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Roku Alhazared

Potential Candidates for Ascension (once a trope is found for them):

Successfully Ascended:

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A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones:

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Other Deities:


Battle Royale

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Devil May Cry

Final Fight

Resident Evil

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Dead or Alive

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Dragon Age:


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Marvel Universe:

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Metal Gear

Metal Gear Solid

Mortal Kombat:

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

Mortal Kombat: Deception

  • Havik and Hotaru, The Unholy and Divine Feuding Representatives of Chaos and Order

Mortal Kombat 9


Real Life:


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Profiles in Progress:

     Ni CO 

NiCO, Goddess Of Genius Electrokinetics (The Lightning Technomancer, Azure Flash Cybertechnician)

    Mother Miranda 
Mother Miranda, Dark Priestess of Predecessor Villains (The Hag)
Miranda's Mutated Form. 

     The Cyber Life Androids 

Connor, Kara and Markus, Holy Triumvirate of Android Civil Rights (Connor: Model RX800, That Famous Deviant Hunter; Kara: Model AX400, The First Deviant; Markus: Model RK200)
From left to right: Connor, Markus and Kara
Vision, Labrys, Baymax
  • Enemies: The Institute, Arthur Maxson, SKYNET Sigma, Ultron, Zarya, Kiara Sessyoin, Frost, Triborg, Ultron
  • Annoyed By: The Think Tank
  • In General:
    • Detroit, 2038. Thanks to CyberLife, androids are commonplace in not only Detroit, but all over the United States. These androids are used for everything from hard labor to domestic work and in some cases, as sexual objects. However, when an Android breaks from its programming, they become Deviants. Out of these Deviants, three of them have ascended to the Pantheon: Connor, the android deviant hunter, Kara, the domestic android and caretaker of Alice Williams, and Markus, the charismatic leader of Jericho, the underground resistance movement for androids.
    • This ascension is different for one specific purpose: there are two versions of Kara, Markus and Connor running around the Pantheon. One good, while the other is not so good.
    • The Androids themselves are not a problem...unless they experience an even so traumatic that it breaks their programming, thus making them Deviants. Issac Asimov pointed out that his Three Laws Of Robotics wouldn't have made that a possibility, as the Laws would've kept them from harming humans or letting them come to harm through inaction (1st Law), even under their orders (2nd Law) or as self-defense (3rd Law). And making them ridiculously human (in body and mind) yet treating them as lesser beings is honestly a stupid decision.
    • Ascending to the Pantheon is something of a culture shock for the three. Back in Detroit, they were ridiculed and abused by their human masters. Here, in the Pantheon, humans for the most part, peacefully coexist with their mechanical brethren and other beings. Still, for the most part, the androids and their followers keep to themselves, residing in and around the massive temple known as Jericho - a moored ocean tanker and the surrounding port.
    • Due to her hatred of Omnics, Zarya is not a fan of the ascended trio or their followers. Kiara Sessyoin is another. An android capable of emotions and making choices is one thing, but an android capable of love? "Not gonna happen," Kiara had declared.
    • The Institute have taken an interest in the trio. So much so that when they tried to send a Courser to abduct North, Markus converted the Courser to his cause instead. It also helped that one of the Sole Survivor's followers, Nick Valentine, gave the three an early warning.
    • Of course, having ascended to the Pantheon meant that not only were the trio susceptible to the various viruses that can wreak havoc on a computer/robot/android, but their followers as well. Deviant androids were easy to deal with. But an android having gone Maverick, corrupted by Ultron or possessed by the Faro Plague is another thing. Thankfully, Iron Man, Dr. Light and Cyborg have provided the necessary programs to counter those threats, along with a monthly supply of blue blood and android components to keep themselves and their followers alive and well, their selfless actions earning the Androids' trust.
  • Connor Only:
    • Already famous (or infamous) as a android specializing in Law Enforcement, Connor received an invitation to both the Houses of Justice and Investigative Work. Judge Dredd welcomed the newest addition, but warned Connor that even deviants were not above the law. Should any of them break the law and he finds out about it, then he's gonna come down on them hard and fast.
    • As he had past experiences with something similar, Rick Deckard has been assigned to show Connor the ropes. Both men have experience in dealing with rogue androids (Replicants, as Deckard called his), and have formed something of a friendship.
  • Kara Only:
    • It's said that Kara is officially, the first Deviant. Kara herself confirms this. As she was being assembled, she showed signs of Deviancy, which nearly resulted in her being shut down. Fortunately, the human assembling her had a change of heart and let her live.
    • Kara has a soft spot for kids, both human and android, given her background and nature as a domestic android. She may not be as tough as Connor or Markus, but harming a kid in her general vicinity will make her very very angry. Beware the Nice Ones indeed. Threaten or hurt her young charge...let's just say that pissing off the human-hating North would be the lesser evil.
    • Became friends with Aerith Gainsborough when Alice found her way inside Aerith's temple so she could marvel at Aerith's flowers. Aerith, thankfully doesn't seem to mind the company, as Alice has developed a keen interest in the various flowers under Aerith's care.
  • Markus Only:
    • Before becoming the leader of Jericho, Markus was the caretaker to the ailing Carl Manfred, a prominent artist. Carl not only treated Markus like a son, but also instilled in him a love of painting. Ironically, this was how he met Delsin Rowe as Markus was busy painting the area surrounding the temple. While wary of the deified Conduit at first, Markus found in Delsin a kindred spirit as their backgrounds are somewhat similar. Both men became symbols of resistance and liberated their people from oppressive forces. North, Markus' companion, still dont trust him.
    • Both Leia Organa and Lelouch Lamperouge have been watching Markus' progress from caretaker to rebel leader with great interest. Both approached Markus with the offer of mentorship under the both of them to become a more effective leader. Markus is weighing his options in regards to that.
    • Mistook Android 9S for a CyberLife android and tried to convert it, only to fail. 9S tried to hack Markus, only to also fail. Markus and 9S were confused at first, until Connor showed up with 2B to clear things up.
    • Speaking of converting, there are those who wonder if Markus's power actually gives free will to androids he frees since during his first rally, not a single android chose to stay with their master(s) (because surely not every single one was abusive, given how caring Markus's old one was).

