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Due to Alliance reworks not allowing for genre-based groups as Alliance subdivisions, this is going to meet deletion soon.

The Toku Base is a house specially commissioned by the Grand United Alliance of Good to store most of the Tokusatsu-based heroes yet to be officially deified, but harbor enough strength and sense of justice to defend what is right and vanquish evil. Whether it's by choice, or it's because evil has had their way with them and now they want revenge, it doesn't matter. All it takes is just their will to fight evil, and sometimes, attitude. Given the increasing number of ascended Toku heroes in the Pantheon, ascended ones are included here too as of now.

Several Gods from the Main Pantheon also frequent here as they were part of them before deification. It's important to note that if some of the saints here unite their power, they will be known as the Super Sentai, Celestial Transforming Heroes. Or one of their similar groups, the Power Rangers.

This house also had no recognition to 'annoyance' or 'disgrace'. As long as they are committed to fighting the forces of evil, they accept any members. Although being the Toku Base, their membership is largely composed of Toku heroes.

They once tried to put Godzilla as the house's Mascot, but Godzilla refused being ordered around; he fights of his own accord, but he will come to aid them in need from time to time.

Recently the Base has become aware of the formation of a Demonic Legion made up of their enemies and it is uncertain at this time what actions (if any) will be taken. None yet, given that the branch is currently at war.

There was once a time The Toku Base was at war with itself. Consensus say that it was just awesome.

The Toku Base has close relationships with GUAG Robot War Division. In the Base's early years, the Robot War Division may have sent representatives to take residence in the Base. However, they rarely do it nowadays since most of the repressentatives failed to receive godhood, even the most famous of them, Super Robot Red Baron and Gunhed, have questionable status in the pantheon and are demigods at best. On other hand, residents of Toku Base, especially those associated with Super Sentai, always use Humongous Mecha. So their relationship remain good.

Despite obvious similarities with the GUAG Superhero Division, there is little contact between the two factions save for Peter Parker, who has a special reason. This is most likely the result of Values Dissonance, as Toku Base's moral code doesn't exactly fit with GUAG Superhero Division's, be it Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Dark edition.

Currently, the Toku Base is under the authority of the recently created GUAG Toku Division. They will, however, be splitting up soon.

House Director

Zordon, God of Huge Holographic Heads (Zoltar)

  • Demigod (with sealed Greater God powers)
  • Symbol: His floating head in a tube
  • Once a follower of Cosmos, she commissioned him to form this house to enrich the power of Good. Not everyone are teenagers with attitude, but Zordon is greatly pleased.
  • Zordon has asked his once mortal enemies Rita Repulsa (now currently Mystic Mother) and her husband, a human Lord Zedd to help him lead this house, but they respectfully declined, instead becoming the leaders of the Demonic Legion Defectors.

House Leaders

Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, High Saints of Kamen Riders AND Dual High Prophets of Rider Kicks

  • Alter Ego: Kamen Rider (the first and second)
  • Symbol: Their Rider masks. Alternatively, the Kamen Rider emblem
  • Leaders of the Kamen Rider division. They refuse to call themselves God or Devil. High Saint is preferable though.
  • Believe in them. Even if there is no Gods or Buddhas, there's always Kamen Rider.
  • Hongo is not to be messed around as in the spare time he is known as Hiroshi Fujioka, the avatar of Segata Sanshiro.

Dr. Tommy Oliver, High Saint of Power Rangers AND God of Sixth Rangers

  • Alter Ego: Green Power Ranger, White Power Ranger, White Ninja Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger, Black Brachio Ranger
  • Symbol: Any of his ranger masks.
  • One of the Main Gods in the Pantheon who oversees this House. Leads the battalion of Power Rangers.
  • Is he married? Or not? He seems to have forgotten...
    • Depends on whether or not that Christmas episode counts, really.
  • When not a Power Ranger, he's a teacher in the Celestial Academy.

Tsuyoshi Kaijo, Co-God of Battle Squadrons and Sokichi Banba, High Saints of Super Sentai

  • Alter Ego: Akarenger (Kaijo) and Big One (Banba)
  • Symbol: The Gorenger symbol for Akarenger and and the JAKQ symbol for Big One, alternatively, the Super Sental logo
  • The counterparts of Tommy, leading the Sentai battalion. It was once held by Banba alone, but after an event called Legend War, he asked Kaijo to help out and he did.
  • Rumors say that they have a great high priest named AkaRed

Shin Hayata, High Saint of Ultramen AND God of Annoying Critical Indicators

  • Alter Ego: Ultraman
  • Symbol: His alter ego body in a 'flying' pose viewed from the front
  • Leader of the gigantic Ultramen. Has the biggest personal room in the massive house.

Retsu Ichijouji, High Saint of Metal Heroes

  • Alter Ego: Gavan
  • Symbol: Gavan head with the Space Sheriff badge nearby
  • Leads the whole sled of Metal Heroes. Although his division doesn't see much action anymore (most of it being peace-related), he's consultant to several members from Kamen Rider division.

