak Academy, he wishes he was personally there to have made the massacre look even more magnificent.
  • A mechanized version of Aatrox has recently been spotted fighting some of the Kaiju gods. Bystanders remarked on how familiar it looked. Aatrox himself was not present for comments on this.
  • "Some fight for honor, some fight for glory. It matters only that you fight."

Gnar, God of Destructive Temper Tantrums (The Missing Link)
Mega Gnar 

Gomez, God of Exploring Alien Geometries (Fez)
Gomez (along with his friend, Dot), collecting one of the many cubes.
2-D Appearance 

Ratatoskr, God of Spreading Slander Among the Gods (Ratatösk, Drill-Tooth, The Sly Messenger, Errand Boy(We were experiencing technical difficulties. We will be back shortly after we sack the one responsible)Rattataskr)

Veigar, God of Unlimited Magical Potential (the Tiny Master of Evil, Vivi)
Final Boss Form 

Wilson, God of Gentlemen and Scholars (Wilson Percival Higgsbury, the Gentleman Scientist)


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