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Magic and Spells

The House of Magic really isn't all that different from the Houses of Knowledge and Narrative, as both Houses often find themselves having the same motivations. As a result, it is very common to see Deities from outside Houses confusing the House of Magic for Knowledge, Narrative and vice versa. Rumors persist that the three Houses are actually connected to each other via secret passage while others go even further to claim that all three Houses are in fact housed in the same building. However, their usage is much debate among those who believe these theories on whether Magic, Knowledge or Narrative is dominant, culminating in numerous magical duels in the halls.


Embryo and Kefka Palazzo are not allowed even 100 miles near this house, as the former can use mind control on anyone who relies on any form of magic, and the latter used the magic of the Warring Triad to end the world.

Is the opposite septrum of the House of Science. Some members tend to rub the others the wrong way thanks to the "magic vs. science" fiasco. Of course, there are also those that use these hand in hand, and reactions from both Houses are mixed on this.

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Magical Girl Guardians

    Fate Testarossa-Harlaown 
Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Goddess of Saddened Magical Girls (Ace of the Navy, Golden Flash)

    Madoka Kaname 
Madoka Kaname, Goddess of Magical Girl Deconstruction, Co-Founder to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Kriemhild Gretchen, Penitent Gretchen, Godoka, Madogod, Madokami, Ultimate Madoka, Madoka Kumquat)
Her normal Magical Girl form 
Her Depowered State 

    Sakura Kinomoto 
Sakura Kinomoto, Goddess of Magic Wands, and Co-Founder & Mother-Saint to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Sakura Avalon, Mistress of the Clow Cards)

    Usagi "Serena" Tsukino/Sailor Moon 
Usagi Tsukino, Goddess of Magical Girls, Co-Founder and Acting Head of the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Sailor Moon, Serena, The Messiah of Purity, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity, Sailor Cosmos (maybe?), Bun-head, Meatball-head, Odango-atama)
as Neo Queen Serenity 

The Four Magicians

These are the Four Gods that guard the House of Magic.

    Harry Potter 
Harry James Potter, God of Functional Magic (The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One, Vampire)

Kalecgos, Guardian of Mana (Kalec, Aspect of Magic, Spell-Weaver (formerly), Ambassador of the Blue Dragonflight, Steward of Magic)
Humanoid Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Kirin Tor symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Atoning for his brethen's actions, The Chains of Commanding, Using the guise of a Half-elf, Heartbroken Badass, Neutral No Longer, Only Sane Man for Blue Dragons
  • Domains: Magic, Dragons, Ice, Leadership
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Relationships: Malygos
  • Conflicting Opinions: Caim and Angelus
  • Respected by: The House of Gaming
  • Kalecgos originally was a Blue Dragon youngster who served as Malygos' investigator, but later when his race started to wage war against all magic user, Kalecgos went against his former master and helped defeat him. Later, as a way of atonement, he picked up the mantle of Aspect of Magic when Deathwing attacked and after his defeat, Kalecgos became one of the members of the Council of Kirin Tor. With the mastery on all kinds of magic and being a creature whose magic capabilities were granted by the titan themselves, Kalec ascended as a Guardian for Mana to ensure it wouldn't fall on the wrong hands.
  • The pantheon's existence was something that never occurred to him before and primarily wants to learn about the different usages of Magic outside of his realm. He was happy that the other dragon aspects were already here and warmly welcomed him to their ranks, but there were two things that spoiled his entrance to the pantheon.
