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This is a sandbox for keeping track of the various work and creator pages that have attracted Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, on- or off-page. These work pages require a cleanup to remove complaining, and the wicks may also need cleaning as well. If you find a work or creator page that has attracted quite a bit of complaining on one or more of its subpages or in its wicks, add it here. Or, if you would like to help clean up any of the pages or wicks listed here so that they may be removed from the list, you are encouraged to do so.

Works listed here must attract actual, current complaining that exists in large amounts, not "potential" complaining, complaining that has since been deleted, or complaining that exists in such small amounts that it is not worth listing here. (Note that works with small, but still noticeable amounts of complaining are allowed to be listed. Those are usually easy fixes anyway.)

NOTE: The content on this page was migrated over from Infamous and Controversial Works, of which this sandbox is a replacement for. It was expanded from the original definition so as to allow for a broader definition of work and creator pages that need cleanup of complaining.

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  • HeadOn: Infamously repetitive and unclear commercial for a useless product. Page has lots of snarking about the narration and the product itself, although without said snark bait reputation, the ad wouldn't have a page at all.

    Anime and Manga 

    Asian Animation 

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Film — Animated 

    Film — Live-Action 

    Light Novels 
  • Oreimo: Controversial light novel series known for having a widely loathed ending. Much of YMMV is complaining either about the incest aspect of the show or the ending.
  • Sword Art Online: Extremely controversial light novel/anime. YMMV attracts a ridiculous amount of complaining, including entire subpages for complaining tropes.
  • When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace: YMMV is full of complaining, mostly about the "Episode 7 Rant". Potentially present in other pages.

