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Greater Gods

Aslan, God of Religious Metaphors (King Of Beasts, The Lion, The Lamb)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A White, wait, a wait, a lamb!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Messianic Archetypes, Talking Animals, Theories Involving Purgatory, Extremely Forthright Symbolism.
  • Domains: Animal, Glory, Good, Law.
  • Heralds: The Pevensie siblings (His chosen kings of Narnia)
  • Allies: Cosmos, Simba, Mufasa, Superman, Wonder Woman, Popeye, Morpheus, Butters, Nicholas St. North, God
  • Enemies: Jadis, Scar, YHVH, Lucifer, Robot Santa
  • Sure, there are other Jesus metaphors. Who did you think they worked for?
  • Scar nominally opposes Him and is said to be working to overthrow Him, but really... he knows he has no chance in Hell.
  • Leader of the Council of Nine.
  • Just shook his head in dismay upon learning about that trek to find Malachite's Hand and who dressed up as him.
  • Aslan has symphonized with Kevin Flynn and John Carter over their respective film franchises suffering Genre-Killer and having planned sequels cancelled just because Disney wasn't making enough money. In addition, Sly Cooper has stated that he's on the same boat, since his franchise is unlikely to ever get sequels, and he's stuck in Ancient Egypt.
  • Being a fantastic representation of Jesus Christ, Aslan can only "hate" evil and nothingness in themselves, whether it be personified as the Leaders of the Alliances that oppose peace, justice and universal kindness. In fact, Aslan has already predicted the ultimate triumph of Good, even before he was accepted in the Pantheon. Needless to say, Lucifer, YHVH, Melkor and Nekron were angry and confronted Aslan about it. He merely said.
    The nature of your defeat is quite simple: none of you respond to love. Lucifer can only understand freedom as a prize, not a right. YHVH responds only to things that can be weighed or measured. He imposes law, he doesn't nurture it. He appraises order; he doesn't bother to seek out its truth or meaning. And Melkor lives in a mirror; the world is nothing more to him than a reflection of himself. And Nekron... the world, to him, is a small animal, caught in a trap, to be tormented. His pleasure is the giving of pain, and from this he receives the same sense of fulfillment most people get from a kiss or an embrace. You're caricatures, all of you Gods or not, you're caricatures. And this is why you are destined to lose.
    • For that speech, Lorien smiled and congratulated Aslan, while Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew delivered a standing ovation. Aslan was even accepted into the ranks of the Grand United Alliance of Good. Cosmos, aware of his reputation, offered to cede leadership of the Alliance to him, but Aslan replied, as he is too humble to be an active leader.

