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    Brazil Nut Disorder

Describe Brazil Nut Disorder Here.

I'll try, TV Tropes.

I'll try.

It's kinda complicated, and filled to the brim with satire.

To start: SOMEONE made a stupid mistake. Or maybe they just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really, who cares?

Unfortunately, the guv'mit, or the guv'mit's superior, gets involved. And, well, SOMEONES not happy at/scared of SOMEONE about the SOMETHING that SOMEONE did even though it's SOMEONE ELSE'S SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING.

Well, this can pretty much go three ways:

Eventually (usually), the fact that It Was All a Misunderstanding comes to light. The government/whatever is approached with the evidence.

Guess how they react (usually).

There's just so much bureaucracy, too much stupidity to get around.

The dysfunctional Sister Trope to Chance the Gardener, this is a complex and unusual disorder. It may lead to total, utter, hilarious chaos if left unchecked for too long. Related to Chance the Gardener.

This disease can come in three different forms of severity:

  • Class I (Horatial BND): Minor mistake, usu. on the part of the victim, usu. leads to imprisonment, often in The Asylum. Not much damage is done, but it's still screwed up.

  • Class II (Juvenalial BND): The victim actually may be somewhat responsible here. There's reasonable suspicion. But through red tape, Hobbesian human nature and such, they won't listen to the truth. This may actually do damage, and is where a Gardener Contract may come in in more severe cases.

  • Class III (Apocalyptial BND): This usually applies to Planets Eris and Crapsack Worlds. Everything comes down at once, repeatedly. Chaos, horrible, hilarious chaos, uncovering the disturbing flaws, Blah, Blah, Blah, You Get the Idea.

Actually, no. You don't. I'm making it sound simpler than it is. I'll try to use some more applicable or related terms:

So, with that vague, incomplete, nigh incomprehesible description, I hope you'll understand how it works and will be able to help once I list the


Class I or Horatial:

Class II or Juvenalial:

Class III or Apocalyptial:

    The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Tear Jerker (written by author) 
  • As Traude recounts the fate of her father after the Battle of Moria to Brianna in Beorn's bathroom, we get this heart-wrenching exchange:
    Traude: They told me my father was gone. He was one of the dead. But I didn’t believe them. I searched through the entire battlefield. Every last body. And he wasn’t there. But my brother was.
    Brianna: Your brother?
    Traude: Y-Yes. Frerin.
    Brianna: You never told me.
    Traude: [Starts to cry] I don't like to talk about Frerin. He always looked after me and Dis when my father couldn't. he's gone as well.
  • Hearing Beorn tell his backstory is already sad enough, but the absolute pain that's described when he remembers his daughters laughter is just unbearable.
  • After hearing her backstory, Beate's terrified reaction to the wargs suddenly become very sad, especially when Bertha tries to calm her down.
  • Talia and Lechsinka bonding over memories of Talia's dead husband, who was Lechsinka's father.
  • Brianna's longing for home.
  • Barbara's trying to fight back the tears while she recounts the Battle of Moria around the campfire.
  • Beate feeling like she's useless on this journey and admitting that she feels she shouldn't have come on the journey. You just want to go over and hug the poor thing. It is, however, followed by Bertha comforting her and reassuring her bravery.
  • Brianna's horrified reaction to killing the monitor lizard when it got too close to the ring. All the other moments were the ring effects her were troubling enough, but with that moment, all bets are off.
  • This exchange between Bridget and Beatrice about her deceased husband:
    Bridget: And you're husband is at home watching them?
    Beatrice: (trying not to cry) He's dead.
  • The utter horror the girls expierence when they think some of the their group were killed in the battle of the stone giants, especially poor Frieda's reaction to it.
  • It's established that while Lechsinka and Talia have a good relationship, Talia doesn't get along very well with Taduesz, constantly referring to him as "captain". Imagine living most of your life living under the shadow of your mentors daughter, rarely being called by your first name. But what especially places this into Tear Jerker territory is this single line he delivers to Lechsinka:
    Taduesz: Why should I go back? Your mother doesn't treat me like your brother. She's never even called me her son.
  • Lechsinka practically begging Taduesz to come home with her, with a fear that her mother might banish him.
  • Dorothea being Emotionally Tongue-Tied and never being able to get the chance to express her feelings for Beorn out of fear of offending him or hurting their friendship.
  • The separation of Bertha and Beate in Lake-town. It's surprisingly sad to read, given that Bertha had promised Beate to take her up the mountain herself as a thank you for saving her life, only to discover she can't fulfill that promise.
  • Beatrice being laughed at and mocked by members of the crowd when Julie brings up her family history. Poor girl.
  • Kamilla's heartbreak of not only being away from Taduesz, the man she loves, but also being forced to stay behind in Lake-town becuase she's too ill.
  • Dorothea's childish crush isn't this at first, but considering what nightmarish trauma Beorn suffered, it seems like he wouldn't be able to properly return Dorothea's affections even if he knew of her crush on him.
  • Knowing what's going to happen to Frieda and Kamilla, many of their scenes talking about their future become very hard to read without getting choked up.
  • The fact that Dis, Truade, Kamilla, Frieda Deborah and her husband might be the last living descendants of the line of Durin.
  • Beorn himself.
  • Thrain. Poor guy has lost his father and son, was captured by Azog and tortured in Dol Guldur for years. It drove him completely insane to the extent that when Gillian investigates Dol Guldur herself, he actually tries to kill her. Even after Gillian frees his mind, he feels that in the current state he's in, he'd do nothing but shame his daughters.

