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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 16 The Love Boat

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Directed by Charles Beeson
Written by Melissa Glenn

Neville and Miles work together, in a capacity unknown to the rest of the gang. In secret, they take control of a scientist named Dr. Ethan Camp (Timothy Busfield), via his wife and daughter, Bonnie, from the Monroe Republic, intending to hand him over to the Georgia Federation to weaponize anthrax. Charlie, Nora and Jason work against them and attempt to free Dr. Camp, only to be ambushed by a stationed group of Monroe's Militiamen. Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron, in their desperate attempt to find food, steal some from a local Plains Nation settlement while on their journey to The Tower, resulting in three men from the settlement being killed trying to retrieve it. Rachel's leg is broken during their escape, and it is revealed that Aaron pioneered a software application while he was a student at MIT, therefore he must be the one to go to The Tower. It was also revealed that this software and Aaron's profile was in a journal owned by Dr. Jane Warren, and was most likely used by Randall Flynn when beginning his project at The Tower. The extent or the purpose of this software use is currently unknown. Grace Beaumont cracks into the elevator using a computer within The Tower, and a man set to guard her is killed while going to level 12. The show ends with Grace coming face-to-face with the killer.

There are no flashbacks in this episode.

Tropes (See Your Mileage May Vary items here):