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Gig, The Master of Death (Commander of the World Eaters, Killer of Kings and Destroyer of Worlds, Indestructible Gig, Master of Death, Vigilance)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A scythe with a red blade.
  • Theme Songs: Desperado (Gig's Theme) and Rock'n Rocks
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (As a Villain) and Chaotic Neutral (As a Hero). Formerly Lawful Good (Vigilance)
  • Portfolio: The Master of Death, Souls, The Lifestream, Insane Levels of Power, Shoulders of Doom, Personal Weapon is a Scythe, Being Sealed Away for Really Bad Behavior, Really Sarcastic Omnicidal Maniacs Who Acquire Hearts of Gold, Those Who Are Absolutely Not Heroic, Lovers of Hotpods, Villain Protagonist, Anti-Hero, Powerful Enough To Kill The Creator Gods Despite His Lower Position, The Revived Vigilance Reprogrammed As A Villain, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Redemption Earns Life, Laser-Guided Amnesia, Extremely Foul Mouthed, A World Eater Deity
  • Domains: Afterlife, Chaos, Death, Destruction, War.
  • Heralds: His Room Troops
  • Allies: Lucifer, Sicily, Beerus, Whis, Komatsu, Megumi Tadakoro, Asagi Asagiri, Vali Lucifer, Kurama and Mary Lennox, the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Apprentice: Desco
  • Rivals: Laharl
  • Enemies: Majin Buu, Black Mage, YHVH, Keel Lorenz, Malthael, Darkseid, Larfleeze, Hades, the Tyranids, Deviljho, Aurum, Fused Zamasu, Sanji, Baal, Diablo, The Vex, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Conflicting Opinions: Soma Yukihira, Virtuous
  • Worthy Opponent: Superman, Flash, and J'onn J'onnz
  • The Master of Death in his home reality of Haephnes, Gig was once known as the smart and gentle Vigilance who oversaw the cycle in Haephnes with Virtuous. Drazil, however, plotted his death using the Human King Median. The gentle Vigilance lost the fight and his soul was sent to the world Drazil. There he reincarnated as the foul-mouthed, destruction loving Gig. With the lesser World Eaters made by Drazil he would invade Haephnes and bring untold death to it all, only for Virtuous in Median's daughter Layna to seal him in the Onyx Blade for centuries until the reincarnation of Median's son Revya picks up the blade and releases his power.
    • From here two main paths awaited him: one where he sarcastically joins Revya's quest to save Haephnes and enjoying hotpods along the way until he gives his own life to save the world and in doing so is restored by Haephnes, or convincing Revya to become the Devourlord and devour and destroy all that stands in their way. What got him ascended in the pantheon on the hand is a third run-in with the witch Lujei Piche, who separated him from Revya and the Onxy Blade, plunging him from the world of Haephnes into the pantheon, where he ascended, and bizarrely enough remembers all paths of life he walked.
  • In terms of sheer destructive capability, Gig may be one of the more destructive deities in the entire Pantheon. Other deities are stronger, but none of them are as willing to use their power at the slightest provocation. He found kinship with Beerus and his assistant Whis as a result, as the Destroyer Deity loves food and destruction as much as he does. He has even shown the feline the wonderful taste of Hotpods.
  • Challenged Majin Buu for his position. Gig actually won decisively but was disqualified when Black Mage pointed out that when he had a perfect opportunity to destroy the world, he saved it instead. Gig's response to that landed Black Mage in the deific equivalent of intensive care for two weeks and reduced everything for miles around to a smoking crater, at which point he was awarded his present position in the House of Life and Death in order to keep him from destroying the rest of it.
  • Has repeatedly threatened to kill anyone who suggests that he might be getting soft, but the only people he's actually followed through with that was Black Mage, who deserved it. Since then Black Mage has plotted against him, with little success.
  • He despises those who advocate a World of Silence and The Evils of Free Will as he hates a world devoid of life just to make everything the same because free will is viewed as bad. YHVH, his followers, and Malthael are enemies of Gig as a result. The fact their arrogance reminds him of Drazil who had a similar attitude also plays a factor. Those who break the cycle of reincarnation or mess it up for power are also added to the list of people he hates, such as Hades. Plus if they had it their way hotpods wouldn't even exist! For that reason alone their plans are inexcusable.
  • He almost destroyed Laharl's netherworld, until Sicily offered to make meals for him. He told her that he'd destroy her if he didn't like the food, but has yet to do so. As such, Sicily and her cooking are sometimes used to try to pacify Gig when needed.
