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    All Might & Izuku Midoriya 
All Might & Izuki Midoriya, Co-Gods of Passing the Torch (All Might: The Number 1 Hero, The Symbol of Peace, Toshinori Yagi | Izuku Midoriya: Deku, The Absolute Madman)
Izuku & All Might in his Hero Form
  • Theme Music: You Say Run
  • Rank: Greater God (All Might); Lesser God (Izuku)
  • Symbol: The One For All Quirk
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Passing the Torch, Super Strength, Empowered Badass Normal, Super Empowering, Determinator
  • Domains: Heroes, Power, Lineage
  • Heralds: The other students of Class 1-A and faculty of U.A. High School
  • Allies: Ochako Uraraka, Shouto Todoroki, Many superheroes (especially Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Batman), The Joestars, Super Sentai, Aang, Korra, Naruto Uzumaki, Luffy
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Villains (especially Kurogiri and Enrico Pucci), Grahf, HYDRA, SHOCKER, Number 96: Black Mist
  • Although All Might still retains the scars that he sustained from battling the wielder of "All For One", he no longer has the time limit on "One For All" that the injury inflicted upon him in the mortal plane, and his strength was restored to its prime by the GUAG.
  • Izuku was ecstatic to see many of the superheroes that once existed in his world's comic books actually existed in the Pantheon, and All Might feels that Izuku will further grow as he interacts with the super-heroes of the Pantheon.
  • All Might often visits the House of Heroes to strike up conversation with Superman, a fellow Paragon of Justice in his world, as All Might is in his own. One can always know when he is about to arrive by listening for his catch-phrase: "Fear not! Why you ask? Cuz I'm here!"
  • He is rarely seen when he reverts to his true form, and anyone who does is generally shocked that he's even the same person - he changes from a towering, buff super-hero to a scrawny, shriveled up man with sunken eyes. This is due to having wasted away from after-effects of injuries done to fix his wound.
  • While normally always with a smile on his face, All Might does not smile whenever he thinks of Enrico Pucci or Grahf. These two individuals remind All Might too much of "All For One"'s wielder, as they use their powers to either empower villains, take the powers of others, or worse.
    • Enrico Pucci concerns All Might because of his Stand, Whitesnake, because he's worried whether or not it can steal powers other than Stands.
    • Grahf's ability to empower villains into new forms also reminds All Might of the artificially created Noumu and its creator, "All For One".
  • All Might is a firm believer in hard work, having trained Izuku until his body was strong enough to be able to handle the power of "One For All". This makes him appreciate the similar efforts that Naruto Uzumaki put forward to achieve his dreams.
  • Izuku is often daunted by the fact that he's standing alongside so many individuals who are great heroes and powerful indivdiuals in their own right, but he vows to continue working hard and honing "One For All" so he can one day become a great hero in his own right.

SFX: Rumble of scientific triumph

Bondrewd, God of Human Resources (Lord of Dawn, Sovereign of Dawn, Bondrewd the Novel, Bonedaddy, Bonerdude, BEST DAD)

Pinocchio, God of Those Who Want To Become Human (Pinoke, Little Wooden Head, Mokku, August Wayne Booth)

Doctor Zaius, God of Wise Orangutans

    Shigeo Kageyama 
Shigeo Kageyama, God of Powers Tied to Emotions (Mob, White T Poison, Lord Psycho Helmet)


