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Intermediate Gods

    Dr. McNinja 
Dr. McNinja, God of Non-Japanese Ninjas (Doctor Patrick McNinja)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The mask and the white coat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Foreign Ninjas, Pirates, Zombies, Gorillas, Morally Ambiguous Doctors, Hates Pteradactyls, Does Not Like Magic, Omnidisciplinary Scientist, The Rule of Cool, The Rule of Funny
  • Domain: Death, Destruction, Healing, Animal, Family, Luck
  • Followers: Prowl, Ninja Girl Mai, White Ninja
  • Allies: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Mr. Welch (may border into rivalry as well), Naruto Uzumaki, Kasumi, Anti-Mage, The Ninja Shi-Tennou and Kunoichi Rokunin-Shou, Mami Tomoe, Aran Ryan, Gwenpool, Axe Cop, Black Jack, Retsu Unohana, Asia Argento and most good-aligned deities and the House of Health and Diseases.
  • Pities: Litchi Faye-Ling
  • Fanboy to: Batman
  • Commonality Connection with: Tavish DeGroot/The Demoman and Malygos
  • Odd Relationship with: The entire ascended cast of Mortal Kombat
  • Rivals: Saxton Hale, Tallahasee
  • Respects: The Marked Ninja
  • Enemies: The entire House of Magic, Merasmus the Magician, Aerodactyl and Rodan (his personal Berserk Button), every Chaotic Evil (or any alignment of evil) deity in the Pantheon.
  • Opposed by: Most real-life Hollywood directors, especially Michael Bay.
  • It was said that during Naruto Uzumaki's time in the House of Theatre, his Shadow Clone Jutsu went unexpectedly wrong. The clones where making a whole of a mess inside and forced Naruto out of the House. These clones then underwent a merge and out of the merged figure, Dr. McNinja appeared straight from the merging phase. Of course, many Gods blamed Naruto for the ruckus but ultimately, McNinja admitted his mistake that this happened while he was fighting King Radical. Luckily, he befriended him and got himself a spot in the Pantheon.
  • While he's the God of the Crazy Awesome, Mr. Welch also has the trope as well. This got themselves both under intense fighting issues. Until now, the issue hasn't been resolved yet. Even worse since Tallahasee also has the same trope.
    • What makes him even cringe is that the McNinja title was given to another person despite being Trope Namer. He's trying to calm himself down due to these issues floating on his head.
    • However, the gods have finally resolved the McNinja issue right away, finally giving Dr. McNinja his rightful realm and kicking the former out.
  • Has a heavy hate towards the House of Magic for being the reason it killed his grandfather. Because of this, the main gods of the House are forced to calm him down, particularly, Usagi Tsukino and Dr. Strange. They haven't suceeded yet.
    • Because of this he has a common similarity with The Demoman and Malygos for this reason. However, he has heavy suspicion towards the dragon for a good reason.
    • Meanwhile, he HATES Merasmus for being similar to the same magician that caused his grandfather's death and his curse. Because of this, he's forced to keep an eye towards the House of Gaming.
    • That all changed though during one time he was in the House of Beasts. There, he went into an extreme rampage inside the House and caused heavy damage throughout the vicinity. While he was apprehanded, the main gods where finding out why did he do such thing. Turns out, Aerodactyl and Rodan, who are Pterodactyls angered him so much and attacked them out of spite.
      • Because of the said incident, McNinja often goes into the House of Beasts just to take them down. As a result, he constantly goes into fights with Rexxar just by going into the entrance. He's trying to cut the habit though.
  • Many gods from the House of Mentalism have noticed something weird in Dr. McNinja's conscience. It seems that there is an inner voice that's constantly arguing to him. He doesn't want to talk about it though.
  • Finds Aran Ryan to be one hell of an awesome guy to be with. From his cheating antics to his craziness, he finds him to be the perfect Ax-Crazy partner.
    • Meanwhile, he thinks Leprechaun shouldn't be talked about as he knows he might spell doom for himself if he talks to the small folk.
    • And at the same time, he does some sparring sessions with Cu Chulainn for having extraordinary swordsmanship skills (on a spear). He enjoys most of the sessions alot.
  • Often visits the Health and Diseases House as he works as a doctor. Many deities especially Eirin and Medic are impressed that he can heal in one hand and fight on the other (though he can use both hands when needed).
    • Regarding the House itself, he made a chart that describes his relationship with the gods inside. So far, here is what he made:
      • The Good: Black Jack, Retsu Unohana, Asia Argento, Ellen Ripley
      • The Bad: Valentine, Nigel Burke, Enju Aihara
      • The Ugly: Nurgle, Typhus, Pestilence the Horseman
      • And the rest are basically Neutral to him.
    • However, he has felt sympathy towards Litchi for someone having trust issues with. More notably when he heard of the conspiring events with her and the GUAE. As such, he tries to comfort her when he's around.
  • He tried to look for his old friend Gordito, but got disappointed when he heard that he wasn't part of the Pantheon. As such, he's trying to look for someone who is actually reminiscent to him (basically anyone who is a gunslinger).
    • So far the only closest person to actually match his friend is Mami Tomoe. For someone who's a gunslinger as a kid. The only difference she has from his friend is that 1. She is a girl and 2. She somehow has a high bust despite her age. He doesn't mind though as long as he joins with her in either any of their adventures.
  • Opposed entirely by most real-life deities since his aura causes alot of weird things happening around his vicinity. Michael Bay even criticized him for breaking the rules of Hollywood Physics. Hell, even worse since his work describes it:
    "Dr. McNinja lives in a world that operates like a Mortal Kombat stage"
    • Of course, most Mortal Kombat deities didn't take it very seriously, until they met him in person and saw what they meant.
  • Is a large fanboy towards Batman, as evidenced by his style of combat. Batman on the other hand has a mixed reaction on him especially at his way of "apprehending" evil deities. Preferably killing them outright.
  • Few people could ever forget the day that Dr. McNinja and Axe Cop formed a team. It was safe to say that many asses were kicked that day.
  • Do not let him do interrogations, because the last time he did that, he tied them in a trailer and got pulled by an airplane. Just ask the non-ascended Dr. Knickerbockers.
  • Dark Horse Comics claimed Saxton would win in a fight against him. He baffled saying he could win, except he lost.
    • Due to this, he's eagerly waiting for Saxton to accept his challenge because he wants to actually fight him once more.
  • Has become friends with Gwenpool, who was created by his writer, Christopher Hastings, and thus both have many similarities, such as Gwen idolizing the Marvel heroes the same way McNinja does with Batman. Gwen hopes the doctor gives her fighting lessons.
  • "You're not a dark and troubled soul. You're a doctor who wants to be Batman."
  • Also has a spot on the House of Personal Appearance, under Racial Appearances.

    Saxton Hale 
Saxton Hale, God of Australian Champions (Australian, CEO of Mann Co. and The Man Who's Going To Burn This Place To The Ground!)

    Steve Rogers/Captain America 
Steven Grant Rogers, God of Pride for One's Nation, and Head of Defense (Captain America, The Captain, Cap, Capsicle, Weapon I, Commander Steve Rogers, The Star Spangled Man With A Plan, The Sentinel of Liberty)

    The Xiaolin Dragons 
Raimundo Pedrosa, Omi, Kimiko Tohomiko and Clay Bailey, Quadrumvirate Deities of Multinational Teams
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A red gi
  • Theme Song: The Theme Song of Xiaolin Showdown
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Omi), Neutral Good (Kimiko and Clay), Chaotic Good (Raimundo)
  • Portfolios: Four-Temperament Ensemble
  • Domains: Good, Combat, Community, Water (Omi), Air (Raimundo), Fire (Kimiko), Earth (Clay)
  • Allies: Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko, John Egert, Recca Hanabishi, Percy Jackson, the Masou Kishin Heralds, Krillen, Sailor Mars, The Strike Witches, The Survivor Crew, Chen Stormstout, Li Li Stormstout, Kharazim, Uesugi Kenshin, Captain Planet
  • Rivals: Rufus and Bob
  • Enemies: Jack Spicer, Leatherface, Starjun, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Opposes: Azula
  • Fears: Banette (Kimiko), Kitty Foreman (Clay)
  • In search of potential allies in the House of Nature, Aang turned his attention to a group of four gaining powers of the four elements. While they couldn't enter the House of Nature, the God of the Elements had a different proposal, as a group hailing from different counties, they could ascend on that matter. Thus, enter the Xiaolin Dragons.
  • Archnemeisis Jack Spicer claimed to put up a brave face, swearing to put down the latest enemies of the GUAE. The LOL Rangers later revealed his actual reaction: screaming at the top of his lungs as he headed for the nearest bed to hide under.
  • After their ascension, the four visited the gods of their respective elements to see how they were. Raimundo and Egbert got along swimmingly, with both enjoying performing pranks on others within the House. The same could be said with Toph and Clay, though he wasn't comfortable sparring with her, as he has a no hitting girl policy. Omi lasted all 30 minutes with Percy before he pushed him out of his temple. When asked why, the son of Poseiden admitted he could only take Omi belittling him for so much. As for Kimiko, she found the greater fire gods too fiery for even her to handle. She settled with hanging out with Recca, which turned out to be the best decision of her life. It helps that the God of Fire was a huge fan of her Xiaolin Dragon outfit despite not being an actual ninja.
    • There has been comparisons between the four and team Avatar, with the former preceding them by 3 years. Their followers get along well regardless, other than when the spar amongst each other for charity.
    • Another group draws comparisons to the mortals who summon Captain Planet, residing in the House of Nature. The Xiaolin Dragons may joke at the cheesiness of the man, but they do respect him. All of them would agree pollution is out of control.
    • They themselves were preceded by the Masou Kishin Heralds, holding the title Elemental Balance and thus their followers. Now that they have their own temple, the two groups hang out at times.
    • While not in the House of fire, Kimiko also enjoys company with Rei Hino. She has really helped the magical girl find her sweeter side seen in her manga and live action versions.
  • The group were also greeted with other multinational teams such as the Strike Witches and the Survivor Crew as well as other monks such as Chen, Li Li and Kharazim.
    • All pale in comparison to the God of Warrior Monks himself. It has been rumored that Uesugi Kenshin was their initial followers before their ascension. The swordsman was internally grateful, even if he finds the group grating at times.
  • Just as they shared a bond with Team Avatar, they share the same hatred with Azula for many reasons. Not only were they angry with her followers exterminating nearly all monks in Aang's world, they've also been the subject to her taunting. She loves to rip into Raimundo and Omi for their many failures. Kimiko is a more natural enemies, given their similar abilities.
  • Omi thought he found a long lost brother of his. Turns out it was only Krillin, though he admits the resemblance was striking. Omi hasn't said one word about belittling Krillin, even when his title suggests he's the foster child of such people. Omi respects his fellow monk too much to do such a thing.
  • Kimiko and Clay were horrified to find out that their greatest fears had patrons in the Pantheon: Banette for a half-burned doll named Tamochika and Kitty Foreman for Clay's Granny. Both avoid their respective houses. While Raimundo and Omi breathed a sigh of relief for no such patrons, they nervously keep track of the subhouses of Aquatic Life and Mammals respectively to make sure.
  • Raimundo has had a rougher history than the others when it comes to staying on the side of good. When he has lagging behind on his training, he ditched the group, even helping the Big Bad nearly take over the world at one point. While he has made great dividends to atone for his mistakes, not everyone in the GUAG has forgiven him. This includes lawful types uncomfortable with his chaotic antics and those who find such a betrayal unforgivable. As such he has an uneasy time in the Houses of Justice and Friendship.
  • Clay was delighted to find a plethora of cowboys from many fictions. He couldn't way to learn some tricks of the trade from the likes of John Wayne and the Man With No Name.
    • In his trip to the House of Slaughter, he sought out another Texan rumored to make his stay there. He was lucky to keep his guard because the person he was looking for nearly sliced his head off with a chainsaw. Clay managed to fend off against the perpetrator before leaving. The cowboy warns others from visiting Leatherface's temple ever since.
  • Kimiko holds a grudge against the Black Cat, particularly for sponsoring one of their most well-known foes.
  • It has been well known that Aku has sponsored Wuya, a spirit that has taken a similar liking to the God Made of Evil.
  • The group hold a similar distrust of acrofatic gods Rufus and Bob, though in this case they aren't initially evil. They agreed to watch out if they ever see an overweight ninja called Tubbimura.
  • After hearing from Recca about how he gained the title, Kimiko challenged Stargun to a fire challenge. The battle... didn't end well for her. The God of Evil Chefs remains unimpressed with his latest elemental rivals, though he acknowledges their potential as they grow up.


Lesser Gods

    Aran Ryan 
Aran Ryan, God of Irish Fighters

    Daithi De Nogla and The Terroriser 
Daithi De Nogla and The Gaming Terroriser, Divine Duo of Irish People (Nogla: David Nagle, Daithi, Zoidberg, AirlessCanvas28; Terroriser: TheGamingTerroriser, Brian Michael Hanby, Terminator)
Nogla's Logo and Avatar
Terroriser's Logo
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective Youtube Icons.
  • Theme Song: The Gaming Terroriser (for Terroriser only)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with some Chaotic Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Troll and Butt-Monkey at the same time, Vitriolic Best Buds yet they are very close, Very good at Mario Kart,
  • Domains: Gaming, Ireland, Jokes, Trolling, Friendship
  • Heralds: Joe and Tony (Nogla's dogs)
  • Allies: VanossGaming, Zoidberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator, Mario and his friends, The Survival Crew, Homer Simpson, Steve
  • Rivals: Aran Ryan
  • Enemies: The Hellhounds, The Original T-800, Darth Maul, The Fazbear Gang, Creepers, The Wither
  • Opposes: Ronald McDonald (Terroriser)
  • Daithi De Nogla and The Terroriser are two Irish youtubers, mostly known for making videos together and playing with other people of the Banana Bus Crew. Notable for their nationality and antics, both were suggested by their good friend Vanoss and quickly became the holders of the title of Irish People. At first Vanoss only intended to only suggest Nogla for the title and invite Brian just to pull a prank on him, and initially he did just that only to later reveal to Brian that he too was chosen, before Brian almost Rage Quitted. The three celebrated by playing a game of COD Zombie in the House of Profession.
  • Faced opposition from Aran Ryan given that he thought they weren't fit for representing the Irish trope. Before the boxer could hit them in the face, Terroriser shot him with a crossbow and promptly kicked him out of their temple. They also joined forces to overthrow Jacksepticeye as the number one Irish Youtuber.
  • Despite all the trolling, they are great friends and often hang out in real life. While they aren't recording videos, they like to take strolls around the Houses of Gaming and Food. Sometimes they are joined by Evan whenever he is bored. Other times they have requested the Court of Gods to allow them for recording some videos for their channels, mostly Gmod, and inviting other deities to participate.
  • Brian has a very good range of voices, but his most common one is The Ahnold voice, which actually got him to meet Arnold himself in the pantheon and impress him with the imitation. That said, for a while he was tired of everyone asking to do the voice, even refusing to address any joke regarding it. And stop making him say "Get to the Chopper!"
    • Another type of voice he likes to make is the angry Hitler, which he used to make fun of Adenoid Hynkel's voice. Needless to say, said prank almost landed both irishmen in a lot of trouble.
  • Like Vanoss, both prefer to appear in their avatars, which in Brian's case tends to cause confusion given that it's just the Terminator, causing confusion with the two ascended robots. The Heroic T-800 is just mildly amused at the imitation while the original one is not, which has made him target Terroriser and Nogla.
    • Nogla on the other hand uses his channel's avatar, which makes other think he is a bit retarded (Doesn't help that he is prone to being loud and stupid). In the past he used to have a Zoidberg avatar instead, which is a reason he is friends with the lobster and could even call himself one of his few genuine allies.
  • Brian is tired of everyone saying he uses McDonald's Wi-fi to upload his videos, given his rather bad internet connection. It got to the point where he and Nogla came across Ronald McDonald and Terroriser almost beat him up because Nogla kept teasing him.
  • For an Irishman, a lot of people are a bit confused about Nogla's accent, being a bit unusual even for Irish standards. Terroriser thinks his voice is what would happen if Wario spoke with an Irish accent.
  • Usually recommended to not play with them, given their Troll nature. Accounts of other friends have mentioned both hitting their friends ball in Golf Games, taunting them, or in Brain's case, knifing in Gun Game matches. The latter is usually referred to as getting "Terrorised".
    • That said, it's usually a result of them being the Butt-Monkey of their group, constantly getting shot and killed in friendly matches by their friends. Terroriser also tends to get bullied by GMOD map makers by making his stuff being crappier than usual and he was glad that in the pantheon he wasn't treated to same way.
  • Terroriser has a soundboard that he uses to record funny sounds and most of those sounds are just from Nogla alone. The latter is a bit annoyed at Brain always recording him when he least expects it but has bought a soundboard of his own to fight back.
    • Notable sounds from the Nogla Soundboard include: "Shave my balls!", "Brian would do me" and a series of Nogla screams.
  • Recognized the Survival Crew thanks to the countless games they've played in Call of Duty: Zombies and decided to become friends with them. They also like to join them when they are fighting zombies out of boredom and where a bit surprised to discover that the Hellhounds had a temple in the Pantheon. They have lost a lot of games thanks to those dogs and so Nogla decided to pull a prank on them. The result was almost getting mauled to death.
  • Given their countless games in, they wanted to meet Homer Simpson personally after having drawn him countless times. First thing they did when they found him was check on his face so the next time they could draw him better and after finding out that they keep drawing him in a lot of weird situations, Homer just laughed it off.
    • Then Homer found out that these two and their crew have a statue of him in their Minecraft server, built by Vanoss and Basicallyidowrk just to later blow it up with explosives but they later kept it anyway. Homer is not sure how to react to it.
  • They held a grudge against Darth Maul ever since he made them lose a Star Wars themed Zombies game. That and demonetizing their videos because of copyright.
  • They consider themselves the best Mario Kart players in the pantheon, a reason why they are very good friends with most of the Super Mario Bros. deities.
  • Nogla once ventured into the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and got attacked by a wave of animatronics. Reportedly he screamed like Mickey Mouse before he was beaten to death and ripped apart. He doesn't want to talk about the incident.
  • Both got really into Minecraft around mid 2019, having their own server where they do all wacky stuff, mostly adventuring and pulling pranks on each other (usually involving explosives). Brian was even invited by Vanoss to be part of the "Minority Squad" after Nogla made racist remarks. Naturally they tried to bring their Minecraft stuff into the pantheon but were unable to, that said, the presence of Creepers and the Wither has made them be a bit on edge considering the bad experiences they had with those.