  • Has entrusted Mary Lennox and Kurama with growing hotpods as farming isn't his forte. In exchange, he's promised to protect any plants of theirs that need protection. He's been guarding the hotpods and their gardens since. Gig later found Flandre Scarlet during a walk to the garden in order to inspect his hotpods and challenged her to a fight just out of boredom. The fight has yet to be properly concluded due to Gig chasing after Larfleeze when he tried to steal to his hotpots. Their battles still go on to this day when the two meet each other.
  • He has joined Lucifer and the GUAC, viewing it as the best place for him due to him being able to be a great hero, or a rampaging, hilarious but vile villain wiping out and ruling everything around him. He has no plans of enforcing a world of strength, however, and has instead settled into the Chaos Brigade. He hopes a world of Social Darwinism will breed even better hotpods in the future.
  • Was surprised to learn the lies he made up about the World Eaters powers turn out to be actual people in the pantheon. Superman, Flash, and J'onn J'onnz exist as legendary heroes in the universe they ascended from. This amused him to no end. He wants to challenge them one day to combat to see if they surpass the World Eaters.
  • Despite his omnicidal tendencies and love of spreading mayhem, Gig does not try to destroy the entire world as it would deprive him of hotpods. As a result, he opposes the GUAD who would wipe out hotpods everywhere if they fully destroyed existence. The Tyranids as a horde of locusts trying to eat everything have also made his shitlist, as will anything else that tries to take away his hotpods will meet certain death.
  • "Convinced" Megumi Tadakoro and Komatsu into fixing him hotpods after learning of their cooking skills and how they aren't insufferable about who they serve like Sanji, both surpassing his expectations and leading him to say that if anyone dares to cross them he will strike them down. While he was in the house of Food Soma Yukihira also made him hotpods, but it baffled him how Soma cooked them with foods that ruined the taste after hearing he's a great chef. Megumi brought Gig one of the hotpods later Soma cooked for someone else, learning that he is indeed a terrific chef. This leaves Gig conflicted about whether he should have Soma cook hotpods for him or not.
  • Has conflicted opinions on Virtuous, as he knows she's actually his former friend from his life as Vigilance, but doesn't really give a crap about it. He's more mad about her using him as a pawn for her schemes, though he doesn't entirely disagree with her on the matter and thinks Drazil and his schemes had it coming.

Zanza, God of Destruction and Recreation (Bionis, Arglas, Klaus)
As Arglas
First form 
Second form 
Final form 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Bionis.
  • Theme Song: Memory's End; Zanza the Divine
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Extremely Spoileriffic Characters, Caring Only For His Own Existence, Dismissive of All Other Life, Dangerously Immature, Creating Life, Malevolent Creation Deities, Soul of the Bionis, Absorbing Energy from Life Forms to Survive, Thanatophobic Immortals, Gold and White Are Divine, Light Is Not Good, Foreseeing the Passage of Fate, Combat Clairvoyance, Wielding Two Monados, Orchestrating Events and Manipulating Everyone, Residing in the Bodies of Hosts
  • Domains: Creation, Destruction, Self-Preservation, Fate, Manipulation, Possession
  • Herald: Lorithia
  • High Priest: Saint Dane
  • Followers: The Bionite Order, Sir Grodus, Praetor Amalthus
  • Allies: Dickson, Chakravartin, the Divine Powers, Hermaeus Mora, Yuu, Cyrus, Enrico Pucci, Griffith, Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nekron, Zamasu
  • Rivals: Sauron, Teridax, Unicron, Dimentio
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Mephiles the Dark, Lord English
  • Opposed by: Eru Ilúvatar, Galactus
  • Created life as an egotistical human scientist named Klaus, who wanted to play god by first destroying our own universe, in spite of the protests of his colleague Meyneth. Lifeforms evolved on the worlds formed from the bodies of two titans, of which he and Meyneth were the gods, in a universe appearing to otherwise consist solely of endless ocean and sky. Becoming narcissistic and afraid of being opposed, Zanza now exists only to survive, destroying his creations time and time again so that he can both recycle Ether energy to sustain himself and prevent species from evolving enough to threaten him.
  • During one of the Bionis' life cycles, the two dominant races of the Bionis and the Mechonis at that time (the Giants and the Machina, respectively) were beginning to coexist in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, Zanza decided that he couldn't allow that to happen, and so by transferring his soul into the Monado and using it to possess the Giant Arglas, he launched an attack on Mechonis' capital city and killed most of the residents. Before he could finish the job, Meyneth took control of the Mechonis and engaged in a duel with the Bionis. Another of Bionis' races, the High Entia took this opportunity to seal Arglas, and Zanza with him, away in a tower now known as Prison Island. However, because a part of his soul remained inside the Monado and because he retained his ability to foresee the future, he was able to silently configure a plan with his three disciples in order to one day reawaken and resume his cycle of destruction and recreation.