    • The first one was learning that Deathwing was back again, since the pantheon doesn't have permanent death, it was obvious that Deathwing would return. However, with almost all the people that were involved in defeating the Worldbreaker, Kalecgos was sure that they could handle whatever Deathwing was planning, but he worries about the Black Dragon's allies who may be as dangerous as he is.
    • The other was learning that his master was in the pantheon as well, and even trying to declare war to all magic users to boot. However, instead of being angry at his former student, Malygos was just disappointed and said nothing to Kalecgos after seeing him, which may imply that the former Aspect of Magic may be heartbroken about the betrayal of one of his own race.
  • As an aspect of magic, it was a matter of time before Mage Killers would add him to their black list. Anti-mage and Kiritsugu Emiya were quick to attempt to destroy Kalec, but they weren't prepared for the dragon being so formidable even when he is not using magic. Others like Tirek want to drain his powers, but the dragon was smart enough to not approach him.
  • While his humanoid guise would indicate that he is a half-elf, that's actually just the form that he is comfortable with. Arche Klein was happy to meet someone who was a half-elf like her, but was disappointed to learn that it was just a dragon in disguise. She still befriended Kalecgos in the end.
  • Back in azeroth, Kalecgos dated many people which unfortunately suffered awful fates. His latest lover, Jaina Proudmoore, is still alive and well, if a little out of her mind at the moment. He was relieved to see her again in the pantheon, but surprised that this Jaina was more calm and peaceful that the one he knows. This Jaina also remembers him, but refuses to talk about the situation that she has back in her home world.
    • When it comes to other Human-Dragon relationships, Caim and Angelus was one that sparked his interest, since they seem to be rather close. But Caim's method makes Kalec hesitate to approach the dragon rider, as he reminds him a lot of how his master Malygos ultimately did what he did and so keeps it casual with both Caim and Angelus.
  • Being a dragon, it was a matter of time before Dragon Slayers would want to get his head, but only Ornstein and Smough had tried to hunt him down with little success. Ripto also has it after him, one because as a sorceress, Kalecgos can easily render most of his attack useless and because he also befriended Spyro.
  • Became allies with Paarthurnax after learning how he also atoned for his sins by repressing his natural urges, similar to how Kalec's race also waged war against magic users.
  • Creatures Made of Magic were worried when they heard that a new blue dragon who specializes on magic control entered, feeling they would be absorbed. Thankfully, Kalecgos is not the type that eats magic, so they felt safe in the end. However, Xerath was the only one that was exempt from that rule, since his reckless use of magic has made him a target of Kalecgos.
  • He wasn't particularly happy that Deathwing had amassed a huge number of dragons to aid him. The ones that Kalecgos worries is those like Mordremoth, Zhaitan or Acnologia, who all can eat magic.
  • From his lover Jaina he heard about the Magical Girl Sisterhood, who didn't have a strong opinions about Blue Dragons after Malygos entered. However, they all respect Kalecgos and serves as a mentor to them so they don't become reckless with their magical abilities.
  • Don't confuse him for Malygos. Apparently it's been done before and has caused some confusion.
  • The House of Gaming as well as numerous adventurers thanked him for being the one that provides the mana resources. Too bad he can't give them infinite mana.
  • As one of the leading forces of Dalaran, he was quick to aid in the defense of the Citadel after the League of E.V.I.L. decided to launch an attack on it. He personally became a legendary minion for mages and once he caught wind of the ascension of Rafaam, he enlisted a few of his allies in taking down the League in the pantheon.
  • "The fate of the world hangs in the balance."