    Class 77-B 
Class 77-Bmembers , Collective of Pronounced Comebacks After Trouble (Nagito: ; Imposter: ; Gundham: ; Kazuichi: ;Teruteru: ; Nekomaru: ; Fuyuhiko: ; Akane: ; Sonia: ; Hiyoko: ; Mahiru: ; Mikan: ; Peko: ; Ibuki: )
Above Hajizuru going from top of picture to his head (left to right): Nekomaru, Peko, Imposter, Kazuichi, Fuyuhiko, Gundham, Ibuki, Akane, Nagito, Sonia; Left side of Hajizuru from top of head to legs: Hiyoko, Mahiru, Mikan; Right side of Hajizuru (not counting Ryota Mitarai): Teruteru
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Hope's Peak Academy emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good collectively (individually, they lean towards either Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, or Chaotic Neutral with some Good leanings depending on their personality); Chaotic Evil as Remnants of Despair
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Students, Talents
  • Allies: Hajizuru
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Tsumugi Shirogane, SHOCKER, Jervis Tetch, Yuri
  • Special Relations: Chiaki Nanami, Monomi, Chisa Yukizome
  • A young man with a weird streak of luckiness, an overweight disguise expert, a hammy animal lover, an eccentric mechanic, a sex-obsessed chef, a boisterous athelete, a temperamental young gangster, an atheletic food-obsessed girl, a princess from another country, a bratty Japanese dancer, a level-headed photographer, a meek medic, a straight-laced swordswoman, and an energetic metal musician might make for a really strange selection of students but that's Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy in a nutshell. Life for them was relatively normal until Junko Enoshima entered the school and caused chaos, culminating with the group becoming Ultimate Despair after watching their friend Chiaki Nanami brutally die. It took the efforts of Izuru Kamakura, driven by Nanami's death, to make an elaborate virtual reality set-up to see if hope overcomes despair and all the members of Ultimate Despair were involved with it. It all worked out despite some complications and 77-B, with the help of Hajime Hinata (now with Izuru's talents), they were able to head to Future Foundation headquarters to prevent further disaster (and make up for what happened as Ultimate Despair in 77-B's case) and in the end, headed off to a secluded island to live in peace.
  • Hajizuru paid Nanami a visit one day, telling her to meet him at a place the following day where a surprise was waiting for her. When she met up with Hajizuru again at that place, she managed to find out that all of her friends from Class 77-B was with him, something that she didn't expect at all. Hajizuru and the other 77-B students had a talk with her about what happened to them once she was killed, with Nanami being horrified of the group's (sans Hajizuru) brainwashing and later heartened to learn that they were able to return to normal, even if their adventure with her virtual counterpart got chaotic. The class was equally surprised to learn that Nanami's virtual counterpart was in the Pantheon alongside her human self. It was clear that everyone involved went through a lot with each other both in the real world and in the virtual world, with this reunion being a part of it. Nanami wished for the best of 77-B and Hajizuru helping them to the best of his abilities and is willing to meet them again whenever possible.
  • They all find Tsumugi Shirogane, who has picked up quite a bit of despair-loving quirks from Enoshima, to be just as bad, if not worse, than Enoshima. It's one thing that all of 77-B got brainwashed after watching a close friend die, but it's another thing entirely to not just make a reality show competition out of killing others, but to completely mindwipe the unlucky participants involved of their original memories before the game even starts and psychologically torment them further at the very end.
  • Being brainwashed into committing large-scale disasters is something the group really regrets. They were quite furious when they found out that Junko Enoshima had ties to SHOCKER, an organization willing to brainwash others after kidnapping them through force and how that organization can cause potentially greater damage than what Enoshima could accomplish. This isn't even getting to the fact that there's a number of other deities capable of brainwashing others without SHOCKER's involvement such as Jervis Tetch.
  • At first glance, Nagito Komaeda looks like a strange version of Makoto Naegi, up to and including having a strong desire for hope. To get it out of the way, he doesn't come from another dimension and is able to exist alongside the real Naegi without much problems (and admires him to an almost creepy extent). Nagito believes in the concept of hope, but unlike Naegi, Nagito has a lot of screws loose when it comes to espousing the ideals of hope to the point that it could come off as meaningless.
  • The Ultimate Imposter doesn't have a real name compared to the rest of the Class and it's very much tied to his talent. He's able to imitate the clothing and appearance of any particular person and can utilize their talent as well. Despite being overweight, he's fairly agile and can copy skills that require extensive mobility fairly well.
  • Gundham Tanaka is one of the more eccentric classmates in a group full of already oddball characters. He is known for his larger-than-life personality by pretending to be various things associated with darkness, but it makes him come off as weird to others. Despite this, he's an approachable student and is very good with animals.
  • Kazuichi Soda is the class' resident technician befitting his title of Ultimate Mechanic. Although he's prone to making a bunch of weird faces, he's a kind-hearted person despite not having the best of luck out of the students.
  • Teruteru Hanamura looks very different from the rest of 77-B and has the strange behavior to match it. Beyond his passion for cooking (and since he's the Ultimate Cook, the food he makes is very good), he's very open about wanting sex, but he isn't very successful in achieving that.
  • Nekomaru Nidai is one of 77-B's athletic students and it's his job to get sports teams in peak condition to win. He's very boisterous and has a tendency to let out some crude jokes from time to time. With his focus on exercise, it's a bit apparent that intelligence is not a strong suit of his.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is the shortest stuent of the class and has a fittingly short-tempered behavior to go along with it. In spite of his temperamental attitude and the fact that his title is related to the Yakuza, he's not as bad of a person as he lets on, even if he's not fully willing to admit it.
  • In a few ways, Akane Owari is very much alike to Nekomaru by virtue of being athletic, well-toned, and not being that smart. Whereas Nekomaru is associated with sports in general, Owari is more of a gymnast and she has the figure to back it up. Like Nekomaru, Owari isn't that smart, but she also has quite an appetite.
  • Sonia Nevermind hails from a country far from wherever Hope's Peak Academy is at and fits the role of the foreign exchange student. Although she's one of the nicer students among the group, her interests lean towards the oddball side despite being a princess of a small country.
  • Despite looking like a total cutie, Hiyoko Saionji doesn't really act the part and has a bit of a mean streak to her. She's dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono and her designation is because of her dancing abilities, but she has more fun with belittling others.
  • Mahiru Koizumi is one of the more level-headed students of the least in comparison to everyone else in the group. Mahiru has a camera with her as one would expect from someone who has the Ultimate Photographer title and is probably the only person that Hiyoko won't act mean towards.
  • Mikan Tsumiki is the class' medic and one that's very prone to being in accidents, with her seemingly meek behavior having some part of it. As the class' nurse, she's able to tend to the injuries of others in spite of herself getting into a number of mishaps herself. Her being weak-willed also means that she's prone to having her mind snap.
  • By virtue of being a swordswoman, the generally stoic Peko Pekoyama is among the very few students of 77-B that's able to put up a fight if significantly threatened. She is apparently close to Fuyuhiko to the point that a good number of people believe that the two are in a relationship.
  • Even though she's into heavy metal, Ibuki Mioda is possibly the most energetic classmate out of 77-B. This simpleminded metalhead also has a tendency to refer to herself in Third-Person Person, further adding to her outlandish demeanor.

