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If a paragraph gets too long, it results in a Wall of Text, which ends up being a pain to read. When editing an example or a page description, try to keep it Clear, Concise, Witty.

We understand people like to write a lot about their favorite series while being an Entry Pimp. Despite the temptation, please don't write examples or descriptions that can be considered a wall of text here.

Avoid putting details that don't directly pertain to the example. Cutting Word Cruft may also help save a little space.

Chances are you're going too far when you write eight or more lines in one paragraph (on a 1920x1080 monitor with Wide Load enabled). You can use backlashes to separate long examples into paragraphs, but don't overdo it for examples as too many paragraphs in one can also annoy readers.

For egregious examples, observe the venerable entrants of Trope Overdosed.