Tenma Kudou, High Saint of Chou Sei Shin

  • Alter Ego: Sazer-Tarius
  • Symbol: The Zodiac symbol of Sagittarius on a red circle
  • Leads the slew of the Chou Sei Shin, despite being in smaller numbers than the other Toku heroes.

House Divisional Leaders

The Divisional Leaders are members of the Toku Base that lead certain groups of soldiers, based on certain theme/divisions. Thus far, there were only representatives of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, but it may expand through the Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes or Ultraman division, as well as other soldiers from neither of these divisions.

Samurai Division

Ninja Division

Teen Badass Division

Dinosaur Division

  • Leader: Geki (Tyranno Ranger)
  • Members: Ryouga Hakua (Aba Red), Daigo Kiryu (KyoryuRed), Tyler Navarro (Dino Charge Red), Koh (RyusoulRed),Juran (Zenkai Juran)
  • A big announcement has been made that Geki, Ryouga and Daigo will be teaming up against a new threat. Bets have been made, and popcorn has been popped: people watched the epic battle, and it's brave.
  • In spite of what many said, people of the Toku Base always dismisses about how Daigo, in his battle against Deboss, is something of a screentime-hog. Even if that is true, he possesses the heart of justice that fights against evil, and that's pretty good enough in the books of the Toku Base.
  • Juran knows a thing or two about acting younger than he looks. So far, he's getting there.

Police Division

Martial Arts Division

Automobile Division

Aliens Division

Artifact of Doom Division (Not exactly using them to doom people, but safeguarding from misuses by evil forces)

Time Travel Division

Wildlife Division

Science and Gadgetry Division

Oni Division

Rescue Division

Supernatural Division

Prepubescent Division

Military Division

Magic Division

Knight Division

Child-Care Division

Millionaire Division

Comedic Division

Farmer Division

Sniper Division

  • Leaders: Sakuya Tachibana (Kamen Rider Garren), Ian Yorkland (KyoryuBlack)
  • Members: Canalo (RyusoulGold), Chase Randall (Dino Charge Black), Tametomo Imizu (Kiramai Yellow)
  • Gentaro Kisaragi and his friends, even Ryusei above, all have to double take on Tachibana. This is due to the fact that Sakuya Tachibana looks so similar to their old principal Kouhei Hayami/Libra Zodiarts. In fact, the first time Tachibana and Gentaro met, Gentaro had a minor meltdown due to the fact that Sakuya's last name was the same name of Ryusei's benefactor (Tachibana) who was a Kamen Rider yet looked similar to said principal. It took a handy-dandy chart to explain that Sakuya Tachibana was NOT related to the people Gentaro knew.
  • Tametomo once demanded to rename the division as the "Tamelovers Division", but was denied, considering he's not leading the division, much to his chagrin.

Spear Division

Swordmanship Division

Archery Division

  • Leader: Goro Sakurai (Spade Ace)
  • Members: Jun Yabuki (Yellow Four II), Megumi Misaki (Blue Dolphin), Kevin (Blue Samurai Ranger)
  • Akira Shinmei was once lead this division until he and his team had managed to ascend into the main pantheon before he passed his leadership to Goro Sakurai.
  • Jun Yabuki pays respects for her predecessor Mika Koizumi (Yellow Four I), the first female Sentai Yellow Ranger in history who got tragically died in battle. She even fears that the Anti-Bio Particles of Bio-Hunter Silva are more powerful than the ones who killed her in first place.
  • No, Megumi does not cry 24/7. She usually had god damn good reasons when she did, and she usually gets annoyed when people say the former.
  • The Archery Division members has good relations with Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty as the Pretty Cure spends her archer lessons with them to improve their skills.

Makai Division

Demonic Legion Defectors (Those who once were evil, but they're now redeemed for their sins in one way or another)

International Super-Division (Chances are, if you're from Earth, but neither Japanese nor American, you're welcome here)

House Members

Burai, Patron Saint of Sixth Rangers and Those Who Were Too Cool to Live

  • Alter Ego: Dragon Ranger
  • Symbol: The Zyusouken
  • Division: Super Sentai (though occasionally stands in for the Power Rangers due to his links with Tommy)
  • Allies: Geki, Dr. Tommy Oliver.
  • Is said to be the candidate to Tommy's place, but the Pantheon decided while Burai has seniority, Tommy has served more tours of duty, so they settled him as Tommy's Patron Saint. In normal circumstances, Burai would be so bitter that he'd try to kill Tommy for the unfairness, but after much convincing from his brother Geki and meeting Tommy in person, Burai decided that it's for the greater good.
  • Actually there was movement to actually revive Burai, and it kind of worked for a time... but Burai made it that he dies again, to teach people that heroes aren't invincible perfect people, they can DIE too, thus one of his portfolios. Though when that was deemed to get carried over to Tommy, Burai instead made it that so he's just depowered, not dead (thus allowing Tommy to become the White Ranger)

Drew McCormick, Jo McCormick, and Roland Williams, Patron Saints of Ascended Fanboys

  • Alter Egos: The Big Bad Beetleborgs
  • Symbol: Their three initial helmets
  • Division: Metal Heroes (American Brigade)
  • Ally: Gai Ikari.
  • Spend most of their time in a haunted mansion full of public domain monsters, who are their followers (plus mentor).

