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The phone where The Emoji Movie takes place is a custom Sony Xperia smartphone
It may have elements of a Samsung or iPhone, particularly with the HOME button, but it looks suspiciously like a Sony Xperia. Possible Product Placement?

This film will actually be a Stealth Parody, making fun of animated movie cliches.
There's no way Sony would actually stoop this low...RIGHT???
  • From your lips to God's ears, dude.
    • Unless they did a really good job of making it subtle, jossed, since most reviews are criticizing it for being a Cliché Storm.

This movie will rip off The LEGO Movie's Twist Ending
I'm not sure it can, since it's said right from the get-go that this takes place on a teenager's smartphone so the real-life connection is already there.
  • I meant they reveal that the movie is some kind of metaphor for someone though I apologize for not making that clear.
  • Jossed, although it shamelessly rips off the twist of Wreck-It Ralph.

The Emoji Movie will turn out to be another adult animated CGI film.
Think about it, it's only 2 months from its release date and the movie's rating has yet to be confirmed, nor has it been specified whether or not it's a film in the Family genre either.note  Furthermore, the movie features Talking Poo for crying out loud! That's South Park level humor right there. This being said, it can be assumed that The Emoji Movie will soon shock parents by turning out to be an adult animated CGI film, much like how last year's Sausage Party was.
  • Doubtful. We knew Sausage Party would be an adult film before the trailer was even released.
  • Yeah, jossed. It would have a Red Band trailer, and there would be at least one profanity in the trailers. I was really hoping that, though.
  • Fellas, keep in mind that the target audience could actually be adults. They are using Talking Poo in the damn advertising.
  • The Captain Underpants books had Talking Poo too. And they're for kids.
  • Finally jossed. It is rated PG.

The Emoji Movie will be a Spiritual Successor to Sausage Party.
The plot is already as ridiculous-sounding as any adult animation film, like Sausage Party was. Plus, the whole existential crisis, among other details.
  • Jossed.

Gene will become the new Smiley Emoji.
  • Assuming Smiler really is the villain and actually plans to "delete" the heroes, she will end up getting deleted herself, and Gene will fill in the role of a happy Emoji, breaking the pattern set by his parents.
    • Jossed. Smiler doesn't get deleted; she just ends up in the Loser Lounge after the final battle. Gene just ends up being a multi-expressional Emoji.

The events are all just a dream
  • Jossed. The ending has Smiler ending up at the Loser Lounge as well as Gene becoming a multi-expressional Emoji while Alex finally gets to talk to Addie after choosing not to delete his phone.

The movie won't bomb and they will make another
This movie may have some of the worst critical reviews ever but that doesn't necessarily translate into a financial flop. I'm guessing it will do well enough for Sony to make another one.
  • Or perhaps they'll go another route and turn it into a television program. It'd be cheaper (especially if they just use very simplistic animation) and it would be Merchandise-Driven, with Gene meeting a new emoji every episode for kids to beg for plushies of.
  • ...Sweet mother of Miku, are you people TRYING to give Sony more ideas?!

The "Loser Lounge" is filled with emojis that Alex specifically doesn't use.
Each emoji world is customized to the phone owner's tastes, and the emojis that they don't use often go to the "Loser Lounge". Alex doesn't use the eggplant emoji often, which is why it's in there despite apparently being one of the most popular emojis.

Black Mirror will do an all 3D animation episode with the same basic plot and characters as The Emoji Movie
It will take the dystopic and cosmic horror story aspects of the film and play them straight. Smiler will be presented as a Well-Intentioned Extremist that is forced to kill the Gene expy to save their world.

The entire movie is just Alex telling his kids how he scored with their mother.
Think about it: the pretentious narration, the Cliché Storm plot, anthropomorphizing emojis into characters... everything about it screams a story Alex tells his future kids to explain how he and Addie became a couple.

Emojis are naturally born as "malfunctions", and they undergo Brainwashing for the Greater Good at a young age or even get transformed into a non-face emoji.
When an emoji is born, they are a default face who is capable of freely expressing emotions like Gene does. However, instead of living a free life, they are brainwashed into getting a filter and feeling a single emotion for the rest of their lives. They will even be turned into inanimate objects, animals or symbols. Of course, this is not without its disturbing implications, especially with the most recent emoji added: imagine being an emoji suffering from continuous heat exhaustion, chronic nausea or even Hollywood Tourette's. The brainwashing process doesn't work with everyone, such as Jailbreak being forced to be a princess but ended up becoming a rebel due to a small portion of her free will being left behind, as well as Gene who is somehow completely immune to the brainwashing. Mel was subject to the same process and was turned into an apathetic emoji, but he still kept his free will intact and hides it from the others. Sometimes, the brainwashing works too well yet makes the victims have psychological detriments, such as High-5 believing that being a hand made him even more special than anyone else and causing him to get a huge ego.

Basically, the Emoji Movie is a Dystopia where everyone is forced to embody a particular emoji, and you'd better hope to be lucky. This also explains why everyone's so flat and boring, because they've gotten their personalities forcibly altered to fit in this horrific society. And if they didn't live in blissful ignorance, they'd practically beg for their user to break the phone and set them free.

Akiko Glitter was saved.
Not by Gene, though. A few moments after he left, Akiko was approached by an orange-haired ayakashi who worked in a circus. He told her he was from an otome game currently in development and they were in need of a protagonist. So Akiko went with him, and after a quick makeover to suit her new game's art style, she renamed herself "Futaba Saotome" (by default) and began her new adventure as a heroic onmyouji magical girl.

Sony will release a sequel which will parody the first movie
The sequel will make fun of every aspect the original movie was criticised for. For example, instead of simply shilling about apps such as Dropbox, they will comically screech the plot to a halt to talk about a Bland-Name Product, discussing its benefits and how to purchase it. It may also parody the idea of an Inferred Holocaust every time someone erases their phone, and even stuff that doesn't happen in the movie itself, like the infamous "A Handmaid's Tale" tweet. The movie may even be adult-oriented, similar to Sausage Party.