    • Millenia later, Zanza was able to be reborn from the body of Shulk, the latest wielder of the Monado. He then proceeded to begin purging the life from Bionis, as was their predestined fate. Ultimately, however, he was overthrown and slain by Shulk and his party, who had decided that they would not submit themselves to death and futility for the sake of a selfish god and his twisted definition of destiny.
  • Utilizes Telethia to launch his assault upon the world. These creatures destroy all life they find and absorb Ether from the environment when called upon.
    • Melia's hatred for Zanza began when she learned that he was the master of the Telethia that killed her bodyguards, with whom she had shared a close friendship. This hatred reached its peak when Zanza reverted all of the pure High Entia, including her half-brother Kallian, to their mindless Telethia forms. Although Melia herself was protected from this fate due to being half-Homs, she resents herself for failing to save her people.
    • Upon learning of the existence of the Endbringer, a Telethia hailing from another world, he tried to command it to kill Shulk's party. He was, needless to say, livid when the beast instead opted to attack Zanza himself.
  • Creator of the Monado, a sword that can foresee future events which usually can be prevented, manipulate energy and crush mechanized foes such as the Mechon, robotic units created by his longtime enemy Egil. Zanza can thus distort reality to a huge extent and is only slightly limited to laws of physics. When he united the two existing Monados, he cemented his position as Overdeity in the Xenoblade universe, if only for a little while.
  • Was originally God of Combat Clairvoyance until he lost that power to Shulk when the latter and his party initially defeated him. He's a little miffed over that.
  • According to Alvis and himself, he would have liked to be friends with the people of Bionis, but then grew fearful that they endangered his existence, and so he denies himself the chance for companionship by holding onto his self-obsession and condescending attitude towards the lifeforms that he creates.
  • Lorithia serves as his herald on account of being the most loyal of his three disciples who were promised immortality in exchange for servitude to him. He never gets entirely tired of hearing her preach his superiority over everything else in existence, though he often wishes she would shut up about how those who defy him will pay for their insolence.
  • Serves as the leader of the Scar Corps unit of Nekron's Grand United Alliance of Destruction due to the common awareness that Zanza desires to destroy life but, contrary to the GUAD'S ultimate goal, also intends to reabsorb said life and start anew. Zanza's allegiance to the organization is thus both insincere and temporary, and he will indubitably turn against Nekron when the right time comes.
    • The recruitment of Metal Face into Zanza's GUAD division was much to their mutual annoyance. Zanza, however, decided that commanding a former henchman of Egil wouldn't be an issue as long as he let Metal Face have his fun while he himself could collect the Ether from the slain enemies afterwards.
  • As soon as he ascended to the Pantheon, he began to devise a complex plot in order to cleanse it of life, satiate himself and begin anew with lifeforms who could not oppose him. Due to a greater awareness of his intentions here than on Bionis, as well as the fact that he is at odds with other Chessmasters who will attempt to ensure that they won't be hindered by any rivals, he will need to make a great effort if he wants to succeed in his endeavour.
  • Holds nothing but contempt for other sentient worlds. He particularly hopes to take down the benevolent robot gods Mata Nui and Primus, who remind him far too much of his oldest enemy Mechonis.
  • Loathes any deity who opposes such "true" gods as himself or successfully defies fate, to the point where the event that anyone who alters destiny to work against him will often result in him suffering a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Even though Yveltal shares Zanza's ability to restore itself by absorbing the life forces of its surrounding environment, it dislikes how others have to die in order for it to stay alive. Therefore, it despises Zanza for his dismissive view of mortals and his arrogance in believing that they don't matter as long as he gets what he wants.
  • Zanza can get behind Chakravartin's views, as they both agree the world exists for them and feel they're better off working together. Both are frowned upon by more benevolent creation deities for abusing their godly powers at the expense of lesser beings.
  • Has formed an alliance with Griffith, due to their shared desire for power over all other people, the fact that they both achieved godhood by committing a selfish and destructive act, and each of them being one of the few who can tolerate the other.
    • Griffith has commended Zanza for his determination to keep his position as an unassailable god secure by continuously wiping out and reabsorbing his creations when they become too independent, although Griffith notes that if he was Zanza he would aim even higher if possible.
    • Zanza, meanwhile, is not bothered in the slightest and in fact rather amused that Griffith sacrificed his comrades to the legions of hell and that he raped and mentally tortured Casca. After all, why care what happens to an insignificant band of mortals?

