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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 18 Clue

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Directed by Helen Shaver
Story by Oanh Ly
Teleplay by Paul Grellong and Oanh Ly

The episode begins with Nora refusing a peaceful proposition from Monroe, requesting information on Miles' whereabouts. As a result, over the next 21 days, she is tortured repeatedly until she finally reveals the locations of Miles, Neville and Charlie. Sanborn, who attacked Miles and Rachel previously as a result of his family being held by Monroe, rescues Nora from the Militia Prison, after injecting her with a substance which causes hallucinations and paranoia. He also steals a pendant and amplifier for the rebels to use. He tells Miles he did so because he didn't want to carry out his orders of killing her. Subsequently, Nora reveals to Miles that she told Monroe everything. Miles, Nora, Jason, Neville, Charlie, Sanborn, and Hudson board a helicopter bound for The Tower, stopping on the way to siphon fuel from vehicles abandoned in an airstrip. During this stop, the pilot of the helicopter and another rebel, Ramsay, were murdered with an X on their throats from a knife, leading to speculation that the murders were carried out by members of the Plains Nation. Charlie, however, points out that it cannot be a local of the area who did it because there is no food or water nearby. It is also confirmed by Ramsay that it was one of the group who did it, and eyes immediately turn to Jason, as he was seen by Charlie speaking to a member of the Monroe Militia back in Atlanta. Jason attempts to flee with Miles in pursuit. Sanborn quickly notices the knife used to murder the two rebels bore the stamp of Annapolis and follows. He tells Miles that it was Hudson who committed the murders, and then he is shot by Hudson himself. Hudson then reveals that Monroe has his wife, and that he was told by the Militia men that he had to kill Miles, Neville, Ramsay, and Sanborn. Hudson and Miles fight, with Hudson gaining the upper hand, but ultimately is shot dead by Jason. Monroe decides that Flynn is no longer of any use, and tells his forces to kill him. Flynn then discloses information about The Tower, including that it holds weapons which make his helicopters seem like toys. This makes Monroe lead an operation to retrieve this weaponry, but their path is blocked by an invading force within The Tower, which have locked Flynn out of the system, preventing him from gaining access to the building. Rachel and Aaron get closer to The Tower. Realizing that The Tower is now surrounded by Militia, Rachel makes the decision that she will fulfill her personal mission of killing Monroe at nightfall, leaving the rest of the Militia to fight for leadership, subsequently leaving Aaron with the chance of approaching the door to The Tower with the override codes. Rachel walks into Monroe's tent and pulls the pin on a grenade in her hands. Monroe and his men, holding guns, try to talk Rachel down and the episode ends with Rachel releasing the lever on the grenade.


There are no flashbacks in this episode.

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