Geki Jumonji, Kai Hyuga, and Shu Karasuma, Patron Saints of Legacy Characters

  • Alter Egos: Space Sheriff Gavan Type-G, Space Sheriff Sharivan II, and Space Sheriff Shaider II
  • Symbol: The Galactic Union Patrol Emblem.
  • Division: Metal Heroes
  • Mentors: Retsu Ichijouji, Den Iga, and Dai Sawamura.
  • Allies: The Go-Busters, Haruto Soma, Kosuke Nitoh, the Kyoryugers
  • The successors of Retsu Ichijouji, the original Gavan, Den Iga, the original Sharivan, and Dai Sawamura, the original Shaider. The trio of new generation Space Sheriffs has to live up to their reputation.
  • Geki currently operating Electro-Starbeast Dolgiran, the quintessential Animal Mecha of Toku, while Kai and Shu currently oparated the Grand Birth and Vavilos respectively.
  • Geki helped Hiromu and the Go-Busters in the fight against the Makuu Mafia's Rhino Doubler, whom implemented Vaglass technology. They also helped Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast, and the Kyoryugers, along with many past Riders and Sentai heroes, in their battle against Space Shocker and the revived Space Crime Syndicate Madou.

Gia Moran, Patron Saint of Genius Bruisers

  • Alter Ego: (Super) Megaforce Yellow
  • Symbol: Her Tiger symbol crossed with two Legendary Sabers
  • Division: Power Rangers
  • Allies: Troy Burrows, Robo Knight.
  • Enemies: Vrak, Prince Vekar.
  • Don't let her beauty fool you, as she can kick butts and being among the smartest team members of the Megaforce Rangers.
  • Spars frequently with her Sentai counterparts Moune and Luka Millfy.
  • Even if she doesn't speak a word (note: She's NOT mute), you can be assured that she gets her point across and shows whatever personality she has a lot. She got a good language of the body. note 

The Gransazers, Patron Saints of Western Zodiac Warriors

  • Alter Egos:
    • Fire Tribe: Tenma Kudou (Sazer-Tarious), Mika Shidou (Sazer-Mithras), Ken Shidou (Sazer-Lion)
    • Wind Tribe: Akira Dentsuin (Sazer-Remls), Ryoko Amemiya (Sazer-Velsou), Jin Hakariya (Sazer-Dail)
    • Earth Tribe: Naoto Matsuzaka (Sazer-Tawlon), Ran Saotome (Sazer-Visuel), Go Kamiya (Sazer-Tragos)
    • Water Tribe: Makoto Sorimachi (Sazer-Gorbion), Ai Uozumi (Sazer-Pisces), Tappei Mikami (Sazer-Gans)
  • Symbol: A circle of all twelve zodiac signs with different colors (Fire symbols - red, Wind symbols - purple, Earth symbols- yellow, Water symbols - cyan)
  • Division: Chou Sei Shin
  • The twelve all have their own individual lives when they're not part of the Gran Sazers. For example, Jin is a fashion designer and usually can be in the House of Craft, while Akira and Ai work together in the GUAG Medical Division helping sick patients.
  • Both Wataru and Taiga look at Naoto funny, seeing as he looks similar to the Rook Fangire. Naoto makes no comment.

Hajime Aikawa, Patron Saint of the Anti Anti Christ

  • Alter Ego: Kamen Rider Chalice/Joker Undead if he's in a bad mood
  • Symbol: The Ace of Hearts Card
  • Division: Kamen Rider
  • Allies: Kazuma Kenzaki (also his Worthy Opponent), Sakuya Tachibana, Mutsuki Kamijo.
  • Enemies: Hiroshi Tennoji, Nekron
  • If the other 52 Undeads got sealed, the Sealing Stone appears and sends a whole army of Darkroaches. Hajime doesn't want the world to be condemned. Fortunately, Kenzaki sacrified his humanity in order to spare him.
  • The body he uses is the Human Undead Two of Hearts, which is the winner of the original Battle Fight 100,000 years ago.
  • A prime target of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, due to his status as a bringer of extinction. Nekron seeks to use him and the Roach Army he conjures to aid in his ultimate aim.

Hayate, Patron Saint of the Green Wind

  • Alter Ego: Ginga Green
  • Symbol: His SeiJuu, Gingalcon
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • Enemies: Shelinda, Trakeena.
  • Ryouma felt that he needs to induct the remaining Gingamen to the Toku Base, so he chooses Hayate thanks to his ability to generate green wind.
  • Gets well along with his western counterpart Damon Henderson.
  • Definitively not to be confused with Shou Hayate (Change Griffon).
  • Is currently mentoring Nao Midorikawa/Cure March, due to both of them having the same green wind ability.
  • Shelinda once heard that one of the Gingamen joined, but got dissapointed that is his teammate Saya, whom Shelinda doesn't care about. Days later, he shows up for real, enraging Shelinda and she swears to defeat him again. While Hayate responds more in kind, it takes more than that to completely send him off the rage (impersonating his girlfriend Miharu will not work twice).
    • This obviously extends to her western counterpart, Trakeena. On hearing about her being merged with Deviot, Hayate did his research, learned on how the latter was the counterpart of Biznella and... admits that Deviot was way more evil, no wonder Trakeena turned out that way post-merge...

