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    All Might & Izuku Midoriya 
All Might & Izuki Midoriya, Co-Gods of Passing the Torch (All Might: The Number 1 Hero, The Symbol of Peace, Toshinori Yagi; Izuku Midoriya: Deku, The Absolute Madman)
Izuku & All Might in his Hero Form
  • Theme Music: You Say Run
  • Rank: Greater God (All Might); Lesser God (Izuku)
  • Symbol: The One For All Quirk
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Not So Different, Passing the Torch, Super Strength, Empowered Badass Normal, Super Empowering, Determinator
  • Domains: Heroes, Power, Lineage
  • Heralds: The other students of Class 1-A and faculty of U.A. High School
  • Allies: Ochako Uraraka, Shouto Todoroki, Many superheroes (especially Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Batman), The Joestars, Super Sentai, Aang, Korra, Naruto Uzumaki, Luffy
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Villains (especially Kurogiri and Enrico Pucci), Grahf, HYDRA, SHOCKER, Number 96: Black Mist
  • Although All Might still retains the scars that he sustained from battling the wielder of "All For One", he no longer has the time limit on "One For All" that the injury inflicted upon him in the mortal plane, and his strength was restored to its prime by the GUAG.
  • Izuku was ecstatic to see many of the superheroes that once existed in his world's comic books actually existed in the Pantheon, and All Might feels that Izuku will further grow as he interacts with the super-heroes of the Pantheon.
  • All Might often visits the House of Heroes to strike up conversation with Superman, a fellow Paragon of Justice in his world, as All Might is in his own. One can always know when he is about to arrive by listening for his catch-phrase: "Fear not! Why you ask? Cuz I'm here!"
  • He is rarely seen when he reverts to his true form, and anyone who does is generally shocked that he's even the same person - he changes from a towering, buff super-hero to a scrawny, shriveled up man with sunken eyes. This is due to having wasted away from after-effects of injuries done to fix his wound.
  • While normally always with a smile on his face, All Might does not smile whenever he thinks of Enrico Pucci or Grahf. These two individuals remind All Might too much of "All For One"'s wielder, as they use their powers to either empower villains, take the powers of others, or worse.
    • Enrico Pucci concerns All Might because of his Stand, Whitesnake, because he's worried whether or not it can steal powers other than Stands.
    • Grahf's ability to empower villains into new forms also reminds All Might of the artificially created Noumu and its creator, "All For One".
  • All Might is a firm believer in hard work, having trained Izuku until his body was strong enough to be able to handle the power of "One For All". This makes him appreciate the similar efforts that Naruto Uzumaki put forward to achieve his dreams.
  • Izuku is often daunted by the fact that he's standing alongside so many individuals who are great heroes and powerful indivdiuals in their own right, but he vows to continue working hard and honing "One For All" so he can one day become a great hero in his own right.

    Judge Joseph Dredd 
Judge Joseph Dredd, God of THE LAW (Judge, Jury, Executioner, Joe Dredd, Dead Man, The Exterminator, The Law)
  • Theme Song: Anthrax's "I Am The Law!"
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Helmet and Badge
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral personified
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Man of the City, Judge, Jury, and Executioner, Lantern Jaw of Justice, The Stoic, Married to the Job, The Ace
  • Domains: Law, Judgment, Discipline
  • Enemies: The Dark Judges, Judge Doom, The ENTIRE House of Crime, GUAL
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Lin Beifong
  • Mega City One is a futuristic dystopia overrun by crime and the only way to put criminals in their place is through "Judges", law enforcers who go after criminals and are among the only things that can keep whatever is left of the city on its legs. Joe Dredd is among the Judges and is very dedicated to his job despite how ruthless the organization's methods are. Nevertheless, Dredd has more than once shown that he has a moral core even with how bad things are in Mega City One and has helped out innocents more than once.
  • It was a time in the Pantheon when crime was running more rampant than normal, with extensive amounts of property damage, theft, and even some murders in a few locations. Law enforcement in the Pantheon was struggling to keep criminals in check during that time and plenty of those criminals were able to evade capture. The officers of the Pantheon decided that they needed to hire someone that was able to bring those criminals to justice and what they got was someone who claimed that he was the law. In any case, Dredd as he is known as, joined the officers in stopping the criminals that were contributing to this Pantheonic crime wave and many of these criminals were taken care of thanks to his help. Dredd has since offered his work to the Pantheon law enforcement should more criminal activity occur.
  • Was honored when he found how The Nostalgia Critic dressed up as him during an expedition to stop the Plot Hole. However, he still thinks the Critic's proposition of "LAW: The Musical" and his 'Judge Dredd Blow Dance' rather ridiculous.
  • No other god in the Pantheon adheres to his alignment as FIERCELY as Dredd. To him, The Law is absolute, and deviation from it punishable with no exceptions. Even fellow tough law-enforcers such as Chief Beifong can earn his ire for occasionally trying to handle matters "outside the law".
  • Despite his profession, he refuses to support the Grand United Alliance Of Law, seeing them as being no better than the Dark Judges in what they perceive as the law. Eiki Shiki convinced him to join the Magistrate Judges, though.

    Yousuke Otoha/Karas 
Yousuke Otoha, God of Sword Lines (Karas of Shinjuku, Doctor Karas, Otoha)
Karas (with Yurine) 


    Tatsuya Shiba 
Tatsuya Shiba, God of Decomposing (Lieutenant Ooguro Ryuuya, Tatsuya Stu, Japanese DragonProudSky, Taurus Silver, Mahesvara, Demon of Okinawa, The Destroyer, God of Destruction, The Last Boss, Demon King)

