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Criminal Case has a number of references to a number of other games, shows, and franchises. Examples are listed below, and the list is continuing to grow.

Grimsborough cases

  • In the Jennifer's Backpack scene from Case 3, "Redrum" is written on the wall.
  • At the end of Zeus's side-quest in Case 6, as a reward he gives you a pair of glasses to help you style up your looks. The glasses in question have a red-colored frame with tiny yellow lightning bolts on the sides, and they're called "Flash Goggles."
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  • Also in Case 6, in Riverbed scene. There is a sponge and a pineapple, underwater.
  • A possibly unintentional one in Case 7: on completing one of that case's side-quests, you receive a necklace as a thank-you gift, which looks a lot like Tsunade's necklace. The necklace itself can be worn as an accessory on your character avatar.
  • In Case 8, Jones refers to suspect Lydia Holly as "Miss Marple," due to her extreme fascination with murder mysteries.
  • Chad Whickman, the victim in Case 9, dies after being set on fire. Both his surname and the manner of his death bring The Wicker Man (1973) to mind.
  • In Case 10's Backstreet scene, one of the hidden items is a shadowy bat overlooking the crime scene, which looks suspiciously like the silhouette of the Dark Knight. Makes one wonder how come Grimsborough's crime rate hasn't gone down if he's around...
  • The Sewer Outlet in Case 11 has many items from The Legend of Zelda as hidden objects, including a heart piece, an ocarina, and a shield with a Triforce design.
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  • At Case 12's Trading Floor scene, one of the hidden objects is Samara crawling out of a computer monitor.
  • Luffy's trademark hat shows up as a hidden object in several scenes throughout the game, starting with Case 13's Stall Counter scene. It's also quite a recurring item and makes an appearance in several other later cases.
  • Mario's trade mark cap and mushroom can be found in the Mall's main hall and escalator in Case 14 along with a green pipe and a princess crown.
  • After being arrested and put on trial, Case 20's killer is made to wear a mask not unlike that of Hannibal Lecter, due to having eaten the victim's liver.
  • Jason's mask is one of the hidden objects in the Grimsborough Cemetery in Case 26, while a Michael Jackson-lookalike can be seen dancing among the tombs in his famous Thriller outfit. As well, the Necronomicon plays a role in Case 26 overall.
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  • In Case 27, the legendary "Creature of the Lake" looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • In the beginning of Case 30, the video Jones is showing the player is the video Charlie Bit My Finger
  • A subtle one, but in Case 31, Jones stated how "until they prove the existence of zombies, dogs are plants' worst enemies", the former referring to Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Case 32 has a Portal reference with a Blue Portal and Orange Portal findable, complete with a person running in one and out the other.
  • Case 33's Bookshelves scene, which itself is set inside a comic book shop, has a Captain America shield replica (only replacing the star with a crescent moon) sitting in one corner, and a small glowing green lantern hanging from the ceiling.
  • Case 34's Bunk Beds scene has a poster on the wall, depicting an Asian man in a Bruce Lee pose (though the man in the poster is wearing a jacket and has a beard).
    • In the Exam Table scene in the same case, one of the hidden items is Ghostface's mask.
  • In the Hacker's room scene in Case 35, a replica of V's mask can be seen on one of the computer screens. There's also a wall of green digital text, albeit not on any of the computers.
  • In Case 37, the victim is dressed as a Star Trek ensign, while one of the suspects is cosplaying as a character from Avatar. Also, in the Festival Stands scene, the Ripper Jade statue in the middle of the room has a familiar red-and-black spider-web pattern on its stomach, and Batman's mask is one of the hidden items (albeit with mouse-ears instead of the traditional pointy ears).
  • The items that can be found in Case 38's Students' Desks scene: sai, nunchuck, sword, staff, and a turtle.
  • In Case 45's Sun Chair scene, one of the items on display is a book titled "Fifty Shades of Blood," an obvious play on a certain other notorious book.
  • In Case 46, at one point you start to look through a shrubbery, and Jones worries (not entirely jokingly) that he'll have to deal with one of the Knights Who Say "Ni!" Shortly after that, you encounter one of the suspects singing "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life."
  • Later in the same case, you see another character trying to use dynamite to get a gopher off a golf course.
  • Apparently, when Chief King gets especially angry, he turns into a Super Saiyan. Observe.
  • The title for Case 47, "One Wedding and a Funeral," calls to mind the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. Minus the three extra weddings.
  • In Case 50, one of the hidden objects in the Dressing Room scene is a ghostly silhouette of the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Jason's mask shows up again as a hidden item in Case 52's Hut scene, while a copy of Moby-Dick can be seen in the same case's Sailing Ship 1642 scene.
  • Grimsborough's Case #25 in Victorian Garden scene, you can spot heart-shaped cloud or moon in the sky on the right. Go on, see for yourself.
  • Also in Case #25 in Workshop Window, you can see a small drawing of The Little Mermaid.
  • In Grimsborough Cemetery for Case #26, you can see a statue of weeping Grim Reaper... except it looks like it's intentionally designed to resemble an angel who is literally weeping.
  • In the Lake scene for Grimsborough's Case #27, you can spot a stag across the lake.
  • In the Greenhouse scene for Grimsborough's Case #28, there's a ball resemble Luxo Jr.'s ball from Pixar. It is also one of recurring items that appear in many other cases.
  • In Driver's Station scene in Case #40, you can spot an astro-droid outside the bus.
  • Sarah Mills and Jenny Honeycomb in Case #40 are inspired from Matilda Wormwood and Jennifer Honey from a 1996 film, Matilda.
  • The hidden mine scenes in Case #56 contain several nods to the Indiana Jones franchise. In addition to Indy's fedora and whip, search items include the Ark of the Covenant, the Staff of Ra, a Sankara Stone, a monkey head prepped for brain-eating, a plain wooden cup identical to the True Grail and a clearly alien crystal skull.