    Desmond Miles 
Desmond Miles, God of Genetic Memory and Insanely International Ancestries (Subject 17, Sample 17)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Assassin Brotherhood insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Genetic Memory, Audience Surrogate, The Chosen One, Fled From the Call Before Abstergo Forced Him To Accept It, Superpowerful Genetics, Eagle Vision, Determinator, Instant Expert thanks to the Bleeding Effect (though at a cost, initially), Ambiguously Brown, Hidden Blade And A Small Dagger, Le Parkour, pudgy, barrel chested, and lacking musculature, yet becomes a badass really fast, Prodigal Hero
  • Domain(s): Assassins, Genetics, Memory, Ancestry, Freedom
  • Heralds: Subject 16 a.k.a. Clay Kaczmarek, Callum Lynch
  • High Priests: Hieda no Akyu (Genetic aspect), Panchito Pistoles (Ancestry aspect)
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: YHVH and most of the Grand United Alliance of Law, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Prime Minister Honest
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Night Raid
  • Pities: Shay Patrick Cormac
  • Desmond has actually been in the Pantheon for a long while now, but only as a follower of Ezio after he shed his mortal coil in December 21, 2012 in his world. Having already worked with ascending the Frye twins, the Il Mentore decided it was time to grant him a position as a deity as well and found two titles for the taking.
    • The first is Genetic Memory, as it's the Framing Device for the first five "games", and exploring those memories is why Desmond got involved in the first place.
    • The second is Insanely International Ancestry, as his genetics connect him to several different nationalities, like Arab (Altair), Italian (Ezio), Native American (Ratonhnhaké:ton/Connor), and Welsh (Edward, Connor's grandfather).
      • And according to a certain e-mail, other known ancestors include a Sage who lived in the Hunnic Empire at the height its power in the 5th century, and the Gallo-Roman Assassins Lucius and his son Aquilus, who lived in Roman Gaul in mid-3rd century.
  • Sometimes, when he isn't doing Asssassin work, he spends his free time helping as a bartender, having experience with that career. His specialty drink is the "Shirley Templar", a Shirley Temple cocktail with gin.
    • While he does visit other bars (like Moe's Tavern) for this, he more often than not moonlights inside King's bar/temple as a bartender. Turns out that his Shirley Templar drink is pretty popular. That and King swap drink recipes.
  • Unlike the rest of the Assassins, Desmond doesn't have (as much) contempt for Shay. The reason why is because what he discovered while he and his father's cell parsed through Ratonhnhaké:ton's memories; one of Those Who Came Before, Juno, has plans to conquer the world. He believed that in order to stop her, it would take both the Assassins and Templars working together to do so.
    • While it's too late for him to change things in his world as he's dead there and all, he thinks there's still a chance for such a unity in the Pantheon. Of course, he's not naive to think that it would be easy, but he thinks it's worth trying. And try he will.
    • Speaking of Juno, the events just prior to his death also made him worry. Minerva's alternative to setting Juno free…soured his opinions on being worshipped.
  • Like with all Assassins, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts disallow him from going into the Metaverse with them. While the others have decided to back away, being from roughly the same time period, Desmond decided to press the issue with its leader Ren in regards to them (or at least him) joining a Heist. He knows two of their members have lost family because of this, but that (and fear of this happening again) certainly can't be the end-all reason for barring access. Joker's counter-response is that as Assassins, it would be difficult not to… answer their calling when their target's Shadow has been sufficiently subdued and ready for a change of heart, a practice that Desmond… can't say is wrong given he's an Assassin. That, and the Phantoms' reputation took a nosedive last time that happened. However, Desmond counters that statement with the Phantoms' stance against Shadows (which in fact, some of them take glee in, such as Haru). Besides, being the ones in charge, the Phantoms should be able to assert their authority in this matter, and as long as the Assassins can follow them, then they should be a great asset in Palace Heists.
    • That said, another reason Desmond has been appealing to them is because he has a target in mind for this; Shay Patrick Cormac. He hopes to influence the ex-assassin into being more negotiable with him and forge an alliance, and given that they've managed to change Sae Niijima's heart without stealing her Treasure, he knows this is possible.
  • Like all of the Assassins, he thinks Night Raid's actions are a tad excessive, and he also thinks Seryu and Esdeath provide no benefit whatsoever to humanity. As for Honest… well, let's just say Desmond thinks he's exactly the kind of foe Assassins and Shay can consider working together to beat.
  • Made friends with Miharu, who also tried to run from his calling but get dragged in anyways. The Assassin's trying to get him to open up, who refused, yet this does not deter him.
  • He's noted that the Joestar family's ancestry are also insanely international, though he's more baffled about their mixed up familial roles.

    Don Flamenco 
Don Flamenco, God of Spaniard Stereotypes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A rose with red and black petals
  • Theme Song: Punch-Out Theme (Don Flamenco ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stereotypical Spaniard, The Casanova, Rose Motifs, Dance Battler, Taunting his Opponents as his Boxing Style, Sensitive over Hair (due to it having a Dodgy Toupee), Getting Darker and Edgier if angered enough,
  • Domains: Spain, Romantics, Roses
  • Allies: Inigo Montoya, Don Diego de La Vega, the Villager, Carmen Sandiego, Mario, Yoko Kurama, Tuxedo Mask, Ruby Rose, Aki Izayoi, King, Many single good-aligned female deities
  • Rivals: WVBA Boxers: Little Mac, Glass Joe, Bald Bull, Soda Popinski, Bear Hugger, Great Tiger, Aran Ryan, Donkey Kong
  • Enemies: Vega, Cervantes De Leon, Shao Kahn, Baine Bloodhoof, Elite Tauren Chieftain, Team Rocket!James
  • Tolerated by: Rachel Alucard
  • The sounds of an acoustic guitar playing a soft ballad began to emanate from outside the Main Gates one day, and everyone thought K.K. Slider was outside again. However, upon closer listening, some music gods recognized the ballad as a traditional one from Spain. Many deities than peeked over to see who it was. Riding atop a beautiful white Andalusian steed was none other than Don Flamenco who was softly strumming the ballad from atop his mount and holding a rose between his teeth. He stopped as he removed the rose from his mouth, gave it a long whiff and then threw it towards the Gates as they opened up for him. The nearby females swooned, the males all rolled their eyes. Though they were confused as to how he was able to strum guitar strings while wearing boxing gloves.
  • Don's "temple" in the Hall of Cultures was modeled after a beautiful old-style Spanish villa, complete with a fountain in front and rose bushes placed everywhere in the vicinity. Those he cordially invites into his villa has said the interior is impeccably decorated in Old World Spanish-style with, of course, more roses than could be imagined. True to form, he has a bullfight ring situated behind the villa which he uses for his bull fights and occasionally rents out to Western-based gods to host rodeos.
    • While Dudley is partial to the large amount of rose bushes in his temple mansion, Don prides himself on the cultivation of roses of all kinds. Upon hearing of the unique colors of roses from the Villager's town, he managed to obtain some and managed to personally breed them as well as many more unique colored ones which he planted around his villa. He gives these specially-bred roses, especially gold ones, to females that catch his eye.
  • He recognized Mario immediately as the referee in a boxing tournament that was at first hosted by a prominent boxing champion of the past. As he did back then, he complimented the plumber on his hair. Still, he often wondered why many British deities mistook his face for that of Prince Charles during that specific tournament.
  • Don prides himself as a ladies' man and regularly visits the House of Love. From the words of Moxxi and Panty, Don enjoys sweet-talking girls and doing a few flamenco dance steps with a rose firmly clutched in his teeth as he gets both them and himself in the mood. Of course, this has made others Casanovas, normals and wannabes, upset and jealous of him, respectively.
    • Most of these jealous wannabes eventually learned of Don's biggest secret (which was no surprise to his WVBA boxing rivals): He is prematurely balding and covers it up by wearing a toupee. They immediately spread the news out. Soon, everyone learned Don's secret with some goddesses he has tried to woo now laugh at him and joke about it. This, however, has made Don extremely angry. During those days, Don is seen angrier, more determined, and wearing all black along with holding a black rose. Little Mac knows all too well that when he's in this mindstate, he is extremely unpredictable and stronger. Don eventually discovered the guilty ones responsible and laid a beatdown on them that sent them to the House of Health & Disease to recuperate. Those that were still conscious were babbling the Spanish words for the numbers 1-5 constantly, which meant Don gave them all a relentless salvo of Rose Flurry punches without abandon. Once he felt avenged, the Spaniard was back to his old self and his roses were again red.
  • As a fellow Badass Spaniard, Don and Inigo Montoya feel kinship with one another. Don often invites Inigo to his villa to talk and have a good meal. Montoya was surprised upon learning that Don makes a mean paella and stocks his villa's cellar with fine Rioja region red wine. Inigo has taught Don some swordfighting but the boxer prefers his fists in the end.
    • He also shares a similar relation with Zorro (as himself and in his civilian identity of Diego de la Vega), even though he is not Spanish. Don, however, pays it no heed.
  • He has no respect for fellow Spaniards who opted to turn to evil like Vega or Lawrence Blood (whom he sees as dark reflections of his bullfighting abilities) and Cervantes de Leon (for obvious reasons).
  • As he enjoys taunting his opponents during his fights, he has earned the ire of Shao Kahn who sees himself as the only fighter deserving of taunting his opponents and challenged him to a fight. Many of his rivals are worried if Don ends up accepting it as Shao is a far ruthless opponent than any WVBA pugilist.
  • His love of good wine has also led Don to frequent the Bar Illusion where he impressed King with his manners and knowledge of Spanish wine. He even opted to invite her to his villa to showcase his wine cellar to her, but the Kyokugen faction in the Pantheon see it another way, and the Sakazakis and Robert intended to sneak in to make sure no funny stuff happened. Hilarity, needless to say, ensued. Since that time, nobody present at that event want to talk about what happened.
  • Many deities have wondered who the "Carmen" he calls out to when he fights refers to and looked at a certain red-clad master thief for answers. Carmen Sandiego merely laughs and says that her relationship to Don is simply friendly. Nevertheless, many observers have noticed The Courier bringing a parcel box with a bouquet of a dozen gold roses to her hideout in the House of Crime ever since Don learned to breed them from the Villager's stock.
  • As a rose enthusiast, he has formed an alliance and possible group with other rose lovers like Kurama, Aki, Mamoru, and Ruby Rose.
  • One particular rose-associated deity that brings him trouble is Rachel Alucard, who managed to drop into his villa in a teleportation mishap. As a gentleman, he tried to placate her but she was being her usual bossy self. It was until he brought her a tea made from his roses that she adamantly admitted he has some talent. In secret, however, Valkenhayn asked for the rose tea recipe and to send a bouquet of his roses to use.
  • "Carmen, mi amor!"