  • Alfie's Home: Children's book that is infamous for its portrayal of sexual abuse and anti-LGBT themes. The description and YMMV page contain lots of complaining.
  • Anita Blake: Controversial Urban Fantasy series known for its explicit themes. YMMV has a lot of complaining and possible content policy violations.
  • Atlanta Nights: An interesting case, as the book was intentionally written to be bad. Nevertheless, complaining is complaining, and the Main and YMMV pages are full of it.
  • Atlas Shrugged: Book written by an author infamous for political reasons. YMMV is very negative and complain-y.
  • The Blue Lagoon: Some complaining on YMMV.
  • Empress Theresa: Infamous novel known for its Protagonist-Centered Morality and its author's feuds with critics. Has lots of snark on Main and YMMV.
  • The Eye of Argon: Very infamous fantasy novella widely regarded as horrible. Main and YMMV are, as expected, very complain-y and snarky.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey: Infamous erotic book, Main and YMMV have attracted some complaining.
  • Inheritance Cycle: Snark and complaining from its massive hatedom. It appears to have been cleaned up quite a bit, but could probably still use a look-over.
  • Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say "No" to Drugs: Infamously poorly written children's book. Main and YMMV pages have a lot of snark and complaining.
  • Left Behind: Infamous fundamentalist-Christian book series. YMMV page is full of bashing, especially where the protagonists are concerned. Other pages may have similar problems.
  • The Legend of Rah and the Muggles: Complaining galore across pages.
  • List of the Lost: Critically reviled book by Morrissey. Borderline stub page that consists largely of complaining.
  • Little Brother: Book considered by those who dislike it to emphasize an anvilicious message to the detriment of plot and characterization. YMMV is full of complaining.
  • Maximum Ride: Description and YMMV littered with complaining.
  • The Secret: Lots of snarks given the controversal subject matter.
  • The Turner Diaries: Infamous white supremacist book. Main and YMMV have lots of complaining.
  • The Twilight Saga: Novel and film series with a massive fandom and a massive hatedom. Snark and complaining.
  • Victoria: A novel set in the Fallen States of America known for its alt-right talking points. Main page has an abnormally high wick count and issues with gushing and trope misuse. Has its own cleanup thread.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 7th Heaven: Infamous TV drama set in a Christian family. YMMV page is littered with complaining and snark.
  • 13 Reasons Why: Popular Netflix show that's still controversial for its depictions of mental illness, teen suicide and other mature themes. YMMV is very, very, negative and complain-y.
  • Ancient Aliens: History Channel TV series that has gained notoriety for its alien-focused take on historic events and figures. Main page consists almost entirely of complaining.
  • Animorphs: Main page is littered with jabs at the series (particularly comparisons to the book series it was based on).
  • Arrowverse: The franchise's (particularly the Arrow ones) YMMV entries are filled with complaining about characters, groups of fans or creators that certain tropers don't like often base on shipping bias.
  • Battlestar Galactica:
  • Bibleman: Christian kids video series. Main and YMMV are littered with complaining and snark.
  • The Big Bang Theory: YMMV has attracted quite a bit of complaining, although it is outnumbered by the non-complain-y entries so it might not be as big a job.
  • Cavemen: Poorly received television series based on the GEICO ad campaign. Some examples have complaining.
  • Cop Rock: Infamous TV flop from The '90s, known for a bizarre premise. Description and examples contain complaining.
  • Dog with a Blog: Some snark on YMMV at least.
  • Dude, What Would Happen?: Already low on tropes, the page used to solely be used to complain about the show's former Adored by the Network status and CN Real as a whole. It has been toned down ever since, but still could use work (especially with adding more tropes).
  • The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder: Infamous Live-Action/Animation hybrid Sequel Series of The Fairly OddParents!. Its YMMV page has a lot of Complaints about the changes the show has made.
  • Game of Thrones Season 8: The final season is much maligned and complaints have spilled over the Headscratchers page.
  • Gaming in the Clinton Years: Infamous series of videos on YouTube originally taken from a public access video game review show. Very few examples are not complaining on Main and YMMV, other pages definitely need a look.
  • Glee: YMMV is a bit whiny.
  • Heathers: Highly contentious remake of the 1989 film, largely for political reasons. Main page is alright but the YMMV subsection for this series is nothing but complaining.
  • Henry Danger: YMMV contains some bash-y language.
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Complaining galore on YMMV.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Popular Turn of the Millennium sitcom more well-known today for its maligned ending. The YMMV page has attracted a ridiculous amount of complaining, much of it about the ending. Other pages may need a look too.
  • Inhumans: Poorly received television series based on an already contentious comic, considered the worst entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. YMMV is almost entirely complaining, other pages may need a look too.
  • Jeopardy!: Tons of complaining about contestants/changes in YMMV.
  • Jersey Shore: One of the most infamous reality shows of the 2000s. YMMV has some complaining.
  • Kamen Rider Zero-One: The endgame was rushed due to COVID-19 and, as a result of that and a Happy Ending Override with some movies, gained backlash.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Controversial spin-off of a popular television show. YMMV is brimming with complaining, and other pages may need a look.
  • Life After Dinosaurs: Contains some snark about the CGI and factual errors.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Amazon spin-off of The Lord of the Rings that takes controversial liberties with Tolkien's lore presumably due to legal issues with the Tolkien estate. YMMV and Trivia page may need to be watched for Broken Base shoehorns, bashing and the like.
  • Mrs. Columbo: Failed Distaff Counterpart spin-off. Main and YMMV pages are full of complaining.
  • Mulaney: Poorly reviewed John Mulaney vehicle criticized for similarities to Seinfeld. YMMV is very negative.
  • Out of Jimmy's Head: Poorly received live-action/animated hybrid on Cartoon Network. YMMV has quite a bit of complaining.
  • Peppermint Park: Poorly received Sesame Street knockoff. Main page has been cleaned up, but YMMV still has some complaining.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce: Poorly received season in the Power Rangers franchise, known for its Troubled Production and Creator Backlash. Has walls of text filled with complaining that need to taken a look at.
  • ReBoot: The Guardian Code: Poorly received reboot of a popular cartoon from The '90s. YMMV consists largely of complaining, and Main has attracted some too.
  • Robin Hood (2006 BBC series): Season 3 was poorly received, especially due to the introduction of the apparently poorly written character Kate. Much of the YMMV page is very complain-y, and many entries are just bashing Kate over and over. Kate's folder on the characters page has a lot of bashing too, including the short "description" of the character above the tropes.
  • La rosa de Guadalupe: Very infamous Mexican Catholic-themed show. Most of the pages have complaining problems, with the YMMV in particular being filled with complaining.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Poorly received TV drama, snark and complaining all over the place in YMMV and some in the main.
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: The Original Series: Recaps of episodes from the controversial third season are teeming with snark and need to be looked at.
    • Star Trek: Voyager: Controversial entry in the Star Trek franchise, this ATT found lots of complaining on the Fridge and Headscratchers pages at least. There might be more on the other pages, so they should probably be looked at.
    • Star Trek: Enterprise: One of the most controversial entries in the Star Trek franchise. YMMV and Fridge are bloated with complaining.
    • Star Trek: Discovery: Contentious entry in the franchise. YMMV has attracted complaining.
    • Star Trek: Picard: Contentious entry in the franchise. Like Discovery, the YMMV has attracted some complaining.
  • Titans (2018): Quite a bit of complaining on YMMV at least.
  • Toddlers & Tiaras: Infamous show disliked for its premise involving children in beauty pageants. Main and YMMV both have complaining.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Tons of complaining about controversial changes/behavior of contestants in YMMV.
  • Wife Swap: Controversial TV show centered around two families swapping wives for a period of two weeks. The main page has almost every entry be solely complaining.
  • Wonder Woman (2011 pilot): Very infamous failed pilot known for its Designated Hero. Pages consist almost entirely of snark and complaining. Most of the complaining is backed up by pointing out legitimate aspects in the show and writing style, but it could still be lessened a little bit.
  • You're in the Picture: Infamous game show whose creator apologized on air for making it a week after the first episode. Low on tropes, examples may need a slight rewrite. Not as big a job as some other entries listed here, should be a quick fix.