Pacific Bay cases

  • Case 2:
    • Car Crash scene has a somewhat sinister-looking version of Mickey Mouse artwork near the Airport sign.
    • Living Room scene has a remodeled version of Iron Man's helmet and a lightsaber.
  • Case 6: In the Boardwalk scene, there's a building named "Vercetti's".
  • Case 8: In Experimentation Room, look at the right side. There's a velociraptor who pretends to be a lab specimen, like the one in Jurassic Park III. There's also another reference to Jurassic Park in the "Laboratory Equipment" scene with the Arc Words 'Life Finds A Way'.
  • Case 16 has Hannah mention about how the victim is addicted to "that game with all the sweets", a clear reference to Candy Crush Saga.
  • In that same case, Amy makes a remark about the victim and his lover after their break-up: "Their love was a real battlefield."
  • Also in the case's additional investigation, you learn a pasta recipe from a gangster, who says his old cellmate used to slice the garlic with a razor blade so thinly it would just melt into the sauce.
  • In Case 31, the victim was slashed with a Glasgow Smile, and when Frank calls out Roxie for poking fun at this fact, she responds with "Why so serious?"
  • The font style in Pacific Bay's logo resembles the font style from the words "Vice City" in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's logo.
  • The entire setting of the 37th Case in Pacific Bay is a huge reference to the Titanic film. It even involved a love triangle between a poor artist, a high-class young girl, and her much older wealthy fiance.
  • Case 40 is titled Temple of Doom, and contains a lot of Indiana Jones references. From the victim being a famous archaeologist, to the an alien crystal skull the player finds in the Additional Investigation.
  • One of the suspects in Case 42 is named Gustavo Salamanca
  • In Case 47, Sunny's appearance seems to be inspired from General Grievous from Star Wars, especially his head and arms.
  • The entire arc of Rhine Canyon is, in fact, a huge shout out to the Men in Black, with plot points like: Aliens existing on Earth and are hiding in "human skins", the Galactic Intelligence Agency monitoring the Aliens' activity, and wipes out the memory of civillians about this fact.
  • The heist group in the Paradise City arc wears clown masks that looks very much like the robber masks that the Joker and his "goons" wore during the opening sequence of The Dark Knight.