Greater Gods

Anubis, God of Judging the Dead (Inepu, Jackal God, God of the Dead, Anoobis, Goobis, Walt Stone)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A jackal standing atop of a circle of Mummy Wrap
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Jackal Head, Fair Death Deities Villainized, Embalming And Wrapping Mummies, Tick Damages, Majorly Well Known Egyptian Deity
  • Domains: Beasts, Death, Law
  • Allies: Osiris, Geb, Sobek, Deities That Are A Little Bit Beastly, Nasus, Doggie Kruger, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, Anakaris, Hades, Decim
  • Enemies: Nightmare Moon
  • Ascended when it was known that when people think of jackals, he's the first that comes to mind, especially with how his image of ' the jackal-headed deity' is embalmed in the minds of those who know their Egypt stuffs. Oh, and very reluctantly identifying himself as the star of much pornographic Furry fanart. He is understandably embarrassed.
  • He could easily take the throne of God of Jackals, but he doesn't want to right now.
  • He's one of the Afterlife deities that Hades can relate to, as Anubis had his share of being villainized as a maniac just because he's a God for the Dead. It's just his job and a necessary one, and he'll be damned if he played favorites!
  • Known to bring destructions when he took on the Battlefield of the Gods. He might not be very mobile, but standing still while Anubis barrages you with death locusts, hands of the dead trying to drag you to the underworld or his death eye laser is considered one of the stupidest things people can do.
  • Frequently visits Anakaris to help him take care of his mummy wraps.
  • He also hangs around with Nasus as Anubis knows exactly just where he took his look from. If they, by any chance, took on the battlefield together, then he trusts Nasus to be the immovable force to guard the frontline while he blasts away from the back side.
  • It was known that the Western counterpart of Doggie Kruger was named after him (Anubis Cruger). While he's mostly a neutral God, Anubis has no regrets because Cruger is not sullying his name by doing ridiculous things.
  • Jotaro Kujo asserted that he has once tangled with a certain cursed sword bearing the same name. Anubis quickly asserted that it is NOT him, even if they bear the same name and look, he's not a cursed, malevolent Stand, that's not part of the job of being the guardian of the dead. He can attest the same on other deities like Geb, Osiris (his father) and Bastet...
    • Well speaking of Bastet, some say that he might have hots for her... But he always denies this. Deities like him has no time for romance. Plus he's a dog-ish creature, and she's a cat, they're supposed to 'come to blows'.
  • Anubis likes to cultivate the image of being a stoic, serious guardian, but he can't help at times to break down into dancing... only to quickly revert to being the stoic gate guardian in case he senses someone about to look at him dance.
  • At one point after his entry, an unknowning Akali took read on his name, and wondered if he might be just another noob... though she blundered a little because Anubis was right behind her to correct her. The exchange goes like this:
    Akali: So many noobs... Will—
    Anubis: I may be Anubis. But I am not a noob.
  • Though Freya seems to occasionally tease him by calling him such, it's right there on one of his aliases.
  • Absolutely did not like seeing Nightmare Moon in the Pantheon, particularly because the same darkness that created her corrupted him in the past, and he was defeated by Bastet and her feline companions (that looked suspiciously like the Mane 6). Also is leery of Discord since he allied himself with the Cat Goddess.
  • Was approached by Yomi, who had heard her old friend was in the Pantheon, though when she found him she seemed thoroughly confused. The Anubis she knew, after all, was far less animalistic, and more importantly, a girl. It took a few seconds to clear up the misunderstanding: Yomi had simply mistaken the god for his little sister.

    Doc Scratch 

"You rang? That was a joke. Of course you didn't. I don't have a doorbell. Haa haa, hee hee, hoo hoo.

Please come in."

Doc Scratch, The One Whose Plan's Final Step was his Own Death (Lil Call, Mirthful Messiah, White Text Guy, Mr. Vanilla Milkshake, An Excellent Host, The White Man)

    Lord Death (Soul Eater
Lord Death, God of Mortal Grim Reapers (Shinigami-sama, God of Absolute Order)

Intermediate Gods

Charon, God of Giving The Dead Passage (The Ferryman, Kharon, Charun, Haros, Daimon of Boundaries)
Charon depicted in the God of War series
Click here  for him in Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An obol coin.
  • Theme Song: Battle With Charon
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Psychopomp, The Ferryman, Demands Payment For A Ride, Sometimes Depicted As A Winged Humanoid, Living Skeleton or old man, Sometimes Seen As The Grim Reaper, Those Who Don't Pay Wonder The Bays Of Styx Forever
  • Domains: The Dead, Hades, Coins, Passage, Boats
  • Followers: Botan, Komachi Onozuka, Atheros, John Ferryman
  • Superior: Hades (Disney/Smite)
  • Allies: Nox (his mother), Thanatos and Nemesis (his siblings), Grim, Death of the Endless, Death the Horseman, Lord Death, Discworld Death, The Flying Dutchman, Pikkon
  • On speaking terms with: Flynn
  • Enemies: Kratos, the other Hades, Mr. Krabs, Lord English, Janemba, Dhuum, anyone who tries to rip him off.