  • Attila: Infamous acid rock band and an Old Shame for the otherwise beloved musician Billy Joel. Page consists mostly of complaining and snark, including the page quotes (of which there should be only one).
  • Brokencyde: Infamous crunkcore band. Full of complaining and snark on all subpages.
  • Glam Rap: Infamous rap subgenre. The page includes some bits of complaining and snark. While some of the complaints are reasonable and valid, it could be toned down a little bit.
  • Greta Van Fleet: Rock band accused of copying beloved 70s rock bands, especially Led Zeppelin. YMMV could use some fine-tuning.
  • Having Fun with Elvis on Stage: Infamous album by otherwise beloved Elvis Presley, page is almost entirely complaining.
  • Josh Groban: Easy-listening singer. The page includes a bit of snark and bashing directed at him and his fandom, including the page quote, and some of the entries are troping drama within his own fandom.
  • Korean Pop Music: Pop music scene with a very passionate fandom, for better or for worse. Broken Bases, fan wars, real-life scandals, Values Dissonance between Korean and Western cultures, and notoriously harsh criticisms from Korean netizens are all very common. The page itself is fine, but multiple featured groups have had their YMMV pages attract varying amounts of complaining, natter, trope/YMMV item misuse, and drama importation that is often of little to no relevance to the idols' work. These pages stand out:
    • AOA: YMMV has a lengthy dedicated folder detailing a massive scandal within the group. The rest of the YMMV page has also attracted some complaining and some real-life troping that, even by k-pop standards, is excessively personal.
    • BTS: As the single most famous Korean act in the West, they are also subject to fan wars and alleged prejudice from outsiders. YMMV is flooded with complaining, natter, and drama importation, mainly from fans trying to fight back against detractors.
    • IZ*ONE: Controversial girl group with a vocal fandom trying to fight back against the controversies. YMMV is dominated by complaining.
    • KARA: The majority of their YMMV page consists of troping real-life drama, including the suicides of a member and a trainee.
    • Super Junior: YMMV is dominated by excessively personal entries about the members, including in the Broken Base and Values Dissonance sections, and has some complaining about the fandom.
  • Limp Bizkit: Nu Metal band who have been involved in several controversies throughout the years. YMMV is very snarky and complain-y.
  • Milli Vanilli: Infamous New Jack Swing duo whose career was killed off by a lip-syncing scandal. Page consists of complaining, snark and troping their scandal, and most of the tropes don't actually talk about their songs (rather choosing to talk about the lip-syncing scandal). Needs a clean-up.
  • Nu Metal: Contentious Heavy Metal subgenre. There are some bits of complaining, snark and bashing (including the page quote). While some of the complaints are reasonable and valid, it could be toned down a little bit.
  • Post-Grunge: Infamous Alternative Rock subgenre, complaining present in the description and page quote. While some of the complaints are reasonable and valid, it could be toned down a little bit.
  • Phil Spector: Infamous record producer convicted of murder, who died in January 2021. Entire page consists of complaining and troping his real life scandals.
  • Vanilla Ice: Infamous rapper, YMMV has some snarkiness, though not as much as one would think so it should be an easy clean.

    Newspaper Comics 


    Professional Wrestling 

  • Fast & Furious: Supercharged: One of Universal's worst received rides. YMMV is full of complaining.
  • Stitch's Great Escape!: One of Disney's most controversial attractions for a multitude of reasons. YMMV is littered with complaining, with some stealthier complaining on Trivia and Main.
  • Superstar Limo: Disney's worst received ride. YMMV is full of complaining.

    Tabletop Games 
  • F.A.T.A.L.: Legendarily bad RPG and long-time snark magnet. The main page was locked and examples removed, both due to constant bashing and the game's very NSFW content; the examples have since been cleaned and returned to the page. WMG is still open and is mostly snark.
  • Racial Holy War: Tabletop RPG that is infamous for its extreme racism and having crucial information missing from the rulebook, making it literally impossible to play without using House Rules to fill in the missing pieces. While some complaining is inevitable and justified for such a work, nearly every single sentence on the main page and subpages contains some complaining or snark, even for completely objective tropes, which is probably excessive.

  • The Addams Family: The section of the Addams Family YMMV page that deals with the theater adaptation consists almost exclusively of complaining. Cleanup is needed in that section.
  • Coming Out of Their Shells: Infamous stage show based off the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mythos. Some complaining in the description, page image caption and YMMV.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: YMMV filled with complaining and natter.
  • RENT: Highly influential and acclaimed Broadway musical which has proven to be contentious among audiences over the past few years. YMMV bloated with complaining, some on Main as well.

