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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has Loads and Loads of Characters throughout the course of its run. There are some characters that are beloved, and there are some who are just meant to be loathed by everyone.


  • Phantom Blood: Dio's abusive, drunk asshole of a father Dario Brando is no slouch in this department. He constantly abused his wife (to whom he had no compassion for at all) during their marriage until she died from exhaustion (even wanting to sell her dress after she died to get money), mistreated Dio throughout his entire youth, and overall, showcased smug, toxic, and dominating behavior over his entire family. He then proceeds to milk George Joestar's kindness by forcing Dio to become his foster son in the hopes of retaining their family fortune. It's arguable whether or not Dio would have become the sadistic megalomaniac he is now if it weren't for his horrible father's upbringing (hinting that Dio may have inherited that from him anyway), but it's all thanks to Dario that Dio and Jonathan even met each other in the first place. He is easily one of the most loathsome and unlikable characters in the series which makes his fatal poisoning at the hands of his own son one of the few murders committed by Dio that can actually be considered justifiable.

  • Battle Tendency:
    • The racist Dirty Cops bullying Smokey Brown. Despite their brief appearance, they easily come off as loathsome pieces of shit. They not only physically throttle Smokey for stealing Joseph's wallet, but they also try and extort money from him. When Joseph shows up to defend Smokey, one of them smugly walks up to him to wipe a booger on Joseph's face. They both proceed to get an extremely well-deserved ass-kicking from Joseph.
    • The unnamed gangster with brass knuckles, an early antagonist, that Joseph and his family come across in a fancy restaurant. He is vulgar, sloppy and throws racial slurs at Smokey and mocks the restaurant for allowing African-American customers. His terrible behavior eventually comes to bite him in the ass when Erina of all people allows Joseph to fight him. When he's defeated, the other restaurant patrons applaud Joseph for putting the bastard in his place.

  • Stardust Crusaders:
    Kakyoin: You give the impression of a gentleman... but you are the worst kind of madman. You make me sick.

  • Diamond Is Unbreakable:
    • Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri, despite being a Starter Villain, quickly establishes himself as one of the darkest and most repulsive villain in the franchise so far. Much like J. Geil, he's a murderer and a Serial Rapist, but actually could be even worse as we get to see just how brutal he can get when he graphically murders a dog (and later, its owner) by biting the dog's face off. So much so that even Jotaro is unnerved by his wanton cruelty, which included raping and murdering three teenage boys. His ultimate punishment at the hands of Josuke was well-deserved.
    • Toshikazu Hazamada, one of the minor villains, is a perverted and creepy loner who fantasizes about killing and raping his classmates. He even used his Stand to gouge his friend's eye out simply over a disagreement over a manga. Even the eccentric Rohan has nothing but contempt for him, finding him poor writing material that no one would care for.

  • Vento Aureo:
    • Diavolo, the Big Bad, rivals DIO in terms of cruelty and ruthlessness. But while DIO can be an entertaining and sometimes likable villain for his charisma and over-the-top villainy, Diavolo lacks such traits. He's a paranoid, cold-blooded psychopath who is willing to murder his own daughter just to protect his identity and makes a gruesome example of anyone who dares to breach his privacy. Oh, and he's also a mafia boss who ignores every ethic guidelines set to other mafiosi by having his criminal empire selling drugs to children.
    • Even in a cast full of ruthless murderers and gangsters, Cioccolata could very well be the vilest and most depraved of the lot. He's a Mad Doctor who gets kicks from torturing his patients in gratuitous fashion and even gaslights elderly patients to make them commit suicide out of despair. Everyone in-universe, except his assistant Secco, even Diavolo, are absolutely disgusted with him and consider him the lowest of the low. He then goes on a cataclysmic killing spree while bragging how watching death and suffering of others is the true source of happiness in life. It's only fitting that he's subjected to one of the most violent and drawn-out (and definitely deserving) punishments in the series by far; a seven page/40 seconds No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at the hands of Giorno, who finishes said beating by punching him into the back of a garbage truck that crushes him inside, then takes the resulting bloody mess away to be incinerated.
    • Cioccolata's assistant, Secco, isn't much better than he is. While Secco has less direct involvement in much of the carnage the two cause, he takes an equal amount of perverse pleasure in killing and filming the deaths of others. He is the only one to approve of the mad doctor's torture of others, only turning on him after Cioccolatta is killed by Giorno (and this clearly is not out of fear of Cioccolata, as Secco's Stand makes him immune to Cioccolata's attacks). In addition, he's an unpleasantly narcissistic Smug Snake, and his painful death by bleeding out from having his throat sliced open by Bucciarati is well-deserved.
    • Despite being only a character in a flashback, Narancia's "friend" is one. He framed Narancia for assaulting an old lady, which was already bad enough. But he goes even further by spreading rumors that Narancia's eye infection in prison was inherited from his mother, which causes everyone to avoid him, for no reason other than he could. But the worst part of it all? He gets no onscreen comeuppance for all the crap he put Narancia through.
    • Also a flashback only character, in both the anime and Purple Haze Feedback, is Fugo's university professor. Depending on which version of Fugo's backstory, he either mocked Fugo and berated him for letting his grandmother's death affect his grades (Feedback), or he was repeatedly harassing or even molesting Fugo, who was only thirteen at the time, even trying to pressure him into giving him sexual favors in exchange for telling him what's in the next exam (anime). Both ways end with Fugo triggered into beating him senseless with an encyclopedia. Worse yet, much like Narancia's "friend", the professor gets no seen comeuppance for his actions and Fugo is arrested and abandoned by his parents as a result.