Houji Tomasu, Patron Saint of Gratuitous English (Hoji)

  • Alter Ego: Deka Blue
  • Symbol: His D-Sniper with the writing in English pasted in front: "Super Cool. Perfect."
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • Allies: Ban, Sen-chan, Jasmine, Umeko, Tetsu, Doggie Kruger, the SPD Rangers.
  • The 'loose' counterpart of Jiraiya (see below). Hoji got this position due to how... 'loose' his Engrish usage is. However, none can deny his efficiency and dedication for whatever his job is in spite of that, making such Engrish actually look cool sometimes. Thus he's drafted from the Sniper division and entering this.
  • Those who work with him, please take note, don't call him 'partner'. That privilege is reserved only to his closest friend Ban/Deka Red. And even then, he needs to be egged to do it first.
  • His western counterpart is Schuyler "Sky" Tate, in which Hoji was actually impressed at him to go beyond what he attained. Hoji was content of being Deka Blue, while Sky attained the equivalent position of Doggie Kruger in his verse. "Good job", is what Hoji has to say about him.
  • Is also known as a quick learner and reading his enemies well. Beat him in a boxing match, one Training Montage later and he'll trounce that boxer.

Juspion, Patron Saint of Popularity Away from Japan and Big Monster Slayers

  • Symbol: His Helmet
  • Division: Metal Heroes
  • Allies: Miki Momozono, Kotaro Minami, Kazuma Kenzaki (the latter for his overwhelming popularity in Thailand).
  • His Sidekick Anri, is completely invulnerable to every evil effect from the Demonic Legion.
  • So far, the only Metal Hero saint to ever pilot a Giant Robo by himself, justified because of his role as a Kaiju Hunter.

Karone, Patron Saint of Atonement

  • Alter Ego: Pink Galaxy Ranger II
  • Symbol: Her Black Latex Suit
  • Division: Power Rangers
  • Allies: Andros (her brother), T. J., Leo Corbett, Maya, Kendrix Morgan.
  • Enemies: Dark Specter, The Psycho Rangers.
  • Special Relationship: Ecliptor.
  • She was once known as Astromena, it took the sacrifice of Zordon's mortal shell to purify her.
  • Staying in this base also prevents Dark Specter to re-brainwash her as Astromena. Or rather... well, he TRIED, but because of hanging out with many heroes, Karone was able to throw that brainwashing off right to his face.
  • Has a good friendship with her predecesor Kendrix.

Kase, Patron Saint of Female Kamen Riders

  • Alter Ego: Kamen Rider Siren
  • Symbol: Her Blancwing Advent Deck
  • Division: Kamen Rider (the same American Division as Kit)
  • Allies: Kit Taylor, Len, Shinji Kido
  • Seeing as there was a lack of female Kamen Riders in the Toku Base, Kit brought Kase to fill in the position. Kase is working her hardest to bring in many of the (unfortunately killed off) female Kamen Riders into the Pantheon.
    • Gets along well with Mayu Inamori (Kamen Rider Mage), the only other female Kamen Rider in the house. Also found joy with finding Nadeshiko Misaki joining.
  • Feels immense pity for her Japanese counterpart, Miho Kirishima, in that Miho was never able to fulfill her goal of saving her sister and the fact that she was cruelly killed off by Kamen Rider Ryuga.
  • Was happy to find her good friend Kit and boyfriend Len in the Pantheon. Once asked Maya Young (who was her replacement as Kamen Rider Siren for a while) to join her, but Maya declined believing that it was her job to uncover the truth rather than fight.

Katherine Hillard, Patron Saint of Unreasonably Hated Love Interests

  • Alter Ego: Pink Ranger II, Pink Zeo Ranger, Pink Turbo Ranger I
  • Symbol: Her Zeo Crystal
  • Division: Power Rangers
  • Allies: Tommy Oliver, Goro Hoshino.
  • Joined to the Toku Base at petition of her friend Kimberly, especially after showing that she's pretty much responsible of snapping Kimberly (and Jason) back to senses after Divatox brainwashed both of them.
  • Her temple is also a shelter for those who are similarly hated individuals like her. Interestingly, she and Masaya Aoyama gets well along.
  • Contrary to the popular opinion, she's not responsible for sunking the popular "Tomberly" ship via "Dear John" Letter.

Katie Walker, Patron Saint of Very Powerful Hugs

  • Alter Ego: Yellow Time Force Ranger
  • Symbol: The Time Force emblem
  • Division: Power Rangers
  • Was delighted to find most of Time Force (along with Ransik and Nadira) and celebrated with a hug. A hug that nearly caused many of the people involved to have their bones broken.
    • Apparently, on meeting her Sentai counterpart, Domon, she also hugged him for a different reason... being creeped out with his flirting (not to say he has a similar skill, hers just hurts more). It may be untrue, but there are rumors that Katie's hug straightened Domon up.
  • Somehow traveled back in time to the days of the Old West. She hasn't really been able to explain what happened.