    Miyuki Shiba 
Miyuki Shiba, Goddess of Attraction Towards Older Siblings (The Queen, Snow Queen, Blizzard Princess, Princess of the Yotsuba)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her CAD along with her spell, Niflheim
  • Theme Music: Miyuki
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Porfolio: Big Brother Attraction and Worship, cooling magic, inferno magic, Little Sister Heroine, Badass Adorable, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Yamato Nadeshiko, Tranquil Fury
  • Domains: Siblings, Magic, Worship
  • Allies: Tatsuya Shiba (Her Onii-sama), Honoka Mitsui, Shizuku Kurogane, Queen Elsa, Jack Frost, Sub-Zero, Cygnus Hyoga, Kirito & Asuna, Coco Bandicoot
  • Enemies: Embryo, Sir Issac Ray Peram Westcott, SHOCKER, Esdeath, Kaldr, Arthas Menethil, Azula, anyone that badmouths or gets too close to Tatsuya
  • Odd Friendship: Takeru Shiba
  • Wary of: Belarus, Mana Ouma
  • Uneasy relations: Stella Vermillion
  • In families, a sibling can look up to one another for inspiration and see each other as positive role models. Sometimes, it can grow into worship, and then something more. That's the case with Miyuki, who not only holds her brother in high regard, but there's a few things here and there that indicate she wants to be closer to him in more ways than one.
  • At one point, Miyuki got herself involved in a battle against an entity known as Zetsumu. While she was a participant in it and Tatsuya was there for support initially, she decided to provide some aid as well when Tatsuya became a proper participant in the battles.
  • As someone who is adept at ice powers, Miyuki has found gotten along with other good-aligned deities who utilize that element. In particular, she has a strong friendship with Queen Elsa, as the two of them have "Snow Queen" as one of their aliases, not to mention having an effective bond between their respective siblings.
    • On the other hand, she doesn't like villainous ice users such as Kaldr & Lissandra at all. The fact that Miyuki can freeze up her surroundings if she gets too emotional is something that hasn't gone unnoticed by the evil ice practitioners, with Lissandra in particular being intrigued at that fact.
  • Stella Vermillion has had a difficult time trying to be friendly towards Miyuki, even though Miyuki doesn't have much of an issue with her. Aside from the fact that Stella and Miyuki mainly use opposing elements (though Miyuki does use fire magic on occassion), Miyuki reminds her a little too much of Shizuku, her boyfriend's little sister who is able to cast ice magic like Miyuki does and is also attracted to her older brother.
  • Even though she has quite a relationship with her brother, Miyuki is rather cautious of Mana Ouma due to what the latter would potentially do to try and get close with Shu. Although Mana has been trying to be less willing to cause chaos, Miyuki is still wary of her regardless.
  • Like Tatsuya, she has taken issue with SHOCKER trying to cause widespread terrorism and has been working with him to put a stop to their plans. Given how harming one Shiba will incur the wrath of the other (especially if Miyuki is the one at risk), SHOCKER opted to find a way to swiftly defeat the Shibas simultaneously.

    Lupin Criminal Empire 
Lupin Criminal Empiremembers , Celestial Caper Crew
Goemon, Jigen, Fujiko, Lupin
  • Theme Music: One version of the Lupin III theme
  • Intermediate Deities as a group; Lesser Deities individually
  • Symbol: A bullet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (with a few moments of Chaotic Good if possible)
  • Portfolio: Badass Caper Crew, Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain
  • Domains: Crime, Plans, Teams
  • High Priests: Danny Ocean and his crew
  • Allies: Arsene Lupin, Phantom Thieves of Heart
  • Rivals: Kaito Kuroba
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • Special Relations: Inspector Zenigata, Conan Edogawa, Leonardo da Vinci
  • What does a skilled womanizing thief, a loyal snarky gunslinger, a stoic Japanese swordsman, and a beautiful but potentially traitorous woman all have in common? They're all part of a criminal organization (even if it looks like they're just the only members of the Lupin Criminal Empire) dedicated to stealing whatever is on their mind. More specifically, Lupin plans out the heists and does the stealing, Jigen and/or Goemon take out any threats that may stand in the group's way (with Jigen also doing the group's getaways), and Fujiko provides the distraction so that the group can get closer to their desired item (backstabbing courtesy of her may or may not be included), though she does have her own heists that may or may not be connected to Lupin's current scheme.
  • Not only have there been conflicting reports on the members' own pasts prior to meeting each other, but there has also been a handful of differing ideas on how exactly the group was formed. There was that one time where Jigen was interviewed by a reporter about how Lupin gang came to be, but even then what the reporter got from Jigen is probably not the true story behind the founding of the Lupin Organization.
  • The group, Lupin himself in particular, have actually known Conan Edogawa a bit due to them having crossed paths a couple of times. The first involved a princess about to be a leader of her country and the second involved a jewel known as the Cherry Sapphire. Encounters between Lupin and Edogawa tend to get interesting thanks to their skills in their respective fields, but if a greater problem arises that manages to get the two involved, then they're willing to work together to figure out what's behind it.
  • While they were visiting Italy, the crew managed to get involved in a scheme by a clone of Leonardo da Vinci that involved incorporating his mind into that of those present in the region due to the clone reaching the end of his lifespan. Lupin put a stop to that plan. When it came to the actual da Vinci in the Pantheon, the crew, Lupin himself in particular, are on slightly reasonable terms with da Vinci, mostly due to the latter's disapproval of what the clone was trying to do.
  • As the leader of the group, Lupin III is apparently the grandson of famed thief Arsene Lupin the First. Lupin III is the one that plans out the heists that his group makes and has is able to get out of trouble, be it through disguising as someone else, help from one of his members, or just luck. He's also got a thing for ladies and usually flirts with them whenever he can, though he will help them if they have a serious issue to deal with. Generally speaking, Lupin will go after treasures and girls, but will come to someone's aid if necessary.
    • He has a collection of different-colored jackets over the course of his escapades. If he is wearing a darker outfit, chances are that he is dealing with something much darker than his typical exploits.
    • One time, Lupin disguised himself as Kaito Kid in order to perform a heist. Naturally, Conan Edogawa figured out the discrepancies between Lupin's "Kid" and the real Kid during the chase. Some time after, Kaito got back at Lupin by stealing an object before the latter was able to get to it. Nowadays, the two have competitions on who can do the heists better (and Kaito is very much aware of Lupin's associates).
  • Daisuke Jigen can be considered the most consistent member of Lupin's entourage and has been following the thief for quite some time. Jigen is the snarky and cool-headed foil to Lupin's more outgoing personality and Jigen is skilled with a plethora of firearms (though his default gun is a revolver) and has a 0.3 second quick-draw.
  • Goemon Ishikawa XIII is one of the more unorthodox members of the team, being a samurai and showing very little emotion compared to the others. He is the other member of the team that has a combat-oriented skill, only a sword is involved instead of guns. Goemon's sword is capable of cutting down a lot of things (or worthless objects as he tends to put it), though there have been a few exceptions.
  • Fujiko Mine is every bit as attractive as she is unpredictable. If Lupin isn't trying to steal things or other girls, then he's trying to steal her heart, but Fujiko has rebuffed his advances many times over. Whenever she's in action, her role is to be the sexy distraction towards guards so that Lupin can get closer to the treasure that he is seeking at the moment. Sometimes, Fujiko might go against the team when they least expect it and other times, she has her own work to take part of.