    Saint Jeanne d'Arc 
Jeanne d'Arc, Patron Saint of Inspiring Female Leaders (Joan of Arc, Ruler, Holy Hour Dragon Knight, Maid of Orleans, Archer, Mermaid of Orleans, Saint of Salvation, Tart, Servant Avenger, Patron Saint Of France; martyrs; captives; military personnel; people ridiculed for their piety; prisoners; soldiers, women who have served in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service); Women's Army Corps; and Bad Bitches, Jeanne Cena)
Swimsuit Version 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Banner.
  • Theme Song: Jeanne d'Arc Theme alternatively Joan
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Never Actually Killing Someone, Not Good With Numbers or Books, Good Hearted Blonde, Lady of War Maybe, Badass Female, Child Soldier, Shining Knight, Aggresive Assault, Taking An Arrow and Still Fighting, God's Messenger Maybe
  • Domain: Religion, War, Inspiration, Faith
  • Followers: Quorra, Saskia
  • Allies: Arturia Pendragon, Astolfo, Sophitia Alexandra, Usagi Tsukino, the Puella Magi, Lightning, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Asia Argento, Aragorn, Erza Scarlet, Clark Kent, Optimus Prime, Mata Nui, Purist Thunderwrath, Cayden Cailean, Siegfried
  • Enemies: Charles zi Britannia, the Incubators, Melkor, Lucifer, Megatron, Dr. Weil, Broly
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Alexander Anderson, Metatron
  • Despises: Frollo, Regime Superman, Rassilon
  • Rivals: C.C., Atalanta
  • Superior: YHVH (Maybe?)
  • Respects: Cosmos
  • Complicated Relations: Jeanne d'Arc Alter
  • Mentor To: Jaune Arc
  • Raised as a simple farmer's daughter, Jeanne supposedly heard the voice of God to defend France against England. Heeding that voice, Jeanne joined the French army at a young age, leading the front as their flag bearer. Never once wavering in battle as she led her men to victory even when she was shot by two arrows in one of her battles, she was an inspiration to her troops. Unfortunately, Jeanne was finally captured, tried as a witch, and burned at the stake. It wouldn't be until years later that the ruling would be overturned and she be recognized as a Saint. Afterwards, because of her deeds, it inspired a specific type of character of a young woman who goes into battle for either her country, faith, or ideals and who is trying to liberate her people of oppression, becoming the Trope Namer and codifier of the Jeanne d'Archétype itself.
  • As mentioned before, Jeanne's claim of hearing God's voice is met with suspicion by many of the other deities. Some believe she's just mentally ill and those voices were only in her head. Whatever the case, all still agree that Joan is still a capable fighter and garners nothing but respect.
    • Others believe that God's Voice was actually Kyubey himself who gave Jeanne her power and made her a Puella Magi. Jeanne denies such a claim that her powers would come from a cosmic weasel like him and has nothing but contempt for him because of his manipulation of young girls to become magical girls and in turn becoming witches.
    • Recent discoveries however has revealed that there is an alternate version of Jeanne who became a magical girl due to a contract with a creature named Cube. Moreover, this version of Jeanne learns that she will eventually become a witch early on and accepts the fact without falling into despair. Jeanne decided to follow this new discovery closely, though she already knows how it will end.
  • Is in a very peculiar crossroad when it comes to both Cosmos and YHVH; for the former, she has nothing but respect for the leader of the GUAG and is welcome in the Sacred Knights. But for the latter, he is the Great Will that she still worships as her God and would go into battle if he commands it. However, despite these conflicting loyalties, Jeanne was able to be put in both the GUAG and the GUAL. Even more shocking was that YHVH allowed Jeanne to be part of Cosmos's army. Because of this odd situation, members of both the GUAG and GUAL are suspicious of Jeanne being a spy for the other Alliance.
    • Her opinions on Melkor and Lucifer are nothing but negative; she hates the former for spreading evil and enslaving it's people and despise the later because of his tempting of Homura Akemi and causing her fall.
  • Astolfo was the first to welcome Jeanne in the Pantheon, giving her a hug. While Jeanne was happy to see the youthful paladin, a part of her feels envious that he has more followers then she. Jeanne has been considering wearing a bikini to attract more followers.
    • Alternatively, she's been spreading her legend to many of the Japanese Deities who are willing to listen to her.
    • And she's still shocked anytime Astolfo innocently shows off his no-no parts.
  • Was stunned when she first met Arturia Pendragon. Not only for their faces looking quite similar or that the two sound the same, but also living somewhat identical lives. It was a surprise to the French woman that she would find an ally in an English woman.
    • She also found more women like her in Sophitia Alexandria and Lightning, who to were compelled by God to save the world. She was also impressed with Erza Scarlet's own backstory of leading her fellow slaves for freedom, which had plenty of parallels to her own life.
  • Jeanne heard that there was a male who shared her name, and found that person in Jaune Arc. She couldn't help by smile at the young man's dedication to be a genuine hero, and so decided to help the young lad with training along with his teammate Pyrrha.
  • Amazingly enough, Jeanne has zero proficiently in riding. This is despite her legend making her qualify for the Saber class, who are well known to be great riders. Lightning is trying to fix that by having her ride some of the Chocobos. Let's say the experience is comical at best.
    • She is also known to be mathematically challenged and illiterate. The latter was even used against her in her witch trial. She has since enlisted the help of many of ascended teachers of the Pantheon (and thus enrolling in the Elysium Academy) to teach her math and reading.
  • While Jeanne is well known to have never killed a person in battle, that doesn't mean she wouldn't order an entire town to be massacred if they didn't surrender to her army. This fact was a shock to many Gods, as they had never heard that part of her legend.
  • After her ascension, Jeanne was revealed to posess actual Holy Light power, making her very deadly to many of the evil-aligned Gods. She also has the ability to summon literal dragon knights to assist her.
  • There has been rumors that Jeanne actually posessed a mystic gauntlet that she used to fight evil demons in France. While it hasn't been confirmed, the Witchblade has responded to Jeaane's presence multiple times.
  • Absolutely hates Charles zi Britannia, reasons being that his conquering of other nations reminds her of the Englishmen who tried to conquer France. She also found his renaming any conquered people with a number degrading.
    • Incidently, Jeanne made a rival with C.C. after the former mistook her for a Jeanne d'Arc in her past that caused her to be burned at the stake.
  • Doesn't actually fight with her sword. Instead, she used her iconic banner, Luminosite Eternelle, to do battle, using it like a spear, but never spilling any blood. However, when the tide of battle is truly dire, she would use her holy sword, La Pucelle, which can emit giant flames. Those flames actually represent her burning at the cross, and once activated, Jeanne would lose her life, and would later have to be revived at the House of Life and Death.
  • As shown in her profile, Jeanne is a very odd member of the GUAL; she takes orders from YHVH, but despises most other members of the GUAL. She thinks Frollo is a disgrace to the cloth and hates how he uses God's name to meet his own perverse agenda. She sees Regime Superman as a disgrace towards the actual Superman, whom Jeanne looks up to as a inspiration to men's will. Pretty much the only people she can work with are Alexander Anderson and Metatron, and even that is complicated based on their personality.
    • Speaking of Anderson, compared to him, Jeanne has no problem with other religions as long as they love Gods. This actually makes her allies to both Asia and Xenovia, two Devils who still love God and pray to him, and Jeanne has sparred with the latter. This has made Jeanne even more distant to many of the religious-frenzied members of the GUAL and more at home with the GUAG.
  • Jeanne was there to greet the arrival of the Dragonslayer Siegfried, whom she has witnessed to be one of the top selfless heroes she has ever known. Though she was quite surprised that he got separated with the homunculus Sieg. Also Jeanne is one of the few that doesn't jokingly call him 'Sumanai', since she at least acknowledged that he did well against dragons.
    • On the other hand, despite their fierce battle, Jeanne has never hold anything bad against Atalanta. At least she's glad that Atalanta has regained her composure and she said that if they're to battle again, it would be on normal circumstances, not when one is not on the right mind. In addition, despite being on a more sound state of mind, she also didn't hold anything bad to Amakusa Shiro Tokisada.
  • At one point, Shimazu Toyohisa came knocking and eager to fight off Jeanne again, thinking that she's still amongst one of the Ends that he fought... only taking it back because this Jeanne isn't short-haired, and has big boobs, unlike how his memory served. Even Jeanne was confused because this Jeanne that Toyohisa described... didn't even match her Alter form.
  • At least some Gods are convinced that Jeanne isn't in the right mind for associating with YHVH. There are rumors that maybe YHVH is mind-controlling Jeanne to be part of the GUAL. Astolfo and a few others are convinced of these rumors and has set out to find out if it's true. As it turned out, it turned out to be true and surprisingly the revelation came from her Alter form (who hates God anyway, but she raised some good points). A lot of Servants managed to break Jeanne free from this, and finally she realized that the God that answered her prayer in the temple of Salomon to help against Goetia sounded nothing like YHVH, and his crime and posing as the benevolent God due to their similar origin is unforgivable.
  • Once had a rap battle against Miley Cyrus. It was decided that Jeanne won.

