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    Chaos (Sailor Moon) 

Chaos, Divine Avatar of Existing As Long As There Is Evil (Sailor Chaos), (The Ultimate Evil Force In The Universe), (The Ultimate Evil)
Sailor Chaos 

  • Overdeity

  • Symbol: Chaos floating in outer space

  • Theme Song: "The Ultimate Evil"

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil

  • Portfolio: As long as evil exists in the hearts of humans Chaos will live, Dark Magical Girl, Cannot die unless the Galaxy Cauldron is destroyed, Will be reborn from the Galaxy Cauldron in the future, Wishes to destroy everything, Wants to recreate the universe and become one with it, Created almost all of the other main villains and is the one behind Galaxia’s forming of Shadow Galactica, Eldritch Abomination, Ax-Crazy, Big Bad, Feared by everyone, The Man Behind the Man, Almost all of the other main villains were incarnations of it, Orchestrated almost every villain’s plans which were part of its own, Arc Villain, Defeating Chaos by destroying The Galaxy Cauldron has massive consequences, Ultimate Evil, Corrupted Galaxia after she sealed it in her own body, Demoted to Extra, Source of all evil in the galaxy, Was sealed inside of Galaxia’s body and slowly corrupted it, Suddenly Voiced, One-Winged Angel, Manipulative Bastard

  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Domination, Manipulation, Deception, Omnicide

  • Heralds: The Chaos Spawn, Queen Metalia, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, Queen Nehelenia

  • Allies: Dimentio, Light of Destruction, Kefka Palazzo, HIM, The Beast, Aku, Hades, Bill Cipher, The Shadow Monster, Davros and Most of The Grand United Alliance of Destruction but especially Deathwing

  • Rivals: Shuma-Gorath

  • Enemies: Everything that lives. More specifically, Sailor Moon, The Sailor Senshi, Sailor Galaxia, Chibiusa, Mamoru Chiba, Luna, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, YHVH, Discord, Father Balder, Doctor Strange, Cosmos, Doctor Fate, The God-Emperor of Mankind, The SCP Foundation, The Doctor, Pit, Palutena, Dark Pit, Viridi, Metatron

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Daleks, Zamasu

  • Wary Of: Porky Minch

  • Opposes: Pops Maellard

  • Opposed by: All Good-Aligned Marvel Deities

  • Interested In: Majin Buu, Fat Buu, The Chaos Gods, Lord Tirek, Doomsday, Chaos (Sonic The Hedgehog)

  • Fears: The Omni-King

  • Long ago, at the beginning of the creation of the universe was the Galaxy Cauldron, the most powerful star in the entire universe and the birthplace of all stars in the galaxy. However, at some point in time, an unfathomable evil was born from the Cauldron. This creature was named Chaos, the ultimate expression of nothingness and source of darkness. The reason being that light and darkness both have to exist. The darkness needs the light to cast shadows and the light needs the darkness to shine brightly. Light and Darkness will always coexist. If there is no light, the universe will be destroyed and remade in the image of the evil, Chaos. The only way Chaos can be destroyed is through the Galaxy Cauldron’s destruction. As long as it exists, Chaos will never be permanently destroyed. The problem with destroying the Galaxy Cauldron is that, while there will be no more war, all life will end and stars will never be born again.

  • Chaos’ ascension was strange...many gods and deities started to go missing in the Pantheon and the investigation to find them lead the ones searching into outer space, where they encountered a gray, formless mass. This was Chaos. Apparently, after dissolving in the Galaxy Cauldron, it had found itself in the Pantheon. They managed to rescue both the deities and gods that had been taken by Chaos but also barely escaped with their lives. It stated that the reason it was abducting people was to gather the attention of the Court Of The Gods. It stated that it was claiming the As Long as There is Evil trope and promptly headed back into deep space. It was properly ascended afterwards, much to the horror of many Gods.

  • We would like to remind you that sealing Chaos inside of your body is a bad idea. It won’t end well.

  • Chaos’ temple is an exact replica of Sagitarrius Zero Star. The Galaxy Cauldron has not been included and others are trying to get it ascended into the Pantheon in order to have an easier way to defeat Chaos.

  • All of the Sailor Senshi, as well as Tuxedo Mask and Luna were horrified that Chaos had managed to ascend, though the biggest reactions came from Sailors Moon and Galaxia. Sailor Moon immediately panicked upon learning that the creature that nearly tore her entire life apart had returned, while Galaxia was angry that it had ascended and vowed to destroy it, saying that she wouldn’t allow it to both manipulate her and control her again.