00-Cyborgsmembers , Divine Secret Project Refugee Family
Left to right: 008, 007, 001 (above), 003, 009, 004, 005, 006 (in front of the previous two), 002
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Music: What's the Justice?; Cyborg 009 ~Nine Cyborg Soldiers~
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Multinational Team, True Companions
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Teamwork
  • Herald: Dr. Issac Gilmore
  • Allies: The Showa-era Kamen Riders, Kikaider, Raiden (Metal Gear), Cyrax, Victor Stone, Superman
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, HYDRA, Senator Armstrong, Sundowner, The Corpus, Apollyon, Mistral, Monsoon, Sektor, Viktor, The Grineer, Bellona, Cyborg Superman
  • Black Ghost is a terrorist organization seeking to plunge the world into perpetual war through any means necessary. One of their plans involved turning nine different people into cyborgs. However, the 00-Cyborgs, as they were referred to, had different plans and with the help of former Black Ghost scientist Issac Gilmore, they turned against Black Ghost and later fought against them. After the destruction of that organization, the cyborgs would later go up against multiple different threats. Despite all that they have been through both before and after becoming cyborgs, the 00-Cyborgs have great teamwork dynamics with each other and even regard each other as something of a surrogate family, with Dr. Gilmore as their caretaker.
  • Having suffered a multitude of unsuccessful attempts to take over the Pantheon, the GUAM put forth a plan that would call for the cybernetization of several deities and the destruction of several places to be replaced with more technologically advanced cities in the process. As word of multiple kidnappings began to spread, various cities began to fall to the GUAM’s soldiers and control of the Pantheon was just within their grasp. They ended up finding an obstacle in that plan through nine cyborgs, who ended up in the Pantheon while traveling in their ship and defeated the soldiers before being told by others what the GUAM was planning and went to GUAM’s base to rescue the deities that have been captured. As the 00-Cyborgs stormed the GUAM base for the rescue operation, they learned what that group wanted and was disturbed to see what GUAM was willing to do. After a difficult fight, the 00-Cyborgs rescued the victims and that specific GUAM base was destroyed after the escape. The 00-Cyborgs learned what the Pantheon is, the dangers that threaten the place, and the war that pervades it, prompting them to continue their work in protecting the place from whoever may threaten it.

    Akira Fudou/Devilman 
Akira Fudou, God of Becoming More Attractive After Gaining Powers (Devilman, DEBIRU-Man, Violence Jack)
Devilman on the top; Akira at the bottom
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Devilman's face
  • Theme Music: Devilman no Uta (Crybaby version); Devil Mind ~Ai wa Chikara~
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Neutral as Jack)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Went from a Meek Person to becoming More Aggressive after Merging with a Demon (Still not that Bad of a Person), Combo Platter Powers
  • Domains: Power, Changes, Personality
  • Allies: Kouji Kabuto, Peter Parker
  • Enemies: Evil Demons
  • Originally a kind, but meek teenager, Akira Fudou's life was irrevocably changed following a visit by Ryo Asuka, who told him that demons are about to attack his world. In order to fight back, Akira needed to merge with a demon and to do so, he and Ryo visited a sabbath that went to hell. In all the chaos, Akira merged with bloodthirsty war demon Amon and became a Devilman. While Akira became a bit more cocky and aggressive since the merging, he still maintained a relatively decent attitude and has fought back against many demons who wanted to destroy everything. His changes aren't just limited to his personality, but also his physical appearance, with him getting some darker shading around his eyes being one of them, alongside having a more muscular body.
  • The Pantheon was undergoing a dark moment in time, with several demons turning the place into an apocalyptic landscape and a number of good-aligned deities were in a difficult fight to ward off these threats. The arrival of a human who was able to transform himself into a demon would be what was needed to give the heroic combatants more of a fighting chance against a potential armageddon. Even with the help of Devilman, the war for the fate of the Pantheon was a brutal fight and he ultimately found himself face-to-face with the leader of the demons that plotted the takeover of the Pantheon. While Devilman’s fight against his universe’s Satan ended in tragedy, the outcome of his fight against the demon leader was more optimistic, though the Pantheon was still heavily ruined because of what had transpired. After the place was repaired, Akira Fudo, the person that had the identity of Devilman, settled down in the Pantheon, vowing to continue fighting so that Pantheon won’t suffer the same fate that he and his friends did back in his own world.