    Father James O'Flaherty 
Father James O'Flaherty, God of Irish Priests
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The arm of Saint Daniel
  • Theme Song: Requiem (shared with Koudelka and Edward)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, formerly Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Irish Priest, Badass Preacher, who tends to quote the Bible, Celibate Hero, due to giving up on getting the girl he deeply loved, initially a Nominal Hero, and Jerkass, but eventually became much kinder, partially because of his love for Elaine, Has excellent defense and nigh-immunity to magic but can't deal much damage himself
  • Domain(s): Priesthood, Faith, Defense, Love
  • Allies: Koudelka Iasant, Edward J. Plunkett, The Love that Moves the Stars, The Alpha and Omega, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Noah, Moses, Solomon, Saint Martha, Saint George, Jeanne d'Arc, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, All good-aligned deities in the Houses of People of Faith and Religious Figures, especially Rosette Christopher, Father Kerras and Father Merrin
  • Enemies: YHVH, Ramses II, Judge Frollo
  • Respects: William Shakespeare
  • Pities: Brian Cohen
  • Opposes: Kiara Sesshouin
  • Conflicting Opinion: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, The Flagellant
  • James O'Flaherty was born in Ireland in 1845. His early childhood was during the height of the Great Famine, a period when famine and a tumultuous struggle for independence was shaking Ireland. His family were small, but moderately successful, merchants, and were thus able to afford for him to attend school, which he both loved and excelled at. In his early adulthood, James moved to England, and was accepted into a prestigious English university. There, he met Patrick Heyworth and the pair became firm friends. However, their friendship soon disintegrated when they both fell in love with the same woman, Elaine Spencer. Despite his deep love for her, James felt his low social status and lack of wealth would leave him unable to care for Elaine in a befitting manner. Heartsore, he backed down, which resulted in her eventually marrying Patrick. To soothe his broken heart and distance himself from his emotions, James turned his back on the secular world and joined the Catholic church. He quickly rose through the ecclesial ranks and eventually became a bishop, as well as being tasked with various matters of importance to the church. When three forbidden tomes were stolen from the Papal Library, James was sent by the Vatican to track them down. He managed to follow the trail of one, the Émigré Manuscript, to Nemeton Monastery. There, he reluctantly teamed up with Koudelka Iasant and Edward J. Plunkett in order to investigate the events happening there. Ultimately, James sacrificed himself during the group's battle against the resurrected monster Elaine and managed to reunite her monstrous body with her soul. The pair then faded in a flash of light, seemingly passing on into the afterlife.
  • Upon his ascension, James was warmly greeted by Koudelka and Edward, who were both happy to see him given that he had sacrificed himself in order to save their lives. James was also grateful to them for putting up a gravestone in his memory near the monastery.
  • James was unsure what to think when he learned of an alternate universe in which he, Koudelka and Edward had managed to defeat Elaine and James survived. He eventually concluded that he didn't really mind the way things ultimately turned out, as he at least managed to confess his true feelings to Elaine shortly before sacrificing himself.
  • James was rather surprised to meet multiple versions of the Christian God within the pantheon. He gets along well with the Highest Joy, the Alpha and Omega and the God who talks to Bob, all three of whom appreciate both his piety and the fact that he had become a kinder person, although they also pity him for having sacrificed himself in order to defeat Elaine. However, he is appalled by YHVH, seeing him as a perversion of the Christian God, and strongly opposes him.
  • James felt honored to meet important biblical figures such as Noah, Moses and Solomon. Noah appreciates James' immense piety and kindness, which strongly contrasts with the descendants of Cain of his own time. Moses was happy to hear about how James had become more humble and kind over time. Solomon respects James' nigh-invulnerability to magic through his immense piety and has shown an interest in teaching him some offensive spells in order to better deal damage to enemies. However, James was also rather surprised to discover that Ramses, the evil Pharaoh who had oppressed Moses' people, was also present within the pantheon. Although he pities Ramses due to the fact that his cruelty is the result of him trying to live up to his father's teachings, James nonetheless still opposes him due to Ramses continuing to do evil within the pantheon.
  • He quickly became allies with christian saints such as Martha, George and Jeanne d'Arc. Saint Martha was perfectly happy to tell him about the times that Jesus visited her family and Saint George was similarly delighted to have someone listen to his tale of how he fought against a dragon. Jeanne was happy to hear of how he had managed to overcome his former contempt of non-Christians, whom he had previously disregarded as all being evil heretics, especially since she herself had been burned at the stake for supposedly being a heretic. When James told the saints of how he had once used the mummified arm of Saint Daniel in order to purify a church, they were quite impressed.
  • James has also become friends with Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou. Although he doesn't quite approve of their polyamorous relationship with Issei Hyodo, his experiences with Koudelka and Edward have taught him that it's better to accept the differences of other people as long as their hearts are in the right place.
  • James is on good terms with most of the deities in the Houses of People of Faith and Religious Figures. He frequently tries to act as something of a mentor figure to Rosette Christopher, whose kind nature and rather unorthodox behaviour strongly reminds him of Koudelka and Edward. He's also on good terms with fellow priests Father Kerras and Father Merrin, whom he frequently accompanies and protects during their exorcisms.
  • James is appalled by Judge Claude Frollo and his treatment of not only Esmeralda, but Gypsies in general. His dislike of Frollo is further fueled by the fact that he reminds James of how he himself used to be similarly dismissive and disdainful of non-Christians.
  • Being an admirer of his work, James was quite happy to meet Shakespeare in the pantheon. Because their shared fondness for the Bard's writing is what resulted in them beginning to respect each other, James and Edward often like to spend time with him and discuss his work.
  • James feels bad for Brian Cohen because he was perceived to be the Messiah, something that he didn't want, and was ultimately executed because of it. Brian was happy to hear about how James had managed to overcome his disdain of non-Christians, as James would formerly have been of the opinion that Brian had deserved his fate.
  • Although James sympathises with Kiara Sessyoin because of her backstory, he does not agree with her end goal of wanting the entire world to end up in a giant orgy and merge together to reach true Nirvana. He hopes to one day convince her to abandon her goal, but has had no success in doing so thus far.
  • James is somewhat conflicted regarding how to feel about Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. On one hand, he pities him for the persecution Amakusa and other Japanese Christians had suffered and how his rebellion had failed when he and his fellow rebels were ultimately betrayed and executed. On the other hand, Amakusa's subsequent deal with the demonic Ambrosia to wreak havoc in Japan and his obsession with wishing for the salvation of humanity upon the Holy Grail, regardless of whether or not the Grail has evil nature beneath it, is something that James strongly disapproves of. In general, the two are on good terms and James frequently helps him to try and keep his evil self at bay.
  • James has similarly mixed feelings about the Flagellant. On one hand, the man is part of an extremist branch of his faith and has an unnerving obsession with martyrdom and pain. On the other hand, he isn't actually evil while the monsters he slays definitely are. The Flagellant himself, however, sees James in a more positive light for his mission to retrieve the forbidden documents and his sacrifice to stop the resurrected Elaine.

    Great Tiger 
Great Tiger, God of Hindi Stereotypes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A white turban with a glowing jewel
  • Theme Song: Punch-Out Theme (Great Tiger ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stereotypical Hindi, Badass Moustache and Goatee, Confusion-Based Boxing, Teleport Spam, Me's a Crowd / Doppelgänger Attack, Nice Turban with a Glowing Gem, Boxing Magician
  • Domains: India, Magic, Clones, Fighters
  • Followers: Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon, Manjula, Apu's Octoplets, Hadji, Coriander Cumin & Saffron Masala
  • Allies: Asura, Mithra, Augus, Yasha, Kumbakharna, Dr. Stephen Strange, Haruto Soma, Zatanna Zatara, Rose, Nimue Inwudu, Wanda Maximoff, Esmeralda, Clopin Trouillefrou, Quasimodo, Erik Lensherr, Vanellope von Schweetz, AnAmericanTail!Tiger, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
  • Rivals: WVBA Boxers: Little Mac, Glass Joe, Bald Bull, Soda Popinski, Bear Hugger, Don Flamenco, Aran Ryan, Donkey Kong
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work (barely) with: Rudol von Stroheim
  • Enemies: Deus, Gohma Vlitra, The Golden Spider/Chakravartin, Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter, Thanos, Judge Frollo, Johann Schmidt, Millennium
  • Around the same time as Don Flamenco appeared, a flying carpet was seen floating towards the Main Gates. On top was a strange tanned man with a well-kept moustache and goatee, and wearing a white turban with a sparkling gem. The WVBA boxers all recognized the boxing mystic, Great Tiger, also arriving to the Pantheon to find new challenges. With so many boxers now, Little Mac and the rest of his rivals all petitioned to open up a subdivision of the WVBA so they can have a place to duke it out. Approval is pending.
  • Many outsiders have often debated whether Great Tiger should even be allowed to box as he clearly uses magic to teleport away from opponent's punches, and create clones of himself which he uses to attack. Then again, Aran Ryan has been allowed to actively use low blows and use his infamous glove-on-a-rope in matches. They simply chalk it up to how lax WVBA rules really are.
  • Tiger's sanctum is shaped like a traditional Hindi temple that would be mistaken for the Taj Mahal if looked from afar. Inside, many deities have felt the strong aroma of incense among the traditional Hindi-style constructed rooms and Tiger himself is often meditating in the back of the spacious main hall as he floats in the air, chanting various mantras as several of his magic clones stand guard.
    • According to the boxers, they claim Tiger's magic clones in his likeness are nothing but illusions and he himself hides among them whenever he uses his Magic Punch or Mirage Dance. That made one foolish deity decide to bother him while he was meditating. The magic clones standing guard immediately attacked and their blows actually made physical contact and damage. Tiger was not joking when he claimed back in the WVBA that he trained even harder to give his doppelgangers more power. Many thought that meant giving them Bollywood-esque dance choreography.
  • Many wonder where Tiger's unique magic comes from and they all point to the Glowing Gem he has on his turban. Tiger himself says the gem is a relic that has been passed down his family for countless generations, each one not knowing where the one before got it from.
    • It was Mithra who somehow realized the jewel has origins from Shinkoku Trastrium. It was later theorized that Tiger's earliest ancestors discovered the jewel after Asura's rampage might have caused the stone to fall off a wrecked ship. Naturally, Deus demands the "mere human" to return the gem back to its rightful owners. Not only does Asura decide to back Tiger up (merely to piss off Deus) but so do Augus and Yasha as one Shinkoku jewel is not worth getting upset about. Deus, however, swore he would regain possession of the gem.
  • Deus is not the only one Tiger has to be careful around as there are two others who are interested in the gem.
    • Jervis Tetch wants the gem along with the attached turban to add to his hat collection. Even though Tiger has offered him many other turbans, the Hatter clearly wants that specific turban since the gem offers authenticity. The fact Jervis is more interested in the jewel as an accessory rather than an artifact of power puts him slightly at ease, but Tiger is still not going to let the Hatter have it without a fight.
    • The Mad Titan, Thanos, sees the gem as a good substitute for one of the Infinity Gems to wield. Even without his gauntlet, Thanos proved to be a more powerful opponent than any of the boxers Tiger's faced. However, he was saved in the nick of time when Dr. Strange showed up at behest of Madame Xanadu. Thanos, already tired after fighting and using up his energy on Tiger's clones, chose to give the mystic a reprieve and that he would return soon. Tiger was grateful at Strange for his assistance.
  • When not at his sanctum, Tiger journeys to the House of Magic to further increase his abilities. Aside from Dr. Strange, he enjoys fighting Haruto Soma and even go out for a bit of dessert (even though Tiger goes for some baath cake while Haruto sticks with his donuts).
  • Another of his allies in the House of Magic is Zatanna, who later introduced him to her friend, Madame Xanadu. Tiger learned she was the one who sent Dr. Strange to aid him when Thanos attacked and he thanked her. That she was a Romani didn't faze the mystic as he considers them distant relatives of native Hindi. He befriended other fellow Romani as well as Quasimodo for keeping Esmeralda safe.
    • On the other hand, he despises Judge Frollo for his persecution of the Romani as well as all Nazi gods specially Red Skull and Millennium for the same. As he's opposed to Nazi gods and uses non-human powers, as well as showing respect to his (pre-Retcon) daughter, Magneto considers him an ally (as long as nobody tells him some of Tiger's magic comes from his jewel rather than being a mutant power).
    • However, there is one Nazi god that he tolerates: Rudol von Stroheim. He faced off against him and the two fought mercilessly against each other until Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli stopped them. After explaining about Rudol, Tiger agreed to a cease fire but warned him that once Joseph and Caesar mention he is no longer their ally, he's going to pay.
  • Upon hearing of another deity capable of fighting with clones and satisfy his curiosity, Phantom Lancer Azwraith reached Tiger's sanctum and saw him in deep meditation. Instead of fighting the magic guards, the fisherman chose to wait until the mystic finally came to and proclaimed his challenge. The two immediately matched one another clone to clone as Tiger also used his teleporting abilities. The match soon ended in a draw, however and the two combatants managed to gauge the other's strengths for a later rematch.
  • The Hindi mystic was challenged to a game of tag by Vanellope Von Schweetz after learning of his teleporting abilities. Feeling jovial and wanting to humor her, he accepted. What followed next was a game of tag that would easily make the Book of Tropes with the many Houses, Domains and even Universes the duo passed through as they each attempted to tag the other. Vanellope won the first round, Tiger won the next and the third round ended in a dead tie. Tiger enjoyed the exercise and is always up for another game of tag if she chooses.
  • Great Tiger soon heard he wasn't the only fighter known as "Tiger" as there was another known as the "Tiger of Jiang Dong" located in the Hall of Hair Color, so he immediately flew there on his carpet. Upon arrival, he met the great general of Wu, Sun Jian, as he was with his eldest son and generals. Tiger challenged him to a battle only for Sun Ce to step up and fight in his father's place. Even though Ce put up a good fight, he was immediately overwhelmed by the clones allowing Tiger to land his Magic Punch on him. Jian then stepped up and the two fought. Unlike Ce, the elder Sun was familiar in fighting magic copies as he faced them during Zhang Jiao's Yellow Turban Rebellion and was able to make it through Tiger's Mirage Dance, striking the mystic with a finishing blow. Instead of feeling anger, the Hindi wizard felt invigorated having faced a worthy foe since Little Mac and hoped to again challenge Sun Jian for a rematch.
    • Another "Tiger" caught his attention and went to the House of Food where he heard about his whereabouts. He was surprised seeing a talking cat cooking up some vegetarian dishes and sampled some of his wares and deemed them good. Great Tiger then taught Cat!Tiger several new vegetarian dish recipes from Mumbai to cook for his customers as well as himself as reward.
  • In the off-days he's not meditating, training or enhancing his powers at the House of Magic, he teaches Bollywood-style dancing at the House of Theater, where his magic clones are used as good dancing intructors. While many deities are impressed with his dance steps, Kyoshiro Senryo is the only one who scoffs at him, proclaiming Kabuki is the far superior theater dance. Their conflict usually ends in a dance-off that immedately breaks down into a fight, which Kyoshiro tends to lose as he's not used to the amount of magic clones Tiger dishes out. The Kabuki Master swears to train harder in both his dance and fighting abilities and surpass the mystic.
  • "मैं महान टाइगर हूँ! (I am Great Tiger!)"

    Liquid Snake 
Liquid Snake, God of Diabolical British Men (Liquid Ocelot, Eli, White Mamba, A Youth who Curses his Fate, Master Miller)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A snake wrapped around a sword, with the words "Temptation Revelation" at the top of the sword behind The FOXHOUND Logo
  • Theme Song: Light Vs. Darkness
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Manages to shoot down two F-16s with a Hind D, wanting "chaos and honor", Blood Knight, being the only person Solid Snake could not flat out kill, Forever War, evil little BRRRROOOOOOTTTTHHHHEEEEEEERRRR, evil British people
  • Domains: War, Fighting, Destruction, Hatred, Genetics
  • Herald: Decoy Octopus
  • Followers: Mad Mod, Mr. Gold, Anti-Cosmo
  • Allies: Mordred, Monsoon, Souther, Bryan Fury, Juri Han
  • Enemies: Solid Snake, Big Boss, Solidus Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Raiden, Simba, Arturia, Skull Face
  • Ascended when he realized that his brother and father ascended, and decided that they needed to be destroyed. He found where Solid Snake resided and announced himself by saying BRRRROOOOOTTTTHHHEEEEEERRRR.
  • Realized that the Pantheon had grown weak with all the hope bringers and heroes, so he decided to use the resources here to "bring chaos and honor to a Pantheon gone soft". Also believes that the Main House is only filled with liars and hypocrites and that they shouldn't be in charge. As a result, Liquid tries to push many nonviolent or pacifist members of the Pantheon to become killers, believing that they need the thrill of battle to snap them.
  • He somehow earned the hatred of Toph Beifong, though this maybe due to the fact that he sounds like her father. This also earned him strange looks from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo the most.
    • Also earned a few strange stares from Sora as he sounds like Simba, much to his confusion.
  • Works surprisingly well with Souther. Some say it is because they sound similar to each other.
  • Decided to get FOXHOUND into the Pantheon, even though he's their, C.O. and not their mother, starting with Psycho Mantis.
    • Has managed to ascend Psycho Mantis and gained his loyalty when Mantis realized this would be another chance to kill many people. With Mantis's help, they were able to ascend Sniper Wolf, but she decided not to work for Liquid again. The Main House also denied Decoy Octopus the chance to ascend, leaving Vulcan Raven as Liquid's last possible ally.
    • Now Vulcan Raven has ascended. Many in the Pantheon are awaiting Liquid's next move.
    • When questioned about his plans Liquid merely claimed, "We'll be able to bring Chaos and Honor back to this Pantheon gone soft!"
  • Extends an Alliance to Mordred as he sympathizes with him and knows what it's like to be the child/clone of a Legendary Warrior only for them to want nothing to do with their child. Though he congratulates Mordred on being able to have his revenge while Solid Snake stole Liquid's Chance.
  • Also present in the House of Villainous Appearances.

