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Creator Examples:

  • Faith (Eliza Dushku). Several characters take note of how attractive she is, and her dress style favors leather pants and low-cut tops with prominent cleavage. After her Heel–Face Turn she starts to dress more modestly. She's also constantly acts like The Tease as well as being very promiscuous.
  • Cordelia (even more so in Angel). She's hot and she knows it. She certainly stands out among her more petite female co-stars like Buffy, Willow and Fred. When Angel gives her a necklace, she proudly talks of how it emphasizes her breasts.
  • Fred occasionally then takes Illyria over who not goes naked at one point but wears a a skin tight outfit the rest of the time.
  • Nina, in fact she's one of the few female character to appear completely naked, with only one arm to barely cover her nipples.
  • News Broadcasts: A great many female anchors and reporters seem to fit this trope, particularly on local and cable news and in sports or weather reports. Just do a Web search for "newsbabes" sometime to discover the large, devoted, and well-nigh obsessive following some of these women generate among male viewers. Fox News Channel, in particular, is notorious for this.
    • More specifically, a lot of news shows seem expressly set up to show off their female anchors' shapely gams. By having them sit higher than the desk, for example. Or beside the desk. Or behind a glass desk. Or with no desk at all. And, of course, by making sure they wear short skirts (never pants) as often as possible. This seems to have been a particular obsession for Fox News ex-president Roger Ailes.
  • Nickelodeon: As with Disney but slightly more blatant about it. Crowning Examples: Jennette "Buxom Is Better" McCurdy and the entire female cast of Victorious (with particular mention of Ariana Grande).
  • Sarah Shahi was once an NFL cheerleader, has won numerous beauty competitions, was Miss Fort Worth USA, is frequent ranked one of the most gorgeous women in the world, and willingly will show nudity. Thus she's played many examples with varying degrees of nudity, sex scenes, skimpy clothes and suggestiveness (see e.g. The L Word, Life, Fairly Legal, Person of Interest).
  • Sporting Events: Anyone who's watched sports telecasts over the last couple decades will notice that the female hosts and sideline/dugout/courtside/rinkside/pitch reporters are almost invariably easy-on-the-eyes types.
  • Talk Shows: Female guests, particularly on late-night entertainment shows, tend to be presented in this manner, as parodied in this sketch from Inside Amy Schumer.
  • Univision: Pick a show on this network. Any of them. 99 out of 100 times, they'll have one. Even funnier if said Ms Fanservice is actively aware of it. Spanish-language television, in general (in the United States and abroad), invokes this trope – owing to the notion that Latina women are widely considered to be one of the sexiest (if not, the sexiest) nationality of females in the world. Univision and Telemundo once served as fanservice havens (particularly during the 2000s), though since the beginning of The New '10s, they've drawn this down to some extent.
    • Both Univision and Telemundo had dance party series that aired on Saturdays: Caliente and Descontrol both featured equal opportunity fanservice, justified as most episodes of both series were set on beaches around the country. Caliente ran on Univision from 1996 to 2005, and in addition to the music/dance segments, featured a segment called Chica Caliente, featuring a profilie of a model (with an interview with said model that is narrated over much of the segment) who is clad in only a bikini for most of the segment. Telemundo aired Descontrol from 2003 to 2012, which had female hosts unlike the similar Univision series who were usually clad in bikinis themselves (they became the fanservice too because of it, the fact that they are buxom didn't hurt, either); it was popular enough to feature a spinoff morning show that ran until its cancellation which was basically repurposed music video/live performance/dance segments without the hosted segments. Some episodes of Descontrol were set on a ranch, with dancers clad in western attire; some of the female dancers did wear midriff-bearing tied and crop tops in these episodes, though, keeping the fanservice in to some degree.
    • Telemundo's sports magazine series Ritmo Deportivo has long featured a segment called "Mamaza de la Semana," profiling swimsuit models; the models featured originally were participants in Hawaiian Tropic and Hooters swimsuit pageants, the Ujena Bikini Jam (all three events were also covered in certain episodes of the series until 2009) and other professional swimsuit models. After 2009, however, the swimsuit models profiled were largely just professional models.
    • Republica Deportiva features three models (known as the "Senadoras") who actively participate in each episode, rather than just being there in a non-speaking for the sole purpose of being the fanservice. Originally, their outfits bore cleavage, midriff and legs; unfortunately for the male fanbase, the show's 2010 format revamp downplayed the fanservice by just putting them in tight clothes and only sometimes had them appear in short skirts. Some episodes also have featured segments profiling one of the Senadoras behind the scenes of a swimsuit calendar photoshoot they participated in. The series once featured an annual pageant called "Senorita Republica Deportiva" (a cross between Miss USA and the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, the latter having something very much in common with Republica Deportiva's pageant).
    • Estrella TV, a network which launched in 2009 and was formed out of Liberman Broadcasting's Spanish-language independent stations, seems to be the current go-to network for fanservice:
      • The variety series Estudio 2 is full of Ms. Fanservices: co-host Gabby Ramirez was once the major Ms. Fanservice of the show, often seen wearing dresses that highlighted her large bustline and appeared in sketches Once per Episode playing a character named Tatiana, a bed-hopping mistress clad in wigs (mostly bobbed-cut ones, with colors only achievable by hair dye) and lingerie. Hernandez's role as the fanservice ended in the 2012 season (she left the following year), when she got pregnant (made blatantly obvious as camera angles were framed to hide her expanding belly), resulting in her participation in sketches being reduced to just one that season, in which her character was shown to be with child; another well-built actress became the fanservice in sketches from then on). The series also features dancers on three sections of the stage (main, left and right) – the main stage dancers are clad in only string bikinis and high heels, while other dancers are clad a little more conservatively (used extremely loosely) in bra-like tops that don't expose too much cleavage but do display midriff, DangerouslyShortSkirts and underwear (although a few episodes featured guest side-stage dancers appearing in bikinis). The series makes a point to cut to shots of the models/dancers, and the show's hosts for that matter, every few seconds to the point where you forget (if you even cared in the first place) that there is a music act performing; the bikini-clad models also appear during the karaoke game "Machete";note , if the contestant is rewarded as a good singer in that round, the audience gets treated to the bikini dancers jumping up and down to the congratulatory song (though there isn't much Gainaxing involved as you would think). If two or more contestants make it past that round, once the audience votes for a winner of the cash, the models then meet the contestant and have them fetch the bills from their bikinis (set to stripper music, no less!).