    Tatsuya & Miyuki Shiba 
Tatsuya & Miyuki Shiba, Deities of Sibling Attraction (Tatsuya: Lieutenant Ooguro Ryuuya, Tatsuya Stu, Japanese DragonProudSky, Taurus Silver, Mahesvara, Demon of Okinawa, The Destroyer, God of Destruction, The Last Boss, Demon King | Miyuki: The Queen, Snow Queen, Blizzard Princess, Princess of the Yotsuba)
L-R: Tatsuya & Miyuki
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Their respective First Magic High School emblems
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Broken Ace
  • Domains: Magitek, Siblings
  • Allies: Honoka Mitsui
    • Tatsuya:
    • Miyuki: Elsa
  • Enemies: Sir Issac Ray Peram Westcott, Embryo, Ryoma Sengoku, SHOCKER
  • In a future, technology has been used to refine magic and World War III has resulted in a massive power restructuring across various nations. In Japan, Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are, on the surface, a couple of siblings who attend First Magic High School and while Miyuki has great magic capabilities and Tatsuya is seemingly lacking in that regard, the truth related to them is much more complicated. Both are involved with the Yotsuba Clan, one of several clans in Japan that look over various magicians, with Tatsuya being designed to be gifted in unique and deadly magic (more specifically related to matter regeneration and disintegration) and Miyuki being a limiter to Tatsuya’s true powers. Miyuki is also intensely devoted and attracted to Tatsuya and he has nothing but fiercely protective loyalty to her.
  • (ascension)
  • (magitek)
  • (sibling attachment)
  • (Kurogane siblings, Stella Vermillion)
  • (Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax)
  • (Tatsuya)
    • (child soldiers)
  • (Miyuki)
    • (ice powers)

    The Belmont Clan 
The Belmont Clanmembers , Divine Patrons of Heroic Lineage (Simon: Evil's Whip-Wielding Bane | Richter: Rihiter, Richiter, Azure Vampire Assassin | Trevor: Ralph C. Belmont | Sypha: Cipher/Syfa Fernandez | Julius: “J”)

    Gelflings, Mystics, & Skeksis 
The Gelflings, The Mystics/urRu, and The Skeksis, Deified Dying Races (urSkeks when Mystics and Skeksis are merged)