Menat, Goddess of the Egyptian Walk (Fortune Teller, The Eyes of the Future)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Crystal Ball
  • Theme Song: Insights from a Fortune Teller
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Cat Motif, The Apprentice, Badass Adorable, Belly Dancer, Black Magician Girl, Dance Battler, Does Not Like Shoes, Early-Bird Cameo, Forgetful Jones, Magic Missile Storm, Nice Girl, Plucky Girl, Sexy Walk, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Fortune Telling, Soul Power, Destiny, Apprentices
  • Allies: Rose (Her master), Shantae, Madame Xanadu, Futaba Sakura and the rest of the Phantom Thieves, Muhammad Avdol, Many gods from Egyptian Mythology, Anakaris, Madoka Kaname, Hibiki Tachibana
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Eliza, Set, Apophis, Imhotep, Kuphulu
  • A mysterious young fortune teller who travels the world share the future and fortune of anyone she comes across. She came into notoriety when she appeared before a few of the Pantheon gods doing the usual things of telling them about their future, and later she was assigned a temple given the way she moves around. She was surprised that the one that asked for her ascension was none other that her master Rose, a person who Menat idolizes, and she was very excited to be part of the Pantheon.
  • She was curious to know more about the House of Prophecy and what it held inside. There she met many different deities who had different power and perceptions regarding the future and would like to learn more about them. She also ended befriended Madame Xanadu, a fellow fortune teller.
  • Was surprised to not be the only Egyptian fortune teller after she personally met Muhammad Avdol. She considers him to be her older Spear Counterpart and the two seem to have a sibling-like relationship and they aren't rivals when it comes to fortune telling.
  • She often gets confused for a Belly Dancer considering her fighting style and her outfit. That said, she seems to get along well with Shantae because of this.
  • Many initially confused her for Futaba Sakura, as they both sound extremely similar, to the point that the Phantom Thieves thought Menat was the Shadow of Futaba manifesting itself into the Pantheon. After the confusion was cleared, Menat became interested in aiding the Phantom Thieves in one of their future missions.
  • Her journey around the Pantheon led her to meet both Madoka Kaname and Hibiki Tachibana. At first what got them together was that sounded very similar, but after learning that their motivations were very similar, they remained close friends.
  • Doesn't like when people compare her looks to those of Eliza, since Menat finds her to be a disgusting human being. Eliza on her part finds her threats adorable and consider her not worth her time.
  • She was surprised to meet several gods from the Egyptian Pantheon and she even ended up befriending a few of them, most notably Bastet since quite a few of Menat's mannerisms are based on cats. That said, she doesn't think high of Set and believes Apophis should be expelled from the pantheon.
  • Her mummy-esque Battle outfit has caught the attention of many people. That said, she does get along with and respect Anakaris, but has nothing good to say about Kuphulu and Imhotep.
  • Since her primary job is to tell people about their future, she is rather distraught when she learns about many deities' Bad Future. Of course she is used to it now, as it's par of the course when it comes to fortune telling, but she wants to do her best to prevent it.
  • "Have you considered your destiny? Do you believe in fate?"
  • Also present in the House of Quirks.

    Napoleon Bonaparte 
Napoléon Bonaparte, God of Mistaken Nationalities (Napoleone di Buonaparte, The Little Corporal, Napoleon I, First Consul of the French Republic, President of the Italian Republic, The Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Mediator of the Helvetic Confederation, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation, Co-Prince of Andorra, Archer)
As an Archer 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as a Servant)
  • Symbol: His Coat of Arms
  • Theme Songs: His Total War Theme Song; His Civilization Peace Theme; His Civilization War Time
  • Alignment: Lawful Good according to his allies, Lawful Evil according to his enemies, generally regarded as Lawful Neutral (Neutral Good as a Servant)
  • Portfolio: Frontline General, The Emperor, Thinks the most offensive is the best defense, Exlied to Elba, iconic bicorne hat, Self-Made Man, Weather of War, Loves artillery
  • Domains: Emperors, Military, Strategeists, Exiles
  • Herald: Joséphine de Beauharnais, Marie Louise of Austria, Napoleon II, and Napoleon III
  • Allies: Master of Chaldea, Alexander the Great, Marie Antoinette, Julius Caesar, Oda Nobunaga, Arno Dorian, All Might
  • Odd Friendship with: Bill and Ted
  • Enemies: Ky Kiske, Raphael, Surtr
  • Respects: Jeanne d'Arc, Achilles
  • Respected by: House of War, Genghis Khan
  • Admires: House of Knowledge
  • On speaking terms with: Edmond Dantes
  • Opposes: James Moriarty
  • Opposed by: Ludwig von Beethoven, Katyusha
  • Conflicted by: Larry Daley
  • Born on Mediterranean island of Corsica, where the year before his birth, France had acquired the region, he went to mainland France to attend school and received his military studies. That is when the French Revolution came, where he rose to prominence, using his expertise to receive multiple promotions and led his army to numerous victories. Having overthrew the French Director and becoming a consul, he improved multiple things going on in his country and created the Napoleonic law, later on becoming an emperor of France. He participated in the Napoleonic Wars, where he gave aristocratic titles to his friends and family and continue to conquer the rest of the European continent. However, a humiliating defeat with the Russians and in the Battle of Leizpig forced him to removed himself from the throne and exiled to Elba Island. In less than a year, he went back to France where he was greeter cheerfully by his supporters and started the Hundred Days Campaign. But he was forced to abdicate again when he was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo and died in the British-owned island of Saint Helena.
  • In the House of War, Napoleon announced his presence wanting to battle the rest of the residents there, to see who is the greatest opponent he could ever face. This later came on a series of wars between him and his new opponents. Although humiliated by the defeat, he decided to stay in the Pantheon and offered the Court of Gods an ascension for himself, which they accepted, as the God of Mistaken Nationalities, because despite the fact Corsica was conquered by France a year before his birth, it is a Geonese territory, which is a city from Italy and it only became an actual French territory because of the French Revolution.
  • Hailed as one of the greatest military strategists that ever existed with majority of his campaigns required to be studied in military schools, it’s no surprise that many people in the military admired him yet at the same time, there are people that hated him. Majority of the House of War admired him even those who are hard to impress as he is able to defeat big countries like Europe and conquered multiple countries while maintaining his duties as an emperor to the countries. For Napoleon, he seeks to have a fight with many of them and analyzing their battle strategy and adaptability.
  • A huge bookworm and a man who thirsts for knowledge, he spends majority of his time reading them when he isn’t busy, is a dedicated informant that he’s willing to talk to his prisoners for information, and has a huge photographic memory so much so he puts the people under him into shame. He has a huge respect for the House of Knowledge for housing multiple books and knowledge that he knew that he wanted to get, wanting to store all of it inside his brain.
  • One of his favorite books is The Illiad, so it’s understandable that he would be excited at the prospect of meeting him. While Achilles is fine with meeting an another fan, that doesn’t mean he’s also uncomfortable about it. Still, that doesn’t stop Napoleon of wanting to test Achilles’s adaptability and tactician mind in the battlefield, which irritated the demigod regarding the latter since he’s not fond of battle strategy and would rather fight.
  • Napoleon has a huge admiration for Alexander the Great and enjoys the time to be able to spend with him. Alexander is happy to see someone who is a huge fan for him and became good friends. The two have hang out to discuss battle strategies and their lives as emperors back them, and became partners whenever they are out in the battlefield.
  • He became friends with Julius Caesar, as they are both leaders who tried to reform their country upon becoming emperors and having allies and enemies seeing them in different moralities. He had also gotten along with Oda Nobunaga, being that they are both military strategists who are willing to be brutal with their armies. For Genghis Khan, he had admiration for the man as he doesn’t accept intolerance in his army and wants them to improve, even if the discipline is not that severe. Still, he sees Napoleon as a rival as he did with the rest of the conquerors.
  • Hailing from France who are both military tacticians and having huge amount of support from the people they leading, Napoleon has a huge amount of respect towards Jeanne d’Arc, wanting to see her resolve since she hurt people and prefers to lead her followers to glory. This really unsettled Jeanne since she only wanted to help the people because of what her God told her to and couldn’t imagine herself doing anything like that.
  • On their trip to collect historical figures to pass their course, Napoleon is the first person Bill and Ted collected and despite the time-period difference, he became attached to them. Seeing each other in the Pantheon makes them happy.
  • As a king who devotes himself to the public, Ky Kiske doesn’t like Napoleon as he’s willing to use propaganda and manipulation to gain approval from the people who don’t know him. It also doesn’t help he’s willing to sacrifice his troopes (even if they’re okay with it) for victory and conquered multiple countries.
  • He met Edmond Dantes when he was exiled to Elba Island and was the one who told him to sent a letter to Louis XVII. Hearing about him in the Pantheon, he’s afraid that Dantes would go too far in his vengeance and might want to kill him, but is relieved that Dantes doesn’t have any intention to continue his vengeance and the two have remained on neutral speaking terms.
  • He is personally amused to hear that people called Moriarty “The Napoleon of Crime”, though he doesn’t want to associate with himself a criminal mastermind and doesn’t want to get killed for someone like him if he deems it necessary. For Moriarty’s part, Moriarty doesn’t care about the former emperor, but he sees the usefulness of having his intelligence and photographic memory.
  • Despite their differing philosophies, Napoleon and Arno Dorian are great friends, helping each other if the other needs it, and despite the things that happened, the two have remained in contact with each other. So when Arno heard the news that Napoleon ascended, he is extremely happy to see him again and became partners once more.
  • His first wife is Marie Louise of Austria, the great-niece of Marie Antoinette and despite the divorce, they remain friends and his ex-wife remained loyal to him. He pities Marie Antoinette because he knew that she tried to help her people who are too focused on their anger on her that they ifnored her efforts. Marie Antoinette is personally excited to meet someone who is married to one of her relatives even if divorced, not to mention that they remain good friends, and have developed a friendship over that.
  • Ludwig von Beethoven used to idolize Napoleon, to the point he once wrote a piece about him. However, after hearing that Napoleon became an emperor, he lose all respect of him and proceeded to destroy his piece for him. Hearing that the emperor has ascended pretty much enraged the musician to the point he tore his sheets into pieces as he can’t handle seeing his former idol once more.
  • Somehow, he picked up the art of throwing rolling rock boulders to crash things with him and his enemy having to hide inside their fortress before their boulders would crash each other’s doors in which who comes first would have to admit defeat. It’s definitely a surreal experience, somehhing that his good friend Marie Antoinette and Leonardo da Vinci would tell you and having to face an sentient goat, the actual Bubonic Plague, and a mecha version of the Statue of David. He’s even willing to teach this art if they want to pick it up.
  • A replica of him and three others including Al Capone were tasked to help Kahmunrah to help do his world domination to retrieve the tablet and defeat Larry Daley and his friends, although, his fight with the others on who should receive it caused them to fight each other. Larry feels conflicted by him since like everyone else, he’s not like the historical figures he encountered in his life and he’s not as evil as everyone perceived him to be, being a little bit more neutral than expected and while he can be harsh to his army and allows himself to be manipulative, which doesn’t bode well with Larry, he does care about them.
  • He hates it everyone tells him he’s short, retorting back by saying he’s in average height by modern standards, causing him to hate a trope named after him for that reason. He’s happy to see that he didn’t get the trope, but this caused Katyusha to despise Napoleon since the former hates what the latter said to her.
  • Having encountered the emperor who wanted to steal the Dragon Crown, he and Raphael became enemies for that. It is unknown if Napoleon wanted to steal the Dragon Crown once again, but the phantom thief hopes it will never happen.
  • Napoleon is one of the many historical figures to be recorded in the Throne of Heroes and become a Servant. What’s so special about it is that the version summon in the Grand Orders is a Alternate Self, being a manifestation of the legend and having met the impossible such as meeting Iskandar in the pyramids of Egypt. He represents the expectations of humanity and his desire to be their hero. He also apparently doesn’t like his real self, being cagey when talked about him and refusing to acknowledge his existence.
    • Having ascended, he is hoping to see the Master of Chaldea, however, hearing that he is trapped in the Atlantic Lostbelt along with Mashu and the others really blowed him up and hopes that he is completely safe around there, knowing how dangerous a Lostbelt can get since he was summoned in the Gotterdammerung Lostbelt.
    • His personality as well as being humanity’s hero and representing their possibilities gave him a lot of comparison to All Might. The two got along pretty quickly upon their first meeting and the hero loves his Noble Phantasm because it represents all of humanity’s potential. Napoleon even asked All Might if he wants a cigarette, but the latter refused, disappointing him.
    • Seeing that an alternate version of Surtr appears in the Pantheon, Napoleon became enemies with him as usual and is willing to fight him once more. Surtr hates him after hearing that his Lostbelt counterpart was defeated by Napoleon’s Heroic Sacrifice, fearing that it might happen to him to.
Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go

    Remy (Street Fighter
Remy, God of French Jerks (In a Cross Between Love and Hate)

Rolf, God of Funny Foreigners
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A large roasted ham surrounded by linked sausages
  • Theme Song: That's My Horse, Yeshmiyek
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Charles Atlas Superpower, fighting with fish, being raised on a farm, friendliness until slighted, giving nicknames, making Crazy Cultural Comparisons, awareness of imminent danger, not hitting women
  • Domains: Foreigners, Quirkiness, Agriculture, Meat, Culture
  • Allies: "The Ed Boys", "Go-go Chie girl"
  • Tentative Friendship with: "Boomer Sokka"
  • Enemies: All wolf gods in the Pantheon, mainly "Big Bad Wolf O'Donnell", "The Cul-De -Sac Witches
  • Rolf is usually found doing yard work around his temple, much like his mortal life. He's also been known to be on good terms with Ed, Edd, and Eddy so long as their scams don't cross the line with him.
    • Of the three, he's the closest to Ed, given that time he allowed Ed to work for him and later when Rolf requested that Ed look after his livestock while he was away.
  • Has been banned from the House of Beast due to an incident where he attacked Wolf O'Donnell when confusing him for a member of the Wolf Clan. O'Donnell wasn't hurt too badly, but Rolf had to be removed before he was on the wrong end of the Wolfen's crosshairs. Wolf recounts that the weirdest part was that Rolf was swinging a fish the entire time.
    • He has also been put on probation with the House of Music for trying to introduce "That's My Horse" to them. Violently slapping all the gods within the house nearly got Rolf removed from the Pantheon.
  • Rolf gets along well with Chie Satonaka, since they both enjoy eating plenty of meat. Rolf also finds something distinctly familiar about Chie's voice.
  • Has also become friends with Sokka thanks to their shared love of meat. Yet Sokka's boomerang strikes fear in Rolf's heart, for the latter worries that coming into contact with the boomerang will have him convulse into random opera singing like that one time a boomerang came to the Cul-de-Sac. As such, they maintain a friendship, but Rolf keeps one eye open when around Sokka.
  • Hid in his basement with his farm animals one day upon hearing of the Kanker's ascension, fearing of some kind of violent attack soon, but that thankfully didn't happen...yet.
    • One day, Rolf's animals slowly grew crazier and crazier starting with his goat stopping while Rolf was about get money for a big weiner he had, and ending with his pigs scooting his butt around the ground and chickens clucking like crazy. Upon listening through a turkey leg, he realized something bad was happening.
      • He immediately alerted the Eds and told them to warn the citizens of the Pantheon to hide in safe spaces that aren't connected to their temples, and brought the Eds back to his temple to hide with his animals in the basement. When asked by Double Dee what was happening, they heard several large loud noises happening outside, and Edd quickly silenced. They stayed in there for a full 3 hours till the stench was too unbearable. Upon getting out, they found everything to be a complete mess. The reason for this; the Kankers were on a warpath because their ship in a bottle was stolen. How Rolf managed to get this through his unusual methods, Double Dee flat out decided to not bother asking.
  • Rolf would like to remind all other gods in the Pantheon to never use hot wax to soothe enraged lobsters. Thank you.