World Edition

  • Marina Romanova is one to Natalia Romanova.
  • Elliot Clayton, the tech expert, wears a shirt that bears the creepy rabbit logo of Donnie Darko.
  • Jack Archer seems to be one to the Let's Player Pitchingace 88, especially when he quotes Ace's catchphrase "The plot thickens!"
  • Case 33 has you find an inkblot test. Jack sees it as "two bears high-fiving".
  • Jackson Peters, the victim of case 34, is a reference to Peter Jackson and the film The Ringed Lord is an obvious reference to Lord of the Rings
  • The victim of case 35, Rufus Murlock, is very obviously meant to be Rupert Murdoch. One of the reporters on the case is also named Cooper Anderson.
  • When Sanjay finds a baby elephant, Jack and the player keep on telling him to "let it go"...Sanjay then keeps the elephant and names it Elsa.
  • In Case 41, Sanjay decides to name the snake, which was found out to be the murder weapon, Craig.

Mysteries of the Past

  • 'Sweet Revenge' is quite obviously based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • 'One Dead More' is also obviously based on Les Misérables.
  • The victom of Civil Blood is a plump, moustached man named Mario Fortuna. Unsuprisingly, he has a brother named Luigi, who serves as one of the suspects.
  • One of the suspects is named Stanley Spark and he's owner of Spark Industries who also invents "Fantastical Suit". And he looks just like a combination of Stan Lee and Tony Stark.
  • Ennis Sparhawk and Will Wyoming seem to be based of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain
  • Graveyard Shift is one to Edgar Allan Poe, with the victim being named Edgar Woe and a suspect named Annabel Leigh, which is a shout-out to one of Poe's poems, Annabel Lee.
  • Dora Umbright, the judge of Concordia after Judge Takakura's murder, is a parody of Dolores Umbridge.
  • In Case #18, after she finished analyzing a bloody coin, Evie declares, "This coin will make a fine addition to my collection."

The Conspiracy

  • 'Too Cruel for School' victim and suspects share some resemblance to Riverdale characters.
    • The victim Vicky Lopez is a clear shoutout to Veronica Lodge, complete with wearing pearls and coming from New York.
    • The victim's mother, Dana Lopez is a shoutout to Hermione Lodge.
    • Likewise, Chelsea Bloom and Cheryl Blossom.
    • The 17-year-old Julian Ramis looks a lot like Jughead Jones.
  • Christian Bateman, in Money Mile, is a dead ringer for American Psycho character Patrick Bateman and is likely named after his actor, Christian Bale, from the film adaption.
  • The psychiatric hospital visited in Domesday and Head Case is called Bromden.
  • Marcus Butler is based on Steve Marcus, an employee in Pretty Simple.
  • Color Me Murdered contains several shoutouts to Marvel and DC.
    • Miracle Girl is a reference to Wonder Woman.
    • Tamu Wanjiku is a reference to Okoye.
    • White Bear is a reference to Wolverine.
    • Incredible Bulk is a reference to The Incredible Hulk.
  • Jenna Mc Fry, Dreamlife's eccentric electrician, is heavily based on Jillian Holtzmann.
  • Lights Out, which involves a Big Blackout, was quite obviously based on the film of the same name.
    • In addition, the safety inspector (who is actually hired muscle and the case's killer) Felix Murray resembles Pew Die Pie and shares the same first name as him.

Travel In Time

  • Kai Malano bears a resemblance to Jason Momoa.
  • Orlando Ordelaffi has a resemblance to Ru Paul out of drag.
  • Nebet's true identity as Nefertiti is named after the Egyptian pharoah of the same name, with her parents following suit.
  • Many of the suspects in the Altered Present have names derived from prominent figures in Egyptian Mythology.
  • Isabelle Huxley, the leader of The Resistance in the Altered Present, and Sirius Atwood, another member and Orlando's dead husband, are named after Aldous Huxley and Margaret Atwood respectively. Fittingly, both wrote books that take place in a Dystopian future.
  • Case 24 features a subversive called Moz Burgess, who is forced to watch non-stop Ptolemy propaganda while hydrating beads are placed around his eyes to prevent straining.
  • The depiction of Roxelana in Case 14 is very similar to her depiction in Series/Magnificent Century''.
  • Case 23 has an island community who have been marooned for twelve years, referencing The Tempest. Said play actually appears as a profile clue, and one of the suspects, the victim's daughter, is even named Miranda.
    • One of the islanders is a slave-turned-hunter called Monday.
    • The code to open the treasure chest is J5PARR0W.
  • Santiago Sanchez is based on the real-life Italian explorer Marco Polo.


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