    Video Games 
  • Action 52: One of the most infamous and poorly made games of all time. Pages are swarming with complaining. While a lot of it is justified, some of the complaining could be lessened a little bit.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines: Video game based on the Alien franchise infamous for turning out to be an Obvious Beta in spite of the previews, as well as negatively affecting the reputation of its developer, Gearbox Software. Main is okay, but Trivia and YMMV have quite a bit of complaining.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons: The latest in Nintendo's popular Animal Crossing franchise, which has proved to be contentious among fans due to making dramatic changes from the previous games. The YMMV page has drawn much complaining, with three subpages dedicated to it (Scrappy Mechanic, They Changed It, Now It Sucks!, That One Sidequest). Some of it has leaked into the game's main page and the franchise YMMV page. Has its own cleanup thread.
  • Awesome Possum... Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt: Poorly received Mascot with Attitude game often seen as an especially blatant Sonic rip-off. Description and YMMV are very complain-y.
  • Balan Wonderworld: Poorly received title that was hyped as the return of one of Sonic Team's founders, Yuji Naka. YMMV and Trivia have some complaining issues.
  • Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge: Infamous game hated by many. Main and YMMV have quite a bit of complaining. Complaining on YMMV may be somewhat acceptable since it seems to cover legitimate audience reactions under correctly used YMMV items, but complaining on Main needs cleanup.
  • Bomberman Act:Zero: Infamous Darker and Edgier reboot of the Bomberman franchise. Has some complaining on YMMV and Trivia.
  • Bubsy: 1990s Mascot with Attitude series often mocked on the Internet, spawned a failed cartoon pilot. Snark on his Memetic Loser status among the gaming community.
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts: Both Main and YMMV contains a noticable amount of complaining.
  • Castlevania II: Simon's Quest: YMMV has some complaining.
  • Cinder: Infamous defunct MMO that required NFTs to play. Despite page's small size, full of criticisms about the developers' stance on NFTs, their shutting down their previous MMO to prioritize Cinder, the reuse of assets from said previous game, and the treatment of their games' communities.
  • CrazyBus: Snark on Main and a little bit on YMMV. Justified in that it technically isn't a "game" per se, but the language could be toned down a bit.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Criticisms aimed at the developer, calling them out for crunching, delays, and releasing a mess of bugs and other technical issues.
  • Daikatana: Infamous FPS from around the Turn of the Millennium, well-known for its Troubled Production and a poorly received ad campaign and received negatively upon coming out. Main and YMMV pages bloated with complaining.
  • Day One: Garry's Incident: Infamous indie game more well-known today for the ugly feud between its developers and critic TotalBiscuit. The main and YMMV pages are pretty much exclusively complaining.
  • Devil May Cry 2: Poorly received installment in the series, YMMV has some complaining.
  • Diablo III: Contested Sequel in a popular series, YMMV has lots of complaining and the other pages may need a look given the contentious nature of the game.
  • Dm C Devil May Cry: Contested reboot of the series. YMMV has attracted some complaining.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Specifically the NES version, of which has attracted complaining in the description and YMMV. Not as big a job as some other entries here, should take less time to clean up.
  • Duke Nukem Forever: Sequel to a popular FPS from The '90s more well-known for being stuck in Development Hell and received poorly upon release. Description snarks a bit about the Development Hell, and YMMV has some complaining.
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Probably the most famous "bad game" of all time. Not as bad as one would think but Main and YMMV still have some complaining.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VIII: One of the most contentious Final Fantasy games. YMMV has attracted some complaining, and the other pages definitely need a look considering how contentious this game is.
    • Final Fantasy XV: Extremely contentious installment, mainly due to its hotly debated design choices and the cancellation of most of its second wave of DLC. YMMV and other pages have complaining throughout the entries.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening: The YMMV page has a bunch of complaining about shipping and feminism from Sumia fans.
  • Ghostbusters (1984): Main and the YMMV section for the game are filled with snark and complaining.
  • HoloFunk - Pre-6.0: Previous story iteration of a fangame; became maligned after its cancellation over concerns of developer mistreatment and Muse Abuse. YMMV and possibly the main trivia page contain negativity that may need to be pruned.
  • Hong Kong '97: Infamous "game" intentionally made to be bad, received infamy after a review by The Angry Video Game Nerd. Very little of the pages appear not to be complaining or bashing in some capacity.
  • Hotel Mario: Much like the Zelda games for the same system, poorly received Mario adaptation more well-known for their memetic and often mocked cutscenes. Main and YMMV are a bit complain-y.
  • King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!: YMMV is filled with complaining, natter, and Bold Inflation.
  • The Last of Us Part II: Due to the game's plot, it attracted constant complaining and edit wars causing the YMMV page to be locked shortly after its release.
  • The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games: Poorly received series of Zelda spin-off games more well-known for their memetic and widely mocked cutscenes. Main and YMMV pages have some complaining, particularly in regard to the cutscenes.
  • Limbo of the Lost: Infamous adventure game known for its poor gameplay, and being involved in a plagiarism controversy. Most of the pages involve a lot of complaining.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Poorly received game infamous for being extremely buggy alongside a poorly-received story. Keep an eye out for any complaints.
  • Mega Man 8: Contentious entry in the Mega Man franchise. YMMV has attracted some complaining.
  • Mega Man X7: One of the worst-received Mega Man games. The YMMV is littered with complaining, and it has seeped into Main a little bit too.
  • Metal Gear Survive: Infamous installment in the series that was both poorly received and got overshadowed by a controversial dispute between Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami. YMMV has attracted a lot of complaining, along with references to the dispute.
  • Mighty No. 9: Crowdfunded Spiritual Successor to Mega Man headed by Capcom alumnus Keiji Inafune that became infamous for its many budgeting, production, and promotional issues, as well as its eventual poorly received release. Its pages have attracted complaining (in particular the YMMV page) due to all this.
  • Operator's Side (Lifeline in North America): A PS2 game where the central gimmick is that you control the main character by giving her orders with a USB microphone. It is generally regarded as having been poorly implemented, which has resulted in some complaining.
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash: Two very contentious games in their series criticized for doing away with various well-received elements in previous games. As expected, the YMMV pages of both are filled with complaining, with Sticker Star being more complain-y overall.
  • Pokémon:
    • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: The remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, have attracted controversy over not being as innovative as past remakes and changing mechanics present in other games. Folder for the remakes on the YMMV page has attracted complaining.
    • Pokémon Sword and Shield: One of the most controversial main series Pokémon games; the YMMV page in particular has had issues with complaining in the past.
    • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Games were unusually buggy at launch; monitor for complaints about glitches.
  • Ratchet & Clank (2016): Contentious re-imagining of the 2002 game that was based on a disliked movie adaptation. Complaining exists on YMMV.
  • Ride to Hell: Retribution: One of the most infamous games released during the The Seventh Generation of Console Video Games. Main page has a problem with bashing the game in unrelated entries and exaggerating events to make the protagonist look worse.
  • Rise of the Robots: Poorly received game from The '90s, description and examples bloated with complaining.
  • Saints Row (2022): Continuity Reboot of the Saints Row series that attracted controversy for being Lighter and Softer and for being released in a bugged state. Main and YMMV pages have attracted complaining.
  • Shaq Fu: Very infamous game. Main and YMMV are filled with complaining. The game does have its problems, and some points raised are valid to a degree, but it's possible that some of it could be lessened slightly.
  • Somari: Poorly received unlicensed NES platformer mashing up Sonic and Mario. Main and YMMV are full of complaining.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Has a massive, vocal Broken Base as well as a hatedom, controversial for quality issues and critical reception post-1998.
    • Sonic Labyrinth: Poorly received Sonic spin-off. Description and YMMV are very complain-y.
    • Sonic R: Infamous Sonic racing game for the Saturn. Not as bad as some other entries but there's a bit of complaining on the YMMV page.
    • Sonic Shuffle: Poorly received attempt at a Sonic version of Mario Party. Main page has some complain-y examples.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): One of the most infamous Obvious Betas in video game history. Work pages and wicks are filled with complaining. Fridge goes full thread mode with plenty of First-Person Writing in the Fridge Brilliance section, and Headscratchers page has complaining. Shares moments subpages with the Something Awful Let's Play, as well as meta examples, other reviews/Let's Plays, and the P-06 Fan Remake, which should go under their own moments subpages.
    • Sonic Colors: Well-received game that has gotten more contentious over time, being accused of starting yet another Audience-Alienating Era, not helped by the 2021 rerelease being in a poor state at launch. YMMV could use some cleanup.
    • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric: One of the worst-received Sonic games in history, which has attracted almost nothing but complaining on YMMV and its sections on Sonic Boom's Trivia and Main page. The 3DS games based on the sub-franchise also have complaining to a lesser extent.
    • Sonic Forces: Contentious entry in the franchise. YMMV has attracted some complaining.
  • Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly: Infamous for being an Obvious Beta, this game attracts snark in examples pertaining to the franchise as a whole as well.
  • Superman 64: One of the most reviled games of all time. Main is filled with complaining.
  • The Town with No Name: Infamous point-and-click game. YMMV is filled with complaining.
  • Wild Woody: Attempted Mascot with Attitude platformer widely mocked on the internet for its gameplay, music, and poorly animated CGI cutscenes. Not nearly as bad as some of the other entries on here but there is some complaining here and there, mainly about the cutscenes.
  • Yandere Simulator: Persistent drama importation related to the developer, mainly on the YMMV and to a lesser extent Trivia subpages.
  • YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG: Controversial RPG. A lot of complaining on YMMV, especially about its protagonist.
  • The You Testament: Infamous video game inspired by the Bible. (The page also covers the sequel, Making of a Prophet, which is based on the Quran.) Lots of snarky language, including the page quote, regarding the games' use of Artistic License and Artificial Stupidity.
  • Zoo Race: Its apparent reputation as So Bad, It's Good is in the description and image caption.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • Benthelooney: Contentious animation critic on YouTube, who got involved in a controversy over drawing explicit artwork of underage characters. YMMV has attracted some complaining, as well as references to the controversy.
  • DEATH BATTLE!: Just the premise alone attracts countless amounts of complaining and edit wars regardless of the outcome that not only led to its YMMV and Curb-Stomp Battle subpages being locked, but also ended up causing its Dethroning Moment and Headscratchers page to be sent to the Permanent Red Link Club. Has its own cleanup thread.
  • Dusk's Dawn: Semi-infamous My Little Pony fan episode. YMMV is a bit snarky.
  • Extra Credits: Video game-related channel on YouTube that has made several controversial videos. YMMV has attracted complaining, some of it political in nature.
  • Object Terror: Apparently controversial web series, largely due to the violence and gore, as well as the behavior of Brian Hazen, the creator of the series. YMMV has attracted some complaining.
  • RWBY: Extremely controversial web series. Long-term complaining and Edit War magnet and frequent subject of entries on the complaining thread. It also has a Short-Term Project Clean-Up thread here.

