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Since I have waaaaay too many ideas for characters, I may might as well make a sandbox for future entries. Feel free (in fact, I encourage you) to take up these ideas and work on them yourself.

Future ascension projects

Lestat de Lioncourt, God of Effeminate Misogynistic Guys

Derek Zoolander, Divine Idiot Savant

Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews, Trivumate Goddesses of the Power of Three


Ellen and Anabel and Anna and Tess Coleman Co-deities of the "Freaky Friday" Flip

Sabrina 'Bri' Duncan , Jill Munroe and Kelly Garrett and Natalie Cook, Dylan Sanders and Alex Munday Co-Trivumate Goddess of the Angels Pose

Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers and Hallie Parker and Annie James, Co-Twin Goddesses of Solomon Divorce or Twin Switch

Vivian, Goddess of Good-Hearted Hookers

    Queek Headtaker 
Queek Headtaker, God of Battle Trophies (Lord of the City of Pillars, Great Warlord of Clan Mors, Dwarf-Smiter)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Banner of Clan Mors.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Skaven, Ax-Crazy, Bad Boss, Blood Knight, Dual Wielding, The Dragon, Large and in Charge, Hatred of Dwarves Above All, Vicious Temper, Unnaturally Brave for a Skaven, Undying Loyalty to Warlord Gnawdwell (an unusual trait for a Skaven)
  • Domains: Rats, Combat, Trophies
  • Allies: TBD
  • Rivals: TBD
  • Enemies: Pretty much every dwarf (and the dwarf-like) in the Pantheon, but especially Thorgrim Grudgebearer
  • Since his birth, Queek Headtaker was groomed to be the ultimate warrior of Clan Mors by Warlord Gnawdwell, chosen when the warlord saw great potential in the black-furred and large (for a newborn Skaven) Queek who killed and ate his own brothers. Queek was provided luxury that could be provided by a Skaven of Gnawdwell's status, given the finest food, arms and armor, and personal extensive training. At the age of four, the Skaven had earned a string of victories and feats to his name and his fame would only grow exponentially from there on. A truly bloodthirsty warrior, Queek Headtaker seeks to defeat and survive the greatest challenges and has attained a level of infamy as a legend among the Skaven.
    • Queek Headtaker brings his trophy rack with him on his back wherever he goes, which he decorates with heads and more from noteworthy enemies such as King Krug Ironhand and fellow warlords, backing up his boasts and claims. He also has a disturbing affection for the severed heads in his collection, to the point those who would try touch them would have their hands cut off personally by Queek. He has even been seen talking to them at times, as though they were still living.

    Jessica M. Drew/Spider-Woman and Jessica Drew/Black Widow III 
Jessica Miriam Drew Goddess of Wall Crawling (Spider-Woman, Arachne, Mistress of the Dark Blade)
Jessica, with her son, Gerald. This is the real deal, not The Skrull Queen
  • Potential Houses: Other Powers
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbols: A Stylized Spider
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mother to Gerald Drew, Ambiguously Bi, MindControl And The Skrulls Are Her Berserk Button, Broken Bird, Dude Magnet Due To Her Pheromones, Heroine With Bad Publicity, She's Got Legs, Stiff Upper Lip,
  • Domains: Good, Spiders, Strength, Espionage, Charm
  • Herald: Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl
  • Allies:
    • In General: The Ascended Avengers, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Damian Wayne/Robin and Cassandra Wayne/Black Bat
    • Spider-Woman Only: Cammy White
  • Enemies: HYDRA, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, M. Bison, Quan Chi, Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker
    • Both Carol Danvers and Peter Parker were petitioning for Jessica Drew to ascend to the Pantheon. However, unknown to Carol, while she was petitioning for her best friend (the British-born HYDRA agent-turned-superheroine) to ascend, Peter had another Jessica in mind (the gender-flipped clone).
    • When news of Jessica's ascension reached both Captain Marvel and Spider-Man, Spidey, Captain Marvel and her protégé, Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel) are present to meet Jessica. Imagine Carol's shock (but not to Peter) upon seeing not one but two Jessicas; the first one that Carol knows all too well, holding her newborn son in her hands, while the second Jessica has short brown hair, and dressed in a black-and-red bodysuit with a red jacket over it, looking like a female version of Peter Parker. Fortunately, the aforementioned web-crawler (who was behind the other Jessica's ascension) is there to explain the second Jessica. "She's my clone." Kamala's response? "Cool."
  • Original Jessica Only:
  • Ultimate Jessica Only:


Future rework projects

Kanye West, God of Interruptions

Successfully ascended

Xena (Deadly Disc), Gabrielle (Adrenaline Makeover), Max (For Want of a Nail), Michael Myers (Slasher Movie), Heishiro Mitsurugi (Ronin), Nidalee (Fur Bikini), Janna Winforce (Vapor Wear), Pennywise (Child Eater), Static and Black Lightning (Electric Black Guy), Leeloo, (Birthmark of Destiny), Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers (Space Opera), Vampirella (Ladyella), Lisa and Ally (Safe, Sane, and Consensual), Arthur (Eye Glasses), Jean Valjean (Jay Walking Will Ruin Your Life), Alana and Marko (Interspecies Romance), Tira (Psychopathic Manchild), Chizuru Kagura (Doppelgänger Attack), Sakura Haruno (Cherry Blossom Girl), Death (Necro Non Sequitur), Nightcrawler (Teleport Spam), Cerebus the Aardvark (Cerebus Rollercoaster), The Silver Surfer (Intrigued by Humanity), Angel(Good Is Not Soft), Castiel (Trenchcoat Brigade), Stanley Ipkiss (Superpowered Alter Ego), Elissa Megan Powers (Bound and Gagged), Droopy(The Cat Came Back), John Crichton (Smarter Than You Look), John J. Sheridan (Deus ex Nukina), William 'Bill' Adama (Guttural Growler), Ultraman (Critical Annoyance), Piglet (Lovable Coward), Matilda Wormwood (Brain Critical Mass), Inspector Gadget (Hat of Flight), Khan(A Villain Named Khan), Samantha and Darrin (Fantastic Comedy), Perry the Platypus (Action Pet), Miyamoto Usagi (Righteous Rabbit), Sam Malone and Diane Chambers (Belligerent Sexual Tension), Berry Suarez (Hollywood Homely), Zach Morris{High School Hustler), Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce (Military Moonshiner), Kara Thrace (Good Bad Girl), Betty Boop (The Flapper), Cory and Topanga(High-School Sweethearts), Elvira (Distracted by the Sexy), Leliana (The Bard), Annie (Orphan's Plot Trinket), Wilson Fisk (Kingpin in His Gym), B.J. Blazkowicz (Nazi Hunter), Frasier Crane (The Shrink),Maria and Georg von Trapp (Harmony Versus Discipline), Rod Sterling (Genre Anthology), Dhalsim (Lotus Position), Jack Kirby (Kirby Dots), Tina Armstrong, (Foreign Fanservice), Rashid (Tornado Move), ARIA, (Mechanically Unusual Fighter), Tyler-Johnson Garrett, (Brought Down to Badass), Blanka (Rolling Attack), Hwoarang and Steve Fox, {Extremity Extremist), Carter Hall, (Reincarnation), The Dukes of Hazzard (Deep South), Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (Mistaken for Gay), Lum Invader (Closet Sublet), Q(Badass Finger Snap), Brian O'Conner (Character Outlives Actor), Ibuki (Instant Costume Change), Rick Deckard (Character Aged with the Actor), Daigo Kazama (Japanese Delinquents), Jay and Silent Bob, (Catch-Phrase Spouting Duo), Tetsuo Shima, (Shadow Dictator), Samuel Leo Fisher (Night-Vision Goggles), Riddick (Innate Night Vision), Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (The Beautiful Elite), Vir Gotto (Grew a Spine), Manfred von Karma (Amoral Attorney),Will Truman and Grace Adler (Platonic Life-Partners), Nick and Nora Charles (Busman's Holiday),Rock Howard (In the Blood), Offred(Baby Factory), Christy and Bonnie Plunkett (Recovered Addict), Harry Burns and Sally Albright (Romantic Comedy), Arthur Dent (Unfazed Everyman), Nathaniel Adam (Military Superhero), Max Blum and Penny Hartz (Last Het Romance), Princess Star Butterfly (Super Cute Superpowers), Toffee of Septarsis (The Man in Front of the Man), Kim Wu (Rebellious Spirit), Makoto (Heir to the Dojo), Senua (Hearing Voices), Doctor Olivia Moore (Eat Brain for Memories), Machete Cortes (Machete Mayhem), Toguro (Finger Poke of Doom), Father (Child Hater), Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Perp Sweating) & (Dope Slap), Kan-Ra(Collector of the Strange),Joe Higashi(Handwraps of Awesome), Norman Bates ("Psycho" Strings), Jack Torrance (Axe Before Entering), Horatio Crane (Quip to Black), Jon Stewart (News Parody), Hiei (Aloof Ally), Lennie Brisco (Evil Lawyer Joke), Veronica Mars (First-Person Smartass), Meepo (Some Dexterity Required), Durkon Thundershield (Token Religious Teammate), Mortred (Critical Hit), Mrs. Robinson (Mrs. Robinson), Barathrum (Knockback), Mark Grayson(Capepunk), Alan Moore, (Arc Welding) Jack McCoy and Adam Schiff, (Schiff One-Liner), The Smurfs (Smurfing), Benjamin Braddock ("The Graduate" Homage Shot), Paddington (Beary Funny), Goro Majima (Obfuscating Insanity), Yogi Bear (Ring Around the Collar), '''Namor (Hair-Trigger Temper), Ayla (Magically Inept Fighter), Michael Westin (Character Narrator),Faith Connors (Le Parkour), F.A.N.G. (Lean and Mean), James Marshall ("Die Hard" on an X),Satine and Christian (Break His Heart to Save Him), Raymond Reddington (The Syndicate), crew of the ''Serenity'' (Big Damn Heroes and The Firefly Effect),Hannah (Unproblematic Prostitution), Dudley Do-Right (Dudley Do-Right Stops to Help).