  • Opposes: Nekron, Nagash the Undying, Seymour Guado and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • When someone dies, they need a means of moving on to the next life. Death is only part of the trip. At least, that's what the Ancient Greeks believed. And the man for that job is Charon. The son of Nyx/Nox, he is the ferryman employed by Hades to get souls past the River Styx. However, he requires payment, so remember to be buried with a coin or he won't pick you up from the bays.
  • Not good, not evil, just a god with a job. He expects to be paid no matter who you are, and mainly when you are dead. But on rare occasions like Hercules, he will allow the living passage. Just don't expect his master Hades to be as forgiving.
  • One of the few gods related to death who benefits from the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon. Since people die more than once, Charon can expect more passengers and thus more money. This puts him in direct conflict with Dhuum who hates the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon and was infuriated that someone was exploiting it for cash. His brother Thanatos had to step in and try to make his friend Dhuum not attack his brother, while also showing disappointment in Charon for getting greedy.
  • He isn't The Grim Reaper, but is often conflated with this role. He's a god related to death, the actual god of death is his master/cousin once removed Hades and brother Thanatos. Since he works with reapers, he gets along perfectly with the Horseman, Lord and Discworld Death, along with Death of the Endless. If Hades will allow it, he'll do double shift under them. He feels a bit sorry for Grim due to becoming the Wager Slave of two kids.
  • Apparently he hates being called Chiron. No-one knows why as he personally has nothing against Chiron.
  • Often bets with the Death from Regular Show over people's souls. Death tried to rope Skips in and hope their combined might would defeat him in an arm wrestling contest, finally getting his soul. They lost, however afterwards Skips gave him some money. Turns out Charon threw the fight for the cash since he realized Death wasn't going to share Skips' soul with him.
  • What he actually looks like varies, but for now, he's taken the form he takes in the God of War series. He was one of many casualties of Kratos' rampage, but not before being one of the only people to have defeated him in single combat. Having killed his niece Erinys, brother Thanatos, the Sisters of Fate and master Hades, he's out for Kratos' blood and is preparing a special prison in Tartarus to hold him in. His mother's ascension will only help with this.
  • Opposes the likes of Nekron, but not because he's an Omnicidal Maniac. Even if he manages to wipe out all life in existence, the afterlife remains and the Lord of the Unliving is more concerned with ruling the physical plane. No, it's because no new life means no new souls and he's out of a job. The same will be in effect if Seymour Guado succeeds, or if Nagash successfully kills everyone and enslaves them in his undead empire.
  • He does, however, hate Lord English and Janemba. Lord English is a threat to both the living and the dead, due to killing what's already dead and won't stop until literally everything is completely obliterated. Janemba's mere existence causes utter chaos in the afterlife, being a major threat to him as well. Thankfully, Pikkon is there to help keep order in the underworld and prevent souls from getting out of line, if need be.
  • When Mr. Krabs choked on an old Krabby Patty, he immediately tried to get him to pay up. Mr. Krabs dogged refusal to give up even a cent to the ferryman and being a cheapskate in general proved problematic until Spongebob managed to bring him back. He shares this contempt with the Flying Dutchman, who will sometimes help him out by being the ferryman on occasion.
  • On relatively good terms with Flynn, as he will give him the chance to be bribed and return to the land of the living. He feels rather overworked, as YHVH and his angels nuked the planet and he has to work with 7 billion+ souls. Won't voice anything about them however; he's not that high up in the divine management to be that aware of them. However, this is a special situation as he will usually hunt those who cheat death, as seen in Devil Summoner.

    Darth Plagueis 
Darth Plagueis, God of Villainous Life Creation (Darth Plagueis the Wise, Magister Hego Damask II, The Diseased One, Reach the Man, Reaching the Man Cloth Space, The Emperor)
Plagueis as depicted in Legends

    Death (Regular Show
Death, Bargainer of Souls through Competition
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scythe
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Grim Reaper, Punch-Clock Villain, The Grim Reaper is a Loser, Chess with Death, Affably Evil, Go-Karting (and Other Activities) with Death
  • Domains: Death, Souls, Competition
  • Allies: Disney!Hades(?), ETC
  • Rivals: other Grim Reapers, Shang Tsung
  • Friendly Enemies: Mordecai & Rigby, Skips
  • Enemies: Yogg-Saron, KI!Hades, SCP-1440
  • Opposes: Cthulhu
  • Death comes either slowly or unexpectedly depending on what happens. Every so often when someone dies, they're able to get another chance at life by...engaging in a bit of competition with Death himself. In this particular case, Death has come for Skips' soul a number of times via games, though Mordecai and Rigby have encountered him through different circumstances.
