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Greater Gods

    Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Chen 
Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Chen, Goddess Triumvirate of Nested Ownership (The Yakumo Family, Yukari: Mastermind behind the Spiriting Away, Youkai of Boundaries, Gatekeeper of Gensokyo, The Gap Youkai, Elusive and Two-Faced Youkai, Yukarin, Sukima, Babaa, Ran: Shikigami of the Youkai of Boundaries, Shikigami of the Gap Youkai, Unusual Animal, Scheming Nine-Tailed Fox, Suppa-Tenko, Chen: Black Cat of Bad Omens, Shikigami of the Shikigami of the Gap Youkai, Hyperactive Monster Cat)
Left to right: Chen, Yukari, Ran

Intermediate Gods

Fenrich, God of Subordination through Idolatry (Moonlight Fang, Fenfen, Mr. Werewolf, Valvatorez-Sitter)
  • Theme Song: Candlelight
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with evil attitudes
  • Portfolio: Undying Loyalty, fists as weapons, possible man crush on Valvatorez, Chessmaster Sidekick, hostility towards those too close to Valvatorez, Wild Hair, Servile Snarker, being the meanest member of the Hades Party, Sarcastic Devotee
  • Domains: Loyalty, Servitude, Worship
  • Allies: Lord Valvatorez, Hachiko, Viridi, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Artina, Monkey D. Luffy, Adell, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Midna, Rachel Alucard, Adrian Tepes, Rika Furude, Mion and Shion Sonozaki
  • Rival: Wolf O'Donnell
  • Enemies: YVHV, Lucifer, anyone who would offend or even inconvenience Lord Val, anyone who gets too friendly with Lord Val, Axel, Gul'dan
  • High Priestess: Riza Hawkeye
  • Fenrich, being The Consigliere to Valvatorez, advised his lord to pass a bill in the Court of Gods that would allow Fenrich to ascend. After a little bit of bribery, Fenrich was allowed to take his current position.
    • Now that he is in the Pantheon, Fenrich will make plans to ensure Valvatorez becomes supreme ruler of all creation. He also has a tendency to literally follow Valvatorez wherever he goes, like a baby duck. As such, Fenrich is never in his temple.
  • Do not call him "Fenfen", as he hates that nickname with a passion. He can barely stomach the name "Mr. Werewolf" as it is.
  • Fenrich's principal ally is Valvatorez, his lord and master, and he does not appreciate anyone insulting his lord or getting too comfortable around him. At best, he'll put up with working alongside Valvatorez's other allies in the Pantheon.
  • There is at least one other god that Fenrich admires, that would be Hachiko. Fenrich appreciates the undying loyalty of the dog, while having no concern over his owner.
  • Many have joked that Fenrich and Valvatorez could be compared to J.D. and Turk. Upon finding out who those two are, Fenrich remained oddly silent, not explicitly denying the comparison.
  • Fenrich looks at Wolf O'Donnell, a wolf mercenary, and is reminded of his days as the Moonlight Fang. Though Fenrich considers Wolf to be "a stray mutt with fancy toys". Wolf shares this resentment and the two have formed a rivalry. Oddly, the rivalry consists of racing atop Netherworld Cu Siths (while wearing safety helmets).
  • With his views on the pointlessness of human wars, or their habits of pollution, Fenrich has surprised even himself by getting on good terms with Viridi. Though he'd prefer she didn't exterminate the humans just yet, because demons still need their fear energy.
  • Fenrich is not one to share information with others, but catch him at the right time (read: when he's with a perfectly willing Valvatorez), and gods can hear Fenrich tell the tale of how he and Valvatorez first met. However, he will never say why he chose to follow Val.
  • May or may not actually be a Tsundere.
  • Many keep their distance and watch their backs the moment Fenrich grins. While there are plenty of successful manipulative schemers in the pantheon, his grin is a sign that whatever he's planning, it will succeed if it already hasn't. It doesn't help that the Prinnies under him and Valvatorez are surprisingly good at collecting information.