      • In a rarity for a game show, A Que No te Puedes, features quite a bit of fanservice. The series has a Family Feud-meets-Double Dare (1986) format (but with conventional stunt challenges and terror stunts instead of messy stunts) and started out with real contestants; from the get-go though, it had dancers dressed in the same manner as the stage left and right dancers on Estudio 2. When the format changed to feature Latin celebrities and models instead of real people, the show began to feature occasional episodes with teams of models: either clad in tight dresses, lingerie and bikinis. If the teams feature models in lingerie or bikinis, the host will bring them out from behind their podium and have them dance to a pop song. Since the show's format change, model Alejandra Pinzon has served as one of the three judges ruling on whether the contestants completed their stunt; in said episodes featuring bikini models, Pinzon will wear a bikini herself (sometimes taking off another outfit to unveil it), revealing her very toned frame.
      • The variety series El Show de Lagramita y Costelnote  also features models dressed similar to those in Estudio 2 and A Que No te Puedes. Like with Estudio 2, it has two models who wear outfits different from those worn by the others: in this case, two models often accompanying Lagramita and Costel wear black masks and jumpsuits with plunging necklines exposing their bikini tops and cleavage. One of these models (which sometimes differ depending on the episode) appears in sketches that appear twice an episode featuring the hosts and several others attending school.note  The model appearing in the sketch (most commonly Leila Ciancanglini, though this changes sometimes depending on the episode) wears a very sexy school girl outfit consisting of a bra and panties, dangerously short plaid skirt, and a midriff/cleavage bearing tied plaid shirt.
      • Several of the characters in Los Chuperamigos are vagabonds; there are some that aren't, including that show's fanservice girl (played by Elena Rojas, whose ample bust is actually given a tongue-in-cheek additional credit, "Elena Rojas y sus 2 melones"!)note .
    • One of the few telenovela examples is the Venezuelan soap La Marca del Deseo, in which four of its five main protagonists put on some degree of fanservice in (almost) every episode, except for Maria Canela (played by Heydi Bermudez, whose character is dressed conservatively in dresses that don't display more than the lower half of her legs, note ). Lead protagonist Maria Valentina (played by Stephanie Cayo) barely underqualifies as she mainly wears sundresses with short sleeves but no shoulders; three of the other leads – Maria Soledad (played by Mimi Morales), Maria Alegria (María Elisa Camargo) and Maria Claridad (Sara Corrales), however are shown in outfits that show off their well-built physiques. Almost every outfit Maria Soledad wears is a top tied to show midriff, Maria Claridad serves as a fanservice until she becomes pregnant In-Universe towards the end of the series; Maria Alegria wears very revealing outfits throughout almost the entire show (both in her nightclub music act and elsewhere), the actress who plays her is also a model, and it shows (in fact, if one does a Google search for Maria Elisa Camargo, it's easy to see why she's the one most often seen in revealing attire). The significant amount of fanservice is justified given the show is set in a beach community in a country located south of the Equator that has a tropical climate, but unless you watch the entire series, you do wonder a bit if they have any conservative outfits. Very few of the other female characters who are of similar ages to the main characters play up the fanservice in the show.
  • The Weather Channel: Even this channel does this with their forecasters. Never has learning you're about to get 14 inches of snow dumped on you been so pleasant to watch.

Show Examples:

  • Ashes to Ashes (2008): Detective Inspector Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes). Where does one even begin? The dress that gets her mistaken for a hooker in the pilot? The men's shirt she's sporting for the rest of the episode? The Catwoman costume, complete with corset, from the party scene in 1.03? Stripping down to her bra in 1.04? Her love of Combat Stilettos (usually in boot form)? Hooker outfit #2? The constant, lingering shots of her ass in tight dresses/pants?
  • Attack of the Show!:
  • Babylon Berlin: Charlotte is quite attractive, and gets a number of scenes in revealing outfits or topless working at the night club.
  • Babylon 5: The first season has Adira Tyree (Fabiana Udenio), who is on multiple occasions seen wearing form-fitting or revealing clothing in the one episode she figures in.
  • Batman (1966): Yvonne Craig as Batgirl was added in the third season precisely as a Ratings Stunt.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003):
    • Generally, of the seven primary types of Cylon, the woman Cylons are all extremely attractive. The male Cylons are all unremarkable and pedestrian. This holds true as well among the Final Five; even Helen Tigh is attractive for her age. The men, save for Anders, are fairly schlubby. In addition to this, Cylons have no nudity taboo when they are not masquerading as humans. We get glimpses (and in some cases more than glimpses) of many naked Cylons onboard their Basestars.
    • The number six Cylon model serves this function both In-Universe and to the audience. With one or two exceptions, the number sixes seem to exist to radiate sex and use seduction as a weapon. This is especially true for the individual known as Caprica Six, who has many sex scenes and nude scenes, not always serving any purpose for the plot. Funnily enough, the producers flat out admitted that this is why they cast model Tricia Helfer, who had barely any acting experience, and came to be very surprised when she actually turned out to be an extremely talented actress.
