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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 17 The Longest Day

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Directed by Steve Boyum
Written by Anne Cofell Saunders

The Rebel and Georgia Federation Alliance is attacked by the Monroe Republic, reducing their numbers from 300 men to 30. This prompts President Foster (Leslie Hope) to tell Miles that either he comes up with a plan, or she will surrender to Monroe in order to save her people. During the attack on the Rebel/Georgia Alliance, Jason is critically injured, but is carried to safety by his father, Major Neville. Monroe kills Jeremy Baker (Mark Pellegrino), believing him to be behind an assassination attempt made against him. It is later revealed that Baker had nothing to do with this assassination attempt, strengthening Baker's statement that he made before he was killed, pointing out that the only reason all of Monroe's friends betray him (including Major Neville and Miles) is because his delusions, paranoia, and barbaric nature drive them away. Rachel has Aaron reprogrammed the flashing LED, which she explains to be first-generation nanotechnology, that she had removed from Danny after his death, and inserted it into her leg to repair the bone and tissues. Rachel then reveals her only interest is of turning the power back on, so that the opposing nations can gain power and kill Monroe. She states that nothing else to her matters, not even the life of another man's child. At the end of the episode, Jason and Charlie are witnessed by Tom, kissing in a hospital room within the Georgia Federation Presidential House. Nora is captured by the Monroe forces and delivered to Monroe, where it is revealed that they knew each other previously.

Flashbacks: More is shown into the history between Miles and Rachel, the latter first arriving at the Monroe Republic to give her family time to escape Miles. She tricks Miles into thinking that she can turn the power back on herself, and that she knew more about the blackout than her then husband, Ben Matheson. It is was revealed that Rachel had an affair with Miles and that she deeply regretted it.

Tropes (See Your Mileage May Vary items here):

  • Never-Forgotten Skill: The Monroe militia has clearly not forgotten how to execute a drone strike like professionals, in spite of not having occasion to practice in 15 years of a worldwide blackout.