    Class 77-B 
Class 77-Bmembers , Collective of Pronounced Comebacks After Trouble (Nagito: ; Imposter: ; Gundham: ; Kazuichi: ;Teruteru: ; Nekomaru: ; Fuyuhiko: ; Akane: ; Sonia: ; Hiyoko: ; Mahiru: ; Mikan: ; Peko: ; Ibuki: )
Above Hajizuru going from top of picture to his head (left to right): Nekomaru, Peko, Imposter, Kazuichi, Fuyuhiko, Gundham, Ibuki, Akane, Nagito, Sonia; Left side of Hajizuru from top of head to legs: Hiyoko, Mahiru, Mikan; Right side of Hajizuru (not counting Ryota Mitarai): Teruteru
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Hope's Peak Academy emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good collectively (individually, they lean towards either Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, or Chaotic Neutral with some Good leanings depending on their personality); Chaotic Evil as Remnants of Despair
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Students, Talents
  • Allies: Hajizuru
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Tsumugi Shirogane, SHOCKER, Jervis Tetch, Yuri
  • Special Relations: Chiaki Nanami, Monomi
  • A young man with a weird streak of luckiness, an overweight disguise expert, a hammy animal lover, an eccentric mechanic, a sex-obsessed chef, a boisterous athelete, a temperamental young gangster, an atheletic food-obsessed girl, a princess from another country, a bratty Japanese dancer, a level-headed photographer, a meek medic, a straight-laced swordswoman, and an energetic metal musician might make for a really strange selection of students, but that's Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy in a nutshell. Life for them was relatively normal until Junko Enoshima entered the school and caused chaos, culminating with the group becoming Ultimate Despair after watching their friend Chiaki Nanami brutally die. It took the efforts of Izuru Kamakura, driven by Nanami's death, to make an elaborate virtual reality set-up to see if hope overcomes despair and all the members of Ultimate Despair were involved with it. It all worked out despite some complications and 77-B, with the help of Hajime Hinata (now with Izuru's talents), they were able to head to Future Foundation headquarters to prevent further disaster (and make up for what happened as Ultimate Despair in 77-B's case) and in the end, headed off to a secluded island to live in peace.
  • Hajizuru paid Nanami a visit one day, telling her to meet him at a place the following day where a surprise was waiting for her. When she met up with Hajizuru again at that place, she managed to find out that all of her friends from Class 77-B was with him, something that she didn't expect at all. Hajizuru and the other 77-B students had a talk with her about what happened to them once she was killed, with Nanami being horrified of the group's (sans Hajizuru) brainwashing and later heartened to learn that they were able to return to normal, even if their adventure with her virtual counterpart got chaotic. The class was equally surprised to learn that Nanami's virtual counterpart was in the Pantheon alongside her human self. It was clear that everyone involved went through a lot with each other both in the real world and in the virtual world, with this reunion being a part of it. Nanami wished for the best of 77-B and Hajizuru helping them to the best of his abilities and is willing to meet them again whenever possible.
  • They all find Tsumugi Shirogane, who has picked up quite a bit of despair-loving quirks from Enoshima, to be just as bad, if not worse, than Enoshima. It's one thing that all of 77-B got brainwashed after watching a close friend die, but it's another thing entirely to not just make a reality show competition out of killing others, but to completely mindwipe the unlucky participants involved of their original memories before the game even starts and psychologically torment them further at the very end.
  • Being brainwashed into committing large-scale disasters is something the group really regrets. They were quite furious when they found out that Junko Enoshima had ties to SHOCKER, an organization willing to brainwash others after kidnapping them through force and how that organization can cause potentially greater damage than what Enoshima could accomplish. This isn't even getting to the fact that there's a number of other deities capable of brainwashing others without SHOCKER's involvement such as Jervis Tetch.
  • At first glance, Nagito Komaeda looks like a strange version of Makoto Naegi, up to and including having a strong desire for hope. To get it out of the way, he doesn't come from another dimension and is able to exist alongside the real Naegi without much problems (and admires him to an almost creepy extent). Nagito believes in the concept of hope, but unlike Naegi, Nagito has a lot of screws loose when it comes to espousing the ideals of hope to the point that it could come off as meaningless.
  • The Ultimate Imposter doesn't have a real name compared to the rest of the Class and it's very much tied to his talent. He's able to imitate the clothing and appearance of any particular person and can utilize their talent as well. Despite being overweight, he's fairly agile and can copy skills that require extensive mobility fairly well.
  • Gundham Tanaka is one of the more eccentric classmates in a group full of already oddball characters. He is known for his larger-than-life personality by pretending to be various things associated with darkness, but it makes him come off as weird to others. Despite this, he's an approachable student and is very good with animals.
  • Kazuichi Soda is the class' resident technician befitting his title of Ultimate Mechanic. Although he's prone to making a bunch of weird faces, he's a kind-hearted person despite not having the best of luck out of the students.
  • Teruteru Hanamura looks very different from the rest of 77-B and has the strange behavior to match it. Beyond his passion for cooking (and since he's the Ultimate Cook, the food he makes is very good), he's very open about wanting sex, but he isn't very successful in achieving that.
  • Nekomaru Nidai is one of 77-B's athletic students and it's his job to get sports teams in peak condition to win. He's very boisterous and has a tendency to let out some crude jokes from time to time. With his focus on exercise, it's a bit apparent that intelligence is not a strong suit of his.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is the shortest stuent of the class and has a fittingly short-tempered behavior to go along with it. In spite of his temperamental attitude and the fact that his title is related to the Yakuza, he's not as bad of a person as he lets on, even if he's not fully willing to admit it.
  • In a few ways, Akane Owari is very much alike to Nekomaru by virtue of being athletic, well-toned, and not being that smart. Whereas Nekomaru is associated with sports in general, Owari is more of a gymnast and she has the figure to back it up. Like Nekomaru, Owari isn't that smart, but she also has quite an appetite.
  • Sonia Nevermind hails from a country far from wherever Hope's Peak Academy is at and fits the role of the foreign exchange student. Although she's one of the nicer students among the group, her interests lean towards the oddball side despite being a princess of a small country.
  • Despite looking like a total cutie, Hiyoko Saionji doesn't really act the part and has a bit of a mean streak to her. She's dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono and her designation is because of her dancing abilities, but she has more fun with belittling others.
  • Mahiru Koizumi is one of the more level-headed students of the least in comparison to everyone else in the group. Mahiru has a camera with her as one would expect from someone who has the Ultimate Photographer title and is probably the only person that Hiyoko won't act mean towards.
  • Mikan Tsumiki is the class' medic and one that's very prone to being in accidents, with her seemingly meek behavior having some part of it. As the class' nurse, she's able to tend to the injuries of others in spite of herself getting into a number of mishaps herself. Her being weak-willed also means that she's prone to having her mind snap.
  • By virtue of being a swordswoman, the generally stoic Peko Pekoyama is among the very few students of 77-B that's able to put up a fight if significantly threatened. She is apparently close to Fuyuhiko to the point that a good number of people believe that the two are in a relationship.
  • Even though she's into heavy metal, Ibuki Mioda is possibly the most energetic classmate out of 77-B. This simpleminded metalhead also has a tendency to refer to herself in Third-Person Person, further adding to her outlandish demeanor.