    • The Number Eights (Grace Park) also get their fair share of nudity and sex scenes.
  • Baywatch: Any female character. They mostly wore swimwear and were wet almost constantly. One has to give props to Pamela Anderson, who even while surrounded by supermodel castmates, still managed to stand out as the Ms. Fanservice.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is one fan-serving appearance. Cute blonde with hot body wearing very revealing clothes. Her regular attire in the first two seasons was low cut tank tops and short shorts.
    • Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) has also fulfilled this role, with her work uniform in her early appearances accentuating her bosom and bedtime lingerie not leaving much to the imagination.
    • And then there was Sheldon's Girl of the Week Hot Scientist friend Elizabeth (Judy Greer) that was a nymphomaniac Sex Goddess that slept with both Leonard and Raj.
  • Blake's 7: Pretty much every female character, in particular Servalan and Dayna... well, the original trope quote was right in that the former generally did not wear a bra.
  • Being Mary Jane: The title character in this BET drama is a successful, intelligent TV news host. Who loses no opportunity to demonstrate that Gabrielle Union is just as hot now as when she was in Bring It On (summed up in one scene where she's asked her niece Niecy over to help with her hair... and for some reason feels the need to get it wet beforehand by stripping down to her underwear and going for a swim).
  • Blood Drive: Grace D'Argento (Christina Ochoa) is a gorgeous athletic brunette who has a fondness for midriff-baring Action Girl tank tops. She also has a Bathtub Scene where she tries to seduce her Love Interest into some Sex for Solace by standing up in the tub in front of him with Toplessness from the Back and Shoulders-Up Nudity barely concealing her naughty bits.
  • Boardwalk Empire: A good chunk of the female cast of this show end up de-robed at some point.
    • Lucy Danziger (Paz De La Huerta) spends Season 1 constantly finding new reasons to take her clothes off.
  • Boy Meets World: Rachel (Maitland Ward) served this purpose in her early appearances, where she would often wander around in a tiny bathrobe or really tight fitting shirts. Her role as this diminished after the whole "two guy reacting to having a hot girl as a roommate" plotline wore thin and the writers had to give the character something else to do.
  • The Boys (2019): Done to Starlight (Erin Moriarty) in-universe: she starts off in a fairly-conservative Minidress of Power, but after joining the Seven, Vought forces her to wear a Stripperific leotard with plunging neckline and thigh-high boots, specifically to invoke this trope and appeal to the masses.
    • Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) also qualifies, wearing a Chainmail Bikini and short leather skirt, also with thigh-high boots. Of course, given that she's a Wonder Woman Expy, this is hardly surprising. One scene in Season 2 also has her emerging from a shower in a Modesty Towel, which emphasizes that her ample bust isn't just the costume.
  • Brave New World: Jessica Brown Findlay as Lenina appears having sex and or nude several times.
  • The Cape: More than half the scenes involving Orwell (Summer Glau) have her in one tight outfit or skirt or another set of revealing clothes.
  • Caprica: Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) in all her incarnations. Just look at some of the promotional posters. Also includes a great deal of unintentional fan service due to her being a dead Robot Girl. Made a little bit creepy by the fact that the character is somewhere between 15 and 16. On the other hand, her actress was 22 at the time.
  • Castle:
    • Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) from the New York Police Department. She nearly always wears somewhat tight pants and shirts, she has twice worn stunning dresses that left good old Richard Castle stunned... and then there was the one time she stripped down to her red undergarments covered only with a jacket and long heels. Not to mention that she worked as a model once, possesses a tight black leather motorcycle jacket and seems to have somewhat kinky bedroom taste. In one episode, she appeared in a bikini doing a Sexy Surfacing Shot in slow motion while everyone around couldn't help but stare.
    • Done infrequently but at least once a season with Alexis Castle. She regularly appeared in early seasons in abnormally short (secular) school girl skirts; her official publicity photo for years featured Grade B Zettai Ryouiki. At one point, a plot contrivance put her in a cheerleader uniform despite not being a cheerleader. For season 5, her photo puts her in a tight micro-mini dress, and "The Final Frontier" has her in an "alien assassin" costume that consists of a bikini, body paint, and feathers. In "PhDead", she attends a masquerade party wearing a very revealing angel costume and a blond wig. Turned Up to Eleven in Season 8, as she's turned into a Sexy Secretary for her father's PI business.
  • Casualty:
    • Has a few women who fit this trope, but it's almost similar to Nurse Jackie the ways that the show it off.
    • Most notable is Kath, a blonde nurse who has a Fandom, which is surprising, considering she is a background character, and a Flat Character. She's also an example of The Voiceless, but that might be an Ass Pull by the writers. Some fans even consider her an Expy of Jackie "Nurse Jackie" Peyton from Nurse Jackie.
  • Charmed: All four sisters constantly ends up in a Fanservice Costumes and Sexy Whatever Outfit as part of the plot and noticeable have a preference for wearing very low-cut and/or form-fitting tops. But Prue (Shannen Doherty), and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) show the most skin. Lampshaded by the former:
    Whitelighter: That means no more braless strapless fearless attire!
    Prue: Okay, but then I have nothing to wear.
  • Chuck:
  • Community:
    • Annie Edison, who while the most innocent of the characters, is also played by Alison Brie. Annie has worn a Sexy Santa Dress, has gotten into a Cat Fight in the midst of an oil spill and rocks as close as you can to Absolute Cleavage on network TV while running down hallways in slow motion. Considering that this started happening after Alison Brie's popularity exploded and the show creator explicitly stated he writes scenes that will be good for gifs, this might be the purest example of Ms. Fanservice out there. Funnily enough, she didn't start out this way ("Annie's pretty young, we try not to sexualize her"), but she grows into it over time. By the end of the second season, she's spending entire episodes in Stripperiffic gunslinger outfits.