    Jorgen Von Strangle 
Jorgen Von Strangle, God of 80s Action Star Parodies (the toughest fairy in the universe)

Intermediate Gods

Golbez, Great Herald of the Sith Lord (Golbeza, Theodor(e) Harvey, The Man in Black, the Thaumaturge, the Warlock)
Golbez in The After Years 
  • Char Aznable, Raoh, Toy!Emperor Zurg, Hakumen, Solidus Snake, Alarak, Specter Knight, Locus, Lord Dominator
  • In the early days of the Pantheon, Golbez was called to the Pantheon by Chaos to serve the GUAE, and was given his current title for his similarities to Darth Vader, including familial relations with the hero. Considering his heart's weakness and ability to be summoned a sign of his unworthiness of redemption, Golbez has pledged himself to the forces of evil again, but hopes their efforts will fail. In his heart, he wishes to be a force for good, but considers himself unworthy of standing alongside the more noble and selfless heroes.
  • Is rumored to be working with Kain Highwind to undermine Melkor's position. Kain has spoken in hushed tones of Golbez considering their past together, if he's being secretive or just prefers not to talk about it is unknown for now.
  • Pointedly bans his brother Cecil from visiting him more than once a week, as when he first arrived Cecil heard about his servitude to evil and tried to convince his brother to cast off his past and return to the light. Golbez got annoyed with Cecil after the seventh visit in two days and zapped him with a Cosmic Ray as a hint to let him deal with these matters on his own.
  • Though not the best of friends, he and Darth Vader have come to an understanding with each other. Vader respects Golbez's admirable efforts to emulate him, and they share a mutual sympathy for the other's struggles with their pasts and their families. However, Vader has warned that if Golbez has not chosen a definitive side when Melkor's forces march, he will choose for him. Golbez has not been reached to discover his response.
  • Sympathises with Specter Knight since he was Forced into Evil and gave up his chance for freedom in order to save his friend's son.
  • He may be resigned to following the ways of evil (well, not anymore), but Golbez often offers sound advice to those who'll listen.
  • However, as a result of certain events, Golbez went missing for a long while. Incidentally, this was during the time Cecil and company minus Edward were transferring Houses. Eventually, once the final stages of the move were done, he finally returned on the Lunar Whale with two surprises.
    1. He found and brought back FuSoYa, thus reuniting them to join as heralds for Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, and Pantheon newcomer Edge. The fruits of his "expedition" to the Red Moon and the fates of the Lunarians and Zeromus however remain unknown, and Golbez refuses to elaborate on the details. FuSoYa has nothing to say, either.
    2. With the establishment of the Ministry of Atonement, after seeing who its members are, and given the events of The After Years, Golbez finally decided to cut ties with Lord Chaos and the GUAE, and join his brother's side for good, much to his joy.
  • Sometime after his solid Heel–Face Turn, he received a visit from one of the Warriors of Cosmos; Zidane Tribal. When he asked the monkey-tailed hero what his business was, he got a strange request. To help in redeeming Kuja as well, or at least keep the other Warriors of Chaos from preventing him from doing so. He had managed to reach out to his "brother" back in Gaia before he died, and he doesn't understand why Kuja's forgotten. In his time with the GUAE, Golbez managed to know why thanks to hearing Kefka gloat about it, and decided he would see what he can do. As for the truth, Golbez decided it would be best if Zidane heard Kuja's motives from the man(?) himself.

