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Funnel Cloud Journey

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Mickey's taking this for a spin.

"Hey, Tails! Let's jump into that tornado!"
Sonic, Sonic Shorts: Windy Valley

In a video game, it's not uncommon to have levels high up in the air, but a good chunk of them are getting a bit too cliche. Level with solid water vapor? Been there. Level on a plane? Done that. How do we spice it up? By having it take place in a tornado, of course! Who cares if tornadoes are probably one of the most dangerous and common natural disasters? It's cool, it's surprising, and that's all that matters! Usually, you are told to not get near a tornado, but here, you just jump right into a whirling adventure!

In reality, being able to survive a tornado, let alone the violent, strong winds that surround it from a mile radius would barely be possible, but not in this case. You simply have to find a way out of the whirlwind and you'll barely have a scratch done on you. Usually these types of levels have strong winds, almost everything flying around and at you, or said debris being your main ways of navigating the twister to remind you that you're in a tornado.


Compare Do Not Touch the Funnel Cloud and Gusty Glade.


First-Person Shooter

  • No One Lives Forever 2 has a trailer park hit by a tornado; you have to fight off ninjas inside one of the trailers as its picked up by the twister and beginning to disintegrate.

Party Game

  • The "Twister" mini-game in Sonic Shuffle involves Sonic and his friends being carried through a tornado, all the while collecting rings and avoiding debris.

Platform Game

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: The Frantic Fields level starts in a windy savanna while a storm looms in the distance. Halfway through the level, you get transported to the eye of the hurricane, with floating debris serving as platforms.
  • The penultimate level of Cushy Cloud in Kirby: Squeak Squad appears to take place in a tornado with clouds and lightning in it.
  • The Secret Level in Mickey Mania, The Band Concert (only found in the Genesis, Sega CD and PS1 versions), takes place inside a tornado where Mickey must jump from crate to crate to reach the end.
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  • As you progress through New Super Mario Bros. U, Peach's Castle slowly gets surrounded by a magic tornado. The entirety of the final world takes place in it.
  • Two thirds into Sonic Adventure's Windy Valley, you are sucked into a tornado. You escape it by ascending to the top of it.
  • The final level of Vectorman, aptly named "Twist and Shout" involves you having to avoid furniture inside a tornado.
    • Level 18 of the sequel takes place in several chunks of a desert that have been sucked into a tornado.

Shoot 'em Up

Non-Video Game Examples:


  • The Wizard of Oz. After Dorothy's house is pulled up into the tornado, she sees animals, objects and Miss Gulch flying around outside.
  • In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Flint gets caught in a spaghetti tornado. He panics as he takes a short trip within the other debris of the al dente funnel cloud before comically ending up safely on the ground while still screaming.


  • In the last book of The Seventh Tower, the Big Bad is confronted in the eye of a gigantic omniscient Genius Loci whirlwind in the Spirit World. The main characters have to drop in from above, since the whirlwind itself is powerful enough to strip flesh from bone in an instant. However, it spares Adras and Odris the Storm Shepherds, since they're its distant descendants.
  • In The Dying Earth, the "Call To The Violent Cloud" spell summons a 'pillar of boiling black smoke' which will transport its summoner where directed. It's necessary to tell the Cloud you want to arrive alive.

Web Animation

  • Dead Fantasy II. During the big battle at the end, Rinoa casts a spell to create a huge tornado. The combatants enter the tornado and fight inside of it.
  • Sonic Shorts parodied the Sonic Adventure example above, providing the page quote.

Web Comics

  • Synodic Reboot: Upon his entry to the Medium, Kristan's house is surrounded by a stationary storm, preventing him from simply leaving to explore his Land. Instead, he has to climb his built-up house to reach a Gate to transport him somewhere else in the Land.

Western Animation


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