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Narm / The Last Airbender

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This film is infamous for its unintentionally hilarious moments:
Everybody do the Pebble Dance!
  • The Pebble Dance is infamous for this. During a scene where Earthbenders are staging a revolt, they come stomping (hilariously) only for a relatively small rock to fly and strike one Firebender.
    • What we have are six Earthbenders moving in perfect precision and choreography and stomping the earth, and then from the side of the screen a rock about the size of a football floats lazily in from off-screen towards the Firebenders in a completely straight line, which requires a seventh Earthbender to elaborately punch which knocks over one Firebender.
    • What about the one guy at the front of the six dancing Earthbenders that screams out louder than the rest? It's hilarious how much he sticks out.
    • The Fire Nation guy does nothing while this attack is being set up.
    • In keeping with everyone else in this scene. Soh-ka's awkward glances at everything around him after he gets into his pose are the icing on the cake.
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    • Really, the entire scene is a great example of how not to do a Oner; by having it all in one shot with the camera floating around gently, we see the characters awkwardly wait for their cue to actually do something against their opponents.
  • "Then they sent their machines... huge machines made of metal."
  • When Zhao kills the Moon Spirit, cue a zoom into Iroh's eyeball. Iroh then does a (hilarious but awesome) display of firebending.
  • The best of all has to be "And you think my son might be this person?" (overly long pause) "... YEEEEEEEEEEES!"
  • In her first scene, Yue's hair seen from the back happens to look like a penis. Since her hairstyle changes for the rest of the movie, one must wonder if she noticed...
  • "This time we show the Fire Nation that we believe in our beliefs as much as they believe in theirs". Since when did this become Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? Made even more awkward when this was said right before she gave her life to become the new Moon Spirit, a pure Tear Jerker in the original series. BELIEVE IT!
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  • Another great line is "Again, I offer my condolences on your nephew burning to death in that terrible accident". Subtle, Zhao... real subtle. He then goes on to talk about Iroh's son dying in the siege of Ba Sing Se, at great length and detail.
  • Similar to the above mentioned Earthbender prison sequence, the Aang and Blue Spirit team-up fight is another prime example of the Oner shot that was done to poor effect.
    • Said fight has the titular Blue Spirit character frequently swinging his swords without hitting anything. All while being done in slow motion.
    • In the same fight, Aang retreats to a sort of training area, and the soldiers just wait while he gathers himself. Overall, the soldiers standing around in the background doing nothing happens throughout a majority of the entire sequence.
    • How about the fact that while Aang and the Blue Spirit are fighting off a couple guards, the soldiers are all using swords and spears to fight while almost completely disregarding the fact that they can use fire? Not a bunch of firebenders utilizing their fire bending in many unique ways against Aang and the Blue Spirit. Just one random fireball that they shoot at them several times.
  • "HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" They obviously meant it to be dramatic, but it fell short of that and just sounded like a walrus' mating call meant to lure everyone into a false sense of hilarity. Alternatively, seeing as Waterbenders get their power from the moon, one could easily interpret that they are actually werewolves due to this war cry...
  • Due to the difference between American and British English, "I could tell at once that you were a bender, and that you would realize your destiny." has very different connotations.
  • "I am Prince Zuko, son of the Fire Lord and heir to the throne... BRING ME! ALL YOUR! ELDERLY!!!!" In the original show, Zuko was more specific with what he wanted, saying that he was looking for the Avatar, who would be about Gran-gran's age. Here, it just comes off as him having a fetish for elderly people.
  • Katara shoving a Fire Nation Soldier, and then just standing there for some reason (aka Ka-tackle).
    Fire Nation Soldier: (to Aang, in the tone of Will Ferrell imitating Robert Goulet) The Avatar has to be an airbender. Are you an airbender, boy? (laughs slightly)
    Katara: (pushes the Fire Nation Soldier) Leave him alone!
    • What makes it even better is how the Fire Nation soldier stumbles back way too far for what was basically a gentle push. He then decides to push her back in retaliation.
  • Before that, "IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP DOING THIS!" Not convincing, Ah-ng.
  • One that many people miss is an old man saying "They took away any... tools... related to... bending."
  • Katara's defeat by Zuko. No, she is not in the lead at first and then defeated after the sun is up, she was instantly beaten after two shots. The funniest part about that scene is that after being defeated, she was instantly whacked into a tree. Cue laughter from the audience.
  • Remember when Zuko's ship got blown up? In the movie version, Iroh, who was busy having his foot massaged, simply pushes his masseuse aside and shouts "ZUKO!!!!" with his hands way up.
  • And then right after Princess Yue's sacrifice, the moon finally returned. This was supposed to be a moment of hope, and then a Northern Water Tribe villager starts shoving a Fire Nation soldier to the ground, instead of doing some water whip or something. Not only this is unintentionally hilarious, this scene completely misses the point of connecting the moon with Waterbending.
  • The ending, right before the Azula stinger, was supposed to be an epic bowing down scene à la The Lord of the Rings. Instead, we see Aang doing some weird pose with an expression that screams "I need to pee, dammit!".
  • One of the deleted scenes starts with the stupidity of Soh-ka hitting a Fire Nation mook on the ass with his boomerang, Katara's wooden acting, and the dancing. My God, the dancing. And then the crew wanders into the shot.
  • In a deleted scene, Katara takes down a Fire Nation Mook by flipping him by his arm. Katara is a 13-year old girl.
  • Zuko's appearance at the spirit oasis. With a giant torch. Enough said.
  • When Zhao fights Zuko, he does this Firebending move that basically involves first a lot of spinning, and then him cupping his hands by his chest and thrusting outwards. MAN-BOOB BLAST! And to deflect the attack, Iroh puts both of his hands in front of him and the fire parts to both sides. Any possible awesomeness is ruined by the fact that he looks kind of like an Indian Moses.
  • What the hell, just watch this.
    • The Big "NO!" Aang lets out when he finds Gyatso's corpse. Big Nos don't necessarily have to be narmy, but this is a pretty good example of how it can ruin an otherwise sad moment.
  • At first, the Fire Lord is only seen from the back (weird enough, but whatever). Later we get a full conversation with him that's filmed normally. Three quarters of the way through the movie the director apparently forgets that we've already seen Ozai's face and returns to focusing on the back of his chair.
  • There's a scene where Zhao is chatting to Ozai about potential ways to kill the water spirits. The conversation trails off really awkwardly, as though they've forgotten their lines, and then Ozai just stares at the camera for several seconds. How that didn't require a reshoot is one of the mysteries of the ages.
  • Look closely at the end where Azula is introduced. It looks like her actress is trying to stop herself from bursting out in laughter as the camera zooms in on her. Much like the audience during the movie, then.
  • While fans exaggerated it a bit, Zhao mentions the "secret library" enough times that it basically turns into The Not Secret. Something that was mysterious in the show instead became a huge source of unintentional comedy in the movie thanks to this.
  • "We were forced under the water of the ocean."
  • Aang randomly saying "We could be friends, you know." after freeing Zuko's head from the ice Katara trapped him in to allow him to breathe. It comes completely out of nowhere and makes no sense as he originally said a similar thing after freeing Zuko as the Blue Spirit in the show, and it's never brought up again.


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