    Public Security Section 9 
Public Security Section 9members , Divine Officially Nonexistent Government Organization (Section 9: Shell Squad, Public Safety/Security Police/Mobile Armor Riot Police Section 9 | Motoko: The Major, Chroma, Cash Eye, Mira Killian)
L-R: Paz, Saito, Batou, Motoko, Borma, Togusa, Aramaki, Ishikawa
  • Intermediate Deities as a team
  • Symbol: The Section 9 emblem
  • Theme Music: Rise
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Chaotic Good moments overall
  • Portfolio: Badass Crew, Secret Police
  • Domains: Police, Technology
  • Heralds: Tachikomas and Logicomas
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Special Relations: The Laughing Man
  • Cybernetization has become a prominent part of the future, with people gaining cybernetic upgrades to varying degrees and cyberbrains allowing them to access various networks. With that kind of technology available, there’s bound to be some sort of strife going on and that is where Public Security Section 9 comes in. A counter-terrorist unit led by Daisuke Aramaki that’s part of Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and having former military officers, forensic scientists, and police detectives as some members of that group, Section 9 is dispatched whenever crimes related to cybernetics occur and information about the unit and its members are kept top secret. Despite the fact that they have broken a lot of laws doing their job, it’s clear Section 9 doesn’t hesitate in keeping the public safe even amidst a corrupt government.

    Casting Assistant Device 
Casting Assistant Devices (CAD, Device, Assistant, Magic Operator)
Various types of CAD
  • Class Level: Depends on the spells stored (6 at lowest, 4 at highest)
  • Alignment: Depends on the user
  • Museum Check:
  • Portfolio: Magical Accessory, Post Modern Magick, Magitek
  • Domains: Magic, Technology, Spells
  • Magic in a futuristic world has been refined through technology, but World War III has resulted in a power restructuring across the world. These Casting Assistant Devices (or CAD for short) are what allow magic users in that future to utilize their spells. Appearing as anything ranging from guns to bracelets and batons to mobile terminals, CADs come in different types, including generalized versions that can store up to 99 spells and specialized ones that are faster, but can only store 9 spells in them. Despite their advanced technology and utility, CADs need to be tuned on a regular basis to ensure full effectiveness for their users.

    Harry Vanderspeigle 
Harry Vanderspeigle, God of Extraterrestrials Living Among Humans (Hah Re)
The reflection is Harry’s real alien form
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Fish out of Water, Amateur Sleuth, Humanity Ensues, Hugh Mann, Going Native
  • Domains: Aliens, Mystery, Disguises
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Somewhere in the small town of Patience, located somewhere in North America, an alien has crash landed and is hiding among the locals while trying to figure out his next course of action. Taking the identity of town doctor Harry Vanderspeigle, the alien finds himself involved in various unusual events that are affecting the town. Not only that, but the mere existence of an alien hiding somewhere has gotten the attention of others, both within the town and outside of it. Whether he likes it or not, his time in Patience will not only lead him to becoming the best hope the town has in solving all these strange events, but help him develop a better understanding of human culture and behavior.

    Tiny Toons 
The Tiny Toonsmembers , Deified Ensemble of Younger Counterparts of Existing Characters
L-R Top Row: Furrball, Calamity, Fifi, Shirley; Bottom Row: Dizzy, Sweetie, Babs, Monty, Hamton, Elmyra, Buster, Plucky, Gogo, Beeper


    Joanna Dark 
Joanna Dark, Goddess of Secondary Firing Options (Perfect Dark)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl
  • Domains: Agents, Weaponry
  • Allies: Jeanne d'Arc, Gordon Freeman

    DHMIS Students 
The Studentsmembers , Trinity of Subverted Kids Shows (Traffic Light Trio | Red Guy: Harry, Alfred, Fred, Drew, Dreads | Duck Guy: Robin, Bird, Bird Guy, Birdman, Green, Green Guy | Yellow Guy: Manny, Doi, French Fry Child)
L-R: Red Guy, Duck Guy, Yellow Guy

    Riko, Reg, & Nanachi 
Riko, Reg, & Nanachi, Divine Trio of Art-Style Dissonance
L-R: Riko, Nanachi, Reg

    Hyakkimaru & Dororo 
Hyakkimaru & Dororo, Divine Badass and Child Duo
Hyakkimaru & Dororo
2019 series designs 
  • Symbol:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
    • Hyakkimaru:
    • Dororo:
  • Domains:

    Noir Trio 
Noir Triomembers , Goddesses of the Multiple-Choice Chosen
L-R: Chloe, Kirika, Mireille

    Madame Souza 

    Lupin III Cast 
Main Cast of Lupin IIImembers , Divine Ensemble of Ending with a New Adventure


"All For One" (All Your Powers Combined), The Arisen (Character Customization), Gentle & La Brava (Fame Through Infamy), Saya Otonashi & Diva (The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry), Pottsylvania Trio (Terrible Trio)