    Soda Popinski 
Soda Popinski, Herald of Drunk Russians and God of Ambiguously Alcoholic Drinks (Vodka Drunkenski)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bottle of soda (or vodka)
  • Theme Song: Punch-Out Theme (Soda Popinski ver.)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Baldness, being a Drunken Master, Lightning Bruiser, lefthandedness, drunk on soda, That Russian Squat Dance
  • Domains: Drinks, Thirst, Russia, Vodka, Soda
  • Allies: Popeye, Moe
  • Rival: Little Mac, Zangief
  • Once known as "Vodka Drunkenski", he changed his name to Soda Popinski, but is still revered by drunken Russian characters as a pioneer of their representation. Thanks to that, and his ability to get drunk despite switching to soda, Soda Popinski earned his seat in the Pantheon.
  • Soda has been training for a rematch with fellow boxer, Little Mac. While he has yet to beat Mac, he keeps at it. In the meantime, he's formed a friendly rivalry with Zangief, and the two spar regularly.
    • Similarly, Soda's found Rock Lee's style interesting enough that he wishes to fight him.
  • Gets along well with Popeye, as they both love their respective drink and foods to the point of powering up upon consumption.
  • He gets his powers from his drinks, yet Valvatorez is trying to get Soda to switch to eating sardines for even more power, and rename himself "Czar Deenski". No dice yet.
  • Naoto Shirogane has urged Soda Popinski to make sure his stash of soda is never anywhere near her friends Rise, Teddie, and Yukiko. They were once able to get drunk merely by thinking they were drunk, so to drink a nonalcoholic beverage that had a similar effect on Soda could lead to disaster (and humor).

    Team America 
Team Americamembers , Deified Organization of Americans That Save the Day
Left to right: Sarah, Joe, Gary, Lisa, Chris
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their logo, depicting an eagle posed against the backdrop of an American flag with a globe clenched in its beak.
  • Theme Song: America! F*CK YEAH!!!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Affectionate Parody of Blockbuster Action Movies as well as Supermarionation, Destructive Saviors, Eagleland, Heroes with Bad Publicity, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!
  • Domains: AMERICA!!!, Patriotism, Puppets, Satire
  • Allies: The South Park kids, Broforce, The Basterds, America, The Soldier, Good-aligned G.I. Joe deities
  • Enemies: Wild Dog, Lelouch, Khaled Al-Asad, HYDRA, Cobra Commander, Guinea Creatures, Joffery Boraethon, Ramsay Bolton, Andrew Ryan
  • Avoids: Any ascended film actor in the Pantheon, any cat person in the pantheon (Chris), all gorilla deities (Gary)
  • Head Butting Heroes with: Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Team America: World Police is an organization that exists for the sole intention of stopping terrorists from performing evil deeds (Kim Jong-Il and a group of film actors are also other foes that they have faced). With a home base located within the structure of Mount Rushmore, the team comprises of Lisa, a young psychologist; Sarah, an alleged psychic; Joe, a typical all-American jock who is in love with Sarah; and Chris, a technological and martial arts expert who harbors a deep yet mysterious mistrust of actors. Later, a popular Broadway star named Gary was also recruited in joining the fight. The team is led by Spotswoode, a United States government agent, and the team's information is received by I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E., a highly-advanced supercomputer.
    • Before Gary joined the team, one of the group’s members was Carson, who was Lisa’s love interest. However, he was killed by a terrorist before he could propose to her.
  • Another peaceful day in the Pantheon was interrupted when a gang of terrorists had hijacked a small area and attacked several bystanders. Although several heroes could have arrived to help them, they were probably busy with other things. Suddenly, a group of vehicles decorated in American stars and stripes arrived in the scene. Team America jumped out of their vehicles and brought out their weapons to fight the terrorists. However, in the process, they ended up destroying more temples in the area than the terrorists would. Despite this, they managed to take their foes down. After the incident, the people who have witnessed the attacks aren’t sure on what to do with the team, with some of them protesting against Team America’s actions. In the end, however, the Pantheon decided that they will stay with the trope America Saves the Day. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to protect the Pantheon from dangerous threats.
  • Their temple looks like an exact replica of Mount Rushmore on the surface, but inside it is their headquarters. Usually, Spottswoode would stay in the temple to monitor the team’s activities. Given what happened to their original headquarters, several security guards have been placed in the temple to prevent any intruder from destroying the place.
  • With their ascension comes new foes to look out for. In particular, there is Wild Dog, who has a history in aiding many terrorists around the world. There’s also Lelouch, whom the team doesn’t like for fighting against an alternate history empire that includes North America. The team also frequently goes up against HYDRA as well as the Cobra Commander. Khaled al-Asad is another notable enemy in the team’s radar given that he was partly responsible for nuking and caused the death of 30.000 of U.S. Marines.
  • The team gets along pretty well with the Broforce given that they have a similar manner of Patriotic Fervor as well their tendency to cause huge amounts of collateral damage. Mr. “Jane Doe” is also interested in working with the team given that he’s also a dedicated American with a knack for utilizing explosive weapons. On the other hand, Steve Rogers aka Captain America doesn’t share the same chummy relationship (despite their shared disdain towards HYDRA) as he’s not fond of their amoral tendencies.
    • They were surprised to learn that the personification of America also resides in the Pantheon. America, in his part, thinks that the team would make him look good and has taken an oblivious attitude to their penchant for accidentally destroying stuff.
  • Being creations of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it’s inevitable that they would meet the South Park kids, who are no strangers to being involved in government shenanigans. While Stan and Kyle don’t entirely approve of their destructive actions, they at least understand that the team has been trying to defend their home country.
    • One day, Team America received reports of a group of giant guinea pigs attacking somewhere in the House of Food. Immediately, they rushed their vehicles towards the place of the attacks and tried to attack them with their arsenal, but the creatures turned out to be more dangerous than they appear. It wasn’t until Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny came to the scene playing Peruvian flutes, which led the Guinea pigs to retreat. Stan and Kyle explained to the team that besides being a threat to the planet, their leader, Guinea Pirate, posed as an American secretary of Homeland Security and devised a plan to capture all the peruvian flute bands in the world. Because of this, the team doesn't appreciate someone giving America a bad name.
  • Given their bad history with the Film Actors Guild, who opposed Team America’s violent actions, they have avoided any ascended film actor or actress in the Pantheon (though Gary sometimes visits the House of Theater to perform several of his Broadway songs, such as “Everyone Has AIDS”). While Chris himself has especially held such a grudge, he has come to believed that Gary is the finest actor that he has come across. In particular, the team has been avoiding Samuel L. Jackson given that in their home world, he served as one of the members of F.A.G.
    • Chris’ distrust towards actors stems from a memory he had when he was younger. When he was 19 years old, he was raped by an actor who was in the Cats musical. As such, he gets traumatized whenever he encounters various cat people in the Pantheon, like Ichigo Momomiya.
    • Likewise, Gary has been avoiding any gorilla deity due his memory of the day when his brother fell into the gorilla enclosure in the zoo and pummeled to death because he had blueberries in his pocket.
  • Gary believes that there are three types of people in the Pantheon: d*cks, p*ssies, and a**holes. In his words, p*ssies don’t like d*cks, because p*ssies get f*cked by d*cks, but d*cks also f*ck a**holes that just want to sh*t on everything. Among such irredeemable a**holes that they have learned about, they are disgusted about Joffrey and Ramsay’s actions back in their home universes, and the team is willing to go after these folks if asked.
  • Being seen as one of the worst aspects of modern America, Team America has been banned from most Dominions given their bad habit of blowing up famous landmarks (although the Pantheon could make an exception with those two Nazi bases). Among the top of that list is Rapture; Andrew Ryan considers the organization to be one of the biggest threats to the city and among the worst of America’s “parasites.”
  • Also present in Heroic Achievements & Losses.

    Tina Armstrong 
Tina Armstrong, Goddess of Gorgeous Americans
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Flag Bikini around a cowboy hat
  • Theme Song: I Feel For You
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: All-American Face, The original big boobed powerhouse, Daddy's Girl, Cute Bruiser, Flag Bikini, Hot-Blooded, Statuesque Stunner, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Strength, Freedom, Glory, Chaos, Good, America
  • High Priestess: Tina Foster
  • Allies: Mr. McMahon, Kolin, Rainbow Mika, Iowa, Duke , Steve Rogers/Captain America, Hitomi
  • Friendly Rivalry: Tifa Lockhart, Zangief, Andre the Giant, King II, Ivy Valentine (less so with this one)
  • Enemies: Senator Armstrong
  • Opposes: Bandit Keith
  • When it comes to fighting games, female characters often deviated to small yet lightning fast characters. Even if there were those who didn't completely fit the fold, there weren't any strongwomen in fighting games. That changed at an unusual place: Dead or Alive. It was at that tournament that the first grappler fighting female graced herself for all to see. She had many of the same traits of typical wrestlers while being a Statuesque Stunner. Her ascension pleased many others who have followed in her footsteps.
    • The reason of her ascension was... rather tense. After hearing of a Pantheon, she was talked down from it by her father Bass, her father and fellow wrestler. After that... it didn't take long for her to make her case in the Court of the Gods.
  • Tifa Lockhart may be the better known character for Boobs of Steel, but Armstrong preceeded her by a few months. Some of the wrestler's followers may cry foul over Lockhart's claim of the title of Buxom Strength, but the two are good friends. That doesn't mean either are above a tussle over who is the stronger individual.
  • She had hoped that her in-ring best friend Lisa could make it to the Pantheon. Instead, she would have to settle for her serving as Kolin's high priest. She at least gets to visit every once in a while.
  • Despite being a popular character, she is rarely involved in the more serious plots of the tournament. It's not something she is too worried about, though the various players are curious who she will side with now that she's in the Pantheon.
    • Hitomi is someone more her style. Both are hard hitting women, though Hitomi is more practical. The two are friends, but Hitomi is still in disbelief over Tina's loftier goals.
  • It was only natural that Tina Armstrong became rivals with the russian with the Spinning Piledriver. The two may be rivals in kayfabe, but have developed an interesting friendship outside the ring. Both of them are happy to help take down shady organizations that terrorize both their worlds.
  • She is on even better terms with Rainbow Mika. The two are evenly matched and are able to deliver stellar matches whether they work together or fight against each other.
  • Was surprised to see that the All-American Face of the Pantheon, Duke from G.I. Joe fame, was not a wrestler. Duke did say he is a fan of the sport and wished her the best.
  • She also likes to hang out with Iowa, embracing all of her traits.
  • It has been a dream of hers to get a match with Andre the Giant, someone capable of matching her strength. Many agree that the future match would be quite the spectacle.
  • She has also wanted to match a match with King II, a wrestler famous for linking throws with each other. Expect a technical love fest between the two if they set to meet. It would also be an interesting mish mash between American wrestling and Lucha Libre.
  • One of the first wrestlers to trash talk her was the Iron Sheik. Hailing from Iran, he gleefully trashed the country and insulted its citizens. He even attacked her in a backstage brawl. She managed to fend her off, and the two are poised to face each other to settle their feud.
  • Among other things, she wants to run for Congress. She was excited that one former senator wanted to talk strategy to her. Unfortunately, that senator was no other than Armstrong. He tried to convince her that nothing fits The American Dream for than letting the entire thing go down to a struggle where only the fittest survives. Not quite what she had envisioned, Tina let him go.
  • Her kind of fanservice is quite popular with many other fighting game characters. One of the most notorious is Ivy Valentine, and she is not a fan of the newcomer. She considers the wrestler to be far too brash for her liking. When Tina retaliated by challenging her to a fight, she declined the offer.
  • Some people may see her as stubborn and bullish, but she always has good intentions. She is also quick to criticize American deities who bring out the flag despite being obvious Heels. That distinction goes to Bandit Keith. He thought that the two should hook up with each other. She returned the gesture with an exploder suplex. He angrily asked for a match in the next wrestling promotion. While Tina was far strong, Keith made sure to use every cheating move in the playbook, giving her a hard time. Luckily, Yugi came by and distracted him by throwing a deck of cards in his face, allowing her to land a series of multithrows to win the match.
  • Captain America is far more receptive of her. He even attends many of her matches. Tina has tried to convince him to try wrestling to no avail. Steve figured that no one would want to face him in a fight.