Merlin, The Divine Classical Wizard (The Magus of Flowers, Caster, Grand Caster, The Archwizard, the Great Druid, The World's Most Powerful Wizard, The Sorcerer, The Last Dragonlord, Mertin)
In the Battleground of the Gods 
  • Greater God (possible Overdeity)
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Theme Song: Flower Magician
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Chaotic Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Really Cool Robe, Cool Old Guy, Court Mage, Eccentric Mentor, Functional Magic, The Gadfly/Troll, Demonic Lineage, Hermit Guru, skilled manipulator, Magical Staff, Mystical White Hair, Intelligent Wizards, Shapeshifting (including Voluntary Shapeshifting)
  • Domains: Magic, Wizards, Mythology
  • Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Artoria Pendragon, Lancelot, Princess Zelda, Doctor Strange, Harry Potter, Twilight Sparkle, Gildarts Clive, Usagi Tsukino/Sailormoon, Harry Dresden, Albus Dumbledore, Yoda, Jade Curtiss, Robin, Mickey Mouse, Jack Skellington, Sora, Excalibur, Rachel Roth, Meliodas, Sonic The Hedgehog, Flonne, Maxwell, Severus Snape, Jack and Annie
  • Friendly Rivals: Zeus, Odin, Gandalf
  • Teeth Clinched Teamwork with: Cid
  • Enemies: Antasma, The evil dragons in the Dragons sub-house, Jafar, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Randall Flagg, The Lich, Doctor Doom, Lord Voldemort, Satan, Ultimecia, Anti-Mage, Fraudin, Sauron
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Nimue
  • Opposed by: Donkey, Puss in Boots
  • A unusual magic portal one day showed up in the House of Magic. Some deities wanted to know who created the portal. Suddenly, the portal revealed Merlin, the legendary wizard, whom many have researched on. Many magical deities were overjoyed that Merlin, the legendary wizard, ascended into the pantheon.
  • When he searched for and encountered King Arthur, he was puzzled as to why the King was... a female. He didn't mind that the King was a female, saying that she is still the King Arthur he'll always admire.
    • Mordred is a different story; Mordred was a homunculus created by Morgana through Arturia's semen after the legendary wizard changed her to a male.
  • Many evil wizards and sorcerers such as Jafar once tried to sneak into his temple to discover and wonder he had any black magic to learn trample their enemies. Anticipating that this would happen, Merlin sent Harry and his friends to drive them out of the House of Magic.
  • Was defeated by a magical rock. (no joke)
  • There was one time where he was a woman. While Sonic himself is puzzled why he appears as a man, he still has no problems befriending the Legendary Wizard of Arthurian Legend. However, it's revealed that the female Merlin he was Merlin's granddaughter.
  • Rumors have been abound that there was a time where he was a handsome guy. Some of the naughty folks in the House of Love and Otherness investigate to see if the rumors are true (it is). Then again, Merlin's a Shapeshifter, so he can look however he damn well pleases, if he wants to be a handsome young man, he'll be a handsome young man, if he wants to be a woman, he'll be a woman.
    • There were also rumors that he is perverted. This stems from the information that he was a half-incubus born from either a woman and an incubus. The wizard has said nothing on this matter yet. Other rumors say that he's a spawn of Satan.
    • Then again, in one reality a particular standout incident that seems to confirm his perversion was the certain "alteration" to Artoria that resulted in Mordred's birth.
  • Has often been seen with a Cath Palug familiar, named Fou. Moments of them together often take form of the latter kicking him in the face and initiating a brawl.
  • During some of his visits, Merlin had several wacky speeches expressing his love for humans. He can sometimes be seen with Flonne to practice love lectures.
  • Turns out there was one alternate Merlin who had to hide his magic or risk being prosecuted by the magic hating Uther Pendragon. In that universe, he was much younger and nearly the same age as Arthur. The two had really good chemistry with one another.
  • Has not said anything about Nimue. The person who betrayed him. Since then, the wizard has tried his best to stay away from her in case she sends anyone else to steal his magic.
    • Merlin did learned that the Nimue in the pantheon actually regretted her action and that she only betrayed Merlin because she thought it would save Camelot. Now, she trying to atone for her action. Because of this, Merlin does have a few positive words for her. He is still wary of her.
  • It's been stated that he can see the future. Some of the deities of the House of Time And Space visit him for some Time Travel trips.
  • Merlin is very jealous when he hears that Odin did the whole "Hide a magic sword and do a multi-generational plot" first.
  • Harry Dresden, while not personally familiar with this Merlin, knows of the Merlin from his universe, where he was able to create a multi-dimensional prison, Demonreach, by building it once in five different time periods simultaneously, interweaving and entangling millions of magic spells to build a prison to contained the most powerful and evil of entities.
  • The Archwizard is seeking other practitioners of the magical arts (Arcane, Holy, Natural, Astrological, etcetera ) in order to create a magical advisory council to the GUAG. He has hopes that with the huge variety of Gods within the Pantheon that at least a few of his magical equals could be persuaded to join.
  • Regardless of his form, Merlin doesn't like it if you call him an "old loom". Cid Highwind made this mistake once, leading Merlin to destroying his computer with a Firaga.
  • While usually in his "classic wizard" form, Merlin would sometimes make himself appear younger. The younger self varies from either being very pretty or very bishie. He gladly admits it's to hit on some of the Goddessess in the Pantheon.
  • Remembers a time when he had to hide his magic in Camelot for fear of being killed. That's because Uther Pendragon had a vendetta against magic since it killed his wife. Of course, that's because it was he who use magic on his own wife to conceive Arthur Pendragon.
    • Merlin did not like it when he heard of one deity calling himself Anti-Mage, who wants to kill destroy all magic users in the Pantheon.
  • One other well-known fact of Merlin is: He tends to get his jollies by messing with people. Though he always tends to keep said messing with people not particularly harmful.
  • One day, he found two children at his doorstep: these were Jack and Annie of Frog Creek, who were excited to see the wizard in their midst as they have become his apprentices in magic and adventure. Upon learning of the Magic Treehouse (made by Morgan le Fey as a tool to discover the worlds of other books), he's now upgrading the treehouse so the two can venture into other worlds and is giving them magic training to defend themselves.
  • Donkey and Puss doesn't like him for the one time that his magic spell to teleport them, Shrek, and Arthur to Far Far Away caused them to swap bodies. The two felt great discomfort with each other bodies and utter disgust. Merlin eventually reverse the magic and Puss and Donkey returned back to their bodies... but not their tails. The two since then do not trust his magic.

    Doctor Strange 
Stephen Strange, God of Pure Sorcery and Magical Gestures (Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, Dumb Magician (only Hulk can get away calling him this))


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