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Funny / The Last Airbender

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  • One of the few intentionally funny moments, that could actually have fit well in the original show:
    Fire Nation Soldier: He was bending small rocks at really hurt.
  • Sokka's one in-character line: "Okay, everybody can help us now!"
  • Just about anytime Jackson Rathbone does something silly in the gag reel. Anybody who has seen this thinks he acted more like Sokka than he did in the movie.
  • Aang sneaking around Zuko in the storage shed battle. It actually looks like something Aang would have done in the cartoon.
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  • The little triangular chin beards sported by most of the Fire Nation.



Video Game

  • Some of the challenges are pretty funny. For example, you have to throw one of the soldiers out of a large hole in Zhao's room.
  • Being able to lift up soldiers with Aang's Airbending. You have to use this ability for the challenge mentioned above.

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