    William Adams 
William Adams, Patron Saint of Western Samurai (Miura Anjin)
The real William illustrated 
  • Lesser God (Can push it to Intermediate level in short bursts through various Living Weapons)
  • Symbol: Saiorse holding his sword
  • Theme Music: 'William'
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The very first Western Samurai, Being both a Pirate, Ninja and The Musketeer, Yokai Slayer, Been There, Shaped History, from English to Irish on this version, Will never die as long as Saiorse exists, Divine User of Onmyōdō Magic, Has a multitude of weapons, including ninja weapons, magical-imbued amulets and Living Weapons, Chose to stay in Japan to protect the Amrita at all costs
  • Domains: Swords, Magic, Life, Death, Tradition, Elements
  • Allies: Hattori Hanzo (His mentor and probably only mortal friend), The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter, Dante Sparda, The Ashen One, Himura Kenshin, Geralt of Rivia (might be of relation, maybe)
  • Respected by: Samurai Jack
  • Mixed Relation with: Majority of the Japanese during the Warring States Period, especially Honda Tadakatsu, Ishida Mitsunari, Otani Yoshitsugu and Sanada Yukimura, Saiorse, the Little One
  • Worthy Opponent: Oda Nobunaga as well as the demonic counterpart
  • Conflicting Opinion: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Lady Maria
  • Enemies: Lord Voldemort, Orochi, Adam Taurus
  • Rivals: Akame, Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana, Afro Samurai, Justice (Afro Samurai), Date Masamune, Tavish DeGroot/The Demoman, Roronoa Zoro, Samuel Rodrigues
  • Feared By: Majority of the House of Japanese Spirits subhouse, particularly Nyotengu no Miyama
  • Long ago, around 1600. A Westerner arrived on the shores of Japan, who was part of an expedition from the Dutch East India Company, intending to trade with foreigners. Two of these English sailors where not allowed to leave the country, which lead to them being influenced by the Japanese. One of them was William Adams, who became a key advisor to the shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu and eventually, the first Western Samurai, which is a rare rank even in today's standards.
  • His ascension coincided with the appearance of a dangerous substance that both the sides of Good and Evil are interested in: Amrita, golden, glowing crystal that pulses with unbelievable amounts of power. William explained that in times of conflict and suffering, Amrita would begin to manifest. In all likelihood, the spirit stones manifested in the Pantheon due to the conflict between the Grand United Alliances, and if the events of the Warring States Period is anything to go by, it would inevitably fall into less-than-noble hands and be abused with horrible results. With the help of his guardian spirit Saiorse, William is intent on making sure this doesn't happen.
  • When his arrival was noted by the Court of the Gods, a ninja clad in black appeared right after his session. It was later revealed to be the one of Ieyasu's escorts, Hattori Hanzo who greeted him at first sight. Surprised, William asked if he was the same Hanzo he met during the Warring States Period. The ninja calmly answered "Yes" and introduced the samurai into a new world that he is now welcome in.
    • Upon arrival into his new temple, an invitation came into his doorstep, which was requested by Tokugawa Ieyasu to meet him for some urgent matters. While the shōgun was discussing new topics with him, his new suit, and arguably his combat skills fazed William, as he remembered that he wasn't entirely combat active the time he saw him saving Japan. The former would only smile and said that he hasn't been ready for a time like this. Nonetheless, all 3 would enjoy their first meeting together.
    • However, it should be noted that Ieyasu still has conflicting relations with William, as he knows that foreigners (as proven by a certain Master Kelley and eventually a Portuguese woman named Maria) can prove to be fatal to the nation's development. On the other hand, it was also William who stopped most of the threats in his time as shōgun, which made him also indebted to him. It is this reason why he sent a ninja to intercept him in an attempt to kill him and told Hanzo to report him if the ninja succeded in the order, in which the latter lied about William's fate. Ieyasu would see this from Hanzo and was happy to hear that William is still alive.
  • In what would be a surprise visit, William would also be visited by a white-robed samurai, who was rumored to be one of those who saw him as in inspiration. Samurai Jack would see gladness seeing that another heroic swordsman would join the fight in the battles of Good and Evil. He proudly accepted the invitation, knowing that this made William's ascension all the more better.
    • The news of his ascension also caught wind of other well-known samurai who are also interested in his skill. Samuel Rodrigues was one of them who challenged him in a one-on-one fight on his first sight. Despite defeating William, Samuel noted that his different weapon formations coupled with his different arsenals gave him one hell of a match to remember. Adam Taurus on the other hand sees him as a copycat and also challenged him. Unfortunately, no sooner had Adam sheathed his sword in preparation for a Moonslice than William brandished a slip of paper at him, and all of a sudden the faunus found his movements slowed to an agonizing crawl. Ultimately William proved to be too much for the leader of the White Fang and forced him to concede.
    • His extensive katana skills also caught the attention of several wielders, including the Demon Blade-wielder Akane, who tried to invite him into Night Raid's ranks, but declined the offer, the Black Scottish Cyclops Tavish DeGroot, a fellow European, the eponymous Katana herself, and the Straw Hat's swordsmaster, Roronoa Zoro, who had a try in one of his spirit weapons and genuinely liked the feel of it.
    • Of course, this would lead him into complications with others. Afro Samurai was one of those who William pitied due to his revenge motifs, but the former would shrug that in the end, revenge would be always necessary. Justice, who is Afro's long enemy, also saw potential in William and is willing to kill him just for his samurai armor. It may not be a headband of power, but to him, it will be good souvenir.
  • Those who have participated in the Warring States period have had issues with William, despite being different in appearance and their origin world. When asked as to why, some have said that they were able to retain a portion of "their" memories, some remembering fighting William on the Tokugawa state. Sanada Yukimura, Date Masamune and Otani Yoshitsugu remember him fondly, especially as soon as he revealed to them their Animal Motifs. Sanada remembers dying in Osaka Castle with Yodo-gimi, Date Masamune also got a portion of the memory of him having a small piece of Amrita in his eyepatch and Otani feels sorry for seeing that he transformed into a dual-wielding Yokai during the battle of Sekigahara and lost badly.
    • While this was happening however, a dark-red colored figure arrived to witness the speculation and congratulated William on his ascension. Speaking with a dark and demonic voice, this King spoke that the memory of him and the battle that transpired within the state. Everyone immediately knew him and the dark figure showed himself among the crowd. It was the Demon King Oda Nobunaga, who saw his fight against William to be interesting but rather short. In a sudden twist, a second figure came by and reverted his words back to the Demon King, who also showed himself to be the actual Oda Nobunaga, who wanted to thank William for at least showing him that he isn't as evil as he always was shown. This confrontation lead to believe that both Nobunagas knew William before he could show them their spirit animal.
  • Thanks to Saoirse, William is effectively immortal: while he can be temporarily killed, he will inevitably revive within a shrine, though he would lose any Amrita he would accumulate. This manner of revival got the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, The Hunter and the Ashen One curious with him, seeing that all of them have such a curse, though for William, its a blessing than anything.
    • It's this immortality that caught the eye of Lord Voldemort, who attacked William in hopes of forcefully taking control of the Guardian Spirit from him. Despite putting up a valiant fight, William was ultimately struck by an Avada Kedavra and killed...only to resurrect some time later, incredibly off-put that "Kelley had gotten the best of him". Inevitably, William met Harry Potter, who had been keeping tabs on his Arch-Enemy's actions. William explained Saoirse and the nature of his immortality, and was surprised when Harry let out a bitter chuckle and asked what William did to anger Saiorse. When questioned, Harry told him that the idea of being unable to die was horrifying. William shrugged, muttered "Whatever ye say, lad. Helped me over in Japan, I'll tell ye that much...", and walked away.
  • Other than Ieyasu, William has a rather uneasy reaction towards Lady Maria for not only having the same name of a certain Portuguese witch, but also being similar in regards to her Weapon of Choice and her gothic looks. However, Maria has stated that it is only by appearance and never by intention as she has no intent on the Amrita business. Despite this, following Williams initial ascension, his attacks towards her has damaged the Astral Clocktower and forced Maria to brutally beat him many times just to give him some sense. Since then he has avoided taking her down but only because she has convinced him enough that she wasn't the witch he was trying to stop in the first place.
  • Speaking of being similar, Geralt has felt his essence upon arriving to the Pantheon. While both are easy going towards each other and are glad sharing their tales, both are rather unnerved by their looks, believing that they might be the same, but in different universes with different roles. Even Ciri, Trish and Yennefer even mistook William for Geralt but in an unusual armour set.
  • Likely the most unnerving interaction William had in his time in the Pantheon was when Chikane Himemiya stormed up to him out of the blue, demanding to know how in the world he, a (relatively) mere mortal was able to outright slay the dreaded Orochi. Confused, William told her that he 'hit the beast until it died, and drank healing elixers when he needed to'. Chikane was quiet as she tried to process what she had just heard, mumbling under her breath something along the lines of "Was...pointless. I never had to hurt her, never had to...just needed to hit the beast until it died! That's all I needed to do! Hit Orochi until it died!" Then to William's and Himeko's shock and horror, Chikane broke down in spasms of deranged, bawling laughter, before she collapsed into Himeko's arms sobbing and pleading for forgiveness. William took this opportunity to back away slowly and leave.
  • Nyotengu no Miyama is quite scared of him after he attacked her out of the blue with a Death Glare on his face. When an explanation was demanded of him, William growled that he HATES Tengu, and that deadly flirty attitude of hers makes her seem like a combination of Tengu and Hino-Enma.
  • Being a Celtic, mermaid-like spirit, a number of gods and goddesses wondered if Saiorse had some sort of connection to the similarly-named selkie in the Pantheon. William's explanation of Guardian Spirits put this to bed, though: the Spirits are Tulpa born of beliefs and prayers, not flesh-and-blood beings like Ben's sister. Besides, William's Saiorse is a merrow, not a selkie.
  • Is under consideration of Intermediate Status due to this time of him beating most of his enemies with a wooden sword. He is still having numerous amounts of PTSD while thinking about it.
  • The Western Samurai himself has another temple placed within the House of Profession, under Combat Occupations.

    Zoran Lazarević 
Zoran Lazarević, God of Balkan Bastards (Lazarebitch)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God after drinking from the tree of life)
  • Symbol: His Sawed-off Shotgun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Large Ham, Evil Is Hammy, Genius Bruiser, Bad Boss, Bald of Evil, Wicked Cultured, Moral Event Horizon, The Berserker, Final Boss
  • Domains: Bosses, Villains
  • Herald: Harry Flynn
  • Allies: Lucifer, Maleficent, Lex Luthor, Millenium, HYDRA, Gauron, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Raul Menendez, Colonel Mael Radec, Ares, Sundowner
  • Enemies: Nathan Drake, the Princesses of Heart (Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice, Jasmine, Belle, Kairi), Niko Bellic, Indiana Jones, John MacClane, Lara Croft, Jago, Rana Linchen
  • Opposes: Pacifists
  • Lazarević ascended when he found out the secrets of the Cintamani stone in the legendary city of Shambhala, and drank from the sap of the Tree of Life to heal himself and gain super strength and immunity to bullets. How he was able to survive being mauled to death by the Shambhala Guardians has gotten even Hades talking.
  • The first thing he did was rally up all of his forces and secure all perimeters on the House of Luck and Fortune, the place where Nathan Drake was staying and ordered his men to shoot everyone who dared enter or leave said house. Drake had no other choice but to shoot his way out and seek aid with the Court of Gods. While he did manage to hold back Lazarević's forces, the warlord still plans of having his revenge against him.
  • The reason why he got the title of bald villains is unknown to him but rumors say that Lex Luthor has something to do with that. The latter has been interested in getting ahold of the Cintamani stone in hopes of defeating Superman and is trying to convince the warmonger to work for him.
  • Getting to Lazarević isn't easy, since he's got an entire army of henchman, all equally evil and love crossing the Moral Event Horizon, to guard him. The House of War is quite astonished on how such an army was able to last this long, especially with Lazarević being the Bad Boss he is.
  • He has tried hiring both Indiana Jones and Lara Croft under his services but both refused to cooperate with a criminal. As a result, he ordered his men a "shoot on sight" if they ever came across them, similar to what they do with Drake.
  • Having lost the powers of the sap of the Tree of Life, Lazarević has sworn loyalty to Lucifer in the hopes of finding another source of power that he could use to conquered lands in his universe. Little does Lazarević know is that Vanitas has his sights on him, thinking that his army would be the perfect distraction as he goes after Madoka to fool the pantheon, while he tries to kidnap Sailor Moon.
    • Lazarević is also thinking of going after the Princesses of Heart and using them to obtain the power of darkness, having heard about their powers from the Disney Villains. While he would have a chance of success, he would need thirteen beings of darkness to fully unlock said power, first.
  • Given the sheer amount of forces he brought to try finding the hidden city of Shambala, Lazarević attracted the attention of powerful terrorist organizations like HYDRA or Millenium. He has considered working with them, but only if they help him regain the powers of the Tree of Life.
    • He also allied with other powerful terrorist leaders in the pantheon like Muruta Azrael or Raul Menendez, mostly because they want to have a piece of the Cintamani stone. Lazarević just limits himself to working with them, but he has no qualms on getting rid of them after their agreement is over.
  • He worships men like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot because, in his words, they had the will to make what other men could not.
    • He sees Adenoid Hynkel in a much better light, but can't stand his silly antics and prefers to ignore him.
    • That said, Lazarević indeed respects Ares as the supreme god of war. He has promised to him that he will try helping him return to his glory days.
  • He is disappointed on Niko Bellic because he is the only man that comes from the same country yet refused to work for him. Besides having given up crime for a while now, Lazarevic reminds him too much of Ray Bulgarin.
  • He earned the ire of both Jago and Rana Linchen after they heard that he ravaged an entire Tibetan village just to capture one man. Being Tibetan themselves, they have expressed that Lazarević will be struck down because of his crimes.
  • Please, do not remind him about the time he put on some weight. He will probably execute you for your insolence.
  • Don't try to take any of Lazarevic's men as a hostage. He'd just shoot them himself without any care. He also regularly executes his minions if they don't meet his standards, making everyone in their forces be nervous around him.
  • If there is one thing he cannot stand that would be Pacifists. After all, he believes that Compassion is for the weak. This is one of the many reasons he despises Drake so much because he dared not to execute him at Shambala.


    Prince Achmed 
Prince Achmed, Patron Saint of Idealized Middle-Eastern Settings (Ahmed)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Himself on the flying horse
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: "Arabian Nights" Days, silhouette animation, teaming up with a lone witch to take down an evil sorcerer, Earn Your Happy Ending
  • Domains: Cultures, Adventure, Royalty
  • Heralds: Peri Banu, the flying horse
  • Allies: Scheherazade, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Aladdin (Magi), Shantae, Persephone, Hades, The Puella Magis, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: Jafar, Erazor Djinn
  • Complicated Relations: House of Love
  • Prince Achmed is the son of a caliph of a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. The caliph was once offered a magical flying horse by a sorcerer with malicious plans to take the throne and marry Dinarsade, Achmed's sister. However Achmed was the one who fell into the trap and he was flung far away. He landed in a magical land where he met a goddess called Peri Banu and the two fell in love. Achmed's journey back home took him to China, where he met Aladdin (he with the genie in a lamp) and a Witch, who would help him defeat the evil sorcerer and bring peace back to the caliphate.
  • Remembering that he hadn't spared a thought for the flying horse, Achmed beseeched the Witch to take him back to China so he could retrieve it, since it couldn't really be blamed for what had happened. After that was done, Peri Banu informed Achmed the horse wanted to thank him for his act of kindness and if only he would trust it, it would take him to an incredible place. Achmed did so and that's how he ended up in the Pantheon. His creator Scheherazade noticed almost immediately and petitioned the Main House to ascend him, offering her now former domain of "Arabian Nights" Days. Since Achmed saw the opportunity for more adventures in the Pantheon, he accepted.
  • Most animated/animation-related deities visit his temple at least once a year to pay their respects to him, due to the fact that his story was made into one of the earliest feature-length animations. It's actually the oldest surviving one. Scheherazade is pretty proud of him for this.
  • Was surprised to hear that his good friend Aladdin had ascended long before himself, but when he went to meet him he realized it was kind of the same guy, but mostly not. Certainly, both Aladdins have in common that they were poor peasants who chanced upon a genie in a lamp who turned their life around, but this Aladdin had never gone to China and he wasn't married to Achmed's sister Dinarsade, but to a different princess called Jasmine. Not to mention, the only Achmed Aladdin met was an arrogant prince who insulted him for his poverty. Aladdin was thus fairly skeptical of Achmed given he is born royalty. Fortunately, Achmed is generally a pretty polite guy unless you threaten his loved ones, and besides that he finds Aladdin admirable for toppling theSultan's Evil Chancellor and being selfless enough to spend a wish on releasing the Genie. So ultimately, Achmed became good friends with Aladdin, as well as Jasmine and the Genie, and friendly diplomatic relations between Achmed's father and Jasmine's have been established.
    • It took Achmed a while to get used to the fact that Aladdin's Genie is his own person and not Aladdin's servant. Besides that, his overwhelmingly exuberant personality is a far cry from the more solemn and distantly respectful genies Achmed's familiar with, but eventually he decided he liked the personable Genie more, since he acted out of friendship rather than obligation.
  • Through Genie, Achmed eventually met Shantae, who surprised him not only for being a female genie, but also half-human, which he'd never heard of before. Shantae was rather stoked at the new addition from an "Arabian Nights" Days world and showed him her own world, which Achmed certainly thought was... different from what he's used to. At any rate, as Shantae told him of her adventures in protecting Sequin Land as a sort of guardian deity of the place, Achmed came to regard her with admiration and they became good friends.
  • Of course, an alliance with Aladdin and his friends comes with an enmity towards the aforementioned Evil Chancellor Jafar, but Achmed wouldn't have it any other way, given he has had to defend his caliphate from wannabe usurpers himself, so he understands the grief Aladdin and co. had to go through. Jafar is in fact quite similar to the evil sorcerer who tried to take over the caliphate, not only for their shared ambitions, but because Jafar is also a sorcerer who used his powers to gain a foothold in the Sultan's palace, though Jafar was a lot more conniving and successfully concealed his ambitions for a time, while the sorcerer largely brute-forced his way in (he still came close to succeeding nonetheless).
  • Making things even more confusing is the fact that there's another Aladdin, but other than also having a powerful Djinn for an ally, he's got little in common with the more famous Aladdin, being The Chooser of The One responsible for picking kings. As it happens, Achmed wound up also getting along pretty well with this one, with Aladdin commending him for gathering friends who helped him save his kingdom from the evil sorcerer. He's sure Achmed will make a great caliph once he eventually ascends to the throne.
  • Achmed does not look kindly upon Erazor Djinn, since he wanted to get all Seven Rings to manipulate the reality of the Arabian Nights in his image. On the positive side, that resulted in the prince allying with Sonic the Hedgehog, since he was transported to the reality of the Arabian Nights by Shahra, and heroically restored the Arabian Nights back to its original state and defeated Erazor. The two keep in touch in case Erazor thinks of threatening other Arabian-based worlds.
  • Although he is Happily Married to his wife Peri Banu now, their relationship didn't start out in the best way, with Achmed first meeting her by spying her bathing and becoming so entranced by her beauty that he kidnapped her. A lot of members of the House of Love look at him askance for this reason, though they don't totally antagonize him since he did regret the kidnapping and was willing to let her go, which is what caused Peri Banu to return his feelings and agree to stay with him. Many deities think that's... a lot to deal with. At least, Achmed's love story with Peri Banu finds approval and support from Persephone and Hades, who form one of the few happy couples in the Greek Pantheon despite it having started with an abduction. It helps that Peri Banu is divine in nature. Admittedly, the alliance with Hades is more by association with Persephone than anything, but Achmed's on good terms with him most of the time.
  • One day out of nowhere, Achmed was attacked by two girls, one blue with a sword and one red with a spear. They were the Puella Magi Sayaka and Kyoko and when they sighted Achmed riding his horse, they thought for sure it was some sort of Witch, due to how they looked, and thus they thought they had to take him down. The fight went on for a while and then Madoka intervened, told everybody to stop and chastised Sayaka and Kyoko for attacking a noble hero and one of the oldest animated deities. Achmed himself was quite forgiving and was more interested in cultivating good relationships with these powerful magical girls, having made friends with a volcano witch in his world who proved instrumental in his victory over the evil sorcerer.