  • Upon learning about how death is handled in the Pantheon, he realized that his soul-taking job is not going to be a frequent thing to do in that place. Despite that, he plans to make the most of it, especially with what he can find.
    • It's worth noting that whenever Death engages in a bit of competition with other deities in the Pantheon, most of the time, the stakes will not be as high as they were back in his original world.
  • As someone who bears the name of Death, it didn't take long for him to discover that there are others who share that name as well. What makes him stand out from the others is that he speaks with a Cockney accent, having a family that he cares about, and keeping his word on deals mortals make with him. There's also the fact that he isn't that good of a soul collector, much to his consternation.
  • Even though this Death and Decim are involved with souls and competition, the way they handle it is different. Death seeks the souls via competition and what happens to it depends on how the game ends. Decim watches over the selected competition to see what the souls were like back then and determine the best course of action for them. If both of them aren't doing their main jobs, then they may be talking to each other about their professions.
  • He was in for a bit of a surprise upon learning about Billy and Mandy and that the two were able to befriend the Grim Reaper in their universe after playing a game against it. He has been keeping an eye on the two, partially since their Grim Reaper isn't present to look over them, though their eccentricities is something that might test him for the time being.
  • In an arguably tentative friendship with one version of Hades given that they are known for keeping their end of the deal when it comes to meeting mortals. It's uncertain what kind of deal will happen between the two.
    • On the other hand, he is really insulted at a different Hades since the latter has frequently mocked him for being lousy at collecting souls. In turn, Death believes that collecting souls is just a job and that doing it to assert dominance like what that Hades wants to do is rather excessive.
  • Like the other death entities, he has a particular contempt for Yogg-Saron given that the latter feeds off the essence of death and even has a monkier of "The God of Death", something that also insults this particular Death. Given how powerful Yoggy is, the most Death can do is stay away from the abomination.
  • In his free time, he'll make visits to the House of Gaming, just to get involved in some quick competition. Unlike his regular endeavors, nothing serious is on the line, but the outcomes are largely the same: he'll lose at the game in question.
    • Less often, if there is an eating competition in the House of Food, then there is a chance that he'll take part in it. Again, he is bound to lose in these partakings, though in these cases it's because he ends up vomiting during them. He also isn't that good of a cook.
  • Despite having losses as the result of his competitors cheating, he hasn't really called them out on it. Dr. Hax isn't amused at it and has tried to get him to notice cheating during competitions. Death, on his part, is more interested in keeping his word on deals mortals make with him.
  • Considering that he is a Grim Reaper whose job it is to challenge mortals for their souls on their deathbeds, Death has shown good admiration to his own family. In turn, he has a bit of respect towards families who are in a relatively stable condition.
  • The House of Music noticed that he resembles a particular British rocker. Death tends to drop by that house to take a listen to rock music and has looked at the genre's lifestyle as well.
    • Death was pleasantly surprised when he met a few deities who specialized in rock music, particularly the Elite Tauren Chieftain. Since the latter is interested in making a rock band in the Pantheon, Death has expressed interest in getting involved with it in some capacity. ETC has given some thought in it for the time being.
  • Compared to most other soul-collecting deities, Death is largely interested in souls only when it's necessary. It's caused a little bit of conflict between him and others like Shang Tsung, who think that not only should the soul-collecting thing happen more often, but this Death hasn't been doing a good job at it.

Emet-Selch, Divine Wielder of The Power of Creation (Solus zos Galvus, The First Emperor of Garlemald, The Angel of Truth, One of the Unbroken, Hades (his true name), Sorcerer of Eld, The Architect)
Emet-Selch's First Form 
Emet-Selch's Final Form 
  • Intermediate God when not particularly serious. Greater God when invoking his true name. Overdeity when using his full power.
  • Symbol: His Ascian Mask.
  • Theme Song: The song that plays in his temple, His theme should he get serious, His theme should he go all out in a fight
  • Alignment: Sees himself as Lawful Good. In reality Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Snapping his fingers for dramatic effect, Seeing Humans as mistakes, A major spoiler just by existing, Preferring to be distant to his allies, Being incredibly skilled with magic, Taking an interest in the heroes, Believing himself superior due his power, Deliverer of exposition that is incredibly heavy, Hatred towards mankind, Possessing a skewed sense of morality, Being responsible for much of history, Justifying his actions for the sake of his home world, Putting on a facade to hide his sorrow and guilt, Inability to understand good, Preferring to tell the truth over lying, Guilt over his failure, Dying while smiling, Accepting his death, A Sympathetic and Tragic Foe, Using the souls of his dead people in battle alongside using darkness, A Name of Importance
  • Domains: Life and Death, Magic, Theater, Darkness
  • Herald: The other Ascians
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Darth Plagueis
  • Enemies: Bluntly speaking, he is enemies to any mortal being with few exceptions, but for specific examples: Cosmos, All deities in the House of Heroes, Shulk, The Anti-Spiral, Rau Le Creuset, Azir, Oryx, Lobo, YHVH, Jim Raynor, Ashera, The Emperor of Mankind, Sora
  • Opposed by: Gaius van Baelsar, The Warrior of Light.
