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After Last Season is an independent movie from Index Square Productions, released in 2009 and shown in only four theatres upon its release. According to the official synopsis, it is about two medical students who use experimental neural chips to figure out the identity of a killer that has been murdering their classmates. Said chips allow characters to project their thoughts. The plot also involves supernatural forces, long philosophical conversations and a Mind Screw ending.

The film is notorious for its No Budget facsimile seen through settings, acting performances, computer-generated sequences, and music that many say would fit that description. The resulting factors have led most reviewers to wonder whether or not the movie was a serious effort or a parody; Word Of God insists it's the former.


The film gained notoriety after the trailer was originally released online. The notoriety only grew once the final product premiered. After Last Season garnered further exposure after it was briefly featured on The Spoony Experiment. The film's distributors asked The Spoony One to take his videos down, and Spoony's treatment of the film is now available as an iRiff to be played alongside a legally acquired DVD copy.


This film provides examples of:

  • All Just a Dream: The entire sequence involving the thought-sending brain chip. To be clear they have a dream about using chips to experience a computer generated reality, kind of a dream within a dream.
  • Captain Obvious: "The end of a season means the beginning of a new one."
  • Dull Surprise: All the acting in this movie.
  • Hand Wave: The reason for the graphics is said to be because of the poor transmission of thoughts by the brain chip.
  • Invisible Monsters: At one point the two protagonists are confronted by one of these.
  • Leave the Camera Running: The director feels it necessary have the camera focus on various shots of nothing or of people doing nothing.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Much of the film's dialogue consists of hearing characters talk for long minutes on end about inconsequential things such as snippets of discussions about towns people have lived in, markets they haven't been to, computer printers that don’t work, questions about details that aren't important, events that happened in the past, and have long phone conversations with characters we never see. Examples include: "There are places I'd like to visit. I still haven't been to the main market," "My uncle stayed in the area last year. He showed me a picture," "My hometown is near Terralind," "I've never been to that town, but I've driven though it," and "They've got, uh, printers in the basement you can use."