Keisuke Nago, Patron Saint of Good Guys with Mean Streaks

  • Alter Ego: Kamen Rider IXA
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider IXA emblem. Alternatively, the numbers 7-5-3
  • Division: Kamen Rider
  • Joined at the petition of his nice partner, Wataru Kurenai. He's the counterpart of Ragna the Bloodedge.
  • For those who want to remove the body fat, don't exercise... IXA-CISEEEEE!!

Kit Taylor, Patron Saint of Gaining Black Armor But Still Fighting as a Good Guy

  • Alter Ego: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight/Kamen Rider Onyx
  • Symbol: His Dragon Knight and Onyx Advent Decks
  • Division: Kamen Rider (his own American Division)
  • While similar to Shinji's case in that he was off to fight against Mirror Monsters against the likes of General Xaviax, Kit's case is that he was given the power of the dark Kamen Rider Onyx who is truly a manifestation of his Advent Monster trying to take control over him. However, if need be, he can fight as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
  • Kit has the rather unfortunate nickname of Kamen Rider Brick, due to his tendency to not get the gist of things, as well as his tendency to shout (a bit) during his early rookie phase in the Ventara-Earth war. He's since grown out of it, but Len and Kase makes sure he'll never hear the end of it...

Koda, Patron Saint of Prehistoric Men

Kotaro "Robert" Minami, Patreon Saint of Swiss-Army Hero

  • Alter Egos: Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider Black RX, Roborider, Biorider
  • Symbols: The Gorgom chest symbol (Black) or The RX chest symbol (Black RX, itself being a modified version of the Gorgom symbol found on Black), though any of his helmets would suffice.
  • Division: Kamen Rider
  • Was originally the Patron Saint of the Anti Anti Christ until he passed on that position to fellow rider Chalice. Similarly, he was offered to be the Patreon Saint of Popularity Away from Japan but Black passed it on to Juspion.
  • His sidekick Acrobatter (f.k.a. Battle Hopper) came back from the dead, but not only that, he has gained sentience. And he was a motorcycle! How cool was that?!
  • Ascended to this Sainthood as Tommy Oliver had more battle forms (Six), but he passed it on to the more older Kotaro Minami as the former had other commitments.
  • While he may be proud of Leona Heidern carrying on his legacy, the same cannot be said for Dex Stewart (in fact, just don't ask Kotaro about Dex, he thinks that person might be a plot between Gorgom and Crisis to frame him, and besides, shame is something that isn't usually tolerated in Toku Base).
  • Kotaro has repeatedly advocated his step-brother Nobuhiko Akizuki (Shadow Moon) to apply for the Toku Pantheon, but the latter had refused due to not wanting to butt heads with the very similar Burai (Burai doesn't mind the similarities, however, as he and Shadow Moon have an otherwise cordial relationship). Besides, other villains keep on making clones of Shadow Moon because he was that badass.
    • That's not considering the fact that Shadow Moon is now a patron saint in the demonic legion...

Marika "Jasmine" Reimon and Koume "Umeko" Koudou, Patron Saints of Lovely Angels

  • Alter Ego: DekaYellow (Jasmine) and DekaPink (Umeko)
  • Symbol: Their SP Licenses
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • One of the House's greatest tag teams. They're known as The Twin Cam Angels.
  • Could be considered near-equal to Kimberly for their Fanservice factor. Umeko for her bathing activities, Jasmine being...Jasmine.
  • They had the distinction of having a special ending theme for their series: Girls in Trouble! DEKARANGER.
  • Nobuharu sometimes mistakes Jasmine for his sister, Yuko Fukui.
  • At one point, due to tapping to her ESPer power too much, Jasmine came to learn of a bizarro universe where she was being some sort of a ceaseless matchmaker, even in the most inappropriate times. She's just... burying her face into her gloved palms, and when Umeko asked why, Jasmine just explained that she got really lucky that she wasn't there. In fact, right now, she's Happily Married to a boy she saved before, and hopefully able to forget that mind-scarring vision, continuing to stay loyal to her mate (though many thinks that she's the one wearing the pants in the relationship).

Mei, Patron Saint of Adorably Cute Warriors

  • Alter Ego: PteraRanger, Apple-Tits
  • Symbol: The Pteranodon Dino Buckler
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • One of the earliest members of royalties to take on the battlefield against evil. Lithia Tribe Princess Mei is very well known for her loving heart, her wit, her archery skills, her disguise skills, and... a very very Moe appearance and voice (which attracted many moe-lovers). Underestimate her and she'll let you have it (calling her Apple-Tits will only make it worst).
    • This is to the surprise of Kimberly Hart, her counterpart, who's known to be very very hot, instead. Mei just let that slide by and they work well together.
  • Unlike Kimberly with Tommy, however, Mei kept her relationship with Burai more stoically.
  • Is known to change her hairstyle nearly once per day.
  • There are rumors that Mei is able to channel Nakoruru within her. Maybe their voice and cuteness just reached out very similar levels.
  • Her title's referred as 'Purinsesu', not 'Hime', though Mei thinks mispelling like that is fine, and she likes that word too.
  • With the ascension of Ahim de Famille in the main pantheon, the Royalty Division is officially closed.

