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Grimsborough is an alternate-universe Gotham City.

Both cities are utter crapsack havens with mostly useless cops (although Grimsborough has one advantage over Gotham in that there's only been one known Dirty Cop, in contrast to the multitudes in Gotham's police force). As well, Grimsborough's got multiple instances of Batman-related hidden items throughout different crime scenes, indicating that he exists here...he's just a LOT more secretive here than he is in Gotham's mainstream universe. Or he chooses to let you solve the mysteries because your player character is just that smart, and it leaves him the freedom to hassle street-level criminals without any attention being drawn to him.

Your player character is this universe's version of Batman.

Maybe not the World's Greatest Detective, but definitely Grimsborough's, what with your case clearance rate. And your Eagle-Eye Detection. And the different items (some of them looking practically ridiculous) that you can get to dress up your avatar. The only difference is, you're a Batman who's openly willing to use guns. And you're not shown to have the Dark Knight's legendary close-combat ability or Batarangs in your arsenal.

Your player character is this universe's version of The Flash.

The speed at which you have to solve puzzles in order to get higher energy rewards, that kind of speed can only be pulled off with extra-quick reflexes and mouse-clicking. And in one instance, you're given a pair of "Flash Goggles", which are red-framed with yellow lightning bolts on the sides. And in another instance, you figure out a safe's combination in the time it takes Jones to say the alphabet from A to F.
  • One of the default player character avatar combinations in Travel in Time can make you look like Barry Allen.

Chief King knows about what happened at the end of Case 41 with the Rorschach Reaper mind-controlling Jones.

He doesn't ever actually say anything about it, nor does he indicate that he knows, but you and Ramirez would have had to give him all the facts of the arrest, plus Jones does say that he was told about his alleged accident with falling down some stairs that resulted in him getting a head injury and no memory of what happened...he just doesn't say, told by whom.

Chief King is this universe's version of Jethro Gibbs.

They're both the leaders of their respective teams, they're both older men, they're both sticklers for getting the job done, they're both known for being argumentative with subordinates and other people, they're both very protective of the ones they care about (granddaughter Cathy for Chief King, the NCIS team and especially Abby for Gibbs), and they've both got silver hair. Compare King's look with this image of Gibbs with a mustache.

Chief King's suicide left the main character traumatized.

During the first season the main character obviously has a playful sense of humor, but in the subsequent seasons they're, judging by the other characters' dialogue, much more impatient, morose and annoyed with the antics of their colleagues. That's because they never got over the suicide of their mentor.

The main character is mute.

That's why you never have any dialogue. You use sign language to communicate with your partner, who in turn interprets for you when you talk with suspects, since most of them wouldn't understand you otherwise.
  • Somewhat undermined by the (admittedly few) references to the main character shouting in frustration.
There are ways for a deaf or mute person via ASL to indicate that they're frustrated or angry. Also we assume facial expressions we can't see because we're the main character.

The main character is Selectively Mute.

This would both allow for the sign language mentioned above and the shouting. The main character, for whatever reason, generally doesn't like to speak aloud but is perfectly capable of doing so and does so when frustrated.

The main character is a combat veteran.

Your character obviously has experience defusing bombs, as shown in Grimsborough. Even the most horrendous and vicious crimes never faze him/her, either: that's because they've already seen worse in a war.

Carmen Martinez had something bad happen to her family prior to the events of World Edition.

She acts motherly towards teenagers such as Elliot or Benjamin, and younger Bureau members such as Jack or Marina. She's also very protective of them, and reacts more angrily than anyone else if their lives are threatened. In the last case of the Sahara, she's shown to be very on edge due to Jack, Dupont and Marina being in mortal danger during the investigation. There's also the fact that she managed to take down a terrorist organization in Yemen once...

Elliot will be targeted by SOMBRA in a future case.

It's already shown that SOMBRA will try and kill anyone they consider a threat, and even had one of its members nearly kill the player character once. Since the Eurasia region, Elliot has been the most proactive in stopping SOMBRA, since he hijacked their satellite, thwarting operation Darkness Descends and even after that, he has been searching for any new information on SOMBRA nonstop and isn't giving up on it anytime soon. If SOMBRA ever resurfaces, the first thing they'll likely do is go after someone who's standing in their way like that.
  • This actually happens in Case 32 of World Edition, by a particularly Genre Savvy SOMBRA agent.

There will be a Criminal Case TV series

Like CSI, Hawaii Five-O, and Criminal Minds.