    The Feebles 
The FeeblesNotable Members , Representatives of Works Mistaken for Parodies
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A neon display that reads Meet the Feebles
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Heidi, Sebastian, Harry, Wynyard, Sidney); Neutral Evil (Bletch, Trevor, Samantha); Neutral Good (Robert, Lucille, Arthur)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Showbiz, Calamity
  • Heralds: The rest of The Feebles Variety Hour cast and crew
  • Enemies: Lionel Starkweather
  • Awkward Relations: The Muppets, Conker the Squirrel
  • Meet the Feebles. They're not your average, ordinary people...and they're definitely not your average, ordinary puppet-like characters. More specifically, they're in charge of a family-friendly variety show, but their actions are definitely the opposite of family-friendly. Singing a song about sodomy and going on a shooting spree with a machine-gun are just some of the very adult actions two of those Feebles done. Despite them coming off as a Muppet parody, Peter Jackson, who created these characters, has stated that it's not the case and that they're more of a satire on human behavior.
  • Hoping to find some unorthodox talent to work on a large-scale play, the House of Theater was looking for some recruits to help with the project. A walrus who introduced himself as Bletch approached the house with the intent to participate in the project with a few others that he personally knew. At around the same time, various police officers got word of another drug operation in progress and they’ve had difficulties finding those responsible for such. The clues that they received would lead them to the House of Theater, where a performance for an original show was underway and Bletch was watching from the audience. Some of Bletch’s performers did well and won over the audience at the time, though some were met with dead silence. As the show went on, some officers began to notice Bletch talking to some unsavory figures, realized his involvement with the drug operations, and were ready to take him in while trying to avoid attention to themselves. While the performance went off without any major problems like having several audience members get shot to death, the officers were in for a surprise when they saw a couple of Bletch’s associates waiting and a shootout ensued. While the rest of the Feebles got in the Pantheon with only a few problems after that performance, the road was much rougher for Bletch due to his shadiness.
  • As far as the whole group is concerned, they’ve very much gone their separate ways since getting into the Pantheon and the prior massacre. Even if the above show was sort of a reunion for the group, Bletch only arranged it as an attempt to get more power for his drug operations since any additional attempt to get his show on the air would never happen. The temple is little more than Bletch’s office and the other members of the group (except Trevor and possibly Samantha) have opted to live in separate parts of the Pantheon.
  • Kermit the Frog has extremely mixed opinions on the Feebles overall to say the least. Hearing what Heidi had to go through and what she did on-stage when she was at breaking point frightened the frog a bit, seeing it as what could happen if Miss Piggy became less sane. He was a bit thankful that Heidi is trying to recover. In contrast, Kermit is disappointed to hear about the ordeal of another frog in Wynyard and how unlikely it'll be for that frog to ever recover. Kermit simply can't agree with Bletch's corrupt activities whenever the walrus isn't involved with the Feebles' onstage activity and thinks that Trevor is even worse when it comes to actions. Sebastian is someone that Kermit is annoyed with due to selfishness and singing a very inappropriate song in front of an audience (the latter even Bletch thought was off-putting). About the only Feebles that Kermit is willing to talk to are Robert, Lucille, and Arthur and even then, it's not often as a result of Kermit being busy among other things. The other Muppets would rather not talk to or about the Feebles much, if at all.
  • The massacre that occurred at the hands of Heidi during the Feebles Variety Hour premiere remains a notable black mark for everyone involved, even for those that were just trying to survive. Lionel Starkweather, who has made a living making films where people physically die for his own twisted amusement, was among the very few that enjoyed said massacre to the point of trying to approach Bletch and Trevor about making something similar to it. Bletch made it very clear that the massacre was out of his control and didn’t want a repeat of that. Trevor, who has a history of making dirty films (and even briefly thought about making a Snuff Film), rejected the offer and saw Starkweather as too sick for his liking. The rest of the Feebles are repulsed by Starkweather and would like to avoid him as much as possible.
  • Heidi the Hippo is, ostensibly, the main star of The Feebles’ Variety Hour and Bletch’s former girlfriend. Although formerly slim, she’s put on a lot of weight since then and hasn’t gotten over Bletch dumping her for a cat. At the height of her depression, Heidi snapped and shot a lot of people in the theater, including Bletch. Fortunately, she saw just how much damage she caused and has since gone on a path to recovery starting with a decade’s worth of staying in penitentiary confinement and rehab.
    • (romance)
  • Bletch the Walrus not only oversees the show The Feebles are working on, he is also the leader of a drug-dealing mob that’s in conflict with a separate group led by a whale. He’s very determined in making sure the show goes on without a hitch to the point of attempting to hire someone to murder whoever messes that show up. In the grand scheme of things, he’s a greedy bastard willing to engage in any sort of unsavory activity just to earn more money for himself.
    • (drug)
  • Robert the Hedgehog, Lucille the Poodle, and Arthur the Worm are very much one of the very few members of the ensemble that are genuinely nice. Robert is a newcomer to The Feebles troupe and fell in love with Lucille, a member of The Feebles Chorus, with Arthur helping Robert out in that regard. After some troubles, Robert and Lucille eventually got married some time after the massacre had ended, with the former becoming a fashion photographer as well.
    • Being a fashion photographer, Robert learned about the Pantheon fashion industry and was willing to see what was in store for him. He ended up meeting a number of fashionistas and they were more than welcome to let him take pictures of their work. That said, Robert refused to have any involvement with Junko Enoshima given her behavior and the fact that she enjoyed the massacre that took place further sickened the hedgehog.
  • Sebastian the Fox is in charge of getting the whole show organized, but he seems to have a rather bloated opinion about himself. Against the wishes of Bletch, he sings a song about sodomy in front of an audience for a family show and after the massacre has come to pass, he writes a book about it claiming to have stopped this travesty.
    • He saw the Pantheon as a perfect opportunity to get his book turned into a film seeing as how his previous attempts never went anywhere apparently. Unfortunately, none of the ascended filmmakers took his book seriously given how inaccurate it is to what actually happened (this isn’t even getting to the fact that one member of the ensemble is a depraved porno filmmaker) and all the conversations Sebastian had with them devolved into arguments. It hasn’t stopped him from trying to find someone else interested in his book and wanting to prove those other filmmakers wrong.
  • Trevor the Rat is a member of Bletch’s gang and has committed a number of dirty deeds. He is an abusive jerk towards anyone not a member of Bletch’s gang and when not involved with Bletch, he makes pornos and is not above drugging others into getting them involved with such.
    • While doing business with Bletch one day, Trevor saw another rat that wanted to talk to him, with Trevor hoping that they wanted something important. It turned out to be Ratigan, a criminal rat who was interested in negotiating business with a fellow rat in the hopes of gaining more power. Trevor was rather surly towards Ratigan, but Bletch (who was with Trevor at the time), was willing to listen to what Ratigan wanted. The deal ultimately amounted to Ratigan taking over sections of the Pantheon while Bletch and his gang were free to continue their operations in those sections owned by Ratigan. Ratigan does think Trevor and the gang he’s part of has potential, Trevor thinks Ratigan is a bit on the “soft” side when it comes to being a crime lord.
  • Sidney the Elephant is one depressed member of the cast and got pulled into an argument with his ex-girlfriend over their elephant-chicken hybrid Seymour, allegedly Seymour’s son. At first, Sidney wanted nothing to do with it, but as the massacre unfolded, he made the effort to save his son and has since turned to horticulture in addition to taking in Seymour.
    • Because of his experience taking care of a hybrid elephant child, Horton was quick to meet up with Sidney to discuss how to take care of the child properly. He was a bit apprehensive of Sidney’s glum disposition and his initial unwillingness to accept Seymour before the massacre struck, but was willing to help the elephant not just in regards to Seymour, but to improve his overall personality. Despite his initial doubts, Sidney welcomed Horton’s company and Horton has sometimes looked over Sidney’s orchard garden.
  • Harry the Hare is another performer for the show and a sex addict during off-hours. Things haven’t gone well for him, especially after learning from his doctor that he’s contracted a fatal disease that will kill him soon.
    • Even after the fact that Harry never had that disease to begin with, his luck’s still rather bad and Harry's sexual escapades in the Pantheon often end in disaster. Some of his worst injuries happen around Lola Bunny, given how she’s good friends with Bugs Bunny and to her, Harry is little more than a creep.
  • Samantha the Cat is Bletch’s current girlfriend and not a pleasant individual overall. Knowing full well that Heidi was Bletch’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha has taken every opportunity to mock Heidi for it...which would ultimately result in not only Samantha getting killed, but a whole massacre ensuing.
  • Wynyard the Frog takes part in the knife-throwing segment of the show, something that sounds much more troubling in retrospect given his past. He took part in The Vietnam War, where his psychological state deteriorated badly and has developed an addiction to heroin.
    • The Pantheon being home to a never-ending war (including those that are much more fantastical than The Vietnam War) certainly didn’t help with Wynyard’s already deteriorating sanity. That said, there were people who have had horrible experiences with war that he was willing to try and talk to.