    • The original romantic lead of the show, Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs) applies as well. She's actually shown more skin than Annie, there's a scene of her wearing black lingerie post-coitus and her regular wardrobe consists of ridiculously tight jeans and leather jackets.
    • Of course, their sexualization is a little strange, as Britta is a hardcore feminist and Annie is a naive and driven student, two personality traits that don't traditionally lend themselves to rampant sexualization. They get into a fight lampshading this trend. So let's put their sexualization at half and half on the Watsonian versus Doylist spectrum (The characters, despite being independent women also want and desire male attention, and the producers have two very attractive women on the cast, so you should probably sex them up a little bit).
  • Continuum:
    • Kiera (Rachel Nichols) spends a lot of time in her form-fitting catsuit. She also strips down to her underwear and stares at herself in the mirror in the series premiere. Mostly, though, she stays pretty well-clothed.
    • Emily (Magda Apanowicz), particularly in "Second Degree."
    • Also played straight with a full-body nude shot (from behind) of Garza (Luvia Petersen) in "Second Listen."
  • Criminal Minds:
    • We have Garcia's spectacular cleavage and Elle's double gun holsters criss-crossing over very tight t-shirts. Not to mention the time she wore a bikini.
    • Prentiss also gets a chance to flaunt her considerable assets in "JJ." And let's not forget her and Jordan Todd in "52 Pick-up" at the club. She is also used as an in-universe example, in several instances using her looks and flirting to gain the trust of the UnSub ("Outfoxed").
    • Although arguably the one to wear the least revealing clothing, anytime J.J. appears onscreen is fanservice because she's just so beautiful.
    • Garcia and Prentiss' dresses in "Run" at JJ's wedding seem specifically designed to show off their healthy chests.
    • Lampshaded in "Legacy":
      [after canvasing the area for potential witnesses]
      Prentiss: How'd you guys do?
      Hotch: Well, Reid got propositioned by every prostitute we talked to, but we didn't find anybody who thinks they'd seen the UnSub.
    • Also in that episode, Morgan flirts with a homeless lady, much like he does with Garcia, to get her to go to a shelter. He uses his hotness for good!
    • Truth in Television indeed... the very same thing happened outside a chip shop in Southport between a 22-year-old man and 46-year-old woman. For added bonus points that Real Life Writes the Plot, the guy indeed seemed very much like Reid (in terms of geekiness), albeit with Garcia's technogeek personality.
    • In an unusual departure from the norm, it is the heaviest woman on the team who provides most of the female fanservice. Garcia often wears clothes that emphasize her impressive bustline, and while this may have been unintentional on the part of the costuming department at first, it definitely seems to be deliberate as of season 7; to wit, "Snake Eyes" opens with the camera staring directly down her nightshirt.
    • Several of the female UnSubs have a rather alluring quality to them, as well; Megan Kane, Sydney Manning, Izzy Rogers...
    • Laura Allen in the episode where humans were hunted for sport.
    • Bre Blair as the prostitute Maggie in the series 2 episode with the murderer taking homeless people off the streets. She got a lot of positive comments on showbiz forums for this role.
    • Several scenes in "Compromising Positions" feature a call girl in lingerie or costumes for the viewing pleasure of her clients and the audience.
    • Also, Jennifer Aspen who appeared in "A Higher Power".
      • From that same episode, Brynn Horrocks,
      • And Lila Archer the actress Reid had a Ship Tease with in "Somebody's Watching" managed to wear a bikini twice in one episode. Once at her job on a TV show and the other time while hitting on Reid.
  • CSI:
  • CSI: Miami: The role is currently held by both Natalia and Calleigh.
  • CSI: NY: Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) gets the title. She wears a low-cut Bulletproof Vest for a start. She's also a lesson as to why this is not always a good title to have. Her last two boyfriends tried to kill her and Mac respectively. She ended up killing the former in self-defence.
  • Dark (2017): Franziska Doppler is an attractive, young Fiery Redhead, who has multiple nude and sex scenes across all three seasons. While she’s not the only character who gets naked, she certainly does it the most.
  • Dark Desire: Alma, and to a lesser extent her friend Brenda, are shown frequently topless during sex scenes or otherwise scantily clad.
  • Dark Matter (2015): Two/Portia (Melissa O'Neil) has a couple of scenes where she's seen undressing or bathing, and has a very Form-Fitting Wardrobe.
  • Dates: Mia, Kate and Erica are all quite beautiful. In the first case, she wears pretty revealing clothing and has casual sex with men. Kate and Erica show some non-explicit nudity in the wake of having sex.
  • Defiance: Stahma provides most of this for the series. Frequently she's seen wearing very little in the communal bathing pool, or during sex scenes.
  • Defying Gravity: Nadia (Florentine Lahme), the lapdancing, stripteasing German astronaut.
  • Desperate Housewives:
  • Doctor Who: Many of the companions were designed with this in mind (to 'keep the dads watching'). but notable mentions have to go out to:
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach). No, not the garment, the character from this show for whom they were named. Not only did she wear short shorts most of the time, but often rather skimpy tops as well. She also had quite a few bikini scenes.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond:
    • Debra (Patricia Heaton) provides this in at least two episodes - one where she "tells off" a woman who she thought accused her of dressing provocatively by overdoing it in front of her, and another where she tries to seduce Ray wearing only a nightie. Generally though, it's relegated to her wearing tight, but not out-of-place in reality clothing.