Lesser Gods

    Cassandra Pentaghast 
Cassandra Allegra Calogera Portia Filomena Pentaghast, Goddess of Quickly Demoted Leaders
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The emblem on her chest plate
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Amazonian Beauty, The Comically Serious, Defrosting Ice Queen, Gilded Cage, Not So Above It All, Overly Long Name, The Paladin, The Paragon Always Rebels, Pragmatic Hero, Reasonable Authority Figure, Religious Bruiser, To Be Lawful or Good,
  • Domains: Law, Good, Glory, War,
  • Followers: The Monk, Bill Buchanan, Quistis Trepe
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Cayden Cailean, Daidouji
  • Enemies: Corypheus
  • Opposed by: The Librarian
  • Admires: Jiraiya
  • The three protagonists of Thedas successfully ascended Cassandra into the Pantheon. A former leader of the Seekers, she was initially one of the four leaders of the Inquisition before she decided to step down from that position. Her devotion to personally seal the Fade gained admiration from many, enough to gain a temple in the Pantheon.
    • She was delighted to serve the Inquisitor in the Pantheon, especially if one of his/her paths involves a romantic relationship between the two. Her admiration for the man is only surpassed by that of Hawke. The Caretaker had to kindly ask her not to spend so much time in his/her temple.
    • The ascended companions also enjoyed her company... if only to see just how much they can saw to her and get away with it Isabela especially loves to poke for fun. The only one who doesn't do so is Merrill, who was happy to find someone who wasn't initially frightened by her powers.
  • Is one of the closest examples of a paladin in her world. Alistair may have more similar powers to the class, but she is far more comfortable with the role. Artix was one of her most ardent sponsors for her ascension, personally thanking her afterwards.
  • Can also be seen with Saber. The fact that she's a Gender Flip of King Arthur doesn't bother her; she's dealt with leaders with Multiple Choice Pasts before. She has proven to be a formidable sparring partner as well. Their power level may be lopsided against her, but their swordsmanship is fairly even.
  • Afterwards, she entered the GUAG to form an alliance with Cosmos. She respects the women immensely, reminding her of the Maker she worshipped before. She hopes to earn a spot in the Sacred Knights division.
  • Has said she also felt influenced by Mitsuru Kirijo. Once an Ice Queen, she outgrew that role to become more tender to her allies, even those she doesn't agree with. Mitsuru is glad the knight has learned much from her teachings.
  • When she found out there was someone who sold smutty comics, she couldn't help but take a look. A trip to the House of Lust brought her to Jiraiya's temple. By the time she got out, she had already spent the whole there reading books. Ever since she was caught reading one of Varric's books, she has taken painstakingly difficult steps to keep her escapades a secret. It certainly help mend their previously fractured relations.
  • Has been banned from the House of Knowledge for her tendencies of stabbing books and papers. The Warrior claims it's not as bad as many think it is.
  • If she fits herself with a longsword, Cayden Cailean muses her look to be similar to Iomedae, her philosophical rival. She proved as such when they argued over the importance of order in a kingdom.
  • Scholars were able to uncover documents of her backstory in the form of an anime movie. It revealed that she was much more vindictive of mages in the past, but she relented after teaming up with a healing mage. She's still uncomfortable with magic (especially the house dedicated for it), but is more willing to work with the good-aligned ones.
  • Enjoys spending time in the House of Faith, teaching the ways of the Maker. She expressed disappointment that no one else in her world shared the same faith (the Inquisitor only does this occasionally).
    • There is a certain timeline when she becomes the Divine, leader of the Chanty organization. This version would have loved to gain the position, but fears it would disqualify her of her title. She has learned that she doesn't have to be a leader to leave an impression.
  • Some thought she would ascend due to her low, Nevarran accent. That vote was swiftly rejected by Daidouji, the current holder. While they have agreed to keep it that way, both continue to be rivals.
  • Has been accused of having Tsundere qualities at times, especially when around male Hawke and male Inquisitor. She quickly denied this... which only made their cases against her. Frustrated, she took a trip to Asuka's temple to settle things once and for all. The mecha driver advised her not to let her peers get the best of her, even if it's true.

    Gai Yuki/Black Condor 
Gai Yuki, God of Second-in-Commands (Black Condor)
Black Condor 