    Web Original 
  • Growing Around: Attempt at a children's book series/web series written by a controversial author. YMMV has attracted some complaining, likely due to the author.
  • Jeff the Killer: One of the most infamous and mocked creepypastas of all time. Main and YMMV are bloated with entries pointing out the many flaws in the story.

    Web Video 
  • The Blockbuster Buster: Complaining problems on YMMV and Trivia.
  • CinemaSins: Popular but contentious channel on YouTube known for picking apart movies. Due to the contentious nature of the channel, the YMMV has begun to attract complaining. Other pages may need a look too.
  • Confused Matthew: Channel that has historically been subject to He Panned It, Now He Sucks!. Has not been quite as criticized as in the past, but still bears looking at, with the YMMV having attracted some complaining at least.
  • The Irate Gamer: Online gaming critic accused of copying the premise of The Angry Video Game Nerd. The main page (which has been unlocked) and subpages contain lots of complaining, will have to be cleaned up.
  • Low Tier God: A very infamous internet personality hated for his obnoxious attitude, known for spawning the "You should kill yourself... NOW!" meme. Main page used to be filled with real life troping and insults, and there is still some snark on his page.
  • Mario Teh Plumber: Extremely controversial figure and self-admitted troll. Main page has real life troping and calling him out as a horrible person. Filled with insults.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter: Extremely contentious animation critic on YouTube. Subpages have had complaining issues in the past, and the YMMV page literally has a commented-out note asking people not to add negative criticism of the channel disguised as YMMV.
  • The Nostalgia Critic: A strange situation, as the page zig-zags between excessive gushing and excessive complaining, but the latter is more prominent. Most of the complaints appear to stem from a Single-Issue Wonk regarding the show's uncancellation in 2013 and the cancellation of Demo Reel, and the alleged Seasonal Rot that followed. This usually manifests as character bashing, including misrepresenting jokes as more serious than they are, and occasionally making creepy personal remarks about the actors themselves. To a lesser degree, the pages attract controversy due to the post-2018 "Change the Channel" movement, which has shifted Channel Awesome as a whole into maligned territory. More details available at the dedicated cleanup thread.
  • SuperMarioLogan: Controversial YouTube channel known for making plush and puppet videos. The YMMV page contains a heavy amount of complaining and snark, particularly when it comes to the topics of Jeffy and the human puppets that replaced the Super Mario Bros. plushies after a cease and desist letter by Nintendo.