    Tanya von Degurechaff 
Tanya von Degurechaff, Representative of Reincarnations in Alternate Worlds (Argent, Devil of the Rhine, Loli Hitler, Vampire Loli, Killer Loli)
  • Intermediate Rank
  • Symbol: The Imperial Army emblem
  • Theme Music: Young Girl's War
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Neutral Evil and a dark shade of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonist/Nominal Hero, The Dreaded, Military Mage, Narcissist, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Mask of Sanity, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Idiot Hair, Flat-Earth Atheist, Moral Sociopathy, Super-Skilled Soldier
  • Domains: Reincarnation, Ruthlessness
  • Heralds: Viktoriya Serebryakov, 203rd Mage Batillion
  • Allies: Gertrude
  • Enemies: Any Jerkass God
  • Once there was a cold, ruthless Japanese HR manager who valued efficiency above all else. His life ended when a disgruntled employee he fired pushed him onto an oncoming train. Moments before his death, he heard the voice of a divine being, who he personally referred to as "Being X". Since he had no religious inclination whatsoever, Being X punished him by reincarnating him as a little girl in a magical war-torn reality. Now known as Tanya von Degurechaff, the little girl soldier with the mind of a ruthless modern-day office worker now leads a platoon of troops by applying much of her skillset from her previous life onto her new hellish one. As a result of a high latent magic ability, she has the Elenium Type-95, a device that enhances her current skills, but requires a prayer, much to her anger. More than anything, Tanya is determined to survive her new life at war and spite Being X whenever possible.
  • Tanya woke up in an unfamiliar place one day, unsure of what had happened beforehand. At first, she thought she and her squadron botched a mission and that they had to be put under medical care. As it turned out, Degurechaff and her teammates ended up wherever they were as a result of higher-up powers. It became clear that Tanya's sanity was taking a hit (though since she was talking to others and not in battle, she wasn't exactly showing her loss of sanity during that time) as she asked what that place was. The people she was talking to explained that the place was called a "Pantheon", where anyone can be designated as a "god" based on whatever aspect they have. Tanya was also told that the place can just be considered a world where life goes on with additional changes for others that find themselves there. Although Tanya didn't snap in front of whoever was talking to her, it became apparent that she didn't like what was happening to her.
    • After getting her "composure" back together, Tanya went to an empty church somewhere in the Pantheon and screamed in anger near the statue of a religious figure. She believed that it was Being X who sent her to the Pantheon as a means to get her to worship him. She continued to curse Being X out, declaring that no matter what happens, even in a place where everyone is a "god" in some weird way, she would never worship it in any way whatsoever. To that end, she's among the handful of Pantheonic denizens that doesn't want to be worshipped as a deity (let alone be acknowledged as such), but rather be simply seen as a regular person.

    Koichi Zenigata 
Inspector Koichi Zenigata, God of Outwitted Cops (Tott-San, Keibu, Old Fart, Pops)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pair of handcuffs over an Interpol badge
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (has Neutral tendencies, though)
  • Portfolio: Honest and Dedicated Enforcement of The Law, Being Underestimated, Always Falling Short of THAT Guy, Hot Pursuit, NEVER Giving Up
  • Domains: Justice, Determination
  • High Priest: Ginzo Nakamori
  • Allies: Captain America, Phoenix Wright, Jack McCoy, Carmelita Fox
  • Enemies: The corrupt members of the House of Justice
  • Special Relations: Lupin III and his crew
  • ICPO agent Koichi Zenigata has always pursued Lupin III and his entourage whenever that group is about to make a heist of some sort. If there's one thing that Zenigata has consistently failed at, it's catching Lupin III and even if that thief is captured, making sure that Lupin stays behind bars is a challenge in and of itself. Nevertheless, Zenigata is very much determined in getting his goals achieved no matter what happens.
  • The House of Justice found a note written by Lupin III that said that he is planning yet another heist. At around the time the note was being looked over, a man by the name of Kochi Zenigata introduced himself and explained that he knows quite a bit on Lupin III and his crew. The House gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to let him be a part of stopping whatever it is Lupin had planned. Unsurprisingly, Lupin was able to get away, though Zenigata was able to put in quite an effort in at least slowing the thief down. The House of Justice agreed to let Zenigata be a part of the law enforcement due to his determination and capabilities despite not always succeeding in getting Lupin III.
  • Zenigata is honest in the most ideal definition of the term: he is not a cop to enforce the law, he's a cop to enforce the ideal of Justice. As such, he's willing to let a lesser crime slide if it means dealing with a much more serious one. This attitude irks Inspector Javert, and Zenigata is not impressed by Javert's blind pursuit of the law without putting justice first. However, since both work as law-enforcement agents, they have a professional-yet-strained working relationship.
  • Every Lawful God in the pantheon (with the exception of the Evil ones, or Javert) has nothing but respect for Zenigata, and any time the House Of Justice needs an investigation conducted, he's the first choice for said task. They also give him lots of leeway for attempting to catch Lupin, since even if he never catches him, the amount of criminals he DOES catch while pursuing Lupin is mindblowing.
  • He was in for quite a surprise during one of his pursuits against Lupin III, or at least Zenigata thought it was his main target that he was pursuing. After seemingly able to capture him, it turned out that "Lupin III" was a disguise by...the original Arsene Lupin. Not long after, Arsene was able to escape Zenigata, much to the latter's frustration. After the encounter, Zenigata took a look at the original Arsene's endeavors and subsequently saw him as someone who is on par with Lupin III in terms of thievery.

