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Awesome moments in Criminal Case:


  • Jones's Shut Up, Hannibal! moment to Tony Marconi in Case 11, after the other man declares that they both do what they have to do to protect the community.
    Jones: You've got it all wrong, Marconi: you think you're above the law, and I'm here to remind you the law is above EVERYBODY!
  • During a side-quest in Case 11, your player character and Jones find a box with a combination-lock. Since the player has a good track record for figuring out puzzles, Jones dares you to try opening the box in the time it'll take him to say the alphabet (and figuring out the combination takes the form of a mini-game). The player character opens the box before Jones gets to the letter F.
  • Ramirez gets a moment to subvert his usual Police are Useless label in Case 41. Specifically, by rescuing Jones and the player from the Rorschach Reaper in a combination of Big Damn Heroes and Spanner in the Works—he knocks out a mind-controlled Jones to save the player from being murdered.
    • He also does the same thing in the final case of Grimsborough to save Jones and the player from the district killer and leader of the Crimson Order, Milton Grimmes.
    Ramirez: Rule number one: Never go anywhere without your trusted frying pan!

Pacific Bay

  • Case 16. Three words.
    Hannah: Time's up, Fredo!
  • As evil as Duncan Young is, teaching himself to walk again to avoid being wheelchair-bound for life and Obfuscating Disability for years are impressive feats.
  • After the emotional trauma she went through in the last few cases, there's something so satisfying about Amy finally standing up to her mother in Case 30.
  • The first case of Innovation Valley has a drone attack Amy Young and the player until Frank Knight comes out of nowhere and shoots it down.
  • In the last case of Pacific Bay, a deranged Bobby Prince threatens to kill Amy for not being in love with him. Instead of being afraid, Amy pulls out her own gun and shoots him down before he can hurt her or the player.

World Edition

  • Jonah Karam thwarting Omar Bahir, aka The Sword's, plan to kill the player and Carmen by firing at him out of nowhere.
  • The SOMBRA satellite being taken control by The Bureau, thanks to Elliot's skills and Nikolai's program.
  • In the last case of Eurasia, Marina, after being dismissed by the Bureau each time, is proven to be right about her mother's untrustworthiness. She's the one who personally arrests her mother for betraying the entire world.
  • In Case 21, we get to see Angela's Determinator side. Not only does she work alongside Lars for days to help cure a plague spreading through Bangalore, but even when Lars gets the plague she swears to not give up and sets out to find the cure after discovering that the killer didn't have it. When she finds out that one of the suspects had been withholding information about it, she gets so angry that she manages to scare her into sharing her research with the Bureau. After creating the cure and distributing it to the remaining sick people of Bangalore, she makes sure to confiscate all the leftover virus samples and any research that went into it so it wouldn't fall back into the wrong hands.
  • In Case 30, Jonah manages to grab a crossbow bolt out of the air after it was fired.
    • In the same case, while Hiroshi's death is a major Tear Jerker, it turns out that the reason was because he refused to obey SOMBRA's orders to partake in a child-killing competition. To put it in perspective, Hiroshi was a lost, possibly defenseless kid, and he still had the guts to stand up to SOMBRA.
    • There's also Elliot using the hacked satellite to rescue the children from The Hunt.
  • In Case 32, Elliot is able to hack into a device from SOMBRA that the owner claims is unhackable. Too bad this gets him kidnapped.
    • However, Jonah saves him by shooting Elliot's kidnapper in the hand.
  • In Case 42, Jonah saves Carmen from a deadly assassin, shooting him in the head before he can harm her.
  • Case 48 has the very satisfying arrest of El Rey, who had killed Michelle Zuria before being discovered by the Bureau. Not only that, but the player also manages to arrest the founding members of SOMBRA, dealing a huge blow to the organization.

The Conspiracy

Travel In Time

  • In Case 16, the team is captured and thrown into jail. During their escape, when a guard tries to stop them, Penelope sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a crowbar.
    • Later, when the killer is arrested, he threatens to turn the team in to the authorities at knifepoint. Before he can, Kai puts him in a chokehold, allowing the team to capture him instead.
  • Being able to arrest Nebet for murder and finally getting her back for her betrayal.
  • Just as Queen Shabaka is ordering the execution of the entire Resistance, Kai sets off an explosion to break them out of jail, and succeeds. Plus, Isabelle and Sirius are able to escape the wrath of the guards for the time being, in spite of a shootout occurring after the escape.
  • The team making a narrow escape to their time machine and heading to the Age Of Sail where they proceed to end the Ptolemy Dynasty.
  • Just before Ammon can attack the crew while on the island, Mary and Jorge arrive just in time to stop him and bring the crew to their ship.
  • When Jack tries to extinguish the fires in Case 25 and only cause his fire blanket to catch on fire, Kai saves the day by putting it out with a bucket of water.
  • In Case 30, the team finally manages to get back at Ammon, finding evidence that he killed Santiago Sanchez to spark a war between China and Mongolia, and presenting it all to the Khan to prove his guilt. When Ammon taunts Ogedei Khan, believing himself to be untouchable, he is immediately executed by him.

Supernatural Investigations

  • In the final case in the West, when confronting Eric Zwart for beheading Dr. Aculus, Luke realized that he has taken invincibility elixir and quickly stakes him with a wooden stake with Mina Reynolds' virgin blood on it, killing him instantly.
  • In Case 7, Luke shoots the chupacabra dead just as it pounces on him.


  • For the game itself: on July 8, 2013, Criminal Case got 25 million "likes" on Facebook, which was treated as a milestone event.
  • The game itself getting awarded as Facebook Game of the Year 2013, in December 2013.

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