  • Billy the Heretic: Neo-Nazi webcomic with lots of complaining on its pages. While the complaining is in this case justified, it still needs cleanup to be more readable.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del: Highly, highly controversial and often disliked gamer webcomic. YMMV page bloated with complaining, both at the webcomic and attacks on its creator.
  • How I Became Yours: Pages needs cleanup due to attracting complaining regarding the quality of the comic.
  • Raine Dog: Poorly received webcomic, some complaining on its pages.
  • Sinfest: Massive complaining all across YMMV over the sudden plot change in the comic and the author's political views.
  • Sly Cooper: Thief of Virtue: YMMV page is loaded with snark and complaining.
  • Sonichu: Works page and several subpages are locked or PRLC due to being troll magnets. Many events are overly exaggerated to make the protagonist look worse. Keep an eye out for talk about its creator, which has been deemed off-limits.
  • So... You're a Cartoonist?: Very infamous webcomic, known largely for its controversial creator. Main and YMMV have a bit of complaining, some of it directed at its creator.
  • Tails Gets Trolled: Stylistic Suck webcomic that has attracted complaining on its YMMV who take the webcomic too seriously.
  • Vegan Artbook: Webcomic infamous for its heavy vegan Author Tract. Main page and YMMV are both filled with complaining, with most of the other subpages having complaining issues as well. YMMV also complains about the comic's readers.

  • FanFiction.Net: One of the most well-known sites for hosting fanfiction. Main and YMMV consist largely of complaining.
  • GoAnimate: Animation-making website well known for its controversial community. YMMV page has quite a bit of snarking.
  • Urban Dictionary: YMMV contains some complaining.
  • YouTube: Any change that YouTube makes is bound to attract complaining. Not only has the YMMV page been cutlisted, but it has also spilled into other pages such as They Changed It, Now It Sucks! and YouTube subpages for specific YMMV items.