  • Stone Ocean:
    • Despite only being in the story briefly, Jolyne's corrupt lawyer and the judge who sentences her qualify. After Jolyne is arrested, Johngalli A. bribes her lawyer and the judge, so her lawyer convinces her to plead guilty in order to get a reduced sentence, and the judge sentences her to fifteen years in prison anyway. It's little wonder that one of the first things that Jolyne does with her stand is strangle the lawyer. Unfortunately, the judge never receives comeuppance onscreen.
      • Jolyne's boyfriend Romeo is a subversion. Initially, after hitting a man with his car (which Johngalli A. set up), Romeo pins the blame for the hit-and-run on her. However, when she sees him again, he feels incredible guilty, and lies to the police to lead them away from Jolyne. Ermes uses Kiss to damage his tongue anyway.
    • Gwess is first shown to be nice and polite, but her true personality is actually one of an insane and controlling woman, who likes to shrink people and put them in animal carcasses while treating them like 'pets'. She uses her Stand ability to shrink Jolyne and orders her to help with her prison escape. When things don't go as planned, she tries to trick Jolyne into getting caught by the prison guards to have her executed for 'betraying her trust'. Gwess gets her just deserts, courtesy of Jolyne's newly awakened Stand, Stone Free, giving her a rightful beating.
    • Thunder McQueen isn't nearly the most hateable character in the series, but there's something to be said for the fact that he was jailed for a crime he didn't commit, is suicidally depressed—and he still manages to be completely unsympathetic, by virtue of his need to drag someone else down with him.
    • The "private detective" hired by Pucci in order to force Pucci's sister Perla and Weather Report, who is actually their brother, to break up. However, it turns out that the "detective" was part of the KKK, and he and his cronies proceed to attack the couple and lynch Weather due to him being of African heritage. Not only that, they also killed Weather's mother and burned down Weather's home. This led to Perla committing suicide out of grief thinking Weather was dead, and in turn Pucci and Weather's Start of Darkness. It was extremely satisfying to see Weather get his revenge on the racist detective in the most gruesome and painful way possible.

  • Steel Ball Run:
    • Much like his main universe counterpart, Diego's father Dario is a real nasty piece of work. He takes the main Dario's Jerkassery Up to Eleven, when he outright tries to drown Diego when he was a baby simply to avoid having another mouth to feed. And unlike the original Dario who gets his just desserts, this one gets off scot-free as Diego never got the chance to get back at his father.
    • While he only appears in one flashback, the husband of Wekapipo's sister stands out as being particularly awful. He beats his wife black and blue For the Evulz, causing her to go blind in one eye, and then refuses to divorce her when Wekapipo begs him to. And then he challenges him to a duel for "shaming" him. Even after Wekapipo wins the duel and kills him, he still manages to ruin Wekapipo's life, as his father pulls several strings to get Wekapipo banished from Naples. Wekapipo never ends up seeing his sister again after that.
    • Despite only appearing as the Final Boss of the part, Alternate!Diego Brando is one as well. He lacks the redeeming and sympathetic qualities of his main counterpart, instead being more in line with Dio's cruel and vindictive personality. In his battle with Johnny he uses his own fangirls as Human Shields, and having the audacity to blame Johnny when one of them gets killed in the process. And like Dio did with Erina in Part 1, he tries to force himself on Lucy. Only this time, Lucy is the one who gets the honor of finishing Alternate!Diego off.

  • JoJolion: The unnamed bully who kept viciously tormenting Jobin when he was a child, frequently beating him and mocking him because of his memory loss issues. He is sexually deprived and abhorrent in every way a minor can be, lusting after Jobin's mom Kaato and forcing Jobin to take pictures of her while in shower. When a pair of panties stolen by the boy scout are eventually discovered, he covers Jobin in gasoline and threatens to burn him if he doesn't burn the house of the one who ratted on him. He even goes as far as to threaten Kaato with rape and murder which eventually trigger Jobin's stand ability, rendering the bastard unconscious. Worse yet, Kaato takes the blame and murders the boy scout which sends her to prison for 15 years.


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