  • Chaos was actually the one who created multiple evils such as Queen Metalia, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90 and Queen Nehelenia, the four actually being incarnations of Chaos. It only makes sense that Chaos has the abilities of its spawn.

    • The abilities from them it is known to have are the Beast Hands, Evil Eye and Curse techniques. The Beast Hands technique allows it to sprout multiple technicolor stretchy and flexible arms which can drain the energy of anyone it is touching and was even capable of destroying Rubeus when used by Death Phantom. Wiseman even granted Saphir a pair of Beast Hands.

    • The Evil Eye is capable of controlling other people. Anyone who has looked once into the Evil Eye technique can be controlled by the user, even when the Evil Eye is inactive after usage. It can cause paralysis at will, work on multiple people at once and oddly enough is able to grant one resistance to mental attacks. Even ones as powerful as the Evil Eye. It also allows the projection of a very powerful energy attack. It can harm others when used carefully, as evidenced with Saphir when the Death Phantom used it. At full power it can defeat Saphir in one shot. It was even a threat to Sailors Jupiter and Venus.

    • The most threatening technique of the bunch though and easily the most dangerous is the Curse, which was previously used by Queen Nehelenia. It doesn’t have any physical or mental power. Instead, it has power over fate and destiny. Queen Nehelenia was even able to use this when sealed away. She used it against Queen Serenity herself, which caused The Dark Kingdom and Queen Metalia to rise and the fall of the Silver Millennium. Queen Metalia and the Dark Kingdom might have risen in the future at some point anyway but the curse basically destroyed any hope of the Moon Kingdom defeating them. Queen Serenity is far more powerful then Nehelenia, but the curse still worked on her. The curse is very difficult to remove. Even the Silver Crystal is unable to get rid of it. Only the Golden Crystal can remove it. She cast a curse on the Earth which causes it, the sacred land of Elysion and their protectors Chiba Mamoru and Helios to begin dying.

  • One of the first enemies that Chaos made after its ascension was the God-Emperor of Mankind, who saw it as a revolting creature almost as bad as the Chaos Gods. Chaos pays him no mind, but has taken an interest in the Chaos Gods, only earning more hatred from the emperor.

    • On the flipside, one of the first allies that Chaos made in the Pantheon was none other than Kefka Palazzo. Kefka likes Chaos’ goals, especially since he’d be able to destroy everything. Plus, as an added bonus for both of them, Kefka finds the promise of a universe dominated by Chaos fascinating...believing that it would eventually be destroyed over time. That was enough for him and Chaos to become allies. Some deities and gods suspect that Kefka is actually after Chaos’ power and is seeking to take it for himself.

    • Kefka was not the only harlequin to meet with Chaos. Another was Dimentio, who, as it turns out, approves of Chaos’ goals. Especially since both of their goals are completely identical...well, other than the becoming one with the universe part. Chaos, having learned of his reputation, knows Dimentio cannot be trusted.

  • Gets along swimmingly with The Beast, both regarding humans as at the very bottom of the totem pole, wanting to remake the universe in their image and destroy, corrupt or brainwash anyone who opposes them...or they may even do all three. This alliance has many in the Pantheon on edge and has attracted the attention of the Doctor.

  • Chaos’ goal in the Pantheon is to cause a great war, intending to have many gods and deities destroyed in the carnage. This earned it an ally in Hades, though he thinks Chaos should lighten up and relax a bit. Chaos believes that it doesn’t really need to do much due to the conflict between the Grand United Alliances of both Good and Evil, as well as the conflict between the Grand United Alliances Of Law and Chaos. Obviously, nobody of these alliances wants to be manipulated by this being.

  • Chaos is wary of Porky Minch as he drove Giygas completely insane with nothing but a machine. Chaos doesn’t want to meet the same fate as Giygas.

  • The SCP Foundation hates it for having the ability to create Eldritch Abominations and seeks to contain it as quickly as they can. Obviously, this means Chaos sees them as enemies, believing that if they can contain SCP-682, then they may be able to do the same to it.

  • Seems to have a disturbing interest in Majin Buu, believing that his human extinction attack would be very well as seeking to unite both him and Fat Buu into one being again as Super Buu. Both versions of Buu are oblivious to this and many Gods and Deities have been trying to keep Chaos away from them.