    Heather Brown/Spinnerette 
Heather Brown, Great Herald of the Web-Slinger (Spinnerette, Spinny, Black Widow)
Spinnerette, back-to-back with her girlfriend Mecha Maid
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her extra arms
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Possesses Four Extra Arms And Can Multitask With Them Super Strength, Ambiguously Bi, Badass Bookworm, hides her extra arms under a fat suit, Ditzy Genius, Immune to Drugs of the Mind-Altering Kind, Wrong Genre Savvy, Willing To Cross The Line In Regards To Certain Dangerous Villains
  • Domain(s): Spiders, Mutants, Heroism
  • Heralds: Sahira (her roommate), Marilyn Seong/Mecha Maid (her girlfriend), "Silver Age" Spinnerette and 90's Spinnerette (her AU counterparts)
  • High Priest: Kouichi Haimawari/"The Crawler"
  • Followers: Haruyuki Arita/Silver Crow, Hanta Sero/Cellophane, Rick Riker/the Dragonfly, Tachiko-Man, Stealth The Hedgehog, Brad Armstrong/"Arachnaman", The Brown Widow
  • Allies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug, Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir, Tsuyu Asui/Froppy, Spider-Gwen, most other superheroes, Benjamin Franklin, Ellen Ripley
  • Enemies: Most supervillains, Roose and Ramsay Bolton, Amon, William Stryker
  • Opposes: Amanda Waller
  • Spinnerette arrived in the Pantheon as a result of a dimensional portal that appeared out of nowhere in her world. As she soon got her bearings, she decided to explore as she swung around. This quickly drew the attention of the Pantheon's residents, as there were very few who travel by swing with spider silk.
    • Spider-Man, currently on patrol with the Miraculous holders at the time, was immediately alerted and he decided he would come over as soon as he can; he had to make sure the newcomer wasn't one of his many Opposite Sex Clones (he knows his clone drama). Spidey eventually bumped into Spinnerette before long. To be exact, she collided with Cat Noir while he was making a pole vault jump with his staff. Spider-Man and Ladybug quickly went over to the rooftop they landed on and shortly identified the newcomer. As soon as she saw the Webslinger, she was immediately overwhelmed with excitement and started to fangirl over him, bombarding him with questions and shaking both of his arms with all of her hands. He eventually came to realize that his (and all of Marvel and DC Comics' deities') exploits are works of fiction in her world.
    • Their reverie was interrupted by a nearby sighting of one of Kite-Man's gliders. Spinnerette, after being told that Kite-Man was a villain, fired a web at the rider's leg, snagging it and reeling him in. It turned out not to be Kite-Man himself, but Doctor Octopus, who had a sack of stolen goods with him. Seeing he got caught, he quickly prepared to fight his archnemesis and the younger start-ups.
    • Unfortunately for Doc Ock, not only was he (barely) outnumbered, the newcomer seemed to have a basic idea on how to fight him and they were almost able to take him down. During the battle, he tried to escape by grabbing Car Noir's wrist, which already had Cataclysm activated, and brought it down on the floor, caving it in right as Ladybug used her Lucky Charm to summon a item for the situation. One use of that item, a surviving generator, a piece of rebar, Ock's goggles, Spidey's right web shooter, and Spinny's Bottom Lefty, the villain was taken down and tightly secured for the authorities to take him away. As they did so, one of them noted just how much like Spider-Man Spinnerette is. While the Miraculous holders left to keep their identities secret since they were about to transform back, Spidey got an idea.
    • After a meeting and appeal to (with Ladybug's help) with the Court of the Gods and an explanation on how godhood works in the Pantheon, Spinnerette accepted a spot in the Pantheon as the Spider-Man Send-Up.
  • Shoots her webs from her lower back, not her butt, as much as Boomtick insists otherwise. She's taken to knitting with it, and has some ready in case she needs to go over and have it repaired.
    • Speaking of her webs, to keep them strong and to keep herself supplied, Heather takes a lot of protein drinks. This has garnered the attention of Akihiko Sanada and he approves. He's also invited her to spar with him (as Spinnerette) one day. She took him up on that offer, and got the privilege of seeing a Persona in action.
  • Is actually a blonde; the brown hair is a wig for maintaining her Secret Identity. As for how she hid her extra arms in her world, she has a fat suit for that. Sure, it's no longer necessary given her identity is now somehow public (at least to those who care), but she's grown used to not showing her GIRL ABS.
  • Isn't unfamiliar with all jibes pertaining to her armpits and the need to keep them clean. She's heard quite a lot of them.
  • Is familiar with the idea of just living the normal life without superheroics despite having powers. Her roommate Sahira is like that.
    • Speaking of her, Heather is wary of Rogue, who not only can copy powers, she just needs a touch, and the recipient gets weakened on top of that.
  • Has difficulty trusting Stan Lee, as one multiversal villain called The Editor took on his appearance and rebooted her universe (though it thankfully did no lasting damage).
  • Having had an archnemesis who shared the same super name as her (preceded her, actually) who became a drider, she's well experienced in dealing with the likes of them, especially Arachne once she learned enough about her.
  • Was excited to meet Benjamin Franklin, but was shortly confused when he didn't remember her, in which she realized this was probably a different version. When she told him of her world's Ben Franklin, he couldn't help but be amused, and wished that had happened to him.
  • Doesn't like the art style of manga, though she has no issues with the deities from such series.
  • If it comes to really vile folks with regenerative powers, she will not hesitate to thoroughly burn the body, just like she (and a nearby security guard) did Colonel Glass. She's garnered the favor of Ellen Ripley for this.
  • Isn't fond of the idea that Differently Powered Individuals need to be government-controlled; she's had enough of that from General Evescroft. Bruce Banner can understand the felling, having had a similar general in Thaddaeus "Thunderbolt" Ross who had the same problem. So does Captain Atom, who has also had a similar "problem general" in Wade Eiling.
  • Having had to deal with someone who wanted to kill a doctor trying to cure a terminal illness (and therefore doom all his patients who have it), and had the gall to call it an act of mercy, Spinnerette has disdain for any such folks who have the same goals as that "Adrastea". The fact that she was running on Insane Troll Logic doesn't help.

Tyranitar, Divine Representation of Those who Emulate Godzilla (The Armor Pokémon)
Mega Tyranitar 