    Western Animation 
  • Allen Gregory: Short-lived adult animated show that has been subjected to negative reviews by online animation critics, mostly due to its unlikeable characters. YMMV is very complain-y.
  • Da Boom Crew: Poorly reviewed, short-lived cartoon hated for its Totally Radical aspects. Complaining everywhere across pages.
  • Breadwinners: Nickelodeon series that has gained notoriety due to scathing reviews by online cartoon reviewers. YMMV has some complaining issues.
  • Brickleberry: Polarizing adult animated series. YMMV has some complaining issues.
  • The Brothers Grunt: Description and YMMV have some complaining.
  • Caillou: Preschool series that attracted a hatedom due to the title character's bratty behaviour. Has quite a bit of complaining on YMMV.
  • Cans Without Labels: Infamous short by controversial animator John Kricfalusi, released after accusations of sexual misconduct torpedoed his career. YMMV page is full of complaining, with the main page having a more subtle variation of the same problem.
  • The Cleveland Show: Poorly received spinoff of Family Guy. YMMV has attracted some complaining.
  • Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island: Poorly received cartoon accused of copying the premise of SpongeBob SquarePants, even by the main character's voice actor. Thanks to negative reviews from online critics, the subpages have attracted some complaining.
  • Dino Squad: Mid-to-late-2000s cartoon about teens who turn into dinosaurs with an apparent hatedom. Most of the complaining has been cleaned up, and the previously snark-filled Haiku page has been cut, but the main page and YMMV still need some fine-tuning.
  • Dora the Explorer: Long-running and popular preschool cartoon with a large hatedom. Most subpages aren't as bad as one would expect, but the main page is full of snark.
  • The Fairly OddParents! (later seasons): Attracts complaining related to Seasonal Rot, especially on YMMV pages.
  • Family Guy (later seasons): Long-running adult animated television series that became a target of mockery and snark on the internet due to Seasonal Rot, along with being reviewed on multiple animation Caustic Critic channels on YouTube. YMMV page has a ton of complaining, including multiple subpages for tropes often used to complain. Other pages may need a look given how contentious this show is.
  • Fish Police: Short-lived and little-remembered adult cartoon. What little of the YMMV page for the cartoon exists consists mostly of complaining.
  • Fleabag Monkeyface: Poorly received gross-out cartoon based on a children's book series that gained notoriety following a negative review by The Mysterious Mr. Enter. YMMV page contains a fair amount of complaining and snark.
  • The Groovenians: Surrealist cartoon that's gotten negative attraction from critics like The Mysterious Mr. Enter. YMMV page is riddled with complaining.
  • Hammerman: YMMV full of snark.
  • High Guardian Spice: Anime-inspired cartoon series exclusive to Crunchyroll, infamous for its behind-the-scenes drama. YMMV page is filled with complaining about the series and its production.
  • Hoops: What little of the YMMV page exists consists largely of complaining.
  • Johnny Test: Animated show infamous for its formerly frequent airings on Cartoon Network, the alleged decline in quality after the first season, and the rabid hatedom it received from the cartoon community due to the former two points. YMMV page has lots of complaining, with the Main, WMG and Trivia pages suffering from it to a lesser extent.
  • King Star King: Short lived, polarizing Animated Shock Comedy from [adult swim]. Complaining scattered throughout main and YMMV.
  • Loonatics Unleashed: Futuristic and poorly reviewed Looney Tunes series. YMMV has some complaining, and a little bit on Main too.
  • The Loud House (specific episodes): Several episodes, mainly Brawl In The Family and No Such Luck, have often seen complaints added both to their recap pages and the main series pages.
  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation: YMMV and Trivia have begun attracting complaining due to a political controversy.
  • Mega Babies: Short-lived gross-out cartoon that attracted a hatedom following reviews from RebelTaxi and The Mysterious Mr. Enter. The page has attracted complaining about Nausea Fuel, but while it's since been toned down, there's still some jabs about the character design here and there.
  • Mr. Pickles: Polarizing [adult swim] animated series about a satanic dog that received negative attention following a review by The Mysterious Mr. Enter. YMMV has attracted some complaining.
  • My Life Me: Attracts complaining about the show's art style and Protagonist-Centered Morality, with negative reception listed on the main trope page.
  • New Kids on the Block: Short-lived celebrity toon featuring the New Kids on the Block. Page is loaded with snark and complaining. Needs to be heavily rewritten.
  • The Nutshack: Infamous and memetic adult animated series. YMMV and some of the Main page are quite complain-y.
  • The Patrick Star Show: Tainted by the Preview and attracted complaints when it was announced that Patrick would have a completely new family.
  • Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain: The YMMV and Trivia have a lot of complaining, paticularly about Elmyra.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (2016): Controversial Soft Reboot of a classic series known for its changes from the original, quality issues, and some problematic moments. Examples on its pages are sound, though a lot of them have snark that need to be cut or rewritten.
  • The Prince (2021): The YMMV page mostly consists so far of complaining and whining.
  • Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon": Infamous and short-lived adult-oriented revival of The Ren & Stimpy Show, description and YMMV are bloated with complaining, likely as a result of reviews from The Mysterious Mr. Enter and similar animation reviewers on YouTube.
  • Rugrats (2021): Contentious reboot of a popular cartoon from The '90s, YMMV has started to attract some complain-y edits. Keep an eye on the pages, they might attract more in the future.
  • Santa Inc.: Poorly received adult animated series which got into a political controversy. YMMV filled with complaining, keep an eye out for ROCEJ-breaking content as well due to reports that this series has been targeted by white supremacists.
  • The Simpsons (later seasons): One of the most famous examples of perceived Seasonal Rot of all time, which has bled into at least the YMMV page. Other pages may need a look too. Also be on the look out for infamous episodes like "My Sister, My Sitter" and "The Boys of Bummer", which attract more complaining than others.
  • South Park (Season 20+): Attracts complaining on YMMV and the Recap pages for those episodes due to being the point where Seasonal Rot started to take effect. Also attracts a lot of episodic troping and speculation that sticks out on the pages.
  • Spider-Man: The New Animated Series: Short-lived animated adaptation of Spider-Man that was apparently not received particularly well. The YMMV has a lot of complaining.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Season 4+): Season 4 onwards of the famous yellow sea sponge has been controversial due to perceived quality issues and Seasonal Rot, with some help from online animation Caustic Critic types. These seasons, plus certain controversial episodes from them like "One Coarse Meal" and "A Pal For Gary", as well as certain characters affected by the rot, such as Mr. Krabs and Patrick, attract a lot of complaining in general, so the pages in general may need a look. There's also now a cleanup thread for the series.
  • Super Duper Sumos: Poorly received cartoon more well-known for its equally poorly received video game and for being the subject of a critical review by RebelTaxi. YMMV contains complaining and snark.
  • Supernoobs: Cartoon from the creator of Johnny Test, which has earned it a hatedom that largely dislike the series on that alone. YMMV page has some complaining.
  • Tangled: The Series: An animated series with a badly Broken Base. The YMMV has quite a bit of complaining; character pages, especially Tangled - Cassandra and Tangled - Allies & Others, attract bashing; the main may need a look.
  • Teen Titans Go!: Extremely controversial comedic Spin-Off of Teen Titans (2003), well known for online flaming about its perceived positive or negative quality and its equally contentious Adored by the Network status on Cartoon Network. Work page at one point literally stated that flame wars have been started here before over its contentious nature, and the YMMV page is bloated with complaining.
  • Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go: Continuity Reboot of Thomas & Friends that received an icy reception upon its debut due to the fact that the original series had been cancelled to make way for it, along with many changes that fans did not like. YMMV page is full of complaining and snark.
  • Total Drama: The season Total Drama All Stars has seen complaints added on episodes recap pages and subpages. Certain characters, such as Mike and Zoey, are also prone to complaining and edit wars.
  • Turtles Forever: Crossover finale of the 2003 series that's contentious due to its handling of the characters from the 1987 series. Complaining and misuse exists on YMMV as well as the main page to a lesser extent.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2012): Has an icy reception due to its comedic nature and alleged character and writing flaws. YMMV page is filled to the brim with complaining.
  • Velma: Controversial Darker and Edgier Scooby-Doo reboot. YMMV page is nothing but complaining. As new episodes air each week, keep an eye out for more complain-y edits.
  • Yo Yogi!: Poorly received reboot of Yogi Bear, several examples have complaining and snark and the description isn't great either.