The game's fate once the World Edition is finished

  • The game will be closed. It's not uncommon for web-games not to last forever. So it will be just a matter of time for Criminal Case to follow the road to this end.
  • The game will still continue to the next season. The next season will make us Space Cop.
  • Close but no nebula. Behold, Season 4: [1].
  • Season 5, if it happens, could be Space Cop.
    • Jossed. Season 5 takes place in Grimsborough.
    • Jossed permanently. Season 6 was time travel, season 7 was supernatural investigations, and season 8 was back to basics in Paris. The game is no longer releasing new cases and they never went to space.

The player character in Season 4 is a distant ancestor of the player character in Seasons 1-3

  • Jossed by the ending of Season 8. Jones's new girlfriend is a descendent of Charles Dupont, and it's revealed that the player character knew him. No doubt the events of Season 6 have something do with that, considering it involved time travel.

Nebet is the prodigal princess but she's not betraying the team willingly, instead being Brainwashed and Crazy.

Pitching Ace notes during his playthrough that at least from his perspective, she appears brainwashed. And it wouldn't be the strangest thing the team has encountered...or the player for that matter.
  • Jossed in Case 31, which makes it clear that Nebet's betrayal was her own doing. However, Nebet's future self then kills Ammon and herself, out of remorse for betraying the team and seeing what had happened to her parents, and then asks for forgiveness as she fades from existence.

Case 38's victim was an Academic Alpha Bitch

Considering how much of kind Lovable Alpha Bitch Madison Springer was AND that the torn flyer said Beauty and Brains, it is possible that Aaliyah Banks was a smart but spoiled girl.

Rathimael was Hope Newman's guardian or biological father

Back in the Rockies, Hope mentions that she had a guardian who passed away and never knew who here real parents were; not even Santa Claus himself knows. Later on in the East, Rathimael (under the alias Bob Nelson) is shown holding a child who would be the fifth key to the Underworld Cage trapping the Demon Queen. Said child is supposed to be 25 years old in the present day, which Hope is. Not to mention how interested she was in Rathimael's ring before she quit the team...
  • Rathimael is confirmed in case 25 to be Hope's guardian/creator.

The Player Character stayed in 2029 at the end of season 6

When season 6 ended and we moved to season 7, there was no clear explanation how you managed to return to the present, and as a follow up, no returning characters in season 7 and 8 (like Lilly and Martine) seem to recognize you anymore. This is most plausible that the player character is an entirely new person and the original character you used chose to stay with T.I.M.E in 2029.

  • This is seemingly jossed in case 13 of City of Romance when David makes a return and still remembers you.
    • It also turns out that the player character in season 4 wasn't a different person either. Was their time in Concordia a mission for T.I.M.E? Seasons 7 and 8 are set in the present day.

If Criminal Case ever has a finale, it will end with the player’s death in the Additional Investigation

The player will do a Heroic Sacrifice to bring complete peace to their world once and for all, and considering how long this has been going, the only way CC might end is only if the player dies. The ending will include all the previous team members (those who are still alive by the end of it) returning to attend the player’s funeral and everyone collectively reminiscing about everything they did together. Meanwhile, the player has a Big Damn Reunion with all their fallen friends in the afterlife.
  • This might also explain why Jack went back in time to pick up the player after Season 5, he knows the player won’t live to see him and the others in 2029. We don’t find out why then, because how would you take it if you know you’d die in less then ten years?
    • Jossed. The player is still very much alive in the finale and it ends with several previous characters from the former seasons making a return to thank the player for all of the good memories they shared.

Maddie and the Player wrote about Last Stand for Justice in Charles's journal.

A common Plot Hole brought up about the final case of Mysteries of the Past is how it could have happened with Charlie's death. However, this can easily be patched up with one person: Maddie. As she personally took on the case for the sake of her husband and made sure to find everything of Charles to share with George, she probably had the Player's eagle eye to find the journal. Then they wrote about the case to bring closure to all the events that had built up with a tribute to Charlie.
  • The ending of season 8 also reveals that the player character in season 4 was a time travelling version of the player character from the other seasons. Does season 4 actually take place after season 6, Travel In Time?

Season 4 takes place after Season 6.

The ending of Travel in Time only has a suggestion that you might go hunting vampires and werewolves next... but you're still in 2029. Since Supernatural Investigations and City of Romance are set a decade earlier - i.e. in the present day - maybe the player asks to visit an era not explored in that season - the era of Mysteries of the Past (after all, they already heard about what happened there at the end of Save The World, so it'd become a self-fulfilling prophecy). So Amy drops off the player in Concordia, and then picks them up at the end of the season, and brings them back to their own time, where they then join the Supernatural Hunters.