    Kittan Bachika 
Kittan Bachika, God of Wannabe Leaders
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God piloting King Kittan, Greater God after tapping into Spiral Energy, Overdeity if he were to pilot Tengen Toppa King Kittan)
  • Symbol: His mech, King Kittan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Leader Wannabe, Protective Of His Sisters And Kids, X Marks the Hero, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Overshadowed By His Friendly Rival, Fingerless Gloves, Hidden Depths, Shotguns, Thinks With Emotion, Heroic Sacrifice, A Good Way to Die
  • Domains: Mechs, Resistance, Fighters, Spiral Power
  • Followers: Marine the Raccoon, Iznogoud, Gruven Zann
  • Allies: Simon the Digger, Yoko Littner, Yu Narukami, Yuri Lowell, Hal Jordan, Weiss Schnee, Lord Genome
  • Rival: Kamina (friendly as well)
  • On speaking terms with: Rossiu Adai, his brother-in-law
  • Enemies: The Anti-Spiral, YHVH, Ragyo Kiryuin, AUTO, Enigma, Sirius
  • Respected by: Raoh
  • Kittan Bachika is a member of the Black Siblings, an orphaned group for three sisters and a brother who hunted Beastmen and were clad in black outfits. He would meet Kamina and mistake him for a Beastmen, but soon Team Dai-Gurren would become allies of his and he would play a part in freeing humanity from the Spiral King. Now he returns as a god on his own right, and has begun to compare with Kamina once more.
  • Has a strong, albeit friendly rivalry with Kamina. Despite everything however, he would always be in his shadow even after Kamina's death-something that got complicated when Yoko Littner developed feelings for him. Learning they kissed got his a punch from Kamina, however he quickly got out of it.
  • Gets pretty angry when people call Yoko "Doombitch". Yeah, he died after kissing her, but he knew he was going on a suicide mission at the time. She's a bit miffed at it, but he apologizes for it.
  • Given he went into Well-Intentioned Extremist territory, he has complicated views on Rossiu Adai; exacerbated because his sister is married to him. He opposed those actions, however Rossiu has gotten over this and the two have made up. Kittan looks down upon AUTO for his own extremist methods to protect humanity being similar to his brother-in-law in his darker moments.
  • Tries to fill the leader role that Kamina left behind, however it never worked out. As such, the Trope Pantheon decided to have him represent the Leader Wannabe trope, which makes his placement in the Leadership house kind of oxymoronic. Not that he really cares, mind you. Because of this he has a soft spot for Weiss Schnee due to never being able to be leader like him.
    • He's also pretty accepting of the fact he didn't get to be leader, noting that he (and most of Dai-Gurren) weren't doing a good job of taking care of Simon while the latter was taking care of them before and after his period of depression.
  • He is a dedicated brother to his sisters, and has sworn to protect them and uphold sibling bonds. He respects Yu Narukami and is contemptful to abusive or antagonistic siblings. And as he's admitted, he loves kids as well.
  • Sacrificed his life in order to allow the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann to escape the Galactic Spiral Abyss, by destroying the Death Spiral Machine creating it. Said abyss was a condensed, liquid space that wasn't too different from a black hole. Because of this, he stays his distance from Enigma and Sirius. Raoh was impressed by his Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • Respects Yuri Lowell for his attitude towards rules. Having awakened his spiral power, he is interested in Hal Jordan's Green Lantern power.
  • Wields a star-shaped mecha known as King Kittan, which wields a lance-like drill. During the battle against the Anti-Spiral, this mech piloted the city-sized Space King Kittan. A potential design that never went through was his own Tengen Toppa King Kittan, which now that he's come back as a god is itching to use against the Anti-Spiral. And YHVH, who he considers to be a similar repressive Eldritch Abomination to the Anti-Spiral King.

    Susan Ivanova 
Commander Susan Ivanova, Goddess of Number Twos (Voice of the Resistance)

    Tyrion Lannister 
Tyrion Lannister, God of Honest Advisors (The Imp, Dwarf, Half-Man, My Lion - by Shae, Former Hand To The King, Former Master Of Coin, Kinslayer)


Creon, God of Satisfied Second-In-Commands
  • Demigod
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Domain: Service, Politic, Burial
  • Portfolio: Second-in-command who is satisfied with his position under Oedipus, refused to bury Polynices, different opinion on whether he is a Villain Protagonist or a Tragic Hero, Well-Intentioned Extremist, tried to release Antigone but was too late
  • Followers: Kevan Lannister, Cyclonus, Ultra Magnus
  • Allies: Many rulers in the Pantheon, especially Tywin Lannister, many Transformers deities especially Soundwave
  • Enemies: Starscream, Ophelia, Varys
  • Complicated Relationship with: Oedipus
  • Opposes: Alistair Theirin
  • Opposed by: Many Ancient Greeks deities.
  • The second-in-command of Oedipus, after hearing that his former king has ascended to the Pantheon, Creon immediately packed his belonging in order to visit him and help him to settle in. Touched by Creon's dedication.
    • However, his reunion with Oedipus got heated when the king learned about Creon's involvement with his daughter death because she wanted to bury his daughter. While Oedipus appreciate Creon's loyalty, he angrily asked Creon to not come to his temple again.
    • Additionally, Creon's action of refusing to bury Polynices has earned him the ire of every other Greek deities in the Pantheon. However, not many can agree on whether his punishment for the action (losing his wife, son and daughter-in-law right after planning to pardon Antigone) is too harsh, appropriate for his incredible disrespect or not harsh enough.
  • Because of his what his temple represent, Creon is extremely popular among the rulers and kings/queens in the Pantheon. Many of them are glad that their most trusted second-in-command is present and helps them run their domains.
    • However, Lord Varys is banned from entering the temple because of his murder of one of its followers Kevan Lannister to throw Westeros into chaos.
    • His temple is one of the favorite place for Tywin Lannister to visit due to the fact that one of his followers is Tywin's own loyal servant Kevan. The same thing can be said for many of the Transformers deities, especially Soundwave.
  • Because of the trope that his temple represent, he has nothing contempt for Starscream, who is the complete opposite.
  • He has a bad relationship with Ophelia because she was also disrespect during her death while he considers her a lunatic that only bring trouble to other people around her.
  • Think Alistair is too whiny and uncaring about his responsibilities. Although Creon does acknowledge that Alistair might eventually grow out of that mindset.