    • Stefania (Alex Meneses) was also a good example of this trope. Lampshaded in one episode where the Barones are hosting a party for singles, in hopes of getting Peter together with a girl. When Stefania shows up and takes off her winter coat, revealing a sexy dress on her already-sexy body, the other women simply declared "I'm out!" and left, assuming that they had no hope of getting a guy's attention with Stefania in the room. However, it turns out they were actually wrong: Peggy, aka the "Cookie Hitler Lady" as Ray calls her, and Peter end up falling in love.
  • Eureka: Jo and Allison are both beautiful, sexy women who have frequently wore revealing outfits, bikinis, and both were even naked at a couple occasions. For Jo, there was even a shower scene, where her shadow only showed her gracious curves.
  • The Fall Guy: Jody Banks (Heather Thomas). Even her sole panel in MAD's satire "The Brawl Guy" pointed this out, having her in a bikini... in a supermarket during a chase. "Just showing some cheesecake!"
    Ricardo Montalban (as a clerk): Cheesecake? You'll find that in frozen foods! Aisle seven!
  • Farscape:
  • The Finder: Willa (Maddie Hasson) is almost always in tight shorts, sometimes paired with a bikini or halter top. Isabel got an underwear scene.
  • Flesh and Bone: Claire provides most of the show's. At the club, she does a spontaneous pole dance in which she takes her top off. She views herself topless in the mirror another time too. Daphne also performs as a pole dancer at the club, while Mia's shown naked having sex with a guy in her very first scene.
  • Flipper: Maya (Jessica Alba) who's a Walking Swimsuit Scene. This may explain why she was the only non-dolphin cast member on season one of this '90s show to have been retained for season two.
  • A French Village:
    • Marie is shown partly naked more than once after getting up from bed with Raymond, then later also while having sex with other men.
    • Hortense gets multiple sex scenes, the most explicit for any main character, and slight nudity.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Ros (played by burlesque performer Esmé Bianco). While most of her scenes are plot-relevant and characterisation-rich (usually for whatever man she's interacting with), she's naked in pretty much all of them. In fact, she didn't have a single scene in Season 1 where she kept all her clothes on. From Season 2 on she serves as Littlefinger's aide, and thus wears more clothes, but remains a major source of fanservice.
    • Daenerys has traits of this as well. Though Emilia Clarke has only been naked only seven times in sixty-seven episodes (in Season 1 mostly), and her travelling wear is quite functional, some of her formal outfits (seen when she meets with the master from Yunkai) are almost as revealing as Margaery's typical outfits and so qualify, especially in the first few episodes of the series.
    • Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) has been nude or partially nude only twice, but she has sported Absolute Cleavage quite frequently.
    • The Sand Snakes are more curvaceous than their book counterparts, but the most obvious example is Tyene, who wears the most skimpy outfit of the three and at one point flashes her breast onscreen.
    • Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel), when first introduced wore a revealing slave-garb while under Kraznys' employ. She switches for a more modest outfit when sold to Daeenerys, and even then she still remains this trope - aside of being played by the stunning Nathalie Emmanuel, she is also given her share of nude scenes.
    • Deconstructed with Bianca (Eline Powell), an actress who plays this role In-Universe as her only purpose in "The Bloody Hand" play is to have her boobs exposed for the audience's lewd appreciation. She resents being saddled with this role and contacts the Faceless Men to assassinate the lead actress in their troupe so Bianca could take her place. When her plot is exposed, Bianca is implied to have been heavily disfigured by her rival in revenge for trying to kill her, ruining any acting prospects for her, much less playing Ms. Fanservice yet again.
    • Osha (Natalia Tena) has a memorable nude scene and is capable of pulling off a Honey Trap, unless one knows the trap beforehand.
    • Myranda with Violet, intentionally to arouse Theon. It's later played straight in her sex scene with Ramsay, in which we get to see her rather glorious ass, and again in Season 5.
    • Doreah wears very skimpy outfits, is very sultry and gets a nude scene.
    • Averted to some extent with Melisandre (Carice Van Houten). While she's attractive and is arguably the most frequently nude character in the series (she has had at least one nude scene in every season after her introduction in season 2, with the exception of season 7 in which she only appeared briefly), her moments of nudity are often important to the story in some way, with many not necessarily intended as Fanservice—for example, the scene where she drops her robe in a cave to give birth to a smoke demon is considered by many fans to be an Establishing Character Moment—and even occasionally crossing into Nightmare Fuel territory given what she is doing in these scenes. The one exception was a scene in the fourth season in which she walks around naked while talking to Stannis' wife Selyse, which many viewers felt was gratuitous at the time. However, after the sixth season's Big Reveal about Melisandre's age, even this scene was considered more intriguing by fans after it was noticed that Melisandre is not wearing her choker.
    • Very much averted with Cersei's (Lena Headey) walk of shame, which is more of a squick moment than anything else.
  • The Geena Davis Show: Geena Davis in her self-titled sitcom. That being all that it had going for it (though admittedly, this was still nothing to sneeze at at the time), the show didn't last long.
  • Gilligan's Island: Ginger and Mary Ann in general.
    • Ginger is a flirtatious tease who has a shapely slim figure, red hair, cut class features, breathy voice, and clad in body hugging dresses that show some cleavage. When shown at bedtime, Ginger is usually clad in only a Modesty Bedsheet, implying she Sleeps in the Nude. She also has a Shower Scene in "Water, Water Everywhere" where she teases Gilligan while wearing only a Modesty Towel
    • Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) tends to wear many revealing outfits. She wore a French Maid Outfit in "'V' is Vitamin" and in "Beauty Is As Beauty Does", she's lounging in a bathing suit on the beach when Gilligan's misuse of a fishing pole causes her to get her bathing suit ripped off, causing her to have a Naked Freak-Out in the water.