Successfully reworked

Buffy Summers (Vampire Hunter), Elphaba Thropp (Not Evil, Just Misunderstood), Haley Starshine (Miser Advisor), Lobo (Where I Was Born and Razed), Arthur Fonzarelli (Breakout Character and Rule of Cool), Triss Merigold (Magical Society), Yennefer of Vengerberg (Never My Fault), Josiah Barlett (As the Good Book Says...), Baiken (Handicapped Badass), Gauron (Psycho for Hire), Inspector Javert (Inspector Javert), Bellatrix Lestrange (Psycho Supporter), Indiana Jones (Indy Ploy), Lara Croft (Adventurer Archaeologist), Shawn Spencer (Phony Psychic), Vincent Kennedy McMahon (Tonight in This Very Ring), Zapp Brannigan (General Failure), Tsunade (The Gambling Addict), Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri (Not So Different), Varsuuvius (Elfeminate), Luna Lovegood (Epileptic Trees), Charles Victor Szasz(Conspiracy Theorist), Bilbo and Frodo Baggins (Hobbits), Stan Lee (Comic Books), Daredevil (Disability Superpower), Elektra (Sai Guy), Monty Oum, (Awesome, Dear Boy), Lester/Bullseye (The Pen Is Mightier), Andrew Hussie, (Trolling Creator), Roland Deschain of Gilead (Fastest Gun in the West), Doreen Allene Green (Fun Personified), Adrian Monk (Hyper-Awareness), Sam and Dean Winchester (Deus Angst Machina), Cheetah (Beastess), Terra Branford (Mama Bear), K' (Anti-Hero Substitute), Pyramid Head (Sinister Scraping Sound), Lord Byron (Byronic Hero), Osamu Tezuka, (Manga), The Care Bears (Care-Bear Stare), Kain Highwind (Dragon Knight), Mr. Welch(The Loonie), Perry Cox (Grumpy Bear), Rufus and Bob (Acrofatic), Leto Atreides II (Sand Worm), Nightmare (Evil Weapon), Dizzy (Good Wings, Evil Wings), Hachiko (Loyal Animal Companion), Black Bolt (Make Me Wanna Shout) Vito and Michael Corleone ((The Don, The Mafia), Archie Andrews (Two-Timer Date), Miles Edgeworth (Classy Cravat), Hari Seldon (Prescience by Analysis), Kain and Raziel (Non-Linear Sequel), Redcloak (Sunk Cost Fallacy), Jason Voorhees (Evil Makes You Monstrous).

    Calvin's Dad
Calvin's Dad, God of Building Character through Hardship
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His bicycle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being known only by his relation to Calvin, old-fashioned values, Know-Nothing Know-It-All, Lies to Children
  • Domains: Philosophy, Hard Work, Fatherhood
  • Allies: Bruce Wayne (specifically Bruce Wayne, not Batman- Calvin's Dad doesn't approve of vigilantes)
  • High Priestess: Lois
  • Opposed By: Calvin (via frequent "Dad Polls")
  • No one knows the name of this man. They just know that he is the father of Calvin. Oddly enough, no one really cares to ask him.
  • While by no means a cruel man, Calvin's Dad is very accepting of the hardships some of the deities in the Pantheon have faced, claiming that it built their character.
  • It is advised that others in the Pantheon do not ask this man for explanations of various phenomenons, because he will make up some story instead of answering. The House of Knowledge is rather annoyed by this tendency.
  • Sometimes he can be found ranting about the nature of the Pantheon, how it's "degraded" since he first ascended, remarking that it will be a dark day when the Pantheon will start to only consist of gods from very recent anime, movies, and video games (no classic literature or folktales).
  • Can be occasionally seen riding his bicycle at the Sports house, which gives him an excuse to keep an eye on Calvin.

Tsukiko, Goddess of Necrophilia


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