Zavok, God of Bowser Imitators
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A red and black hexagon with a Z in the middle
  • Theme Song: Battle With Zavok
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: King Koopa Copy, Aliens are Bastards, Head Of The Deadly Six, Who Have Z In Their Name, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Spikes of Villainy, Pretty Spry For A 148 Year Old Guy, Based On Oni, Apparently A Spirited Competitor, Sometimes Shows Up In Olympic Sports, Fricking Laser Beams, Evil Sounds Deep
  • Domains: Aliens, Conquest, Evil, Horned Beings, Magnetism
  • Heralds: The rest of the Deadly Six
  • Followers: Turtonator, Gruntilda, Susie
  • Allies: Bowser, The Koopalings, Frieza, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Martians
  • On good terms with: Infinite
  • Rivals: Bowser, Black Doom, Magneto, Gibril and Asroc
  • Enemies: Sonic, Dr Eggman, Tails, most other Sonic the Hedgehog characters, Sigma, Wreck-It Ralph, Iroque, Mario, Babidi, Squidward Tentacles, the House of Mind Control
  • The Deadly Six are a bunch of Zeti miscreants, and leading them is the strong and intimidating Zavok. He and his crew were forced to obey Dr Eggman due to the painful effects of the Cacophonic Conch for his world domination schemes. That is until it broke, and he swore vengeance by taking the energy of the Earth to empower his crew. Fortunately he was defeated by Sonic and crew.
  • Zavok takes a lot of inspiration from Bowser. He's mean, red, demonic-looking and has a wacky yet dangerous and colorful crew. They also fight in similar fashions. For what it's worth, even if Eggman is allies with one and foes with another, the two have a good relationship. Bowser thinks he does it better, so they're rivals along with allies.
  • Mario ended up mistaking Zavok for a new Bowser enforcer, which pissed Zavok off. Not because Mario went on to fight him, but because even if he likes Bowser he's nobody's pawn. Amusingly enough even Zavok isn't immune to Go-Karting with Bowser as he was part of the 2016 Rio Olympics in Boxing. He's Surprisingly Passionate in it.
  • As a Zeti, Zavok has the power to manipulate magnetic fields. This gives him the power to control electronics and things made out of metal. Magneto wasn't impressed by his abilities, and when Zavok tried to prove himself against the mutant his magnetic abilities were completely outclassed. This has only encouraged the Zeti to improve himself in this field. Due to these abilities, the House of Technology keeps an eye on him.
  • His power over magnetic fields also had him become rivals with Gibril and Asroc. The former has power over metal and can use the iron within blood to form weapons while the latter uses string from his fingertips to grant control over machines, no matter how old or broken down. They similarly wanted to improve their already amplified power by taking the Zeti on.
  • The majority of Sonic deities consider him an enemy, though some are not. Black Doom considers the Deadly Six to be competition in the aliens trying to conquer Sonic's world, though is willing to work alongside him against Sonic or Eggman as his magnetokinesis is useful. Infinite has a more positive relationship as part of his plans to get back at Sonic, Shadow and all who stand in his least when Infinite's psychosis doesn't get in the way.
  • Has a deep contempt for mind control of any form, be it for good, evil or whatever. As such, he opposes the Indigo Tribe and House of Mind Control. Babidi decided he was ripe for controlling. While Majin Zavok was dangerous, one of the heroic Dragonball deities broke the wizard's concentration long enough for Zavok to regain some control and put his hands on Babidi's throat.
  • Notes that like him Ralph is a King Koopa Copy, but since Ralph is a good guy even if he's a bad guy they usually don't get along. However he is fine with testing strength for fun or going to Bad A-Thons, as he has some respect for Ralph's strength. Zavok has no love for Squidward due to his painfully bad clarinet music, which reminds him of the pain the Cacophonic Conch put the Deadly Six through.
  • Sides with evil aliens as part of his plan to conquer and/or destroy Sonic's world. For this, he has allied with the Martians and Frieza. He also considers Ragyo Kiryuin useful in his ambition to drain the Earth and become powerful. Most of all, Zavok is hoping to find some way of introducing the rest of the Deadly Six into the pantheon. He seems to enjoy visiting the House of Demons, since the Deadly Six take some influence on Oni and demons, and he looks demonic.
  • Once allied, and was later controlled by Sigma in perhaps his most ambitious conquest scheme yet. He doesn't have good memories of this and has sworn to crush the Reploid's skull over and over.

    Zechs Merquise 
Zechs Merquise, Great Herald of The Red Comet (The Lightning Count, Rent-a-Char, Zechs Marquise, Prince Milliardo Peacecraft)


Lesser Gods

Bigweld, God of Discount Disneys
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The emblem in the middle of his chest
  • Theme Song: Bigweld's Factory
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Mr. Alt Disney, Honest Corporate Executive, Being A Giant Ball/Wheel, Approves of Rodney x Cappy, Big Good, Reasonable Authority Figure, Likes Big Robot Girls, Gadgeteer Genius, Cool Old Guy
  • Domains: Invention, Robots, Big Dreamers, Corporate Executives, Businesses
  • High Priest: Joey Drew
  • Followers: William Borise, Bolivar Trask, Howard Stark
  • Allies: Dr Light and his family, Walt Disney, Roboking, N, Mei Hatsume, Charlie Bucket, Willy Wonka, Emmet Brickowski, Stan Lee, Lewis Anthonio, Primus, Jenny Wakeman, Optimus Prime, Phineas and Ferb, the Iron Giant, SCP-516, Baymax, Astro Boy, Alisa Bosconovitch, WALL-E and EVE
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: Mega Man big bads but especially Lumine, [[Boss Fights[ Dr Eggman]], SKYNET (evil robots in general), Mom, Mr Burns, Looten Plunder, Morris, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Opposes: Cave Johnson
  • Bigweld is the founder and original head of Bigweld Industries, the largest and most influential corporation in Robot City. A visionary and big dreamer, his company sells robotic gadgets and spare parts. His two catchphrases are "see a need, fill a need" and "you can shine no matter what you're made of". Unfortunately his company was taken over by a greedy executive who only cares about money, but Bigweld managed to get back in the game.
  • While it's a different industry, Bigweld's personality, TV presence and ambitions were molded from Walt Disney. Naturally they get along because of their similar personalities. He also gets along with Disney characters Lewis Anthonio, and Phineas and Ferb. Mainly because they are optimistic inventors and go-getters.
  • Doesn't take any accusation that Walt Disney is an anti-semite well, in part because his voice actor is Jewish. Sometimes he can be found conversing with Stan Lee, due to being a Cool Old Guy that helped to pioneer and industry. He also likes Willy Wonka for the passion he has in his job and his ambition at making the candy industry a great place.
  • The world he comes from doesn't seem to have any humans, leading to some wondering what happened or even if there were any. Mainly the GUAM seeing potential in such a world. Bigweld doesn't like a lot of the members even if he is a robot, but believes he can serve as a reformer and Morality Pet to make the cause of robot power a positive one. For this, he works with Roboking to give a moral core to the GUAM.
  • Completely agrees with Optimus Prime that freedom is the right of every sentient being. It doesn't matter if you're an old or new robot, organic, metallic or whatever, it's up to you to decide your own destiny. For this, he hates SKYNET for both committing genocide on organic beings and enslaving robot kind and preventing them from thinking too much.
  • Works closely with Dr Light due to his benevolent visions for robots, and being an expert inventor who thinks of the best of humanity due to his pacifistic nature. He is saddened that his Evil Former Friend, Dr Wily, won't put his grudges aside and try to atone. Out of the Mega Man villain, he takes the most umbridge with Lumine, as the Maverick's belief that old robots should be scrapped for the new model is antithetical to Bigweld's own beliefs.
  • Was disgusted by how Ghetsis Harmonia exploited the dreams of N, his own foster son, to achieve his own ambitions of conquering Unova. He is trying to encourage N to achieve his own dreams and be free of any control. Also, while he doesn't hate Cave Johnson, he dislikes his amoral For Science! attitude.
  • No fan of grubby corporate bigwigs either. He naturally opposes the likes of Mr Burns, Looten Plunder and Morris. However it's Mom he takes the most offense with, due to having a massive monopoly over robot kind and the fact she has nothing against terminating overclocked robots so they don't learn to do it to themselves and prevent needing her upgrades, or terminating defective models to preserve her image and brand name.
  • Admires Charlie Bucket, due to his good heart and Rags to Riches story. He seems fond of fellow inventor Mei Hatsume, and completely agrees with Emmet Brickowski's optimistic look on the world. As a rule, Bigweld generally gets along with various benevolent robots in the pantheon.
  • Intrigued by the Robosexual relationship between Kosmo and Nova. Likes WALL-E and EVE's relationship as well, but is concerned by the fact the world they lived in was ruined by rampant consumerism and pollution for centuries, until humanity managed to come back and restore life to it. This has made Bigweld more environmentally conscious.
  • While he likes Alisa Bosconovitch for being a kind-hearted android who does what she is purposed to do, he doesn't like the fact she is serving Jin Kazama for committing mass genocide, even if he does it for a reason like awakening Azazel and to hopefully destroy him to erase his Devil Gene that lurks around him.

