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"Are you ready to do a lot of pretending?
Pretend you just arrived at Los Angeles International Airport. Pretend youíre the newest movie star in Hollywood. Pretend your ride vehicle is a fancy chauffeur-driven limousine. Pretend that your chauffeur is narrating your journey from the airport to a big Hollywood premiere, although the ride vehicles donít have drivers. And pretend that people like Regis Philbin and Cindy Crawford are big Hollywood stars.
Good. Now youíre ready to take a Superstar Limo ride.
Yesterland's article about the ride

Superstar Limo was a dark ride that opened with Disney's California Adventure in 2001.

On the ride, guests rode purple stretch limos through a cartoony rendition of Hollywood on their way to a movie premiere. Along the way, they encountered celebrities such as Drew Carey, Whoopi Goldberg and Antonio Banderas.

Due to its cheap and tacky nature, it was very unpopular and closed less than a year after its opening in 2002. A few years later, it was replaced by a Monsters, Inc.-themed dark ride called Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!.

Tropes featured in Superstar Limo included:

  • Celebrity Cameo: The attraction featured Regis Philbin, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Cindy Crawford, Tim Allen, Jackie Chan, Drew Carey, Cher, and Whoopi Goldberg... or rather, mannequins of them. All of them were under contract with Disney or ABC at the time — Disney didn't have to pay rights to get their likeness, unlike with entertainers not under contract with them.
  • Company Cross References:
    • At one point, a golden statue of the Genie is seen in front of a weird green Taj Mahal-esque building.
    • A woman at a pool party is wearing an inner tube with Donald Duck's head on it.
    • Madame Leota, portrayed by Melissa Joan Hart, appears in one scene asking the spirits "if the green light is on".
  • Disney Acid Sequence: Pretty much the whole ride.
  • The Narrator: Your "limo driver", played by Corey Burton, who helpfully tells you which neighborhoods you're passing through and what celebrities those figures on the ride were supposed to be. Swifty, and Joan Rivers at the beginning, also lay out the premise to a certain extent.
  • Not Zilla: Godzilla-like feet stomping a city can be seen in the movie studio portion of the attraction.
  • Pun: Cindy Crawford is seen outside of a perfume store called "Dollars and Scents".
  • Short-Runners: The attraction only operated for less than a year, making it the second shortest Disney lived ride right after the Phantom Boats from Tomorrowland in 1956.
  • Smooth-Talking Talent Agent: Nothing about Swifty La Rue's voice could be described as "smooth", but otherwise he's the epitome of a stereotypical Hollywood agent — a big, greasy, balding, cigar-chomping schmoozer with an popped collar, whose vocabulary is mostly words like "babe" and "capiche".