  • 4Kids Entertainment: Anime licensor infamous in the anime community being the poster child for bowdlerization, especially with their dubs of Tokyo Mew Mew and One Piece. Attracts complaining on their page, as well as Take Thats outside of their page. A cleanup thread can be found here.
  • The Asylum: Infamous studio known for their poorly received mockbusters. Page has several complainy entries that should be moved to a YMMV section, and the description should be rewritten.
  • Michael Bay: Quotes page consists largely of bashing, and the Main page has some slightly complain-y writing.
  • Blizzard Entertainment: Video game developer that has caused major controversies starting The New '10s; pages related to them, including their main page are filled with complaints without valid examples.
  • Neil Breen: Infamous filmmaker, page appears to consist of little more than complaining.
  • Bob Chipman: Controversial online film and game reviewer. YMMV has attracted some complaining, however not as much as some other examples here so it should be a quicker/easier cleanup job.
  • Bill Cosby: Once beloved comedian who was later convicted of dozens of counts of rape. Creator page has attracted a lot of real life troping in the past about his crimes and the page caption was at one point altered to make fun of him.
  • Alex Day: YouTuber who was involved in a scandal over admission of sexual misconduct. YMMV has lots of drama importation and complaining over the scandal.
  • Dingo Pictures: German animation studio infamous for producing poorly received mockbusters of existing popular movies. Everything, from the page quote to the examples, is filled with complaining and snark.
  • Disneytoon Studios: Defunct animation studio criticized for producing numerous poorly reviewed sequels. Most of YMMV and some of Main are complaining and criticisms.
  • Filmation: Infamous Dark Age animation studio. The page has quite a bit of snarking about its works' low quality, as well as some barbs towards Hallmark Entertainment for their handling of Filmation's library.
  • Fox News Channel: Extremely infamous conservative news network. While the page is locked for obvious reasons, what few examples there are consist largely of complaining.
  • Gameloft: Mobile game developer, page has attracted complaining and was brought up in the complaining thread. Parts of the description were removed but the rest of the page may need work.
  • David Gonterman: Creator of various Internet-infamous webcomics and fanfics. His page is full of snark towards his work.
  • Konami: Video game developer and publisher. Attracts Creator Bashing due to controversial decisions made in its sub-departments starting in The New '10s, as well as publicized treatment of developers. The page itself was even launched with complaining. Be on the lookout for wicks that mention them.
  • John Kricfalusi: Infamous creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show who was accused of sexual misconduct and pedophilia in 2018, on top of being well-known for his controversial opinions about the animation industry. Due to the scandals and his already contentious history, his page contains lots of complaining and dicey content about said scandals, which may need to be cleaned up. His blog is also a complaining magnet, especially the YMMV page.
  • H. P. Lovecraft: Influential author who is just as well-known for his racist views. Creator page has a very long section complaining about this fact.
  • Dakari-King Mykan: Author of My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, his other works also attract a fair amount of complaining and drama importation. Has a cleanup thread.
  • Ĺke Ohlmarks: Swedish translator infamous for his poor translation of The Lord of the Rings. 90% of his page is literally just a list of complaints about his translation, all of which should be moved to a YMMV section.
  • Lily Orchard: Infamous online content creator with highly controversial political views. Pages had to be locked for attracting drama, with the Trivia page having been cut due to attracting complaining of its own. Be on the lookout for wicks that reference this creator, which may contain complaining/drama importation.
  • MyNetworkTV: Network-turned-syndication service run by Fox that has failed to keep up with other networks. Some snark and complaining (the latter mostly towards the shows aired on the network early on) in the description and page quote, though it's mostly in the beginning paragraphs so it should be an easy clean.
  • Jake Paul: Infamous YouTuber and controversy magnet. Pages contain almost entirely complaining.
  • Logan Paul: Infamous YouTuber and, much like his aforementioned brother, a huge controversy magnet. YMMV page consists of little more than complaining and drama importation.
  • Ken Penders: Controversial among the Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) fandom for his direction of the comics and litigiousness. His page is locked, but we still need to be on the lookout for mentions of him.
  • Jennifer Diane Reitz: Her creator page and works attract complaining and drama importation.
  • Russia Today: Infamous "news" network accused of being Russian state-run propaganda and having a penchant for hosting Conspiracy Theorist types. Why we even have a page for them (or other news-only networks) is unknown, but the page is pretty much nothing but complaining.
  • Adam Sandler: Infamous filmmaker known for his poorly received movies. While his own Creator page is surprisingly okay, several of his works attract complaining on their YMMV pages, both about the films and Sandler himself.
  • Derek Savage: Infamous creator behind the poorly received film Cool Cat Saves the Kids, known for filing a series of copyright strikes against YouTube videos criticizing the film among other incidents. Page contains lots of complaining.
  • Jimmy Savile: Once-beloved British DJ and children's host that was posthumously declared guilty of being a serial sex offender in one of the biggest-ever scandals of its kind. This ATT raised issues regarding his page and it was decided that he should be added here for attracting complaining entries that mainly talk about the scandal around him and not him as a creator. The page is currently locked and under close watch, though we should still be on the lookout for any mentions on him on the wiki.
  • Seltzer and Friedberg: Two very infamous writers/directors known for their poorly received spoof films which are regarded by certain critics as among the worst movies ever made. Creator page attracted so much complaining that it had to be locked. Even so, the page still has quite a bit of complaining even years later.
  • Shiloh: Musician who was in a relationship with the infamous YouTuber Onision. Page has attracted real-life troping and drama importation.
  • Vídeo Brinquedo: Infamous film studio known for mockbusters. Loads of complaining on the main and YMMV pages.
  • Tommy Wiseau: Infamous creator behind the equally infamous film The Room. Page has attracted complaining.