    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, God of Asian Store Owners (Steve Barnes, Slime Q Slimedog, Apu DeBeaumarchais)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The "Kwik-E-Mart" logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Indian Store Owner, Ascended Extra, Bollywood Nerd, Octuplets, Proud Of His Immigrated Nation, "Thank You Come Again", Biological Kevlar, Puts 120% Into His Work, Funny Foreigner
  • Domains: Immigrants, Stores, Hinduism, Fatherhood
  • Followers: Tuong Lu Kim, Mr Bang, Mr Patel, Carol Zimmer
  • Heralds: His octuplets
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Anna, Recette Lemongrass, Great Tiger
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Ned Flanders
  • On good terms with: The Simpson family, The House of Lust
  • Customers include: Krusty the Clown, Moe Syzlack, Jeff Albertson, Ralph Wiggum
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, Stewie Griffin, Plankton, Herbert Garrison
  • Opposes: Chakravartin, YHVH, the House of Crime
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • Avoids: Beerus, the House of Ranged Weapons
  • The city of Springfield offers a number of stores, but few are as convenient as the Kwik-E-Mart. In charge is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. An Indian immigrant, he went to the United States for a doctorate in computer science. By the time he finally got it he came to love America, and has dutifully been running the store. He may not be the best store owner and some of his actions aren't all that legal, but you'd be hard to find an Asian Store-Owner more dedicated to his job.
  • He used to be the Great Tiger's high priest, but has managed to become a god in himself due to his hard work ethic. They immediately forged a proper alliance when he ascended.
  • Incredibly passionate towards his job, with a lot of stresses on his personal life due to being too busy with his work. He once tried to kill himself with tainted meat when he got fired. While friendly to his customers, he's not above using exorbitant prices and browbeating customers into crappy merchandise. He almost never leaves his temple, which is a replica of the Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield. He once worked for 72 hours straight, which drove him mad and made him think he was a hummingbird.
  • He has been seen working with Recette Lemongrass and Anna as a fellow shop owner. He admires Recette's passion with her work, and Anna for her utility.
  • Moe, Comic Book Guy, Ralph Wiggum and Krusty are usually as regular customers. Apu is really grateful for Krusty as his fondness for pornography helped keep him afloat in those difficult early years. Krusty has made him a recommendation for the House of Lust to order their smut from.
  • He has an arranged marriage to Manjula, who while he feared it at first came to love her. It's not a Perfectly Arranged Marriage as their marriage has been stressed by the octuplets, and he ended up finding solace with the Squishee Lady. To his credit Apu tried to apologized and let himself be demeaned by his wife in atonement, though most believe she went too far when she made him eat a lightbulb.
  • Though Indian, he is proud to be an American immigrant and truly loves his adopted country. As such, he hates people who are racist against immigrants and is still annoyed Springfield voted against illegal immigrants. He wished that he could vote more than once against Mr Garrison when his policy against illegal immigrants was to "f*ck them all to death".
  • Stewie Griffin has been permanently banned from the Kwik-E-Mart for kidnapping him, simply so he could say he took Apu. Bart found it funny but thought it went too far. Eric Cartman is on watch when he visits due to his numerous racist comments.
  • Him and Ned Flanders often butt heads due to opposing religious views, however at the end of the day they're friends and will team up to save the day, such as when they united to save Homer when his house burned down. And while Apu's more lax in terms of faith to Ned's fundamentalism, they both agree that YHVH is an asshat-especially Apu since YHVH is actively oppressing Hindu deities. He doesn't trust the likes of Chakravartin either or his connection to reincarnation and samsara, but it's not like he could hope to do anything about it.
  • Has been constantly shoplifted, mostly by Snake. As a result he has more lead in him than any normal person has any right to survive, to the point he survived a shooting when one bullet was deflected by another bullet. Understandably, he doesn't want to be in the House of Ranged Weapons at all. This may be why he takes an aggressive stance against shoplifters when he can, such as when he got Marge Simpson arrested for 30 days when she accidentally stole some bourbon.
  • Customers should make sure to have a stomach pump on hand or just a good eye when purchasing food from the Kwik-E-Mart, since Apu will try to sell meat past its due date. For the sake of the House of Commerce, Beerus cannot visit even if Whis has to come in and stop him. And while he might try to sell rotten food, he isn't going to sell Plankton's food much to the latter's chagrin.
  • Apu: "Thank you, come again".
  • Can also be found in Businesses & Corporations.

    Huang Lee 
Huang Lee, Divine Saint of Chinese Mobsters (Adonis, Rich kid, Oscar, Mr. 'Know it all', Mr. 'Junior Triad of the year', China boy, Mr. speed-date)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Yu Jian Sword
  • Theme Song: Chinatown Wars
  • Alignment: True Neutral (often forced into Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Spoiled rich kid, Follows through honor but moves on and becomes saner than most, The Everyman, Massive amounts of sarcasm, The only good criminal in the entire Triad regime, Being motivated by his father's death and eventually realizing it was his uncle who killed him
  • Domains: Wealth, Crime, Drugs, Revenge
  • Allies:
  • Source of Interest: John Luthor, Cole Phelps, Harold Francis Callahan
  • Distrusts: Claude, Donald Love
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Revy
  • Rivals: Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, Walter White
  • Enemies: Scar, Uncle Chan, Dimitri Rascalov, Agent 47, Chin, Tony Montana
  • The Tale of Huang Lee is a long and arduous one. Following the death of his father in China, his uncle, Wu "Kenny" Lee, called him to arrive in Liberty City, to deliver the family heirloom the Yu Jian Sword so that he may secure a spot as the Triad Leader. Things got awry when his sword was stolen and he himself was left for dead as soon as he arrived in Liberty City. What follows was a journey that forced him into the most rotten core of city, out in the need to reclaim his honor and revenge for his father.
  • After killing his uncle, who was the murderer all along and becoming the leader of the Triads, the Court of the Gods saw potential in him and appointed him as the representative for Chinese Mobsters, though Lee declined the offer the Court gave him. After the fifth time however, he decided to accept the offer in condition of signing new documents, which he said was a precautionary method just in case he ends up in a place like Liberty City again. Turns out he was placed in a House that is arguably worse than the city itself.
  • Within his first days of ascension, he was greeted by several citizens from Liberty City who immediately recognized him: the silent Claude, the bouncer Luis Lopez, and veteran soldier turned criminal Niko Bellic. All of which have explained their grieviances in the eponymous city and how all of them managed to survive. His interaction with Claude ended with complete distrust following him, and by extension, Donald Love, almost wiping out the Triad during the early days with his time in the Leones. As for Love, well, let's just say that instigating a war between the Yakuza and Columbian Cartel won't give you a good impression. The two see Huang as quite calm, despite sounding cocky and outright rude.
    • Even outside Liberty City, he has gained some reputation. Tommy sees him as a great teammate, even considering him to be more loyal than his other associates, though Huang warns him not to kill any Triads or he'll start spilling heads. Carl Johnson also sees friendship within him, mainly due to his association with another Triad within San Fierro under the name of Wu Zi Mu. When he asked as to the condition of the Triads in San Andreas, he answered that they are thriving in Las Venturas, allowing Huang to allow more support outside Chinatown.
    • Despite being a criminal and allying himself with the other GTA protagonists, he prefers not to participate in any of their crimes. He only prefers to maintain the the Triad's stature, following the entire shitshow that occured in 2009. And thats was mainly because of all the backstabbing, killing and treachery that has been happening back when his father died. Not only that, but he is rich enough, so he'll likely pass the opportunity instead.
  • Following his ascension, he was visited (and punched) by Goro Majima, who proclaimed that Huang Lee's life will be a difficult one. It didn't take long for Lee to realize why he hit him in the first place: because he is a Yakuza member (loosely though, since he only allies with Kazuma). However, Kazuma Kiryu also came in and stopped Goro before causing more damage, sincerely apologizing but also stating that he had a feud with the Triads before, hence their rivalry. The Chinese Triad acknowledged this and only had one comment following them leaving his temple:
    Huang: "Jesus, and I thought Liberty City had worse Yakuzas."
  • As with the aformentioned truth that his uncle Kenny was the sole reason behind all the events that almost broke the Triads, he has become wary to any uncles regardless of alignment. Among those he hates are Scar and Uncle Chan. The former's actions makes him closer, if not worse, than his uncle, while Uncle Chan is just plain annoying to him and his rather goofy "Chinese" accent.
    • To explain, Scar's betrayal towards Mufasa was one thing that shook Lee, because it reminded him of Kenny killing his brother so that he may have the leadership of the Triads, not to mention him framing 2 other Triad members in order to make investigation more muddy. Scar could only laugh hearing that this happened because he realizes even other people still follow such intentions. Seeing this, he'll do his best to kill Scar to make him feel satisfied for his thirst for revenge.
    • On Uncle Chan's part, Huang pretty much summed it up the first time they met:
    Huang: "Can someone pick better Triads next time? I'm tired of seeing actors like this roaming around like fake-ass Chinese."
  • Truth be told, Huang also had former relations with the Mafia, having been ratted out once by a traitor who lied to him about info on the stolen blade. Because of this, he wants no relations with any Mafia, fearing that they'll throw him off with false information again.
    • But when he received an invitation to the Corleones, his mindset on the Mafia has toned down albeit. The two see mutual respect between each other, with Huang getting good payment on their services, whereas the Corleones, especially Vito, sees great potential in him, despite being in a different gang. Overall, a bond between Triads and the Corleone mafia could spark great business ventures.
    • Then there is Dimitri Rascalov, the type of scum Huang hates. Backstabbing, power hungry and Russian. Hearing from others about Dimitri's actions made it clear that he will personally kill him if he tries to screw with the Triads.
  • Upon hearing what Agent 47 did with the Red Dragon and Blue Lotus Triads, which entails large mass killing, the junior triad could not help but feel uneasy towards the Agent. While 47 has no plans on killing Huang, time will only tell if someone pays him to get killed, then all hands are off.
  • The House of Justice rather welcomed Lee into their institution with applause, mainly for helping on a conspiracy case regarding the Triad leadership. Though he has stated that the detective who helped him was only there for the suspect, some of the others see some mutual friendship between the two. In fact, Huang gets a free pass on the house without repercussions.
    • From the numerous detectives, wardens and judiciaries, 3 members of the said house see Huang as a viable asset: Cole Phelps, John Luthor and Harold Callahan also known as Dirty Harry. They see him uncovering the truth of the Triads as a worthy assessment as an asset for their investigations. Though this was pitched as Luthor's idea, the other 2 stick with it since the results did yield greatly and not only favored in Lee's side, but also on the justice side as well.
  • While being a gang member may have its merits, such as the support from the House of Crime, it also has its fair share of disadvantages. Tony Montana is among those as he has a massive hate towards any gang member, regardless of alignment. Because the last time he "visited" Huang's palace, it was riddled with bullets.
  • As mentioned about the fact that he doesn't participate too much on crimes, he does sometimes join with others when it comes to heists just to know more some of the other deities. Unfortunately, this would force him to cross with Revy, the foul-mouthed, hard-headed Chinese-American of the Lagoon Company. Despite being similar when it comes to nationality and location, all similarities would end here. Revy thinks Huang is too soft, almost reminding her of Rock the first time he joined the company, whereas Huang considers her a crazy bitch to the point of just wanting to shoot her. Then there is the fact that Revy has dealt with triads back then with ease. Expect both of them to throw bullets and curse at each other whenever they meet in a heist.
    Huang: "Fuck me you're an annoying bitch. Never in my entire life have I met one as batshit as you, never even in China."
    Revy: "Oh look here, some pissy soft immigrant who can't man the fuck up? We can keep doing criminal work all day but you better give me a reason not to shoot you up."
    Huang: "Says the bitch who keeps putting her trigger on my fucking face!"
    Revy: "Fine then. Where is your sex life?"
    Huang: "What sex life? Never head that before"
    *punching and cursing intensifies*
    • However, he has time to sell drugs on numerous occasions, often selling them at rather ludicrous prices. When asked why, he only needed the money for it and not the crime itself. When Walter heard of this, he realized a potential rival in him that could outsell him in the drugs competition. So he decided to sell his drugs on a more affordable prices to counter Lee. This resulted in a bet between deities from the House of Crime to see who sold the most drugs in a week. Ultimately, Walter proves to be the better merchant than him thanks to his rather provocative methods.
    • The aforementioned event however gave him an ally in the form of Omar Little. Both would share some of their earlier times in the crime life, with him noticing Huang's low life before his eventual rise to the Triad leadership. In fact, Huang's content with Omar getting some of his money, afterall, his reputation is something not to sneeze at. Omar did have a little comment regarding him though: he is one of the most snarkiest people he has met in the criminal underworld.
  • Of all the people that annoy and infuriate him the most, Chin is high in that list. Chin considers Huang Lee the epitome of his objective, one that puts the idea on "kill all the fuckin' ugly reds" back into his mindset and proof that China is nothing more but pure criminal lowlife. What makes Huang so completely galled at this is that firstly, Chin looks like a Chinese, so it makes him more confused, and second, he called him out for being an idiot for not considering that a.) all of his crimes were done in Liberty City and not Hong Kong and b.) his crimes were committed in 2009 and not 1997, thus making his objective sound like complete bullshit.
    • Though Chin's hatred would get worse. Following Huang's statement on him, the mad clone destroyed much of the temple, and forced him to take direct action. While bullets did not work on him, he brought all of his allies to stop his advance and most of the higher ups of the House of Crime to shut Chin down. After that incident, Chin has vowed to kill Huang Lee first in kill list.
  • Among all the other GTA characters, Mario hangs around with him more often than others. Not many know why, but Huang has an idea as to why.
  • The Triad's original temple is within the House of Crime, under Organized Crime.
  • "I buy ALL my friends. Makes life easier."

    Robert Zussman 
Pvt. Robert Zussman, Patron Saint of Token Enemy Minorities (Zussman, Zuss, Herr Zussman)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A St. Michael Pendant, or the logo of the 1st Infantry Division
  • Themes: A Brotherhood of Heroes and Berga
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A German-born Jew serving in the US Army, Becomes his squad's translator, A victim of various war crimes by the Nazis, Capable of providing basic first aid to squadmates, Walking Spoiler, Second most important person in his game's story, And second man to the main character, Becoming a Prisoner-Of-War late in the European War, as well as slave labor
  • Domains: Soldiers, Enemies, Minorities, Discrimination, World War II
  • Followers: Diethard, Emma and Momoka
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
    • All Nazi deities in the Pantheon
    • Anyone who uses slave labor or commits war crimes on prisoners, particularly Vladimir Makarov and Raul Menendez
  • Headbutting Heroes: Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, U-511
  • Oppose: Gen. Shephard, Sen. Armstrong, Erik Lensherr, Captain Price
  • A soldier from the 1st Infantry Division of the United States Army, Pvt. Robert Zussman hails from Chicago. Unbeknownst to the rest of his squad, at least at first, he was originally from Germany, where it's implied that he and his family moved away from to start a better life.
  • He had revealed his full heritage during the Battle of Aachen, where he helped German civilians evacuate from an enemy-occupied hotel. Because of this, he received flak from several of his squadmates not long after this revelation, in particular from Sgt. Pierson.
  • However, the worst he received because of his Jewish heritage was not from his squadmates, but from his time as a Prisoner-of-War. Rather than be sent to be POW camp like other American soldiers, he became a victim of The Holocaust, becoming slave labor in the dying Reich's war production scheme. And in the process, he became victim to a number of war crimes as well.
  • Fortunately for him, his squadmates, refusing to abandon him even when one of them pretty much earned a ticket home, manage to find him and save him from execution by the SS.
  • Unlike the other US deities from his time period, he's not from an elite unit like the Airborne, Rangers, or Marines, but from the aforementioned 1st Infantry Division, a regular US Army infantry division, but with a rather notable history for itself.
  • Upon his ascension following his recovery from his entire ordeal, he decided to work with the other WW2-era US Army members in the Pantheon, particularly Lt. Mike Powell, a fellow veteran of the Omaha Beach landing. Thanks to this, he's easily persuaded by the US Ranger to help him destroy Fort Schmerzen and Der Flakturm, the two ascended Nazi strongholds in the Pantheon.
  • Thanks to his experiences in Europe During the War, he vehemently opposes the ascended Nazis attempts at continuing their war effort in the Pantheon, particularly if it involves torturing or experimenting on prisoners-of-war.
  • While he does have respect for their combat record, he refuses an offer to join The Basterds, mostly due to their...err...methods, in dealing with the Nazis. Even he's astonished by how far they're willing to go.
  • Of all the deities he sympathizes with the most, none can match how much he feels pity and sympathy towards fellow Holocaust victim Zofia Zawistowski. Unlike Zussman, who was forced to become slave labor in one of the labor camps run by the SS, she was a victim of the concentrations camps, and had to make a very Sadistic Choice that unfortunately got her that spot in the Pantheon in the first place. He promises to her that he would hunt down the remaining Nazis in the Pantheon.
  • Despite sympathizing with him and his own experiences During the War, he opposes Erik Lensherr, due to his very extreme methods and Fantastic Racism that makes him no better than the Nazis that wronged both of them.
  • Is similarly opposed to Viktor Reznov for similar reasons.
  • Not too big of a fan of Maho Nishizumi, mostly due to Panzers giving him bad memories of his tour in Europe. Unlike most other Allied soldiers, he chooses to just stay away from her rather than try anything.
  • Is appalled by the actions of Makarov and Menendez, who turn out to be just as bad, if not worse, than the SS soldiers who captured and tortured him.
    • Is similarly disillusioned by the actions of his fellow Call of Duty protagonists, in particular those of Alex Mason and John Price.