  • Girlfriends Guide To Divorce: Abby's friend Phoebe by miles, even In-Universe. Abby's lawyer Delia (most notably in "Rule No 33: When in Doubt, Run Away"), Jake's girlfriend Becca and Abby herself also have their moments.
  • Glee:
    • Has Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris), who, when not dressed as Cheerios, wear some of the more revealing outfits in dance numbers.
    • The writers seem to be making an effort to show that Rachel (Lea Michele) has a pretty smokin' body as well. The fourth season had her doing a very sexy version of Britney Spears' "Oops! I did it again" when Cassandra tells her she's not coming forward as sexy enough for her class. And let's not forget her revealing performance of "Baby, one more time" in season 2.
  • Gossip Girl:
    • Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). In season one, she was fairly clothed, but since then she is usually showing lots of leg and always showing lots of breast. In fact, fans tend to refer to her breasts as separate characters.
    • Blair (Leighton Meester), whose Lingerie Scenes are infamous. And who loves role-playing and bondage in the bedroom.
  • Graceland: Paige (Serinda Swan) is a gorgeous athletic blonde who sports a bikini or workout outfits in a number of episodes.
  • Ground Force: The rather staid and strait-laced world of TV gardening was livened up by presenter Charlie Dimmock, who scorned bras on the basis they were restricting and uncomfortable. She also favoured loose baggy t-shirts with scooped necks, and as a lot of her presentations were done whilst kneeling over her plants and bending over, the series soon gathered a fan-base that didn't know one end of a plant from the other. And being a British show, it rained a lot, which one could concede was good for the plants, once you got past Charlie in a wet t-shirt to give them a passing glance just for the sake of the thing.
  • Hart of Dixie: Zoe (Rachel Bilson), wears very revealing clothing such as her short shorts and mini-skirts that show off She's Got Legs as well as many Swimsuit and LingerieScenes and even went Skinny Dipping in the lake a couple of times.
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys:
  • Heroes:
  • Highlander made use of Alexandra Vandernoot as Tessa several times in season 1. She took a provocative shower in the pilot that had to be edited for American television and had a couple steamy love scenes with Duncan. Later, Amanda fell into it as well l, as did some of the female guest stars who also had hot love scenes with Duncan.
  • Hightown:
    • Jackie is shown having sex with women (though without explicit nudity) or wearing only her underwear multiple times.
    • Renee is shown scantily clad and nude often. It helps that her job is a stripper. She's also shown having sex with Ray or Frankie Sr.
  • Home Improvement: In-Universe, the purpose of Lisa (Pam Anderson) and Heidi (Debbie Dunning). Not nearly as suggestive as in most shows — they're merely just hot, busty women in tight clothing.
  • House:
    • Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) seems to be a conscious effort to create a Lipstick Lesbian Hospital Hottie Ms. Fanservice. Girl-on-Girl Is Hot is played up during her many hook-ups. This is actually invoked In-Universe when she scores an invitation to Chase's bachelor party in season 5 by suggesting she may "get drunk and make out with the stripper or become one."
    • Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). Low-cut tops, very tight skirts and pants and always in heels and is show in various states of undress after her Relationship Upgrade with House. Sometimes Cameron and Thirteen are seen in lab coats (damn it) but never her:
      House: Sorry — you just don't usually see breasts like that on deans of medicine.
    • Martha Masters (Amber Tamblyn), the new girl on the team, whose wardrobe seems to consist only of mini-skirts. Even her lab coat is short!
  • How I Met Your Mother: Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), who has had lots of eye-catching moments in dresses and shots of her breasts. Of the two (eventually three) female leads, she certainly showed the most skin.
  • Hustle: Stacy Monroe (Jaime Murray), both for the show and for the cons themselves, where she is typically used in such a way. She also happens to be a very well-written character and a mathematical genius.
  • iCarly: Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), as much as a kids' show will allow: a two-piece bikini, a hula girl outfit, then a sports bra and boxing shorts, among others. And the bikini scene in "iHatch Chicks" emphasizes it by putting Sam in a less revealing one-piece and Bermuda shorts to contrast.
  • The Insider: Lara Spencer on this U.S. celebrity/Hollywood news program. Viewers get to vote for what she wears on the next show. Although there's no cleavage bearing, they always seem to compliment her figure well. The main desk also has a transparent front, so that her legs can be seen.
  • JAG: Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie (Catherine Bell). The show took many opportunities to show off Mac both in uniform and in other attire, skivvies and swimwear included.
    Kilborn: Now, officially, she's a colonel in the Marines. But to me, she's a major babe.
    [Kilborn holds up picture of Mac in the bikini she wore in "Boomerang".
    Kilborn: I think we now know why the Marines are first on the beach.
  • Jane the Virgin:
    • Xiomara (Andrea Navedo), Jane's mom, can usually be seen in butt hugging shorts, short skirts and cleavage exposing tops.
    • Petra (Yael Grobglas) is a Sensual Slav that acts like The Vamp and spends half her screen time reminding us how hot and leggy she is.
    • Rose (Bridget Regan) is a beautiful, charming and seductive woman, as well as being a dangerous Femme Fatale.
  • Jungle: This tragically short-lived series was a nature documentary hosted by a Miss Fanservice, Charlotte Uhlenbroek. One particularly breathtaking scene had her walking along branches barefoot and moving between vines in half-trapeze artist, half pole-dancer fashion.
  • Kiss Me First: Leila (Tallulah Haddon) and Tess (Simona Brown) appear partly naked in several scenes. Many of them aren't even sex scenes-Tess sleeps topless and gets Leila to do the same.
  • Merlin:
  • The Messengers: Vera wearing only a towel in Path to Paradise.
  • Misfits:
    • Alisha's bit with the bottle in the first episode, which inspires a stunned look from all the boys (Curtis, Nathan and Simon). She's quite pretty, and definitely the most keen to flaunt her sex appeal of the female cast. In fact, her power is based on this-anyone who touches her immediately has a strong urge to have sex with her.