Miki Momozono, Patron Saint of Gymnastics

  • Alter Ego: Goggle Pink
  • Symbol: The Diamond right on her Helmet
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • Allies: Kimberly Hart, Juspion (as they seem to be sharing popularity in Indonesia).
  • Enemy: Mazurka.
  • Rose to the Pantheon as the mere presence of her gymnastics caused her whole team to be considered a rhythmic gymnastic team. Miki has explicitly stated that she is the only gymnast there, and the other Goggles are using gymnastics apparatus as weapons because it was designed that way not because it's their jobs.
  • She tends to attend gymnastic sessions together with Kimberly. Which one is the teacher is still a mystery.
  • Found out that her Evil Counterpart Mazurka is in the Demonic Legion.
  • At first, her opinions about Count Radiguet were merely "Evil being, threat to humanity… of course I have to fight him." However, after he was reported to have killed Miki's mother in a parallel dimension… Now It's Personal. She really loathes him.
  • Apparently she bumped into Love Momozono when the latter took the wrong map and wanted to reunite with fellow Fresh Precures. Confusion ensued because Miki basically has Love's surname and her first name is the same as Love's buddy whose alter ego is Cure Berry. Either way, after separating, Miki has noted that Love is a pretty interesting girl… (And hey, she can't refuse a bit of gymnastic dancing tutoring…)

Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryuutaros, Patron Saints of Cash Cow Franchises and Four-Temperament Ensemble

  • Alter Ego: Den-O Sword Form, Den-O Rod Form, Den-O Ax Form, Den-O Gun Form
  • Symbol: Den-Liner Pass
  • Division: Kamen Rider
  • It is a common joke among Toku Base members that they are able to make money from just showing up and acting goofy; and with that said, they should be used to raise all the funds for Toku base. It's in your best interest not to ask when Momotaros and the Tenth Doctor are in the same room... seriously, don't ask.
  • Ryutaros may sometimes be seen in the House of Beasts cuddling the animals there. He once encountered Fluttershy tending to some of the animals and proceeded to cuddle her also...and then soon ran off screaming when she gave him The Stare.
  • Kintaros can sometimes be seen in the House of Combat trying to find the strongest opponent there. If not that, he's asleep as usual. Word of advice: NEVER say the word "Cry" in front of his face; you'll regret it.
    • Whenever the Demonic Legion and Toku Base gets in fights, they get momentarily confused due to both Kintaros and Shadow Moon sounding so similar to one another.
  • Urataros will wander around the House of Love using his power of lies to get many of the girls to flock for him. Be very cautious around him.
  • Although they are Patron Saints, their contract with Ryotaro Nogami, who ascended to Godhood prior to the formation of Toku Base, acting as Ryotaro's herald alongside Sieg, makes sure that they come with the packages. Ryotaro's House has gotten a lot rowdier.
  • Serve as unofficial members of the Pantheonic Time Police, though Chronoa keeps them at arm's length.

Ramirez and Tessai, Patron Saints of Spirit Rangers

  • Alter Ego: KyoryuCyan (Ramirez) and KyoryuGray (Tessai)
  • Symbol: A dark yellow triangle with their ZyudenRyu's heads in it
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • They were the ancient Kyoryugers in existence, but both had their lives lost in battle. However, due to their bravery, they resurrected to become Spirit Rangers.
  • To distance them from the living Kyoryugers, their shade of yellow is darker, comparing it to the more brighter yellow of the main Kyoryugers, and Yayoi Ulshade.
  • The Boukengers note that Tessai—when he's not wearing his bald cap—looks similar to a Boukenger that went by the name of "Eiji" (not to be confused with Eiji Hino). Tessai makes no comment on the resemblance. Likewise, the Sazer X rangers confuse Ramirez for their partner Gordo.

Rei Tachibana, Patron Saint of Badass Toku Ladies

Saya, Patron Saint of Petals and Tomboys With Feminine Interests

  • Alter Ego: Ginga Pink
  • Symbol: Her SeiJuu, Gingat
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • The Sentai counterpart of both Kendrix Morgan and Karone. Saya grew up with her male teammates and fights fights like them, all while being actually pretty. Just don't call her that in front of her face, or else she'll deadlock your head.
    • That being said, when she heard that one news when Kendrix made her sacrifice, Saya was openly shocked and looked like she entered a Heroic BSoD... until she heard that Kendrix made it Back from the Dead anyway, and it's all smiles for her again.
  • In the past, before her tale was completed 'overseas' note , a lot mistook Saya for being a silent Sugar-and-Ice Girl. She was pretty quick to shot that down that she's more lively than that, though she respects that kind of trope.
  • She once confused when saw Sasuke, and pretty much she reminds him of her love interest Hyuuga. Sasuke has to yet comment on it.
  • Apparently, Saya knows the Pretty Cure well, considering she mentored Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom, has the same personality as Itsuki Myoudouin/Cure Sunshine and is an expert cake baker like Kanade Minamino/Cure Rythm.
  • In terms of the Demonic Legion, she stated that she IS ready in case of the return of Zahab and Balban, though she didn't seem to tangle enough with Shelinda because she was supposed to be Hayate's Arch-Enemy. But she's pretty much shocked when hearing about Trakeena. Yeah, she knew that Trakeena was influenced with Deviot's ruthlessness, but her latter actions made her wonder that this gal could give Shelinda a run for her money and ruthlessness...