    Takumi Aldini 
Takumi Aldini, God of Stereotypical Italians (He Who Carves Out New Flavor Horizons)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Bottle of Aldini Olive Oil
  • Theme Song: Takumi Aldini
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Pretends to be True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Unknown Rivals to Soma, Looking for a Challenge with Soma, Being the Only One Allowed to Defeat Soma, Not Realizing that his Rivalry with Soma is One-Sided on his End, Butt Monkeys, Italian Stereotypes, Being Half-Japanese and Half-Italian, Honorable Opponents, Utilizing the Power of Teamwork in his Cooking Duels, Tsunderes, Pretending to be a Prick When he's Actually a Nice Guy, Sore Losers, Knight Templar Big Brothers, Taking Levels in Badassery, Being Popular with the Ladies
  • Domains: Italians, Rivals, Twins, Cooking
  • Herald: His Twin Brother, Isami
  • High Priest: Italy (Sometimes)
  • Allies: Megumi Tadakoro, Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati, Pannacotta Fugo, Okuyasu Nijimura, Sans and Papyrus, Maika Sakuranomiya, Hideri Kanzaki
  • Rivals: Vito and Michael Corleone
  • Unknown Rival to: Soma Yukihira
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Erina Nakiri
  • Enemies: Polpo, Diavolo, Cioccolata
  • Complicated Relationship with: Poland
  • Opposes: Gordon Ramsay
  • Odd Friendship with: Undyne
  • Takumi Aldini is a Hot-Blooded Japanese-Italian chef who has managed to master both Italian cuisine and its fusion with Japanese cooking techniques by the age of 15. Takumi, along with his twin brother Isami, was raised in Florence, Italy and worked at his uncle's restaurant, Trattoria Aldini. When Takumi and his brother reached middle school level, their uncle recommended that the twins attend Totsuki Culinary Academy, a famous cooking school in Japan that trains its students to become high quality chefs. Eager for the challenge, Takumi and Isami departed for Totsuki to become the academy's top students. Having enrolled as a part of the 92nd generation of Totsuki students, Takumi was seemingly ready for whatever the academy threw his way... only for a certain student known as Soma Yukihira to not only declare to the rest of the students that he would stand at the top of Totsuki Academy, but also taunt the students for not having any kitchen experience. Gravely insulted by Soma's speech, Takumi developed a fiery rivalry with Soma that burns to this very day... not that Soma knows that there's even a rivalry between the two.
  • Under the mistaken belief that he was the first character from his universe to ascend to the pantheon, Takumi was elated that he had seemingly became a god before Soma ever did. Hoping to take advantage of this supposed opportunity, Takumi immediately began to create a feast that exemplified his mastery of Cuisine Fusion for the denizens of the pantheon. Right when he was about to showcase his food for the pantheon, Takumi discovered that Soma Yukihira had not only beaten him to the pantheon, but that he too created a feast for pantheon's inhabitants to enjoy. Takumi's screams of anguish echoed throughout the pantheon on that day.
  • In spite of his rivalry with Soma, Takumi has been able to maintain a cordial relationship with Soma's friend, Megumi Tadakoro, due to how she shared Takumi's desire to defeat the student organization of Central at the Regiment de Cuisine. Takumi and Megumi have even collaborated on a few occasions to serve whatever deities that wander into the House of Food, often creating either the Hachis Parmentier that the duo made during the Regiment de Cuisine or the Special Gousetsu Udon that the two along with Soma made for the Promotion Exams.
    • His relationship with Erina Nakiri is much more colder. Beforehand, the two chefs were able to get along nicely before and during the Regiment de Cuisine, to the point that Erina trained him, Soma, and Megumi for the Promotion Exams. However, after their match-up against each other in a culinary tournament known only as BLUE, where Erina called Takumi's cooking "garbage" and promptly threw it in the trash after she defeated him, relations between the two have notably soured. Resultantly, most if not all of the interactions between Takumi and Erina nowadays have devolved into incessant bickering.
  • Has caught the eye of Giorno Giovanna, a gangster who also happens to be an Italian man of Japanese descent. Giorno's curiosity has only piqued when he learned about how Takumi could cook Italian cuisine with Japanese cooking techniques. In order to demonstrate his skill to the gangster, Takumi decided to make Giorno and his allies Bruno Bucciarati and Pannacotta Fugo a couple plates of Naporitan Curry Fettuccine, a Naporitan dish that uses curry sauce instead of the traditional pasta sauce. Impressed with the young chef's abilties in more ways than one, Giorno, Bruno, and Pannacotta ended up becoming regular customers of Takumi's restaurant at his temple.
    • Another regular customer of his is Okuyasu Nijimura, who also happpened to frequent an Italian chef back in Morioh known as Antonio Trussardi. While Takumi was disheartened when Okuyasu told him that he didn't consider Takumi's foods to be as delicious as Antonio's, Takumi immediately got over it when he learned the effects of Trussardi's cooking, such as causing Okuyasu's eyes to water to the point that they deflated or making a dog puke up its intestines.
    • Unfortunately for Takumi, Team Bucciarati's interest in him has only made him a target for the ascended members of Passione, such as Diavolo and Cioccolata. While being targeted by Diavolo and Cioccolata is troublesome enough, Takumi himself is more afraid of Polpo, a particularly obese capo who, after learning about his cooking skills, once had Takumi kidnapped in order to make him into Polpo's personal chef. Luckily, Giorno managed to catch wind of Takumi's kidnapping and rescued him by once again transforming one of Polpo's guns into a banana, which the capo cluelessly ate.
  • Ever since his arrival within the pantheon, Takumi has regularly contested Vito and Michael Corleone's positions as the only people in the pantheon willing to provide authentic Italian cuisine, often citing his own skills as a chef and his experience from working in Trattoria Aldini for why he is more worthy of the position than the two mafiosi. Michael himself is annoyed with Takumi, and has more than once considered sending the young chef on a boat trip in order to get Takumi out of his hair. Vito, on the other hand, is more amused than annoyed with Takumi, and would have eagerly offered his protection to the chef and Trattoria Aldini were it not for Takumi's constant attempts to take Corleones' position.
  • Takumi had once encountered Papyrus while the skeleton was wandering around in the House of Food trying to get people to taste-test a plate of his spaghetti. Realizing that Takumi actually specialized in creating meals such as spaghetti, Papyrus asked the chef to try some of Papyrus' food. After trying only one bite of the spaghetti, Takumi almost instantly spat out the pasta and declared that Papyrus' meal was completely inedible, much to Papyrus' dismay. Having taken note of Papyrus' passion for cooking while simultaneously not wanting to upset the skeleton, Takumi offered to teach Papyrus how to cook properly, which Papyrus gladly accepted. Sans was actually pleased to hear that his brother had started taking up cooking lessons with Takumi, whose relationship with his twin brother Isami has reminded Sans of his relationship with Papyrus.
  • Has inadvertently reminded both Maika Sakuranomiya and Hideri Kanzaki of their boss Dino, another blonde, rambunctious Italian man. Takumi was pleased that he there was someone like him in Maika and Hideri's universe, causing him to befriend both Maika and Hideri. He was less than pleased when he heard about Dino's tendency of getting arrested on a daily basis, which he had discovered the hard way when the House of Justice, under the false assumption that Takumi was actually Dino, arrested Takumi one time when he was departing from Maika's temple.
  • Constantly incurs the wrath of Poland due to how one of Poland's countryball heralds, Italy, often pulls an Italy and decides to become Takumi's high priest. There has yet to be a confrontation between Takumi and Poland, however, since whenever Poland shows up to Takumi's temple, he ends up eating some of Takumi's food, causing Poland to immediately forget that he was miffed at Takumi for unknowingly stealing one of his countryball heralds. It helps that Italy usually switches back to being Poland's herald literally the very next day.

    Uncle Chan 

"One more thing!"

Uncle Chan, God of Asian Rudeness (Billy Goat, Chuckles)
  • Demigod (Lesser God if using the Dog Talisman)
  • Symbol: A blowfish and dead lizard
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Chinese who knows magic Being skilled as a chi wizard, running an antique shop, only known as Uncle and considered the uncle to the whole family, hitting people with two fingers, "One more thing...", Grumpy Old Man, "Magic must defeat magic!", Kung-Fu Wizard, has no idea how to use modern technology, mung beans
  • Domains: Grumpiness, Martial Arts, Seniors, Wizardry, Shops
  • Allies: Jackie Chan (of course), Jade and Tohru (niece and apprentice, respectively), Cranky Kong, Carl Fredricksen, Iroh, Po
  • Enemies: All evil gods in the House of Magic, Lex Luthor, many Masked Luchador gods (who he's convinced are thieves, long story)
  • Fan of: John Wayne
  • Uncle Chan works at an antique shop in San Francisco and is also the uncle of Jackie Chan himself. He's also well versed in chi magic which has been useful against all sorts of demons and baddies that Jackie has fought over the years. He's also seen to be a bit of a jerk and grump but he cares for his family.
    • Seeing that Jackie, Jade and Tohru made it to the Pantheon before him, Uncle also moved shop there. When Jackie went to greet him, Uncle slapped him on the forehead in retaliation and questioned why Jackie never brought this up sooner.
  • His temple is a replica of his antique shop, but he hasn't made any good sales in the House of Commerce. Jade has tried to teach him about online auctioning...but the last time she did that, Uncle destroyed her laptop because he was convinced there were dark spirits in it. Yet for some odd reason, he can chant spells through a cell-phone connection or fax machine. Don't ask how that works.
  • Whenever there are giant magic affairs involved, Uncle has to reiterate that "Magic must defeat magic!", even though technology and magic often clash in the Pantheon with equal chances of success on either side, and sometimes even mesh together.
  • Does not like to be called a "billy goat", due to his rivalry with Tohru's mother. This has made him butt heads with Daniel Bryan, who has been called "Goat Face" a few times.
  • Doesn't like many of the masked gods, particularly Masked Lucahdors, due to him believing they're criminals since they wear masks. Ironically, he doesn't believe those in the House of Crime are thieves since they aren't wearing masks. Jackie…reacted accordingly. At the very least, Uncle holds respect for Rey Mysterio — since one of Rey's followers is one of Jackie's allies, El Toro Fuerte — and allows Rey to come visit to see any new antique swords Uncle has collected.
  • Upon learning about how Po is a master of Chi (and how Po is now teaching these abilities to the GUAG), Uncle is now training Po to be a Chi Wizard. Po is ecstatic to hear this since Uncle is the Uncle of the famous Jackie Chan and has decided to learn everything he can (while not also geeking out at being trained by a relative of Jackie Chan, of course).
  • Uncle's specialty is Chinese magic which can only get him so far compared to the other sorts of magic in the Pantheon. He's brushed up on some Japanese magic after the Oni Masks incident and usually is seen in the House of Knowledge and Magic brushing up on research.
  • Uncle is a fan of Peking Opera and was part of a theatre troupe in his younger years. He's saddened to not have found any of these performances in the House of Theater yet and is hoping to one day relive his youth.
    • Speaking of that, when given the Dog Talisman, he becomes much more livelier and can be just as strong as Jackie at his youth. He only uses the talisman as a last resort.
  • He's a big fan of John Wayne, surprisingly enough. John himself was amazed at the accurasy Uncle pull off with the spells through his puffer fish as if it was a real gun and is hoping to improve Uncle's sharpshooting techniques.
  • "Who else wants a piece of Uncle?"


Heidi, Goddess of Swiss Idealizations (Adelheid, Adelaide, Miss, Girl of the Alps)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An Alpine goat
  • Theme Song: Oshiete; alternatively, this
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Blithe Spirit, Cheerful Child, Country Mouse, Fish out of Water, Heartwarming Orphan, Heroic BSoD, In Harmony with Nature, Lying on a Mountainside with Peter, Morality Pet, Nice Girl, Only Known by Their Nickname, Parental Abandonment, Puppy Love with Peter, Raised by Grandparents, Tomboy to Klara’s Girly Girl
  • Domains: Orphans, Switzerland, Mountain life
  • Heralds: Peter, Klara Sesemann (her friends), Alm-Uncle (her grandfather)
  • Allies: Pollyanna Whittier, Yotsuba Kowai, Sara Crewe, Mary Lennox, Anne Shirley, Switzerland, Angela Zeigler, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Kiki, Wally
  • Opposed by: Lady Tremaine
  • Heidi is an orphaned Swiss girl who, at the age of five, was sent by her Aunt Dete, under the care of her grandfather, who lives as a recluse in the Alps. However, she would later be taken to Frankfurt where she found a friend in Klara. Because she is always helpful and caring, Heidi soon wins the hearts of all. And of course, she would never exchange the beloved animals and mountains against the confines of city life.
  • Her temple is modeled after the Alm-Uncle’s house where she was brought in; seeing it gives her a feeling that she’s back home.
  • Both Anne Shirley and Pollyanna are happy to welcome another Blithe Spirit in the Pantheon. They get along well for their shared positive outlook in spite of having to cope with a difficult environment, though Heidi felt sorry with how Pollyanna briefly lost her ability to use her legs. She’s also friends with Yotsuba Kowai due to both of them being Cheerful Children.
  • She gets along well with Mary Lennox due to both of them being nature-loving orphans. Heidi can also relate to Mary’s situation of helping out her cousin regain his use of his legs, as she had the same thing with Klara.
  • From Mary, she also met up with Sara Crewe due to her being a wealthy girl like Klara. She felt sorry for how she had to go through severe circumstances.
  • Is also sorry for Wally as his situation reminded her of Klara and would sometimes visit his temple to comfort him.
  • Is friends with other Swiss deities such as Switzerland (for obvious reasons) and Dr. Angela Zeigler. For Mercy, she can relate to Heidi’s situation of being an orphan as she lost her parents during a war.
  • While she doesn’t have much enemies in the Pantheon, Lady Tremaine sometimes puts her under watch. Heidi finds her to be similar to Fraulein Rottenmeir, her housekeeper during the time she was brought to Frankfurt.
  • Enjoys paying a visit to Kiki’s temple as the two enjoy talking about their respective adventures. At times, she would help out with the witch’s delivery service. She also gets along well with Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe and can sometimes be seen playing with them.
  • Somehow, several sports deities were aware of her due to an incident known as the Heidi Game, in which her TV movie interrupted the end of a football game.


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