    • The Cheerleaders from 3.7. Subverted when the zombie virus kicks in.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: The eponymous Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) herself provides plenty of fanservice - She's Got Legs, many a Gorgeous Period Dress with a low neckline, underwear and sauna scenes in "Cocaine Blues."
  • Modern Family:
    • Gloria (Sofía Vergara) likes to wear tight, low cut clothing that shows off her figure.
    • Hayley (Sarah Hyland) sometimes wears sexy clothes, especially on Halloween episodes.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • Even this show had one, namely Carol Cleveland. The other Pythons called her "Carol Cleavage." Justified, as the Monty Pythons usually did female roles themselves. The only time they hired actresses was when the character had to show something the guy's couldn't fake. Thus, every woman in the Flying Circus tends to be fanservice.
    • Invoked Trope in the "Science Fiction Sketch" with the scientist's assistant, played by Donna Reading, in a skimpy minidress, staring out at the camera while posing coquettishly and giggling as she struggles through her lines.
  • Moonlight: Beth's cameraman attaches a mike to her bra in the first episode. Her shirt hangs open then, and Christian rips it open again later.
  • My Name Is Earl:
    • Catalina (Nadine Velazquez). There was almost a whole episode dedicated to Earl and Randy making her reclaim her job of pole dancing, complete with gratuitous amounts of her jumping on the spot in skimpy lingerie. Never mind the fact her maid outfit is often suspiciously open to the cleavage for no reason. I guess that explains why the two brothers are still staying in the same motel...
    • To a lesser extent, Joy (Jaime Pressly). But the effect is somewhat spoiled by her being mean and vindictive. (Of course, some guys are into that.)
  • MythBusters: Kari Byron. To the producers' credit, they don't overdo that angle. Sometimes they just can't resist. They really can't.
  • Naked News: This show takes this trope to its logical extreme, or parodies it, or both.
  • Nashville: Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). Season three toned it down a bit, however. While Juliette still had her moments, including doing a shoot for Vogue dressed in a piece of white fabric and not much else while pregnant. (Ironically, given Panettiere was genuinely pregnant at the time she didn't do what's known in the business as "a Demi Moore" in the real world.)
  • NCIS:
  • NCIS: Los Angeles: They have Kensi (Daniela Ruah), a very, very blatant example. Great, rounded character who gets in chick fights in low cut dresses in the middle of a randomly placed fountains. Note the plural. This has happened more than once. Her normal clothes tend to include thin, skintight shirts and she's prone to Workout Fanservice.
  • The Next Food Network Star: The Season 6 (2010) winner, Aarti Sequeira, is now hostess of Aarti Party. The food is not the only thing that's spicy on that show.
  • New Girl: Cece's (Hannah Simone) is a beautiful Fashion Model and we often get to see her in skimpy dresses, lingerie, bikinis, etc. Lampshaded in one episode when Schmidt tells her she looks like she's trying to distract James Bond at a baccarat table.
  • The Night Manager: Jed is a shameless fanservice girl who's frequently shown in her lingerie, naked from the back, the side, and also topless a couple times while having sex with Pine.
  • Nikita:
    • Nikita (Maggie Q), who's often wearing if not exactly revealing then skin-tight clothing. Her spy catsuits are infamous. The show draws frequent attention to her legs as well as many close ups of her flawless features.
  • Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) usually avoids this but there was an episode where she went undercover as a prostitute and did a jaw dropping poledance.
  • Ruby (Angela White) a ex-porn star mostly know for her Gag Boobs. She's called "Mama Juggs" for a reason.
  • Pretty Little Liars:
    • Spencer gets much more revealing outfits than in the previous seasons, including miniskirts and a tedency wear her lover's shirt and only that, showing off her shapely legs.
    • Emily (Shay Mitchell) being a Academic Athlete who specializes in swimming, gets to wear many sporty clothing and swimwear.
    • Alison (Sasha Pieterse), is a former Queen Bee of Rosewood High, who spends various episodes of season 1 in a bikini for an unknown reasons.
    • Hanna (Ashley Benson). Although she did have a few fanservice scenes, she hits the ground running in season 3, . "Grave New World" in particular; Hanna's Halloween costume accentuated her cleavage a lot more than the rest of the girls, which the viewers indeed noticed.
    • Aria (Lucy Hale) dresses more modestly than the other girls, but she makes it up by being the one show off the most skin in her sex scenes.
  • The protagonist of Relic Hunter, Sydney Fox, is played by model Tia Carrere. She doesn't seem to have any nudity taboo and the writers are good at finding reasons for her to strip down to her lingerie (or to full nudity, but then there tends to be a convenient Scenery Censor at hand or shot with Shoulders-Up Nudity). The first-season credits features a shot of her taking her top off to reveal a lacy, black bra.
  • Revenge:
    • Fake Amanda/Real Emily (Emily VanCamp) became the show's Ms. Fanservice in record time. Working as a stripper/lapdancer in her first episode (and first non-flashback appearance), going for a swim at Nolan's place in a very skimpy bikini in her second, sunning herself on Amanda in her third, kissing girls in the bar, perpetually rocking the denim cutoffs... although they did tone this down somewhat before she was Killed Off for Real.
    • Louise Ellis (Elena Satine) took up the slack in season four, with her fondness for snug dresses and outfit that emphasize her curves, eye-catching bikinis and lingerie... Margaux LeMarchal summed it up when she said of her, "Quite the little sexpot, isn't she?"