    Destroy the Godmodder Nightmare Fuel 
"The flesh is weak. It is vulnerable. Soft. Squishy. So easily torn. But most of all, it can be infected. Mainly by a virus."
engie_ninja, about to do something horrible.

While Destroy the Godmodder is very light-hearted most of the time, with hilarious antics going on frequently, if one stops to look below the surface, there are some pretty dark things that go on.

  • First off, the Godmodder himself. Capable of shrugging off damage that would destroy anything else, dodging or blocking almost every attack aimed at him, learns from his mistakes meaning nothing can reliably beat him, and dishes out just as much damage as he evades.
    • The players opposing him. Take a look at any player, and you will find at least one thing that makes them this. Twinbuilder has a literal split personality that tried to kill him, Maniac controls an army made up entirely of the dead which grows stronger with every person who dies in battle, Erelye has dealt with Eldritch Abominations on a regular basis, Blue is perfectly happy to commit genocide to fulfil her goals, and Engie is both a Universe Eater and a Psychopathic Manchild.
  • The fact that Universe Eaters exist at all.
    • And they are FAR from the most powerful beings in existence.
  • Being a bystander in this war. Think about it - you're minding your own business, living life as usual, when all of a sudden, you're locked into a game of Minecraft with every other player in the world. With no idea what is happening, you try to survive as best as you can, using any methods you can, and rejoice once you hear that a supercomputer has been built that could end the operation... That is, until you read the news and discover that the players you thought were fighting as heroes are against you too. Life continues on, until a strange orchid glow appears in the sky, spelling the word "OBEY". Your mind slowly clouds, the word repeating itself in your head, until you know nothing.

    The Seven Sinisters
The Official Poster
The Seven Sinisters is a YouTube cartoon made by PoundToundHound, a two person channel. It's about the Seven Princes of Hell, aka. the rulers of The Seven Deadly Sins, living in an apartment building.

Each episode they have to deal with one of their sins going berserk, but they also have to deal with a smile monster named The Goo trying to get them and kill them all the time.

The whole cartoon takes place in a world called Dwurm. The first episode was uploaded 21st of July 2017.

The Seven Sinisters contains examples of:

  • Humanoid Aliens: Dumblotraights are the name of the aliens that they all are, they look human except for their nose


  • NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...:
An adorable wannabe planet-crusher, a shut-in who'll do whatever she says, and a talking lizard. These are our heroes.
"Cha-la Head Cha-La!..."
♫ I'm always running... ♫note
All animals can kick ass, but some animals can kick more ass than others.note