  • Discord hates it for soiling the name of chaos. His hatred only increased when he found out that Chaos was interested in Tirek.

    • It is unknown how an interaction between them would go. Many fear that Tirek would absorb all of Chaos’ power, it would prove to be an infinite source of magic, which could power up Tirek to insane levels or even allow Chaos to corrupt him and take over his body. Nobody wants to find out what would happen.

  • Is hated by Pit and Palutena not only for its goals...but for reminding them of the Chaos Kin. This is due to Chaos’ heavy manipulation and corruption of Galaxia, even going as far as to get her to take the Star Seeds of all of Sailor Moon’s friends. Given that the Star Seed is basically the soul, it’s easy to see why they detest it so much.

    • Dark Pit also hates it for these reasons as well, as does Viridi...though she mainly despises it for trying to destroy the universe, believing that there would be no plants if Chaos succeeds.

  • Has an alliance going with Bill Cipher and HIM. This is a cause for alarm for most deities as the unholy alliance between it, Hades, Dimentio, Kefka, HIM, Bill Cipher and The Beast can certainly be a problem.

    • If that wasn’t enough, Chaos is allies with The Light of Destruction and THE SHADOW MONSTER. You Can Panic Now.

  • Apparently, Chaos seeks to corrupt and twist the morals of others as evidenced when it approached Madoka Kaname, offering her power to recover from The Great Upheaval. In truth, while it would have given her power, she also would have lost all semblance of free will. Madoka refused as she had been warned beforehand of the deception and manipulations of Chaos by The Sailor Senshi. It wasn’t pleased. As a result of this, it has also become enemies with Homura Akemi.

  • Has a disturbing interest in Doomsday. It likes the Daleks more but knows not to trust them as they tried to destroy all of reality save for they constantly rebel against their creator. It seems to get along better with Davros.

  • Is completely frustrated by the likes of Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange.

    • Doctor Strange for having the power to halt its plans. It hates Doctor Fate for the same reason. Has reached out to Dormammu for help against Strange. There has been no response as of yet and many hope it remains that way...or that Dormammu declines to help Chaos.

  • All Good-Aligned Marvel deities oppose it for being similar to both Shuma-Gorath and Amatsu-Mikaboshi. It has since become rivals with Shuma-Gorath but is outright ignored by the Chaos King.

  • Has a partnership going with Aku. Chaos promised that it would help defeat his enemies if he aids it in keeping the Galaxy Cauldron from being used against it should it ever be ascended.

  • Father Balder hates it. Not only is Chaos a being who acts similarly to the one that manipulated him, but it is enemies with Galaxia, a person who he is on good terms with. Actually, to say he hates Chaos is a bit of an understatement.

  • Is interested in many items in the treasury such as...

    • The Dragon Balls in hopes to gain as much knowledge of its enemies as possible.

    • The Chaos Emeralds as it seeks to corrupt them and purge them of positive energy entirely.

    • The Chaos Heart to further its goal of creating a new world.

    • Aghanim’s Scepter as it wants to see if it can become Sailor Chaos through that manner.

  • Is avoiding the Grand United Alliances as Chaos knows invoking their wrath more than it already has will be very bad for it and its goals.

    • However, it seems to have ties to the Grand United Alliance Of Destruction, if its alliance with Kefka, Hades and the Shadow Monster are any indication. It doesn’t seem to be a full-blown member but it gets along with Deathwing.

    • It and Zamasu seem to have trouble working together, given the latter’s hypocrisy and belief that everything inherently evil should be destroyed, this makes sense.

    • One thing Zamasu and Chaos agree on though is that Zeno is a major threat to their plans and that they need to tread carefully involving him and his future counterpart.

  • Has Pops Maellard VERY HIGH on its list of threats. He hasn’t noticed Chaos yet, but it is very worried about someone able to force positive emotions on others, especially a being that wanted nothing more than to destroy the universe over a deer. It knows making a move against him would be suicidal though as most of the Pantheon loves Pops.

  • Has recently taken an interest in Chaos, wondering if it can be angered into reverting back to its destructive ways.

  • Where there is light, there is darkness. Darkness brings light and light brings darkness.



Cackletta, Goddess of Shielded-Core Bosses (The Great Cackletta), (Mistress Cackletta), (Bowletta), (Cackletta’s Soul)
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