Takayuki Hiba, Kin'ya Samejima, and Asao Hyou, Patron Saints of Battle Trio

  • Alter Ego: Vul Eagle (II), Vul Shark, and Vul Panther (Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan)
  • Symbol: The GOWP logo
  • Division: Super Sentai
  • Even through the changing times, this trio remain a memorable force to fight against evil, thus they got their place here. Even moreso when it was known that they only did it with a team of three... they don't even get fourth or fifth rangers, and they still wiped out Black Magma!
  • To note... they're also the team without a woman. Of course they still respect women and does appreciate Miki Momozono's entry into the team after them, ensuring that women had their place in fighting evil after their time.
  • Honorary member includes Takayuki's predecessor, Ryuusuke Ohwashi.
  • Also, Asao can't stand dogs. He still gets uneasy stutters whenever Doggie Kruger pays a visit to the Toku Base.

Takuto Ando, Ado, and Kane Lucano, Patron Saints of Cosmo Capsule Collectors

  • Alter Ego: Lio Sazer (Takuto), Eagle Sazer (Ado), Beetle Sazer (Kane)
  • Symbol: Three Cosmic Capsules depicting a lion, eagle and stag beetle respectively
  • Divison: Chou Sei Shin
  • Captain Marvelous looks at Ado a bit funny as Ado looks somewhat similar to Barizorg. Ado doesn't find it funny.
  • Eiji Hino almost mistook Kane for his dear friend Ankh minus the cocky attitude. Kane just smiles and thanks Eiji for the compliment.
  • The three note that Ramirez looks so similar to a comrade of theirs known as Gordo, but most likely brush it off as coincidence.
  • Ado and Kane work with the Time Travel division, seeing as they actually come from the future. Takuto likes to have friendly races with Sosuke every now and then.

Trey of Triforia, Patron Saint of Literal Split Personalities

  • Alter Ego: Gold Ranger I
  • Symbol: The Gold Ranger Helmet
  • Division: Power Ranger
  • While Trey is a decent ranger of his own, he also is able to split himself into three beings: Trey of Heart, Wisdom of Courage. And before you ask, no he is in no relation to the Triforce.
  • Marah and Kapri have fallen in love with him, due to their knowing that the guys in Triforia are "three times as cute" than those from other worlds. Trey has no idea how to respond to that.

Yuriko Misaki, the Original Female Kamen Rider

  • Alter Ego: Electro-Wave Human Tackle
  • Symbol: A Ladybug Helmet
  • Division: Kamen Rider
  • The original female Kamen Rider (although never called as such), who came in thanks to a good word by passing by Kamen Rider Decade. Is looked up by Mayu Inamori, Kase and Nadeshiko in awe, but Yuriko is saddened by the loss of many other female Kamen Riders who have been killed off and never been able to truly achieve true greatness.

Yuto Sakurai, Patron Saint of Douchebags With Good Hearts

  • Alter Ego: Kamen Rider Zeronos
  • Symbol: The ZeroLiner
  • Division: Kamen Rider
  • Joined the Toku Base due to a peculiar story, that of protecting the Junction Point, as well as having a brash personality inside a cool warrior.
  • Don't ask if he's good friends with Kanji Tatsumi (even with Deneb possessing him).
  • Tends to argue with his Imagin Deneb. The fact that Yuuto uses wrestling grapples on him makes it funnier.
  • When Hibiki/Hitoshi Hidaka saw him, the Oni recognizes that he looks similar to Kyousuke Kiriya, only less jerky.
  • Like some other time-based Toku heroes, he is in league with the Pantheonic Time Police.

Other Members

These members are currently, or were formerly based in the real world:

Unofficial Members

Ken Hayakawa, Patreon Saint of being The Ace and the most likely user of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown

  • Alter Ego: Kaiketsu Zubat
  • Symbol: The letter "Z", and his Guitar.
  • Division: Independent, although he is loosely associated with the Kamen Riders, The Kikaiders (making him a loose associate of the GUAG Toku Division), and Inazuman.
  • He sends his regards to Riki Honoo (Red Turbo) in that while he may be the leader of the Teen Badass Division, the Kaiketsu Zubat is still #1 in Japan! (And can prove it.)

Nobuo Akagi, Patron Saint of Fourth Wall Recognition

  • Alter Ego: Akiba Red
  • Symbol: The Akibaranger logo; alternately, a keychain from Z-Cune Aoi
  • Division: Super Sentai (unofficially)
  • Nobuo's power is so great that he can defy Executive Meddling. Or at least try to, anyway.
  • It is said that his vast knowledge of Super Sentai tropes outranks even Gai Ikari's. The other Sentai-affiliated members of the Base are confused by this — how, exactly, did he know what they were up to?
  • Currently, it's in the base's discussion that his 'unofficial' status being removed, after saving the timeslot of Super Sentai and sacrificing his life for the sake of the upcoming Alien Invasion that comes with it.