    Dr. Screwball Jones 
Dr. Screwball Jones, Godly Herald of the Clown Prince of Crime

    Mighty the Armadillo 
Mighty the Armadillo, God of Substitute Characters

    Origami Tobiichi 
Origami Tobiichi, Great Herald of the First Child (Angel, Devil, Paper)
Click here to see "Angel" 
Click to see her Inverse Form 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as a Spirit, Greater Goddess in Inverse Form)
  • Symbol: Herself spreading her pillars
  • Theme: "Koiiro Origami", "Adoration"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good with Shido's influence, Neutral Evil in her Inverse Form
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal Before Becoming A Spirit, Broken Bird, Parental Abandonment, Hating Spirits At First, No Social Skills, Sci-Fi Bob Haircut, Byronic Hero, Light 'em Up, Beam Spam, Wave Motion Gun
  • Domains: Military, Revenge, Love, Protection
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Ganondorf, Jonathan Irons, Yuno Gasai, Gregor Clegane, Arthas Menethil, anyone who threatens Shido
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cornelia li Britannia.
  • Pities: Yukiteru Amano
  • Origami's ascension came about when the Court of the Gods noted that with her looks and personality, she had similarities to the previously ascended Rei Ayanami.
    • After her ascension, Origami noted there were other deities who represented other ascended deities.
  • Quickly went to Shido's temple and embraced him as tightly as she could. As awkward as the situation was, Shido was glad Origami made it to the Pantheon safe and sound.
  • How devoted she is to Shido? In a conversation with Shido's sister Mana, Origami revealed she knows more than just his height and age...
    Origami: His family consists of his father, mother and sister. Currently his parents have left the country for overseas work. He is adept at household chores.
    Mana: Umu......
    Origami: Blood type is AO RH+. Height is 170.0cm. Weight is 58.5 kilos. Seated height is 90.2 cm, upper arm 30.2 cm, forearm 30.2 cm. Bust 82.2 cm, waist 70.3 cm, hip 87.6cm.
    Mana: ......Okay?
    Origami: Eyesight for the right eye is 0.6, left eye 0.8, grip strength for right hand 43.5 kilo, left hand 41.2 kilo. Blood pressure 128/75. Blood sugar level 88mg/dl. Urea level 4.2mg/dl.
  • A most professional soldier, Origami felt comfortable around the House of War, making friendships with some of the good-aligned gods there. Gabriel Angelos and Susan Ivanova are very protective of her and have become her mentors in battle strategy. She also sees much of herself in the Master Chief, in stoicism and protectiveness towards their loved ones. John, still mourning Cortana's death and corruption, encourages her to keep Shido safe, no matter what.
    • Given her professional and lawful behavior, Origami hates Gregor Clegane with a passion, considering him a piss-poor excuse for a soldier. Their fight was hilariously one-sided, with Origami easily dodging Clegane's hits and blasting him with enough force to throw him into the stratosphere.
    • Not very fond of Apollyon either for her cruelty and obsession with war, making her no better than Ellen Mira Mathers.
  • Feeling regret that her quest for revenge caused some much to grief to Shido and herself, she sought Lord Byron and Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo for guidance. Byron and the Count had already heard Origami's case from Shido and told her that her path to redemption starts with forgiving herself.
  • Sees Spock as a teacher and older brother figure. While he might not show it often, Spock is quite fond of her and finds her magic powers "fascinating". Thanks to their mind-melding sessions, Origami has made great strides in attaining emotional peace. She also helps Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer on away missions. Given the moral ambiguity she had previously indulged into, Origami tries not to be to judgmental on their command styles. Given her experiences with Captain Kusakabe, it can't be that bad.
  • Sees a kindred spirit in Liara T'Soni, who endured the loss of a loved one and shared a desire to right the wrongs to herself and others, though Origami is glad Liara ultimately remained on a nobler path. Liara, realizing how much suffering Origami has endured, has become a mother figure to her and promised never to let Origami suffer again.
  • Feels bad for Yukiteru Amano. Having the same Japanese voice as her and the same English voice as Shido, Origami sympathizes with him for all the crap he endured and hopes he can find peace one day. At the same time, she would rather keep her distance from Yuno Gasai, seeing her as an even more depraved version of Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Despite her name, Origami doesn't practice the art of paper folding. Many gods advise her to take it up as a hobby, but Origami says she is too busy for that.
  • Origami's dream since childhood is to be a beautiful bride and since her ascension, she has been visiting the House of Love looking for advice in how to make it happen. One deity she befriended was Laura Bodewig, who infamously proclaimed Ichika Orimura to be her wife. Getting past the awkwardness of Laura having the same voice as Tohka, Origami gladly considers her a comrade in arms.
    • Another good friend came in the form of Celestia Ralgris, as they were both consumed by guilt from the loss of a loved one and only found redemption in the hands of the men they loved.

    Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and Yuri Sakazaki 
Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, The Divine Triumvirate of Alternate Company Equivalents (As A Team: Team Art Of Fighting, Team Kyokugenryu Karate; Ryo: The Wild Karate Guy, The Invincible Dragon, Mr. Karate II, Peasant - by Robert; Robert: The Strongest Tiger, Rich Twit - by Ryo; Yuri: The Fabulous Karate Babe, The Queen of Kyokugenryu, The Kyokugenryu Bombshell)
From Left: Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki, and Robert Garcia
Ryo as the second Mr. Karate 
  • Lesser Deities (Intermediate as a team)
  • Symbols: A Motorcycle (for Ryo), a Ferrari F-40 (for Robert) and a Pair of Earrings (For Yuri).
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Kyokugenryu Karate (Kou-Ou Discipline for Ryo, Ryugeki Discipline for Robert and Raiou Discipline for Yuri), Combat, Legacy, Honor.
  • Additional Relationships: Takuma Sakazaki (Their Sensei, And Father to Ryo and Yuri) Mai Shiranui and King (Yuri's teammates, and Ryo's Love Interest For The Latter).
  • Annoyed by: Dan Hibiki (for Ryo and Robert).
  • Herald: Kushnood Butt/Marco Rodriguez (Ryo's student).
  • Followers: The Members of the Kyokugenryu Dojo, The Garcia Corporation
  • Allies:
    • From The King Of Fighters: Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Leona Heidern.
    • Other Allies: Ekichi Onizuka, Yang Xiao Long, Sonya Blade, Guile.
  • Rival School: The Ansatsuken School (Ryu, Ken Masters, Gouken, and Akuma)
  • Rivals:
    • Ryo: Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan, Johnny Cage, Rufus, Jin Kazama.
    • Robert: Vega, Sagat Karin Kanzuki, Chun-Li, Lars Alexandersson.
    • Yuri: Hitomi, Leifang (albeit a friendly rivalry for the both of them), Cassie Cage, Sakura Kasugano, Asuka Kazama
  • Enemies: Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, M. Bison, Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima.
  • The children of Takuma Sakazaki and the son of Alberto Moralista Del Gusto De Braha Garcia have been cleared to join the Pantheon thanks in part to Takuma himself... and a hefty donation from Robert via the Garcia Corporation to secure their ascension, thus taking a page out of Karin's playbook.
  • Following their ascension, Robert had asked Takuma permission to court Yuri. Takuma, in a surprising gesture, allows it... with a warning to Robert that he will break his back if he hurts his daughter.
  • As they are the rivals of the Ansatsuken School, with the trio's ascension, it's only a matter of time before they decide to settle their rivalry once and for all. Wiz and Boomstick are looking into making that happen.
  • Their style of karate is called Kyokugenryu (Extreme Utmost Limit). What makes the style interesting is that there are five forms of study: Kou-Ou (Tiger), Ryugeki (Dragon), Hienshippu (Flying Gale), Raiou (Lightning Sparkle), and Shoran (Flying Knee). Their Herald, Marco Rodriguez (or Kushnood Butt), is a master of the Hienshippu variant, while Takuma is the master of the Shoran variant, which is the highest level of study.
  • The siblings and Robert oppose Heihachi Mishima and his son, Kazuya. While Takuma isn't 'Dad of the Year' due to ditching Ryo and Yuri at a young age, Takuma draws the line at trying to actively trying to kill his children. Plus, Takuma noted that the Mishima style of Karate was "inferior" to Kyokugenryu.
  • Dan Hibiki, claims that the Saikyoryu (Strongest Style) karate is "superior" than theirs. Both Ryo and Robert are completely facepalmed at the joke fighter's overall personality, being a parody of themselves. Yuri, on the other hand, doesn't mind it and considers that Dan's antics are actually funny.
  • Exclusive to Ryo:
    • Ryo is a master of the Kou-Ou form, the standard form of the discipline. The movesets are based upon the traditional aspects of Shotokan Karate with some Bushido Tie-Ins. Ryo's moveset is based on this principle.
    • His father is a strong supporter of him and King, as he wants grandchildren, heirs to the Kyokugenryu School. Ryo still sees his dad as a "senile old coot".
    • Speaking of the aforementioned French kickboxer, now that Ryo has been deified, the pair are tip-toeing around the idea of an actual relationship.
    • Ryo is friends with Yang Xiao Long, Sonya Blade and Eikichi Onizuka, due to their shared love of motorcycles. That same bike Ryo was seen tearing up the streets of Southtown in search of Yuri, now seen tearing up the streets of the Pantheon? He found it in a scrapyard and built it from scratch.
    • Ryo found an unwanted rival in the form of Rufus. The rotund god had mistaken Ryo for Ken Masters (despite Bob telling him that its not Ken) who is of the Ansatsuken School. Rufus learned the difference between Ryo and Ken very quick, as Ken does not launch oversized fireballs.
    • Ryo sees Ryu as quite possibly his greatest rival. He respects Ryu, of which Ryu also shows the same courtesy. The two men had fought in the past on three separate occasions, with both men winning one apiece. Their last match ended in a draw.
    • "Absolute Karate. That's Kyokugen-Ryuu. Don't forget that, dweebenheimer!" That quote has haunted Ryo for several years. Even he doesn't know what drove him to utter that infamous quote.
  • Exclusive to Robert:
    • The Ryugeki form is Robert's style of choice. It has some Taekwondo and Muay Thai elements, focusing mainly on fancy kicks rather than balance between the activity of the hands and feet. Some of the kicks are taken from military-style brawling based on some American Military Units (as noted by Jax and Jacqui Briggs, Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage). While this form is easier to master than the Kou-Ou form, it is not as versatile of a form due to some existing imbalances.
    • Robert is the heir of the Garcia Corporation, of whose wealth is on par with that of the Masters Foundation. So much so that they hosted a fighting tournament at the dawn of the new millennium. Robert's ascension means that the Garcia Corporation now has a foothold in the Pantheon.
    • Speaking of the Masters Foundation, he has just as a long rivalry with Ken Masters. Both come from wealthy families. Both came up in martial arts, developing a friendly rivalry with their respective dojo-mates. However, Ken is a family man while Robert is courting Yuri.
    • Robert found a second rival in Chun-Li. He claims that while Chun-Li originated the Hyakretsu Kyatsu (Lightning Leg), his Gen'ei Kyaku (Phantom Leg) is much more effective. Chun-Li's response: put your money where your mouth is and put that theory to the test by smashing up a car.
    • Vega is annoyed over the fact that Robert is more handsome than him (and not as batshit insane as he is). The deified Spanish Ninja does, however, have an unhealthy obsession with Yuri, just has Vega once had with Chun-Li and Eliza Masters, Ken's wife. Vega should have learned from Mr. Big that screwing with Yuri is a big no-no.
  • Exclusive to Yuri:
    • Yuri is a prodigy in the Raiou form of Kyokugenryu. This is the most basic form of Kyokugen study. In this principle, only the basic and low-level techniques are taught. Also, it focuses more on defense rather than offense since it also encourages personal instinct to be used. All Kyokugenryu practitioners must pass the Raiou moveset in order to advance to more difficult forms.
    • While Takuma gave Yuri the incentive to practice more difficult forms, but turned it down since almost all forms of Kyokugen Karate she believed focused more on offense rather than on defense. Yuri has vowed to perfect her own version of the Raiou style.
    • Yuri has developed a rivalry with the half-German karateka, Hitomi. Aside the fact that they're both half-Japanese, Hitomi and her friend, Leifang, are both impressed with the fact that Yuri mastered the basics of the Raiou discipline in less than a year.
    • Although she uses an imitation style of Ansatsuken, Yuri sees Sakura Kasugano as her major rival. The two even mixed it up at a past tournament. As with her brother and Ryu, It's unclear as to who had won that fight.