  • HoYay.Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger: A series of 'couples' portraits (others include Leo and Sela, Yamato and Amu and Tusk and Amu) but those two are by far the most intimate.
This can't be happening!
Go. Run. Leave this page now, before it happens again.
"I am vengeance. I am the night. I... am... incapable of basic child care."
Nobody wants the Main Man if he is dead.
These effects can still be inflicted, but casting the upper effects on most bosses here is still a waste of turns.
Nonreaders, Ye be Warned
With our special guests, the FBI.
"Oh, pardon me. I was just, y'know, reading up on some Machiavelli. Which I do all the time, of course. Because that's what smart robots do."
Image by furinchime
Despite what people will have you believe in fiction, gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate things.
Show us your amazing level designs, then we'll talk.
Apparently Picard's clone forgot that he had hair at that age.
"No choice - gotta keep moving!"
From left to right: Jiren against Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta.
Nothing to see here!
Soon Queen Elsa will make a magical ice skating rink for her people.note
Really, Robotnik, this is the best you can come up with?
Yeah, these guys? They're dead.
What a cheating son-of-a-bee.
"Fragile sort of life form, this is."
From Villager to Killager in just one day.
Dammit Fox! I said no toy fairs! Totally spoiling key Deadpool scenes!

Click here to see the movie poster
Saving the world, three days at a time.note
From left-to-right: Noiz, Koujaku, Ren (dog All-mate), Aoba, Clear, and Mink (and Tori)

Not awesome enough for you? (SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 5)
An image accurately capturing the experience.
Image by Level2Select.
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
To make Jotaro put up with this, he did something much worse.
Admit it, when we say "Wolfenstein",
you think of the latter, don't you?
Yep. That truck just drove straight through a house.
How can we stop stressing when we're looking at this?!
It's hard to tell through the poor film quality, but that is indeed a live insect crawling through the frame.
The Atari Jaguar CD's infamous Red Screen of Death. So red, you can barely even see the Jaguar logo.
The exact moment this trope was unleashed in the Pokémon world.
Nightmare for Ness, AND Nightmare for the player.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
The one that started it all! From left to right: Dio (holding the Stone Mask), Jonathan, and Danny
The one that hardly ever took itself seriously! Pictured: Joseph (top) and Caesar (bottom)
The one everyone knows about! Pictured: Jotaro (left) and Joseph (right)
The one with the beautiful Duwang! Pictured: Jotaro (left) and Josuke (right)
The one with The Mafia! Clockwise from bottom: Giorno, Gold Experience, Star Platinum, Jotaro, Josuke, and Crazy Diamond
The one with the gay priest! Pictured: Jolyne
The one with horses! L-R: Gyro, Pocoloco, Johnny, Diego
The one with four testicles! Pictured: Josuke

    Character and Object Images
Tadashi Hamada
Grace Granville
Steven Universe
Steven Universe
Bill Cipher
Squidward Tentacles
Asami Sato
Weiss Schnee
Jaune Arc (Volume 7)
Nora Valkyrie (Volume 7)
Lie Ren (Volume 7)
Cinder Fall (Volume 6)
Doctor Doom
Komaru Naegi
Chiaki Nanami
AI Chiaki holding Usami
Yoh Asakura
Manta Oyamada
Anna Kyōyama
Yusuke Urameshi
Kazuma Kuwabara
Syaoran Li
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy
Roronoa Zoro
Fleet Admiral Sakazuki
Trafalgar Law
Portgas D. Ace
Tohru Honda
Isuzu "Rin" Sohma
Lelouch Lamperouge
Josuke Higashikata
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira
Kosaku Kawajiri
Jolyne Cujoh
Jolyne Cujoh
Enrico Pucci
Enrico Pucci
Gyro Zeppeli
Ultra Instinct Goku
Android 16
Fat Buu
Shape-Up Buu
North Supreme Kai
East Supreme Kai
King Cold (final form)
Maximillion J. Pegasus
Himura Kenshin
Byakuya Kuchiki
Kisuke Urahara
Rangiku Matsumoto
Edna Mode
Hermione Granger
Albus Dumbledore
Draco Malfoy
Neville Longbottom
Mace Windu
Jar Jar Binks
Jabba the Hutt
The Master Codebreaker
Rae Sloane
The Grand Inquisitor
Wedge Antilles
Ellen Ripley
Ansem the Wise
The Lingering Will
Tifa Lockhart
Yuri Lowell
Yuri Lowell
Master Core
Gerald and Maria Robotnik
Coco Bandicoot
Jack Frost
Shadow Yukiko
Yu Narukami with Arcana Card
Vincent Brooks
Click here to see Boss without the shades
Skull Kid
Princess Zelda
Bowser Jr.
Donkey Kong Jr.
Banjo & Kazooie
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Bandana Waddle Dee
Hyness Unhooded
The Dimension Mirror
Team Chaotix
Orbot and Cubot
M. Bison
Cole MacGrath
Mother Brain
Edward Elric
Alphonse Elric
Misa Amane

    TABLE Badges 
FoRK Badge:


SPOON Stamp:


Behold! The proud emblem of your glorious apathy!


Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

Species: Human

Citizenship: American


Portrayed By: Leslie Grace

Appearances: Batgirl

The daughter of Commissioner Gordon who moonlights as another bat-themed vigilante.


So, you people have some contention about me? Go ahead, spread it. It's not like it can change your fate anyway.
  • Crack Ship:
    • For some reason, a lot of people pair me with Cell. I will admit, he is a valuable ally, but he is my clone in a sense - that's a bit too egocentric even for my tastes.
    • Upon my second resurrection in Super, some people started pairing me with Goku, of all people. While I have come to admit he's almost like an equal, the idea still makes me want to vomit.
      • Not that you worms have any idea how things like gender, anatomy, or reproduction work for my species anyway. It's only natural there would be...missteps.
  • Evil Is Cool/Love to Hate: Shōnen villains, bow before your master!
  • Fanon: Since I keep to myself, there's a lot of talk in the fan community about who my race is, my past before meeting the Saiyans, and so on. A shame, really. I don't see what the fuss is all about. I simply am what I am.
  • Memetic Mutation: Many a joke on my other forms and my accurate view on minutes has been made. I'm glad nobody snickers about my ball caressing.
    • To clarify my view on minutes: I actually tell time based on the system in that game by the Guilty Gear folks. It's not my fault that it happens to translate to such a short amount of time in the system you Earthlings use.


So you think that's all I have to say? Then SAD FOR YOU, I still have OVER 9000 entries left including the entries that everyone is going to fight over! Heh, a legion of pitiful Earthlings coming to blows with each other in my honor. What a nice thought.
  • Awesome Ego: I know how impressive I am, and you know you love me more for it.
  • Common Knowledge: A common myth among the fandom is that Kakarot defeated me in our battle on Earth, and I grew obsessed with defeating him afterwords. The truth is that I actually won our fight, it was Kakarot's brat and the bald one who defeated me. The fact that I grew so obsessed with defeating Kakarot after seeing him surpass me makes it easy to forget that he has never actually defeated me.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Not that I don't mind having fans, but some of you people seem to forget that I came to destroy you entire race, all the other races I've destroyed, and act like Kakarot is the real villain. The stupidity of humanity never fails to surprise me.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: What?! How dare you insinuate my desire to surpass that pathetic clown Kakarot is in any way related to... that! *charges a ki blast* Keep that up, you miserable little pest, and I'll make sure you never walk again!
  • Jerkass Woobie: So I am not nice, but I managed to get some sympathizers anyways because the universe spares no effort to make me suffer.
  • Magnificent Bastard: During my race to the Dragon Balls on Namek I managed to pull this off. After my defeat from Zarbon dragged me to Freeza's ship so the bastard could learn where I hid one of the Dragon Balls, I made me escape when I was being healed. Since Freezaand all his men had lost their scouters, a couple explosions in the ship threw them off long enough for me to steal the five Dragon Balls Freeza had collected. My only regret is that I didn't get to see the look on his face, but oh well. Sadly I wasn't able to show my cunning in such a manner later.
  • Strawman Has a Point: English dub only, Kakarot reprimanded me for killing Burter and Recoome after he had knocked them out. Idiot was being too nice for his own good and complained I was too cruel. They worked for Freeza and had killed countless people, which nearly included Kakarot's son and bald friend, and it's highly unlikely they would've stopped if they lived to wake up. Not to mention that moron's mercy towards Freeza nearly doomed the entire Earth, twice!
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Everyone in my world who is not Kakarot, Bulma, Trunks, Bra/Bulla seems to have some sort of grudge against me, and even my creator said he doesn't like me (bah, what would a soft, human weakling know about true strength and greatness anyway?). *smirks* But the very reason that I have a character page here means that I must have had a lot of fanbase in the outer world *chuckles*. I guess I really do live up to my hype.