Honorary Members

Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, Wonder Twin Magical Girl Goddesses, and GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood Liaisons to the Toku Base (Cure Black, Cure White; collectively known as "Pretty Cure")

Peter Parker, God of Everymen Heroes and Heroes With Bad Reputations, GUAG Superhero Division Liaison (Spider-Man, Spidey, Webhead)

Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Gods of Hidden Monstrous Crimefighters

  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Four turtle shells (or alternatively their colored masks)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • A disgraced group helped out with the Space Power Rangers, but the current turtles don't recall any adventures of that encounter. Nevertheless, they're still considered honorary members and have found themselves fighting alongside the Toku heroes here.

Nyarko, Goddess of Idiot Hairs and Manic Girlfriends (Nyarlathotep. The Crawling Chaos, Nyaruko, Nyarlko)

  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A crowbar wrapped in a silver ahoge
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • As a huge fan of everything toku, she is closely allied with the Toku Base, and was given honourably membership eventually.
  • To the surprise of some of the Riders, her Full Force Armor is based on something completely different. Though she claims that it is based on The Iron Striver.

The Vault

This is where treasures too valuable, dangerous, or too deeply associated with Tokusatsu to be kept in the main Treasure Vault are kept. The Vault is constantly guarded by a revolving squad of Rangers, Riders, Metal Heroes, Ultramen, and more.

Dragonzord and Dragon Dagger

  • Appearance: A large green dragon mecha which looks a lot like Godzilla, with it's green control dagger.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, as it aligns with whomever controls the Dragon Dagger.
  • Portfolio: Humongous Mecha, Unusual User Interface
  • Similar Mecha/Followers: About three hundred other animal-and-vehicle shaped giant robots, almost all of which can combine with several one another and the Dragonzord into a truly staggering number of variations. Not all are sentient, but the ones that are worship Dragonzord.
  • Dragonzord has been brought up from the waters near Angel Grove, and was immediately placed into the Treasures on the order of Dr. Thomas Oliver.
  • Is currently in possession of the Toku Base's Grand Archivist. He has used it to battle Countdown and his Evil Twin.
  • Recently moved into the Toku Base Vault.

Core Medals

  • Appearance: Seven groups of three metals each representing a different animal.

Ranger Key Chest

  • Appearance: A chest filled with almost 200 Ranger Keys (each representing a ranger from Goranger through Gokaiger)

The Greater Powers of the Super Sentai

MMZ-01 Moe Moe Z-Cune

  • Appearance: A doll with the likeness of Aoi from Nijiyome Gakuen Z Cune Aoi which transforms into a gun.
  • How it appeared in the vault is a mystery.
  • A similar item, known as the MMZ-02 Munyu Munyu Zubaan was also mysteriously added to that vault as well.

The Core Switch

  • Appearance: A translucent switch with a gold topper.
  • This item was given by the Presenters in the hopes that whomever obtained it would learn how to travel to meet them. Whatever species touched it, the switch will create an avatar as to hold its power. It has been recently shown that the current avatar of the Core Switch is Kengo Utahoshi, who would die should the switch ever be destroyed.

The Horoscope Switches

  • Appearance: Twelve red switches with the signs of the Western Zodiac on each of them.
  • Donated to the vault by Kengo, whomever uses them will transform into a Zodiarts. Should all twelve be used, it will cause The Day of Awakening which could destroy the world.


  • Appearance: A variable set of batteries powered by the spirits of 23 dinosaurs.
  • The first ten Zyudenchi corresponds to the Ten Greater ZyudenRyu, while the rest corresponds to the Thirteen Dinosaur Guardians. Also a numbered 00 Zyudenchi appears, which corresponds to the Legendary ZyudenRyu Tobaspino.
  • With Yayoi Ulshade in the Toku Base, she can create more Zyudenchi in order to expand the arsenal of the Kyoryugers.

Cosmo Capsules

  • Appearance: Twelve capsules with a different animal inside of them
  • The power of the Capsules is strong enough to send the world into darkness. Thus it was donated to the vault to make sure it didn't happen. Also, three of these Capsules are needed for the Sazer X to transform.


  • Appearance: A Humongous Mecha like this.
  • The originator of most of the Humongous Mecha that the Super Sentai/Power Rangers used, even preceding Dragon Caesar/Dragonzord. Coincidentally, its pilot is not an official member of the Toku Base, but an incarnation of Peter Parker, Takuya Yamashiro. All mechas/zords pay homage to this.
    • It was because of this that when the Inheritors apparently destroyed it, a split second before its destruction, the Timerangers and Time Force rangers stopped the time and managed to snatch Leopardon away, repaired it, put it in the Vault for one day to be returned to Yamashiro once the Inheritors are defeated.

The King Stone

  • Appearance: Embedded into Kamen Rider Black/Black RX's Transformation Belt.
  • Apparently the Kingstone itself has some form of sentience, after Kotaro Minami had gained his Black RX form.