    Hiccup & Toothless 
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Toothless, Gods of Forbidden Friendship (Toothless: Night Fury, Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death; Hiccup: Chief of the Hooligan Tribe, Hiccup the Useless, Dragon Conqueror, Dragon Trainer)
Hiccup and Toothless
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A chalk sketch of the two
  • Theme Music: Forbidden Friendship; We Go Where No One Goes
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Beast, Leadership, Technology
  • Worships: Thor, Odin
  • Allies: Gentaro Kisaragi, Godzilla, The Doctor, Rapunzel, Merida, Jack Frost, Percy Jackson, Lost Vikings, Rook, Alette, Zuko, Tenzin, Shinji Ikari, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu
  • Enemies: Deathwing, King Ghidorah, Grima, Ornstein and Smough, Mordremoth, Acnologia, J, Anankos, Alduin, Miraak, Ripto
  • Opposes/Conflicting Opinion: Any dragon hunters
  • Odd Friendship: The Nameless King
  • Vikings and dragons were once locked in an eternal struggle of battle until one viking, Hiccup, took the crazy step of training and befriending one dragon, a Night Fury he named "Toothless". While a hard struggle at first, they were able to prevail an usher in a new age for both vikings and dragons.
  • As an avid inventor, Hiccup is a frequent caller in the House of Craft, often to fit Toothless with new saddle additions.
  • They also love visiting the House of Beasts, discovering other dragon species, though they have yet to find another Night Fury. Hiccup was amaze that many of the dragons were able to sora in human language. And even more amaze that some were like the fabled Lycanwing. Hiccup has catalogued many of the new dragons in his book
  • Both of them are great advocates for crippled heroes due to their missing foot and tail-fin respectively, and are aware of how rare they are.
  • The pair are almost never seen apart, whether they’re flying, working or simply being together. It's often illadvised to ever seperate the two has they will fight tooth and nail to be reunited.
  • One of the very few to have a great understanding on the ordeals the Nameless King might of went through in the past. Hiccup, like the King, was part of a warrior race who battled with dragons. He would then befriend one of the dragons and have a bond that's inseparable. But maybe the most inportant connection between the two is the fact they they oppose their father. Though, everything turned alright with Hiccup and reconciled with his father. The Nameless King and Gwyn? Not so much.
  • While a Hiccup is willing to try to tame the most dangerous dragons, he knows that certain dragons are un-rideable. He also learned that dragons can be utterly vicious like the Red Death and can never be tamed.
  • Both Hiccup and Toothless and the other Hooligan Dragon a Riders had plenty of run ins with Dragon Hunters in his world who tried to exploit the many dragons there. Because of this, he has a hard relationship with many of the Dragon Slayers here. Though, they do understand that some aren't evil and any slaying of dragons was a neccassery action.
  • There was an attempt by some healers to regrow Toothless' missing tail fin so he be able to fly on his own. However, any attempts on that was met with a not so toothless growl from the Night Fury. The dragon is very content on riding with Hiccup.
  • Toothless has been spending certain days with the King of Monsters, Godzilla. Might be because Toothless ended up being the leader of the dragons and gaining an appearance that was very similiar to the Kaiju God.
  • Learned the backstory of Acnologia in that he was once a human dragon slayer who killed dragons in an act of revenge to his village. This cause Hiccup to compare him to Drago Bludvist who had a similar background and who became a monster.

    "A" Trio 
Arle Nadja, Amite, & Ringo Andou, Divine Trio of Falling Block Puzzles (Arle: Silvana)
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: The various Puyos
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Blond, Brunette, Redhead
  • Domains: Puzzles, Magic
  • Heralds: Carbuncle (mainly for Arle), Ally
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Lip
    • Arle: Sojiro Sakura
    • Amite:
    • Ringo:
  • Enemies:
  • The world of Puyo Puyo is one filled with all kinds of weird individuals (and even the ones that appear sane in comparison have their own quirks). Among the most promiment members of that world are Arle Nadja, a spellcaster who has gone on some adventures of her own before engaging in Puyo Puyo, Amite, an airheaded but kindhearted student, and Ringo Andou, a student from a school different from Amite's and is more than aware of how oddball things can get. The way Puyo Puyo battles (which are often used to handle whatever problem is happening at the moment) is as follows: a group of multi-colored Puyos fall onto a field and matching four or more of the same color will clear them out. Chains of Puyo will result in more garbage Puyo thrown at the field of the opponent(s) and whenever someone's field gets full, they lose.

Retsuko, Goddess of Cathartic Screams
  • Quasideity
  • Theme Song: Her show's opening theme
  • Symbol: Her angry face
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning to Good
  • Portfolio: Beneath the Mask, Singing Voice Dissonance, Beware the Nice Ones, The Cutie, Boss's Unfavorite Employee, Rage Breaking Point
  • Domains: Profession, Anger, Singing
  • Heralds: Fenneko, Haida
  • Allies: Hello Kitty, Isabelle, Wii Fit Trainer, Michael Scott
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Napoleon
  • Dislikes: Bill Lumbergh, Mr. Krabs
  • Afraid of: Bill Foster
  • Strange Relations: Dethklok
  • Retsuko is a young adult red panda working an office job that has her putting up with an irritating boss and annoying co-workers. The most she can do during this time is suppress her rage and when it gets bad enough, she turns to heavy metal to vent it all out, unleashing a deep scream in the process. Her life is very hectic in general as she juggles between hanging out with some friends off-hours, putting up with work as much as she can, and confronting a multitude of personal troubles head-on, regardless of whether she can handle all of this or not.