    Crystal (Crystal's Pony Tale) 
Crystal, Patron Goddess of "My Little Pony" Lampooning
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A shining horseshoe
  • Theme Song: her game's intro
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: quite obviously based on My Little Pony, customizable mane, coat, and tail color, cannot die in her game, collecting crystals to save her friends, Sugar Bowl setting
  • Domain(s): Horses, Magic, Collection
  • Heralds: her seven rainbow-colored friends
  • Followers: Other MLP knockoffs all over fiction and reality
  • Allies: All good-aligned Equestria deities, Black Beauty, Lady Amalthea, Lady Rainicorn
  • Enemies: Those who inflict a Fate Worse than Death or invoke And I Must Scream fates
  • Opposes: Zubat, bees
  • One day, in the House that would eventually house it as a temple, a quaint castle inexplicably appeared, and then from its doors, a candy-colored horse made herself known, and was identified by the name Crystal. At first, witnesses assumed that this was another to-be-deity from Equestria, but a second look made them think she looked like a knockoff of them. After the Court of the Gods reviewed her profile, and decided she can stay, though the title can be a bit demeaning. Crystal saw no problem with it, not really comprehending why it's a problem.
  • While certainly more colorful than most, Crystal is otherwise an ordinary horse, albeit one that is clever enough to operate simple machines, and solve basic puzzles.
  • Her colors can change from a limited selection of colors. By default, though, Crystal has a brown coat, purple mane, and green tail.
  • Being from a game that rips off of My Little Pony, the good-aligned deities originating from there at first had mixed opinions on how to regard her. Of course, since Friendship is Magic, Crystal got along with them pretty easily, with Pinkie Pie throwing a second party to celebrate her ascension. Also, ironically speaking, it's thanks to their series that Crystal's pony tale received considrable attention at all.
  • For inexplicable reasons, Crystal has a wand that she uses to store gems she collects (for freeing her friends from the witch's spell) and whisk her friends to safety after rescuing them. No one knows exactly where it takes them, only that they're safe from the witch there since she doesn't/can't go there to kidnap Crystal's friends again.
  • Because her friends have been victims of these, Crystal dislikes those who would subject others to horrifying fates like being encased in a cave wall, stuck as a fountain statue, rendered as an outline on a carousel, or other comparable things. She also doesn't like those who screw over others for any reason, especially if they don't have any justifiable ones.
  • Given that a witch imprisoned her friends, Crystal is wary around all of such in the Pantheon, though she can warm up to the good ones over time.
  • Crystal gets annoyed whenever she's in an area with bats; she's had enough of them in her game.
    • She also doesn't like bees either—something Nicholas Cage can understand—given the times those in her world drop honey on her, making her lose horseshoes upon contact.
  • Being all but an ordinary horse, has nothing to say about Pony Island, but even she can feel something wrong from it and has no plans on approaching it, and by extension its Lucifer or the other demons within. As for the Hopeless Soul, she pities him, but knows not of a way to free him (if he even wants to), and has no experience with gaming consoles.

    Kotori Itsuka 
Kotori Itsuka, Great Herald of the Flame Haired, Hot Eyed Hunter (Efreet)
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