So, you foolish mortals wish to know more contentious details about me? Very well then.

Pokémon Masters
Pokémon Masters is a 2019 mobile game in the Pokémon series for Android and iOS devices produced in cooperation between The Pokémon Company and DeNA, the same company who co-developed with Nintendo for mobile games based on their existing franchises.

The game enables players to form teams using famous Pokémon Trainers from past main-series games. The concept originated from Game Freak character designer and founding member Ken Sugimori, who had the idea for a game where every single character from past games would appear.

The game has a four-minute animated trailer.

This game provides examples of:

  • The Ace: Many of the trainers available in the game are this, including protagonists, Gym Leaders and Champions. Special mention goes to Red, who is implied to be this relative to even the other Champions. In the game's promotional artwork, he appears alongside a Mega Charizard X as his partner, even though Steven, Cynthia and Diantha are all present and only have their signature Pokémon alongside them in base form.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: The game features HD models of the Pokémon Trainer characters with realistic proportions and a high level of detail to add to the realism. Cynthia and Misty look more accurately realized, even though Cynthia's last appearance in Sun and Moon was already a step up in realism from X and Y, and Misty was deliberately chibi-styled in the Let's Go games. Height is also accurately shown for the first time - Cynthia towers over Rosa and presumably Misty, who would be of a similar height. Misty all retains the more casual outfit she sports in the Let's Go games despite being brought in line with the canonical proportions that exist outside those games. Brock both loses his shirt and gets considerably more buff when he uses the Super Move Portrait Attack. Red also sports a redesign - he has the style of his hat and jacket from the Generation I and Let's Go games, but facially and proportionally resembles his main series appearance from HeartGold and SoulSilver, with a modified jacket and a flame emblem on his hat to match his Mega Charizard X.
  • All Your Powers Combined: The game lets players form teams using trainers that previously have never worked together, including Champions, Gym Leaders and Protagonists. This gives the player access to the strengths of those characters' signature Pokémon all at once.
  • Cutting Off the Branches: Red is depicted in the game's promotional artwork as having a Mega Charizard X for a partner, with the leaf on his hat changed to a blue flame to reflect this. Previously, he was always shown to use all three starters in the main series games, or focus on Venusaur in the Let's Go series.
  • Suddenly Voiced: For the first time in the series, the trainers are fully voiced. Cynthia, Brock and Misty are all shown speaking in the game's debut gameplay trailer. Naturally, this adds a great deal of personality to the battles. Players seem to also be able to interact with the trainers outside of the battle, with additional voiced lines present. Ironically, one of the trainers with the most focus in the game's promotional art is Red, who himself is notoriously silent throughout the series. Thus, he may be the only character to lack voiced lines entirely.
  • Super Mode: While in-battle transformations have not been shown, Red is depicted as using Mega Charizard X for his partner, indicating that Mega Evolutions will be present even if they are always active.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: Trainers seem to be able to perform a signature move unique to their signature Pokémon, as Brock does with his Onix. During this move, the trainer strikes performs a flashy animation and strikes a pose that references their traits from the main series. Brock's aforementioned animation has him cross his arms and lose his shirt to match his Generation I and Let's Go artwork.

The animated trailer provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Red's hair is a darker shade of brown than normal. Given the studio animating the trailer, however, it uses its own art style interpretation for the series.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Lusamine, Gladion, and Lillie (in her "Z-powered" form at that) are shown together. This spoils their relationship for any viewer who didn't already know.
  • Pokémon Speak: Zig-zagged. Most Pokémon don't say their names, but Pikachu does (like it does in the post-X and Y games).
  • The Voiceless: Rosa, Red, and the new player characters are voiceless. They don't even make noise. This is a reference to the two being silent protagonists in the games.


  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Everyone is here.note 
    • Where's N?note 
    • Thinking Rosanote 
    • Short Hildanote 
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Archer and Ariana. They're the only admins/executives of an evil team to appear in the game trailer.
    • Kris. After almost two decades of absence, with Lyra taking her role for HeartGold and SoulSilver, she reappeared towards the end of the June 27th livestream. Needless to say, fans were pleasantly surprised.