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Fanfic / From the Mind of Finn Mertens

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You might recognize him from this commercial.

"No one cares if the story makes no sense. It's the characters that make it so popular."
— Panne Lillian, explaining why everyone likes Finn's comics

From the Mind of Finn Mertens is a series of one-shots written by Stinkfly3. The story is about how a boy was able to create the world of Adventure Time by writing comics for his school newspaper.


  • Foreshadowing: Becky has a t-shirt that reads BMO (short for Be More Outstanding). Finn later creates BMO as his sister's comic counterpart.
  • Meta Casting:
    • Main Characters:
      • Finn Mertensnote  is the creator of the comic world.
      • Jakenote  is Finn's lovable pet pug.
      • Bonnibel Acresnote  is the president of the school's science club.
      • Ladynote  is Bonnibel's pet horse who is good friends with Jake.
      • Becky Mertensnote  is Finn's twin sister who likes playing video games.
      • Panne Lilliannote  is a wealthy girl who's willing to do anything to defend her friends.
      • Simon Petrikovnote  is the drummer in a band called Frostland.
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    • Minor Characters:
      • Tara Trunksnote  is an Amish girl who likes baking apple pies.
      • Ricardo Petrikovnote  is Simon's gentlemanly siamese twin brother.
  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: Finn's comics are mostly based on events that occurred to him, while most of the characters are based on himself and other locals in Ooo (which is really the name of his hometown).
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Becky delivers one to Finn when she sees his first version of censorship.
    • Several of his classmates give Finn one after he "kills off" Tree Trunks. Fortunately, Tara (on whom Tree Trunks is based) is not upset, just confused.


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