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Margarita Vladimirovna Levieva (born February 9, 1980, Russian: Маргари́та Влади́мировна Леви́ева) is a Russian-American actress and dancer. Levieva was born in St. Petersburg, Russia to a Jewish family and began training as a rhythmic gymnast at age three. At age 11, she immigrated with her mother and twin brother to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, where she continued her training. She has worked steadily in film and television since. In May 2022, she announced her pregnancy via Instagram, while sometime later that year Levieva gave birth to a son.



  • The Invisible as Annie Newton (2007)
  • Noise as Ekaterina Filippovna (2007)
  • Spread as Heather (2009)
  • Adventureland as Lisa (2009)
  • The Lincoln Lawyer as Regina Campo (2011)
  • The Stand Up as Veronica (2011)
  • For Ellen as Claire Taylor (2012)
  • Knights of Badassdom as Beth (2013)
  • Skoryy Moskva-Rossiya as Mila (2014)
  • The Loft as Vicky Fry (2014)
  • The Diary of a Teenage Girl as Tabatha (2015)
  • Sleeping With Other People as Hannah (2015)
  • It Happened in L. A. as Ingrid (2017)
  • Future World (2018) as Lei (2018)
  • Inherit the Viper as Josie Riley (2018)


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