  • Revolution:
  • UFO: Lieutenant Gay Ellis (Gabrielle Drake). She is however treated as a competent professional by the men she serves with. And, of course, the female crewmembers of the SkyDiver submarines, whose tops were fishnet undershirts like the men's. (Though the men were missing the fleshtone tape over the nipples, for some reason.) But that still doesn't beat Lt. Ellis' striptease change of uniform in the episode "Identified."
  • University Hospital:
    • All four of the young female leads (Rebecca Cross, Hillary Danner, Hudson Leick, Alexandra Wilson) in this short-lived Aaron Spelling series. In various episodes, they appeared onscreen in swimsuits, exercise leotards, lingerie, and nightgowns. They even provided fanservice when their characters were working, in very tight white uniforms with short skirts and white stockings. The series never bothered to even try to explain why the student nurses would be wearing such an outdated and impractical uniform, especially when their teaching nurse was wearing modern hospital scrubs.
    • This show sometimes went to absurd lengths to maximize the fanservice. In one scene of the pilot episode, the girls were sitting in a hot tub - while having a serious talk about how one of them had been sexually harassed and nearly raped. There was no rational reason for this scene to take place at a pool. It would have been more logical for them to have this talk in a private setting, like their apartment. It was a painfully thin excuse to show the four beautiful actresses in swimsuits.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Being a The CW, this applies to most of the female cast.
  • Silvia Olvera from Eugenio Derbez TV series Vecinos
  • Veronica Mars: The title character was a three-dimensional, complex character but somehow the producers found ways to put her in a cheerleading costume, a cosplay outfit, and a bikini — in addition to kissing another girl — all in the first season.
  • Victorious: All four of the female stars qualify - Cat (Ariana Grande) and Jade (Elizabeth Gillies) burning up the screen in "Freak The Freak Out", Cat wearing practically nothing and getting sprayed with water during the Beach Episode "Trapped In An RV"note , Tori (Victoria Justice) during several of her sexy song and dance numbers, Trina (Daniella Monet) and her short shorts and tight tops.... looks like we were wrong about iCarly being the closest you can get to this on a tween show. Hence the Crossover between the two.
  • Vida: Both sisters whenever they share intimate moments with their lovers. Lyn has had a nude or sex scene in literally every episode.
  • Westworld: Maeve (Thandie Newton), who appears nude in numerous scenes. Not surprisingly given she's a madam/prostitute, but many of these scenes are in the lab when she's been fixed by technicians as well.
  • Why Women Kill:
    • All three leads are gorgeous women, but Lucy Liu's character seems to be the creators' way of saying, "Straight men, lesbians, and bisexual people everywhere... you're welcome."
    • Then there's Alexandra Daddario prancing around in short-shorts and a bikini. Notably, both Taylor and Eli consider her this in-universe.
  • The Witcher (2019): It's shown that people can cast magic while wearing clothes, but Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) does seem to have to lose hers a lot to cast stronger spells. Also she has multiple sex scenes, where she's naked or half-naked. Even with the special effects making her look unattractive in the beginning, its obvious the makeup team was struggling to downplay the actress’s natural beauty.
  • Witches of East End: Most of the female character are Hot Witches, but some stand out.
  • Without a Trace: Sam (Poppy Montgomery) and Elena (Roselyn Sánchez). One might theorise an attempt at appealing to both Anglo and Latino men, or just double the pleasure for men who like both. Extra points for Sam getting pregnant with attendant increase in breast size.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) herself. Rather inevitable when the show is headlined by Miss World USA wearing a strapless bathing suit.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess: Plenty of the female characters ooze sex appeal. There are a number of shower/bath/hot tub scenes (Xena steals Gabrielle's clothes in one), some rear nudity and plenty of outfits are Chainmail Bikini, Bare Your Midriff, Form-Fitting Wardrobe and Stripperiffic. Lampshaded in the episode "A Day in the Life":
    Xena: Maybe I should switch to chainmail.
    Gabrielle: That would just attract a kinkier crowd.
    • Xena (Lucy Lawless) herself is an athletic and stunning woman with a fiery personality who never wear sleeves and her clothes very often have her legs revealed. She's also a Shameless Fanservice Girl who gets out her clothes quite often.
    • Gabrielle (Renee O Connor) wears a green halter top and burgundy skirt; later, she switched to a red top that was barely more than a bra and a shorter matching skirt. In general her costumes kept getting skimpier as the series progressed note  Lampshaded in "Forget Me Not", when Joxer is reading Gabby's scrolls to her when she is amnesiac:
      Gabrielle: This thing I'm wearing - it keeps getting smaller?
    • Callisto (Hudson Leick), an evil Amazonian Beauty with a Chainmail Bikini that even more Stripperiffic than Xena's.
    • Aphrodite (Alexandra Tydings) is a beautiful blonde Hot Goddess who always wears revealing outfit, usually even in lingerie.
  • X Factor USA: We've got Fifth Harmony for season 2, and for season 3, comes Danie Geimer & Khaya Cohen.
  • The X-Files: Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson). She was initially a very downplayed example. She was the only prominent female character of the show, and she was cute enough, but she was always wearing baggy outfits and showing virtually no skin. Fox was reluctant to cast Gillian Anderson at first, wanting someone more conventionally fanservice-y, someone tall and well-endowed. However, as the series went on, she was getting exponentially hotter and wore tighter and sexier clothes. In "Never Again", aka the tattoo episode, Scully had pants halfway down, bending over, and was practically orgasmic. In the episode "En Ami", the Cigarette Smoking Man invites her to come with him, we see a) a close up of her cleavage as she adjusts her hidden microphone and b) a very revealing dress when she goes to have dinner with him.
  • X-Play: Speaking of nerds, one funny recurring question in the fandom of, and a trademark Running Gag constantly sent up on this show, is whether or not Morgan Webb is an actual gamer, or just there to serve as eye candy.


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