    Mio Sakamoto 
Mio Sakamoto, Goddess of Supporting Leaders (Samurai, Sakamoto the Demon)
  • Demigoddess, used to be Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A round emblem which has the design of her, now discarded, eyepatch.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Secondary Character As The Leader, Number Two, Boisterous Bruiser, Majorly Awesome, Cool Big Sis, but Drill Sergeant Nasty to some, Proud Warrior Race Gal, Older Than She Looks, Honor Before Reason, Katanas, Lost of Power Due of Age and Magic-Draining Sword
  • Domains: Leaders, Fighters, Swords, Former Witches, Lost of Magic
  • Followers: Takeda Shingen, Sylia Stingray
  • Allies
  • Enemies: The Neuroi, The Dalek Emperor, Deoxys, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Major (Or 1st Class Flight Petty Officer, depending on what branch she is on) Mio Sakamoto of Fuso, she was the second-in-command of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches". Where she might not be the main character (that honour would belong to Yoshika Miyafuji), she still was the squadron leader, and had an important role on things, especially with Miyafuji.
  • One of few deities in the Pantheon, who became weaker after their development. Indeed, as she was getting into the age where she wouldn't be able to be a Witch anymore, she used up all of her magic to fight just a little bit further. Where some have offered to recover her magic back to normal, she refuses.
    • Yamato, in particular, feels sorry for her, as she used that remaining magic she had to power up the Neuroi Core Control Reactor the Yamato of her world had. Mio, fortunately, doesn't feel like she should worry about those details.
  • Where bit devastated by the fact that she cannot fly, she still goes on, even if it means using a fighter plane. Especially when she started seeing many gods who would fight on even without magic, she was motivated to go on fighting. She is seen practicing her sword techniques with Ikagura. She even was offered a spot in The Mighty Majors, which she accepted; her closest allies on that team are Motoko, the team's first female and current leader, and Armstrong, who couldn't help but feel inspired at her determination to fight on despite her limits.
  • Normally, she is really easy-going and friendly to others, especially her subordinates, and is known to her jolly laugh. However, put her in charge or training, and she will whip you to shape, no matter what it might take. Though this is because she does not want to loose a fellow man in battle.
  • She sometimes tries to speak English, though she is getting bit wary of it, because one time she tried it, her voice brought the attention of Lucy, a meeting she would prefer to avoid if all possible.
  • Some gods like Ichiko have noted that her Reppuzan technique with Reppumaru looks a lot like Getsuga Tensho. She does not agree or deny it, but where she does feel regret that she never got to use Shin Reppuzan due of running out of magic to even pull off normal Reppuzan, she feels proud that Miyafuji was able to pull it off.
    • Note that she does still carry Reppumaru around, even if she is unable to use Reppuzan, since it is a fine sword which she herself forged.
  • Date Masamune once asked why she discarded her eyepatch. She explained that without her Magic Eye, she has no use to cover her right eye.
  • Is not allowed to drink anything alcoholic. The last time she was given some, she practically kissed every female deity in proximity and ran off drunk.
  • Was made the personal trainer of the 501st Legion, maybe as a small joke. None a less, even thought it means she has to train more men than ever before, she gladly took the challenge. The Stormtroopers don't seem to mind her, even if she might be bit enthusiastic about the training trills.
  • When she heard that Yoshika managed to ascend, she was the first one to come to her and graduate her on that.


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