  • Opposes: Thanos, H.P. Lovecraft and his Mythos
  • Interested in: Aerith Gainsborough, Relius Clover, The Light of Destruction, The Angels of Paradiso, The Master of Chaldea
  • Pitied by: Riku
  • Annoyed with: The Daedric Princes
  • Originally just known as Solus zos Galvus, the founder of the Garlemald Empire, it was made known by many that the founder of the Empire was an Ascian, the Greater-Scope Villain group that manipulated much of the history of the Source. Having seen the failure of his fellow Ascians, Emet-Selch took direct action to ensure the Ascians goal of bringing about the Rejoining in order to bring about their god Zodiark. To that end, he slightly assisted the Warrior of Light during their time in the First in hopes of convincing them to join their cause. His past was eventually revealed to Warrior of Light and their allies; he is one of the few Sole Survivor of a race of Benevolent Precursors who were faced with an apocalypse so horrible that to save it, half of the population sacrificed itself to summon Zodiark to restore the fractured reality. In doing so however, many feared Zodiark's power and created his equal; Hydaelyn. The two's battle destroyed the world and split it into fourteen fragmented stars. Overcome with guilt, Emet worked to restore his fallen brethren, at any cost. Although he nearly achieved his goals, the assistance of the Warrior of Lights friends and allies successfully allowed them to defeat Emet-Selch, even when using his full power. Before passing, he asked that his people be remembered.
  • Upon seeing the scale of his ability to create things, he was ascended quickly into the Pantheon. To elaborate on this: Emet and his people were capable of creating anything that came to their mind by simply manipulating the Aether itself to do so. His people were capable of creating concepts, creatures, items, places, etc, and part of their process was to document and store them for later usage. This ended up being what lead to their doom, as something horrible caused many of his kind to lose control of this and create horrific creatures that brought the world so its near end. When asked to demonstrate his power, Emet did so by creating an entire city before those who wanted to know, complete with semi-functioning people. Of course, its power was not permanent, but from that moment on, nobody doubted his deserving of the title.
  • Don't try to invoke Not So Different in an attempt to convince him to stop his goals. Its one of the few things that makes him legitimately angry, since after all he's worked to achieve, he refuses to have it be for naught. Riku once tried to convince him that he should find other ways to restore his lost friends and loved ones, but this earned a furious rant from the Ascian, asking him if he knew what it was like to lose everything such as your entire world. Riku attempted to press the issue further, but Emet-Selch left before Riku could press the issue further. Riku has expressed pity for the Ascian, but has kept an eye on him since.
  • Gets along with Father, Mard Geer Tartaros, and Zamasu due to all of them sharing a dislike of mortals. Emet-Selch finds himself a bit put off by Zamasu's views though, and commented that the Supreme Kai should be careful when dealing with mortals as they can be quite troublesome if not handled properly.
  • Despite disliking mortals in general, there are some mortals Emet-Selch has taken an interest in, either out of curiosity, or out of being Not So Different.
    • Gets along well with Master Xehanort, though it wasn't that surprising given how both seemed to have a similar motivation (restore a shattered world back to its original form) and even a similar method of doing so (use pawns as either vessels or allies and create enough conflict).
    • Aerith Gainsborough managed to catch his attention thanks to her status the last of the Ancients, and her ability to interact with The Lifestream. As someone capable of doing so in his world, he has attempted to convince the girl to share her knowledge of her people, but Aerith has refused each time.
    • Finds Relius Clover to be someone worth keeping an eye on. While he finds the man to be overly ambitious for his mortal limitations, the fact Relius has aspirations as grand as he does at least made Emet-Selch amused and actually hopeful for the mans work to bare fruits. Emet-Selch has on occasion had discussions about the nature of creation with him.
    • The Master of Chaldea was someone Emet-Selch initially wrote off as a lost cause, but upon seeing their journey and struggle, he became quite interested in the mortals ability to endure all their hardships. For a time, Emet was sure the Master was a fragmented Ascian like the Warrior of Light, but forced himself to ignore that out of concern. Still, he watches with anticipation, hoping to see them prove themselves a worthy being.
  • Was quite annoyed to learn that Gaius van Baelsar had ascended in the past. While once he was a tool for Garlemald, now the former Legate has been working to undo the work his fellow Ascians have been trying to accomplish on the Source. Gaius attempted to confront Emet-Selch about him being an Ascian, at which point Emet dismissed him and told him to run along, prompting the former Legate to swear he would kill him to rid Garlemald of his corruption.