    The Loonatics 
The Loonaticsmembers , Divine Team of Powers Gained from Meteorites
Left to Right: Lexi, Rev, Tech, Ace, Duck, Slam

D, God of Autonomous Organs
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His parasitic left hand
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dhampyr, Vampire Hunter, Dark Is Not Evil, One-Letter Name, Master Swordsman, Walking the Earth, Determinator, The Quiet One
  • Domains: Hunters, Hands
  • Allies: Adrian Tepes
  • Enemies: The Crimson Court
  • In a devastated future world, a type of vampire known as Nobility are running around alongside other monstrous threats, with humans living in fear of these creatures. D, a hunter who’s half-human and half-vampire, travels across this world, being scorned by others for his heritage, but nonetheless helping those in need to survive against those dangerous threats. His only constant companion in his travels to find his father and kill him is D’s own left hand, home to a talkative parasite. Despite the hand’s attitude, it has proven to be quite useful in getting D out of trouble.

Jagi, God of Black Sheep (Twisted Butcher of Hokuto)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Brute, Ax-Crazy, Combat Pragmatist, Facial Horror, Out of Focus, Small Role, Big Impact
  • Domains: Revenge, Resentment
  • Enemies: Kenshiro
  • Hokuto Shinken is a powerful form of martial arts that has existed for many years and can only be learned by those worthy of its abilities. Those who have mastered it include Kenshiro (who has inherited its skills proper), the messainic-like Toki, and the highly determined and driven Raoh. There is another member of the Hokuto Shinken school, but that member is so unlike the others that it's a wonder that he even knows about Hokuto Shinken. That man is Jagi, who was so enraged with Kenshiro being the successor to Hokuto Shinken that he challenged him to a fight and ended up having to wear a mask to cover his hideous face as a result of losing to Kenshiro. Jagi has since sought to tarnish Kenshiro’s name by any means necessary and his sadistic, psychopathic behavior is a stark contrast to how the rest of Hokuto Shinken’s practitioners normally are.

Klug, God of Self-Hindering Geniuses (Glasses)
Possessed Klug 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His book and glasses
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Insufferable Genius, The Friend Nobody Likes, Butt-Monkey, Purple Is Powerful, Name Being German for “Smart”
  • Domains: Intelligence, Possession
  • Admires: Lemres
  • Klug is the resident nerd of Primp Town and doesn’t have much, if any, friends as a result of being arrogant and weird. He is quite fond of the dark arts and carries around a book that contains a sealed demon looking to get its original body back. During an attempt to gain more power, he accidentally unleashed the demon and got possessed by it, requiring the help of his “friends” to get it out of him. Despite that incident, the fact that he’s still carrying that book around and the likely risk of him getting possessed by it again (and possibly not having another way to get it extracted from himself), makes it clear that Klug is prone to getting to a lot of mistakes that are both major and mundane, likely as a result of him thinking highly of his own intellect.

Wizeman, Unholy Nightmare Weaver
  • Greater God
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Music: D'Force Master
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Evil, All-Encompassing Mantle, Card-Carrying Villain, A God Am I
  • Domains: Nightmares, Conquest
  • Heralds: Reala and various other Nightmaren under his control
  • Allies: Vaermina, Nightmare (Kirby), Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black
  • Enemies: NIGHTS, Dream of the Endless, SCP-990, Ysera, Darkrai, The Wind Fish, The Inception Crew, Sandy, Kirby, Klonoa
  • Wizeman is responsible for the creation of the aptly-named Nightmare, a world where darkness rules above all else, alongside his Nightmaren minions. One of those Nightmaren, NIGHTS, rebelled against their creator, prompting Wizeman to take action against them. He is very open about his goals about taking over the Dream Dimension (through corrupting Dreamtopia) and will stop at nothing to accomplish that, up to and including trapping visitors and putting them into an unending nightmare that they can’t wake up from.


    Sherlock Hound 
Sherlock Hound, Divine Representative of Those Based on Sherlock Holmes (Hound)

    Sin and Punishment 
Saki Amamiya, Airan Jo, Isa Jo, & Kachi, Collective Patrons of Boss Games (Kachi: Achi)
Left Image from left to right: Airan & Saki with Achi behind them; Right Image: Isa & KachiOne more thing 
  • Intermediate Deities(?)
  • Symbol: Kanji that translates to Sin and Punishment
  • Alignment: ???
  • Portfolio: Rail Shooter, Strange Storylines
  • Domains: Shooting, War

    General Woundwort 
General Woundwort, God of Horrifying Hares

    Joanna Dark 
Joanna Dark, Goddess of Secondary Firing Options (Perfect Dark)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl
  • Domains: Agents, Weaponry
  • Allies: Jeanne d'Arc, Gordon Freeman

    The Prince of Sable 
The Prince of Sable, God of Dust Cloud Scuffles
Frog and Snake Transformations 

    Burning Rangers 
Burning Rangers, Divine Team of Heroic Fire Rescue
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Burning Rangers emblem
  • Theme Music: We Are Burning Rangers
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Badass Crew
  • Domains: Firefighting, Rescue
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Segata Sanshiro, Ecco
  • Enemies:

    Spider Jerusalem 
Spider Jerusalem, God of Eccentric Eyewear

    Nick Sax & Happy 
Nick Sax & Happilocus Imaginus, Divine Oddball Crime-Fighting Duo
Nick Sax, with Happy behind him

    Shaun the Sheep 
Shaun the Sheep, God of Sweet Sheep

    Public Security Section 9 
Public Security Section 9members , Divine Organization of Cyberpunk (Motoko: The Major)
Left to Right: Paz, Saito, Batou, Motoko, Borma, Togusa, Aramaki, Ishikawa

    Central Park Zoo Quartet 
The Central Park Zoo Quartetmembers , Divine Quartet of being Raised In Captivity
L-R: Gloria, Alex, Melman, Marty


Small Fry Corps. (Multi-Mook Melee), Tiny Toons (Junior Counterpart), urRu & Skeksis (Can't Live Without You), Jack Cates & Reggie Hammond (Race Against the Clock), "All For One" (All Your Powers Combined), The Arisen (Character Customization), Sam Gideon (Swiss Army Gun), Max Walker (Time Police), Riko, Reg, & Nanachi (Art-Style Dissonance), DHMIS Teachers (Anti-Mentor), Sesame Street (Edutainment Show), 3 Guys (Subverted Kids Show), Pinatas (Amazing Technicolor Wildlife), Casshern & Luna (Twisted Eucharist), Bydo Empire (Organic Technology)

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