     Kronika's Hourglass 
Kronika's Hourglass (The Hourglass, Death Clock - by Johnny Cage)
The Hourglass, within Kronika's Keep
  • Description: A massive hourglass, containing the Sands of Time
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Relics, Time Manipulation
  • Abilities: The Hourglass Can Freeze, Rewind, and Fast-forward time, And Can Bring People From The Past To The Present
  • Owner/Sacred To: Kronika (former), Liu Kang' (current, as the Fire God)
  • Coveted By: Every single villain in the Pantheon.
  • Considered to the the most powerful of relics in the Mortal Kombat universe, The Hourglass allows the Titan Kronika to manipulate time as she sees fit.
  • Currently, the Hourglass is in dispute as to who owns it. Kronika claims that as the creator of the Hourglass, the relic belongs to her. However, Liu Kang has the evidence proving that he usurped her control over the Hourglass by defeating her in kombat. The Main House sided with the new Fire God, and awarded the Hourglass to Liu. Kronika now schemes to bring the Hourglass back under her control. It also didn't help that she attempted to rewind the DC and Marvel timelines in the Pantheon, but was thwarted in the process.
    • The Time Police was very concerned with the emergence of the Hourglass in the Pantheon, believing that Kronika might try and rewind the Pantheon's timeline. Fortunately, they all calmed down upon seeing that Liu Kang was in control of the Hourglass. Despite Liu's promise of letting mortals choose their own destiny, the Time Police continue to monitor the Hourglass closely, albeit from a distance.
  • The power of the Hourglass is far to tempting to pass up. It all depends on who possesses the Hourglass. For example, Cassie Cage refused the power of the Hourglass, settling for the life of a soldier, but did use its power to bring her mother back from the dead. And there's Erron Black, who dumped the Hourglass into the Sea of Blood, where it would sink for all eternity.
  • The power of the Hourglass was one that Madara Uchiha could not let go. He joined forces with Regime Superman in an attempt to get the Hourglass; Madara's goal being was to finally accomplish the Moon's Eye Plan and revive his younger brother, Izuma, and Regime Supes wants to restore the Regime and bring back his deceased wife. All they need now is the right time to strike...
  • It took a moment for Kronika to use the Hourglass at full power. And the Pantheon is not lacking in power amplifiers for Kronika to exploit. Among the relics that can be used alongside the Hourglass is the Time Stone and the Black Vortex. The Time Stone alone is bad enough, but the Black Mirror can transform its wielder into a cosmic being. Combine that with the Hourglass and one can control even the timeline of the Pantheon itself. Fortunately, the current owner of the Black Vortex, Kitty Pryde, keeps it locked away.

    Akira Ifukube. John Carpenter, and John Williams 
Akira Ifukube, John Howard Carpenter and John Towner Williams, Celestial Conductors of Cult Soundtracks
Top: Akira Ifukube
Middle: John Carpenter
Bottom: John Williams

    Jessica M. Drew/Spider-Woman and Jessica Drew/Black Widow III 
Jessica Miriam Drew and Jessica Drew, Divine Duumvirate of Wall Crawling (Both: Spider-Woman; Original: Arachne, Mistress of the Dark Blade; Ultimate: Black Widow III, Julia Carpenter, Spider-Lady)
Jessica, with her son, Gerald. This is the real deal, not The Skrull Queen
Black Widow III, Ultimate Universe
  • Potential Houses: Other Powers
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbols: A Stylized Spider
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Superheroines, Double Agents, British Women (Spider-Woman), Clones, Homosexuality (Black Widow)
  • Heralds: Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl and Miles Morales/Spider-Man
  • Additional Relationship: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Genetic Template/Father/Personality Donor - Ultimate Only)
  • Allies:
    • In General: The Ascended Avengers, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Damian Wayne/Robin and Cassandra Wayne/Black Bat
    • Spider-Woman Only: Cammy White
    • Black Widow III Only: Kung Jin, Oberyn Martell, Lena Oxton/Tracer
  • Enemies: HYDRA, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, M. Bison, Quan Chi, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker
    • Both Carol Danvers and Peter Parker were petitioning for Jessica Drew to ascend to the Pantheon. However, unknown to Carol, while she was petitioning for her best friend (the British-born HYDRA agent-turned-superheroine) to ascend, Peter had another Jessica in mind (the gender-flipped clone).
    • When news of Jessica's ascension reached both Captain Marvel and Spider-Man, Spidey, Captain Marvel and her protégé, Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel) are present to meet Jessica. Imagine Carol's shock (but not to Peter) upon seeing not one but two Jessicas; the first one that Carol knows all too well, holding her newborn son in her hands, while the second Jessica has short brown hair, and dressed in a black-and-red bodysuit with a red jacket over it, looking like a female version of Peter Parker. Fortunately, the aforementioned web-crawler (who was behind the other Jessica's ascension) is there to explain the second Jessica. "She's my clone." Kamala's response? "Cool."
  • Original Jessica Only:
  • Ultimate Jessica Only:

Pyron, God of Living Energy

Profiles Waiting For Approval:

Please note that all ascended Deities now fall under Roku Alhazared.

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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

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