  • At times he can found in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, where in he puts on an over dramatic, but for many entertaining, show for those to see. Even people who don't like him have a hard time denying liking it. On occasion, when asked why, Emet comments that even he needs a hobby. To that end, Emperor Nero has shown some respect to him.
    • His love for the theatrics has caused many a encounters with people who normally would try to stop him. To his amusement, he regularly requests they wait till he leaves, since a theater is no place for a brawl.
  • Emet-Selch despises Cosmos, as she reminds him of Hydaelyn from his home world, who played a major role in bringing about the destruction of his world. As a result, though not truly having a personal reason to stand against her, Emet-Selch made it clear he would work to topple her. Cosmos was saddened to hear of his past, and stated she would have helped him, but that his actions do not justify the pain he has caused. His hatred of the Light has also made him an enemy of YHVH, as Emet-Selch sees his influence and power of Law as being just as bad as Cosmos.
    • As a result of his, Emet also hates' Cosmos protector, the Warrior of Light. To him, this Warrior is an imitation of the one from the Source, the one who used to be his friend in the past.
  • Despite his views, he has very much is against those who engage in genocide as a result of the sheer loss his people suffered in the past. In particular, Thanos and the Anti-Spiral stand out as beings he detests heavily, the later being something he sees as a threat so great he has been willing to help stand against it, even mortals.
  • Upon learning of H.P. Lovecraft and his mythos, Emet become unusually angry, ranting about idiotic the man was for his creations. He later clarified the reason as being how irresponsible the writer was for making such horrifying creatures and beings, ones of the same scale and terror as the ones that lead to the ruin of his world. Not only that, but the fact a human managed to make them, reinforced his hatred for mortal lives.
  • Doesn't really like the the Daedric Princes that much on account of how they are similar to Primals back in his world, but the fact that the Princes all have such influence over mortals and are more grand in power makes them irresponsible as far as he's concerned. Emet-Selch has avoided their attention however, not out of fear, but because he really doesn't feel like engaging with them or their followers, especially the irritatingly insane Sheogorath.
  • During a trip around the Pantheon, Emet-Selch ran into Oryx, who had heard about the Ascian's past. Its not quite clear what happened next, but a massive fight broke out between the two, with the only known reason being that Oryx told Emet-Selch that his people deserved their fate, which was enough for Emet to invoke his true form to fight out of sheer anger. Both later were seen back in their temples, but since then Emet-Selch has put the Lich on his list of personal enemies.
  • Darth Plagueis does not like Emet that much, finding the Ascian to be a rival of sorts that threatens his abilities to manipulate the Force. Emet finds the idea laughable and used the chance to taunt the Sith about how limited his abilities were by comparison.
  • He is expressly forbidden from going to the House of Heroes due to his negative views of heroes thanks to the events of his past that lead to so much loss. Emet-Selch doesn't mind of course, he finds the notion of "heroes" to be laughable, and would rather focus his attention on something more productive. That said, he had been spotted watching the house, almost as if waiting for the chance that a certain Warrior of Light ascends.
    Emet-Selch: The world has had its share of Heroes. I care not for such flawed aspirations.
  • The Reveal he was The Man Behind the Man for both the Garlean Empire, and the Allagan Empire has made him the enemy of many freedom fighters such as Micaiah, Jim Raynor, and Lelouch vi Britannia. Among his enemies however, the Emperor of Mankind took the most offense to the Ascians meddling and manipulations, as having learned of the goals of the shadowy figures, was furious to learn humanity was just a pawn in their schemes.
  • His current goal in the Pantheon has remained true; the revival of Zodiark, but his methods have changed since entering the Pantheon, and nobody can tell what his goal is. He has been seen helping some of the more good aligned Gods by providing information or minor help, but also telling them flatly that he has not changed. His more evil aligned allies and Gods have questioned why he would help those he considers beneath him, which earned a shrug.
    • According to some, his goal is to help usher in another Calamity, this time in the pantheon, with some fearing he plans on helping The Light of Destruction become stronger so that it will birth Sin Eaters in the Pantheon, and bring about another Flood of Light. When asked by the people who should be enemies if he is plotting something, he usually smirks and tells them truthfully he is.
    Emet-Selch: Every hour of every day. But never you mind about that. As I have told you a thousand times before: I like to watch. Nothing more.
  • On a few occasions he has been seemingly killed, only to reappear in an exact replica of his primary body. This typically earns a sly comment from the Ascian, usually a taunt about how close they were to really beating him. Some have even goaded him to reveal his true form, which usually gets a chuckle out of Emet-Selch, before telling them how silly it would be for him to use his full power on what he sees as ants.

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